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Published by Do it Best Corp., 2020-10-29 11:46:45

Family News issue 11 2020

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Find, Friend & Follow Us focus on health Issue 11 | 2020

above & beyond proud parents whats happening family news access

Team members Delivering Honoring our
learn in Vassar excellence in veterans

birthdays and anniversaries health and safety career opportunities

The needs in our communities have never been Fort Wayne team will be volunteering to pack cold weather
greater. The disruptions from the pandemic have kits for adults and children. These kits include things like
destabilized our economy, leaving many people gloves, hand warmers, and facial tissues. Once assembled,
out of work and struggling to make ends meet. United Way will hand out these kits to those in need as winter
“That’s why this year’s United Way campaign is returns to the region.
so important,” says HR Administrator Cari Fulker. “It presents More important than how we reach our goal for the United
a tremendous opportunity for us all to give generously and
demonstrate our servant leadership.” With this year’s theme Way is the why behind our goal. Every staff member has their
own reasons for giving. “I believe that United Way is the best
of “United in Sharing”, staff will work to reach our company
goal of $240,000 by November 12. “The United Way and their choice because they allow me to choose where I want my
donations to be distributed,” says Assistant Lumber Trader
partner agencies do tremendous work throughout the country
to provide people with solutions,” adds Cari. “Our annual Angela Nevers. “I know the money is staying local.” Business
Analyst Manager Brian Reed pledges because of United Way’s
campaign is an opportunity to serve others and help them
during tough times.” wide reaching impact. “I feel like I'm part of a bigger team
that pulls its resources together to reach the greatest amount
As with nearly every other event this year, our pledge of people in our community. It's just so much like a co-op - I
campaign will look a bit different due to the pandemic. Each really like it.”
Do it Best location will still work to raise money toward our
company goal but the ways we contribute to the cause will The campaign runs November 9-12 and we will provide
updates during the campaign as we move closer to reaching
be done in socially-distanced and COVID-sensitive ways. For
example, instead of the usual agency visits, members of the our goal. Let’s make this campaign a bright spot in a tough
year by being “United in Sharing”.

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blood donors
your second paycheck
INSURANCE TIPS focus on health
above & beyond proud parents whats happening family news access
As a part of the company-provided disability insurance for
PROTECT YOURSELF AGAINST THE FLU eligible full- and part-time team members, an employee
assistance program is available through our provider,
For those enrolled in the medical plan, the flu vaccine is covered Lincoln Financial. Get access to grief counseling, financial
100% under the wellness benefit. If you obtain the flu vaccine at counseling, and legal support. For more information about
your doctor's office, there will be no charge.
the program, visit, download the
If you go to a local pharmacy, you will need to pay out of pocket GuidanceNow mobile app, or call 888.628.4824. A brochure
then submit a Benefit Claim Form to Unified Group Services. is available on Workbench under the Information tab and
Health Benefits & Wellness section. From there, scroll down
To fill out the form, go to and login using code
birthdays and anniversaries health and safety career opportunities to the Policy Information section to find and click a link
8085. Under Quick Links, click Plan Documents/Forms. Under called Employee Assistance Program. Once in the Human
Online Forms, you will find the Benefit Claim Form. Complete the Resources drive, click the document called EAP Overview.
form electronically and attach your itemized receipt. Unified will
reimburse you via a cashable check mailed to your address on file.


During the President’s Address at the fall market, Dan Starr previewed our new
store design concept that will be fully revealed to Do it Best members next year.
Vassar Building Center in Vassar, Michigan, is the first store to implement the design, and
team members traveled there to help get the store ready ahead of its opening on October 19.
It was a great opportunity for them to gain exposure to new store projects and merchandising.
“This has been a long time in the making,” said Store Development Manager Cherié Jacobs.
“We looked at a lot of criteria when choosing a member store to be the first to implement the
new concept. The candidate had to be willing to come on the journey with us. Vassar, owned
by Mike MacKay, was a great fit, and the finished project is an excellent representation of our
vision for our new store concept. I can’t wait for everyone to see it!”
Team members from Fort Wayne spent a full day packing up totes in the old store to be merchandised in the new store down the
street. They also learned about the overall process of a new store project and the finer points of merchandising. “It was awesome
seeing firsthand all the planning that goes into a new store project,” said Education & Events Specialist Caitlin Thompson. “I learned
about planograms, endcaps, and the significance of good signage. It felt great to directly contribute to the success of a member, and
know I was able to help during this exciting new chapter.”
For the second half of their trip, team members unloaded totes and merchandised the new store. “There is a method to the process,
and quality is important,” said Communications Specialist Lauren Brune. “It’s a beautiful new store and the inventory on the shelves
needs to reflect that. Everything clean, fronted, and consistent. This experience gave me a huge appreciation for what goes into a
project like this. Details are important and it takes great teamwork to make it happen.”

