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SD Issue 6 Digital

SD Issue 6 Digital

Fire Sprinkler “A Total Fire Protection Solution”
The Fire Consult Group has been
Text by Christopher Du Cane established to provide a full range of fire

protection equipment, system design,
installation, maintenance, Service and


IT’S amazing, most people think that in the case of a Telephone: (263-4) 487833 UNIT 2, 28 MARTIN Fire consult designs
fire breaking out in a building which has a commercial 496754 DRIVE, Msasa and installs fire protection
sprinkler system installed all of the sprinkler heads P.O. Box AY 359 systems to protect premises
will go off at the same time. Fax: (263-4) 496753 Amby, Harare covering the whole spectrum
Email: [email protected] of commerce and industry:
Never has anything been further from the truth. - warehouses
- shopping malls / centres
In the vast majority of incidents one or two sprinkler heads - hotels
control the fire. When a fire occurs only the sprinklers in the - fuel depots
immediate vicinity automatically start to operate and discharge - banks
water to control or extinguish the fire. - multi storey buildings

Compared to the amount of water used by the fire brigade the 24th floor of a tower block. This refers to sprinkler systems
amount of water discharged by a sprinkler is approximately 5% installed in commercial buildings, shopping malls, hotels,
of that discharged by a fire hose. warehouses, banks, office blocks, tower blocks, etc.

An IT specialist once asked us to remove sprinkler heads from There are sprinkler systems installed whereby large amounts of
his computer room as he was concerned the water would water are immediately discharged but these are mainly for LPG
damage his computers if a sprinkler head went off. We replied storage tanks and other high risk applications.
saying the before his computers would get a soaking they would
have turned to melted plastic! Regarding the legal aspects of fire control it is interesting (and
welcoming) to note that the stipulations in Chapter 11 of the
Automatic sprinkler systems date back to the 19th Century and Harare Model building by-laws are fairly stringent and insist on
their development was mostly led by fire insurance companies. sprinkler protection in all buildings over 29m high and in large
The low average loss in the case of sprinkler protected buildings buildings with a floor area over 3,701m2, and various other
has established a record unbeaten by any other form of areas such as basements and parking garages. This is certainly
protection. not the case in the UK, for example.

There are two main reasons why this is so; sprinklers extinguish We believe that these stipulations should be taken a step further
a fire while it is still small restricting the direct fire damage to a to include mandatory sprinkler protection for hospitals, Old
minimum; and the effect of a loud alarm (mechanically operated People’s Homes and certain night clubs which have been the
from the sprinkler alarm valve) which rings immediately and subject of horrendous fires overseas in the last few years.
automatically attracts the attention necessary to limit water
damage to a minimum. The average cost per square meter of a sprinkler system is $20/
m2. Compared this to say tiling which runs at anywhere between
Automatic sprinkler systems require no human assistance $25 to $35 for standard tiling.
to control and extinguish fires; they are on duty 24/7; their
efficiency is not impaired by the presence of smoke or fumes; Compared to the untold price of experiencing a major fire this
and they are not hindered by access to difficult sites like the could be considered a small price to pay.


52 structure & design




OPENED IN BULAWAYO Text: Michael Nott | Photos, Plans And Elevations:
Geoffrey Fox, Architectural Planning Studio

FOR ANY patient visiting a hospital it easy to see where the plain grey doors or well as patients from across the Southern
it can be a daunting and slightly recesses are located – another important African region. The Bulawayo United
scary experience. For children, and carefully thought out visual aid. Access Hospital had an eye department for adults
particularly for children with a sight to the clinic can be either from the main and children, but their operating theatre
related problem, it can be frightening and hospital or directly from the open space has been closed for years due to a leaky
intimidating, especially as most hospitals outside the front entrance. The exterior roof which damaged valuable equipment.
are usually cold and clinical. A notable has been simply landscaped with paved Before the new clinic began operating
exception is the Paediatric Ophthalmic Eye walkways, some green grass and waterwise patients would have had to make the long
Unit at the Richard Morris Hospital (part of plants, and a few wild olive trees, all and costly journey to Harare for evaluations,
the United Bulawayo Hospitals or UBH). intended to make the clinic seem friendlier treatment and checkups. There are a
and less like a cold institutional building. couple of small dormitories or hostels
It’s a child friendly, welcoming place And there’s even a huge teddy bear at the where parents or care-givers can sleep if
designed with bright cheerful colours and reception to greet the children. children need to stay overnight or for a few
an interior courtyard filled with sunshine days in the recovery ward. It’s especially
and toys, which is used as an informal Although it’s officially a paediatric clinic convenient for parents and patients from
waiting room or a place to relax and eat adults can also receive care and treatment, lower income brackets or for people
lunch. The staff has their own slightly whether it’s a simple eye test and a pair who have had to travel long distances
smaller courtyard where they can have a of prescription spectacles, a cataract to the clinic. The whole design ethos is
quiet break and enjoy a breath of fresh operation or more specialised eye surgery. geared towards the practicalities of the
air. All the signage is designed to be large It’s one of only two referral clinics in procedures carried out and the comfort
and easy to read to avoid any confusion or the southern part of Zimbabwe so UBH and convenience of the patients and their
difficulties for visually challenged patients. services Bulawayo Metropolitan Province, caretakers.
The lower part of the interior walls (or dado) Matabeleland North and South Provinces,
is painted in distinct bright colours so that Masvingo and Midlands Provinces, as The majority of the funding for the project

