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Published by Do it Best Corp., 2018-07-06 07:41:19

Issue 3 2018

Issue 3 2018

above & beyond proud parents whats happening family news access

Find, Friend & Follow Us Issue 3 | 2018

ays and anniversaries health and safety career opportunities

Woodburn Celebrating An artistic
works to win our retirees achievement


Do it Best Corp. takes great pride in the compensation
and benefits it offers each member of our team. To
help you better understand the full value of your
total compensation and benefits from
Do it Best Corp., the Human Resources
department distributes a Personal Statement of
Benefits each year to every staff member which
breaks down your base pay, bonus/incentive
SOC, profit sharing, and other valuable
company benefits.

Scheduled for distribution this month, your
customized Personal Statement of Benefits
describes how your 2017 calendar year
benefits worked together to ensure your
financial security, both today and into
the future. The main page focuses on
the key areas that comprise total
compensation and each category is
broken down further in a helpful
chart. Additional information covers
retirement, health care, and survivor
benefits; HSA/FSA and dependent
care accounts; educational
assistance, merchandise
discounts, and monthly team
member activities; vacations,
holidays, and more.

Finally, take time to share this
important benefits information
with your family as well as your
financial advisor and file it for future
reference. Whether you’re new with the company,
in the midst of your career, or contemplating retirement, the
Personal Statement of Benefits will help you make informed decisions
about your financial future. As always, the Human Resources team is a great
resource if you have any questions.

Please review this page-by-page guide to better understand all the information provided.

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© 2018 Do it Best Corp. All rights reserved.

Fidelity nfeatmbielynneefiwtss oacfcfesrs much more than access to your
DENTALabove & beyond ANDproVudIpSarIenOtsN BENEFITSwhats happening retirement savings plan account. In addition to your current
balance and investment selections, you can access complimentary
Our dental coverage reimburses up to $1,000 annually calculators and tools. The Fidelity calculators and tools page will
per covered individual (paid at 50% of expenses). Vision help you take the guesswork out of saving for retirement and assist
coverage provides for 50% of one eye exam and 100% of in building an income strategy to meet your needs. Learn about
covered materials (glasses, contact lenses) up to $250 per the power of saving small amounts (1, 3, or 5%) over time, use the
calendar year. contribution calculator, and visit the planning and guidance center.
You can even use the College Savings Calculator to gauge if you're
While there are no in-network requirements, Cigna- saving a sufficient amount for your child's future higher education.
affiliated providers may request your insurance card to
ays and annsiuvbermsairtieysour claim dheiraelcthtlayn. dOstahfertyproviders wcilalrleikeer loypportunities If you'd like to have a one-on-one conversation about how much
require you to pay the bill in full and then you can tsotasyaovne,twbralohcoakdt, dptyolepnaeossresocfailnl vaesFtidmeelintytsretfoporcceuhssoeonontsaeht,eiavalenthdath8o6w6.t6o0g2.e0t6a3n7d.
complete theyroeuimr sbeucorsnedmpeayncthfeocrkm and upload ycoeulerbrate
itemized receipt on


As a way to continually improve service to our member-owners, Territory

Manager Jesse Sarenana took his Regional Manager Greg Fuller and

Woodburn RSC Gatbreiopnveewra&alsbMetoyaonfniagdguerre MouatrkhoHwesttoerpertnoohuavdnispciateraewnntesuemklybesrtoorfesdtoerlievsewrihineastO.srheagpopne.ning family news access
The goal of this

“The relationship between our members and their delivery truck drivers is very

important. When trucks are late to a store it’s usually because of a breakdown in

communication or because there is a substitute driver. We wanted to meet with Mark, Greg, and Jesse stand outside Cascade Home
members personally to make sure these communication breakdowns aren’t happening Center with Store Manager Brenda Taylor. This was
often,” said Jesse. one of several stops on their Oregon trip.

