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tsr02504 - Mystara - Red Steel - Campaign Book

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tsr02504 - Mystara - Red Steel - Campaign Book

tsr02504 - Mystara - Red Steel - Campaign Book

-, ... . . . . ..

them to nobility in BeUayhe
ha8 a headquartersin Leminntcr, where new

control ofthe Yaqk s~ppent,heir common anceetraJ .+I
+wrh prclpntlyat m e , ths .wO I'pfea have rempised

,+vmeyha?auspicioru of,.& .&her,far th+ rym.Qut.the

& b i d tbrsrt the northk e e pthe two natbnafrienh.
A b , o v e r . f b e . p qthe B e l ~ J l . b vdeevpoped a
for Renardois wine., which,the latter trade far'E)leUayne'i

ex+entw,wh, tea, liqwp, and sd.
&!ape deyeloped land t r 4 e with b d y a n d , o t h p r


eitabliehed a fo ony south of B e b p e , ita primary god to
contro1,nav.I wceva to Thee&. ,Queen,&thuine v i w a
Viverde's d o of Te~rra [email protected]: b 0 N - s a )
an a mixed bleuing. T h e V'venian quui monopoly of aea in the regionL co+ itmat bwutm&ilitaBreylpl.ryensee.nce
maintains a Rocha

do* gat^ (+e ?Rock of the &ti"), a very large fortreu

and port of Ldg.*at inch& Torre6n fwordimen and
r b o u a c r t r > : B e U a y n i irrlruts ~IOW outstmding.wa-

&+i, bt viwnians contendtkt tht is due ~adreb
to &e r h t a ' s ' & P z i n g i n p n & to avoid g c t t i q .wet.
q h w rakaata maite r awimming d i l l s , hut
rIs-..iw l l J bv*i l
~'rw&n without peer

heredit&y dynasty (until another challenger comer.& . ?>. --?we; ..
i , i,..'
Thii is what recentlv hamened when Ator defeated I&d","' I
Oeh 111. She kded ;he &a king, crowned henelf Queen . .
Ator I, thur supplanting the Oohite dynuty with her own Capita4 Tu'eth (population 8,900-a11
Atorite dynaety, and renamed the nation after heroelf. She
has ruled for 26 yearn. Should Bhe die unchallenged or
undefeated, one of her heirs would become King or Quem
Ator 11.

even aware of the other.

m e a autorrutiultyd e

&ape and puwdity when m tha
hurmnoidr,forgettingtheir u
‘Iben. when in thepre-

ing the capital. The Great Magus barely eacaped death Yduughu "The Dark Weaver,"son of LordEzet of Ensheya
(traveling to a nearby mde-Asgamoth-whi4 has since.' (Militant mage, "e&").,&piafNPfi farme*.woodcutter.
grown into a new capital city). At the m e time, *e sene- Patmn: Wun. . '
ing web dissipated, as did an aranean spell confining the
Red Curse to the area of the Savage Baronies. The Great Viscouatcy of Hethrya. Capital: Shihav (population , i
Magua and his advisors are currently working to reeitab- ' 18.60O-aranea,'Aum+s, halflings, some r+astsa +nd
lish the aensing web; in the meantime, Herathian border lupins). JWcr;hrd Maziith "The H+" eon of LordGrr- :
phemon of Hethzyi'(Swuhbuckler m&e/thW, Wf-df').
patrols have been dramatically increased. As for the spell TWhalNPC:m ~ m h tso, ldicr.Patmn: 5hqy.t.
confining the Red Curse, restoring things as they were Tbc Wildnmod..Aa&&tmtiue centm Tower of Yedom.
neems beyond the abilities of the aranea, likely requiringd~e Regional population is mostly aranea, with nome hum-
cooperation of most or all of the Immortals as well. and elves. Ruler: Lord Yezarath of Pazphezu, appointed
overseer (Webmaster druid, "elf"). TypicalNPC: f&t
Herath maintains peace with its neighbors, because war hunter or lonely wizard. Patron: Shaibuth.
would simply be too costly. The Great Magus is far more
interested in political intrigue and magical influence than The Wildwoods are mostly wilderness, barely touched by
in open warfare. He maintains a delicate balance among civilization. The Great Magus is still debatingwhethm to let
his nation's neighbors. The presence of Terra Leaosa. a it be reduced by woodcutters and farmers, to exp& the
small Vilaverdan colony, is useful to Herath, since the
colony is a pain in Bellayne's flank. The Magus quietly nation, or save it for future generations. The nobility is
supports the colony, in exchange for which Herathian widely divided on the fate of this unclaimed territory.
merchant ships can sail through its territorial waters with- More pressing is the need to curb the
out interference. m I , '!I. I ,
incessant encroachment of raliasta
hunters from Bellayne's Wyndham

