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Published by Do it Best Corp., 2018-08-27 09:47:33

Family News, Issue 09, 2018

Family News, Issue 09, 2018

above & beyond proud parents whats happening family news access

Find, Friend & Follow Us Issue 9 | 2018

ays and anniversaries health and safety career opportunities

Field team launches Altendorf Skiler saluted for service
product road show
logs off in Study Connection


To build on our tradition of openness and continually strengthen Do it Best as a great place to work, our Human
Resources team offered all staff the opportunity to provide candid feedback about their work experience through
the 2018 team survey. The survey consisted of 41 questions and received over 1,200 responses and nearly 3,000 written
comments from team members companywide. “It is encouraging that participation was so high, and the responses confirmed
what makes Do it Best the first and best choice for employment,” said Vice President of Human Resources Gary Furst.

After conducting a disciplined evaluation of the confidential surveys, HR presented each of the RSCs and Fort Wayne divisions
with a summary of the results, along with any enhancements and changes brought about from the survey feedback.
Additionally, everyone received copies of the results with a comparison to the information collected from the last survey
administered in 2015.

Survey participants companywide agreed that there are many things that make Do it Best a great place to work. Results ranked
our profit sharing program as a top benefit, followed by an appreciation of how each staff member’s individual roles contribute
to the company’s success. Respondents rated a safe work environment as very valuable, reinforcing that our strategic safety
planning and education initiatives are driving the right results. Rounding out the top four, team members indicated they feel
respected by their supervisors, validating our commitment to a servant-led culture.

“Sincere thanks to everyone who participated in the survey. You all helped reinforce many great aspects of our company policies
and culture. You also helped our leadership team identify where there are valuable improvement opportunities,” Gary said.

While information provided in the survey will continue to be analyzed, the following updates have already been implemented:
• Removed aunt, uncle, niece, and nephew from Employment of Relatives or Nepotism policy
• Increased education assistance to $3,000 annually
• Changed the referral reward program from 180 to 91 day qualification
• Continued investment in technology, facilities, and equipment
• Introduced jean days on Fridays (FW and regional lumber offices)

© 2018 Do it Best Corp. All rights reserved.

above & beyond proud parents FROM INSURANCE COORDINATOR family newAsNacDcesCs ATCH-UP CONTRIBUTIONS
While our profit sharing program provides a strong foundation
GET YOUR BIOMETRIC SCREENING for your retirement, you can boost your nest egg with additional
personal contributions. Through automatic payroll deduction, you
If you’d like to earn additional HSA company contributions in the may contribute between 1% and 90% of your eligible pay on a pre-
CDP or discounted premiums through the PPO with our health care tax basis. In addition, you have the option to contribute between
incentive program, you are required to complete biometric screening, 1% and 10% of your eligible pay on a post-tax basis.
an online health assessment, and health coach training (if selected).
The Internal Revenue Service code states that pre-tax contributions,
The deadline to participate in biometric screening is October 12. combined with Roth contributions, cannot exceed the annual IRS
ays and annOaitvntee-rsnsitader,iecpsllienaicsse wcoilnl tbaehcetoamflfteehreaodnrdylaostauefrretRtyhSiCs mofofincethcbouoctradirfieneyaortouoprcpfaoonrrntLuoantbities dollar limit ($18,500 for 2018).

