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Published by Henderson Group, 2020-11-18 10:44:51

The Fresh Feed - 18.11.20

The Fresh Feed - 18.11.20

Week 47
Promotional Period 10
18/11/2020 – 25/11/2020

Fresh Feed___The ____________

A stunning new ViVOXTRA has opened on Newry Road, Banbridge, creating 40 local jobs after
completing a £4m build.

Henderson Retail has added
its first VIVOXTRA community
supermarket to its retail
network, and now owns and
operates 97 SPAR, EUROSPAR
and VIVOXTRA stores in
Northern Ireland.

John Fox will manage the
supermarket which will also
be home to a new Quail’s
Butchery counter and
prominent Windsor Bakery
display; both well-known
businesses in the Banbridge

The 6,000 square-foot store has been built in line with all Covid-19 measures, which is
paramount to providing a safe shopping experience for their local customers.

“The build of the store took almost a year, and that was because we were slightly delayed by
Covid lockdowns,” said Fox. “This meant revising some of our plans for the build, in line with
new safety measures, which means we have a destination where our shoppers can not only get
all they need, but they can do it safely.”

The supermarket is the first site in Northern Ireland to install the Group’s most advanced
payment system, which offers a ‘touchless cash’ process at the checkout. Working in
conjunction with Glory Cash Infinity, Henderson Technology has installed the tech in the full-
service checkouts, which means shoppers can still have a personal service, but without any
cash touch points between the till operator and shopper.

Mark McCammond, retail director at
Henderson Group, said: “The store will
have three self-scan checkouts, but
we know shoppers don’t always want
to do this themselves so we have
installed the Glory Cash Infinity
hardware where shoppers can insert
their cash at our traditional checkouts,
and receive their change, without
having to physically hand cash to our
staff. It works seamlessly with the
Henderson Technology EDGE-POS

“Not only does this keep a vital personal service for our shoppers, but it will keep queues to a
minimum and footfall flowing, which is really important for safe operations at the moment.”

The site also has a six-pump MAXOL forecourt and a 72-space car park, providing even more
convenience to the area.

Other amenities and services include many of Henderson’s own-brand products including The
Chef range of restaurant quality pre-prepared mains and sides, an in-store Bakery, Occasions
cards, flowers and cakes, and F’real milkshakes and smoothies. There are two Barista Bar coffee
machines installed, both offering the latest additions to the menu, flat white coffees and hot

“This is a state-of-the-art
community supermarket which
brings even more quality, choice
and value to the local area,” said
Hammond. “We source over 75% of
our fresh foods locally and shoppers
can enjoy 30 bays of fresh food
sourced from local suppliers – many
of which are included in our Tesco
Price Match initiative, with over
1,000 products now matched.

“This is the third new build site we
have opened in the past few months, and we’re delighted to be able to provide much needed
employment and amenities for the area. We know value and convenience is incredibly important
to our shoppers right now, as well as their safety, and we’re confident we are providing this in
our new build VIVOXTRA.”

The store has already implemented several community engagement initiatives from supplying
foot-operated hand sanitiser stations to local schools and community hubs, to engaging with
Abercorn Primary School’s P5 class, who took part in a colouring competition to help officially
open the store alongside their lollipop lady, Mrs Dawson, who has been part of the school’s
community for 19 years.

Parts of the store have also become
a gallery for shoppers to enjoy a
visual history of Banbridge. Fox said:
“We worked with our neighbours in
the area to find out some great facts
about Banbridge, and we integrated
them into our décor. It takes the
shopper on a journey through time
as they navigate our store, and really
seals our roots in this fantastic local

The store’s community work will be
shared with shoppers via a specially
installed screen, which will also show the most up-to-date safety message in light of Covid

VIVOXTRA Newry Road, Banbridge is open now, seven days a week, 7am – 11pm. *Article
taken from the November edition of the Ulster Grocer*

Christmas Cheese and Pate Presell

Delivery Date

Due to a delay from the supplier, some of the cheese lines in the first presell will be
delivered a week late. Please see below the delivery dates for each line on the presell.
Sorry for any inconvenience but hopefully as it’s only a few lines it will not affect you too

Butcher’s Bulk Meat Pricing

Please find below our P11 pricing for Bulk Meat. This is availble via your fresh order via
telesales on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. If you would like more detail and to avail of
any of this range, pricing or talk specifically about your instore butchery offering, please
contact our Butchery specialist, John Kearney on 07885 459128.

