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OCT - DEC 2019


As 2019 draws to a close and I-CAT looks ahead to a new << I-CAT DIRECTORS
decade, it is important that we do some self-reflection on
the year that has passed.

The word for this year was truth. We had the intention of
instilling this word into our business and personal cultures
in order to guide us into achieving our overall goals, as
the saying goes, ”Business grows at the speed of Trust,”
and trust is earned through truth. Each one of us carry the
responsibility of being truthful towards ourselves and how
we conduct ourselves in our work environments. Throughout
the year, we have reiterated the notion that we have the
right people on the bus and continuously intend on getting
everyone in the right seats on the bus to get the bus going
in the right direction.

We faced many challenges as a country that ultimately
affected businesses in various industries and we should not
overlook the fact that we are blessed to have overcome
some of these challenges that we were faced with as a
business. It is inevitable that a business will face challenges
but these obstacles should be our driving force to work
harder and smarter, to not only achieve our goals but to
stay ahead of the competition for years to come – this is the
sustainability that I-CAT strives for.

Long term sustainability is part and parcel of the profitability
of this company, but the core of I-CAT’s success lies within
its people, and everyone of us has an important role to play
in ensuring that we build a business that will one day employ
our children. We welcomed new staff this year and had to
say our goodbyes to some good friends that have been
a part of the I-CAT family for a long time, but we a glad
that we have had the opportunity to implant some skills
and maybe build on their character so they can be part of
growing the larger economy of our beautiful country.

As we close the year, we congratulate those who have
been blessed with new additions to their families and share
our condolences with those who have lost loved ones, may
God bring you comfort and healing over time.

We would like to thank everyone for their hard work and
dedication towards I-CAT throughout the year and trust that
2020 will be a blessed one. We wish you all a happy festive
season, get some well deserved rest and come back ready
and recharged for 2020.

2 I-News: Oct - Dec 2019

G et some rest, come back ready and

recharged for 2020. ship to greater heights.

I-News: Oct - Dec 2019 3



Our fertilizer tablet is officially registered and ready for

The Planting unit and Media team have collaborated in
the production and marketing efforts to launch the tab-
let in the horticulture, agriculture and forestry markets.

The fertilizer tablet is available in the different packaging
sizes for consumer use and the team is working tirelessly
to have the product available for retail and commercial
use across the nation.

Malanseuns Trade Day

The Planting unit exhibited at another
successful Malanseuns Trade Show held at
the on the 23 October 2019, which boast-
ed exciting industry news like product
launches, new exhibitors, amazing flowers
and industry guest speakers.

Visitors of the show got the first look at the
Plant’NGo, to which it received some very
positive response.

4 I-News: Oct - Dec 2019


Competition giveaways, flowers, food, drinks and music
was all the buzz that filled the Johannesburg International
Flower Show that was held in Waterfall Park from 30
October - 3 November.
This event allowed for collaboration of the Planting and
Dust units, Plantland Nursery and Qualitools. I-CAT was
not only an exhibitor but we were able to provide a dust
suppression solution for the venue, using RDC20.
Our exhibition included the element of education,
sales and competition. The Plant’NGo and EXLGel was
available for puchase while handing out samples and
flyers of the products. Apart from the amazing product
offering, we gave customers the opportunity to win three
gardening hampers from Qualitools which included a
Plantland voucher , all worth R5000 for each hamper.

I-News: Oct - Dec 2019 5



Port Hedland, located in the Pilbara region of Western Australia, is a key hub in the export of iron
ore with 3 tier 1 mining companies currently operating port loading facilities in this location. Dust
has been a perpetual problem in this region and is being closely monitored by the Environmental
Protection Agency (EPA).

I-CAT recently secured additional scopes of In addition, I-CAT secured the remediation of
work (both remediation and ongoing mainte- 82,000m2 of HV roads at the Port with Green-
nance) with Roy Hill Iron Ore at Port Hedland, Bit as well as 50,000m2 of LV roads with RDC20.
which not only strengthens our relationship, This will also include a new tank, pump and
but also provides an opportunity to expand dosing unit. Ongoing 3 monthly maintenance
our involvement with FMG (an existing client will also be provided. These works are currently
at Christmas Creek) and BHP at the port. This scheduled to commence in January 2020, after
includes remediation of a peripheral area of the completion of a 30% output increase at the
some 120,000m2 with polymer and another facility. The Western Australian Government
40,000m2 with Greenbit. These areas will also has granted the approval for this expansion on
require ongoing 6 monthly maintenance. the basis of zero further emissions.