2 Issue 11, 2020


your second paycheck celebrate blood donors focus on health

Systems Administrator Michael
Reprogle and his wife Lexi
Lily Mae Otto Alexander was born
into the to Category Management
word on Business Analyst Alex Document Services Specialist Emily Territory Sales Manager Amanda (Couzzins)
whats happening
family news access
proud parents
above & beyond October 3. Gilliom and his wife Morris celebrated her 40th birthday Verstrat married her husband Jason on October 3.
Cassondra on October 21. on September 30.

birthdays and anniversaries health and safety career opportunities

On October 6, members of IT helped Senior Project Manager Tony Store Development Manager Cherié Jacobs turned 40 on October 9 and her friends
Casiano celebrate turning 50. and coworkers helped her celebrate in style.

DELIVERING IN MONTGOMERY At Do it Best, one of the ways we fulfill our goal of helping
our members grow and achieve their dream is through
on-time deliveries. Our Montgomery warehouse completed the
year with an on-time delivery performance of 96.1% - the highest in the company. That's equivalent to 19,989 on-time
deliveries out of 20,800 opportunities! Their weekly on-time performance was above 90% for 50 out of 52 weeks.
What's more, our on-time
delivery is defined much
more stringently than
industry standards. "Most
carriers exclude things like
foul weather, accidents,
or late dispatches in their
on-time reporting. We
count every delivery for
every member without any
exceptions or exemptions,"
says VP of Logistics Tim
Miller. “We consider a
delivery to be late if it’s
30 minutes or longer past
their scheduled delivery
time.” Through the
first quarter of FY2021
Montgomery is again Ray Sreca presented our Montgomery delivery partner Transervice and the Montgomery shipping team with a plaque
leading all warehouses and banner honoring the team for their outstanding performance in FY2020. L to R: Montgomery Shipping Dept. Manager
with an on-time delivery Lou Thorpe, Transervice Driver Scott Trone, Assistant Transportation Manager Pete Mango, Transportation Manager Bill
performance of 96.6%.
Sutherland, Montgomery Shipping Lead Zach Hoffert, and Transervice Driver Kevin Hulse.

Issue 11, 2020 3



Veterans Day traces its roots to the end of hostilities in
World War I with the signing of the Treaty of Versailles.
The day was honored as Armistice Day and became a
national holiday in 1938, but in 1954, the name was
changed to Veterans Day to honor all US veterans. Let’s
take a moment to honor Do it Best team members who have
served in all branches of service and have sacrificed so much
to protect our country.

Dixon Branch Years of service
Larry Aldridge Army 6
Tom Davis Army 9
Mary Gutsche Army 9
Beth Robinson Army 4
Neil Sanders Army 3

Field Staff Branch Years of service
Kevin Berry Marines 4
Scott Kinkella Army 4
Ron NaSal Army 4
Steve Pettinger Army 2
Jesse Sarenana Army 3
Ron Skinner Army 3
Fort Wayne Branch Years of service
Jason Cluts Army 8
Stacey Crosby Air Force 6
Dan Dietlin Navy 6
Bob Grabowski Navy 6
Chris Mettler Navy 6
Brian Reed Navy 32
Ryan Robie Air Force 4
Hope Shaver Air Force 4
Jasmine Sumling Navy 4
Dan Walton Air Force 14

