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SD Issue 3 Digital

SD Issue 3 Digital






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Hilti. Outperform. Outlast.


11 Williams Way, Msasa, Harare ADDIE VANDERLINDE
tel: +263 4 447570/1, cell: +263 777 743743
email: [email protected] +263 774 777 293, 0731 307 175
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11 Williams Way, Msasa

Specialists in: Drilling and Demolition Products | Cutting, Sawing and Grinding |
Cordless Systems | Direct Fastening | Diamond, Coring and Sawing | Measuring Systems

Anchor Systems | Installations Systems Services.

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SHODDY PURCHASE regularly ends up being a costly one. In the construction industry, this is frequently a given when price
is prioritised above quality. We are constantly surprised at the magnanimity experts in the construction industry when they try
and justify purchasing of modest items. They then cry foul when the product comes up short, delaminates, burns, washes off,
stains or simply falls off. The product is as far as anyone knows to blame when it doesn’t satisfy its predetermined and planned
reason. In the commercial built environment, this is particularly a risky occurrence yet we appear to have that covered as well,
we pass the buck and shift the blame.
If it is not too much trouble understand us correctly, we are not talking about innovation, a responsible cost cutting exercise, or even special
offers - we are referring to buying a $25 door and expecting it to last as long and function as well as a $200 door.
The lack of accountability never ceases to amaze in Zimbabwe. When will we start to accept responsibility for our poor decisions and frugality-
and realize that we are indeed answerable to and responsible for our actions? We suggest we endeavor to produce high quality, magnificent
products and buildings for our clients, ones we would willingly sign our names on and deliver by hand in a box with gold tissue paper and silver
ribbons, metaphorically speaking.
Structure and Design gladly promotes quality products and services: our clients and partners strive to bring excellent superior products to the
commercial market. Call them to discuss how their expertise and products could benefit your next project - you will be surprised at what is
in our local material focus section.
Enjoy the read!

Structure & Design Team

[email protected]


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Text and Images: Magna Carta Reputation Management Consultants

ON 16th March 2017 the PPC Harare Factory was achieved in less time, shortening the amount of time projects take and
commissioned by His Excellency, President R.G. Mugabe. ultimately saving money.
PPC Zimbabwe has a heritage of over one hundred years
in Zimbabwe, and a track record for providing innovative building Surecast 42.5R is a welcome innovation from all angles pertaining to
materials and solutions that cater to the needs of every construction construction projects. Pre-casters are impressed by the increase in early
project, from start to finish. strength, the increased flexibility in mix designs, and the way the product
allows them to strip moulds earlier. Brick manufacturers notice an
With a range of industry-first, premium products as part of its increase in yield of bricks, which ultimately results in a lowered cost per
offering, PPC Zimbabwe has launched an exciting product to continue brick. There is also an increase in early strength, and improved handling
to add value to customers: Surecast 42.5R- a superior, fast-setting for bricks. Surecast 42.5R also positively impacts readymix, through an
cement that caters to a growing market demand. The launch of increase in compressive strength and a reduction in concrete cost. The
Surecast 42.5R is consistent with PPC Zimbabwe’s unshakeable product also allows freedom to design both high performance concrete
efforts to continuously innovate, and Surecast 42.5R is the first and standard cement. Medium and large contractors see the benefit
and only 42.5R product that is locally manufactured in Zimbabwe. of working with Surecast 42.5R through faster completion of products,
Surecast 42.5R was officially launched at the commissioning. better strength development, as well as fast stripping of formwork.

PPC remains the brand of choice, due to the unparalleled quality PPC Zimbabwe prides itself on attention to detail in all aspects of
of its products, as well as its commitment to provide customers product quality and service, and continuous evolution to remain
with “Strength Beyond the Bag” through products and services that aligned with international best practices. The new PPC Harare
add value to every aspect of the customer experience. As the sole Factory has been built to global standards, with customers in mind,
manufacturer in Zimbabwe that incorporates bulk-handling and and aligned with global emissions standards to help PPC achieve
palletising technology in world-class facilities, with shrink wrapping and its vision to create positive outcomes for the environment, long-
transportation services available to customers, PPC creates value by term. “Strength Beyond the Bag” represents PPC’s commitment to
saving its customers’ time and resources. Surecast 42.5R upholds this championing a genuine partnership and an ongoing relationship
commitment to offering value beyond the high-quality cement itself: with customers and partners, and Surecast 42.5R is PPC’s latest
the fast-setting cement translates to a greater amount of work on-site introduction as a customer-centric organisation.

10 structure & design


PPC Harare Factory
12 structure & design



The Incredible U-shaped New York Skyscraper Will Be the ‘Longest Building in the World’

Skyscrapers are now soaring to heaven. In the The studio explained, “New York city’s zoning laws
race to build world’s tallest, architects are have created a peculiar set of tricks through which
building the one that overshadows the last, developers try to maximize their property’s height
and there is no limit in sight. in order to infuse it with the prestige of a high rise
structure. But what if we substituted height with
In the competition to build the world’s most length? What if our buildings were long instead of
spectacular skyscraper, New York Design Studio OIIO tall? If we manage to bend our structure instead of
has proposed a conceptual skyscraper that loops over bending the zoning rules of New York we would be
to boast length rather than height. able to create one of the most prestigious buildings in
Manhattan. The longest building in the world.”
Dubbed as ‘The Big Bend,’ it will be the longest
building in the world. It will be about 4,000 feet The team added, “The Big Bend can become a modest
(1.22km) in length from end to end. This skyscraper architectural solution to the height limitations of
will take a U-shaped bend at its highest central point. Manhattan. We can now provide our structures with
It will incorporate an elevator that can travel in curves, the measurements that will make them stand out
horizontally, and in loops. without worrying about the limits of the sky.”



BIOPHILIC DESIGN An example of a biophilic city
is Singapore. Singapore wanted
to become “A City in a Garden.”
To accomplish this goal, parks
and green areas were built
all around and tied together
by 200 kilometers of Park
Connectors, elevated walkways
and canopy walks.

