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Published by Do it Best Corp., 2018-07-27 10:00:40

Issue 08

Issue 08

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Breaking records Meet the board Full hearts in the
at our RSCs Hartung household

GEARED UP TO GIVE It’s that time of year again
when kids across the country
are headed back to school.
Store aisles are lined with freshly stocked bins of pencils and paper
as families check off their list of needed supplies. And thanks to the
generous support of our Do it Best team during our Operation Gear Up 4 School
donation drive, children in Afghanistan will also be heading back to school with the
supplies they need to enhance their education.

Digital Communications Specialist Dan Walton is currently serving to protect our Team members from Sikeston stand behind their donations.
country overseas with the 122nd Fighter Wing of the Air National Guard. While
deployed in the Middle East, he is not only combating terrorism but also assisting in
rebuilding communities and schools. “Our unit flies the A-10 aircraft, and our job is to
protect the good guys from the bad guys, and we also want to make friends with the
good guys over here and help them however we can,” said Dan.

To assist in these efforts, Dan reached out to the Do it Best expressing a need for
school supplies and sports equipment for the local children. “Area leaders have
identified that their children’s education is the biggest area of concern and school
supplies is not always an easy resource from them to get. There are roughly 9,800
school-age children in the Kandahar province and 4,000 of them do not have access
to school supplies,” said Dan.

It’s no secret that Do it Best has many generous staff members who not only serve Team members in Fort Wayne donate items for the drive.
our member-owners but also strive to make a positive difference in the lives of others.
The last time Dan was deployed in 2015, our team stepped up to donate the tools,
supplies, snacks, and games his unit requested. This time, within a two-week period,
our staff collected more than a dozen boxes full of school supplies to send overseas.

Dan and his unit have been working with members of the Romanian Army who will take our donations off base in armored vehicles while
on patrol and distribute them to village leaders and local Afghans who they have built relationships with over the course of their time there.

“The success of this drive was a direct result of the giving nature of our many giving team members as well as the dedication of those who
helped take care of the logistics of the donation drive. Thank you to everyone who played a part in its success. I know our efforts will make
a big difference as children in Afghanistan head back to school this fall,” said Communication Intern Carli Stewart who organized the drive.

Dan (second from right) stands beside Staff Sergeant Brent Maddox (third from right) who developed the idea for this program. They pose with members of
their unit and the Romanian Army.

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TIP US OFFcelebrate TO TALENT blood donors fam

CIGNA 90-DAY Our team members are our best recruiters for new talent. You all
PRESCRIPTION REFILLS know what it takes to work together and successfully serve our
member-owners, and you regularly recommend bright and energetic
candidates for open positions in the company. Our employee referral

You have a lot going on, and remembering to refill your & bonus rewards eligible staff for referring candidates hired and
prescriptions each month can be difficult. However, retained for at least 90 days. If you know a well-qualified individual
our healthcare plans include a maintenance medication who is interested in a part- or full-time position on our team, please
program called Cigna 90 NowSM. This program offers above beryeofnedr them for any poprsoteudd pcaarreenetrs opportunity. whats happening
you more choices in how and where you can fill your
• C omplete and submit the Employee Referral Form found on
mytoolbox in the Team Member Information tab.

Choose what works best for you: • I nstruct the candidate to enter your name on their employment
• If you choose to fill your prescription in a 90-day supply, application.

you have to use a 90-day retail pharmacy in our plan’s • W hen your candidate is hired and retained for 90 days, you’ll
network, or Cigna Home Delivery PharmacySM. receive a referral bonus issued as a $250 merchandise credit
• If you choose to fill your prescription in a 30-day supply, (subject to applicable withholdings and taxes).

you can use any retail pharmacy in our plan’s network. To receive the referral bonus, you must be actively employed on the

Where you can fill a 90-day prescription: birthdays and annrGeivuweidraseradlriinepesasy. mOeunr tHduamhteeaanlathnRdaensmdouesaerfcteettsyhteetaemrmiss roefactdahyreeteoErmoapnppsloowyreteurenaiRtnieeyfserral
questions you may have about this reward program at
• With Cigna 90 Now, our plan offers a retail pharmacy [email protected] eeaxltth. 5475.

network that gives you more choices in where you can fill

r second paycyhoeucrk 90-day prescripcetiloebnrsa.te blood donors

• There are thousands of retail pharmacies in our network.

