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Published by Do it Best Corp., 2019-11-20 15:25:49

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Issue 12

Start Something


An Insider’s Look at Event Marketing

Start Something Fully commit
Special An event shows

people what your
store’s about and
speaks about your

An Insider’s Look at localness. Amazon
isn’t having an event
Event Marketing and you can really

set the tone in your
community when you
As a successful independent home commit to doing something special. Jim
improvement retailer, finding new ways
to connect with your community is an When you decide to host a special event you have to be all in
important part of strengthening your and make sure everyone on your team is on board. Be ready
relevance and driving more sales. to invest money and resources to put on a quality event that
Effective event marketing allows you to you will be proud of. Don’t start small, start big. Pat
reach current and potential customers
in a fun way that draws them to your
business. What’s your what

So where do you start? Do it Best We started carrying the Big Green Egg 11 years ago and
member-owners Jim Lehrer of folks were talking about this EggFest thing. No one was
Brownsboro Hardware doing it in Louisville yet and we wanted to be the first. Jim
& Paint in Louisville, We wanted to create an event that would get people out of
Kentucky and Pat their pajamas and into our store. If you think you’re not in the
Sullivan of Sullivan entertainment business, you’re mistaken. You have to deliver
Hardware & Garden on experience, and then sales will follow. So, figure out what
in Indianapolis,
Indiana both host makes the most sense for your store and do it. Pat
very popular events in
Jim Lehrer
their communities that
have grown to establish their stores
as category experts
and the go-to grilling
destination. Whether it’s a
cooking class or a Ladies’
Night, their insights and
experiences hosting
special events can help
you plan your own in the Pat Sullivan
coming year.


We partner with several radio and TV stations and get a lot of free media
coverage with different morning news teams. We also make sure our
event is on every community calendar and magazine in the city. Jim

Hosting an event takes a lot of
promotion. We do radio and leverage
our Best Rewards email list to get the
word out. Social media is also great for
building hype for your event - the more
creative you get the better. Pat


I saw my staff really shine when we
started doing EggFest events and it was rewarding to see them step up. When you are in
the thick of event planning, you realize that it doesn’t come together in a few days or with a
few people. It takes a team effort so don’t be afraid to

delegate and give your staff added responsibility. Jim
Special events aren’t limited to
We used to always have free events, but we started EggFest. Talk to your Consumer
charging for EggFest. At first, it was hard and we Marketing Specialist to identify an
questioned if we were doing the right thing. In the end, event that’s right for your store.
it showed customers that we were really engaged in the
event and that it was a big deal. Pat Cooking Class

Charity Build Craft Night

Customer Appreciation/

Holiday Open House

Ladies’ Night

Pet Adoption Day

Safety Education

2020 NRHA management
training scholarship available

We’ve partnered with the
North American Retail
Hardware Association
(NRHA) to sponsor a
scholarship to help
Do it Best member-
owners participate
in NRHA’s Retail
Management Certification
Program. Learn more on

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