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This book discusses how and why Small Business Owners should use Social Media for marketing

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Is your business social

This book discusses how and why Small Business Owners should use Social Media for marketing

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This book is dedicated to small business owners, entre-
preneurs, and independent contractors who are going
after their dream of owning their own business, working
for themselves, being the boss. The journey is not al-
ways easy but it is worth it.


Table of Content Page
Topic 3

Your business is on Social Media Now What

Technology and Social Media, Facebook 4

Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube 5

Measuring Value and Cost of Being Social 6


You've gotten your business name, your website, and
your Instagram page. Heck maybe you’ve even gotten a
business Facebook page. You’re all set for business.
Right? Not so fast. Just because you set up shop doesn’t
mean customers are going to call, they may not know
that you exist. How can that be , you ask.

You’ve done the right steps and made sure you thought
about your business name before you opened your
doors. How could it be customers don’t know you exist?
You know that everyone is on social media, why is it
you’re only getting a small number of customers?
Getting on social media is the right place to be especially
for small business owners or independent contactors. In
fact nearly 94% of small businesses are on social media.
The question is not if you are on social media but do you
use social media as a marketing platform and if you do,
how well do you market? Yes you may be getting a few
sales here and there or enough to keep you a float but
your business is not a hobby it’s a business. You want to
thrive, to succeed, so you need more than just 20, 30 or
60 customers you need 100s and if you could get 1000
that would be great.

Marketing is more than putting a couple of pictures or
videos on Facebook or Instagram and writing a couple of
words. They don’t call it social media for nothing. You’ve
got to get social and what does that mean?


Technology has made it possible for us to find almost an-
ything and anyone ,anywhere. But there’s nothing like
interaction. Nothing can take the place of connecting
from one human being to another.

This desire for connection is why there are different
types of social media platforms. As a business owner,
entrepreneur, or independent contractor you need to
know which platform works best for your target audi-
ence as well as your product/service . You may be think-
ing Facebook, YouTube, IG, Pinterest, and LinkedIn all
work well for your business, the more platforms you are
on the better. Right? Not exactly.

Different audiences or customers hang out on different
platforms. A message that you curated for IG may not do
so well on Facebook. Quite a few small businesses take
one message and blast it across several platforms think-
ing they can cover everybody but it doesn’t work like
that. You have to sell, create ads, email, answer calls and
now send different messages to different platforms?
What’s a small business owner to do?

Nearly every small business has a Facebook business
page (there is a difference between a personal page and
a business page). There are nearly a billion people on
Facebook daily consequently having a business page is a
wise choice. The key is knowing how to engage your po-
tential customer.


Another popular platform with small businesses is Insta-
gram. If you have product to sell, this platform may be a
really good fit. However you can utilize this platform for
service-driven businesses as well. The difference be-
tween the two types of business’ messages is the con-
tent as well as the picture . Instagram is quickly becom-
ing the sought after platform to market your business,

Most small businesses don’t take advantage of twitter.
This platform is great at building your image as the “go-
to” expert. Twitter can be used to promote, communi-
cate, and engage your potential customer

LinkedIn is the perfect platform for business owners, es-
pecially independent contractors, whose customers are
other businesses .

Pinterest recently is making available to small business
owners what was once only for large business owners,
“promoted pins” This service is rolling out to all busi-
nesses. It allows businesses to connect with Pinterest us-
ers through Pins that show up in search feeds (sort of
reminds you of hashtags)

YouTube may be getting a steady stream of small busi-
ness marketing since Facebook has changed its free
(organic) advertising strategy. YouTube is really a good fit
for businesses that have or sell how-to products/services


What is the value of a like or comment to your business?
How much return do you earn from Retweets or men-
tions on Instagram? These are the tricky questions to
ask, yourself and be able to find the answers to.

After all, the purpose of marketing on social media is to
increase traffic to your website or offer, to get more
leads, and to bring more awareness of your company
and what it has to offer.

Learning how to be social on social media takes:
 Understanding your audience
 Learning how to effectively reach your audience
 Linking your marketing strategy to your content
 Being on the right platform with the right message
 Thinking like a content Marketer not an Advertiser
 Looking for inspiration
 Analyzing the data

As a small business owner you wear many hats and jug-
gle many tasks. Marketing and Customer Service are the
backbone of your company. Only you can decide what
tasks you can hand off and what tasks you must do your-
self. Ask yourself this question, “Can I not afford to hand
it off?”


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