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Find, Friend & Follow Us Issue 4 | 2018

birthdays and anniversaries health and safety career opportunities

School is cool Helping members Taking on
in LBM re-vision for results Techapalooza


In the competitive home improvement distribution business, reliability and predictability
are expectations of every Do it Best member-owner. Having the right products at the
right time for their customers means capturing additional sales and driving profitability. But what
happens when the unexpected occurs and the most efficient co-op in the industry is suddenly faced
with a distribution disruption? In a business where millions of dollars of products move across the
country every day, are we adequately prepared for the unexpected? That very concern is why
Do it Best team members recently participated in the first of a series of business continuity drills led
by Safety Director Steve Rose.

“Our Do it Best Corp. continuity team, made up of staff representatives from each division, was
spurred to look more closely at this facet of our business and conduct a drill after a small fire at the
Montgomery RSC last year. In that situation, the fire did not disrupt operations, but had it been larger,
we realized there was a risk of service delays to our members. This initial drill is only one piece of a
larger continuity plan designed to keep all operations running smoothly in the event of a real crisis,”
said Steve.

In the drill presented to the group, Steve laid out a scenario where all communication with our Medina RSC was cut off due to a state of
emergency in Ohio. As a first step, the team was presented the real challenge of rerouting all Fort Wayne employee and company supply
orders to the Dixon RSC. Because this drill involved live data and real staff orders out of Fort Wayne, members of the Information Technology
team were needed to help and advise with the rerouting process.

“Going through a simulation like this really is the best way to test our ability to adequately respond to a member service disruption, no
matter how unlikely. It’s reassuring to know we can move quickly to minimize the impact of emergency situations and that we’re making
the investment in systems, processes, and training so everyone is prepared,” said Communications Director Randy Rusk. His team was
responsible for communicating the service disruption to affected staff and coordinating a public statement in the event of a real emergency.

The continuity team carefully planned for
this drill months in advance and debriefed
afterwards to review the overall strengths
and challenges in our ability to respond
promptly to the scenario. The results
of this drill identified several IT projects
needed to help automate some of our
manual processes in the case of a real

“We were very successful in handling Members of the continuity team met to discuss the status of the rerouting process.
our response to the situation presented
and it will empower and encourage our
team to test and plan for larger incidents.
Future drills will likely include a full scale
operational test with actual member
orders being rerouted to a different RSC.”
said Steve.

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r second paycheck celebrate blood donors focus on health


IRS DECREASES MAXIMUM Due to the new tax Owning personal in-home exercise equipment
reform law, the IRS can be expensive, take up space, and require

FAMILY HSA CONTRIBUTIONSabove & beyond announced on March 5 regular maintenance. You can avoid the

proud parents whats hapthpaetniint ghas recalculatefdamily newsinacocensvsenience and expense by making the most

its previously-released of our health club reimbursement benefit. This

2018 family tier limit for a health saving account (HSA). The 2018 HSA maximum reimbursement pays each enrolled member

contribution for a family is now $6,850, down $50 from the previous maximum over the age of 18 50% of their health club

contribution of $6,900. The other HSA limits will remain the same. membership up to a maximum amount of $300
per calendar year.
Although the limit is announced as an annual dollar amount, it is determined
monthly. Generally, individuals who are not HSA-eligible for all of 2018 are limited To receive this benefit, all you need to do is
to the number of months they are HSA-eligible and enrolled in family coverage submit the reimbursement form located on

multiplied by $570.83 per month (rather than $575 per month). mytoolbox under the Health and Wellness link,

ays and annIfivyeorsuarhieasd figured yhoeuarltwheaenkdlysacfoentytributions bacsaerdeeornopthpeorpturenvitiioeuss amount of along with an itemized receipt showing health
$6,900, log on to to review your HSA contribution amount and make club information and payment. Reimbursement
any adjustments as needed. checks are processed monthly, although many
staff using this benefit choose to submit their

You can reach me at ext. 5449yoifuyrosuechoanvdepaanyychqeucekstions. celebrate claimsblsoeomd id-aonnnorusally or at the endfocoufstohnehyeeaaltrh.