54 structure & design

Shayne Clift: +263777 809 076, [email protected]
Lins Nel - Consultant: +263772 204 722, [email protected]

was provided by the Christian Blind Mission
(CBM), an international development
organisation based in Germany, committed
to improving the quality of life of people with
disabilities in the developing world. They are
involved in programmes across Africa, as
well as in South America and the Caribbean,
the Middle East and Asia providing support,
care and educational facilities for blind,
deaf and physically disabled children. CBM
first became active in Zimbabwe in 1974
in co-operation with the local organisation
Jairos Jiri Association. In 1982 they started
to support the School for Blind Children
in Kadoma and in 1983 they set up a
partnership with the Lutheran Church of
Zimbabwe, supporting their resource centres
for children with visual impairments.

The Paediatric Ophthalmic Eye Unit is an
ongoing co-operative programme, which
includes funding from Christian Blind
Mission, the running and of the day to day
staffing and administration overseen by
the Zimbabwe Council for the Blind, and
the Ministry of Local Government, Public
Works and National Housing who are the
long term custodians and land owners.
Although these organisations all brought
a wealth of experience to the project it did
make the design process extremely involved
and a little bit cumbersome as designs
and decisions needed to be approved by
numerous committees, and the design had
to be cost engineered several times in order
that the size, layout and specification suited
the clients’ budget.


PUBLIC ARCHITECTURE The design process took around five

months from the initial brief to the

presentation of tender drawings –

from May to September 2014. It was

further complicated by the fact that

all clinics and hospitals have specific

requirement for health and safety

regulations set down by the Ministry

of Health. This meant that all the

materials used for flooring, painting,

plastering, ceilings and so on needed

to meet the specifications laid down.

The operating theatres in particular

have very specific requirements.

They need to have scrub areas with

elbow operated faucets; sluice rooms;

autoclave facilities for sterilising

instruments; facilities for disposing

of ‘sharps’ and other medical waste;

vinyl floors with seamless concave

skirting selected for their sterile,

anti-fungal, anti bacterial and anti-

static properties; and appropriate

natural and artificial lighting for

surgical conditions. In addition the

air circulation needs to be germ and

dust free so air-conditioning units

with High Efficiency Particulate Air

(HEPA) filters were fitted in the in the

operating theatres. 2 DE - Level 12 - Site Plan - Proposed

1 : 200

A&PS North

The architect, Geoffrey Fox fromArchitectural & Planning Studio - 18 Mon Repos, Newlands, Harare, Zimbabwe - +263 (0)4 776008 [email protected]

the Architectural Planning Studio, A200 CD - Gr

also needed to consider the human

traffic flow and the surgical waste

flows, so that the staff, patients and

surgical equipment can maintain

the necessary hygiene conditions

without compromising the required

sterility of the operating theatres. All

of this needed to be accomplished

on a limited budget and still look By Department Legend DN
aesthetically appealing and patient
friendly. ABLUTIONS A400
On top of all these limitations the CARETAKERS ACCOMODATION
Harare based consultant team and COURTYARD

the Ministry team (each consisting of

a full array of engineers and quantity

surveyors), could only attend site when 1
all of the numerous stakeholders could A401

be in attendance. In hind sight Fox 1 A400 4 5 A401 A401 6 4 A401 A401 3 1 A400
admits that having such a big team, at A300

such a distance, with so much paper A401
work, was ungainly and more frequent 2

site visits, and the ability to make

decisions more easily would have been

in the project’s interests. The building 3 3 4
A300 A300
process took around 11 months until A400

completion in December 2015. The 1 1 DE - Level 0 - Gnd Floor FFL - Proposed 2 1
clinic became fully operational in April A202 A300 A201
1 : 100

2016, so it’s just over a year old.

