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ZWL $270 ISSUE 36 | 2021


Almin’s Glass-Clad
O ces on Page 10


Brown Engineering Group

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Our structural steel projects have established a strong footprint in the
Agricultural, Commercial and Industrial sectors in Zimbabwe,
where value for money and quality is of the utmost importance.

‘A Passion for Delivery!’

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Complete Construction Services
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tpraronjsepcot rmt aanndagceramneangtea. s well as
transport and cranage.

“fabricating the future”

4422 EEddiissoonn CCrreesscceent, Graniteside, Harare
++226633 224422 777711 33885/ +263 773 290 233

ISSUE 36 5

Structure and Design Media
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MARKETING 10 | Almin Industries Opens A New
Clive Mapfumo
Newton Musara Branch In Graniteside
Tinashe Mafiko
+263 779 141 137 / +263 772 233 086 SPACE OF THE MONTH
+263 8644 224 569/70 20 | Simple & Sustainable Design

Tami Zizhou
DESIGN AND LAYOUT 36 | Solar Energy Projects Is Now
Kudzai Jimu
Established In Pomona
Valentine Katsande
CONTRIBUTORS 45 | Union Hardware
Michael Nott 46 | Driptech
48 | Turnall
52 | Mandara Manor Wellness Centre
Bruce Rowlands
63 | Structural Engineers’ Role On
+263 8644 224 570 Building Sustainability

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StaSGntraadnn1dit6e17s69id72e9B,2HeBsaesrsaesrmee,meZreiRmr oRbaoadabdwe
Graniteside, Harare, Zimbabwe

Tel: +263 (0242) 748 510,
Te(l:0+224623) 7(50324425)57(04284521)07,53 492,
(0242) 753 524, (0242) 774 374

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ISSUE 36 7

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38%/,6+(5·6 MEMO

reetings and best wishes for the New Year! solar power is indisputably the way forward. SEP can set up a solar system
for your home or business so you can reduce your carbon footprint and even
Despite a difficult start to the year we’re confident that the feed surplus power back into the national grid.
construction and design industries will continue to thrive and grow
throughout 2021 as we’re such an inventive and resourceful bunch of In line with our policy of climate change awareness (and action) we’ve
people. And our new issue illustrates just how resilient we are. included articles on Structural Engineering and the contribution that
can be made to sustainable building practices by reducing unnecessary
Our cover story on page 10 features Almin Metal Industries who continue consumption of materials and reducing CO² emissions. We’ve also featured
to prosper and expand with the opening of their new branch in Graniteside. an article on the future trends for the working environment in view of how
Almin are able to manufacture and supply just about any aluminium product the pandemic has altered our lifestyles – for better or worse.
for commercial and residential projects eliminating the need for imports
and meeting architects’ and engineers’ specifications. In addition much of We’ve included an article on Turnall’s Ravenna range of concrete roof tiles
the material used is recycled making them an environmentally conscious which are produced locally and are robust and durable enough to withstand
manufacturer. extreme weather conditions while keeping your home or commercial
property safe, dry and well insulated – and looking good at the same time.
Local architectural firm, Architexture Spatial Design, have been We’ve also covered the Mandara Manor Wellness Centre, an exclusive and
experimenting with designs that are sustainable, eco-friendly and affordable. upmarket facility for rehabilitation and recovery in these stressful times.
They have designed and built a family home on an environmentally sensitive So sit back, relax, read and enjoy!
site that’s both elegant and functional. Finishes and decorative details have
been pared back to the absolute minimum without compromising on style All Structure & Design content, and much more is available online on our
or comfort. It’s a great example of what future design should look like. website and ISSUU but follow us at SDMagzim

We feature Solar Energy Project’s new warehouse and sales room in Pomona ru ure&Design Team
which opened last year. In keeping with the global move to sustainable living

*Waterproofing *Concrete Admixture
*Roof Repairs *Concrete Cutting
*Joint Sealants *Concrete Repairs
*Epoxy Flooring *Non Shriking Grout

680 SOUTTER ROAD, NEW ARDBENNIE Approved Applicators
CALL MARLENE ON 0772 311 791
ONWARD 0773 579 521
AFRICOM NUMBER 08644219682
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construction of the New St George’s Science dept

Culvert Pipes: All Sizes Manhole Rings Compressed Cement Bricks

Prime Bricks is a wholly owned Zimbabwean Civil Shelverts
Engineering and Construction Company offering
professional building solutions i.e. manufacturing of
compressed cement bricks (common and face bricks), pre-
cast concrete products (SAZ approved) such as culvert
pipes, reinforced concrete electricity poles (ZESA poles),
kerb stones, pavers, and shelverts among many, roofing
timber, ceiling solutions (cornices, bidding and centre
crowns/pieces) and construction services. Our products
are made to last for generations.