The trip was also a great opportunity to give members face-to-face contact and show

them that people from Do it Best Corp. really care about them. “At every store we visited the members wanted to give us a tour and

were clearlbyirvtehrdyaypsroanuddaonfntivheerisrarsiteosre. It meanhetaalthloatntdostahfeetmy that I tookcatriemereoapwpoarytufnroitmiesthe warehouse to visit,” Mark noted.

The trip proved to be very beneficial for everyone and served as a great example of how team members from different divisions of

our company work together to improve service to our members. “Since members see me so often they appreciate a new face, and it

serves as an eye opening experience for staff members,” said Jesse.


Juan Castillo was the first Quality is one of Woodburn’s top priorities, and Department Manager Daniel Garcia has
ever champion. found a creative way to kick things up a notch. In an effort to incentivize productivity while
maintaining quality, Daniel challenges his team to see who can be the most efficient. Every two weeks a
winner is crowned champion for sustaining high quality work and productivity. The winner not only receives
bragging rights, but is rewarded with a wrestling belt that they can wear or display in their area for all to
see. It’s an opportunity to recognize employees for their hard work and dedication to the team.

Daniel used to be a big fan of WWE, and wanted to do something for his team that was both different and
fun. “We have had nothing but positive results from this experience,” he explained. “When a team member
wins, they feel accomplished and are recognized in front of the entire team.” For an added measure of
friendly competition, Daniel also names the number one contender. This is someone who is second best or
within striking distance of beating the champ and getting the belt. This begs the question, who will be the
next champion of Woodburn?

2 Issue 3, 2018


The first page of your NOTICE
Personal Statement
of Benefits provides Prepare now to acknowledge
an overview of your your graduate in Issue 6 of
overall compensation Family News. Submissions
and benefits package. are accepted for staff
Take time to review members, their spouses,
additional benefits children, and grandchildren.
available to you. If Photos will be printed in
this is the first time full color so a color image
you’ve received this at 300 dpi or higher is
personalized statement, preferred over black and
note that it's based on white. To ensure accuracy
wages earned in the and streamline the process,
2017 calendar year. we are only accepting digital
submissions by visiting We’ve
also posted the link on
mytoolbox. Submissions are
due no later than April 13.

Retirement Benefits Health Care Benefits Survivor Benefits Welcome
The second page features The third page features the You’ll find information to the
important information about value of your health care about your survivor benefits
your retirement benefits. benefits. If you’re new to on the final page of your Family
Our profit sharing program Do it Best Corp., you may personalized statement. Make
funds a savings plan with be surprised by the overall sure to review your beneficiary Fort Wayne
Fidelity Investments. You’ll value of your health insurance information for life insurance. Mike Beerens
see your current savings benefit. You’ll learn about Any updates can be processed Gary Heft
account balance and estimated wellness benefits available to through, and for Josh Ratcliff
projections for what the value you through the PPO and CDP beneficiaries of your retirement Vince Riddle
of that account may be in the health plans. This page also go under the retirement tab Aaron Skelly
future. features information about on mytoolbox and then to Lexington
disability income insurance. beneficiary information. Shawn Devault
Issue 3, 2018 Abbie Taylor
Gerry Carrick
Mark Stinson


There are many benefits of an ecommerce
platform, but it is important to know how to get The Do it Best team is always looking for ways to serve our
started. Recently, Ecommerce Manager Ron Daniel shed some members better. At the Sikeston RSC they have been tackling
light on this topic during eCom18, an ecommerce and logistics improvement projects to make the daily work environment safer
seminar hosted by Greater Fort Wayne as part of their initiative and more efficient, resulting in the best possible service for our
to grow Fort Wayne into a nationally recognized city. members.