They include local pharmacies, grocery stores, retail TWO FOR THE RECORD BOOKS
chains, and wholesale warehouse stores – all places where
you may already shop. Our RSCs are breaking
• If you prefer the convenience of having your medications records left and right
delivered to your home, you can also use Cigna Home proving they are committed to
Delivery Pharmacy to fill your prescriptions. working hard to serve our member-
• For more information about our pharmacy network, go to owners. Thfaemyilsyenteawns eawccehsisghest weekly sales record of $24,974,632
breaking the previous $24,491,430
above & beyHoenrde are just some opfrothued mpaarennyts90-day retail phwahrmatsahciaepspienning high mark. Additionally, our RSCs
our network: set the highest weekly receipts
• Access Health (including Benzer Pharmacy, Marcs, Big Y record of $20,558,913 crushing
Pharmacy, Marsh Drugs, Snyder Drug Emporium) the previous best of $19,632,040
• Cardinal Health (including Freds Pharmacy, Medicine set in 2016. “This is absolutely a testament to our RSCs and
Shoppe Pharmacy, Harris Teeter Pharmacy, Medicap their outstanding leadership teams and dedicated staff. I greatly
Pharmacy) appreciate the resilience and focus on results that they so clearly
• CVS (including Target and Navarro) demonstrated to achieve this,” said Vice President of Logistics Tim
• Good Neighbor Pharmacies (including Big Y Pharmacy, Miller. To celebrate this outstanding accomplishment, President &
CEO Dan Starr and the board of directors treated each location to
ays and annivSPeuhrspaarermiresRacXy,PhKainrgmKahcueylal,eltMnh eaPndhdiacrsamalfeCatceyyn)ter Pharmaccayre,eFraomppiloyrtunities cake and ice cream.
• Kroger (including Harris Teeter Pharmacy, Pick N Save
Pharmacy, Fred Meyer Pharmacy, Fry’s Food and Drug)
• Walmart

WE'RE NUMBER ONE! At Do it Best Corp. we
work hard to be the first
and best choice for our
member-owners, and we are also first on a recently published list
by Indianapolis Business Journal that ranks the largest privately
owned companies in Indiana. Bringing in $3.2 billion in sales in 2017 and
employing 1,519 team members, we hold the top spot for the largest privately
owned company above OneAmerica Financial Partners Inc. and Cook Group Inc.

2 Issue 8, 2018

Effective July 1, John Mergy advanced into the
role of Vice President of Information Technology. International Territory Manager Nick Beneke,
As the newest member of the senior leadership team, John will Retail Performance Manager Kevin Berry, and
set the strategic direction of our IT division as well as oversee Store Designer Mike Daly had the opportunity
development and project management, data center, data and to witness the building progress for a member
integration services, support, portals, desktop and mobile as well as the rebuilding development of
devices, and networks. Get to know John and his goals for the Dominica during a recent international trip.
future through this Q&A session. They visited the island nation for the first time
in January to meet with Member-Owner Karl
Q: What was your impression of Do it Best Corp. when you first started? What Nassief who joined our co-op after Hurricane
drew you here as a place of employment? Maria destroyed his lumber and building
A: I was immediately drawn to the company philosophy of serving others as we would material business last September. Where there
like to be served. It aligns with the way I try to live my personal life and it was exciting was once a pile of twisted metal, now stands
to find a company that makes this their mission. Coming from a heavily regulated the beginnings of a new 15,000-square-foot
industry, I was also drawn to the concept of disciplined execution to members without two story store.
unnecessary bureaucracy. There is really a focus to be good stewards of the products and “When we came here earlier in the year, we
services we offer. were stunned to be driving over downed
power lines and devastation. This time, we
Q: What are you most looking forward to in your role as the company’s VP of noticed only one downed line and the green
Information Technology? growth of recovery occurring in the forests
A: I’ve been with Do it Best for 13 years, but there is always more to learn about and jungles,” remarked Kevin. “Not only are
our members’ businesses and the divisions that support them. I’m looking forward we helping a business recover but we are also
to discovering new ways that IT can help everyone be more successful on every level helping a nation rebuild with the best store of
through the use of technology. its kind on the island.”
As a Retail START! project, Mr. Nassief is
Q: In your time at Do it Best Corp., most recently as divisional manager of receiving professional project management
application development, what has prepared you most to lead the Information from start to finish on the new store, as well
Technology division? as our world class SignatureTM Store Design
A: In my most recent role, I had the opportunity to work on a cross-divisional strategic services. “Karl is very excited about the overall
project called BizTech. This experience gave me connection points with people across process and progress. He and his family are
all divisions and with our VPs. Working in collaboration with so many different people sophisticated business owners as they own
to ensure that IT is focused on the right projects at the right time was an invaluable four KFCs and two Nissan car dealerships,”
experience. noted Kevin.