Pavers Concrete Electricity Poles Kerb Stones

Plant Address: Contact Numbers: Other Products In Stock:
40960 Mvuto Road, +263 242 459 435 Roofing Timber
Old Tafara +263 782 865 865 Cornices
(Behind MCH Fuels) +263 774 044 433 Bulk Cement
+263 773 000 156 Valve Boxes
Sales Office: Emails: Durawall Panels
No.95 Mutare Road [email protected] Wall Copings
Msasa, Harare [email protected] Project Management

main profile

Almin Metal Industries Opens a
New Branch In Graniteside

text – Michael Nott photos – Structure and Design

lmin Metal Industries recently opened a new
branch at 7 Cam Road inW+ Graniteside, Harare.
Although the new branch opened their doors for
> / Q
Friday 13th November. This prestigious event was attended
by Netai Magade, representing Minister Sekai Nzenza (Minister
of Industry and Commerce), The President of CZI Mr Henry
Ruzvidzo, Managing Director of Almin Metal Industries
Mr David Stally, as well as other leading players in the
manufacturing and construction industries.

The main branch of Almin Metal Industries in Willowvale
will continue to operate as a manufacturing and retail outlet
however the new branch in Graniteside offers customers much
more convenience, excellent service and the same extensive
range of products. Graniteside customers can purchase a
single piece of aluminium or contractors can place or collect
large specialised orders. There’s ample secure parking and
easy access for larger deliveries and collections. The building
at Cam Road used to be a branch of sister company City Glass,

Almin’s needs. It has a huge open warehouse space, a sales
and reception area on the ground floor and administrative

® N 4

storage and manufacturing and large roller shutter doors make
access for bigger trucks convenient.

ISSUE 36 11

main profile

Almin opened a sales and distribution centre
in Bulawayo in 2017 to cover the southern
region and there are plans to open branches
in other centres across Zimbabwe like Gweru
and Mutare for customers’ convenience.
Almin Metal Industries is wholly Zimbabwean
owned company established in 1969 so
they have over 50 years of experience in the
business of manufacturing and marketing

irrigation and general engineering purposes.
Almin owns and operates a world class
aluminium extrusion plant, the only one of
its kind in Zimbabwe. A large percentage of
the aluminium used in their manufacturing
processes is sourced from recycled
scrap making the aluminium industry in
Zimbabwe one of the most sustainable and
environmentally friendly large scale industries
with a very low carbon footprint. Aluminium
loss of its inherent properties of strength,
malleability and visual appeal. The recycling
process means that Almin uses very few
imported elements, saving on foreign currency
expenditure, and Almin is planning to export
to the sub-Saharan region (and beyond) in the
near future, which will make the company a
valuable foreign currency net earner.


ISSUE 36 13

main profile

Almin’s core business is extruding a diverse


applications in the construction industry
particularly door and window frames, shop
fronts, shower cubicles, wall and floor cladding
and a host of other uses. The characteristics
of aluminium make it the material of choice for
Q Q Q ®
and fabricators. Its light weight, strong, durable
(non-corrosive), easy to work with and highly
Just a few major construction projects using
Almin’s products include the NSSA building,
the RBZ building the SAPES Trust building
and just about every large scale construction
project in the country. Almin’s products are
also extensively used and preferred for hotels,



ISSUE 36 15

main profile

Through their anodising and powder coating
processes Almin’s products can be produced
in any colour to match an architect, fabricator
V ® N #
® Q
bronze, plain black or white and any other
colour in between from vibrant red to pastel
grey. They can even match a colour sample
if customers or designers want a particular
colour. All colour options are available in
® N 4
time and money on repainting, sanding,
sealing or varnishing.
Apart from its many uses in the construction
industry aluminium also has a number of
applications for general engineering. Its
strength and light weight makes it ideal
for constructing truck and motor vehicle
bodies. Aluminium tubing is used in fridges
and air conditioners and other machinery
and aluminium wiring is ideal for electrical
applications. In fact aluminium is used in just
about everything from light weight ladders to
cooking pots.


