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Published by Do it Best Corp., 2018-06-26 09:55:48

Orientation Guidebook


Welcome to the Do it Best Family

bestMaking the

Orientation Guidebook

Welcome to Do it Best Corp. . . . . . 1 HIt’es Arlle

Employee Board . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3

Company History . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4

Philosophy, Mission, and Goal . . . 6

A Solid Framework . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7

Company Values . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8

Doing the Right Thing . . . . . . . . . . . 9
Code of Conduct

More Than a Paycheck . . . . . . . . . 10
Profit Sharing
Educational Assistance
Health and Wellness
Dental and Vision
Holidays and Vacation Time
Referral Program
Team Member Purchases

Payroll, Policies, & Procedures . . . 14
Dress and Appearance
Punctuality & Attendance
Family and Medical Leave
Paid Time Off

Company Rules. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16
Tobacco, Drug, and Alcohol Policy
Weapon Policy
Policy Against Harassment
and Discrimination

Information Security . . . . . . . . . . . 18

Chart Your Path . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19
Make an Impact
Career Opportunity Policy
Open Door Policy

Welcome to the Do it Best Corp. family!
Our extensive recruiting and candidate evaluation
process ensures that we are hiring only the very best
contributors to our team, so I congratulate you on
your record of achievement so far and I look forward
to your many contributions ahead.
We are a dynamic and growing company where
your opportunity to enhance our members’ success
is virtually unlimited. We set a high bar for the
performance of our team because we believe in the
fundamental importance of supporting independent
home improvement entrepreneurs. We are determined
to exceed their expectations every day so they can
continue to compete and win in their markets.
While our mission to make the best even better
requires us to be driven and embrace change at a
faster pace than ever before, we are also equally
focused on nurturing a work environment that fosters
friendliness, engagement and an adherence to safety.
We look forward to your contributions in these areas
as we continually strengthen Do it Best Corp. as a
great place to work.
We want Do it Best Corp. to be recognized in this
industry as the first and best choice for independent

home improvement, known the world over for our
commitment to excellence and our dedication
to growing our members’ businesses. And I
couldn’t be more pleased to have you joining
our enthusiastic team as we execute our
strategic vision for the future.

President & CEO


Familyto the Do it Best


It’s being willing to work in a team, and it’s also being
willing to serve beyond just an individual role. You don’t
hear, ‘It’s not my job,’ around here. Whether it’s during

emergency situations or just day-to-day operations,
people like to get involved. They like to serve.

Steve Rose

Take as much initiative
as you can.

Sarah Krey

It is a place where everybody’s TeamYou’re Part of the
encouraged to pitch in and everybody
pulls together to accomplish the greater Take every opportunity that you
have to ask a question or to get
goal. So don’t take that for granted. to know someone in any division,
Relationships matter, people matter, because everybody here’s so
and they’re all there to support you friendly. We’re all very friendly,
and try to make you deliver the best
all ready to help you out.
performance that you can.

Rob Schmiedel Irene Montes


Mark Your


Your Employee Board is hard at work planning
world-class team building events.


Founded in 1945

Arnold Gerberding started the co-op,
serving locally-owned hardware and lumber

stores in the tri-state area.

First market held in 1946
launched in 1999
60 members browsed 25 vendor merchandise
displays in the auditorium Do it Best Corp. became the first
co-op in the industry with an
of the Catholic ecommerce website.
Community Center.


Do it Best Corp. is truly a great American success story. What began with little more than an idea in 1945

by our founder Arnold Gerberding has grown into a multi-billion dollar company. Its success is due to a

combination of hard work, innovation, and a commitment to serving others. With just five presidents in the

company’s history, we’ve been able to continue our tradition of excellence in serving thousands of

member-owned home improvement businesses throughout the US and all around the world.

Expanded beyond HAisPrtoourdy
the US in 2006

Offices were opened in mainland
China and in Hong Kong to expand

our global sourcing efforts.