4 Issue 11, 2020

Lexington Branch Years of service Sikeston Branch Years of service
Eric Derrick Navy 2 Dennis Bean Army 3
William Fatherree Army 12 Carl Estes Air Force 4
DeMarco Gilliam Army 6 Hykeem Hammonds Army 3
Craishod Norris Army 3 Bryan Marshall Air Force 8
Vince Seay Navy 28 Tyler Pigg Army 12
Mike Thomason Air Force 9
Barbara Walker Army 0.5 Waco Branch Years of service
Stanley Williams Air Force 7
Lawrence Bethea Army 6
Medina Branch Years of service Cody Knox Army 3
Nicholas Ruff Army 1
Rob Curnoe Army 2 Jason Suggs Navy 8
Tim Komjati Marines 4 Calei Tekubie Navy 4
Paul Kowalski Army 12 John Villanueva Marines 4
Jarrod Rhodes Army 12 Reggie Wagoner Army 6

Mesquite Branch Years of service Woodburn Branch Years of service
Cole Atwood Army 10 Isai Aguilar Army 5
Sean Birch Army 3 Andres Alvarez Marines 4
Steven Engstrom Marines 4 Homer Belche Air Force 4
Mike Ethington Navy 3 John Messer Army 3
Brandon Gangle Army 5 Randy Oatney Army 3
Travis Rychener Marines 4
Montgomery Branch Years of service Steven Stockton Army 7
Raphael Colon
(Adecco temp) Marines 6
Zach Hoffert Marines 8
Glen Johnson Army 6
Paul Pajilla Marines 4
Joe Rosenblum Army 2
Rich Sager Air Force 6
John Soultanakis Air Force 4
Ray Sreca Navy 6
Jerry Wilson Army 8



Issue 11, 2020 5


The Fort Wayne employee board sponsored their second Most team members in Fort Wayne probably don’t pay much
Goodwill Clothing drive for 2020 and collected nearly attention to the Maplecrest bridge spanning our parking lot.
960 pounds of donated goods. However, observant Database Developer John Tolen noticed what
appeared to be some leakage of road fill coming from the seams of
the concrete blocks
supporting the
bridge. He alerted
Communications Facility Maintenance
Director Randy Manager Chad
Rusk had so many Frederickson who
bags of donations was able to contact
we had to bring a county road crew
the bin to him. to repair the seams.
“Loose fill can lead
to sinkholes and
pavement damage
to the road many
of us use every
day,” says Chad.
“The crew was able
to perform some
needed maintenance
that will prolong the
life of the bridge.”
Chad thanked John
for his initiative by
presenting him with
a $10 credit to the
Breakaway Café.


Retail Technical Support Lead Kelly Miller is
excited about her son Kendric’s recent sports
accomplishment. Kendric plays football for Antwerp
High School and was recognized on the NFL
Network's Good Morning Football show. During
their Way to Play segment they give out an award
to one player a week who used proper technique
during game play. “For a small school with less than
35 players, this national recognition was quite a
surprise,” says Kelly.

As Do it Best Corp. continues to grow, there may be career opportunities
CAREER OPPORTUNITIES for you to pursue within the company. External candidates apply at
AT DO IT BEST CORP. Internal candidates should use the link provided
on Workbench and apply by logging in to

6 Issue 11, 2020

to the
With individually wrapped bagels and pre-
packaged cream cheese, the team was able to
enjoy everyone’s favorite employee board event - bagel day! Family

Fort Wayne
Michael Reprogle
Jasmine Sumling
Emily Comella
Dean Laubacher
William Lundstrom
Dawn Minnick
Kenny Ross
Davon Armstrong
Paul Pajilla
William Clemons
Travis Parker
Chad Sells
Taylor Shell-Taylor
Josh Townsend
Shawn Young
Ricardo Fuentes
Christopher Gonzalez
Ramon Leon-Balcazar
Fidel Llamas
Everyone enjoyed great food at the socially-distanced Fall Fling. Keeping with tradition, participants got into Jorge Rayas
character for the annual Halloween costume contest. The winners were Maggie "Mouse" Radyn (1st), Hillary Javier Reyes
"Colonel Sanders" Keller and Carly "Chicken" Bassett (2nd), and Cicely "70s Chick" Ware (3rd). Alex Velasco-Mora


On October 3, the team held
their annual golf tournament -
renamed The Tony Suarez Annual
Golf Tournament in honor of
recent retiree Tony Suarez who
created the event 14 years ago. 24
people attended the tournament,
including Tony and his daughter.
Very fittingly, Tony walked away
the winner this year.