Production and Implementation Supervisor Cherié Design and Graphics. Mike

Jacobs and Graphic Artist Mike Wilder recently won created graphics for each

an Advertising Honors Gold Award from the American Advertising part of the booth, including

Federation for their work on the design of the Integrated Home the logo. Cherié then took

Finishes booth that debuted at the 2017 fall market. his graphics and worked
above & beyond proud patrheenmts into overallwhats happening family news access
When it came time to submit entries for the Ad Honors, Graphics layout. the
Supervisor Travis Bowersock felt that their work on this project

was award worthy. “I reflected on the many remarkable projects “It was really cool working

created by our Graphics team over the past year and Mike’s booth on the booth design for

design emerged as one of best. When I saw it on the market floor this project because I also designed a lot of the packaging for these

it exceeded my expectations and clearly stood out among all other products,” remarked Mike.

vendor booths.” Cherié commented on her role saying, “It was awesome to see

The idea for the booth originated when our Merchandising division something that we designed on paper come to life in such an

approached oMvaerrk1e3ti0ngInftoergrgbautiriedtdhadnHacoyesm.aTenhdFeiaynnirsnehiqveuesrepssartroeieddsuactbsoiontha sphaecaelth andrilelsusapmfeotinnyasetinfrgomwatyh.eTcmhaereemperrbooefperpsssoiisrotsnuonamlitlieoetsohkinogf this booth and the
showcasing that we all can be proud

where members could see how different plumbing, lighting, and of.”

bath finishes fit together and matched one another. “This is a great example of departments working together to provide

All throughout this project there was collaboration between Store our members with excellent creative solutions,” Travis said.

Beth recorded a March Mayhem promo A WEEK OF MAYHEM To provide our member-owners additional
segment with our video host Evan McBroom. buying opportunities between our spring
and fall markets, our Lumber and Building
Materials team ran their week-long March Mayhem specials. This annual sales event
helps members stay competitive by stocking up on inventory at discounted prices
on items ranging from home décor and building materials to roofing and insulation.

This year there was new excitement surrounding March Mayhem because of the involvement
from our LBM team. “Team captains within our department took an active role negotiating
deals with vendors for their categories. We also refreshed the look of the promotional piece so
it included vendor logos and eye catching images that it didn’t have before,” said Beth Crilly,
building materials sales account executive.

2 Issue 4, 2018


At Do it Best Corp. we recognized the need to offer

our member-owners the opportunity to advance

the skills of the next generation entering the lumber and building

materials industry. That’s why we created and hosted our first-

ever LBM School in March. This three-day, entry level seminar was

product- and sales-focused and included hands-on demonstrations UPDATE:
designed to give attendees the opportunity to learn from industry RECOGNITION

experts, gain valuable selling skills, and connect with fellow We want to ensure that all
of our eligible graduates
members and Do it Best Corp. staff. Attendees check out the JELD-WEN are recognized in the June
issue of Family News. If you
“The lumber and building materials industry is at a critical point trailer that was on site. submitted your graduation
information prior to March
where we need to bridge the gap between industry veterans and 14, we ask that you resubmit
it through this new link:
young go-getters. It’s our responsibility to bring new men and women into this field,” said Jean Fahy,
This link is also available on
divisional manager of building material sales. mytoolbox. We apologize
for the inconvenience.
Vice President of LBM Gary Nackers kicked off the training and Divisional Manager Todd Hixon provided Submissions are due by April
participants with an overview of our lumber department. Other members of the LBM team interacted 13 and are accepted for staff
with attendees throughout the week and during an evening reception at Parkview Field. members, their spouses,
children, and grandchildren.
With 12 unique sessions spread over 24 total hours, it was a jam-packed week. One highlight of note Photos will be printed in full
included a presentation from premier sales trainer and industry expert Rick Davis, founder of Building color so a color image at 300
Leaders. He shared his knowledge about how to be a customer’s best solution and how to make sales dpi or higher is preferred
based on more than price alone. over black and white.

Additionally, Do it Best vendor partners JELD-WEN and Huber Engineered Woods brought trailers on-site Welcome
giving participants the opportunity to see how they could utilize these services for their own contractor to the

The week also included a member panel discussion where they shared their stories, struggles, and
successes as newer employees in the LBM trade. During this time, attendees got to hear different
perspectives about the industry to help them in their own businesses.

“We have found that people choose this industry because of the relationships. Having these participants
meet one another and share their stories is one of the most important things we can do for them,” Jean
added. “We learned a lot with this first group of students and look forward to the next LBM School
scheduled for March 2019. I am very excited for the enhancements we’ll include to make this one of the
best training programs in our industry.”