Biophilia is our innate human environment. It improves air quality and of productivity and profit. How we gain
desire to connect with the food security, making it very sustainable. meaning, a sense of well-being and of
living world. Popularized by the Views to nature can shorten hospital stays purpose in the workplace is just as vital,
Harvard biologist and entomologist, E. O. and increase employee productivity. It can not only to feel good but to perform
Wilson, he said biophilia is “the innately also increase property value. effectively too.
emotional affiliation of human beings to
other living organisms.” Biophilic Design in the Workplace. Increasingly, employers and employees
themselves are engaging in this debate
Urban Biophilia stands as a model to As work psychologists we have an about a more comprehensive view of
meet this human need through the lens enduring interest in both the individual work and the role it plays in our lives, as
of Landscape. By taking a psychological and environmental factors that influence are governments and societies with the
perspective on the effect the natural business outcomes. In particular, the growth of projects measuring national
environment has on people, landscape interaction between an individual and well-being across the world.
has been moulded and manipulated in their work environment can be a crucial
search of what really is an environment determinant of both an employee’s A connection with the natural world is a
that can restore the negative syndromes success and happiness in his or her role. big part of that discussion however we
that city life presents to its people. frame it – escaping the concrete jungle,
The concept of biophilia highlights an achieving a better level of balance or
Biophilic Design is an innovative way of innate connection between humans and simply being in a space that is enjoyable.
designing the places where we live, work, nature, which more recently has been
and learn. We need nature in a deep and recognised as a key consideration when The increasing academic and
fundamental fashion, but we have often designing and developing workspaces. organisational interest in biophilia and
designed our cities and suburbs in ways The idea of incorporating nature into biophilic design is driven by the positive
that both degrade the environment and the built environment through biophilic outcomes that it can help create for
alienate us from nature. The recent trend design is less often seen as a luxury in the individuals and businesses. It begins
in green architecture has decreased modern workplace, but rather as a sound with identifying that here is a major
the environmental impact of the built economic investment into employees’ movement of populations globally into
environment, but it has accomplished health, well-being and performance. urban areas – we are as disconnected
little in the way of reconnecting us to the from nature as we have ever been.
natural world, the missing piece in the Source - Human Spaces report. Oppotunities therefore exist within this
puzzle of sustainable development. realisation, falling squarely in Biophilic
What makes work feel good? For modern Design.
The purpose of biophilic design is organisations and their people, it’s
to incorporate nature into the built about much more than the end goal

14 structure & design

A background to biophilia

The ‘Biophilia Hypothesis’ suggests that there is an
instinctive bond between human beings and other
living systems. It literally means a love of nature, and
suggests an ingrained affinity between humans and
the natural world. Therefore, biophilic design is a
response to this human need and works to re-establish
this contact with nature in the built environment.

Ultimately, biophilic design is the theory, science
and practice of bringing buildings to life and aims to
continue the individual’s connection with nature in the
environments that we live and work in every day.

In today’s contemporary built environment, people are
increasingly isolated from the beneficial experience of
natural systems and processes. Yet it is often natural
settings that people find particularly appealing and
aesthetically pleasing. So by mimicking these natural
environments within the workplace, we can create
workspaces that are imbued with positive emotional
experiences. It is often the case that we don’t take
enough time to immerse ourselves in nature, or
appreciate the living systems that exist everywhere
around us, making it vital for us to incorporate nature
into our day-to-day environments.

Existing research into the impact of biophilia in Findings show that natural elements in the workplace “…the enjoyment of
the workplace demonstrates tangible benefits for are determinants of these three aspects. The research
individuals and their organisations. Contact with nature has shown that overall, those with natural elements scenery employs the mind
and design elements which mimic natural materials present in their workspace report higher levels of without fatigue and yet
have been shown to positively impact health, job creativity, motivation and well-being. The findings exercises it, tranquilizes it
performance and concentration, and to reduce anxiety can be integrated to provide practical insights into and yet enlivens it; and thus,
and stress. In turn, there are proven links between modern workspace design, for example internal green through the influence of the
work environments exhibiting biophilic design and space and natural light are positively linked to greater mind over the body, gives the
lower staff turnover and sickness absence rates. productivity and those with live plants in the office effect of refreshing rest and
reported higher levels of well-being than those without. reinvigoration to the whole
Although these benefits have all been comprehensively
proven in isolated studies, there are few if any cross- For example, in patient waiting rooms with murals ”system.
country studies that examine the preferences of depicting natural scenes such as mountains, sunset,
individual employees in terms of biophilic design and grassy areas and stone paths patients felt significantly Frederick Law Olmsted, 1865
the impact of meeting those preferences. calmer and less tense than those sat in a waiting
room with plain white walls9. In the work environment
Biophilic design brings offices to life, and goes far our research presents similar findings, showing that
beyond the practical benefits of a single plant recycling the use of mute colours (brown and grey specifically)
air behind the reception desk of a high-rise building. were associated with greater reported levels of
stress. In contrast, employees in offices with bright
Much research into biophilia supports the positive accent colours (red, yellow, purple, orange, green and
impact that this nature contact can have. Studies have blue) reported lower levels of stress. Ultimately it is
shown the diversity of that impact includes increasing important for organisations to recognise the particular
a customer’s willingness to spend more in a retail colours that have the best impact in terms of employee
environment, increasing academic performance well-being and consider how these colours can reflect
amongst school children and even reducing anxiety the natural elements that inspire us.
and stress before medical procedures.

In the workplace we are concerned with biophilic
design in relation to employee outcomes, specifically in
the areas of well-being, productivity and creativity.


Biophilia may also help explain why some urban parks
and buildings are preferred over others. For decades,
research scientists and design practitioners have been
working to define aspects of nature that most impact
our satisfaction with the built environment. But how do
we move from research to application in a manner that
effectively enhances health and well-being.