Corp vouchers or physician’s forms. If you choose this option, be sure The Internal Revenue Code also provides that the combined annual
to follow the instructions carefully. If your spouse is covered under limit for total plan year contributions (company and voluntary) is
your medical plan, they will need to participate as well to ensure you 100% of your W-2 compensation or $55,000, whichever is less.
receive the full incentive.
If you have reached age 50 or will reach age 50 during the
WORLDS UNITE At Do it Best we are calendar year and you contribute the maximum plan or IRS pre-
always excited about tax contribution ($18,500 for 2018), you may make an additional
the opportunity to catch-up contribution ($6,000 for 2018).
serve ouyorulor cseacl ocnodmpmayucnhiteiceks while educatingcetlehbermate
about the ways we serve our members. Recently, Do Tcoonsterliebcuttioorncbahlmoaonodguednotysno,oulrorsgproen-tatox,FRidoethlit4y0N1feo(ktcB)u,esanofetnfeihtrs-etaaalxtthor catch-up
it Best hosted a group of international students from Poland. The
students are part of a program through New Haven High School
in which they learn about area businesses and the New Haven From the Fidelity NetBenefits homepage, click on Quick Links,
community. The chair of East Allen County Schools reached out to select Contribution Amount then follow these steps:
Tom Barfell, director of international sales, to invite Do it Best to
participate in giving the students an inside look at a global business 1. S elect Contribution Amount and Catch-Up Contributions
located right here in Fort Wayne. 2. E nter your desired percentage(s) then click Change

“It’s important to welcome groups like this to Do it Best Corp. Contribution Amount at the bottom of the page
because often times we eanbdovuep&lbeaeyrnoinndg as much from tphreomudapsarents 3. R eview your elections carefully
they do from us. These kids are the next generation, and we have a 4. Click Suwbmhaittsthoapapdevnainncge to the Confirfammaitlyionnewscsraececness
tremendous opportunity to leave a lasting impression on them not 5. P rint the confirmation notice and retain it for your records. The
only about our company, but about the real world of business and
our philosophy of servant leadership,” said Tom. confirmation page will include a confirmation number. Changes
made by 8:30 pm Eastern time on a Wednesday will begin with
During their visit, students learned about the history of the your next paycheck.
company, its global reach, and got a deep dive into the
international side of our business from Tom and Julia Monterroso, If you wish to review or change your investment elections, go
our international department coordinator. to the Next Steps section and click on View and update your
investment elections.
birthdays and anniversaries health and safety
Unless you make changes to your investment elections, your new
contribuctaioreneramopopuonrttuwniitlliebse invested based upon your current

If you have any questions, call the Fidelity Retirement Benefits line
at 800.835.5095 Monday through Friday, 8:30 am – 8:30 pm EST.

QUARTERLY MEETING HIGHLIGHTS At the first quarterly all
staff meeting of FY19,

team members got a

recap of FY18 from Director of Financial Reporting Craig Leichty. He was followed by VP of IT

John Mergy who spoke on our company initiative to deliver product information in real time.

He laid out the innovations in technology we have implemented over the years, and stressed the importance

of distributing information as soon as it’s created to maintain relevance in the industry. President & CEO Dan

Starr concluded the meeting by highlighting the efforts of Graphic Artist Terri Wunderlin on our award winning Three Rivers Parade float, and

thanking Digital Communications Specialist Dan Walton for his service to our country overseas during his recent deployment with the 122nd

Fighter Wing of the Air National Guard. This meeting is available for viewing on DVD and on mytoolbox.

2 Issue 9, 2018

r second paycheck celebrate blood donors focus on health


The Lumber and Building Materials division works executive in building
to provide special buying opportunities for
Product team captains
Do it Best member-owners year round. One of those Dawn Jauch, Terri Riccio,
Rita Roberts, and Shari Roy,
opportunities is the Summer Sizzler. This year, the promotion offered along wfaitmhilsyunpepwosrtacfcroesms Kari
Ann Ezzell, Liz Linsky, and
competitive deals on a number of vendor products with some great Maria, worked to determine
the group of vendors that
new enhancements. proud parents whats happening would have the greatest
above & beyond impact for members. This
“In the past, the Summer Sizzler has offered members deals on a year’s event also involved greater
collaboration thanks to company
plethora of products from nearly as many vendors. This year, we advancements in Google Drive and digital
communications. Liz worked with our Graphics team
narrowed our focus to a select number of vendors and products so to create visually appealing emails to promote the sale, and the
use of Google Docs allowed product teams outside of the corporate
we could bring our members the very best deals,” said Jean Fahy, office to easily contribute to the project. “By including more of our
Do it Best team, we were able to create better deliverables, generate
divisional manager of building material sales. more excitement, and drive greater potential sales,” said Liz.

