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Published by nick.greenhalgh, 2016-11-28 15:25:15

PetO December Catalogue

PetO December Catalogue

LIMITED 84$ .95
STOCK! each

NEW Buy one Advance Barrels Puppy/Puppy
Large Breed & Adult Lamb/
Iams Purrfect Delicacies get one Chicken 12kg.
& Grain Free 70g Range Comes with 12kg of dry food and
FREE holds 15kg.

1$ .69 Nexgard

156 pack%s

All Greenies Xmas Stocking
Fillers Inside
5 OFF340-510g


Greenies Canine
Treats 340g Range

19$ .99

On sale 29 November - 11 December 2016

Christmas Toys & Treats

Kazoo Christmas 5$ .99 More varieties
Rawhide Treats each available


Tasty Bone Edible Gourmet 9$ .99 Hugs & Toke Christmas Gourmet Dog Biscuits 7$ .99
Bones - Turkey & Cranberry, each Made in Queensland. They contain no nasties, each
Honey Roast Ham for small are low in fat and are coated with NO MELT carob
dogs and yoghurt frosting.


Petlife Dog Toys Plush, Rubber & Rope Varieties 9$ .99

2 Australia’s Largest Dog & Cat Store

Christmas Toys & Treats

There’s lots
more in store!

Fuzzyard Christmas Toys Meerkat, Reindeer, 16$ .99
Monkey, Flea & Gingerbread - Small each

Kazoo Christmas Plush 10$ .99 Kazoo Christmas Santa Hat More sizes
Bear, Reindeer, Snowman - each or Reindeer Antlers - in store.
Medium Small
3$ .99

More sizes NEW
in store.

Outward 9From Outward 12From Outward 16From
Hound Jester Hound Santa Hound Elf
Bell Collar $ .99 Jester Hat $ .99 Mask $ .99

Lowest Prices • Great Choice • Expert Advice 3

FREEgBeuty oonnee 50%
Value $3.59 EXTRA

DentaFlex - Small 3$ .59 Schmackos
Revolutionary texture that flexes around Strapz with Beef
teeth for a deep clean. Available in Small, O15F%F 750g
Medium & Large. *Free Dentaflex must be
the same size. 9$ .99

VitaPet Jerhigh Petlife SAVE
Chicken Sticks/ $50
Strips, Cookies, 40Latte Loun%gers
Salami, Chicken OFF
& Bacon
100g Petlife Latte Lounger - 69Small
4$ .65 Also available in $ .99
each Medium & Large.
Limited stock!

Preservative free,
No alcohol, No hops,

Low carb

BeerDogs Bitter - Savourlife Strips 150g SAVE
Beef flavoured beer for Range $6
your dog
330ml 162 for

4$ .99 $

4 Australia’s Largest Dog & Cat Store



Kong Moose, Knot Bear, Alligator - 29$ .99
X- Large each

All Aussie Dog Home
Alone - Mini
10Aussie %Dog More sizes
OFF available.

Catch Ball - Brightly coloured, 15$ .99 47From
super-tough catch balls for each
small to medium dogs (Blue $ .99
Soft & Red Hard)


iFetch Balls $199.99 iFetch Too Automatic Ball $399.99
Value up to Launcher for medium to
$19.95 large dogs (Includes 3 balls).
PLUS 3 Balls Free.
iFetch Automatic Ball
Launcher for small
to medium dogs
(Includes 3 balls).
PLUS 5 Small Balls Free.

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363g/370g cans 363g/370g cans
Value $6.78 Value $10.17

Science Diet $22.49 Science Diet $42.99
Puppy Small Puppy Healthy
Bites 2kg & Development/
Small & Toy 1.5kg Large Breed 3kg

SAVE Science Diet Canine Oral Care ,
$14 Sensitive Skin, Sensitive Stomach,
Healthy Mobility/Large Breed

109$ .99

$20 Off All Royal Canin Breed Specific 12kg

Royal Canin Labrador Retriever, Golden Retriever, Boxer, 99$ .99
Rottweiler, Beagle, German Shepherd 12kg each

Precise Nutrition for Specific Dog Breeds - Specifically tailor-made nutrition for a wide range of specific breeds of dogs. A combination
of protein sources and unique ingredients in biscuits specifically shaped, sized and textured to suit the shape of your pet’s jaw.

6 Australia’s Largest Dog & Cat Store


200ml Shampoo De-Shedding
Value $11.99
Value $19.99
PAW Multi + Tryptophan or Wellness
+ Vitality Chews 300g *Many more
sizes in store.
32$ .99
each 54From

$ .99

FURminator Dog Hair De-Shedding Tools -
Short or Long Hair (Small).