Over 500 publications on biophilic 6. Dynamic & Diffuse Light are achieved through the creation of
responses have been mined to uncover 7. Connection with Natural Systems meaningful, direct connections with
patterns useful to designers of the built these natural elements, particularly
environment like interior designers, NATURAL ANALOGUES PATTERNS through diversity, movement and multi-
architects, landscape architects, 8. Biomorphic Forms & Patterns sensory interactions.
urban designers, planners and also 9. Material Connection with Nature
health professionals, employers and 10. Complexity & Order Nature in the Space encompasses seven
developers, as well as anyone wanting biophilic design patterns:
to better understand the patterns of NATURE OF THE SPACE PATTERNS
biophilia. 11. Prospect 1. Visual Connection with Nature. A view
12. Refuge to elements of nature, living systems
These 14 patterns have a wide range of 13. Mystery and natural processes.
applications for both interior and exterior 14. Risk/Peril
environments, and are meant to be 2. Non-Visual Connection with Nature.
flexible and adaptive, allowing for project- Nature in the Space Auditory, haptic, olfactory, or
appropriate implementation. gustatory stimuli that engender
Nature in the Space addresses the a deliberate and positive reference
14 Patterns of direct, physical and ephemeral presence to nature, living systems or natural
Biophilic Design of nature in a space or place. This processes.
includes plant life, water and animals,
NATURE IN THE SPACE PATTERNS as well as breezes, sounds, scents 3. Non-Rhythmic Sensory Stimuli.
1. Visual Connection with Nature and other natural elements. Common Stochastic and ephemeral
2. Non-Visual Connection with Nature examples include potted plants, connections with nature that may
3. Non-Rhythmic Sensory Stimuli flowerbeds, bird feeders, butterfly be analyzed statistically but may not
4. Thermal & Airflow Variability gardens, water features, fountains, be predicted precisely.
5. Presence of Water aquariums, courtyard gardens and green
walls or vegetated roofs. The strongest 4. Thermal & Airflow Variability. Subtle
16 structure & design Nature in the Space experiences changes in air temperature, relative
humidity, airflow across the skin, and
surface temperatures that mimic
natural environments.

5. Presence of Water. A condition that The strongest Natural Analogue obscured views and revelatory moments;
enhances the experience of a place experiences are achieved by providing and sometimes even phobia inducing
through seeing, hearing or information richness in an organized and properties when they include a trusted
touching water. sometimes evolving manner. element of safety. The strongest Nature
of the Space experiences are achieved
6. Dynamic & Diffuse Light. Leverages Natural Analogues encompasses three through the creation of deliberate
varying intensities of light and patterns of biophilic design:
shadow that change over time to and engaging spatial configurations
create conditions that occur in nature. 8. Biomorphic Forms & Patterns. commingled with patterns of Nature in
Symbolic references to contoured, the Space and Natural Analogues.
7. Connection with Natural Systems. patterned, textured or numerical
Awareness of natural processes, arrangements that persist in nature. Nature of the Space encompasses four
especially seasonal and temporal biophilic design patterns:
changes characteristic of a healthy 9. Material Connection with Nature.
ecosystem. Materials and elements from nature 11. Prospect. An unimpeded view over a
that, through minimal processing, distance, for surveillance and planning.
Natural Analogues reflect the local ecology or geology
and create a distinct sense of place. 12. Refuge. A place for withdrawal from
Natural Analogues addresses organic, environmental conditions or the main
non-living and indirect evocations of 10. Complexity & Order. Rich sensory flow of activity, in which the individual
nature. Objects, materials, colors, shapes, information that adheres to a spatial is protected from behind and overhead.
sequences and patterns found in nature, hierarchy similar to those
manifest as artwork, ornamentation, encountered in nature. 13. Mystery. The promise of more
furniture, decor, and textiles in the built information, achieved through
environment. Mimicry of shells and leaves, Nature of the Space partially obscured views or other
furniture with organic shapes, and natural sensory devices that entice the
materials that have been processed or Nature of the Space addresses spatial individual to travel deeper into the
extensively altered (e.g., wood planks, configurations in nature. This includes environment.
granite tabletops), each provide an indirect our innate and learned desire to be
connection with nature: while they are real, able to see beyond our immediate 14. Risk/Peril. An identifiable threat
they are only analogous of the items in surroundings, our fascination with coupled with a reliable safeguard.
their ‘natural’ state. the slightly dangerous or unknown;
Source: 2014, 14 Patterns of Biophilic
Design, a Paper supported by Terrapin





Supplied Pain1ts. Artisan Supplied Paints

h Supplied Fence2. Barrier tech Supplied Fence CREATIVE FACAD

Termite proofin3g. Batechem Termite proofing

ne Kitchen 4. Ceasarstone Kitchen

oofing Roof 5. Contrast Roofing Roof

henyika Landscaping 6. Chimbo Chenyika Landscaping
bing and Gardening service
and Gardening service
Tapes, Sinks etc.
Tapes, Sinks e7t.c. Fabs Plumbing

Marketing Doors, Handle8s,. Dominion Marketing Doors, Handles,
Locksets, Polystyrene Cornice
Locksets, Polystyrene Cornice
Kitchen, Cupboards
Kitchen, Cupbo9a. rds Marcell

Appliances 10. Defy Appliances

Cladding 11. Konak Cladding

Steel 12. Pherosteel Steel

mbers Timbers 13. Halsted Timbers Timbers INNOVATIVE S PATIAL
Bricks Bricks, Blocks 14. Homestyle Bricks Bricks, Blocks
rica and Pavers Tiles for Africa and Pavers ESTIMATING
Gotter Fast Tiles Liesta 0772 918 091 [email protected]
Tiles 15.
Gutters POMONA STONE QUARRIES (PVT) LTDTendai 0772 400 472 [email protected]
Suppliers Of Crushed Granite and Ready Mixed Concrete

t 18 structure G&udtetesrigsn 16.


Text by Michael Nott
Photos courtesy of Storagemart

e 2015



Your security
partner in

Safeguard, Voted The Best Security Company
offers you a wide range of services such as:

Valuables In Transit Fencing & Barriers
Guarding and Access Risk Management
Alarms & CCTV Due Diligence
Electronic Security Integrated Security Solutions

Safeguard your assets and valuables with
your Number 1

Security Partner in Zimbabwe

73 Douglas Road We were contracted in the ARIPO construction project, which involved the installation of flash glazing glass, curtain
Workington, Harare walling, aluminium windows, interior and exterior doors, auditorium booth, doom skylight, frameless glass entrance
unit, office partitioning, wallpaper and window blinds respectively.