56 structure & design A&PS

Architectural & Planning Studio - 18 Mon Repos, Newlands, Harare, Zimbabwe - +263 (0)4 776008 [email protected]

SupplierQQs oUUf:AAGRRraRRnitYYe SMMtoAnAeSSaTTndEEQRRuaSSrry Sand

SSuupppplliSieeurrspspoolfif:e: GrGsrraoannf iiatteell SgStrtoaondneesaaonnfddGQQruuaanarritrreyy SSaanndd
WWee aallssoo uunnddeerrttaakkee CCoonnttrraacctt CCrruusshhiinngg

Chedgelow Estate off Delport Road. P.O.Box AP4, Airport Theydon Farm P.O.Box 159
CChheeddEEgEgTTmmTmeeeeellaaollaol:::iiiwllw00l0:::[email protected]@[email protected]//D/iii22ss2sUHeHgge99g9llAL..p00A.p0ccc00oAooR0oR11r..1Wr.AzztAz99t9wwwR22RAR2R,,,,o,,oYEssECCsaCaaOaeededllleell.el.lllss::Ps:[email protected]@[email protected]oo43o499..,9.,zzz99A9Awwwiirrppoorrtt GWERU PTTTReeellEl::: 00MEET0ET22mmh2mhI77e7eEaaa99y9yiiiR--lld-ldM::M22:2okkok00S0AnaaAna333TlllRoo99FRo9FOa55nna5nOOr,,ggrN,[email protected]@[email protected]::.EO:EO00R0zzRz.R.77Boo7BoUA77oAll7ol...44ccSx4cxoooH33131...zz335z35Eww33w939R222S888000(PVT) LTD
Senale Farm, Mvuma Road. P.O.Box 584
Khami Road Kelvin, P.O.Box 1274 GEEGEmmmWWaaaEEiiilllR::R: mmmUUSaaSaPddePdeTTnTaanRaReemmaemallEllE::le:[email protected]@@F55F5aIa44ppI4pErEr--ss-msm22Rcc2Rc22gg,2g,44MSww4MSw666TeeTve44v4rrOurOu77uu7umm,,N..,N.cccCCCaooaoEEeee..R.zzRllzlllClwwCo::wo: 00aR0,,aR,[email protected]@@999.E.BE55B5pppoRoRss99s9xxccS22cS2gg5g2252(ww8(
TTKTKeehehEEllEal::a:mmmm00m0aa99a9iiii--i-llRlR44::4:okk0[email protected]@[email protected],,i,innFFFAdd,Ad,aaaaaPYaPxxYxvv.::v.:OOOOii00iss0s.gg99.Bg9B--..o-.ccoc444xooxo000..1.44zz14zww200w207447448848



58 structure & design




PUBLIC ARCHITECTURE 1 DE - Section 1 1 DE - Section 1

1 : 100 1 : 100

2 DE - Section 2 2 DE - Section 2

1 : 100 1 : 100

3 DE - Section 3 4 DE - Section 4 3 DE - Section 3 4 DE - Section 4

1 : 100 1 : 100 1 : 100 1 : 100

A504 CD - 3D View - North

S A&PS Paediatric Opthalmic Eye Unit
Zimbabwe Council for the Blind
ctural & Planning Studio - 18 Mon Repos, Newlands, Harare, Zimbabwe - +263 (0)4 776008 [email protected] Architectural & Planning Studio - 18 Mon Repos, Newlands, Harare, ZimUbnaibtewdeB-u+la2w6a3y(o0)H4o7s7p6it0a0l,[email protected]

1 WD - 3D View - North - Hre 12.00pm Summer Paediatric Opthalmic Eye Unit
Zimbabwe Council for the Blind
A&PS United Bulawayo Hospital, Richard Morris Building

Architectural & Planning Studio - 18 Mon Repos, Newlands, Harare, Zimbabwe - +263 (0)4 776008 [email protected]

1 DE - Level 11 - Roof Plan - Proposed

1 : 100

60 structure & design


1 DE - East A400 CD - External Elevations

1 : 100 Paediatric Opthalmic Eye Unit
Zimbabwe Council for the Blind
2 DE - North
United Bulawayo Hospital, Richard Morris Building
1 : 100
A401 CD - Internal Elevations
3 DE - South
Paediatric Opthalmic Eye Unit
1 : 100 Zimbabwe Council for the Blind