The time frame of the special was also revamped to cover specific
categories of products over the course of three two-day segments.
The first set of deals included insulation and concrete products, the
ays and annwsieveceaortsnhadreireiinszcaltuiodnedprdordyhwuecaatllslt.ha“naTndhdeascnacfeeewstsyotirmy eitefmrams, eancwadaretshedreeotsphigpirnodretdiunncwiltuiitedhsed
the landscape of the market in mind, and to create a sense of
urgency for our members to take advantage of the deals. We also
planned our specials according to when our members need to
stock up on particular products,” noted Maria Rodenbeck, account


To further establish Do it Best as the first and best choice for our members, our entire Sales team convened at The Grand
Wayne Center in downtown Fort Wayne for a very special Summer Sales Meeting. “In the past our sales meetings have focused
on corporate updates and new programs. And while those are always important, this year we wanted to bring our team additional resources
to help our members drive more retail product sales,” said Shannon Bearman, sales training and development manager.

The fast-paced two-day event included eight handpicked vendors that each gave 50 minute education sessions. These vendors, selected
through a thorough process in collaboration with Merchandising, provided Sales team attendees with product knowledge, hands-on
demonstrations, and exceptional promotional deals to take to their members.

The meeting’s agenda also included guest speaker Brian Shapiro, who presented on the three pillars of exceptional communication, and a
special message from President & CEO Dan Starr addressing the importance of staying relevant in the industry. Finally, attendees split up into
their individual groups to strategize on the best techniques for presenting the vendor deals to members.

With the meeting concluded, territory managers are now taking these products out on the road to bring members phenomenal deals on
planograms, end caps, and open stock items from the event. And, once members stock these items in their stores, our consumer marketing
team will step in and help them move the products out the door with a targeted marketing push.

“We have received great feedback so far from our Sales team about the new structure of our Summer Sales Meeting so we are looking to
do something similar in the future. And, the collaboration across the divisions and our valued vendors made this event truly successful,”
Shannon said.

CAREER OPPORTUNITIES As Do it Best Corp. continues to grow, there may be career opportunities
for you to pursue within the company. Visit
AT DO IT BEST CORP. for a complete list of all openings and contact the Human Resources team
if you’re qualified for and interested in a new role.

Issue 9, 2018 3

CELEBRATE Team members showered Order With the adoption process
Entry Clerk Ashley Romero with finalized, Member Services
Forecasting and gifts and goodies in anticipation of Coordinator Debby Adkison’s
Logistics Planner the birth of her baby girl. daughter Nicole and her husband
Sarah Koscher and Sean Lowe welcomed their son
her husband Dave Accounts Payable Clerk Diane Greyson into the family with
welcomed their Kratzert turned 60 and enjoyed her joyful hearts on July 16!
daughter Kelsey special day with team members in
Jane into the world the Finance division. ALTENDORF LOGS OFF
on July 22.
The Graphics team put together After more than 30 years in the home
On August 2, Special Projects Manager Brian a sweet shower and carry-in to improvement industry, Vice President of
Reed celebrated his 50th birthday with team celebrate Copywriter Rachael Henry Information Technology Mike Altendorf completed
members from Information Technology. and the upcoming birth of her child. his career on August 10. All staff were invited to the
The team in LBM surprised Summit Room to celebrate Mike’s servant leadership and
Account Executive Liz extensive contributions. In a humorous and emotional
Linsky with a beautiful tribute, Mike's lifetime in the independent home
baby shower. improvement business was highlighted. Scott Hofrichter
kicked things off with some light hearted jokes and
INCOM Services Clerk Linda Klenke sincere praise. Next, new VP of IT John Mergy noted
welcomed several monarch butterflies into Mike’s legacy of innovation and presented him with a
the world after raising them from caterpillars copy of the sign that will designate the main IT meeting
she found in her garden. room as the Altendorf Conference Room. Along with
John, VP of Marketing Rich Lynch reflected on Mike's
friendship and impact on his personal and professional
development over the last 32 years. Finally, President
& CEO Dan Starr provided a humorous look back at
Mike's life in the industry, one that traces its origins to
his first job at Reidy's Hardware at age 16. Mike closed
out the event by thanking everyone on the Do it Best
team for their support and contributions over the years
and challenged everyone to look for ways to continue
to help our
grow and
We all wish
Mike and
his wife Sue
health and
as they
home to
Chicago for
their next