We have 20 yearCsouenxtpryewriideenfcoer oivnerth4e5 yaelaurms inium and wood joinery works, facade engineering and interior
architecture. Our company has satisfactorily completed contracts for Celebration Center, TIMB, ZIMDEF, Harare,

Bula1wsat yo, Victoria Falls airport, Standard Chartered, Barclays, CABS, MBCA, and POTRAZ.


UNigel 0772 271 733 [email protected]
POLTWIMERATE 0772 400 471 yeukai@creativesy2s0St1ee4cm,u2ris0ty.1cC5ooam.nzdpwa2n0y16
CREATIVE SYSTEMS - “ Innovative spartial management soOlHuS tions”

SOLUTIONS 04 751395-9 | [email protected] |

Heidelberg Investments (Pvt) Ltd T/a 19

9966 OOuuttssiiddee9SS6ttOoorruaatggseeidUUennSiitttossrage Units SSeellff--SSttoorraaggSeeelUUf-nnSiitttossrage Units
33mm xx 66mm UU3nnmiittssxAA6vvmaaiillUaabbnllieets Available WWiiddee ddrriivveeWwwiaadyyessdriveways
33mm xx 88mm UU3nnmiittssxAA8vvmaaiillUaabbnllieets Available GGrroouunndd lleevvGeerllo,, ddurrniidvveeleuuvppelaa,ccdccreeivssess up access
IInnddiivviidduuaallllIyyndaalliaavrridmmueeaddlly alarmed
PPeerrssoonnaall SSPttooerrraasggoeenal Storage 2244//77 GGaattee 2aacc4cc/7eessGssate access
BBuussiinneessss SSBttoourrsaaiggneess Storage


20 structure & design TTeell:: 00777744 332211PPoo22Tmm33e11loo:oonn0rraa7ss7IIaann4llddee3ssuu2::ssWW100Pttrr77o2eeii88aam3bbll441::oPPww77oaan66rrrwwakk88swwI,,an00CCl..77dessnntt33surroo:sWAArr0||taar7lleEEggppi8ammbeeeel4:mmssPaaw7RRaiiaall6rw::oorrk8ssttaaw,aa..0ccddCll.oo7ee//snHH..t3sszzro@@aawwAr|rrssaaalttEgp||rroomeeeSSrrmaasTTDDaOOggSSRiarrleettii:oRRrvvoommstaAAeerra.cdaaGG,,aaloeVVgg/[email protected]|roRRnnewwSrrrTTaattaTDOgSretiRvomAeraG,aVgrEtae.Mic-nMoAo.zaRnwrTat

SECUSSREEECCUSUTRROEERSSATTOOGRERAAVGGAEUE VLVTAASUULLTTSSAIdcceeasl sf:oUAMrIA3dpcIhodcmcesicenetgaeaa-sxlhBsFilsfrs5rfi:ovso:Uoi.MU:ar5Mimr3pn83lphmouhmoasmesianeitgnmtgtnSaa-xrh-xahBFtiBF-iiriorcn55r5inrvisvsoioird.p.a:a:da55iaimmn8n8cmllmomsguucaaeeeaoaeee,emmtntnSnSrSsrVraatst-ia-isfiocniao5cni5anntturdprc:adpidadava8licmcmosgtloesgciasecotee,oeem,ceynrSnsVrSossVasfs-aasfiana1ttiauttc:itu2c:vi8lievtl8lpieiatnlsetiasmmctytmcyo-on1-n1t2et2penpmntmt

Fully alarmed with electric fence Flexible monthly contracts

24 hour guard and response Business or personal use

Fully alarmed FwuitlVlhyideaelleaocrmsturiercvdfeewilnliactnheceleanctdrircecfeFolnredcxieinbgle monthlFySlecooxlainbrtloreamc-tgsornidthglryeecnonptorawcetrs
24 hour guard2a4nhdoruerspgounarsde and responseBusiness or persBounsainl eussseor personal use
Video surveillaVnidceeoansudrrveeciollardnicnegand recorSdoilnargo -grid grSeoelnarpoow-egrrid green power


MAIN FEATURE TORAGEMART is located in the new Pomona Industrial Park on the corner of Harare Drive and Alpes Road in Vainona. It’s a
concept that’s new to Zimbabwe and it embodies the first, and so far the only, state of the art, high security, storage facility in
the country. In fact it’s so technically advanced that it’s superior to many similar facilities in South Africa or indeed in Europe or
America. It’s the culmination of lots of extensive research and a substantial cash investment by three local entrepreneurs.

Storagemart has three storage options: there are 96 outside storage units, 25 high security vaults, and in addition 400 safety deposit
lockers will soon be operational. Each option is suited to different security needs.

The outside units are available in two sizes – 3 x 6 metres and 3 x enough to store a car or a boat if you’re planning to be away for a
8 metres. If you’re down-sizing these are great for storing personal while. They’re also ideal for small business operators like plumbers
possessions like furniture and other household goods. Storagemart or landscape gardeners to store materials and tools safely. The
even have a delivery truck so they can collect goods from clients’ driveways are wide enough to allow easy access for vehicles. They
homes, offering convenience and safe transport. The units are have roller shutter doors specially supplied by South African firm
completely waterproof and safe from rodent damage. They are large Seranda, which are of the highest security rating.

Kalamain Construction set off the project with fortress foundation basics from Pomona Quarries, reinforcement steel from BSI
Steel and cemented the concrete with PPC.


Suppliers Of Crushed Granite and Ready Mixed Concrete


22 structure & design

Alpes Road,Pomona,Harare, P.O. Box BW 1062, Borrowdale, Harare, Telephone Nos: 04 882101 / 882685, Email: [email protected].