6 I-News: Oct - Dec 2019


Bowyer recently undertook a visit to
South Australia, Victoria and Queensland
and visited around 27 businesses and entities
which included forestry companies, forestry
management companies, forestry nurseries,
government entities, macadamia farms
and growers, citrus growers, distributors,
manufacturers, turfing companies and
agricultural consultants. The visit was a great
success with many market, industry and
geographical insights obtained. The feedback
received was very positive and supports the
proposed expansion of I-CAT’s Planting Solutions
to the Australian market. I-CAT has also appointed
regulatory constants DTS to commence with the
required regulatory approvals.

I-News: Oct - Dec 2019 7



The Dust business unit was recently award-
ed a tender to supply road dust suppres-
sion solution for the South 32’s Klipspruit
extension. GreenBit was the most suitable
solution for the development of the prima-
ry road that stretches for more than 1 kilo-
I-CAT is continuously working to solidify
our relationship with the mining compa-
ny which started two years ago when de-
veloping a dust suppression system for the
coal crusher at Wolvekrans site. The suc-
cess of the innovative ROM TIP Misting Sys-
tem opened the door of opportunities with
South 32 to provide end-to-end dust sup-
pression solutions such as the Klipspruit Ext
road dust project.

8 I-News: Oct - Dec 2019


Shrek is new and improved! The TDS2000
unimog has recently undergone massive
transformation since he first came into the
I-CAT family 10 Years ago! From the bodywork
to the engine, Shrek is all new and improved!

<< Upcoming Projects

• The misting team is currently in the process
of developing a customised misting system
for one of the biggest civil engineering and
construction companies in South Africa. More
information will follow at a later stage.

I-News: Oct - Dec 2019 9



I-CAT is currently in the implementation phase of
onboarding our strategic business partners. As
previously stated, Pinnacle will be an instrumental
component in expanding our distribution channels
nationally. Part of integrating and implementing
this partnership is to conduct training and live fire
demonstrations of our products’ capabilities. The Fire unit
embarked on a national tour to the different Pinnacle
branches to conduct all the training for the various staff
at Pinnacle.

10 I-News: Oct - Dec 2019



The Fire unit was out in full force at Africa’s largest
oil and gas event that took place from 4-8 November
2019 at the Cape Town International Convention Cen-
tre. I-CAT was fortunately the only fire suppression
company that exhibited at the expo, making this the
perfect opportunity to network with key senior indus-
try players from across 76 countries!

Anton and Eduard recently headed to the
United Kingdom for the BRE Certification on
I-PROTECT fire suppression system.
BRE Global is an independent, international
certification body, offering certification of fire,
security and environmental products and
services, management processes and other
products and systems.

We successfully passed the following tests:
>1230 and 200 minimum pressure fire tests
>Forced ventilation tests

I-News: Oct - Dec 2019 11


<< DEC 03 December
07 December
JC 08 December
Lourens 12 December
Thandile 14 December
Simon M. 26 December
Andre van Zyl 31 December

<< JAN 11 January
13 January
Simon Oupa 17 January
Nielas 25 January
Danielle 30 January

12 I-News: Oct - Dec 2019


Name: Refilwe Motheogane
Position: Stores Manager
Birth Date: 24 April 1982
Relationship Status: In a relationship
1. How would someone best describe

They’d say I’m God-fearing, humble
and a giver.
2. Who is your role model and why?
Oprah Winfrey. Her life purpose to
change people’s lives
3. If you were an animal, what would
you be and why?
A cat. Cats are very clean and tidy.
4. What is your best childhood
Playing with tins and sand in the street
with my neighbourhood friends.

I-News: Oct - Dec 2019 13


Congratulations to the
business units that
participated in the I-CAT
Golf Challenge!

1st: Support
2nd: Dust
3rd: Fire

I-CAT sponsored 40 learners for a trip on the Gautrain
to visit the Pretoria Zoo!

We are so honoured and blessed to be able to give
back and empower the youth!

I-CAT was all way behind the
Springboks during the Rugby
World Cup that was hosted in Ja-
pan this year.

Thankfully the Bokke came home
with the big win!

Well Done Bokke

14 I-News: Oct - Dec 2019


I-News: Oct - Dec 2019 15

OCT - DEC 2019


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