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The concrete floors require a tough product to roll with the punches.The Bonastre’s concrete polishing pads are more than capable for use.Visit us at

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Published by Floor Care Co, 2021-04-27 02:05:38

For tough usage use Concrete polishing pads

The concrete floors require a tough product to roll with the punches.The Bonastre’s concrete polishing pads are more than capable for use.Visit us at

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Concrete Polishing done easy by Smart Products.

Ever thought about, how
people get their concrete
floors so sparkly and
smooth? Or why certain
concrete surfaces look
rough, while other times
they appear as eternally
stylish as natural stone?

The variance is in the concrete polishing, and although it can
be a tough job to get right, the results are worth it. Let's take a
look at whether polishing is right for your floor, the equipment
you need such as the orbipads by Bonastre System, how to
carry out the process the right way, and the important difference
between concrete grinding and polishing. The Orbipads are
100% pressed melamine pads which can be used for
maintenance and polishing of concrete tiles. The pads must be
drenched in water and used with a standard floor scrubbing
machine. If the condition is worse, then use the Bonastre Pro.

Equipment used in polishing concrete floors:

If you use sandpaper on

wooden floors, you start

with a coarse rating and

end with a finer one.

Likewise, polishing of the

concrete starts with a

relatively coarse,

Bonastre’s concrete polishing pads and finish with a

tremendously smooth floor.

● The Bonastre Pro are also known as the diamond polishing
pads as they are diamond dust saturated. How does that
help, you may ask! The diamond dust crushes through
even the hardest floors to grind away the stains, dirt and
scratches. These diamond marble pads or granite diamond
pads can be used as per their different Munich Pro
attachments as mentioned below. If the concrete, granite,
marble or limestone floor needs to be grinded first or just
honed before polishing, depends upon the floor’s
condition, all in all. Follow these steps of the 5 diamond
Munich of Bonastre Pro:

● M0: The Black disc is used to Grind through the tough
concrete floor.

● M1: The Red disc is used to remove the scratches made
by M0 and makes the floor smoother as it goes along. This
is a part of Grinding.

● M2: The Brown disc is used to remove the scratches made
by M1 and smooths the floor even more.

● M3: The Yellow disc removes the scratches made by the
M2 and starts to reflect the nearby objects. This is honing.

● M4: The Grey disc starts the show Shine at this stage.
● The Green Pad: The green pad is used to polish the floor

and bring out the final Shine. This is polishing.

These granite polishing pads can be used as forcefully as one
wants and even switched to light polishing and refining with a
standard floor polishing or scrubbing machine with the use of
just Water to Polish the Floors.

The concrete floors are tougher than most and that’s why one
see them in external spaces, rough places, godowns, factories
and so on. That’s why it is essential to invest in a product that

can be used by the in-house team and not call the outside teams
every time your floor scratches.

The concrete polishing can be done every month to remove a
fine layer of scratches off the floor and still retain a shiny and
smooth floor.

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