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Published by Saba Ali, 2019-04-10 20:36:31

Dreams Book Project

Dreams (1)


By: Saba Ali 

Table of Contents

Page 1- What is a Dream?
Page 2- How to Lucid Dream
Page 3- Nightmares and Dreams
Page 4- How do Dreams occur?
Page 5- Signs in your Dreams


REM/Rapid Eye Movement
Nightmare Disorder- When a person has
constant nightmares of wanting to be safe.

What is a Dream?



A Dream is a vision that occurs in our brain when 
we are deep asleep. Dreams can be often wacky and 
can make literally no sense. But sometimes Nightmares 
occur and they are considered wacky but at the same 
time what you consider terrifying. If you enjoy a 
Nightmare if you like being scared then it's probably a 
not a nightmare to you. Dreams and Nightmares are 
considered the same thing. They are both like small 
movies that you think of.  

Have you ever woke up and you had a dream but 
you forgot what it was? Well, guess what? Dreams are 
hard to remember. The reasoning behind this is 
because when we are asleep, some parts of our brain 
are shut down and not working when you are asleep. 
This includes the part of our brain that includes our 
If you have constantly have Nightmares and it 
includes you wanting to be safe from some monster, 
then you probably have Nightmare disorder. This only 
occurs during the REM stages of sleep. If you believe 

you have Nightmare disorder, go consult a therapist or 
psychiatrist to get help to stop Nightmares. 

You've most likely have heard the term REM. REM 
means Rapid Eye Movement. This occurs when you are 
deep asleep. It happens when you have been sleeping 
for 90 minutes. Of course, that is when your dreams 
start to occur. You can probably tell why it is called 
Rapid Eye Movement. Our eyes are constantly 
twitching and moving around like crazy during this 
stage. Now you know why its called REM! 

How to Lucid Dream

Lucid dreaming is actually very easy. But it might 
be hard as well because sometimes the dreams might 
feel a little too real and you might make it hard to lucid 
dream. Anyway, Lucid dreaming has very simple steps. 

First, you have to remember that you are in a 
dream. You might be confused as to how you can do 
this but just come back to your senses that the world 
you are in now is not real. Now you can will anything 

Second, Do whatever you want! Lucid dreaming 
has no limits! You can fly, teleport make a new dream 
and more. Just enjoy it while you have everything at 
your fingertips! 
But there are some things about lucid dreams. 
When you do specific things something strange will 
happen. If you pinch your skin and you pull it, Your skin 
will start to stretch. If you look at the ground it will 
disappear. Now you are floating on nothing! And if you 
look up at the sky or ceiling, it will turn black. But 

sometimes that is not always the case. It can be 
different but that's usually what happens 


Nightmares and Dreams

Nightmares and dreams are basically the same 
things. A weird vision that is in your brain that is not 
real. Well, for one thing, nightmares are scary visions 
that make you want to feel safe from whatever your 
nightmare is. It can be being chased by a ghost or killer 
or going into a haunted house and getting trapped. 
Whatever it may be, it scares you. It could feel realistic 
but just remember that it's not real. 

Dreams are like the opposite of nightmares. They 
give you happy and calm feeling. But it can also be 
crazy and it's just a jumble of nonsense. It could be your 
greatest wanting or just an amazing adventure. Dreams 
are wacky and can sometimes be unforgettable because 
of how amazing they are. Even if its not real, it's still a 
fun experience with the people in your dream. 
The similarities of nightmares and dreams are that 
they are little movies in your brain that it creates. And 
they are things that occur in your brain and when you 
are asleep.  

How do Dreams Occur?

This has been explained before a few pages away 

but dreams occur when we are in the stage of sleep 
called REM (Rapid Eye Movement). Dreams start to 
form when brain activity is high and it resembles being 

This has been explained a few pages ago but I will 
say it again because it's important on how dreams. REM 
is Rapid Eye Movement. Rapid Eye Movement is a stage 
of sleep that occurs when the brains activity is high. 
Fun Fact! Someone who has been awakened during 



Signs in your Dreams

Signs in dreams are probably always there without 

you even knowing it. Some signs have to do with scary 
or sad things. One very common one is being chased. 

When you are in a dream, then you are getting 
chased by a killer, ghost or anything else, Your brain is 
telling you that you are avoiding a problem in real life 
that you aren't facing to fight them.  
If you see yourself falling in a dream then you are 
stressed with the waking world or you have been 
getting feelings of anxiety. 
If you have ever experienced a dream where your 
teeth would just fall out then, you are losing confidence 
in the waking world. It usually only happens when a 
event made a person lose confidence in themselves. 
According to Grant, teeth are a bad omen and 
represents a bad relationship.  
There are many signs in dreams but those are the 
only ones I'm going to list because if I listed all the signs 
in dreams this page would be way too long! 

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