ISSUE 36 17

main profile

Almin are continuously committed to expanding their range of
products and have recently developed a new line called Alusol which
is a system for solar panel mounting. Currently all solar installation
companies are importing mounting systems so Alusol will provide a
great local alternative, saving solar suppliers foreign currency and
N ) V ®
! V V
only company to carry stock of this exciting new product.
Almin also supports our agricultural industry through supplying products
for irrigation schemes from small scale farmers to huge commercial
farming enterprises. Their Irrigal system provides irrigation pipes that
are light weight, easy to move around, highly adaptable, non-corrosive
and UV resistant. Irrigal also manufacture and provide couplings, bends,
reducers and valves. Tongaat Hulett, the huge sugar producers in the
Lowveld, favours the Irrigal irrigation system.
Almin’s ‘parent company’ Architectural Aluminium is able to
manufacture and install aluminium products including frameless and
dry wall partitioning, suspended ceilings and curtain walls. If you
have a construction project in mind AA and Almin can assess your
requirements from plans or from your site, advise you on the most
suitable products, manufacture products - if necessary - that are not
part of their normal stock range, provide you with a Bill of Quantities
® N
Working together with sister company City Glass any construction
project big or small becomes a hassle free breeze.


For all your aluminium needs visit the
new Almin Metal Industries outlet at
7 Cam Road in Graniteside or call the
team on the following numbers:

+263 8677 007191
Sales team +263 776 634 577 / 8 / 9
Sales manager +263 774 683 174

ISSUE 36 19

space of the month

Simple and
design for a
family home in
the suburbs

text by Michael Nott
photos by Structure and Design
additional photos and plans by Bruce Rowlands


here were two overriding concerns to be taken into account during both the design and the construction of this unique family
6 N 4 ®

c d N
4 Q
I ®
possible. It was an exercise in minimalism and sustainability – creating a comfortable and beautiful family home on a modest budget with
no unnecessary or wasteful indulgence.

ISSUE 36 21

space of the month to seasonal burning for many years. In fact, because it’s such a
pristine site it has become an important breeding ground for a
The site is one of the best preserved pockets of unspoiled local species of chameleons – the only chameleon conservancy
indigenous miombo woodland within the city‘s suburban sprawl. in the region. The owners of the site even conduct ‘chameleon
Typical of miombo woodland there are copious amounts of safaris’ for children to introduce them to this fascinating species.
Msasa and Munondo trees as well as wild grasses and shrubs
and because it’s within a suburban area it hasn’t been subjected


The original site of approximately 1.5 acres has been subdivided into
three smaller plots for separate developments although there are no

has been preserved in its undisturbed state. The house, designed by
Bruce Rowlands from Architexture Spatial Design, is at the furthest
end of the site and set on a fairly steeply sloping, west facing piece of
ground of 1400 m².

ISSUE 36 23

space of the month

One of the conditions of sale imposed by the owners was that the
existing trees should be preserved wherever possible – not an easy
task on a heavily wooded site. Accordingly the architectural design
with as little disturbance as possible. As a result the house nestles
comfortably within the woodland with trees right up against the
structure – or even with trees shooting up through the verandah
decking and a tree within the outdoor, open air, downstairs shower
Henning Jordaan, from Henning’s Nursery in Greendale, was
enlisted to ‘landscape’ the site – although it’s not landscaping in
the conventional sense. His brief was to enhance what was already
existing, to add rather than remove, and to disturb the soil as
little as possible. Chameleons lay their eggs in the soil so creating
expanses of lawn or pretty flower beds was not permitted. Henning
has concentrated on three self-contained planter boxes near the
V ® Q
pachypodiums, succulents and other sculptural plants to soften the
façade around the entrance and the car port. In front of the house
he’s added some mulching where the soil had been disturbed by
the construction process and to also help preserve rain water and
prevent it running down the slope. He’s planted some indigenous
grasses sourced from around the area and scattered wild grass seeds
which should begin to sprout now with the current rain. He’s added
a few carefully selected succulents and aloes, some ground covers
and installed a small natural walkway leading part way down the
slope. The plants in the planter boxes are very waterwise and the rest
of the garden is very low – in fact almost zero – maintenance. The
only gardening required will be to remove non-indigenous invasive



to be building
the future of


+263 242 788320/1
[email protected]