REBARCutting & Grinding Discs



Wire & Fencing Products


37 Coventry Rd 23a J Chinamano Rd
Workington, Harare Belmont, Bulawayo
08677 000 444 08677 000 377
[email protected] [email protected]



Doors are secured by the clients’ choice of
heavy duty padlocks and they are also alarmed
and protected by CCTV cameras which are
monitored 24 hours a day. Access to the facility
is through a security gate which is monitored
at all times. The gate will only allow a single
vehicle in or out at one time, so there’s no
chance of ‘tailgating’ or forced entry to the
facility. Clients require a gate pass tag and a
key for the alarm system to get into their units.

26 structure & design

Your security
partner in

Safeguard, Voted The Best Security Company
offers you a wide range of services such as:

Valuables In Transit Fencing & Barriers
Guarding and Access Risk Management
Alarms & CCTV Due Diligence
Electronic Security Integrated Security Solutions

Safeguard your assets and valuables with
your Number 1

Security Partner in Zimbabwe

Countrywide for over 45 years



Security Company HEALTH & SAFETY
2014, 2015 and 2016

04 751395-9 | [email protected] |

Inside the building are the high security vaults which
are 3 x 6 metres with large walk in safe doors supplied
by Assa Abloy. As a client you’ll receive the keys for
your vault in a sealed container and even the staff at
Storagemart doesn’t have copies of the keys, so it’s
completely secure. This means the staff can’t make
a duplicate key even if the client loses theirs. Access
is by tag through the gate into the facility and then
by biometric scanners into the vault area and finally
by using the unique key. The entire vault section is
monitored by highly trained security personnel through
a series of CCTV cameras around the clock. There are
however no cameras inside the vaults so depositors can
be assured of strict privacy. Only two people are allowed
into the vault area at any time. Unlike the outside units
vaults can only be accessed during normal office hours.
These vaults are ideal for storing or archiving sensitive
documents or other highly valuable possessions. Some
of the vaults are used to house off site servers for
sensitive computer information, and these are air
conditioned to maintain a constant temperature. The
vaults can be supplied with high speed fibre internet.
The temperature controlled units are also ideal for
storing valuable art works.

28 structure & design



30 year experienced BK painters know
that your reputation is on the wall. They
truly understand that when it comes to
painting, finish is everything. Great looking
results are essential as they reflect on you
and your professional reputation. With this
in mind BK painters selected Dulux paints
to deliver a perfect professional finish on
all interior and exterior Storagemart walls.

30 structure & design



The owners designed the whole complex
themselves with careful attention to detail.
Not only is the security set up world class,
the public reception areas are designed
in a sleek modern style so clients can feel
comfortable and confident. It’s the softer
side of the whole fortress like structure.
There are two friendly and helpful members
of staff – Reena Moore and Sandra John –
who can advise clients about their services
and help them fill out their contracts. The
monthly rentals are surprisingly reasonable
considering that you can have total peace of
mind knowing that your valuable goods are
safe or that important and often confidential
information is secure. Contracts are highly
flexible and can range from one month to
permanent facilities. Storagemart is looking
to the future too, with plans to open another
four facilities in and around Harare, and
possibly more in other centres.

32 structure & design



We specialise in 1.2m high, 1.5m high, 1.8m high and 2m high palisade fencing.
We make other heights as per client request.

Standard panel sizes range between 2m spans and 2.5m spans.
Customer requests are also considered.

VALUE PALISADE FENCE 1.5m High and 2m High Fence.
sizes are 2m spans. Standard
We specialize in
Standard Panel
Pale Gaps are 140mm (210mm Between Centers). Each

panel consists of 9 Pales made of 70mm x 2mm Black

HR Slit and 2 Horizontal Cross members made of 30 x 30

x3 Angle Iron. Posts are made of Black Steel.

The ‘Value Brand Fence” is welded together.

Locally manufactured Tesa palisade fences and gates
the mart at 2m high. Top notch palisade fencing is not
an optional extra, but a great barrier that safeguards

Homestyle face bricks, though rugged and ruff,
give a secure Alcatraz type of marvel to the
impenetrable structure.

The difference between good and great is more
than one degree, Homestyle Bricks’ pavers are
a great cover for the entire perimeter.



$280 $210

36 structure & design


POWERa rather unique

energy requirement.
The estimated loads

SOLUTIONSwere small (around 3 to 4 kW),

but continuous throughout the
24 hours. Most different, was
through the night when the sun is Heidelberg Investments (Pvt) Ltd T/a

not shining – will the batteries be Tired of load shedding or tHheaitdneolibsyerg Investments (Pvt) Ltd T/a
reliable? generator with high fuel bills?
What about periods of poor AND
weather (and this last rainy Why not give us a call today to discuss what INSTALLERS O
we can do to make your life so much easier.
season has pretty well set some HeidOeulrbSoelarrgEneIrngyvSeysstetmms aennd Btasck(UPpvPotw) eLr td T/a
Systems interact seamlessly with the Grid, to QUALITY SOLA
the need for a very reliable and records in this regard)? keep you “LIVE” when the Grid is dead! AND BACK UP
continuous supply to run the This was overcome by having a
biggest energy demand – their generator start automatically Tired of load shedding or that noisy ENESRUGPYPLSIYESRTSEM
security system. All-night, high whenever the batteries reach a set generator with high fuel bills?

level lighting, uninterrupted level of discharge. At the current
camera surveillance, and the very conservative setting of 60%
storage and monitoring equipment
to go with that, was deemed SUPPLIERScapacity remaining (only 40% used)
essential. No power outages,
no unstable voltages – ideally ULTIMATE ANDfor the generator to start, the results
nothing that could interrupt this
level of security. Seems a tough INSTALLERS Oshow that the generator has been
call in this age of major storms, TgierneWOweduerhoraycSfatnonololoartdragowEidvntoieetsrmuhghsyaehakSdeciygdasytlohlienutmorfgdsuliafaoeeynrlstdoobtBmhdialicasulcksctu?hUsnpseoawPsiohisewayr.ter AND
faults, and load shedding! IN3S1TEdAisLoLn ECrResSceOntF
wWehyckSaneynosettdpegomyiovtsouein“muLtesIaVrakaEecc”taywslolehutaoemrdnlilaefteyhssestloyoGwmdridiitsuhcicsuthdhseseeaawGdsrhi!iedar,.tto QAUPGHNraAOarDnaLBrioIteBexT,sZ2AiYdi8meC5S1bKOabULwAePR
Our Solar Energy Systems and Back Up Power ENE+(R26G3)Y(0S4)Y7S49T9E30M-