We salute our LBM School Class of 2018 and know they will return to their yards better prepared to serve their pros Family
and contractors with the latest innovations in home building and commercial construction.
Fort Wayne
Coley Arnold
Jarek Hoppe
Chris Hunkler
Josh Kennedy
John Ludeman
Barb Mentzer
Ashley Xu
Jared Harvey
Rick Patton
Anna West

CAREER OPPORTUNITIES As Do it Best Corp. continues to grow, there may be career opportunities
for you to pursue within the company. Visit
AT DO IT BEST CORP. for a complete list of all openings and contact the Human Resources team
if you’re qualified for and interested in a new role.

Issue 4, 2018 3

MARKETING SUCCESS drove five hours
In an effort to help our members to be a part of

differentiate themselves in the Do it Best Corp. the Re-Vision for
marketplace with innovative products and programs takes great pride Results seminar.
our Merchandising team met with a record number of in delivering
prospective vendors during the first of two Open Buying practical and
Days scheduled for this year. scalable marketing

Associate Merchandise Managers Brad Schieber and strategies to our

Laura Williams and Merchandise Coordinator Nancyyour second pmayecmhebcekrs that celebrate blood donors focus o
Kartholl organized the event. All vendors were pre- strengthen their family ne

selected through an in-house questionnaire, and given 20 competitiveness in

minutes to present their products for the opportunity to the communities

become a Do it Best partner. It was a great way for our they serve. Each

team to review new vendor relationships from all over the territory and store comes with its own unique challenges, and it’s important

country. that members remain consistent while seeking new marketing innovations.

“Open Buying Days are important because it’s our A group of Do it Best team members traveled to New Mexico and Texas

commitment to knowing what’s on the market and to to present member-owners with some tailored marketing solutions to fit

make sure we are on the forefront of our industry to help their needs. Territory Manager Mike Haynes collaborated with Ecommerce
above & beMyoanndager Ron Danielsp, raoluodngpawreitnhtsAdvertising SalewshSautps ehravpispoernMingichelle
our members stay competitive,” said Laura.

Previously, we sponsored a buying day with an outside Pesek and Loyalty Marketing Specialist Justin Hanford, to bring Do it Best
coordinator once every two years, but chose to manage members Re-Vision for Results.

it internally in 2018. This approach would ensure that This free seminar provided the members with integrated marketing tools that

no opportunities were missed and less time was lost on have been proven to drive additional traffic and sales in their stores. From

vendor cold calls. After the success of this new approach, learning how to tell their unique story, to defining their customer base, each

the next Open Buying Day is scheduled for October 30. member found great value in the seminar. It was also an opportunity for our

Potential vendors team to engage with the members on a professional and personal level to
presented help them identify the best solutions for their businesses.
birthdays and an“nWiveershaaridesa great turnheoaultthaannddIsaapfeptryeciated howceanregeargoepdpoeratcuhnimtieesmber

products to our was during the seminar,” Mike explained. “I believe every member left with

Merchandising valuable ideas that they will implement to improve their branding and

team. marketing strategies for their customers.”


Vice President of Human Resources Gary Furst welcomed attendees, The Leadership Development Institute, created to advance
recapped the previous sessions, and provided a preview of the day’s the skills of company managers and supervisors, resumed for
agenda. its third of four day-long sessions. The morning focused on performance
management case studies, followed by a business breakthrough exercise in
Teams put on the afternoon that required participants to work in small groups to solve
their thinking caps real-world business problems.
and discussed
ways to solve the "My key takeaway revolved around this quote, ‘The kindest form of
challenges at hand. management is not avoidance. It is truth and candor.’ This spoke volumes
to me because of the environment that I work in every day,” said Waco RSC
Department Manager Shawn Pullin. “It is relevant not only for our team
but also for my fellow department managers and those in management
positions above me. Without truth and candor, we lose our effectiveness
and opportunity to improve.”

Print and Mail Services Supervisor Meagan McNeal added, "I walked away
from session three with a deeper understanding of how important it is
to be candid with others. Everyone deserves to have feedback, with the
ultimate goal in mind of seeing them succeed in whatever they do. I was
also reminded that it is okay to pause and regroup before responding with a
solution to a specific challenge."

4 Issue 4, 2018

GETTING Team members in Fort Wayne soaked up

TECHNICAL knowledge about technology, personal
growth, and leadership during the ninth
annual Techapalooza event. With over 20

different sessions there was something for everyone. The event kicked off with

the Innovation Challenge which was organized as a science fair. Attendees had

the opportunity to peruse and vote on projects designed by teams and staff

delivering solutions to pain points experienced within the co-op.