EASY ACCESS TO Misplaced your most recent copy of Family News? You can easily access an electronic
FAMILY NEWS version any time by signing on to my toolbox from work or home. We archive an entire
year’s worth of issues in the Family News section. Visit
and log in with your assigned ntserv\username and password.

4 Issue 9, 2018

On August 16, Advertising Service
Representative Karen Krebs retired When Territory Manager Tom Nolen retired from his
after 23 years at Do it Best. Karen started her career career at Do it Best, he took to the weight room to
in the order department and joined the Advertising stay in shape and break records in curls and bench
team (now Consumer Marketing) as an advertising presses in the Southeast Missouri Senior Olympics.
service representative in 2001. Karen enjoyed her
time here serving our members and developing close Last year he curled 115 lbs. and benched 225 lbs., crushing the previously held five-
relationships with her co-workers. In retirement, year-old record in his weight class. This year, Tom returned to the competition to
Karen and her husband Tim look forward to spending better his numbers. However, about eight weeks out from the games, Tom’s training
more time with their family, two grandchildren, and regimen slowed when he had to endure a series of biopsies to rule out possible
great grandchild. They also have several trips planned cancer.
to Colorado and Michigan. “I am so happy for Karen
- her retirement is well deserved,” said Michelle “The results came back in my favor, but drained a lot of my strength. It was bad
Pesek, advertising sales supervisor. “The entire timing to say the least, but I got back into my training and regained much of my
Consumer Marketing team is sad to see her go, and strength within a few weeks.”
her smile and wonderful attitude will be missed daily.
Karen also knew so much about our department. Tom persevered through this minor setback and went on to set a new record in curls
I hope I am able at 135 lbs. for his age group. On the final curl, he completely tore his deltoid, but was
to remember able to lift enough to win the bench press competition.
everything that
she has taught With new records under his belt, Tom will start rehab and work on reaching new goals
me. We wish her next year when he moves up to the 70-74 age bracket.
all the best in the
future and hope SKILER SALUTED FOR STUDY Our team is
her days are filled CONNECTION SERVICE constantly going
with everything that above and beyond
makes her happy.”
- not only for our
COMMUNITY members but for other worthy causes. In Fort Wayne, several staff give their time to

Wheelbarrows, pitchforks, and rakes were at the help with Study Connection, a volunteer program with Fort Wayne Community Schools
ready during this year’s United Way Day of Caring
event. Now in its 26th year, the event brings business that pairs students with adult tutors for weekly homework help.
volunteers and community organizations together
to work on improvement projects throughout Allen Thanks to his dedication to this program, Skiler Lehman, a consumer marketing
County. Do it Best team members volunteered to put specialist, earned the Mike McClelland Outstanding Volunteer Award. This community-
the finishing touches on the SCAN Children’s Garden wide award is given annually to a Study Connection volunteer who excels as a tutor,
on the Purdue Fort Wayne campus ahead of their fall shows commitment to growing and improving the program, and goes above and
gala fundraiser that’s held there. beyond for their student and tutoring site.