4 DE - West United Bulawayo Hospital, Richard Morris Building

1 : 100 61


Architectural & Planning Studio - 18 Mon Repos, Newlands, Harare, Zimbabwe - +263 (0)4 776008 [email protected]

1 Elevation 1 - a

1 : 100

2 Elevation 2 - a

1 : 100

3 Elevation 3 - a 4 Elevation 4 - a

1 : 100 1 : 100

5 Elevation 5 - a 6 Elevation 6 - a

1 : 100 1 : 100


Architectural & Planning Studio - 18 Mon Repos, Newlands, Harare, Zimbabwe - +263 (0)4 776008 [email protected]


The clinic is in essence three buildings combined into a single Geoffrey Fox from Architectural Planning Studio was the Principal
integrated structure of about 616m2. The first section is made Agent for the project – meaning in effect, that as well as design,
up of the out patients department, comprising the reception the architect took responsibility for contract administration, team
and patients’ waiting area, consultation rooms, an optometry/ co-ordination and site supervision, ensuring that the construction
refraction room (for eye tests), as well as offices, storerooms, was carried out as per detailed drawing documentation and
a duty room with a kitchenette and ablutions for patients and specification, and that every decision right down to the finish,
staff. The second section is made up of a patients’ pre-operative paint colours, signage, and landscaping were individually tailored
preparation room, two operating theatres, a scrub room and a to the project and the clients particular needs.
sluice room, a patients’ recovery room, as well as staff changing
rooms, a duty room and a storeroom. The third section is made up However the success of a project like this is dependent on the
of the hostel/dormitory section with rooms accommodating up to full involvement and professionalism of the associated team of
four beds each for male and female caregivers from out of town, consultants (Mike Mawire & Jackson Taivavashe from ASMEC,
as well as ablutions and basic cooking and laundry facilities. mechanical and electrical engineers, Cyprian Kunaka of Dickie
and Kunaka, Structural and Civil Engineers, and Matt Dove of Matt
The majority of the materials were acquired in Bulawayo apart MDA Quantity Surveyors), as well as the guidance and oversight
from the ironmongery and the specialised basins, faucets, sluices of The Ministry of Local Government, Public Works and National
and related hospital equipment which was imported from SA. The Housing and the team of consultant doctors and nurses at UBH.
exterior warm, textured, sandy/yellow coloured facebricks were The main contractor on this demanding and highly detailed project
manufactured in Botswana but available in Bulawayo. was Tzircalle Brothers (Pvt) Ltd., based in Bulawayo.

62 structure & design



1 3D View 6 A600 CD - Rendered Views

A&PS Paediatric Opthalmic Eye Unit
Zimbabwe Council for the Blind
Architectural & Planning Studio - 18 Mon Repos, Newlands, Harare, Zimbabwe - +263 (0)4 776008 [email protected] United Bulawayo Hospital, Richard Morris Building

1 3D View 2 2 3D View 3

3 3D View 4 4 3D View 5

A&PS Paediatric Opthalmic Eye Unit
Zimbabwe Council for the Blind
Architectural & Planning Studio - 18 Mon Repos, Newlands, Harare, Zimbabwe - +263 (0)4 776008 [email protected] United Bulawayo Hospital, Richard Morris Building

64 structure & design

KHAMI ROAD, BULAWAYO. Tel: +263 9 882100; Fax: +263 9 78577
P.O Box ST91, Southerton, Harare. Tel: 04 620861/7 or 04 620852/6; Fax: 620 853


66 structure & design

The completion and opening of the Paediatric Ophthalmic Eye Unit has meant an invaluable improvement in the lives of many people
with visual impairments in Bulawayo and the surrounding region, particularly for the less privileged patients. Hopefully it will continue to
offer excellent patient care and world class treatment for many more years.