Techapalooza serves as a key time to educate team members on the focTuesaomnmheemalbthers presented their ideas during the Innovation
deployment and adoption of new IT systems as well. The G Suite session was Challenge.
r second paaycghrecakt opportunity forceallel bsrtaatfef to learn about key absploeocdtsdoofnGorosogle Drive,
Sheets, and Slides as we make the transition to cloud-based services and
software tools that will change the way we work together online to best serve
our members.

Also during the week, team members were treated to a visit from Scott

Sommers and Jade Leichty of Hartville Hardware. They shared how their family

has grown their business from a small 5,000-square-foot store to the largest family news access
independently owned hardware store in America. Attendees to this session
were all ears learning how Hartville has embraced business innovations and
above & beyteocnhdnology to operatepraotuad phaigrehnlytseffective level. whats happening

Additional sessions throughout the week included many amazing guest and
in-house speakers. One included a VP panel hosted by IT’s Mike Altendorf and

included Marketing’s Rich Lynch, Finance’s

Doug Roth, President and CEO Dan Starr, Part of the week’s
and Sales and Business Development’s Nick events included
Talarico. They took questions and discussed a student project
key Do it Best initiatives and the mindset that competition where
drives them. area college students

ays and ann“iTveecrshaarpieaslooza provhideeaslthvaalnudabslaefettryaining, shared their innovative
fresh ideas, and inspiration. It is an awesome careideeraospopnohrtouwnittoiehselp
way to give our staff the opportunity to grow
their skills and feed off the positive energy of Do it Best Corp. on key
the week’s events,” said Mike. initiatives across the

Since 2002, Do it Best Corp. has sponsored a Toastmasters Doehrman
club at the company’s Fort Wayne headquarters. The presents
weekly meetings, held each Tuesday, provide an ideal environment the award
for participants to practice public speaking in front of peers who are to Diane
supportive and encouraging. (left).

The club recently awarded Merchandising’s Diane Rorick with the
Advanced Communicator Bronze certificate. She successfully completed
a series which trained her for speaking situations she may encounter
outside of the club environment.

“I am proud to receive the Advanced Communicator Bronze certificate. Toastmasters helps people become better communicators and leaders
and I joined to improve my communication skills. I began in 2012 and have worked over the years to reach my goals and look forward to
reaching my next goal, the Advanced Communicator Silver certificate.”

EASY ACCESS TO Misplaced your most recent copy of Family News? You can easily access an electronic
FAMILY NEWS version any time by signing on to my toolbox from work or home. We archive an entire
year’s worth of issues in the Family News section. Visit
and log in with your assigned ntserv\username and password.

Issue 4, 2018 5

CELEBRATE Paint Development Manager
Tom Grant celebrated the
Customer Service birth of his fourth grandson.
Representative Teresa Edward James was born on
Marcotte enjoyed a January 26 to Meredith and
wedding shower from Corey Cross.
her team in Consumer
Marketing. She tied Advertising Service Representative VP of LBM Gary Nackers
the knot with her Patty Sikora celebrated the birth of said hello to his first
husband Dave on her granddaughter Olive Joy Kurut grandchild. Liam Grayson
March 17. born March 22 to her daughter was born on March 1 to
Nichole and son-in-law David. Ashley and Chris Groves.

Business Analyst John Gross celebrated Celebrating 40 years of life,
his 60th birthday on March 7 with the Member Services Coordinator
Information Technology team. Tammy Wagner had an
awesome birthday on March 7.

The Information Technology team wished Publishing and Pricing Supervisor On March 12, New Member On March 21 Mesquite RSC team
Senior Database Developer Jon West a Dori Meighan turned 60 on Conversion Specialist Megan member Roslyn Mark celebrated seven
happy 30th birthday on February 23. February 2 and celebrated in true Oyer turned 40 with a little help decades of life with cake and birthday
Do it Best fashion. from her work friends. festivities.