On behalf of Do it Best Corp., Ron served as a panel speaker Staff members placed striping in key areas of the warehouse
alongside Matilda Jane Clothing’s Mike Vance and Vera Bradley’s to improve the process of cart loading, and elevated conveyors
Tom Giacalone. They provided insights on team training and for better ergonomics. Additionally, they installed a board to
prioritizing responsibilities, and defined what true success looks track performance results, and reworked the location of certain
like in the world of ecommerce. Ron also supplied the audience meetings to maintain a better visual on the floor.
with suggestions on the most valuable data to track when selling
online. “The Sikeston team has really embraced our spirit of continuous
improvement. They’ve taken many proactive steps to ensure
The breadth of industries represented on the panel provided a the safety of the whole team and it shows in their results,” said
wide range of helpful perspectives on the topic. “Each speaker Safety Director Steve Rose.
had different purposes and approaches to online sales, as well as
unique perspectives on marketing,” said Ron. “This added a lot These are only a few of the projects that have been keeping
of value for conference attendees, regardless of their ecommerce Sikeston busy. In the midst of it all, they also celebrated four
needs.” The diverse group of speakers also allowed Ron to years of operation at the warehouse with a special lunch from
network with people he would not have a chance to elsewhere. Subway, and welcomed General Manager Will Ryan to the

Ron (seated left) lent his expertise and contributed to the panel discussion
on ecommerce.

The staff enjoyed lunch from Subway to celebrate four years in Sikeston.


Advertising Members of the team met around the productivity tracking board.
Services Issue 3, 2018
Beth Young
joined the half
century club
on January
30 and her
team helped
her celebrate
with cake and



After 33 years, John O'Brien Pam Graham
said goodbye to the team committed three
at Dixon on January 15. decades of her
"John has worn many hats life to serving our
in the maintenance shop, members in our
and has always excelled Lexington RSC,
at metal fabrication. He most recently in
will be greatly missed," quality control. Her
said Department Manager family joined in
John Wike. In addition to with the team to
working in maintenance, thank her for her
John also spent time as dedication to her
a shipper, lift operator, job, as well as celebrate her well-earned retirement on January 2.
and trailer spotter. During Pam regularly demonstrated an understanding of the importance
his party, Barb Sofolo of quality service to our members. Quality control required her
presented him with some to investigate errors, make important corrections, and identify
retirement gifts, and measures to prevent mistakes from being made. With a love of
General Manager Rich travel, retirement will afford her the time to meet new people
Jordan did a special reading and explore new places. “I wish the best for Pam and her family.
in his honor. His wife Sheryl and their son Sean were also present I hope she can convince Johnny and Kemper to travel with her
to help celebrate. In his newfound free time, John plans to fly his to anywhere and everywhere she wants to go,” said General
remote control airplanes and help on his neighbor's farm. Manager Scott Smith.

LEAVING Diligently serving Do it Best Corp. and our members for
A LEGACY nearly four decades, the team in Sikeston celebrated the
retirement of John Hahn. General Manager Will Ryan
kicked off the party by giving some fun facts from 1979,

and reminding everyone that John wasn’t even born yet. He was also presented with a card

and cash gift from the team. “My friendship with John has grown over the years, and his

guidance and commitment to his work serve as an example to us all,” remarked Department

Manager Mark Ponder. Randal Winkler also had kind words to say about John, “He was one

of the very first friends I made here, and his legacy is the type of human being he is.” John

thanked his team, and wished them lots of success moving forward. He stood at the exit of the

breakroom and greeted them as they left and headed back to the floor.


Roger Kessel was honored for 34 years of service spread between
the Lexington and Medina RSCs. In his time serving in the stocking
department, Roger was known for his remarkable work ethic that he balanced
with quick jokes that elicited a smile or a laugh. General Manager Scott Smith
remarked, “My wish for Roger in his retirement is that he enjoy life – enjoy
sleeping in, completing those ‘honey-do’ lists, and most importantly spending
quality time with his grandchildren.” Parklane Seafood catered his party complete
with fish, shrimp, and grits on January 2. In retirement, Roger plans on taking
a trip to Ohio to spend quality time with his son. He’s also looking forward to
the relaxation retirement will offer, expressing several times that he really looks
forward to not setting his alarm clock.