Client Representative - Christian Blind Mission (CBM): Michele Angletti

Client Representative - Council for the Blind: Aplos Nyathi

Architects- Architectural and Planning Studio: Geoffrey Fox

Structural & Civil Engineers - Dickie and Kunaka: Cyprian Kunaka

Electrical & Mechanical Engineers - ASMEC: Mike Mawire

Main Contractor - Tzircalle Brothers : George Tzircalle

Quantity Surveyor - Matt Dove Associates: Matt Dove

Electrical & Mechanical Subcontractor - Tzircalle Brothers: Peter Tzircalle


Reinforcement Steel – Steel Force
Steel Windows and Glass – Monarch ( windows ) CH Naake (glass)
Shopfitting - Kitchens for Africa: Shayne Clift, (kitchen only)
Tzircalle Brothers (suspended ceiling and aluminum doors and windows )
Landscaper - Ceilings& Bulkheads - Tzircalle Brothers: George Tzircalle,
Bricks – Buy and Build & Macdonald Bricks
Paint – Paint & Allied
Painting – Tzircalle Brothers
Plumbing - Tzircalle Brothers
Waterproofing& Specialist Vinyl Floors - Engineered Waterproofing Systems:
Brian Macklin
Gutters – Zeus Trading
Roof- PG Timbers Byo
Doors – Halsteads
Lighting - Tzircalle Brothers
3/4 stones – Davies Granite
Black concrete plastic sheeting – Halsteads
Sand pit and river – Quality Sands
Signage - Copper Wares, Bruce Johnson,
Wall and Floor tiles - Tzircalle Brothers
Pavings - Tzircalle Brothers
Lintels - Tzircalle Brothers
Backup generator - Tzircalle Brothers
Air con Systems - Tzircalle Brothers

structure & design



PC Imaginarium Awards is a to let go of ‘rotten’ reinforcing. By doing so, SCULPTURE
modern art and design awards this does not mean our concrete society has
programme aimed at promoting lost its strength. It only means it can make OVERALL WINNER and Sculpture Category Winner:
and supporting emerging creative talent in a stand. We are taken advantage of and Mziwoxolo Makalima – “Doubt-Queuing”
South Africa. treated as stepping-stones, while our votes
only gave us seconds of fame. Today, we are Sculpture Category Runner-up:
Following a regional judging process tired of waiting and yet we go back to waiting. Sonwabiso Ngcai – “Emweka”
that took place in January and February This waiting has become the trademark of Finley adds to this, saying: “I was impressed
2017, 55 finalists were chosen from our liberation, waiting, hoping for change. by the inventiveness of works submitted
across South Africa and moved on to the This is a long wait for promises made by during the awards’ 2016/2017 cycle. It was
prestigious national judging round of the PPC those who call themselves leaders. Now, inspiring to witness the way in which entrants
Imaginarium Awards. South Africa’s most we wait because we are starting to think incorporated the medium of concrete into
supportive art and design prize once again that maybe we should just be so grateful for their submissions and were able to do so
garnered unprecedented attention from our freedom that we should not want to be across PPC Imaginarium’s various categories.
aspiring creatives, achieving a record number anything more than just voters.” I was excited to find that a big portion of the
of entries into the competition – with an entries were commercially viable and globally
impressive 869 registered entries received, The competition’s Category Winners and relevant, which is an important aspect to
exceeding last year’s total of 698 entrants. Runners-up also fared well in terms of cash consider with a global partner like PPC Ltd.”
prizes, each walking away with R50 000 and A project of the innovation department
The PPC Imaginarium Awards, announced its R15 000 respectively. All winners, including of PPC Ltd, the PPC Imaginarium Awards
Overall Winner, Category Winners and Runners- the Overall Winner, are also awarded
up at a gala event hosted on 18 May 2017 with extensive public exposure by way of
at the UJ Art Gallery in Johannesburg. The a nationwide travelling exhibition, media
winners were selected from the competition’s exposure and mentorships.
55 finalists who submitted their concrete art
and design works across the categories of The finalists’ submissions were judged by
Sculpture, Industrial Design, Fashion, Jewellery a prestigious panel of industry experts,
and Film. (No Architecture submissions made it including well-known
to the finalist round this year). architect and director of
the awards, Daniel van
Last year, up-and-coming jeweller Mignon der Merwe, fashion and
Daubermann scooped the top prize with design consultant Allana
her exquisitely crafted pair of tinted cement Finley and visual artist
rings. This year, emerging artist Mziwoxolo Stephen Hobbs. Other
Makalima impressed the judges with his noteworthy regional
thought-provoking sculpture submission titled judges include esteemed
“Doubt-Queuing”, securing him the prestigious fine artist Mary Sibande,
titles of 2017 PPC Imaginarium Overall Winner award-winning filmmaker
and Sculpture Category Winner, as well as a Wessel van Huyssteen
total cash prize of R150 000. and Gallery MOMO Cape
Town director Igsaan Martin.
Makalima’s sculpture, which is fashioned
out of concrete and mild steel, aims to be The high number of registered entries resulted
the voice of a voiceless, subjugated society. in a selection of interesting and diverse
“Doubt-Queuing” represents a group of submissions that exceeded the expectations of
community members who have stood for the judges. Not only were the physical entries
so long waiting and hoping for change, and intriguing, the standard of the submissions
who have remained as strong as concrete. outstripped that of previous years.
The concrete represents the strength of the
community that has had to endure a queue “There was a noticeable progression of the
of unfulfilled promises that seem to have physical submissions this year,” says Martin.
been extended ever since the dawn of social “It is evident that entrants are researching
equality called democracy. the limitations of concrete and delivering
this knowledge within their artworks. The
Makalima further explains the concept outcome was innovative submissions that
behind his work: “For our society, it is time are of exceptional quality.”