LIVING shower






ISSUE 36 25

space of the month

There’s a small natural wetland at the bottom of the slope with
future years. The whole house - not just the garden – is designed
around sensible and sustainable water usage. Rowlands has
designed a water harvesting system so that rain water from the
roof and the driveway is channelled into a 10,000 litre basement
tank so it can be re-used. There is an existing borehole on the site
I V ® K
to function comfortably without relying solely on the council water
supply. Another innovative water saving device is the wash hand
basin/toilet cistern system whereby water from the basin – which
is usually wasted – drains directly into the cistern.
In addition to the sustainable water harvesting system the house
has also been designed with solar water heaters and a 10kva
solar backup system so the house can almost run off grid. The
solar system was supplied by One Stop Solar and installed by
JDI (Johnson’s Design & Installation). The house has also been
designed and orientated to take full advantage of the westerly
views, but uses huge sliding screens, verandahs, cross ventilation
and ceiling fans to prevent overheating in summer. The main living
space has large glass sliding doors and glass gables orientated
towards northerly sun for winter warmth.
Although the footprint of the house is relatively small (293m² on

>>B ʱ ®
d 2
® I
an en suite bathroom - two other bathrooms and a guest toilet.
There’s a large study, generous open plan living space and
expansive verandahs and balconies.


EElleeccttrriiccaall BBuuiillddiinngg PPlluummbbiinngg PPJJEE..ooOOlleehhccBBttnnoorrxxiissccEEooaaHHllnn&&55’’ss00MM,, DDEEeemmcceehheessaarriiaannggllddiinnccHHaa&&lliillllCCIIoonnnnssttttrraaaaccllllttaaoottrrssiioonn

EETTeemmlleeaappiillhh:: oojjddnniiee@@::aa22ff44rriicc22aa33oo00nn00lliinn00ee11..cc77oo//..55zzww11 oorr 224422 22991177551111//22993300996666

ISSUE 25 15

space of the month

There’s a small natural wetland at the bottom of the slope with plans

years. The whole house - not just the garden – is designed around
sensible and sustainable water usage. Rowlands has designed a
water harvesting system so that rain water from the roof and the
driveway is channelled into a 10,000 litre basement tank so it can be
re-used. There is an existing borehole on the site - although it’s not
® K

without relying solely on the council water supply. Another innovative
water saving device is the wash hand basin/toilet cistern system
whereby water from the basin – which is usually wasted – drains
directly into the cistern.

In addition to the sustainable water harvesting system the house
has also been designed with solar water heaters and a 10kva solar
backup system so the house can almost run off grid. The solar system
was supplied by One Stop Solar and installed by JDI (Johnson’s
Design & Installation). The house has also been designed and
orientated to take full advantage of the westerly views, but uses
huge sliding screens, verandahs, cross ventilation and ceiling fans to
prevent overheating in summer. The main living space has large glass
sliding doors and glass gables orientated towards northerly sun for
winter warmth.

Although the footprint of the house is relatively small (293m² on the

>>B ʱ ®
d 2
® I
bathroom - two other bathrooms and a guest toilet. There’s a large
study, generous open plan living space and expansive verandahs and

The ground floor has a double carport and a verandah at the
entrance. The front door leads directly into an open plan space
incorporating the kitchen (with a scullery and storage space tucked
away) and a large living/dining room. The living space has a high
double volume ceiling which makes the space feel more generous.
Rowlands has utilised the kind of technology normally seen in
warehouse design to span the space so the high roof has minimal
trusses to disturb the unbroken expanse.

The living room has sliding doors on two sides which open up to wide
verandahs and the garden beyond, as well as windows on the third
side overlooking the smaller front verandah. A free standing island
partially demarcates the kitchen as well as providing a prep surface,
storage and a kind of breakfast bar. Rowlands has selected Silver
® K
N &
those few chilly winter nights there’s a small wood burning stove with
a stainless steel chimney which leads up through the double volume
space and radiates extra warmth for the whole house.







There are three bedrooms on the ground floor. One bedroom is
separate from the main house and completely self-contained with
a small bathroom and private outside entrance. It can be used as
live in quarters for household staff or as a guest suite. Of the other
two bedrooms one is tucked away into the heart of the house so
it’s pretty well insulated and the temperature is quite consistent
throughout the year. The other bedroom is west facing with views
of the front woodland. For this bedroom – and the master bedroom
which is directly above – Rowlands has designed sliding wooden
shutters to cover the expansive glass and cut down on direct sunlight
in summer. It also means that there’s no need for curtains to interfere
or dilute the minimalist/industrial interior design.