 +(263) (04) 771 212
 [email protected] m
ts (PvGtr)aLntitdesTid/ea
 PSSPUSOOUOOPLLWATLWUPNUIELMTEDTIRIERAIOORTNSNE SSEQNAUENARDGLIYBTAYSCYSSKOTULEAPMtmtgwaheeoseneWgTksetkeitoerhrldoatyneyaftrtedolnoutehrronponaaitsroetftgoefrhovligxv1oairydeesahreuwuccodsilsoseuietmsaesrdhhdstce–oaetahhfledanlriaontndgdonmsdhidru1netatrh%afhegyuedettonyoeoh.ferldbtishiclualssts?nwkSoeyhseitapestmyyosuin“LteIVrCa00E0cA”77t7ws777Leh222aLem222nUl346eths843Ssel69y9TGH05w2rOei640ditihDid(((sKDCtedhAeheeelnrabYarG)rdielrc!iOiredkg)),NtoIn: vestmen
we can do to make your life so much easier. v3HPt)1aOLrEatBddroeisxT,oZ/2ani8m5C1braesbcweent
v e stm en +G(r2a6n3i)te(0s4id)e749 930-9
INSTALLERS OFOur Solar Energy Systems and Back Up Power P+(O26B3o)x(0248)57171 212
Systems interact seamlessly with the Grid, to +(263) (04) 749 930-

Heidelberg In t s (P

Ideally a totally CALL US TODAY ON: 
self-reliant 
off-grid solution 0772 263 920 (Charlie)
seemed the 0772 248 604 (Derrick) 
answer. But
what about the CAL07L7U2 2S3T4 O95D6 A(KYenO) N: 
cost? 
0772 263 920 (Charlie)
Storage Mart 0772 248 604 (Derrick)  +(263) (04) 771 212
has been built
in an area aTsointedenitshsmeurdoeanatitadoeraeqcCduc00aeeA7t7sves7e7Lirrb22eLyllei262a,U046boi83fSslfiet6sy9cTi0o2tteOhn40,edtD((soDCAheraYwTWgSOkreyireuehirselcrnteyipcOeSekaednmyon))roolNosaatduOgkwSTWrfietygoineu“eEhrseo:liLtrntventypcoeeroSIeaedenVmrayonawrrmoouElogdscaatdus”rftyiaitgon“tsaEkwosliSLtvhnthoeeercoIy0eheVraaaesyawhrmeum7Etgldcodlens”ityia7utlmgtdsakewsotSrh2heehshcyidhslasnaeseiyheafmlat2lofeydlengyiGnuutl3mgdewsottdrrohoesohiid4sldisneiBtarlflamdhfeygya9iGnbustiwcsstudtrh5ooeoidihckdiclBtrl+ua6eemHGPdlh+3hUaibssastitcGsupts(eh1d(?idra(hckOcKln2rawu!ae2aePlhUisrdsesaEoot6Ghpis6edn?a,eBnwinardawt!P3ris3os.dtri)oeoohiyit,e)erwi)astersxo.t,e(oy(sr0Z02ni4d4i8m)Ce)57r71be47as91EbcEQe9w2NQINIn3NA1NAeUUE0tE2SSNSN-ARAR9UUTTDDGLGLAAPPIAIYABTYuLBPTLPNpLAYNSLLAYsSLEDCYzIESDCYEiIRSmSKOERRSKSTO@RULSSTEOgUALSPMEmOFARPMaSFRil.Scom
that is, as yet,  [email protected]om31 Edison Crescent
unserved by the grid, and unlikely
to change from that in the short to
medium term.

The only solution was to run the managemen0t a7n7d2to23UP4S9. 56 (Ken)
generators continuously – or was it.
This is checked frequently and it  G3HPG1rraOaarEnanBdrioiteitexs,esoZ2sidini8mde5Ce1braebswceent
Ultimate Power Solutions (U.P.S.) has become a common source of
offered a solar powered option, CALL US TODAY ON:  HP++(a(O22r66aB33ro))e(x(,00Z244)i8)m775471b91a92b31w02-e9
surprisingly the cost was little more amusement that we all can tell 
than double the estimated cost of when the kettle goes on for tea! CALL0077U77S22 22T46O83 69D024A0 (Y(DCheOrarriNlciek)):  +u(p2s6z3im) @(0g4m) a7i4l.9co9m30-9
paying for an early grid connection.  +(263) (04) 771 212
Any system alterations that may be 07720276732 2932409(5C6h(aKreline))
needed are also adjusted Off Site! 0772 248 604 (Derrick)  [email protected]
0772 234 956 (Ken)

The site needed a short term backup

anyway, and so extending the system The loads are currently increasing

to being capable of being totally to accommodate aircon units

off-grid offered some attractive for off-site servers that will be

solutions. accommodated in the highly secure

area, all being handled by the

There remained the usual system without issue.

concerns for a system like this.

Most of the power consumption is You can find UPS in Graniteside.