Issue 3, 2018 5

After 31 years as a maintenance professional in our Lexington RSC, HOME SALES
Wayne Lynch is ready for a new start in retirement. Wayne’s friends
and family joined the festivities celebrating his contributions to our team and our Jerald Thompson served our members
members for over three decades. Lunch was prepared by Parklane Seafood, and for 24 years as a stocker in the Lexington
Wayne was honored with a special retirement plaque. It’s easy to imagine that the RSC before turning the page to the
demands of a time-sensitive position like RSC maintenance might cause stress, but retirement chapter of his story. His personal
Wayne’s extensive knowledge and keen sense of humor kept him positive during commitment to a job well done was
challenging days and weeks. Of Wayne, General Manager Scott Smith said, “His evident in the way he went about his work.
sense of humor will definitely be missed along with his knowledge of the equipment He was dedicated, focused, and reliable
and facility at the Lexington RSC. We all wish Wayne a great retirement where he during his career. “I will miss Jerald’s ‘nose
enjoys time with his family.” With more time on his hands, Wayne is planning on to the grindstone’ work ethic,” remarked
getting caught up on projects and other work around his home. General Manager Scott Smith. As is
tradition in Lexington, he was presented
with a plaque commemorating his
contributions. In retirement, Jerald plans on
going into real estate sales with his wife.

Ulshafer celebrated

his retirement after

34 years of service as the facilities and equipment manager. His

wife Linda joined the Logistics team in commemorating his many

contributions to Do it Best Corp. During his career, Ed led a number of mission

critical projects, and tackled day-to-day facilities maintenance management

responsibilities, many of which contributed to the safety and security of our

team. “Ed is known for his dependability, strong work ethic, and get-it-done

mentality. His handprint is all over many of our most successful and strategic

capital improvements. He will be greatly missed,” said Vice President of Logistics

Tim Miller. Ed was on-call all of the time and never hesitated to respond to a

need regardless of his other commitments. He demonstrated patience as new

people came aboard or earned additional responsibilities, taking time to explain

the ins and outs of various projects and protocols. “I really enjoyed working

with Ed. He has an amazing capacity for both patience and thoroughness

that allowed so many of our projects to be delivered early and under budget.

His hard work and commitment to Do it Best Corp. earned him respect from

not only company team members, but also the vendors and contractors who

worked on his projects,” said Safety Director Steve Rose.

CAREER OPPORTUNITIES As Do it Best Corp. continues to grow, there may be career opportunities
for you to pursue within the company. Visit
AT DO IT BEST CORP. for a complete list of all openings and contact the Human Resources team
if you’re qualified for and interested in a new role.

6 Issue 3, 2018


With 13 years of service in our Merchandising and LBM
divisions, Lauren Wagner celebrated her retirement on
January 26. Lauren most recently served as an associate merchandise
manager. Her husband Karl, also a company retiree, joined the team
for a delicious luncheon, and celebrated in Do it Best fashion complete
with a cake. The team also presented her with a nice gift, and
decorated her work area with fun, cheeky advertisements highlighting
her passion for selling antiques. Vice President of LBM Gary Nackers
highlighted Lauren's eye for design and her dedication to the division.
Lauren’s manager Mike Post commented on her work ethic and
ability to inspire vendors to get the right products for our members. In
retirement, Lauren and her husband plan to take more time to procure
and sell antiques.


Things are looking a bit tragic for Merchandise Coordinator Nancy Kartholl Polonius, aka Nancy (right), gives advice to his
as she takes on the role of Polonius (Ophelia’s father) in an all-female two children during a scene of the play.
community production of Shakespeare’s Hamlet. “Having an opportunity to play the male
roles is rare and really exciting. My character happens to be a bit pompous and oily, and
it’s fun to play someone whose personality is so different from my own,” notes Nancy.

Having majored in acting and directing in college, Nancy has been immersed in theater
for most of her adult life and tries to perform in two to three shows a year. Hamlet
is particularly exciting for her because she enjoys the challenge of dissecting the
Shakespearean language. “It’s like putting pieces of a puzzle together, and I actually think
Shakespeare is easier to memorize because there is so much music in the language. It’s
meant to be heard and seen, not read.”