A simple concrete staircase with modest, black painted, steel
bannisters leads to the second floor. The bannisters and the rails
on the balconies were designed by Rowlands and made by Basil
and Lindy Rowlands – formerly of Art Mart. The top floor has the
mezzanine study overlooking the living room, a family bedroom
and the master suite. There’s also a large viewing deck with a great,
elevated view of the natural woodland. The deck has a vaguely ’safari
spa’ feel about it – luxurious and tranquil.

ISSUE 36 29

312 Hillside Road, Msasa, Harare
Email: [email protected]
Tel: 0242-447713 


2 ®
in line with the modest budget and also in part as an experiment to
see what can be left out without compromising the aesthetics and
the comforts of a modern home. It’s in line with the philosophy of
creating sustainable homes on a modest budget without spending on
unnecessary luxuries or design frills. Floors throughout are polished
concrete without timber or tile treatments, walls are exposed brick or
® N
4 ®
are kept simple and exposed as part of the visual identity of the home.

ISSUE 36 31

"I"CICCCPPaaininttWWaarreehhoouussee....aalslsooffoorryyoouurrnnoott--ssoo--ccoonnvventional nishes"||TTeel:l:0088667777000044886677||


ISSUE 36 33

0773 052 804
[email protected]

Suppliers and Installers of Hardwood Flooring, Laminate and Luxury Vinyl
Flooring, Engineered Oak Flooring and Cladding, Interlocking Rubber Tiles,

Residential and Commercial Carpets.


The restrained interiors would feel a bit hard and cold were it not for the variety of natural textures provided by the raw materials. There are
no curtains covering the large expanses of glass – because there are not many angles from which neighbours might look in. Where privacy is
essential Rowlands has substituted frosted glass or sliding wooden shutters. The lack of curtains also helps to emphasise the indoor/outdoor
connection and reinforce the feeling of living in the woods. The almost monastic austerity of the rooms has been softened by area rugs and


: V N

The home is a great exemplar of environmentally friendly design and sustainable living.


Architect: Bruce Rowlands (and team from Architexture)

Elevate Construction Timberland
Henning’s Nursery The Shutter Door Company
Fred Smith ECE
Romeo Kitchens One Stop Solar
ISS Olly French
Martin Ware
Home Improvements
ICC Neves Ironcraft
Bernard Mawunga
Fusion Flooring
# 2 ® Martyn Hartell
Ashley, Basil and Lindy Adam Seager
Zambezi Roots
Rowlands Brigitte McNabb
Zimsinga Plumbers Craig van deRuit
JDI (Johnson’s Design and Pride of Africa

Installation) Luke Nel
Trellidor Tristan Balzer

ISSUE 36 35

industrial profile


Text: Michael Nott; Photos: Structure and Design

olar Energy Projects (SEP) opened their new warehouse While Agristructures provided the shell of the building most of the
in May last year at stand 522, in the rapidly developing interior finishes were manufactured and installed by SEP. At the
Pomona Industrial Park along Harare Drive. The new reception, SEP have created a whimsical and quirky welcoming
premises include the huge warehouse space of 1000 sq. m, sales desk made from an old decommissioned 300Kw hydro-electric

® Q

turbine. It has a kind of industrial ‘steam punk’ look but it works
additional 500 sq. m. There’s also a manufacturing section as well as well and shows off SEPs’ engineering heritage. It’s certainly
facilities for ongoing research and development. unique!

The custom built warehouse, of approximately 1,500 sq. m, was SEP’s engineering and manufacturing departments have also
designed by SEP to accommodate their requirements. It was mostly created the steel staircase leading up to the mezzanine floor. The
fabricated by local construction company Agristructures. The shell of mezzanine is basically a steel frame clad with pine floorboards.
the building is fairly conventional – there’s a polished concrete floor SEP designed and manufactured the steel and glass partition walls
slab, a glass curtain wall in front with a balcony leading off of the sales as well as most of the desks and work stations. A nice detail is

® Q

# the outline of Zimbabwe made from scrap parts in the director’s
with multiple translucent skylights punched through. The walls of the office. In the training department desks have been made from
structure are solid brick for the lower section with Chromadek cladding defunct solar panels. The desks work well, they’re cheaper than
on a steel skeleton above. Large roller shutter doors on both the east buying conventional (and boring) office desks, and there’s a 25
and west sides allow for convenient deliveries and despatch. Solar year warranty on the panels! Engineering and manufacturing can
panels, batteries and the related equipment are fairly bulky. be fun too.