TheTrheerise iasPaaPttaettrenrntotobebieningg

2016 Multiple 2015
Steel Awards
20126016 20210155
Steel WAwinanredrss


Global Roofing Solutions is the 2013

proud sGulpobpaliel Rr ooof fminegtaSlorloutoiofinnsgisanthde

2013Gclalodbdainl pRgroopuordofifnsilguepsSptoloieluratiwoofanmrsdeistwatlinhroneoinfigng and
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SofUinPsPtaLlIlEatRioSn OanFdCaOpNeCrfEecAtLfiEt.D FIX,

For all Fyooruar lrloyoofuinr groroefqinugirreemqueinretsm,ents,

structure & design

Entry is permitted 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so it’s very convenient. The alarm will also go off if you accidently drive away and leave
your roller door open, and there’s armed response on the premises. Even the roof of the units is secure. It’s made of clip lock, interlocking
steel sections which can’t be individually removed without taking the whole roof off. The clip lock roof system was specially supplied locally
by Global Roofing Solutions.
For more information visit their complex in Vainona, corner Harare Drive and Alpes Road, call 0774 321 231, or check out their website:



42 structure & design


LOCAL MATERIAL FOCUS PANNA TRADING is a plastics manufacturing
company that provides services to a variety of
industries. Our 19 years within the industry Bay 3, 16 Lisburn Road, Workington, Harare
has given us the expertise and knowhow needed in Tel: +263 4 771016, +263 4 772140,
order to produce a quality product in a timely manner. Telefax: +263 4 771619; Cell: 0774 699 467, 0774 947 972
We are capable of manufacturing plastics for a variety Email: [email protected]; Website:
of industries from the food industry to mining.

There are several uses for polyethylene black sheeting
within the construction and the agriculture industry. The
industries form the basis of the Zimbabwean economy
and any growth that may be seen in the future.

There are many ways polyethylene is being used in
construction. Five main ways would include its use in
curing, as a vapour barrier, in form lining, and in tilt-up
construction. Polyethylene films are being used in curing
cement because of the preference for methods which
provide for the retention of moisture rather than for its
replacement. As a vapour barrier, polyethylene films block
the water vapour coming up from the ground underneath
a building. In form lining, forms are lined with strong
paper and tape coated with polyethylene. The technique
is said to make concrete smooth enough to paint without
any special preparation. Polyethylene film is also well
adapted to the problem of curing tilt-up wall panels.


• A vapour barrier in concrete slabs, full basements USE IN AGRICULTURE
and crawl space construction.
• Greenhouses and walk in tunnel covers - generally defined as a large structure
• A vapour, wind and dust barrier used in wall in which it is possible to stand and work. A high tunnel is simply a particular form
construction. of construction and many varieties can be found all over the world. Films used for
this application are usually between 80um – 250um
• A membrane for concrete slab and tilt-up
construction. • Fish pond lining –this can be utilised for both small scale and large scale ponds,
particularly fish farming. Fish farming is a growing industry within Zimbabwe due
• Bond breaker for slab bases. to the low level of expenses required in its operations. They are extremely UV
• Cost-effective alternative for traditional forming stable and able to withstand a wide range of temperatures.

materials used to pour concrete roofs. • Tobacco – We manufacture seed bed covers, fumigation tents, temporary barns,
• A form lining materials to support paper in producing as well as the black sheeting for floating trays. The object of the seed bed is to get
healthy stocky plants with compact roots ready to set in the field when the ground
a glass-like finish. and air are warm enough for them to grow rapidly and without check.
• A loose lining material for foundation forms.
• A protector against dust used to shield • Rain water collection – aides in the collection of rain water from a large surface
by horizontally suspending the plastic sheeting with one corner lower than
concrete slabs. the other.
• An important form of protection before, during and
• Any produce that would require a sustained amount of warmth as polyethylene
after curing the concrete used on can be used as an insulator.
construction projects.
• Often used to create a temporary enclosure to
protect concrete from natural and manmade
• A temporary glazing material.
• A temporary flashing material to protect doors and
windows and bays.
• Used by contractors to protect valuable equipment,
materials and tools.

44 structure & design


Tesa Fencing was formed to fill the need
to locally manufacture palisade security
fencing in Zimbabwe. Their aim is to provide
a top quality fence for both domestic and industrial
use that not only provides high security but that is also
aesthetically pleasing to look at.

*They specialize in 1.2m, 1.5m, 1.8 and 2.1 m high
fences. They can also make heights as per customer
request. Standard panel sizes range between 2m and
2.5m spans. The span can also be made according to
customer request.

*Numerous Factors can influence the design and width
of panels at an installation:

*Terrain; Distance between surround points; Location
of entry/exit point; required height; optimal structure;
Specified/desired style.

*Standard Pale gaps are 115mm (1600mm between
centres) and 100mm (145mm between centres).
Smaller gaps between pales can be manufactured to
suit customer requirements. Fencing Panels consists
of 2 horizontal cross members (or 3 cross members
for fencing higher than 2.0m) which are punched with
a profiled slot which allow the vertical pales to be slid
through the cross member and then crimped into place
(therefore no welding on the panels).

*Pales and cross members are made of Z275
Pre-Galvanized material and are not painted. This
makes the palisade fencing maintenance free.

*Posts are made of Black Steel, they can be painted or
hot dipped galvanized. Tesa prefer to paint in order to
break the galvanized colour.

*Over hang on posts can be manufactured if razor wire
or electrification is required. Tesa also manufacture
sliding and swing gates to match up to the fence.

Posts are planted in 450 x 450 x 600mm deep with 15
to 20 Mpa concrete foundations as per local council by
law. Assembled panels are installed by:

Securing brackets and spacers to panel cross
members with M8x40mm cup square and M8 shear
nut. Locating panels, bracket, spacer against a pre-
drilled post and sliding on an M8x90mm cup square
through the bracket and the post. Once panels and
cross members have been secured, shear nuts are
sheared off preventing vandalism through disassembly.



2 Bags

(= 1 wheelbarrow)

NB: 2X50kg Bags of Cement = 1 Builder’s Wheelbarrow

46 structure & design



soars above the rest

Text by Michael Nott
Photography by Structure and Design/TIMB
Drawings supplied by Vengesayi Architects

THE Tobacco Industry and Marketing Board (TIMB) was first formed as far back as 1936, when it was
known as the Tobacco Marketing Board, to facilitate and co-ordinate the farming, processing and
selling of locally produced tobacco.
They register tobacco growers and license tobacco buyers, auction floors and commercial tobacco graders,

as well as facilitating export permits for international buyers. Their Mission Statement is, ‘To mobilize,
distribute requisite resources, develop and operate efficient production, orderly marketing and information

systems which satisfy the expectations of all stakeholders.’