70 structure & design

INDUSTRIAL DESIGN challenges artists and designers to engage with the finalists’ work at a
express their creative abilities using number of galleries and events across
Category Winner: cement as the primary medium. This South Africa, including 100% Design
Handre de la Rey – “CS criterion has always resulted in an array South Africa, the Turbine Art Fair and
Project” of exciting and imaginative works that the KZNSA Gallery, in addition to the
truly demonstrate the versatility and exhibition at the UJ Art Gallery. This
unexpected beauty of concrete – and travelling showcase, supported by
this year is no exception to the rule. Stuttaford Van Lines, saw the finalists’
work gain widespread industry and
Members of the public were able to public exposure.

Industrial Design Runner-up: Deon de Lange – “Kilroy”


Category Winner: Stefanus Nel – “Ben’s

Makalima’s “Doubt-Queuing” detail

Fashion Category
Runner-up: Tshepo
Sizwe Phokojoe –
“Dawn of a new epoch”

Fashion Category Jewellery Runner-up: Aleks
Winner: Cara Jade Ashton – “Cyberglyph”
Bezuidenhout –
“Concrete Journey”


Jewellery Category Winner: Zanele Vilakazi – “Alphga”

Entries officially opened on 18
May 2017 with R500 000 in cash
prizes for grabs in the 2018 PPC
Imaginarium Awards in one of the
competition’s six categories,
namely, Sculpture, Industrial
Design, Fashion, Jewellery, Film and



Structure & Design Team

[email protected]


Turkey demonstrate its
Industrial prowess at CZI congress

CZI Annual Congress this year hosted two international The country is also involved in agriculture, livestock and fishing as
business delegations from Turkey and India, with the well as the high income generating Textile and Apparel industry.
main aim of promoting the business relations and
investment opportunities. Turkey has over a thousand of projects across the African continent
including in Zimbabwe. The country has invested $6.2 billion in
Tamer Taskin the Coordinating Chairman of Turkey-Africa Business Africa and created 78 000 jobs.
Councils (DEIK) made a presentation on the involvement of Turkey on
African Business development and the growth of Turkey’s economy. Turkey imports various products from Zimbabwe such as gold,
animal hides as well as tobacco leaf while exporting products
Turkey is one of the world’s largest economies which is involved in like tractors, motor vehicles and spares and plastic packaging
plenty industrial activities including automotive industry, producing materials to Zimbabwe and other African countries.
over one million vehicles per year and vehicle exports reaching
USD20 billion. They are also the largest TV and white goods Mr. Taskin to CZI congress delegates that, “We used to complain a
producer in Europe. lot, then we learnt two words, production and quality.”

Mr Taskin said Turkey exports over 1 800 types of agricultural Commenting on the importance of infrastructure, logistics and
products to 190 countries hence dominating on the world general economy, he said, “Transport cost is important, but
economic powerhouses. The Aerospace and Defence industry of transport time is even more important.
Turkey also contributes to the success of Turkey’s economy as it “We are ready to help Zimbabwe in best way we can. When looking
generates around $1.7 Billion yearly. at problems facing the country, people what to look at joblessness.
There is a tendency to focus on solving joblessness but you cannot.
Turkey has around 332 884 manufacturing companies, in over However, if you solve the private sector problems, then you are
284 organise industrial zones. solving jobless problem.”

72 structure & design

Home of Innovation, Quality and Genuine Products

he Lamb and by the word of their testimony, for they loved not their lives

n unto death. 174 Gleneagles Road, CSC Complex VOLUME EIGHT 89
Willowvale, Harare,Tel: 04-2933765 2926200,
756128; WhatsApp: 0776 735 669Revelation 12:11 And they have conquered him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, for they loved not their lives even unto death.
Hotline: 0772 446 633; Cell: 0712 417 874

Email: [email protected] VOLUME EIGHT 89
[email protected]

Revelation 12:11 And they have conquered him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, for they loved not their lives even unto death.




Zimbabwe Building Contractors Association (ZBCA) is proud to host their Annual Conference at Great Zimba-
bwe Hotel, Masvingo from the 8th to the 10th of November ending with a Golf Day on Friday 10th November




To build the capacity of local contractors by linking them to policy and decision makers as well as critical stake-
holders and ensure local participation in the construction business.


