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Published by Do it Best Corp., 2018-11-07 07:35:47

Integrated Marketing Playbook

Integrated Marketing Playbook






in The Ways


An Integrated Approach

Winning The Weeks That Matter in
The Ways That Matter

Not all weeks are created equal in the independent home
improvement industry. So why promote like they are?
Winning The Weeks That Matter in The Ways That Matter
means using data to identify the right time to reach your
customers with the right products in the right way, enabling
you to spend your marketing dollars more efficiently.
Great retail marketing has always been about delivering
the right products to the right people at the right time. In
today’s world, where data and analytics are so important,
our integrated marketing approach enables you to reach
your customers at the right time and in the right ways with
content and products that matter most to them.
Let our Consumer Marketing team help you analyze your
data to build and implement a customizable, integrated
marketing plan tailored to your business, customers, and
community. The result? We’ll help you cost-effectively
grow your sales and increase your profitability.

Added Consultants and Support

Your Consumer Marketing Specialist
and Advertising Service Representative

Data-informed marketing can be a complicated journey.
Let your consultative Do it Best partners help you decide
which programs will deliver the greatest positive impact
on your business.

Consumer Marketing Specialist: Your Consumer Marketing
Specialist is your strategic consultant dedicated to leveraging your
current POS data to develop a comprehensive, annual marketing plan
to better promote your business. Your Consumer Marketing
Specialist is not here to sell you on promotions, but to help you sell
more product through the right mix of marketing programs and tactics.

Advertising Service Representative: Your Advertising Service
Representative is your tactical resource for the execution of all
promotions. Your Advertising Service Representative implements
programs you’ve selected to ensure that no details have been
overlooked and to help you troubleshoot any issues that might arise.

Integrated marketing is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Our
commitment is to partner with you to keep your business top
of mind with every customer in every community you serve.
Talk with your Consumer Marketing Specialist to put

together your integrated marketing plan for 2019.
Then, let your Advertising Service Representative
set you up for success.

Region 7 Meet Your Consume

Region 4

Jordan Elick Justin Hanford
Consumer Marketing Specialist Consumer Marketing Specialist
260.748.5903 260.748.5979
[email protected] [email protected]
Rose Smith Carrie Bricker
Advertising Service Representative Advertising Service Representative
260.748.5553 260.748.5584
[email protected] [email protected]

Multi-Location and International 745 746
Amanda Bentley 567
Consumer Marketing Specialist
260.748.5914 742
[email protected]
Rose Smith 743
Advertising Service Representative
260.748.5553 754 568
[email protected] 792 431


422 4


er Marketing Team Region 2

Region 5

Jake Sittler Haley Toliver
Consumer Marketing Specialist Consumer Marketing Specialist
260.748.5376 260.748.5679
[email protected] [email protected]
Melissa Hoot Lydia Panyard
Advertising Service Representative Advertising Service Representative
260.748.5306 260.748.5407
[email protected] [email protected]

Region 1

558 137

557 135

570 547 223 127 190
514 510 276 204 226 125 190 Skiler Lehman
502 119
209 128 128 Consumer Marketing Specialist
208 253 128 125 260.748.5505
[email protected]
128 Letrice Walker
Advertising Service Representative
205 216 306 260.748.5309
[email protected]
413 256 307 350 134
132 Region 3

417 430 351

336 339




Consumer Marketing Specialist
Stacey Thomas
Advertising Service Representative
[email protected]

A Closer Look at

What’s different in my 2019 ADpakSM planner?

If you flip to the back of your book (page 72), the biggest difference is there are twice as many
promotions with shorter promotional periods, and new sale codes. We also have a new ADpak
promotion - Best RewardsSM postcards - that you’ll want to add to your loyalty marketing efforts.

Why are the promotions shorter?

Most members would see a sales bump in the first week or two of a traditional month-long
promotion. But after that, data revealed that many were only selling items on-sale at a reduced
margin to an existing customer base. The new promotion schedule allows you to refresh your
promotional offerings more often and align with peak sales weeks throughout the year, creating
more urgency around each promotion.

What do I need to know about OASIS and CMC?

We are very excited to announce our transition to a new ordering system for your marketing
programs. The new system, called Consumer Marketing Central (CMC), is currently being developed,
and we anticipate rolling it out to all members later this year, with plenty of communication and
training. For your 2019 promotions, please place your orders through your Consumer Marketing
Specialist or your Advertising Service Representative.
During the transition, we will continue using OASIS to place orders for coupon books, catalogs,
and the Pro Planner only. In the near future, all Do it Best marketing programs will be ordered
through CMC.

What is different about original orders?

We encourage all members to place original orders for all promotions to ensure the featured products
are in-stock at the start of the sale. When original orders are not placed, it increases the chance of
a product not being available in our warehouses during the promotional period, which negatively
impacts all members. So in 2019, if you want a re-order period around a sale you will need to place an
original order of at least $1,000 when signing up for the sale. That will give you access to everything in
the sale at promotional prices during the re-order period, and help to ensure product availability for
all members. If you place an original order of less than $1,000, you will still get promotional pricing on
that product, but you will not be eligible for a re-order at promotional prices during that sale.

What changes can I expect to see with re-order periods?