Gary Bock celebrated his retirement and over 18 years of service with the Lumber and
Building Materials team on February 2. In addition to his commitment to his role, Gary We thank these Fort Wayne
volunteered to help others achieve their wellness goals. He assisted with onsite fitness classes and team members for giving the
openly shared the benefits of physical activity. gift of life:
He always greeted people in the hallways and
introduced himself to new team members. Mike Burd
Divisional Manager Todd Hixson and VP of Bryan Chamberlain
LBM Gary Nackers highlighted some of their
favorite memories about Gary during his Laura Frederick
retirement party. Todd mentioned how Gary Deanna Gallegos
helped him and his wife Cindy move into their
first home, and assisted other staff with their Linda Geise
home projects. The team enjoyed a buffet of John Gross
goodies, as is tradition in the LBM division. It Chris Kreilach
was definitely a bittersweet send off as his team Sarah Krey
and his Do it Best Corp. family will miss him. Patrick Luce
Chris Mettler
Gary Miller
Steve Rose
Laura Williams

6 Issue 4, 2018


Retiring after 35 years of service, Dave
Cole celebrated the occasion with his
family on March 16. In his more than three
decades of service to our members, Dave
worked in the Merchandising division. VP
of Merchandising Steve Markley honored
Dave saying, "He led us in the creation and
development of many tools and strategies that are vital for operating our business. Dave made contributions that have delivered millions of
dollars to the bottom line by helping to grow member rebates and staff profit sharing. In addition to those accomplishments, Dave always
went about his work in a way that made him enjoyable to everyone." President and CEO Dan Starr also recounted Dave's service, wisdom,
and always calm demeanor – even as he surprised him by asking him to play guitar in front of the group. Dave obliged and then offered sage
advice to everyone present, encouraging them to never be afraid to make mistakes. He spoke of the importance of trusting people enough to
give them room to grow. In retirement, Dave plans to spend time with his family and go to the Siesta Keys.


On February 21, Kris English celebrated her After 16 years of service, the
retirement with the Information Technology Marketing team celebrated Pat
department after 28 years of service to our McCoy's retirement on
member-owners. Kris worked in a number of key February 27. Prior to her most recent
support positions over her career. She enjoyed role in Consumer Marketing, Pat
helping members solve technical problems as was a part of our POS support team.
well as forming relationships with them. "Kris has Over the years, Pat did a fantastic
always been very member-focused. In fact, Doug job working with our members
and Cathy from Paterson Do it Best Hardware serviced out of the Mesquite and
stopped by to wish her happy retirement," said Retail Tech Support Manager Mike Barley. In Woodburn RSCs, as well as with all
her newfound free time, Kris plans to travel with her husband and already has trips planned to of our international members. Her
Florida, Nevada, North Carolina, and St. Croix. She also looks forward to spending time with her passionate attention to detail made
family, but is sure to be back to attend employee board events with her work family. her an outstanding advocate for her
members as she worked tirelessly
A QUILTED SENDOFF The Information Technology division to make sure they had the best
honored Larry Fogle's 37 years marketing programs to grow their
businesses. She is looking forward to
of service to Do it Best Corp. on several upcoming adventures with
her family, including a trip to Florida
February 26. Larry's wife Kate, his two daughters, and his future son-in-law joined with her granddaughter for spring
break. Pat will also be traveling to
his work family in congratulating him on a career marked by personal commitment. Albuquerque, New Mexico with her
longtime partner Kevin.
Retail Tech Support Manager Mike Barley spoke

of Larry's dedication to continuous improvement,

saying, "Larry always lived our mission of making

the best even better by communicating new

ideas to the team. Even if his ideas couldn't be

implemented right away, his opinion was always

highly valued." VP of IT Mike Altendorf also

honored Larry's many years of service by sharing

about his key contributions over the years.

Larry's sister chimed in by presenting him with

a homemade quilt she crafted out of

Do it Best t-shirts he's collected over the years. In

retirement, Larry plans on completing some home

improvement projects as well as visiting some local


Issue 4, 2018 7

Dan Scheele closed the book on his career at ANOTHER YEAR OF READING
Do it Best Corp., and in honor of his record-breaking
48 years and 10 months of service, President and CEO Dan Starr Nearly one-fourth of children in the US live in mother-only
proclaimed March 15 as Dan Scheele Day. He started his career with families. Through the Big Brothers Big Sisters Real Men Read
us in 1969, days after graduating high school. Years later, he took program, our team members demonstrate the importance
the opportunity to change paths and work as a computer operator. of reading to boys and girls alike and serve as positive male
This move took a lot of courage and ended up being a great fit for role models to second and third grade students in Northeast
Dan's unique troubleshooting abilities. He has worked under four Indiana.
of our five company presidents, and has mentored countless team “Research continues to show that kids who struggle with
members throughout the years and has served our members with reading in second and third grade face a much bigger
distinction. academic challenge by the time they reach high school. I hope
that by showing enthusiasm for reading at the elementary
His daughter, son, and older brother joined his Do it Best family school level, I can instill a similar excitement in young
in celebrating a life well invested in meaningful, challenging students,” said Communications Director Randy Rusk about
work. In close to five decades, Dan earned a reputation for being his experience volunteering.
dependable, thorough, and friendly. He celebrated many years of Do it Best Corp. has supported the program since its inception
perfect attendance, always reporting to work on-time. His reliability and wrapped up another year of reading to area students.
extended well beyond his attendance record as you could always Company volunteer readers this school year also included Tom
count on him to give 100 percent in trying to drill down to the root Barfell, Brian Headings, Patrick Luce, and Dan Walton.
of a problem. “Dan is the most tenured, least known member of the
Do it Best team,” said Data Center Manager Todd Bussen, in noting
that Dan’s work often kept him behind the scenes in the locked
mainframe control room. “He demonstrated many strengths while
serving with us, including transparency, dependability, and great
organizational skills.”