EASY ACCESS TO Misplaced your most recent copy of Family News? You can easily access an electronic
version any time by signing on to Workbench from work or home. We archive an entire
FAMILY NEWS year’s worth of issues in the Family News section.

Issue 11, 2020 7

FOCUS ON HEALTH: FUEL YOUR SAFETY CORNER Presented by your safety committee
As you sleep, your body is hard at work digesting yesterday's
dinner. By the time you wake up, your body and brain are
demanding fresh fuel. Breaking the fast is a key way to power
up in the morning. Do it right and the
benefits can last all day.
Try these 4 tips for creating your
own energy-boosting breakfast:
1. Choose whole grains. High-
fiber, whole-grain cereals, and
breads can help keep your
blood sugar on an even keel and
avoid a mid-morning energy crash. With the hundreds of
types of cereal on the market, bran cereal, bran flakes, and
steel-cut oatmeal are typically the healthiest bets.

2. Include protein. Yogurt is
a good choice and Greek
yogurt has more protein
than regular yogurt.
Although yolks are high in
cholesterol, eggs
have proteins, vitamins, and other
nutrients and don't appear to
increase the risk for developing heart Shorter days, fatigue, compromised vision, rush hour, and
disease. You might also include foods that impaired drivers are some of the risks we face when driving
have healthful fats such as those in nuts or salmon. at night. Depth perception, color recognition, and peripheral
vision can be compromised in the dark, and the glare of
3. Eat in, not out. You can enjoy a headlights from an oncoming vehicle can temporarily blind
healthful breakfast out, a driver.
if you stick to oatmeal.
A lot of traditional Even with high-beam headlights on, visibility is limited to
breakfast fare will about 500 feet (250 feet for normal headlights) creating
start your day less time to react to something in the road, especially when
with loads of refined driving at higher speeds.
carbohydrates and What should you do to combat darkness?
saturated fat. • Aim your headlights correctly, and make sure they're
4. Blend up a breakfast smoothie. Combine fruit, juice, clean
yogurt, wheat germ, tofu, and other ingredients. Toss them • Dim your dashboard
in your blender with a bit of ice and you have a refreshing, • Look away from oncoming lights
high energy breakfast.
• If you wear glasses, make sure they're anti-reflective
• Clean the windshield to eliminate streaks
• Slow down to compensate for limited visibility and
reduced stopping time
During times of heavy traffic make sure you
• Slow down
• Stay in your lane and beware of drivers who dart from
lane to lane
• Don't go on autopilot
• Consult a map before you go and memorize your route
• Don't touch your phone, eat, drink, or do other things
that are distracting