Suggested Margin %
Product Description Case Size Case units Cost per kilo Retail per
Frying Steak (Knuckle) 23kg's 3 Kilo 40.90%
Gluten Free Pork Sausages 5kg's 2*2.5kg 42.78%
Gluten Free Beef Sausages 5kg's 2*2.5kg £6.20 £10.49 42.78%
Gluten Free Pork and Leek Sausages 5kg's 2*2.5kg 42.78%
Gluten Free Sweet Chilli and Onion Pork Sausages 5kg's 2*2.5kg £4.36 £7.62 42.78%
Burger 4 oz. 40's 42.00%
McAtamneys Cocktail sausages Honey roast 2 £4.36 £7.62 44.39%
Pork Loin 9kg 1 42.02%
Chicken Fillets 2x25 (170g-200g) 20kg's 5 £4.36 £7.62 44.00%
Chicken Fillets 2x30 (140g-170g) 2 50.00%
Chicken Fillets large 230g-260g) Cost Reduction 50's 2 £4.36 £7.62 52.00%
Braising 60's 2 37.94%
Lean Trim/Mince 95vl avg 42 4 £23.50 £.1.00 each 45.23%
Flank Trim 80vl 25kg 2 43.76%
Eye of Silverside 24kg's 2. 4 £3.22 £5.79 48.01%
Eye of Silverside 2-3 kg 25kg 5 43.60%
Pork Fillet 24kg 4 £3.45 £5.95 48.28%
PAD knuckle Split 24kg 10 40.82%
1/2 Sirloins 5kg's 10 £38.75 £1.39 47.47%
Sirloin 7-9kg 25kg's 8 45.72%
Sirloin 7+ 23kgs 3 £39.50 £1.29 43.47%
Sirloin on the bone 25KG 3 40.24%
Butt Fillet 25KG 2 £30.00 £1.49 64.50%
Fillet tail on 22kg 4 34.35%
Rib Eye 6kg 3 £6.20 £9.99 40.97%
Rumps 13kg 4 40.86%
Silverside Flats 20kg 4 £4.65 £8.49 48.03%
Salmon cut 25kg 3 30.18%
To pside 24kg 6 £3.20 £5.69 37.67%
Chuck 25kg 2 47.15%
Pot Roasts 25kg 3 £6.65 £12.79 48.28%
Chuck Tender 23kg 5 47.15%
Sirloin 7+ 23kg 8 £6.65 £11.79 50.98%
Silverside 24kg 2 42.44%
Eye of Silverside 24kg 2 £4.65 £8.99 45.27%
Lean Trim/Mince 95vl 24kg 6 46.77%
Knuckles 24kg 2 £6.80 £11.49 44.44%
PAD Topside 24kg 3 46.88%
PAD Knuckle 24kg 2 £10.50 £19.99 51.50%
Gammon shanks 24kg 3 40.13%
Pork leg Bone in 24kg 5 £10.85 £19.99 38.23%
Pork Boneless loin 4.5kg Variable 1 39.30%
Pork loin bone in 4.5kg 10kg 4 £11.30 £19.99 39.30%
Pork Fillet 6s 18kg 4 39.33%
Pork Butts 18kg 6 £10.75 £17.99 44.96%
Pork Bellies R/less Bone in 4kg 4 47.00%
Pork Belly Boneless Rindless 10kg 1 £11.00 £30.99 40.55%
Pork Back Fat 5kg 1 63.18%
Pork Trim 5kg 1 £21.00 £31.99 51.70%
Pork Liver 5kg 1 38.00%
Pork Belly Ribs 5kg 1 £11.80 £19.99 46.01%
Bacon Ribs 2.5kg 5kg 1 44.67%
Pork Loin Ribs 2.5kg 2 £6.50 £10.99 38.80%
Fred C Boneless Wiltshire Gammon 5kg 1 36.06%
Fred C Smoked Wiltshire Gammon 6kg 1 £5.40 £10.39 34.83%
Fred C Wiltshire Bone in Gammon 10kg 1 35.24%
Fred C Wilthshire Horseshoe Gammon 9kg 1 £9.00 £12.89 35.62%
Fred C Wiltshire Quarter Gammon 12kg 1 35.62%
McAtamney Danish Crown Slipper Gammon 5kg 4 £6.85 £10.99 37.88%
McAtamney Fresh Stuffing 10kg 8 39.39%
Turkey Breast fillets 17kg 1 £5.10 £9.65 61.25%
Turkey Breast Fillet 5kgs 4 61.25%
20kg 6 £4.65 £8.99
£5.10 £9.65