During his celebration VP of IT Mike Altendorf read a letter by
past President and
CEO Mike McClelland
the importance of
Dan's job and his
commitment to getting
the work done right.
In retirement, Dan
most looks forward to
camping in Florida and
being closer to nature.


Have you ever tried to find answers to questions was up against thousands of other authors.
you can’t explain? Merchandise Manager Patrick Then one day, I got a congratulatory email
Luce is fascinated by the unknown and uses “what if” scenarios as saying my story had been selected,” Patrick
inspiration for his horror fiction writing. He was recently published said.
in an anthology of short stories by 34 different authors entitled
Secret Stairs. He is no rookie writer, though, as his first
published piece appeared in a literary
Upon learning that Silver Empire publishing company was taking magazine in 2010. Patrick has also been
submissions for short stories about mysterious stairs in the woods, working on a full-length novel for 11
Patrick went to work crafting his unique narrative. His story years and is in the process of finding
Flashback Stairs centers on someone who finds themselves in the representation for publication.
woods looking for a secret staircase that allows them to go back in
time to change one thing about their life. “The most rewarding part of writing and
publishing something is when I start
“I didn’t think anything was going to come of the submission getting feedback from complete strangers.
because months went by without hearing from the publishing It’s great knowing that other people are
company. This particular call for submissions went viral so I knew I enjoying my creativity.”

8 Issue 4, 2018

LAURA GETS ACTIVE Do it Best Corp. team members are certainly driven Laura shopped with a student
to serve our members, but that desire to serve during the Active 20-30 Club back
extends to others outside of work. Digital Asset to school shopping spree event.
Administrator Laura Wiseman exemplifies that drive through her involvement with Active
20-30 Club, an international organization that benefits children in need. She got involved six years ago and
is now an active board member as the secretary and communications chair. “What really drew me in was
the sense of community, friendship with peers, and volunteer opportunities with children,” Laura said.

Recently Laura was part of an event that raised money for the organization. She invited friends and family
to come to Blaze Pizza where 20% of sales went towards the non-profit. This event is extremely important
for Active 20-30 Club because the proceeds received go towards their annual Kohl’s back-to-school
shopping spree where 70 children are provided with clothes and school supplies to get them ready for the
year. The Active 20-30 Club has been extremely fulfilling for Laura due to the direct impact it has on the
young children she gets to be involved with in the community.

If you would like to get involved with Active 20-30 Club, contact Laura or check out

International New Business Manager Christian
Parra’s daughter Juliana had something special Angela Nevers’ daughter McKayla is a junior at
to sing about. She performed at Saint Pius X Catholic Church the University of Saint Francis and is one of only
in Granger, Indiana with the Pueri Cantores, a choir that sings a few female students studying music technology
traditional worship hymns in Latin. This was a unique opportunity with a concentration in sound recording and
because Juliana was selected to sing with the choir by her school engineering. This year McKayla has had a special
music teacher and choir director. Only 15 total students from her opportunity working as the videographer on the
school were chosen to join 400 other students from all across university’s first student run record label company,
Indiana to sing in the Pueri Cantores. Marble Lounge Records. A group of students
across all different majors interviewed to work
“As parents trying to raise our children in the Catholic faith, on the record label, and McKayla secured a spot
it was incredibly rewarding to not only have one of our own because of her expertise.
participate in the choir, but to be able to cherish it as a family,” said Christian.
A local band called Rosalind & The Way signed
Juliana had been singing since the second grade in both the children’s choir at her with Marble Lounge Records and now McKayla
family’s parish and the liturgical choir at her school. She has also taken part in show and other students are working tirelessly in
choir activities at Bishop Luers and St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Schools. anticipation of the band’s tour and album release
coming this spring. Specifically, McKayla is filming
IN A LEAGUE OF HIS behind the scenes footage for a documentary
OWN ... IVY LEAGUE about the band.