The family business is owned and managed by father and
son team Oloff and Sebastian Smyth who together have
® N /

an Electrical Engineer with over 40 years of experience in
both light and heavy electrical engineering, while Sebastian
studied Renewable Energy Engineering at the prestigious
TAFE (Technical and Further Education) College in Australia
and designs most of SEPs solar installations.

SEP was started in 2009 and before moving to the Pomona
premises the business was run from the backyard office
and workshops of the home of one of the owners at 16
Campbell Road in Borrowdale. Campbell Road is no longer
operating as all the work previously done there has moved
to the Pomona premises. From a fairly modest start as a
small two man business SEP has rapidly grown to become
the leaders in the solar energy field. They now have a
permanent staff of 25 at Pomona with 45 installation
teams across Zimbabwe.

ISSUE 36 37

industrial profile


Since 2009 SEP has successfully completed over 2,000 installations The scale of the UNDP project has meant that SEP has set up an
of solar projects, ranging from small scale residential projects to large extensive in house training programme to establish 45 four person
scale industrial solar solutions, including commercial pumping systems teams deployed across the country for installations. This makes them
: V ® N 4 one of the biggest solar installations companies in the country – and
recently won the biggest solar power tender in Zimbabwe to supply and certainly the company with the most experience. Unlike many other
install 642 solar systems for the UNDP in partnership with the Ministries start-up companies, SEP has long ago made their mistakes, learnt
of Health and Child Care and Public Works. Most of the systems are in from them, and together with their world-class technology partners
fairly remote areas which have no access to the ZESA grid, and they will they’ve developed and moved forward secure in the knowledge of
supply power for clinics and hospitals and other UNDP projects. their hard won skills.

ISSUE 36 39

industrial profile

SEP’s premises in Pomona has the capacity to run totally off the grid
for all their requirements including lighting, their computer systems
and even heavy machinery. They can run their welding and grinding
machinery which use large amounts of electricity in intensive bursts.
Most solar systems are not able to cope with these demands. All their
handling equipment including cranes and forklifts also run off solar/
battery power so they can be used not just within the warehouse but
also in more remote areas with no easy access to the grid.
) 3%0 ® :%3!
– one of which is NatPharm in Masvingo and the second was a
residential project, both in 2019. Their warehouse net meter
system was installed this year. This means that when their electricity
production exceeds their needs excess power is fed back to the
national grid and SEP receives a credit so they can use the ZESA grid
when or if they need it up to the limit of their credit. It also helps
to prolong their battery life span. Their sister company Penelonga
Renewable Energy is registered as an Independent Power Provider
supplying the national Zimbabwean grid with up to 300kw and
growing to 10MW in the next few years.
Apart from conventional residential and commercial applications,
SEP is also involved in mining, manufacturing and agricultural
projects. They supply solar water pumping solutions for mines
and for irrigation and they have recently (together with Brown
Engineering) created the Tsanga Ranch tobacco curing tunnel – a
: N 4 4
solar and hydro power. It’s a particularly ‘green’ solution as most


and power, so it’s an environmentally friendly option. SEP are equally
adept in creating all kinds of alternative energy production systems
including solar power, hydro power and wind turbines. In fact, Oloff
contributed to a wind power project on Ross Island in Antarctica!


ISSUE 36 41

industrial profile

Should you require an alternative energy solution SEP will visit
your site and assess and monitor your energy needs over a
period of time – not just a single day. They can then custom
design a system that suits your unique situation, provide you
with a quotation, import the equipment to supplement their
stock on hand if necessary, and install the system on site. They
also provide maintenance and repairs as needed and they’re

a four year warrantee on their workmanship. Your solar system
can be monitored from your phone or laptop and systems are


real time.
SEP provides solar, hydro and wind powered solutions as well
as solar power for backup and off-grid solutions, commercial
solar water pumping, mains voltage stabilisers, pump protection
relays, generator AVRs (automatic voltage regulators) and a
host of related services including engineering and specialised
manufacturing. They are the proud suppliers of major brands
like Victron Energy, Jinko Solar, Pylontech. Although most of
their components are imported from world-leading brands they
do manufacture some elements locally including solar array
frames, control and switch boxes, and other custom made
apparatus as needed.
Whatever your energy requirements SEP can provide the
solution. Because of the scale of their business plus their years
of experience they can supply the best system at the most
competitive prices with full backup and maintenance service.