Find, Friend & Follow Us Issue 11, 2020

blood donors
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family news access
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11/1 Angie Ruiz C 11/6 Jayme Cromer M 11/13 Tracy Springstead F 11/19 Donna Biddle R 11/25 Chris Beach F
11/1 Diane Hall R 11/6 Suzanne Crothers S 11/13 Candy Dawkins R 11/19 Doug Brooks R 11/25 Kasey Crabill R
11/1 Larry Landis F 11/6 Rubenna Tom S 11/13 Kaylee Thorn M 11/19 Patricia Copsey R 11/25 Lorraine Otto R
11/1 Chris Marland X 11/7 Danyeal Clark D 11/13 Jill Shavkin N 11/19 Scott Heath F 11/25 Dennis Rappenecker R
11/1 Joan Ort R 11/7 Jan Engle R 11/13 Vanessa Arana Torres P 11/19 Ken Hayes L 11/26 Amber Elder F
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11/1 Joyce Schneider R 11/7 Marlene Medina R 11/13 Andre Johnson W 11/20 Freeman Sebastian R 11/26 John Thomas R
11/1 Patty Sikora R 11/7 Dora Martinez P 11/14 Sue Reinking R 11/20 Deb James D 11/26 Ethan Starkey M
11/1 Sharon Matthews L 11/7 Ernie Velasco De Jesus P 11/14 Brad Padgett L 11/20 Ed Stover R 11/26 Latasha Johnson W
11/1 Melissa Holik M 11/8 Craig Ressel C 11/14 Mitosha Stewart L 11/20 Teresa Helbert F 11/27 Roger Michel R
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11/2 Martin Martinez N 11/8 Merideth Banky M 11/14 Sharlene Johnson W 11/20 Irving Torres S 11/27 Dave Freeman R
11/2 Armando Fregoso Sr R 11/8 Ray Sreca N 11/15 Michelle Petersen D 11/20 James Butler W 11/27 Baldomero Mendoza P
11/2 Sarah Beck S 11/8 Isaac Renteria P 11/15 Destiny Welch D 11/20 Norma Medina R 11/27 Maria Salazar W
11/3 Cam Latta D 11/8 Jeremiah Ybarra-Valverde P 11/15 Lisa Dudeck F 11/21 Matt Furge X 11/28 Alison Ressel C
11/3 Debby Adkison R 11/9 Beverly Gibson R 11/15 Steve Rose F 11/21 Rebecca Gunter F 11/28 Daniel Massucci F
11/3 Randy Rusk F 11/9 Ben Davison R 11/15 Kay Williams R 11/21 Sherry DelNegro N 11/28 Ralph Parcell R
11/3 Jay Fletcher L 11/9 Teresa Guffey F 11/15 Tina Amick L 11/21 Claudia Barrera Vasquez P 11/28 Connie Smead R
11/3 Mark Oliver P 11/9 Josh Dugan M 11/15 Mel Norris L 11/21 Cody Almond S 11/28 Becky Nichols L
11/3 Robert Lindsey W 11/9 Francisco Ojeda Negrete P 11/15 Melanie Cook M 11/21 Clarence Eller R 11/29 Bob Cranney R
11/3 Calei Tekubie W 11/10 Mike Barley F 11/15 Kim Ludrosky M 11/22 Nathaniel Mayes D 11/29 Steve Schmitt R
11/4 Rich Jordan Jr D 11/10 Mike Kopiecki N 11/15 Hallie Thompson R 11/22 Kim Currier L 11/29 Mark Heinen R
11/4 Dan Dietlin F 11/10 Ronnie White W 11/15 Maritza Lino N 11/22 Marlie Buttolph R 11/30 Margaret McDowell C
11/4 Sheila Deloach L 11/11 Mike Wolfe R 11/16 Dwayne Mitchem C 11/23 Tina Bradley R 11/30 Denise McFadden R
11/4 Pat Veverka M 11/11 Mark Young X 11/16 Maureen Basarich R 11/23 Wendy Godfrey F 11/30 Pat Bannigan R
11/4 Michael Potter N 11/11 Dawn Minor L 11/16 Tawanna Jones L 11/23 John Heyerly R 11/30 Christine Bradtmueller F
11/4 Louis Arechiga W 11/11 Nikki Waggaman M 11/17 Lisa Burger R 11/23 Amy Walker F 11/30 Pat Yorke R
11/4 Crystal Garcia W 11/11 Tom Crowfoot N 11/17 Jay Young D 11/23 Robert Williamson M 11/30 Deborah Mabry S
11/5 Bob Morgan C 11/11 Jonathan Martinez N 11/17 Richard Retkowski R 11/23 Brittney Lee N
11/5 Beth Robinson D 11/11 Gary Harriman R 11/17 Kyle Craft L 11/23 Luis Reyes P