Q: What do you most appreciate about the legacy of leadership that precedes you? Karl’s lumber business immediately after the
A: Mike had an amazing ability to earn people’s trust by building relationships and hurricane.
understanding their needs. He demonstrated that he honestly cared about others and
at the same time understood the broad interests of our members and others divisions. Karl’s new building and future Do it Center.
This rare balance is a big part of the positive reputation our IT division has within our
organization. I’ll be a better VP because of Mike’s mentoring and personal friendship. 3

Q: What about Do it Best Corp. and our culture has most resonated with you over
the last 13 years? How has it impacted you professionally and personally?
A: I’ve seen other companies that go through leadership fads where the appearance
of great leadership comes and goes, but that’s not the case here. At Do it Best, the
servant leadership is genuine and everyone truly has a desire to help members grow their
businesses. This has driven me to be even more servant-minded and focus on how I can
best help others.

Q: What do you see as the Information Technology division’s top priority in fiscal
year 2019?
A: We need to focus on leveraging technology to achieve the outcomes on the
company’s one-page strategic plan. Some of those goals are spelled out specifically
for IT, but we need to make sure everyone has the tools and resources they need to
accomplish their own goals this year.

Q: In what ways are you active outside of Do it Best Corp.?
A: I spend a lot of my time with my wife Leigh and daughters Chloe, Ella, Laura, and
Lindsay. You can also find me behind a book or working outside. Additionally, I serve as
a board member for various educational institutions and on the leadership team at my

Issue 8, 2018

INSIGHTS FROM THE FRONT LINES Staff members had a Welcome
great opportunity to hear to the

directly from our board of Family

directors about their businesses and the successes and challenges they’re facing in today’s Fort Wayne
Jordan Elick
home improvement marketplace. Held in the form of two panel discussions preceding the Ricky Stevens II
annual July board meeting, each session provided valuable insights from the front lines by our member Sara Keener
Tiffany Kernya
experts and is available for viewing on Workplace and mytoolbox. Kim McFadden
Lorrie O'Neill
Q: How did you get into the home improvement business? Julie Oliver
“My father and grandfather started the business together. My grandfather had convinced me to come to Jalie Palko
work and when I walked in the door on Monday morning bright and early, he was already half packed in Austin Rossi
his office.” - John Holmes (Holmes Building Materials) Alyssa Schemrich
Maddie Spitzer
“My wife Mary and I are the first generation of our business. Our daughter Samantha worked for the Mesquite
government for five years and came back with great training in marketing and how to build a website. Robert Aguirre
Our son Scott had been down at the Cal Ripken Baseball Academy. He came back and he's been an Loni Bame
asset.” - Tim Post (T&M Hardware & Rental) Ronald Bird
Anelle Cooper
Q: What is unique about your business? Max Diaz
“We added a Little Caesars Pizza in our store. It instantly added about 1,000 people to our traffic count Jonathan Guerrero
every week. People come in and say they are waiting on a pizza and then they end up spending $1,000 Kassie Kesler
on something in the store.” - Karena Reusser (Modern Home & Hardware) Dennis Mott
“We recently opened a plant to roll steel. It's a response to market conditions. I had never seen steel Brandon Labar
rolled before and I didn't know how they did it. So we did our due diligence and we have things rolling. James Wager
I'm having a blast with it.” - Brian Buswell (All American Do it Center) Waco
Hector Alarcon-Ramirez
Q: What was something new you learned when you joined the board? Woodburn
“I’ve had a lot of interaction with people from Do it Best over the years and they have always been Anthony Mankins
fantastic. When you call Do it Best, the service is second to none. Everything is very detailed. There is Jeff Slaughter
nothing that is left to chance.” - Jeff Pardini (Hills Flat Lumber) Jorge Valencia

“Getting on the other side and understanding the roles of everybody in this room and the folks at
the RSCs. How important every piece of the puzzle is and how it has to work together.” - Jim Lehrer
(Brownsboro Hardware & Paint)

