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First of all, thank you for taking the time to contact me
and for viewing this brouchure. Let me introduce myself...

I’m Kirsty Bubear, part-time graphic designer,
part-time photographer. I have always had a passion for
photography and love telling stories through photographs.
I studied A-level photography and have worked within the wedding
photography industry for over 8 years, working with a number

of different photographers as well as on my own.

Most couples who make a booking with me are looking for
a photographer who has a more relaxed and creative approach to
wedding photography. Previous clients have said chose me because
they feel awkward infront of a camera, yet my relaxed way of working
has made them feel more comfortable. I aim to capture you in your
natural state, I try to avoid staged photographs as much as possible.
When it comes to editing I only edit lighting and colours, I don’t go
through and airbrush skin etc, as you don’t need it! You will recieve
a mixture of black and white and colour images which have been

enhanced with influence taken from vintage film photos.

To make sure I can offer you exactly what you want on your wedding day I always ask to meet up for a coffee and a chat. This is only 20 minutes or so where we can
meet each other and I can talk to you more about my style and what I can do for you.

If you are happy and would like to go ahead with the booking, I will then offer you a pre-wedding photoshoot. This is totally optional and comes absolutely free with
either of the wedding packages (shown on slide 5). If you chose to go ahead with this we will then organise a time and place. This is an informal photoshoot taken at
a location of your choice. Whether it be your home, favourite place or wedding venue it’s totally up to you - if you’re stuck for ideas I also have some places I love too.

The shoot lasts no more than 45 minutes and you will get all of the photos uploaded onto a password protected online gallery where you can download them. I will
also pop these onto your final wedding photo USB with the rest of your photos so you can keep them all in one place.

Before your wedding I will also send you an online form to fill out which will provide me with all the information I need about your day. Names, addresses, timings
etc... And a list of formal photos you would like. We will then discuss together what times you would like me to arrive and leave. There’s also T&Cs on there too.

On your big day, I will arrive at the time and address we have
discussed. I try and stay as out of the way as possible. I do not want
you to worry about me at all, you have far more important things to
worry about and you will have given me all the information in our

meetings and on the form. I am there to capture natural photos,
you may be aware of the camera at first but after a while you will

be used to it and won’t even know that i’m there.

With your wedding form in hand I will make sure that you get all
of the formal photos on your list. These are usually taken after the

ceremony and I try to make sure they take no longer than 45
minutes, depending on how many photos you would like.

When it comes to photos of you and your partner together, I do like
to try and get you both on your own for 20 minutes or so. These

photos will be taken in a similar style to the ones we will have taken
on your pre-wedding shoot. As fun and natural as possible.

We can go for a walk and get away from the hustle and buste
of everything else, it also gives you two a minute to yourselves.

E H O > R H N E H O > R H N E H M L E H O > R H N E H : = L EHO> RHN EH:=L FHK>
• 45 minute pre-wedding photoshoot • 45 minute pre-wedding photoshoot • 45 minute pre-wedding photoshoot • 45 minute pre-wedding photoshoot

at a location of your choice at a location of your choice at a location of your choice at a location of your choice
• Wedding day coverage • Perfect for later in the day weddings, • Full wedding day coverage of up • Full wedding day coverage of up

of up to 4 hours this package offers 6 hours coverage to 10 hours timings to suit you to 10 hours timings to suit you
• Online password protected gallery • Online password protected gallery • Online password protected gallery • 2nd photographer for atleast 4 hours
• Online password protected gallery
with downloadable images with downloadable images with downloadable images
• All edited high-res images on • All edited high-res images on • All edited high-res images on with downloadable images
• All edited high-res images on
a usb stick a usb stick a usb stick*
a usb stick, in a presentation box
£650 £800 £950 along wwiilth30304x46x6prpirnintstsooffyyoouurr cchhooiiccee..

£ 12 5 0

*up*gurpagdraedyeoyuoruursubsbtotooaneprienseanptarteiosnenbtoaxtioinnclbuodixngalaonUgSBw,ilp3lu0s 340x64px6rinptrsinotsf oyof uyor ucrhcohioceicefo, rjujsuts£t 5£050exetrxatra

On average I deliver 300+ images per half day wedding, and 00+ or a full day.This can obviously differ depending on each wedding.

Every image that you receive on your USB and online will have been edited to a high standard.
You will recieve these 4-6 weeks after your wedding date.

<:G P> A:O> MA> NG>=BM>= BF:@>L8
I can not give you the unedited images, this is because if you showed anyone or uploaded an unedited image online, it can make me look like a bad photographer.

I give you as many photos as possible but please ask me if you would like any edited photo changed.

PA>G =H P> I:R8
I ask for a £75 deposit to be paid when you book. Once the deposit is paid you don’t have to pay the remaining balance until 1 month before your wedding date.

I also offer installment plans, just ask me for more information.

<:G RHN F:D> :E;NFL8
I don’t offer an album package but i’m willing to help advise on where to get one printed.

Thank you so much for your interest and for taking the time to read through this brochure.
I hope it has answered all of your questions but please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like to know anything else.

You probably already have my contact details but if not, please see below:

/bubearphotography @bubearphotography

) 0 2- ) + / ) 2 +* u ; N ; > : K I A H M H @ K : I A R' < H F u ; N ; > : K I A H M @ K : I A R 9 @ F : B E ' < H F

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