£9.80 £19.99

£5.75 £9.99

£7.00 £12.79

£4.20 £7.89

£5.55 £9.99

£6.90 £12.99

£6.30 £12.99

£1.79 £2.99

£3.49 £5.65

£4.85 £7.99

£4.85 £7.99

£6.00 £9.89

£3.55 £6.45

£4.50 £8.49

£4.75 £7.99

£1.69 £4.59

£2.99 £6.19

£7.55 per case £2.45

£3.45 £6.39

£3.48 £6.29

£4.89 £7.99

£4.15 £6.49

£4.49 £6.89

£3.40 £5.25

£4.50 £6.99

£4.50 £6.99

£3.10 £4.99

£2.60 £4.29

£3.29 £8.49

£3.29 £8.49

Butcher’s Bulk Meat SPECIAL PRICING

Order Via Telesales

Commodity Product Description Case Size Case units Cost per kilo Suggested Margin %
Code Retail per Before
751149 Chicken Fillets large 230g-260g) Cost Reduction avg 42 2 £2.60 Kilo Discount
791926 McAtamney Fresh Stuffing 5kgs 1 £3.29 £1.49 52.00%
751742 Turkey Breast fillets 20kg 4 £3.29 39.39%
767585 Turkey Breast Fillet 25kg 6 £4.29 61.25%
£8.49 61.25%

Warehouse Butchery | Deli Bulk Meat Range

Please find below our standard warehouse supplied range that is available to order via
your normal fresh food process. Product codes and pricing detailed below. As always
please feel free to contact our specialist John Kearney on 07885 459128.

Product Product Case Cost
Code Size
Fred C Sausages
775811 Rindless back bacon 4.5kg £13.60
751466 Middle Bacon
751467 Streaky Bacon 4*2kg £12.80
751468 Smoked Back
751471 Rless back bacon 4*2kg £12.35
804021 Dutch Smoked Back
804032 Rless Bulk Streaky 4*2kg £12.85
803233 Bulk Middle Bacon
764151 Honey Roast Cooked Gammon 4*2kg £14.00
750600 Home Cooked Crumbed Half Ham
750632 Home Cooked Baked Half Ham 2.27kg £12.80
750631 Old Style Ham
754198 3 Star Turkey 2kg £14.00
804877 Pork Onion And Tomato Roll
805783 Fire And Smoke Sweet BBQ Ham 2KG £12.85
808435 Fire And Smoke BBQ Turkey
808446 Shaws 1/2 Limerick Ham 2kg £12.35
867448 Limerick Ham
789690 Billy Bear Ham Avg 9kg £7.80
805399 Tinned Corn Beef
804375 Medium White Cheddar 4*2.25kg £11.90
868985 Mild Cheddar
779287 4*2.25kg £11.90

2.5kg £12.80

4 units £7.35

2.7kg £11.57

2.5kg £9.46

2.5kg £9.46

2.5kg £10.28

5kg £7.26

2.5kg £14.35

4.99kg 29.25 Each

2.5kg £8.52

5kg £4.90

Weekend Specials – Pre-Sale on HORIS -

Closes – Sunday 22nd November 2020.

The Weekly Presell has been updated, please see the revised range and delivery
schedule, click on the below to place your order!

This presell will open on a Thursday and close on Sunday evening. Delivery to store will
be Wednesday PM/Thursday AM

Produce Update

Sydney B Scott has provided 6 new lines for us, these lines are in on a trail basis and
depending on there success between now and February they may be listed permanently,
switching to The Greengrocer Brand. These lines will be available to order from Monday
23rd November for delivery Tuesday 24th November

Produce Update Cont.

Customer Product Complaint
Process for Fresh Foods

If you receive a Customer Complaint that cannot be dealt with at store level,
please follow the below process. For transparency purposes please DO NOT
make contact with the product supplier as we will ensure this is carried out as

part of our investigation.

Complete the Fresh Foods Customer Complaint Form.
An updated version can be found on

HORIS>Documents>Retailer Support>Retail Docs
or by emailing the QA team.

Email your completed form back to the Quality Team
[email protected]

Remember to include Relevant Product pictures, date
codes and keep the product until advised by QA.

We will contact the customer and log the complaint with
the supplier.

The customer will receive a written response from the
supplier once the complaint has been fully investigated

and the outcome has been agreed with all parties.

New Lines

Kinder Choco Fresh

Onken Big Pots Yogurt

Oreo Milk Snack Bar
Coleraine Light Grated Cheddar Cheese

Fresh Updates

There are no Fresh Updated this week


Weekly Presells

Click on the presell below to place your order !