Achieved $3 billion in Sikeston replaces
gross sales in 2006 Cape RSC in 2014

While it took nearly four and a half The new building took the place of the
decades to reach the first billion in sales, original Cape Girardeau warehouse, with
advanced technology to
it took only seven years to go from
$2 billion to $3 billion. improve efficiency.


ServiceBuilt on a Culture of “Serving others
as you’d like
“We talk a lot
about a culture to be served…
of service, which that meant our
at its core really members, our
means that we suppliers, each
ask ourselves other, and our
community. That
how can we
improve on ties us all
the member together.”
experience and
then quickly move Don Wolf
to deliver on that President & CEO
improvement.” 1967-1992

Dan Starr “To new
President & CEO employees,
2016-present I would say,
‘You’re going to
Our Philosophy: hear it a lot. Our
philosophy at
Serving others as we would Do it Best is to
like to be served serve others as
you’d like
Our Mission: to be served.’”

Making the best even better® Mike McClelland
President & CEO
Our Goal: 1992-2001

Helping our members grow and “We have a team
achieve their dreams™ that understands
the importance
6 of promises and

They live up to
them. It’s better to
promise good and
deliver great.”

Bob Taylor
President & CEO


International Affiliates US Member Stores E-tailers

Human Resources Logistics Information Technology Sales

LBM Finance Merchandising Marketing


FramA Seolwid ork

Do it Best Corp. provides everything independent hardware stores, home centers,

lumberyards, industrial/commercial distributors, and e-tailers need to grow their businesses

and achieve their dreams. Consisting of eight divisions, Do it Best Corp., along with the

support of our vendors, delivers cost-effective products and solutions to this expanding

group of independent businesses. 7

Company Values

Compliance: We obey all applicable laws and regulations.

Integrity: We act ethically and seek to avoid even the
appearance of improper behavior.

Reliability: We cannot function to our capacity unless
our staff can rely upon each other and the covenants and
commitments they give to each other and to our members.

Accountability: We need people who can think, make
judgments, and be accountable and responsible for their

Quality: The purpose of our business is to develop and
keep members. This can only be accomplished by delivering
superior quality.

Fairness: We deal fairly in all our relationships inside and
outside the company.

Opportunity: Our charge is to actively pursue practices that
support and encourage a diverse work force, and to guarantee
that opportunity is based on competence and character and
not on circumstances of birth.

Knowledge: Our employees take responsibility to know what
is right and how to do the right thing. Do it Best Corp. provides
support to our employees to meet this need.

Honesty: Truth cannot be compromised.

Mutual Respect: We seek to recognize the dignity, worth,
and potential of each individual and believe that everyone
from a service worker to the company president has intrinsic
worth and value.

Civility: We treat others with dignity and respect.


Doing the

Right Thing

Understand and abide by expectations for ethical conduct at
Do it Best Corp. as outlined in our Code of Conduct.

Action Items

• Review the Code of Conduct
• Contact HR or your manager

with questions
• Acknowledge receipt and understanding

of our Code of Conduct

Key Takeaways

Code of Conduct

Identify and avoid conflicts of interest.
Do not work for or in the interest
of our competitors.

Review gifts and entertainment guidance.


More Profit Sharing

Than a • 10% of fiscal year profits fund the plan
Paycheck • Unique and strong benefit
• Investment in your financial future
Benefits Overview • 6 month benefits waiting period for 3%

• Profit sharing Safe Harbor contribution
• Educational assistance
• Health insurance Action Items
• Health club membership
• Watch Fidelity netbenefits tutorial
reimbursement • Login to your account
• Holidays • Review retirement benefits
• Vacation days that grow with
information on mytoolbox
years of service
• Referral reward Make the Connection
• Team member purchases
Review the Profit Sharing Summary
Make the Plan Description on mytoolbox.
Educational Assistance
Review benefits eligibility
as outlined in the Team Eligible courses are job-related or required for
another position within the company
Member Handbook.
Action Items
• Review Educational Assistance information
on mytoolbox

