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If you've been in business more than 2 years and are now concentrating how to grow your business this eBook will give you 5 ways to start growing your business.

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Published by Virtually Everything For Small Business Owners, 2018-04-01 00:11:34

Small Business Owner's Guide To 5 way To Grow Your Business

If you've been in business more than 2 years and are now concentrating how to grow your business this eBook will give you 5 ways to start growing your business.

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Table Of Content

2 Introduction
4 Tip 1 Content IS Queen
5 Tip 2 Optimize Mobile
6 Tip 3 Keep Customer First
6 Tip 4 Use Marketing Tools
7 Tip 5 Contain Your Cost
8 Conclusion


Many proclaim that now is the best time more than .
ever before to be a small business owner or an entre-
preneur. Technology has changed the way buyers
buy and who they expect to buy from. According to
statics 80% of small businesses survive their first year
and 44% their second. While 50% survive five years.

The Early Years

Most entrepreneurs and small business owners are
trying to navigate their way through unfamiliar territory
the first couple of years. Once you’ve gotten the
swing of things and business has been consistent it’s
time to prepare for growth.’

Time For Growth

In order to grow you must continue to stay in tune
with technology as well as your customer. Take a look
at some of the big companies who no longer exist:
K-Mart, Sears and Toys-R-Us to name a few. You don’t
want to just survive you want to thrive.
Lets find out how.


Content Is Queen

Buyers have access to all types of information about
what product or service they want or like. It’s up to
you to show your expertise in the wording you use for
your advertisement. Appeal to your potential client as
well as your current clients by solving their problem.

Solve Their Problem

Your content (digital as well as traditional) must focus
on you solving their problem instead of a focusing on
a list of features of your services or products. Your
content has to connect with your customer. In a
world of automation and Artificial Intelligence, people
are longing for connection. Connect your business as
the solution to their problem and you’ve won a
customer as well as an advocate for your business.

It’s all about them (WIFM)

WIIFM, What’s In It For Me. When you engage with
your customer it’s all about them. What you can do
for them. If you find yourself frequently saying, I,or we,
you’re talking more about your product or service
rather than your customer. It’s time to refocus.



Having a website is critical for a Small Business Owner

and having that website being mobile optimized is

even more important. So just what is mobile

optimization? It allows the website to show up on a

mobile device just as it does on a desktop or laptop.

Why is this so important?. .

Impact on buying

57% of mobile device users (cell phones, tablets)
say they won’t recommend a business with a poorly
designed mobile website. Google says 61% of mobile
users are unlikely to return to a mobile site if they had
trouble accessing and 40% said they would visit a
competitor’s site instead. If those statics aren’t eye
opening enough for you, 83% of users say that a
seamless experience across all mobile devices is
important. Having mobile optimization allows your
potential client to experience your digital business on
a mobile device just as they do on the laptop.

Mobile friendly resizes your website but you do
not get the same experience as on a laptop or
desktop. Mobile friendly may not be good enough.



Wrongly or rightly people assume if your customer
service is bad your product or service is too. Providing
good customer service is key to building your business.
Customers who receive excellent service improve
your bottom line by becoming repeat customers and
referring others. Just as good customer service can
help your bottom line bad customer service can hurt
it. 95% of unhappy customers never complain but
those who do complain, tell 15 other people. WOW


Determining which software, systems, and tools to use
can be difficult and sometimes overwhelming.


You are going to have to be efficient and more
1)CRM Customer Relation Management System
2)Automation For Social Media (Social Media Mgr.)
3)Content Writing
5)Advertising- Yelp, Google For Business, Foursquare 6
6)Analytics—systems that show your web performance
7) Email Marketing Systems for campaigns (Mailchimp)

Contain Your Cost

You’ve written good content, connected with your
target audience, gave good customer service, and
now it’s paying off. Your are getting more customers,
and may also get customers who want to place
larger orders. Wait a minute have you thought about
what it takes to run a growing business?

Meeting the demand

Having a growing business means more orders, more
customers, while having the same excellent customer
service/product, and same delivery time. Have you
counted the cost of buying new tools to help you
work faster, hiring and training additional staff to help
you meet product/service demand, and adding
additional procedures in place to ensure your
product/service is still delivered on time?

How to handle additional cost

There are several things you can do to cut your costs:

1). Barter for business goods and services .

2). Hire college students and/or outsource

3) Buy used equipment or tools

4) Have a Growth Plan or Strategy in place 7


1 Remember as the years pass by and you continue
to stay in business if you don’t have a plan to grow
your planning not to.

2 Technology has changed the playing field and in
order to grow you must keep up. In addition to
keeping up you must be able to scale your

3 The greatest thing about today’s times is you may
be a sole proprietor or a solopreneur but you don’t
have to go at it alone.

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