This production is with the First Presbyterian Theater in Fort Wayne where her husband is
the managing artistic director. “Working with my husband is a way we get to spend time
together, but it doesn’t mean I get special roles or treatment. Our relationship began as
actress and director so it’s very easy to fall into those roles.”

The show runs for three weekends, March 2-17, and Nancy encourages anyone in
the area who is interested in attending to contact her for details or visit

Michael embraced his son after winning the semi-state PROUD PARENTS
tournament while Kade’s sister Kyra and head coach look on. WRESTLING DREAMS REALIZED

It was an exciting time for Divisional Merchandise Manager Michael
Zadylak as he cheered on his son Kade in the state wrestling tournament
held in Indianapolis. Kade started wrestling when he was four years old as
a way to burn off extra energy and has been passionate about the sport
ever since. Representing Norwell High School, he made it to semi-state as a
freshman but was unable to wrestle his sophomore year due to a shoulder
injury, so making it to the state tournament this year as a junior was a huge
accomplishment. “Seeing Kade wrestle at the state level was confirmation
that all those years of training were worth it. As his dad and assistant coach,
it was an amazing experience for me to see him get this far, especially
coming off his injury last year,” said Michael.

Issue 3, 2018 7

ABOVE AND BEYOND The communications team let Justin
DAVIS IS BEST IN OUR BOOK know how much they support and
appreciate him by surprising him with
Life is full of surprises and Communications Specialist his favorite treat…donuts!
Justin Davis received a great surprise upon learning
he had been nominated for intern of the year by by their employers. It was an enjoyable and inspiring afternoon as
Communications Director Randy Rusk and Greater they heard from keynote speaker Chris Heeter on the importance of
Fort Wayne. impactful internships.
Even though he was not selected as a finalist, Justin was glad to
At their annual IMPACT Awards luncheon, Indiana have the opportunity to participate. “I was honored to be counted
INTERNnet recognized outstanding interns and among this group of individuals knowing that my work is valuable
employers. Because of his involvement in the Greater and appreciated by Do it Best Corp.,” said Justin.
Fort Wayne Fellows and internship program that After Justin completed his internship last fall, he joined the
placed him at Do it Best Corp., Justin was eligible for Communications team as a part-time communications specialist
their intern of the year award. while he finishes his senior year of college.

“Justin’s enthusiasm and can-do attitude made an
immediate impact on our team. His willingness to dive
into unfamiliar topics and quickly get up to speed meant we could
deploy him on a variety of projects during his summer internship,
from website enhancements, to drafting articles, to video work. All
of that – and more – made him a clear standout to be nominated for
this statewide award,” Randy said.

Justin, Randy, and Human Resources Administrator Kelly Stezowski
traveled to Indianapolis for the luncheon and ceremony. Here, Justin
joined a record number of college, high school, and non-traditional
students from throughout Indiana who had also been nominated


Graphic Artist Amanda Peet has an accomplishment
to celebrate that has her beaming from ear to ear as
she was recently selected as the new poster artist for
the annual Auburn Cord Duesenberg (ACD) Festival
held each Labor Day weekend.

With the retirement of the internationally known
festival’s longtime artist, a poster competition was
conducted to find someone to fill his shoes. Amanda
first learned about the contest on Facebook, and she
knew she had to enter.

“I’m not usually one for art competitions, but this

one was so much more. People from all over the

world come to see these cars…which means they

would also see my art.” Amanda poses next to her award winning artwork and the 1932 Auburn she used as inspiration.
She was especially excited about the 2018 festival

theme – The Year of the Speedster. “I’ve always been art was presented to and voted on by members of the ACD Festival

fascinated by the look of the Auburn Speedsters. I think the back of board who ultimately chose her as the winner.

the car is what makes it truly unique so I wanted to capture that in “I usually feel good about my work, but then I start to second guess
my artwork.” myself so I wasn’t sure how things would turn out. I am the first