4 ® P
Visit Solar Energy Projects at 522 Pomona Industrial Park
Check out their website at:
Email: [email protected]
Tel: +263 8677 193 262
Sales: +263 719 228 047
Workshop: +263 719 228 043



52552222P2oPPomommoonoannaaInIIdnnudsutsrtirailaPl aPrakrr,kkP,,PoPomommoononana,a,H,HHaararararareere

FLUSH We are an ITC SA Certified Truss Fabricator
MiTek Timber Roof Trusses
TREATMENT CCA treatment (Optional)






Workington Msasa
+263 772 663 352 +263 785 870 329
+263 739 340 579 +263 785 870 478
+263 739 340 580 +263 774 136 492
+263 787 755 095




Whether your roof is made of thatch, metal, tile or slate, you need to Overhanging drop their leaves, which then become wet and soggy in
get up there regularly. For shingled, tiled and metal roof, inspections rains and dew, and damage the roof. Falling twigs and branches may
should be done every three years. However, more regular inspections also cause other damage to the tiles and shingles, breaking them as
(annually, perhaps) are best. Always wear a helmet and be very they crash down.
careful when climbing up onto a roof.
Be very thorough when checking the state of your sealant and
Just cleaning dirt off your roof can help to keep it free from moss and replace it wherever necessary.
fungus, which can cause erosion and other damage in the long term.
Regularly painting your roof is not only for the fresh, clean look and
Cracked and damaged tiles can lead to leaks; which causes damage feel; it’s also an important part of protecting it from the hot sun of
to the ceiling, introduces mould and mildew to the interior of your Zimbabwe.
Q ®
electrical system, and will compromise the integrity of the roof UNION
N " ® Q


Roof repairs in Zimbabwe often involve taking care of rust because
of the many metal roofs that are used throughout Zimbabwe. The
initial phases of rust can be handled by scrubbing the rusty areas
with a wire brush, applying primer, and then painting over the area.
This is an easy way to prevent massive erosion, leaks, and eventually
replacement of the roof.


When your gutters get clogged up with leaves and other debris,
this spells disaster for your roof. The water that gets caught in the
clogged gutters will soon leak into the structure of your roof and
cause massive damage.

ISSUE 36 45


e ective and eco-friendly method It is best placed on a flat, level
of reducing municipal water usage surface, such as brick and mortar
in your home, which will lead to and slightly raised if the tank will
reduced water bills and deliveries. be drained using a bucket. A hole
Making the switch to a rainwater can be cut into the top of your
harvesting system is neither Jumbo Tank to fit the downpipe.
complicated nor time consuming Care should be taken not to leave
and will result in a wide range space around the downpipe, as
of benefits for your home. The to not allow sunlight to enter the
savings mean that the equipment tank and thereby discourage the
pays for itself. growth of algae. The lid is best
Before installation, it is kept on the Jumbo Tank for this
recommended that the roof top reason. It is not advisable to cut
and gutters are cleaned before an inlet hole on the lid, as this is
using it as a collection surface. best used for inspection purposes.
A net or sieve can also be placed
BASIC INSTALLATION over the end of the pipe to catch
The simplest way to collect and any debris before it enters the
store rainwater from roo ops tank. A tap can be placed near
during the rainy season, is to the bottom of the tank for fitting
place a Jumbo Tank directly at the a hose pipe or for filling other


INSTALLATION WITH PUMP JUMBO TANKS: The inner layer is a white food
A pump can easily be added to the grade high density polyethylene.
the system to fill another tank or • Are proudly made in This is hygienic and allows for
to pump directly into the house. It Zimbabwe using the easy inspection of the interior.
is also recommended that a filter leading technology in the The middle layer is black and
be added before pumping into world. ensures total exclusion of sunlight
an existing water tank or being to prevent the growth of algae.
plumbed directly into the house. • Come with a 12-year The robust outer layer is an
warrantee. attractive modern grey colour to
WHICH SYSTEM IS BEST FOR ME? suit any property.
Rainwater harvesting can be • Triple layered.
adapted to each circumstance and
on setting up your rainwater
collection system, please contact COVENTRY GLENARA HARARE DRIVE
our knowledgeable sta at your 2ND STREET MUTARE
nearest DripTech branch or call

0867 700 7000.

