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Published by Cooper Harrigan, 2019-05-22 11:28:17

Colonial Times in America

my colonial ebook 2019-

Times in

By Cooper

Table of Contents Bibliography Page

Welcome to the 13 Colonies Glossary
Growing Towns
Modern Homes The Colonies Join Together
Apple Pancakes
The Food They Eat
The Amazing Clothes they wear
What Children do at Home
What Children Do at School
Fun and Games
Jobs and People

Welcome to the 13 Colonies!

A colony is a place owned by another country. The 13
colonies in America were owned by England and ruled by King
George. A colony is a small village or town that is owned or
created by another country. Beginning about 400 years ago
Europeans started to come to America to start colonies.
Explorers had gone back to Europe and told them about this
new land.

Colonial Timeline

1607 1653 1776

1492 1620

Columbus England started Europeans Ten 13
lands the first colony landed in english colonies
near in jamestown plymouth colonies break
florida virginia. mass from

Growing Towns

Colonial towns are small and close together. The colonist had narrow and
unpaved streets. Many of their buildings were made out of brick and a few of their
buildings were big. The governor was the leader of the whole colony. Colonist met in
tavernes and had meetings and dined and also slept in rooms. Sometimes animals
lived in homes or barns. People would throw garbage into the street.

One of the best shop is a apothecary. They sell medicine, tobacco, spices, candy.
You can also get your teeth pulled, and get eyeglasses.

Click here for a colonial video

Colonial homes Modern homes

Homes today

● Homes were small and had ● Homes today are bigger and
fireplaces in every room. don't have fireplaces in every
● The doors are small so visitors
had to crouch to get in. ● Visitors don't have to crouch
to get in the door.
● Some houses were big and those
were Mansions. Mansions were ● We have Mansions and they
the biggest homes back then. are like the same big as the
Only wealthy people lived in them. ones back then.

Apple pancakes

If you see this picture on the left that is a
apple pancake. A apple pancake is a type of
pancake that the colonist ate back then. You
can still get the recipe today.

Click here for a recipe for Apple Pancakes:

The food colonists ate

butter bread

Corn eggs

soup Food Colonists

meat Apple


The Amazing Clothes They Wore

The clothing on the left is wait the
wethey people
Wore back then. It is called a dress wich
all of you now. If you look closely you
can see that the men are wearing
breaches. Breaches are like smaller
baseball pants you see today.

What children do at home

Boys Girls

● Work in the field. ● Girls help their moms at the homes.
● Grow crops. ● Girls cooked.
● Go to boarding school. ● Made soap.
● Learn to be an apprentice. ● Didn't go to school.
● After Apprentice and become a ● Learned to sow.
● They learn how to play musical

What children do at school

boys Were Girls
Went to boarding educat Learned laws, help
school. Atendid miltel ed. at home, cooked, made
school. candles.

Fun and games

Every colonist celebrate birthdays, births, weddings, furneras. Adults celebrate for
quilting, barn raising animales. Children only celebrate new years day because that’s
the day they became a free country from England.

Jobs And People

Good marrow how do you fare today. My name is Henry and today I will be teaching
you about Jobs and People. Now keep your nose to the grindstone and lets go.

● The women made candles,butter,soup,yarn. They also cooked seaweed and also have
to take care of children. My mom has to do it all day just like my friend grace's mom.

● A Blacksmith make horseshoes and iron tools just like my dad Post Haste.
● Millers made flower by grinding it. My brother does that job. He’s good at it to.
● The Coopers made buckets and barrels. Like my grandpa who is also named Henry.

This is the job i want to do when im older.
● Wheel Rights made and fixed wheels. They mabbe made the wheels for the king or

● Slaves worked at farms called Plantations. A plantation is a A large farm where cotton,

sugar, tobacco, or rice is grown. Also grew Crops Built Homes and carried buckets from
the well. Men worked out side all day long. Well thats my slide for today see you guys
later by.


How we traveled back then How we travel now

● We traveled back then by horseback ● We travel now by cars.
riding . ● Trucks.
● Boats.
● Riding in stage couches. ● Cones just like we did back then.
● Riding in wagons. ● Horseback riding to.
● We also traveled back the by walking ● We still travel in stagecoach in some

on barefoot. countries.
● Boats. ● We also still by foot.
● Coneo .

The Colonies are Finally Free

In 1776 the leaders of all the colonies came together and decided to
come together. In 1781 England and the colonists had a war and the
Colonist won that war and that war was called the war of
Independence.After the war, the colonists renamed the 13 Colonies
to become the United States of America. After they won the war
they've moved the Native Americans more west and built more like
stores, more schools, and even libraries. They got better roads. Now
they live in the United States of AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!.

Click HERE to watch video!!!

Bibliography Page

Life in a Colonial Town
A Visual Dictionary of a Colonial Community
Scoop on Clothes, Homes, and Daily Life in Colonial America


Colonist: A person who lived back then
Plantations: A large farm where cotton, sugar, tobacco, or rice is grown
Apothecary: Sold tobacco, spices, and candy, also it's so medicine. people also went
to the Apothecary to buy eyeglasses and to get bad teeth pulled

United States of America: the state we live in right now

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