Up against 20 other entrees by 17 different artists, Amanda’s poster person to design a poster featuring the rear view of a car and I guess

art was judged by an advisory panel that narrowed the selection that worked out in my favor. It’s truly an honor to be chosen as the

down to just three submissions they felt were historically accurate, winner, and I can’t wait to see where this goes in the future.”

artistically sound, and most representative of the festival. Next, her

8 Issue 3, 2018

WHAT'S HAPPENING Everyone was feeling the love at the staff Valentine’s BLOOD
DIXON Day spaghetti dinner. DONORS

As is tradition, the leadership team cooked the Managers Kathy Hacker received a special surprise from her We thank these Dixon team
Breakfast for everyone making a great start to the day husband who arranged for a quartet to serenade her. members for giving the gift
with a full spread of morning favorites. of life:

Kelly Barger
Jan Blackburn
Gary Buccola

Kori Dean
Derant Duncan
Sandra Marshall
Shea McDonnell

Joyce Miller
Lori Parker
Barb Sofolo
Dave Stenzel
Ed Walters
Katlynn Vinson

Their contributions helped
save 48 lives and the team is
planning another drive in the
coming months.

FORT WAYNE Staff indulged in some sweet treats at the Associate
Valentine’s Day pick-me-up event sponsored by Sales
the employee board. They also completed festive Consultant
trivia questions for a chance to win some great prizes. Amanda
Putting their grabs a
heads together tasty treat.
to answer their
trivia questions

Issue 3, 2018 The employee board
sponsored the semi-annual
Goodwill clothing drive and
team members donated
732 pounds of clothing and
household items over a two
week period. The sale of
these goods will support job
placement services for those
facing barriers to employment
in Northeast Indiana.


MEDINA The team prepared eggs, hash browns, pancakes, sausage, and toast along with some healthier
options of fruit and yogurt for the annual leadership team breakfast. Everyone had full stomachs
for a great start to the work day.


During an annual
festival, several hot air balloons
flew over the RSC and one
landed by the receiving dock
doors. This made for an exciting
break at the warehouse as
employees went outside to
take pictures of the beautiful

Upon learning that With hotdogs and drinks supplied by the employee board, the team
her mom didn’t held its annual chili and dessert contest.
want anything for
her 99th birthday, The winners pose for a picture. L to R: Kathy Roberts (3rd place dessert), Pam
Roz Mark brought Tait (2nd place dessert), Sherrie Daniels (3rd place dessert), Lisa Coppinger
in donuts for the (3rd place chili), Chris Kennedy (2nd place chili), Jainee Sherman (3rd place
entire team as an chili), Dalton Raney (1st place chili), and Dana Thorsness (1st place dessert).
alternative way to

EASY ACCESS TO Misplaced your most recent copy of Family News? You can easily access an electronic
FAMILY NEWS version any time by signing on to my toolbox from work or home. We archive an entire
year’s worth of issues in the Family News section. Visit
and log in with your assigned ntserv\username and password.

10 Issue 3, 2018

is excited
The wellness committee served up about The staff held a farewell party
fresh chicken and tossed salads their new for General Manager Dalton
to the staff as a kickoff to their 2018 wellness mascots Raney who will now be lending his leadership
events. — two
They are goldfish and
also adding from the operational
health trivia county expertise
during their fair. to the
8 am break General Manager Derek Ball Mesquite
to encourage acquired the thankful fish and gave RSC.
nutritional them to Office Coordinator Kathy
lifestyles. Green to live at the warehouse. They
are doing well in their new home and
everyone loves having them around.

WACO The competition was hot (and mild) at the annual chili cook-off.
Wanda Lopez won the award in the hot chili category and Tina
Team members enjoyed a Bushing claimed bragging rights in the mild category.
wonderful Valentine’s Day
celebration that included a sweet All cook-off participants pose for a picture with winners Wanda (left
treats contest and themed Bingo. center) and Tina (right center).
Scott Boone won first place in
the sweet treats contest, Tonya
Pappas was second, and Shawn
Pullin was third.