'L ,' !I Marches.

i .41

Cupital: Asgamoth (population 24,000-mostly 1 More information on the I m m w
tala can be found in Chapter Fbf
&aranea). Ruler: Wizard-King Yahav IV "The the RED STEEL Campaignh k .
Enebua (Mauuwu)~Patron
-Watcher," son of Oueen-Sorceress of diplomacy, intrigue, influence,
Amsharai 11. The hereditary and masquerade, and of rubrs,
royal domain includes the For- spica, and thieves.
est of the Magus, and the ruins Negyrvim (Ilirh): Patroduf
Herathian wizardry, but alro of
' of Belphemon, the former cap. greed and insensitivity.Hie follow-
ita1 (once home to more than -ers use the local mining of gems
100,000 people, now a vast and the dwarves' skillfulcraftinn of these O&OUS ston& M
a source of sacrificialgifts to this greedy Imr m~~ ortal. I
Shaibuth (Eyriodul): Patron of forest dwellera. Thio
ruin inhabited by perhaps elven Immortal took on the cause of aranea as an after-
3,000refugees and a like thought, merely aa a means to compete against Korotiku
number of monsters). Typial (Yehm), his old rival.
NPC: Noble wizard. Patron:
Yehm. Shaya ( V d e r h ) : Patmn of beauty and love, eopecidy
unrequited love. Valeriaa was attracted by the true love felt
D Q D ~ U Uof~MQer~aQDhS between a human paladin and a n aranea who appeared
human: rather than expose her secret, the aranen bit her
Each dominion's ruler is an aranea in another form. MI are
loyal to the Grand Magus; while dictators on a local level, lover, poisoning him, and then ended her own life. The
the dominion rulers listen closely to the Grand Magus. tragic tale touched Valerias, and she has since found a wide

Viacounty of Berevrom. Capital: Amion (population following among Herathians.
4,300-aranea, humane, elves, rakasta). Ruler: Lady Yebm (Korotiku the Spider): Aranea are an d d favorite
Beryam "The Deft," daughter of Lord Balmoroth of
Berevrom (Noble transmuter, "rakuta"). $pica1 NPC: sol- of Yehm. one of those Immortals who no longer rememben
dier, thief, aranea spy. Patron: Enebaan. ever being mortal. It is tempting to say he once w u a mortal
aranea. which would attest to this race's ancient erhtencr in
County of Enom. Capital: Neahev (population 5,700- the universe, hut no proof exists of rhil. Nevertheless,
aranea, humans, dwarves, eome tordes). JWcr: Count Dis- Yehm is the grand patron of aranea, even more so than of
baa1 "Eight-Eyes," son of Lord Enzuth of Enom (Noble the lupins.
diviner, "human"). TypbalNPC: miner, gem cutter. PUtMn:

Duchy of Ensheya. Capital: Sorodh (population
10.900-aranea, humana, elves, halflings). Ruler: Duke

,,., ,


L 1 1..

on and near the Save

offers information on how

,.: , . , ,,, ,. 'I " ".'

clhd eanmoana.
ddale whobif not cetdatly

l i o n , so clerici and f o b
oiother Immoidfare criminal; in Hule. Diviners PLO Kek
people worthyof government service, b e IikeIy can.
didaten before the leaders of Hule for tea*. Hcrmi&
Mpeople whocbim to have
hd cvi.ion from Bo&
gan, in-cting

doneinthe I

mrkr o c c u w the aider of Nimmur. and C O M W U C ~ ~ ~ ~
undergtactad p u y e i between them. RdWly, tbb




I Jungle P'pI Tower
I Grassland
fi Rockshelter
X Mines

I Sea Sand or Sandy Desert C-P
I Rocky Desert Liihthowe
a6 Battlefield
I -Badlands
I National Border

I I Internal Border

........... shippingh e s
........... Trails







-..0. *. *.



0. **. **.





r;C Hephir

Scale: 1 Inch = 32 Miles









Rattle of Adm

Barony of Nemaus


L Highlands of Pyctis

Land of Cassivellonis


Land Carnax


611994 TSR, in<. All R-ghtsReserved 25MXU0705

r than common dteel,

Only one place hdad th& treudure: the Savage
Th&granafrontier w aho born to the Rea Curde, an ancien

to garnar rea dteel, t4

13 original compositionb
nse-tlled dungmn-over 60

o dramato introducethe setting.

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