Another Fort Wayne company started the project Skiler has been giving his time after work to Study Connection for the last three years.
two days earlier, raking leaves, pulling weeds, and Fellow volunteer Celeste Stevens nominated him for the award because of his joyful
pruning trees to prepare it for our volunteers to service and caring attitude. “Skiler smiles from the time the students arrive until they
spread a mountain of mulch around the gazebo and depart. He is the tutor I wish I had when I was challenged with math in elementary
a multitude of flower beds. school. His patient encouragement, coupled with his winning sense of humor,
positively influenced all of the students in the program.”
Overall, there were more than 15,000 people who
gave their time and talents to benefit the northeast Skiler was very honored to receive this award as he was never looking for recognition
Indiana community through numerous Day of Caring during his time as a volunteer. “I have a passion for helping students in school because
projects. it wasn’t long ago that I was in their shoes. I can remember struggling in my early
education, and receiving extra help from tutors made all the difference. I am honored
Issue 9, 2018 to be presented with this award, and it is humbling that my efforts are recognized by

If you are interested in becoming a Study
Connection tutor in Fort Wayne and donating
one hour a week to make a difference in a child’s
life, contact our HR department.

Skiler received his award at a special recognition
breakfast. Founder of Study Connection and Do it Best
President Emeritus Don Wolf and President & CEO Dan
Starr were both in attendance to congratulate him.


PROUD PARENTS: CATCHING SUCCESS Edgar (top row; fourth from the right) smiles with his team and coaches.

Waco team member Sammy Gallardo’s son Edgar
Almanza has been playing baseball for over 12 years, and
this season his dedication to the sport paid off when his team made it
to the Senior League World Series. This team was formed by a group
of coaches who chose the best players from two select teams to come
together as a formidable force, with Edgar as the catcher. “I’m very
proud of Edgar’s coachability. He always takes to instruction well and
puts his team first,” Sammy said. Even though they fell short of winning
the championship, Edgar’s team still had a season to be proud of.


A team of staff members got competitive
during a game of softball which they won
after coming back in the last inning. This
game marked the last in a season of fun
had by players of all experience levels and

FORT Staff enjoyed a sweet treat of root beer floats sponsored by the
WAYNE employee board.

During the 3 Rivers EGGfest
at Connolly’s Do it Best
Hardware, President &
CEO Dan Starr cooked
tasty samples on the Big
Green Egg with other local
EGGheads. All proceeds
from the event went to
NeighborLink, a local
charitable organization.

Staff and their families gathered for the annual company picnic with the Fort Wayne
TinCaps to enjoy dinner, socializing, minor league baseball, and fireworks following the

During the first employee board sponsored book swap,
team members brought in their old favorites and got to
discover some new reads for fall.

6 Issue 9, 2018

MEDINA Staff and family members enjoyed MESQUITE
the great outdoors during a canoeing
trip down the Mohican River. Kathy Roberts and Ashley Martin traveled to
Hardin, Montana to work with Territory Manager
Rich Thompson to convert all of Hardin Hardware’s location
tickets to our SKUs so this new member can quickly begin
enjoying the benefits of Do it Best membership.


Everyone had a
swimming good time
at the annual staff outing to Cape
Splash Aquatic Center. The park had
something for everyone to enjoy
making for a wonderful evening of
summer fun.

Team members said goodbye and thank you to Everyone gathered at the Mesquite Rec Center for a day of sunshine and
seasonal staff member India McCluney who spent the fun. The employee board provided sandwiches and ice cream and families
past three summers working as an order filler. She will stayed cool in the pool.
be returning to Southern Illinois University to finish her
degree in fashion design.


Anyone working outdoors is at risk of exposure to • T ake an antihistamine to help relieve itching. However, be aware
poisonous plants, including poison ivy, poison oak, and that drowsiness may occur
poison sumac. According to the National Institute of Occupational
Safety and Health (NIOSH), when you come in contact with the sap • Take an oatmeal bath – it may help relieve itching
oil of poisonous plants – either through direct or indirect contact, • C all 911 if you have a severe allergic reaction (or if the rash is on
or inhalation of particles when burning plants – an allergic reaction
can occur. Symptoms of exposure include rashes, swelling, itching, the face or genitals), such as swelling or difficulty breathing, or
bumps, and blisters. If exposed to a poisonous plant, the NIOSH have had a severe reaction in the past
recommends these first aid tips:
• R inse skin with rubbing alcohol, poison plant wash, degreasing To help prevent exposure to poisonous plants:
soap, or detergent as soon as possible • W ear long sleeves, pants, boots, and gloves
• Clean under your nails when working outdoors
• A pply wet compresses, calamine lotion, or hydrocortisone cream • W ash exposed clothing separately in
to the skin to reduce itching and blistering hot water with detergent
• U se skin lotions containing the
ingredient bentoquatum
• Do not burn plants that may be poisonous