Q: Is there anything about business or the industry that keeps you up at night?
“The economy in the Northwest is just exploding. It is so hard to hire right now. When we mention
Amazon, you're probably thinking buying stuff online and shipping, but we're also competing for talent
with them.” - Brad McDaniel (McDaniel’s Do it Center)

“It's amazing how every day, you fight a different battle. What are we going to do next? What's
the future? The staffing for the next generation? With my son Nathaniel coming up, he's that next
generation. The way employees move now, it's going to be a little tougher on him. The other thing is the
passing of knowledge.” - Robert Ashley (Triple “A” Building Center)

Q: What sets you apart from the competition?
“I was running our store in Canton and some company bought the property
next to us. It was Home Quarters, and everyone said it was going to put
us out of business. We rolled up our sleeves and we said ‘Bring it on.’
Competition's everywhere and it made us evolve into something different. It
made us better.” - Doug Mans (Mans Lumber and Millwork)

“We work at the stuff that we're good at. We're in the industry where
everybody's always trying to take our cheese, and you have to be excited
about fighting them. You work hard at it, you create an experience, and you
be really good at what you do. Don't do the stuff you're not any good at.”
- Eli Bliffert (Bliffert Lumber and Hardware)

CAREER OPPORTUNITIES As Do it Best Corp. continues to grow, there may be career opportunities
for you to pursue within the company. Visit
AT DO IT BEST CORP. for a complete list of all openings and contact the Human Resources team
if you’re qualified for and interested in a new role.

4 Issue 8, 2018

CELEBRATE Lumber On July 21, INCOM Account Even though Account
Sales and Executive Corinne Beer and Executive Rita
On July 18, Training and Operations her husband Justin greeted Roberts celebrated
Events Specialist Janelle Manager their son her 60th birthday
Crocker and her husband Joshua Walker back in May, the LBM
Dan welcomed their Ratcliff and Casen into team made sure her
second son Andersen Ray his wife the world. special milestone
into the world. Amber celebrated the birth of their was not forgotten by
son Tucker Christian on July 19. celebrating fashionably late.

Executive Administrative Assistant Sarah McCorkle turned 40
Assistant on July 26 and team members made sure her day
Carolyn was extra special.
celebrated Traffic Clerk Vicki Blauvelt enjoyed a great 70th birthday with
six decades the Logistics team on July 25.
with a beach-
themed party
on July 10.


With 18 years of service under her belt as an Roselyn Mark began working at
order filler at our Dixon RSC, Kathy our Mesquite RSC when it opened
Dinges celebrated her retirement on in 2005 and retired on June 29.
June 28. Kathy’s daughter Holly and fellow She served in various positions including
team members marked the occasion with receiving, order filling, quality control, and
cake and special gifts. “Kathy was always return goods. When she first came to
very good at organizing parties for the Do it Best after working for the IRS for over 20 years, her intention was to
seasonal temps when they left for school. work only for a short time before leaving, but she found the work and the
She made all the new hires feel at home,” family culture rewarding, making it a pleasure to come to work every day.
said Office Coordinator Barb Sofolo. In “Roz excelled in every position she was in and provided great support by
this next chapter of life, Kathy plans on helping in other departments,” said Manager Dalton Raney. In retirement
enjoying her freedom and spending time she looks forward to spending more time with her husband, Gary.
with her cat Payday.

Over 34 years ago, Bill Masters began his
career at our Cape Girardeau, now Sikeston June 27 marked the end of an era
RSC in the shipping department. Since then he has served for Sikeston’s Edie Pennington.
in order filling and stocking where he finished his time. He She began her career as a part-
was also instrumental in the Cape Girardeau to Sikeston time employee and over the course
transition assisting on the team that set up the new racking of almost 28 years she worked as
in preparation for Sikeston’s grand opening in 2014. “Bill an order filler, helped in receiving/
definitely left his fingerprints on our RSC. He was dependable stocking, operated a forklift, and
and consistent, two traits that will be missed. His legacy also served in the small parcel area. To
celebrate this new chapter of her life, she was joined by her husband Mike
includes a story of him picking up the (pictured left) and her three granddaughters. “Edie had a passion for ensuring
back end of a car in the parking lot that members’ needs were met and made order accuracy a top priority. As an
when dared by other team members,” active member of Sikeston’s employee board for several years, she helped grow
said RSC Department Manager Mark some of the events that we still enjoy today,” said RSC Department Manager
Ponder. In retirement, Bill plans to Mark Ponder. Edie’s retirement plans include helping her husband work on the
devote his time to running his family family farm and spending more time with her family, especially her grandkids.
farm, ensuring it continues to be
successful for years to come.