Speakers will deliver papers on issues relating to the construction industry, locally, regionally and internation-
ally. Topics will touch on infrastructure rehabilitation, maintenance and development through building the ca-
pacity of local players and then linking them to relevant stakeholders in policy, decision making and financial
services sectors.


Delegates will comprise stakeholders in the built environment, government officials, trade attaches, ZBCA
members ,architects, quantity surveyors, engineers, real estate agents, property developers, tertiary institu-
tions, rural and urban councils, town planners, investment authorities, suppliers and service providers to the
construction industry.


ZBCA prides itself of a growing and active membership. Sponsorship and brand marketing opportunities range
from co-sponsoring dinners or lunches, to sponsoring the main conference or branded conference regalia.
There is also limited exhibition space.

Profile your brand by partnering with us. Unpack the numerous opportunities available in the construction sec-
tor. Those interested, please feel free to contact ZBCA: Tel: +263 4 779 283-4 Fax: +236 4 796 256 Email:
[email protected] / [email protected] , 2nd Floor, Office 202, Saint Barbara House, 115 L. Takawira
Street & N. Mandela Avenue, Harare. Website: Facebook page


All fees are payable directly to the Zimbabwe Building Contractors Association Account:

Members: $ 400.00 Non-Members:$500.00

Account Name: Zimbabwe Building Contractors Association (Projects Account)

Bank :ZB Bank Branch: Rotten Row Account No. 4144121884202

For further Details please contact: Miss Kudzai E. Chikwana or Mr Boniface Mahwere

74 structure & design Tel: +263 4 779 283-4 Mobile: 0774 956 553/ 0773595599/ 0773483886 Fax: +236 4 796 256


Registration, Identity and Recognition WE COVER

Member Events and Networking Building Construction
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115 L. Takawira Street & N. Mandela Avenue 2nd Floor, Ofce 202 St Barbara House, Harare Zimbabwe
Tel: +263 4 779 283-4 | Email: [email protected] | Fax: +263 4 796 256 | Website: www.zbca.org75






ENGINE release mechanism
Parallel ladder H-frame chassis
13000 cc 6 cylinder in line, diesel, direct injection Fully adjustable air suspended, self-reclining driver and
Turbo-charged with after cooler passenger seats
Water cooled Fixed center seat and seat belts
Positive timing (gear) of pump and camshafts Sliding, tilting and height-adjustable seats
Electronic speed governor Adjustable steering column
Max output at 1900 rpm 360 hp (265kW) Fully air conditioned, fan and heater including manual controls
Max torque at 1000-1350 rpm 1750 Nm Foot rests
Exhaust brake output at 2400 rpm 261 kW Full width rear step bumper
Euro 3 emissions rating Minimum 300ltrs fuel tank with locking device
Lockable battery carrier
TRANSMISSION Digital analogue dashboard with speedometer, odometer,
revcounter, fuel gauge, oil pressure gauge, air pressure indication,
8 speed manual syncromesh including crawler battery charge level
6x4 RWD, single, full floating axle
Electromagnetic diff-lock MORE INFORMATION
Heavy-duty, dual dry-plate type clutch
Brakes, Steering & Suspension Gearbox GR 905, mechanical
Dual-circuit, full hydraulic brakes ABS 8+1 speed range gearbox with one crawl gear and one reverse gear
Ventilated disc/drum or drum/drum arrangement Oil cooling for gearbox (price) <440hp with price
Exhaust brake Refrigerant liquid for refrigerant oil gearbox
Power assisted steering Manual clutch system
Semi-elliptic leaf springs Clutch wear protection, Clutch overload warning
Dual-acting telescopic, hydraulic shock absorbers EG PTO (Power Take-off), EG650P PTO rear
1 connection PTO-EG electrical preparation
RBP735 Axle gear, 3,67 rear axle gear ratio
24V Negative chassis (earth) system Differential lock and oil filter rear axle
2x85 Ah Maintenance free, rechargeable batteries
24V Alternator with built-in voltage regulator A short cab with low roof with space for two people. Wide and
practical boarding step units make it easy to enter and exit the
Low Oil Pressure (LOP), protection /cut-off sSoCleAnoNidLsINK (Pvt) Ltd cab. The cab is designed as a large safety cage around the driver
High Engine Temp (HET), protection /cut-offAsfotlenroHidosurs Numbers and passenger.
Low Water Pressure (LWP), protection /cut-off solen0o7id7s2 744 762