Issue 9, 2018 7

Get a flu vaccine
Fort Wayne • A flu vaccine protects against the viruses that research suggests will be most common
Paul Batista • F lu vaccination can reduce flu illnesses, doctors’ visits, and missed work and school due to flu, as
Dan Dietlin well as prevent flu-related hospitalizations
Medina • T he CDC recommends getting vaccinated ahead of flu season or by the end of October, if possible.
Alex Beadnell • P eople at high risk of serious flu complications include young children, pregnant women, people
Kyle Davies with asthma, diabetes, or heart and lung disease, and people 65 years and older
Phil Gurecky • V accination is important for health care workers and other people who live with or care for high
Stephen Melcher risk people
Logan Sines • C hildren younger than six months are at high risk of serious flu illness, but are too young to be
Alex Smart vaccinated. People who care for infants should be vaccinated instead.
Alexis Beaumont Stop the spread of germs
Tim Boetticher • Try to avoid close contact with sick people
Karina Lopez • W hile sick, limit contact with others as much as possible to keep from infecting them
Yasmin Rios • C over your nose and mouth with a tissue when you cough or sneeze
Josh Sandoval • W ash your hands often with soap and water. If soap and water are not available, use an alcohol-
Manny Villarreal based hand rub.
Montgomery • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth
David Small • C lean and disinfect surfaces and objects that may be contaminated with germs like the flu
Brian Alexander Take flu antiviral drugs if your doctor prescribes them
Woodburn • I f you get the flu, antiviral drugs can be used to treat your illness
Andy Boyd • A ntiviral drugs are different from antibiotics. They are prescription medicines and are not available
Alex Garibay over-the-counter.
Tim Thao • A ntiviral drugs can make illness milder and shorten the time you are sick
• S tudies show that flu antiviral drugs work best for treatment when they are started within 2 days
of getting sick

INFORMATION SECURITY: • M onitor computer
BACK TO SCHOOL CYBER SAFETY activity - If your kids
are using email,
As summer ends, many students are returning to school with instant messaging,
mobile devices, smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Although these or chat rooms, find
devices can help students with their schoolwork and stay in touch out who they are
with family and friends, there are risks associated with using them. corresponding with
Because the internet is so anonymous, it is easy for people to and whether they actually know them.
misrepresent themselves and manipulate trusting children. Another
growing problem is cyberbullying. However, there are simple steps • K eep lines of communication open - Let children know that
you can take help your kids stay safe online. they can approach you with any questions or concerns about
behaviors or problems they may have encountered on the
• B e involved - Consider activities you can work on together, such computer.
as playing a game or researching a topic. This will allow you to
supervise your children’s online activities while teaching them • C onsider partitioning your computer into separate accounts - If
good computer habits. you're worried that your children may accidentally access, modify,
or delete your files, you can give them separate accounts and
• K eep your computer in an open area - If your computer is in a decrease the amount of access and number of privileges they
high-traffic area, you will be able to easily monitor the computer have.
• C onsider implementing parental controls - You may be able to set
• S et rules and warn about dangers - Make sure your children some parental controls within your browser to regulate when and
know the boundaries of what they are allowed to do on the how your children access the internet.
computer. These boundaries should include rules about how long
your children are allowed to be on the computer, what sites they
can visit, and what software programs they can use.

Find, Friend & Follow Us Issue 9, 2018

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