0867 700 7000


ISSUE 36 47

material focus

Turnall Tiles


he history of Turnall Holdings Ltd in
Zimbabwe stretches back almost 80
years to 1943 when Porters Cement
) ® ®
® N !
0 !
engineer and entrepreneur working in what was then
Southern Rhodesia. Because of the Second World
War the importation of basic building materials
was severely restricted so Porter began a local

for water and sewerage reticulation and other
related products. Initially there were manufacturing
plants in Salisbury – now Harare – as well as
Bulawayo and Mutare, although these were later
closed in a rationalisation drive. .Manufacturing now
only takes place in Harare although there are Turnall
distributors and agents across the country.
In the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s there was a major boom
in both the construction industry (mostly for
residential housing schemes to accommodate the
rapidly growing urban population) as well as in civic
infrastructure development. Turnall now produces a
huge range of world-class products including piping
and plumbing products, pavers, roof sheets and
roof tiles and decorative items for the home owner.
They are the leading suppliers for local customers
and also export their products to other countries in
the region like Zambia and Botswana.


4 ®

European Foundation for Quality Management System in 2010. The
company has also received a number of other awards including
® ?;;? 1 %
Management System (ISO 9001:2000 QMS and ISO 14001:1996)
® / ( 3
System, OHSAS 18001:1999, again by SABS. In 2011 Turnall won
the Best Overall Quoted Company on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange.
Of late it scooped the Overall winner 2018 on Energy Management
CZI Award supported by ZETDC.

In 2013 Turnall began manufacturing cement roof tiles to augment

® N 7

tiles are aimed at more upmarket and prestigious projects. Roof tiles
are more elegant and aesthetically pleasing than roof sheets and


® #
around 5,000 years ago and also in the Mediterranean around the
same time rapidly spreading to Spain and then the rest of Europe
N #

Germany in the early 1800’s when a German farmer made some flat
thin slabs from the new Portland cement concrete and used them as
roof tiles for his barn. Before long, he had built up a small sideline
making tiles for his neighbours. Many of the early roofs from the 19th
Century are still in existence which gives proof to the durability (and
aesthetic appeal) of concrete tiles. Despite their origin in Germany
concrete roof tiles have become synonymous with the roof structures
of villas in Italy, Greece, Spain and Portugal.

ISSUE 36 49

material focus HARARE HEAD OFFICE

In response to customer demand in 2013 Turnall started ADDRESS: 5 Glasgow Rd,
manufacturing their exclusive and upmarket range of Ravenna roof Southerton, Harare, Zimbabwe
tiles inspired by classical and medieval Italian architecture. Their Phone: +263242745625-9
tiles measure around 330mm x 420mm and weigh approximately VoIP: +2638677004874
4.6 kgs each. They are available in a range of colours including black, Email: [email protected]
red (or terracotta), brown and amber. Because the concrete tiles are
tinted during the manufacturing process they are fade resistant and BULAWAYO PLANT
maintain their original colour for many years. The tiles can also be
easily painted to any colour of a customer’s choice, making them the ADDRESS: Steelworks Road, Bulawayo
Q N Phone: +263292882230
K ® VoIP : +2638677004875
N ! ® N 4 Email: [email protected]

® 4
concrete ridge tiles for the apex or joining parts of the roof. In addition Support Email
Turnall can work from your architect’s or engineer’s drawings to provide [email protected]
you with an accurate Bill of Quantities so you can get the correct amount
of tiles for your project. As an additional customer service they can also
outsource deliveries to just about anywhere in Zimbabwe.

Concrete roof tiles are extremely durable and also provide excellent
protection properties for both heat and sound insulation. Because of
their heavy thermal mass they help minimise the need for heating and
cooling within the home and can withstand extreme temperature and
weather variations. Concrete roof tiles can withstand wind speeds of
up to 125 miles per hour which would destroy other roof structures.
4 Q Q V ®
retardant. The roof tiles are virtually maintenance free and cracked
or damaged tiles can be easily replaced without having to re-do the
whole roof – single tiles can be replaced with ease.

Turnall has the capacity to manufacture 35,000 tiles per day and
generally have a huge amount of tiles in stock so you can depend
on a system of ‘pay and collect’ instantly with no waiting period for

$)9 ®
for a huge housing development.


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