Dixon RSC Order Filler Danyeal Clark has a spring “McKayla works countless hours on this project
in her step thanks to her son Micaiah’s recent and many others at school. Her participation with
accomplishment. He is a high school freshman and the record label is just one of the many things
was nominated by his school counselor to attend she is involved in and it’s a great opportunity for
the National Youth Leadership Forum: Business students like her to gain experience and work on a
Innovation – 6 Days to Startup program at Yale real life project that goes beyond the classroom,”
University. This program is an opportunity to get hands-on experience and insight said Angela.
from accomplished professionals in the fields of business and entrepreneurship.
Not only will Micaiah be living on campus and experience what it means to attend
an Ivy League school, he will also be participating in an innovation challenge with
his peers to develop the next great business idea.

“I know Micaiah always does his best and it is an honor for him to be chosen for
this program. He has a very bright future ahead of him and that makes me so
proud,” said a beaming Danyeal.

Issue 4, 2018 9


As a way to express staff appreciation the employee board Director of International Sales and Business
provided everyone with salad and potato bar for lunch.
Development Tom Barfell is beaming about his

daughter-in-law Caterine who was nominated for

the Outstanding Young Professional Award from PR

Week magazine, the leading trade publication in the

public relations industry. When she came to the US

ten years ago from Brazil she didn’t speak English,

but was inspired to work in sports communications Caterine recently returned

because her home country was selected for the 2014 from South Korea where

World Cup and the 2016 Olympics. She enrolled in she assisted clients at the

The City College of New York and put herself through PyeongChang Olympic

school, all while interning to gain work experience. Games.

Now, Caterine works for Ketchum PR, the fifth largest

public relations firm in the world, where she is a tremendous asset helping

advise global clients on communications strategies for the World Cup and Rio

Olympics Games.

FORT It was nothing-but-net during the March Madness hoop shoot contest
WAYNE hosted by the employee board. Trophies and basketballs were awarded
to the top three finishing teams in each division.

Zach Butcher and Jarek Hoppe took home Beth Crilly and Dori Meighan Melissa Hoot and Skiler The Breakaway Café celebrated
the men’s division title. returned as the women’s Lehman placed at the top of 12 years of operation by offering
champions. the leader board in the co-ed one dollar specials and some of
category. the staff’s favorite entrees. A raffle
prize of pizza, cookies, and a six-
pack of Pepsi was awarded to
Retail Technology Specialist June

Team members gathered Lucky ticket winners had a great time at the last regular season Mad Ants
with their families at Bell’s home basketball game. They sat in the Ant Colony, right next to the court,
Skating Rink for the annual and the team’s mascot stopped by to say hello.
kids’ Easter party. Everyone
enjoyed the morning Issue 4, 2018
skating, making crafts, and
getting their pictures taken
with the Easter Bunny.


LEXINGTON Staff feasted
on a delicious
The employee Vashon Brown showed catered breakfast Matt Cockrell led the way down the The team had their highest number
board made jars off his candy jar. in celebration breakfast line. of Lines Per Hour (LPH) since
of candy for each of St. Patrick’s 2016, and they celebrated this
team member Day. A variety of accomplishment with fresh fruit and
in celebration of early morning muffins.
Valentine’s Day. favorites from
the local
Lizard’s Thicket
hit the spot.

MEDINA The team has some MESQUITE The employee board put together a trip
serious bowlers to see the NHL’s latest addition to the
in their midst! league, the Las Vegas Golden Knights. A
Participating in independent leagues, bus took employees and their guests to
these six individuals have achieved perfect games with the game and everyone had a great time.
scores of 300 – that’s 13 strikes in a row.

Many of these bowlers have more than one perfect game WOODBURN
under their belts: Todd Englehart (1), Kyle Frye (8),
Mike Smith (3), Stephan Walter (1), Jason Blankenship (16), Team members and their
and Dave Schultz (2). families enjoyed an open
house and Easter egg hunt. There was also
MONTGOMERY a Do it Best truck on site for kids to sit in
along with bingo and lunch for all.
Thirty team members competed to
throw touchdowns in the annual
football toss contest. Participants were
eliminated one by one until Miguel Herrera
won in a showdown against Pilton Chandler.

Miguel receives his award from
Department Manager Sean Hilaire.