Food to Go with

Christmas Dinner Opportunity

This year has been unlike any other due to Covid-19 restrictions. With many pubs,
restaurants and cafes working under tighter restrictions this year’s seasonal celebrations
will be very different.
This year it’s more important than ever to have a little bit of normality like serving
Christmas Dinners and other festive products from your FTG department.
Sales data from previous years shows that the last week in November is the key time to
launch the Christmas dinner.
It’s not too late to order you Christmas FTG Kit and take advantage of promotional
pricing live until 3rd Jan

For more information contact your Henderson Foodservice BDE or Christopher Scott at
[email protected] or 07984524241

All products in this section are ordered from Henderson Foodservice. For enquiries please contact your Henderson
Foodservice BDE or call 02890342342. Don’t forget you can also order online at

All products in this section are ordered from Henderson Foodservice. For enquiries please contact your Henderson
Foodservice BDE or call 02890342342. Don’t forget you can also order online at

Replacement Stock Update

New Christmas cups are now available to order.
Product codes and case quantities are detailed below.

Replacement Product Case Size Availability
1 x 500 Now available to order
Product Codes 1 x 400 Now available to order

892547 Christmas 12oz

892546 Christmas 16oz

800564 Barista Bar 8oz 1 x 500 Cups will be Allocated to V2
800563 Vegware Cup 1 x 400 sites w/c 23rd November
Barista Bar 20oz
Vegware Cup Cups will be Allocated to V2
sites w/c 23rd November

If you have any cups still waiting to be uplifted or have any queries or concerns regarding this
information, please contact the Customer Service Desk on

02890 342342 option 2 or [email protected] or your
Business Development Executive.

Many thanks,
The Barista Bar Team

‘Go Blue’ this Christmas with a Barista Bar Reusable cup.

BARISTA BAR is fully committed to reducing waste and the amount of single-use plastic in the local
environment. Having already sold tens of thousands of reusable cups we are now giving

customers the opportunity to purchase a reusable cup for HALF PRICE this Christmas in our mission
to promote sustainability #onecupatatime

The Half Price Voucher will be available to customers through the Winter Edition of our
‘InSPARation’ Magazine which will be distributed to Spar’s and Eurospar’s from November onward.

Vouchers can be redeemed in all participating stores.

To support this promotion please ensure you have stock of Reusable Cups and Loyalty Cards.

Additional stock can be purchased using the product codes below.

Reusable Cups 817393

Loyalty Cards 880199

Redemption Process:

Please collect redeemed vouchers and return no later than

31st January 2021 to: Keavy O’Mahony-Truesdale, Henderson Foodservice, 1 Hightown Avenue,

Newtownabbey, BT36 4RT.

Accounts will be credited to the value of vouchers received.

For any queries in relation to Barista Bar please contact: [email protected]

This year’s Christmas Campaign “Have you Bean Good?" is scheduled to run from the
30th November – 13th December.

The four festive designs displayed below, will be visible across 120 sites, province wide.
The campaign will be supported with radio advertising on both Cool FM and Q Radio

sponsoring ‘Classic Christmas Hits’ from the 1st – 25th December.
In addition, the merry designs will feature across Barista Bar’s social channels with
competitions to increase customer engagement and amplify the brand during

the festive season.

Please support this exciting campaign by sharing across
your own social channels where possible.

For any queries in relation to Barista Bar please contact: [email protected]

Urgent Queries for Bread Suppliers

Direct contact list


Ian Waide 07880740984 Sales Operations Manager
Malcom Caughers 07738881496 Area Sales & Distribution Manager: North Down / North
Neil Gardner Coast / East Belfast
Shane Gribben 07767290010 Area Sales & Distribution Manager: Co. Down / East & Mid
Paul Hill Antrim / Greater Belfast
07880740983 Area Sales & Distribution Manager: South Down / Co.
Hovis Belfast Sales Office Armagh
David Mills 07880740981 Area Sales & Distribution Manager: Fermanagh / Tyrone /
Bill Shannon North West
Jason Proctor
Darren Sloss Hovis
Warren Cosgrove
90388545 Office Hours & Saturday any messages out of hours will be
Alistair Crawford responded to next day
Declan Colton 07789550469 Territory Sales Manager: Armagh, Fermanagh, Tyrone,
Alastair Corrigan 07970951850 Territory Sales Manager: Antrim, Londonderry
Colm Mathers 07721237799 Logistics – Front Line Manager
07717422044 Logistics – Front Line Manager
Dessy Moen 07775720210 Transport Operations Manager

Colin Todd Irwin’s

Carol Curren 07818018411 Belfast, Bangor, Pennisula, Carrickfergus
Emma Cowan 077676688259 Fermanagh, Tyrone, Londonderry, North Antrim – (Antrim,
Ballymena, North Coast), County Down – (Ballynahinch,
Stephen McCann 07779582736 Newtownards)
07767668265 County Armagh, County Down Mid, Lisburn
Newry, Kilkeel





Pat the Baker

0353868286549 Londonderry, Tyrone, Fermanagh
07901824733 Antrim, Down, Armagh


07887708866 Area Sale Manager

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