0772 744 560

RHD, forward-tilting cab with integral suspension and lock/

76 structure & design

G 460 LA 6X4 MSZ



The outside units are available in two sizes – 3 x 6 metres and 3 x enough to store a car or a boat if you’re planning to be away for a
8 metres. If you’re down-sizing these are great for storing personal while. They’re also ideal for small business operators like plumbers
possessions like furniture and other household goods. Storagemart or landscape gardeners to store materials and tools safely. The
even have a delivery truck so they can collect goods from clients’ driveways are wide enough to allow easy access for vehicles. They
homes, offering convenience and safe transport. The units are have roller shutter doors specially supplied by South African firm
completely waterproof and safe from rodent damage. They are large Seranda, which are of the highest security rating.

Kalamain Construction set off the project with fortress foundation basics from Pomona Quarries, reinforcement steel from BSI
Steel and cemented the concrete with PPC.


Suppliers Of Crushed Granite and Ready Mixed Concrete


22 structure & design

Alpes Road,Pomona,Harare, P.O. Box BW 1062, Borrowdale, Harare, Telephone Nos: 04 882101 / 882685, Email: [email protected]

78 structure & design




BIOI’m a self taught photographer based in Harare, shooting and it changes from day to day.
Zimbabwe. I’ve been doing this since the
beginning of 2016 after quitting my formal job and I have no In terms of composition, I usually use my instincts. I have a general
regrets about it at all. I’m often asked what my favourite type of idea of what I want my shot to look like and I run with that. I’m not
photography is and I can’t really say to be honest. I just enjoy really big on the rule of thirds (shhhh, don’t tell anyone).

What I enjoy most about photography
is probably the opportunity to allow the
world to see how I see life, through my

I also love being able to create many
different stories off one still image. I’m
intrigued by how people interpret the
same image differently.


PROFESSIONAL PROFILE 80 structure & design

Shower cubicles

sliding & folding doors

Shower cubicles

sliding & folding doors

sliding & folding doors


Architectural Aluminium specialize in Luxury windows, door and shower cubicles as well as fabricated shop-fitting and

building finishes for domestic and the construction industry adding value and class to your surroundings and give you
years of satisfaction. Call us or visit us - our sales personnel are waiting to discuss your requirements.


82 structure & design


THE 40-megawatt The US’s withdraw from the 2015 Paris Climate
power plant has Agreement will only make it easier for China to lead the
160,000 panels world in the race for renewable energy domination.
resting on a lake that
emerged after the collapse While the floating solar plant is the largest in the world, it
of a coal mine in central pales in comparison to some of China’s non-floating solar
Anhui province. The array projects. The Longyangxia Dam Solar Park on the Tibetan
is the largest floating plateau hosts 4 million solar panels that produce 850
solar project in the world, megawatts of energy. Even that will soon be eclipsed by
though at the brisk pace a project in the Ningxia Autonomous Region, which will
China is building new have 6 million solar panels and produce 2 gigawatts
renewable projects it’s of power.
unlikely to hold that title
very long. 83

Anhui province is a
coal-rich region, and the
Sungrow plant is located
on a lake that was once
the site of intensive
mining. Heavy rains filled
the area with water.

Floating solar arrays have
been in use for a little over a decade.
The advantage of building on bodies of water, especially manmade
lakes that are not ecologically sensitive: they help protect agricultural land
and terrestrial ecosystems from being developed for energy use and can also
help mitigate the evaporation of water for drinking or irrigation by intercepting
sunlight before it hits the reservoir’s surface. The water also cools the
electronics in the solar panels, helping them to work more efficiently.

The Sungrow solar farm is just one tiny piece in China’s push towards
renewable energy. According to Irina Slav at Business Insider, the country
recently announced it would invest $361 billion in renewable power by 2020,
and by 2022 could produce 320 gigawatts of wind and solar power and 340
gigawatts of hydropower.

It is part of Beijing’s effort to wean itself off a fossil fuel dependency that has
made it the world’s top carbon emitter, with two-thirds of its electricity still
fueled by coal.

Beijing hosted an international conference on clean energy. It was an
opportunity for China, which already produces two-thirds of the world’s solar
panels, to boast of its commitment to accelerating investment and reforms for
greater use of renewable energies.

It has been the world’s largest investor in clean energy since 2012, spending
$88 billion on wind and solar power last year, according to Bloomberg News.
China’s solar capacity more than doubled in 2016.

The official goal is for 20 percent of Chinese power consumption to come from low-
emission energy, including nuclear, by 2030, compared to 11 percent currently.

84 structure & design


86 structure & design


88 structure & design

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