Issue 8, 2018 5

Aaron Hartung has been working at the Woodburn RSC since 2000 and his wife Sarah also
After working served on the team for several years before leaving to become a stay-at-home mom. Last year,
for 15 years Sarah’s kidney disease started progressing and she needed dialysis or a transplant. Amazingly,
at our Dixon her friend Shelly was a perfect match and donated her kidney on May 15, 2018.
RSC as an
order filler, “Shelly saved my wife’s life and is my superhero. During this whole process, I knew Sarah and
Pam Shank I were not alone. Along with Shelly’s sacrifice, I felt support and encouragement from my
is moving on co-workers at Do it Best who are like a second family to me,” said Aaron.
to retirement.
She celebrated After Sarah’s surgery, Aaron took seven weeks off work to take care of her and the kids.
with a party Towards the end of his time off, Department Manager Daniel Garcia stopped by the
on June 28 Hartung residence for a visit. After catching up, Daniel presented Aaron and Sarah with a big,
where her team unexpected surprise.
wished her luck
and presented “Right before he left, he reached into The Hartung family is all smiles with Sarah’s health restored.
her with parting gifts. “Pam hated when his pocket and pulled out a generous
people would leave a mess in the bins and amount of cash raised by the team
she always took it on upon herself to clean at Woodburn. Sarah and I began to
up after everyone. She has big shoes to cry and gave Daniel a big hug. The
fill in that regard,” said Office Coordinator amount raised took care of all my
Barb Sofolo. With her newfound free unpaid time off and then some. We
time, Pam looks forward to gardening and feel extremely blessed and grateful
helping her friend in her flower shop. for the support from everyone
during this process. Thank you!”

Forget a 5K or even a marathon, Medina team members
Cara Simmons (left) and Liz Baker (right) finished We thank these Fort Wayne
a 50-mile run in support of American veterans. With 24 hours to team members for giving the
complete the race, Cara crossed the finish line in just over 14 hours and gift of life:
Liz was right behind her finishing in just over 15 hours. This race was a
huge accomplishment for both women as Cara coached and motivated Mike Burd
Liz through the entire training process. Now on a runner’s high, Liz has Todd Bussen
set a new goal to complete at 100km race. Bryan Chamberlain
Brian Christophel
Chris Davidson
Many of us have gone through a first aid, Linda Geise
CPR, and AED training class, but have John Gross
you ever done it online? Market Analyst Supervisor Mary Hensley
John Sargent did just that, fulfilling the majority of his
certification by completing a series of examples on how Sue Keller
to respond in emergency situations on his computer. He Chris Kreilach
then went through a short in-person training session Patrick Luce
with Safety Director Steve Rose. “I thought it was great! It is very thorough and worth the effort in
preparation. A big thank you to the American Red Cross for developing such a marvelous online tool,” Gary Miller
said John. Even though his certification is now complete, the program still allows John to go online at Tracey Muldoon
any time to refresh his knowledge. Great job!
Steve Myers
Angela Nevers

Amy Onion
Julie Raspiller
Kari Roemke
Karla Wygant

EASY ACCESS TO Misplaced your most recent copy of Family News? You can easily access an electronic
FAMILY NEWS version any time by signing on to my toolbox from work or home. We archive an entire
year’s worth of issues in the Family News section. Visit
and log in with your assigned ntserv\username and password.

6 Issue 8, 2018

WHAT'S HAPPENING FORT WAYNE Team Do it Best continued their 9-year
DIXON streak with another award-winning parade
float in the Three Rivers Festival. This
beautiful float would not have been possible without the tireless
commitment of Graphic Artist Terri Wunderlin and Store Design
Coordinator Tammy Heffelfinger, as well as all the volunteers who showed up to
help build the float and walk in the parade.