Re-order periods start one week before the sale, and conclude when the sale ends. In this way, you
can restock during the promotion and buy-out as the sale ends, if desired. For example, a typical sale
period is now two weeks long and the typical re-order window is now three weeks long.
Remember, you must place an original order of $1,000 to be eligible for the re-order period.

What kind of POS download will I receive?

Starting in 2019, you will receive a POS download and price cards for all items in the sale so all
products that are on sale can be promoted, not just the items on a few select pages of a selected
circular. Additional products on sale will help increase your customers’ basket size, and positively
impact your bottom line.
If you’re not interested in promoting all the products in a particular promotion, you have the option
to receive a POS download of only the products you select as part of your circular.

2019 Promotions

Why should I accept the entire POS download?

The benefit of accepting the entire POS download is to that you can pass on the savings to your
customers. The customer sees both the advertised sales, as well as the other products on sale and
their basket size increases. It cements the positioning in the minds of consumers that your pricing
is as good as or better than the big box stores.

Can I have a circular when there isn’t one scheduled?

Yes, you can always run a print promotion whenever you want. Feature special items, services, or
events as you see fit. Your Consumer Marketing Specialist can help you start the process of a custom
circular. Typically, we create custom circulars specific to grand openings, customer appreciation days,
or you can select a different length of time to showcase any promotion.

Are FLEX and BYO still available?

Over 50% of Do it Best promotions are regularly customized in some way by members. We
recommend taking advantage of both FLEX and BYO circulars. All members are unique, and we
encourage you to showcase your niche and specialty products through circulars.

Can my Advertising Service Representative just sign me up for what I did last year?

The exact promotions we offered last year are no longer available. We recommend utilizing one of our
new promotions during an important week in your market. If any of our current promotions do not fit
your desired plan, we’re happy to assist you and create a custom plan just for you.

What do I do with the signage kit and price cards?

Let your customers know which products are featured and on sale. Don’t forget to display your
in-store promotional materials and price cards at the start of the sale.

Is there still a Display Kit Only option?

This option has been discontinued as in-store promotions should be paired with print or digital
components for the best results. Moving forward, you will need to enroll in the promotion, take the
minimum quantity of print, or participate in the Digital Dashboard elements of that promotion to be
eligible for in-store promotional signage.
During the five digital only promotions in 2019, your in-store promotional signage will only

include a full set of price cards, no additional printed materials.

How many items are in these new promotional periods?

On average, there will be 300 to 400 products offered in each promotional period. This manageable
number of products allows you to put all of them on sale in your store, even if they aren’t in your
circular, strengthening your price image. Additionally, the exclusivity of the offering allows us to get
even more competitive deals from our participating vendors.

What is a digital only promotion?

A digital only promotion utilizes only the Digital Dashboard to communicate the sales. The Digital
Dashboard allows you to easily deploy social media posts, email content, display ads and retargeting,
and Google Search (AdWords) campaigns. Contact your Consumer Marketing team to sign up for the
Digital Dashboard.

Tell me about the Best Rewards postcard.
Who can participate and why should I use this program?

The Best Rewards postcards are available to all members who offer the Best Rewards Loyalty program
to their customers. Throughout the course of the year, you have 38 opportunities to reach out to your
loyal customers or convert your moderate shoppers to frequent shoppers. Select one vendor to
showcase their extreme deals for a one week period by postcard invitation only.

Your Marketing Checklist

Getting Started

• Meet with your Consumer Marketing Specialist to review your POS data and put
together a promotional plan focused on the weeks that matter most.

• For each promotion, select the promotion options and the pages that are best
for your business. Your Consumer Marketing Specialist will be happy to make
a recommendation.

• We’ll help you through the sign-up process. Contact your Advertising Service
Representative and they’ll help you sign up for all of the selected programs.

• Place your original order for at least $1,000.

Prepare for Your Sale

• One week before your sale, accept the POS download.
• Check your current inventory one week before the promotion to ensure

you are in-stock.
• Re-order, if necessary. (Don’t forget, re-orders occur one week prior to the

sale start date through the sale end date.)
• Display your in-store promotional signage and price cards.

Post Sale Analysis

• After your sale concludes, review your results with your Consumer
Marketing Specialist. They will help you determine if the program selection
could be tweaked in order to maximize sales in the next promotion.

Region 1 Region 3 Region 5 Multi-Location &
Skiler Lehman Consumer Marketing Specialist Jake Sittler International
Consumer Marketing Specialist 260.748.5985 Consumer Marketing Specialist Amanda Bentley
260.748.5505 Stacey Thomas 260.748.5376 Consumer Marketing Specialist
[email protected] Advertising Service Rep [email protected] 260.748.5914
Letrice Walker 260.748.5404 Melissa Hoot [email protected]
Advertising Service Rep [email protected] Advertising Service Rep Rose Smith
260.748.5309 260.748.5306 Advertising Service Rep
[email protected] Region 4 [email protected] 260.748.5553
Justin Hanford [email protected]
Region 2 Consumer Marketing Specialist Region 7
Haley Toliver 260.748.5979 Jordan Elick
Consumer Marketing Specialist [email protected] Consumer Marketing Specialist
260.748.5679 Carrie Bricker 260.748.5903
[email protected] Advertising Service Rep [email protected]
Lydia Panyard 260.748.5584 Rose Smith
Advertising Service Rep [email protected] Advertising Service Rep
260.748.5407 260.748.5553
[email protected] [email protected]

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