• Contact your Manager or HR with questions

Make the

Do it Best Corp. invests in
personal and professional
development, encouraging

growth and continuous

Health Insurance Benefits Make the Connection

• 60-day benefits waiting period Family News features a
• Two plan options monthly insurance tip.
• Available to full-time team members
• User-friendly online enrollment through
• Search for providers, compare healthcare costs, and

review claim information on

Action Items

• Watch tutorial
• Watch tutorial
• Login to your accounts
• Review health insurance benefits

information on mytoolbox
• If applicable, complete the dependent

eligibility audit

Preventative and Wellness Benefits*

• Health Club membership reimbursement
• Preventative services as outlined on
• Health coaching
• Biometric screening and health risk analysis

Action Items

• Review preventative and wellness benefits
coverage information on mytoolbox

*Wellness benefits available to full time staff covered by our health insurance

Dental and Vision

• 6 month benefits waiting period
• Available to full-time team members
• Reimbursement for covered services as outlined in benefits

overviews and summary plan descriptions

Action Items

• Watch submitting a dental/vision reimbursement claim tutorial
• Review vision and dental benefits information on mytoolbox


Holidays Key Takeaways

Do it Best Corp. staff are eligible for paid or unpaid Team members in certain member-
holidays based on full-time or part-time status. facing or operations positions
The days Do it Best Corp. observes holidays will
be posted at the beginning of each calendar year. may be required to work specific
Check with Human Resources or your manager for holidays based on business need.
a current listing of observed holidays. Comp days will be offered to team
members that work those holidays.
Review the Team Member Handbook

for additional information about
eligibility for holiday pay.

Vacation Time Make the Connection

• Grows with years of service Review vacation information available
• Earned benefit (must work minimum in the Team Member Handbook.

number of hours)
• Paid/unpaid based on status

(part-time or full-time)


Referral Program 13

We believe our team members are our best recruiters,
recommending bright and energetic candidates for open

Reward Basics

• Complete and submit the candidate referral form
• Instruct candidate to enter your name on the

employment application
• Candidate is hired and retained
• Referral bonus - merchandise credit

Make the Connection

Review referral reward information,
including eligibility requirements,

available in the Team Member Handbook.

Team Member Purchases

• SKUs stocked in warehouse
• Member discount (vision pricing)
• Not for resale or reimbursement
• Payroll deduction after 90 days of employment

Payroll, Policies & Procedures


Direct Deposit of your paycheck
is highly encouraged. This
convenience allows quick and
easy access to your funds.

Dress and Appearance Make the
• Dress according to guidance provided
on mytoolbox based on your position Review and acknowledge
receipt of Team Member
• Ask your Manager for additional
guidance, as needed Handbook.

Action Items

• Review guidance
available on

Punctuality and Attendance Make the Connection

• Progressive discipline for excessive Reliability is one of our company values.
tardiness and absenteeism Member service is disrupted by excessive

Action Items tardiness and absenteeism.

• Review progressive discipline steps for
excessive tardiness and absenteeism as outlined in the Team Member Handbook.


Family and Medical Leave (FMLA) Paid Time Off*

Eligibility Make the • Sick/professional time
Connection • Jury duty
• One year of service and • Bereavement leave
1,250 hours worked • Short-term and

• Serious health condition Review our FMLA long-term disability
(self or immediate family policy, available
member) on mytoolbox. Action Items

• Adoption, birth of a child • Review applicable policies
and procedures as outlined
• Exigency (military) in the Team Member Handbook

• Up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave per *Applies to full time staff
rolling calendar year

Safety Make the
• Our commitment to a safe, secure work environment
• Responsibility to report Integrity is a core company value.
The responsibility to report accidents,
– Care and concern for each team member near misses, and injuries ensures we
– Investigate and prevent similar incidents and injuries can investigate root causes and take

Action Items appropriate preventative measures.
Failure to report safety incidents
• Complete job-specific safety orientation and training violates our ethical standards and
• Acknowledge understanding of applicable company rules.