Lamb & Green
Tripe Topper 57g

Value $14.99

K9 Natural Freeze Dried Supercoat Canine Grain Free SAVE
Beef or Lamb 3.6kg Chicken or Beef 15kg $10

159$ .99 $59.99


Flavour Flavour

Ivory Coat Puppy, Venison, Lamb & Kangaroo, Reduced Fat/Senior Adult, Turkey & Duck SAVE
13kg. New Flavours Puppy Large Breed Lamb, Chicken with Coconut Oil 13kg $30

99$ .99

Get your PetO specials by email - sign up at 7


Value Plus Fly Doggy Sunmist Spray, $32.99
Repellent 125ml sunscreen for dogs
120ml Snuggle Safe Instant Cool Pad 25cm x 30cm
Automatically cools down when your pet sits on
$11.99 it. No Freezing or Electricity required.
$13.99 *More sizes in store

Doo Bag
Ezydog Doggy Floatation Vest 44From
Adjustable neoprene straps for an ergonomic, secure .99 Value $11.99
fit. Grab handle makes it easy to grip your dog. $

Thunder Shirt For Dogs
(Available in XS to XXL) - Uses a
gentle, constant pressure which
has a calming effect on anxious,
fearful or overexcited dogs.

Homeo Pet Storm Stress 15ml $69.99 Sentry Calming Collar for Feliway Spray for Cats 60ml
Relieves anxiety from thunder, Cats & Dogs (up to 15” neck
wind and loud noises such as for cats & up to 23” for dogs). $49.99
fireworks. Available for Small,
Medium & Large Dogs. $34.99

$39.99 Pheromone Technology is proven to modify stress behaviours such as
inappropriate marking, excessive meowing and scratching.

Keeping pets safe around Fireworks • Keep things as normal as possible, ignore the
noises and don’t placate stressed behaviour

• In advance - ensure your pets are microchipped. as this may reinforce the fears.
• Keep pets inside, in a safe & calm environment. • Check out some products in-store that may

help with their anxiety.

8 Australia’s Largest Dog & Cat Store

15% OFF NexGard, HeartGard 6 packs and ParaGard 3 & 4 packs

Get 3 SAVE
Free $19

NexGard Chewables NexGard Chewables
Very Small 2-4kg Small 4.1-10kg

$44.99 756 Pack

*Short Dated stock only - 6 pack for the price of 3 $ .99

$25 $27

NexGard Chewables NexGard Chewables
Medium 10.1-25kg Large 25.1-50kg

846 Pack 926 Pack

$ .99 $ .99

15% SAVE
OFF $17

HeartGard Dog Heartworm chewable tablets 6 Pack

41Dog 23-45kg 37Dog 12-22kg 33Dog up to 11kg Frontline Plus 676 Pack
for Cats 6 Pack
$ .99 $ .99 $ .99 $ .99


ParaGard All Wormer tablets 18Dog 20kg 16Dog 10kg 13Dog 5kg
for Dogs and Cats 3 & 4 Pack
Cat 5kg 4 Pack $16.99 $ .69 $ .99 $ .59

Lowest Prices • Great Choice • Expert Advice 9

4 x 85g

Value $13

Royal Canin Second Age Kitten, Regular Fit, Home Life 37$ .99 Buy any Royal Canin Feline dry food 1.5kg - 4kg
Indoor and Active Life Outdoor Feline 2kg Bags each bag & get 4 x 85g Pouches Free.
While stocks last.

Fancy Feast Prime
Fillet 24 Packs

24 Packs


127kg 92kg

$ .99 $ .99

Catsan Clumping Cat Litter 2215kg Catsan Cat Litter Crystals 276kg
Made from naturally occurring Made from fast acting & highly
Australian Bentonite with natural odour $ .99 absorbent silica get crystals. $ .99
control & easy to remove clumps.

10 Australia’s Largest Dog & Cat Store

Fat Cat 7$ .99 Fat Cat Tail 8$ .99 $13.99Charming
Holiday Mice each Chaser Catnip each
Cat Catnip Toys Snapchat Cat
Toys Toys
More styles in store. each



a can

Go!Cat!Go! Holiday Mice Go!Cat!Go! Holiday Stocking Science Diet Feline Healthy 1$ .29
4 Pack 10 Piece Cuisine 79g Range each

$13.99 $19.99

Approved By Paws - NEW

Premium Cat Cave Beds

a Made of natural fibre water hyacinth
a Provides comfort & security for your cat
a Washable cushion in red, orange or beige
a Premium quality with strong sturdy base
a Measures 42cm x 42cm x 52cm.

129From .99

Bed with ears $139.99 $

Lowest Prices • Great Choice • Expert Advice 11

Buy one Greenies Feline
Chicken or Ocean Fish
FgeRt oEnEe
Value $8.49 85g

8$ .49

FREE SAVE Buy any two Yours Droolly
450/500g treats & get a Free Watch
Dog Toy $UP3T5O
Me Float/Play Dog Toy (Green or
Value $24.99 Red). While stocks last.

Yours Droolly 450/500g Treats 50Any 2 for


$9UP TO Buy any two Pro Plan 2.5kg bags FREE
& get a Cat Habitat Free.
While stocks last.
Cat Habitat

Value $39.95

Pro Plan Feline 2.5kg Bags 29$ .99

On sale Tuesday 29th November - Sunday 11th December 2016 or while stocks last. All savings from RRP.

Australia’s Largest Dog & Cat Store

PetO stores: Alexandria 216 Wyndham St Ph 9698 7111, Annandale 1 The Crescent Ph 9571 7999, Chatswood 179 Victoria Ave
Ph 9410 1888, Brookvale 626 Pittwater Rd Ph 9938 1177, Mona Vale 6 By The Sea Rd Ph 9999 5200.

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