The staff enjoyed
a cupcake feast
to celebrate
Valentine’s Day.

Kenny Verdon was the winner of the second annual 11
March Madness basketball toss.

Issue 4, 2018

FOCUS ON HEALTH: SAFETY CORNER Presented by your safety committee

Even though your job or family life may be the main source of The arrival of spring also means the threat of severe weather. The American Red
stress in your life, your diet can also contribute to emotional Cross wants you to know what steps to take to stay safe if dangerous weather
turmoil. According to the Wellness Council of America, as you is predicted.
become increasingly stressed, the following occurs:
• V ital nutrients are depleted in the body and are generally not Tornados. When a tornado warning is issued for your neighborhood:
1. Know your community’s warning system.
replaced because of stress-prone eating habits. 2. P ick a safe room in your home where family members can gather if a
• I ndividuals gravitate toward foods that promote a stress
tornado is headed your way. This should be a basement, storm cellar, or
response to fulfill a need. These foods include refined sugar, interior room on the lowest floor with no windows.
processed flour, salt, and caffeine, and they can compromise 3. Prepare for strong winds by removing diseased and damaged limbs from trees.
the immune system. 4. M ove or secure lawn furniture, trash cans, hanging plants, or anything else
• M any stressed individuals eat poorly because they do not that can be picked up by the wind and become a projectile.
have time to find healthy ways to replenish their bodies or 5. K now the tornado danger signs – dark, often greenish clouds, a wall cloud,
crave and desire junk food during stressful experiences. cloud of debris, large hail, a funnel cloud, or a roaring noise.

To avoid stress food traps, consider these healthy eating Thunderstorms. Every thunderstorm produces lightning, which kills more
recommendations: people every year than tornadoes or hurricanes. Keep these tips in mind to stay
• E at a diet rich in foods of many colors, such as vegetables. safe during thunderstorms:
• S elect foods that are high in antioxidants, like broccoli, 1. I f thunder roars, go indoors. If you can hear thunder, you are close enough

carrots, whole grains, spinach, and any kind of berries. to be in danger from lightning.
• Opt for organic foods whenever possible. 2. W atch for storm signs like darkening skies, flashes of lightning, or increasing winds.
• Drink filtered water to keep hydrated. 3. T ake shelter in a substantial building or a vehicle with the windows closed.
• Reduce or eliminate your caffeine intake.
• Cook with fresh herbs and spices. Shutter windows and close outside doors securely. Stay away from windows.
• C onsume free-range meats to avoid ingesting synthetic 4. D o not take a bath, shower, or use plumbing.

hormones and fertilizers. Flooding. You should be prepared to evacuate at a moment’s notice and head
• A void eating genetically modified foods, especially meat for higher ground when a flood or flash flood warning is issued. Here are four
other safety tips to keep in mind:
products. 1. S tay away from floodwaters. If you come upon a flowing stream where
• C onsume at least 30 to 40 grams of fiber each day. Good
water is above your ankles, stop, turn around, and go another way.
sources of fiber include apples, peas, whole wheat bread, 2. I f you come upon a flooded road while driving, turn around and go another
and bran cereal.
• A dd omega-3 fatty acids to your diet, either by way of a way. If you are caught on a flooded road and waters are rising rapidly, get
supplement or in foods such as salmon, walnuts, shrimp, out of the car quickly and move to higher ground.
and soybeans. 3. K eep children out of the water. They are curious and often lack judgment
about running in contaminated water.
4. B e especially cautious at night when it is harder to recognize flood danger.


Talking about http vs https sounds kind of geeky, but users that the key is
it’s important to understand the difference so you can secure.
keep your personal information safe.
Https is used in
Http, or Hypertext Transfer Protocol, is the system for transmitting many situations,
and receiving information across the Internet. However, when such as login
you exchange confidential information with a server and need the pages for banks
information secured to prevent unauthorized access, you want to use and corporations,
https, or Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure. digital forms, and
other applications
Using https rather than http indicates that an encrypted connection in which data needs to be secure. However, when not implemented
is desired. Https works by transmitting normal http interactions properly, https has its flaws. It’s extremely important to be wary
through an encrypted system. This means the information cannot be about accepting questionable certificates and exercise caution with
accessed by any party other than the client and end server. In order personal information while using the Internet. Even if the webpage
to host https connections, a server must have a public key certificate appears to be safe, identity theft scammers and hackers are known
which embeds key information with verification of the key owner's to spoof websites to try and obtain your credentials.
identity. Most certificates are verified by a third party to assure

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