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Published by ZyKayla Nicholson, 2019-05-09 09:05:23

The taiga forest

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By ZyKayla/kelijh

Taiga Forest

The taiga or forest has a subarctic
climate with very temperature range
between seasons but the long and cold
winter is the dominant feature and the
taiga is very very cold in the
winter.Temperatures vary widely

Taiga forest animals and plants

Animals have many adaptations to survive the taiga biome . many
birds of the taiga will migrate south to avoid the cold winter.not many
plants can survive the extreme cold of the taiga winter there there are
some lichens and mosses but most plants are coniferous trees like
pine white spruce hemlock and douglas fir.


Taiga also known as coniferous or boreal forest is the largest
terrestrial biome on earth it extends in a broad band across North
America, Europe and asia to the southern border of the arctic tundra.

Animal adaptation

Most animals migrate to warmer climates once the cold weather.
begins some animals have adaptation to life in the taiga by
hibernating when temperatures drop

Fun fact

Taiga biome facts. The taiga biome is the largest terrestrial biome and
extends across europe north america and asia it is located right
below the tundra biome the taiga biome is also known as coniferous
forest or boreal forest


● What do most animals do when it get cold or hot?
Most animals migrate to warmer climates ones the cold he comes or
if they live in a cold climate if it gets hot they will move to a cold
● Where is the taiga forest location?
The taiga forest is location in europe and asia


The information

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