11/5 Aaron Diers F 11/11 Brad Reneau W 11/17 Joseph Rosenblum N 11/23 Ashley Martin S LEGEND
11/5 Jared Hufford F 11/12 Rodney Hurst C 11/17 Fidel Llamas P 11/24 Drew Mitchem C
11/5 Rose Smith F 11/12 Manny Garcia R 11/18 Geoff Kingsbury R 11/24 Paul Muhleback D Dixon ........... D
11/5 Trey Abney L 11/12 Angela Nevers F 11/18 Bev Hoyt R 11/24 Scott Aschliman F Fort Wayne ........ F
11/5 Drew Stoddard L 11/12 Connie Robb F 11/18 Ryan Stannert M 11/24 Russ Goerlitz X Lexington ........ L
11/5 Monica Kimble R 11/12 Jose Caballero P 11/18 John Demshick N 11/24 Kirk Miller F Medina ......... M
11/5 Christy Willkom M 11/13 Mike Beerens F 11/19 Ryan Steimle C 11/24 Linda Ulshafer R Mesquite ......... S
11/5 Laurie Hruza S 11/13 Peter Mitchell F 11/19 Christy Ross D 11/24 Sam Amick R Montgomery ...... N
Woodburn ........ P
11/6 Brian Etzler F 11/13 Tom Mowery F 11/19 Alissa Tobin D 11/24 Luis Cruz S
Retiree ........... R
ANNIVERSARIES Sikeston .......... C
Waco ........... W
1980 Cathy Tomman D 2000 Jayme Cromer M 2011 James Candelaria S 2015 Soren Schamberg F Field Staff ........ X
1980 Tim Komjati M 2001 Kris Chester F 2011 Jodi Glavin D 2015 Meagan McNeal F
1983 Mike Wilder F 2001 Tom Wolford F 2011 Julie DeBord D 2016 Ryan Robie F 2018 Cam Latta D
1986 Laurie Kroeber F 2001 Brian Reed F 2011 Shelby Gallardo D 2016 Laci Scheib F 2018 Chad Wittenauer D
1987 Debbie Rohde C 2002 Sheri Pamer M 2011 Steve Rose F 2016 Deedra Baggett W 2018 Jill Cheyne-Roy X
1991 Rita Roberts F 2002 Tammy Wagner F 2011 Amelia Wilson N 2016 Haley Toliver F 2018 Randi Bentley M
1991 Pat Veverka M 2003 Bill Russell X 2011 Joyce Pierce F 2016 Jesse Sarenana X 2018 Adan Ramirez Ramirez P
1993 Tim Miller F 2003 Andre Johnson W 2011 Luan Nguyen P 2016 Kendra Radu F 2018 Josh Lucero N
1995 John Steele F 2003 Peggy Chen F 2012 Nick Waits L 2016 Maggie Radyn F 2018 Anita Roux D
1995 Susan Snodgrass W 2004 Maria Trejo W 2012 Ben Diaz F 2017 Angie Vos D 2018 Dan Diehl M
1996 Angie Mayo C 2004 Stephan Walter M 2012 Brian Christophel F 2017 Carol Edmondson F 2018 Chris Olivero N
1996 Chris Hinkebein C 2006 Kenny Verdon N 2012 Kendra Eaken F 2017 Kevin Caldwell F 2018 Rob Saglime X
1996 Marcus Schaefer C 2006 Kari Roemke F 2012 Sarah Clark F 2017 Mary Gutsche D 2019 Kimberly Agnew L
1996 Sonja Westrich C 2008 Brian Scott F 2012 Sarah Koscher F 2017 Paul Muhleback D 2019 Mirna Arroyo Casique F
1998 Ann Aguirre F 2008 Kevin Tindall X 2013 Mike Boal M 2017 Samantha Bender D 2019 ShaDana Stewart L
1999 Alan Ennest N 2008 Kyle Graf F 2013 Kelly Stezowski F 2017 Tiana McGowan D 2019 Glenn Becker X
1999 Robert Torres N 2010 Larry Atkin S 2014 Juan Remigio-Martinez P 2017 Donovan Winebrenner M 2019 Mark Koch F
1999 Cindy Hixson F 2010 Wally Rasmussen S 2014 Anna Fullem M 2018 Derek Opliger F 2019 Craig Madkins W
1999 Jason Hadden L 2010 Rob Curnoe M 2014 Jesse McCann S 2018 Stephen Weaver M 2019 Fredie Rosales N
1999 Susan Hurd N 2010 Alex Fregoso P 2015 Amy Onion F 2018 Kori Harmon S 2019 Laiza Lozano W
2000 Carol Pulos N 2010 Jose Lopez P 2015 Andre Toomer D 2018 Luis Cruz S 2019 Aaron Bouchie F
2000 Randall Glover D 2011 Dennis Magill D 2015 Janet Yanke Lisy M 2018 Aaron Goldsberry X

November 2020 Birthdays & Anniversaries

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