48 structure & design

SERVICES OFFERED BY TIMB INCLUDE: • Monitoring and ensuring timeous and efficient shipment of
tobacco exports.
• Administration and control of the tobacco delivery system.
• Arbitration and sales supervision at auction floors in order to • Monitoring the control of tobacco pests to ensure exportation of
tobacco free from pesticide residues.
maintain orderly marketing.
• Classification of tobacco from which statistical information is • Registration of all types of tobacco growers.

derived and reports published. In order to efficiently and successfully implement their mission they ARCHITECTS
• Collating and distributing information on production, consumption, needed corporate headquarters which would be able to cater for the MUTUMWAPAVI C.R. VENGESAYI B.ARCH. (IDAHO), USA M.I.A.Z
public – producers and buyers – they needed to house an advanced 111 KWAME NKRUMAH CNR 4TH ST. P.O. BOX 5000.HARARE ZIMBABWE, TEL: 26
manufacture and export of tobacco. IT system which would monitor all the sales in progress, and they 790592, FAX: 263-4-792432 TELEX 26089 VENGSY ZW, email : < vengarch @ com
• Conducting crop assessment surveys to determine crop yield needed office space for the administrative staff and executive board
members. They also needed an auditorium for lectures and training, NOTES:
potential and quality. composition of the crop in advance of the as well other facilities for a large staff contingent, like an onsite
selling season. canteen, secure off street parking and some open space for the staff # Do not scale off drawing, use figured dimensions only
• Granting of export permits. to relax during the day. # All dimensions to be checked on site and any
• Licensing of tobacco buyers, auction floors and commercial
graders. discrepancies reported to the Architect.
# This drawing is the copyright of the Architect and may
D E F G H J K L M N P Q R T U V W X Y Z A1 B1 C1 D1 E1 F1 G1
not be used, copied or reproduced except with the
IBR roof sheeting on steel angle purlins fixed on steel angle written permission of the same.
cleats weld fixed @ 2400 ctrs to steel Engineered roof trusses
bolt fixed down to concrete slab @ 3600 ctrs with steel plate PROJECT:
& web - all to Structural Engineers' details. T.I.M.B OFFICES ON L


Fibreglass transluscent roof sheeting CLIENT:
on 50mm Ø steel tube purlins bolt fixed to TOBACCO INDUSTRY &
ms angle cleat welded to 100mm Ø steel tube rafters. MARKETING BOARD

65.810 65.810 IBR roof sheeting DESCRIPTION:

65.610 Suspended ceiling W5 65.610 D14 D14
OFFICE W5 gypsum plaster to b/work
62.050 W1 gypsum plaster to b/work W5

62.050 W5 W4
61.810 half round gutter on 300 x 6mm rc slabs & beams to S.E details W5 61.210 D14 D14
61.210 Suspended ceiling 60.610 steel balustrade to detail
60.610 fibre cement fasciaboard for OFFICE SECTIONS
painting. gypsum plaster to b/work 58.210
rc slabs & beams to S.E details steel bargeboard W5 OFFICE
Suspended ceiling W5 56.810
gypsum plaster to b/work D3 54.450 W18
COMMITEE ROOM 1 v-joints - Marmoran plaster 53.610
58.210 gypsum plaster to b/work Fibreglass transluscent roof sheeting
57.410 53.010 W5 on 50mm Ø steel tube purlins bolt fixed to W4
rc slabs & beams to S.E details 50.650 ms angle cleat welded to 100mm Ø steel tube rafters.
56.810 Suspended ceiling Steel bracket to detail
54.450 49.150 FGL
53.610 200mm Ø gsi rwdp rc lintol to s.e detail Marmoran plaster 56.295 IBR roof sheeting on steel angle purlins fixed on steel angle 56.295 REVISION
INTERNAL AUDITOR 55.110 55.110
53.010 cleats weld fixed @ 2400 ctrs to steel Engineered roof trusses
50.650 gypsum plaster to b/work bolt fixed down to concrete beam @ 3600 ctrs
49.450 FRL - all to Structural Engineers' details.
ROAD torch on bit asp rc slabs & beams to S.E details Parapet wall
W1 vertical dpmW23 BOARDROOM BALCONY ms balustrade pcc COPING to detail Sand cement screed laid to fall to
gypsum plaster to b/work fullbore outlets on torched on Bitumen Asphalt
PASSAGEW7W5W5 W7 D3 D14 to detail 50mm Ø pvc on rc concrete roof slab to S.E details
PASSAGEDPCDPC overflow spout
DPC torch on bit asp54.360overflow spout
vertical dpm
torch on bit aspweep hole600 x 600 suspended acoustic ceiling tiles600 x 600 suspended acoustic ceiling tilesitem description
vertical dpmin aluminium 'T' grid framing - shadowline cornicein aluminium 'T' grid framing - shadowline cornice1 ROOF LOWERED BY 1200MM
Suspended ceiling Suspended ceiling 2 D14 REVISED
rc slabs & beams to S.E details 3 MS BALUSTRADE ADDED OVER CA
chain for rc lintol to s.e detail D8 W14 50mm recess joints D8 50mm recess joints W13 4 D14 ADDED ON SECTION 03
rainwater disposal to column
ceramic tiles
fulbore outlet gypsum plaster to b/work gypsum plaster to b/work 50.650 ATRIUM
W7 W5 D9 W7 W1 ROAD LECTURE HALL brick wall
DPC 50.460 DPC 2 coats gypsum plaster 2 coats gypsum plaster 2 coats gypsum plaster balustrade concrete
DPC to detail coping
DPC 50.460 stormwater channel rc slabs & beams to S.E details 50.650
laid to fall with pebbles W4 W4 W4 W4
stormwater channel 50.000 FGL DRY BASEMENT rc slabs & beams to S.E details 50mm Ø pvc
laid to fall with pebbles woodfloat plaster weep holes

stormwater pipe 50.410 46.360 ROAD


w/f plaster w/f plaster
woodfloat plaster

46.360 torch on bit asp 46.360 46.360 46.360
vertical dpm

All sub-structure to Structural Engineer's details All sub-structure to Structural Engineer's details


SCALE 1:100 SCALE 1:100


Designed: V. A.

50 structure & design

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