SAFETY CORNER Each year, more and more people are injured
as a result of texting, talking, or listening to
Presented by your safety committee music while on their cell phones. And while
it may seem silly, distracted walking is a very

real and serious problem. Here are six simple ways to keep you and others safe when you are

traveling pedestrian style.

1. D o not use your cell phone while walking. Focus solely on getting from point A to point B in
one piece. Check your phone once you’ve safely arrived at your destination.

2. I f you have to use your phone while walking, hold it up higher in your visual field so that you
can see any potential risks as they come.

3. C ross the road at crosswalks or signalized intersections and obey traffic signals.

4. L ook up from your phone every few seconds to assess your surroundings.

5. U se software that reads messages to you and voice recognition typing so that you aren’t
continually looking at your screen. Type n Walk and Walk and Text are two apps designed to
help you walk and text safety.

6. I f you’re using headphones, ensure the volume is where you can still hear any potential
dangers and alerts. Also, consider using one earbud instead of two.

Issue 3, 2018 11


Good nutrition is about having a well-rounded diet, and it’s easier to do than you may think. March is National Nutrition Month®,
so try these simple suggestions from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to help your whole family eat healthier.

Add the right fats: Foods with monounsaturated and Cut the sodium: Sodium increases blood pressure, which raises the
polyunsaturated fats are important for your brain and heart. Good risk for heart disease and stroke.
sources of healthy fats include olive oil, nuts, seeds, certain types of
fish, and avocados. Try this:
• Avoid processed and prepackaged food.
Try this: • At the grocery store, look for products that say low sodium.
• Top lean meats with sliced avocado, or try some in a smoothie. • At restaurants, ask for sauces and dressings on the side.
• Sprinkle nuts or seeds on soups or salads. • A dd flavor to your meals with a squeeze of fresh lemon juice, a
• A dd a fish with healthy fats (like salmon or tuna) into your meals dash of no-salt spice blends, or fresh herbs.
twice a week.
• S wap processed oils (like canola or soybean oil) for oils that are Bump up your fiber: Fiber not only keeps you regular, it also helps
cold-pressed, like extra-virgin olive oil and sesame oil. you feel fuller longer and helps control blood sugar and cholesterol
levels. Fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and legumes (beans
and peas) are good sources of fiber.

Try this:
• S lice up raw veggies and keep them in to-go baggies for quick
• S tart your day off with whole grain oatmeal sprinkled with
pecans or macadamia nuts.
• Steam veggies rather than boil them.
• W hen buying frozen veggies, look for ones that have been flash

Aim for a variety of colors on your plate: Foods like dark, leafy
greens, oranges, and tomatoes—even fresh herbs—are loaded with
fiber, minerals, and vitamins.

Try this:
• Sprinkle fresh herbs over a salad or whole wheat pasta.
• Make a red sauce using canned tomatoes, fresh herbs, and spices.
• A dd diced veggies like broccoli, onions, or peppers to stews and


With the significant amount of data breaches in 2017, this year it is especially
important to file your taxes early to avoid the possibility of tax fraud.

Scam emails are designed to trick taxpayers into thinking these are official
communications from the IRS or others in the tax industry, including tax software
companies. These schemes may seek information related to refunds, filing status,
confirming personal information, ordering transcripts, and verifying PIN information.

The IRS has issued several alerts about the fraudulent use of the IRS name or logo
by scammers trying to gain access to consumers’ financial information to steal their
identity and assets.

Be alert to bogus emails that appear to come from your tax professional requesting information for an IRS form. The IRS doesn’t
require life insurance and annuity updates from taxpayers or a tax professional.

Some email scams include links to fake websites intended to mirror the official IRS website. These emails contain directions saying:
“You are to update your IRS e-file immediately.” These emails are not from the IRS.

The sites may ask for information used to file false tax returns or they may carry malware, which can infect computers and allow

criminals to access your files or track your keystrokes to gain information. Provided by the IRS

Find, Friend & Follow Us Issue 3, 2018

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