L to R front row: Team members Stephen Adams, WOODBURN
Clyde Ruffin, Jason Farrington, and Janelle Clark
(back middle) traveled to Brimfield Hardware in At their local Relay
Illinois to help Store Owners Paul (back left) and for Life event,
Dave Dye (back right) convert their former True Value team members, including cancer
store into a Do it Best location. survivor Karen Wagenman (far
right), invited participants to play
MESQUITE cornhole and raised a total of
$18,795 for the American Cancer Society.
Staff held their
with a Plinko
and putting Business Email Compromise (BEC) is an increasingly significant threat to US businesses
contest during and individuals. The sophistication in this multifaceted global fraud is unprecedented,
lunch. They and professionals in all industries are falling victim to the scheme. Carried out by
concluded transnational criminal organizations that employ lawyers, linguists, hackers, and social
the week engineers, BEC scammers target employees with access to company finances and
with a golf trick them into making wire transfers to bank accounts thought to belong to trusted
tournament partners.
where over
ten teams They have also successfully targeted employees' personally identifiable information,
participated. as well as wage and tax statements, and their techniques have combined spear-
phishing, social engineering, identity theft, email spoofing, and the use of malware. The
L to R: The winners of the tournament were General perpetrators are so skilled that BEC fraud has claimed victims from 131 countries and
Manager Dalton Raney, former Department caused a global monetary exposure of over $5 billion. In 2017 alone, the Internet Crime
Manager Bob Field, his wife Barbara, and Complaint Center received 15,690 BEC complaints with adjusted losses of over
Department Manager Kevin Avenall. $675 million.

We receive these kinds of emails at Do it Best
everyday. They come from our members
and vendors who have had their accounts
compromised. Bad emails can look amazingly
like the real company’s logo and artwork.
When in doubt, call IT internal support at
260.748.7283 before clicking on anything.

Issue 8, 2018 7

SAFETY CORNER Presented by your safety committee With summer ending and the start of school just around the corner,
CAUTION: KIDS AHEAD you can do your part to keep kids safe with these back to school
safety tips.

Bus Safety:
• M otorists are required to stop when approaching a school bus that is stopped with its red lights flashing and stop arms extended.
• T he only time traffic approaching an oncoming school bus does not need to stop is if there is a raised barrier such as a concrete divider or

at least five feet of unpaved space separating the lanes of traffic.
• M otorists should be alert and watch for children, especially near schools, bus stops, school buses, and in parking lots.
• A t bus stops, children should wait in a safe place away from the road.
• C hildren should never walk behind a bus.

While Driving:
• S low down and be especially alert in neighborhoods and school zones.
• T ake extra time to look for kids at intersections and on medians and curbs.
• E nter and exit driveways and alleys slowly and carefully.
• W atch for children on and near the road in the morning and after

school hours.
• R educe any distractions inside your car so you can concentrate on the road.
• P ut down your phone and don’t talk or text while driving.

Reminders for your kids:
• K ids should cross the street with an adult until they are at least 10 years old.
• M ake sure children cross the street at corners using traffic signals

and crosswalks.
• R emind young ones to never run out into the street or cross in between

parked cars.
• T ell kids to always walk in front of the bus where the driver can see them.


August is National Immunization Awareness Month so it's a great time to make sure you are up to date on your vaccines.
The need for vaccinations does not end in childhood as they are recommended throughout our lives based on age, lifestyle,
occupation, travel destinations, medical conditions, and vaccination history. The Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices updates
vaccine recommendations for adults each year based on the latest research on vaccine safety, effectiveness, and patterns of vaccine-
preventable diseases.

Every year, tens of thousands of adults in the US needlessly suffer, are hospitalized, and even die from diseases that could be prevented by
vaccines. That’s why it's important to get vaccines to prevent serious diseases such as flu, shingles, pneumonia, hepatitis, and whooping
cough. Plus, most are 100% covered under our company wellness benefit - so it costs you nothing to stay healthy:

• O lder adults and adults with certain chronic conditions are at increased risk for serious complications
from vaccine-preventable diseases.

• M any of these diseases are common in the US, and all adults – even healthy adults – can
benefit from vaccination.

• S ome vaccines can help prevent cancer. Hepatitis B vaccine can prevent liver
cancer that can develop after getting chronic hepatitis B. The HPV vaccine
can prevent cancers caused by HPV infection.

• V accination is important because it not only protects the person being vaccinated,
but also helps prevent the spread of diseases to others.

Vaccines are very safe:

• V accines are thoroughly tested before licensing and carefully monitored even after they are licensed.
• S ide effects from vaccines are usually mild and temporary.
• S ome people may have allergic reactions to certain vaccines, but serious and long-term side effects are rare.
• T alk with your healthcare professional about which vaccines are right for you based on your age,

health, job, lifestyle, and other factors.
• V accines are available at private doctor offices, as well as other convenient locations such as pharmacies,

community health clinics and health departments, and at work.

Find, Friend & Follow Us Issue 8, 2018

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