Safe Work Instructions


Company Do it Best Corp. outlines company rules in our Team Member handbook.
The rules define misconduct that can result in termination of employment,
Rules as well as infractions that can result in progressive discipline.

Action Items

• Review company rules provided in our Team Member Handbook

Drug and Alcohol Policy Make the
• Long-standing commitment to its team members to provide a safe
and healthy work environment Review the policy as
outlined in the Team
• Provide and maintain a safe and productive work environment is free Member Handbook.
of the effects and presence of alcohol and other drugs

• Your responsibility:

– Report prescription drug usage that could impede your ability to safely perform
the functions of your job

– Report arrests/convictions related to drug/alcohol use within 5 days

– Submit to post-incident or reasonable suspicion drug/alcohol screens

– Adhere to the policy as outlined in the Team Member Handbook

• Note that Do it Best Corp. recognizes marijuana as an illegal
drug according to federal laws


• Tobacco usage on breaks/lunches only in designated areas
• Smoking prohibited at staff/building entrances
• Includes: E-cigarettes, tobacco cigarettes, chew/smokeless tobacco

Weapons Make the
• Possession of weapons (including but not limited to guns, firearms,
etc.) is prohibited within Do it Best Corp. buildings. Review the policy as
outlined in the Team
• Guns are permitted in locked vehicles as specified and permitted Member Handbook.
by state law.


Policy Against Harassment and Discrimination Make the
• Committed to providing a work environment that is free of
discrimination and unlawful harassment Our company values of
dignity and mutual respect
• Expectations:
– No intimidating language or actions are central to our policy
– No discriminatory behavior based on: sex, race, ethnicity, against harassment and
age, religion, disability or any other protected status
• Examples include:
– Racial epithets
– Offensive language or jokes
– Pictures, cartoons, or actionable harassment

Action Items

• Review Policy against Harassment and Discrimination
• Acknowledge Harassment and Discrimination Training

Calendars, Posters, and Bumper Stickers

• No offensive images displayed in work areas
• Examples of prohibited messages:

– Profane language
– Racially insensitive language/slogans
– Sexually explicit images

Make the Connection

Review the policy as outlined in the
Team Member Handbook.


Company Information Security

Rules • Critical to protecting our business

18 • Best practices

– When in doubt, don’t open emails from
unknown senders

– Beware of attachments, external devices
(e.g. thumb drives)

– Restart Wednesdays – update company devices
as scheduled

– Utilize IT resources – call PC Support before
downloading/installing software or if concerned

• Examples of inappropriate internet use:

– Personal shopping
– Personal email
– Non-work related social media

Action Items

• Review and acknowledge Information
Security Policy

• Read “Information Security Tips” provided
in Family News

Make the Connection

Do it Best Corp. is committed to maintaining
a safe and secure work environment.

Cybersecurity is increasingly important to
our business. Your commitment to our

Information Security policy protects you and
the company from Information Security threats.

Additionally, nonproductive use of company
resources (i.e. improper internet usage)
is harmful to our operation.

Make an Impact Chart Your

When you joined the Do it Best Corp. family, you became Path
a part of a driven team. We’re focused on helping our
members grow and achieve their dreams, which means Open Door Policy
you’ll be challenged and engaged in meaningful work.
Your individual performance impacts the achievement of • Committed to keeping
shared goals. To ensure you receive helpful feedback, open channels
you’ll receive: of communication

• Introductory performance reviews • Any leadership team
• Annual performance reviews member or HR
Discretionary effort is awarded through annual incentives:
• Incentive SOC (Hourly positions) • No retaliation
• Bonus (Salaried positions)

Action Items

• Request feedback
• Ask questions
• Be engaged in learning your new position
• Share your ideas
• Commit to our philosophy, mission, and goal

in your daily work
• Uphold our ethical standards

Career Opportunity Policy

• Encourage professional and personal growth
• Unique career trajectories

Action Items

• Apply on

Make the

Review our open door policy in
our Team Member Handbook.




Welcome to the Do it Best Family

PO Box 868
Fort Wayne, IN 46801-0868


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