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Published by BRIAN BETTIS, 2019-05-24 14:49:00


One Oppressed boy

Keywords: Opression

Dear Reader,
This collection of genres and words symbolize

oppression and what it is in the real world today. These
genres I used will show how people or groups have been
portrayed and how they felt in the grip of their oppressors.
To me oppression means to have a being or object that
takes away your humanity or restricts your ability to
function in life. An example is in my quote i picked, they
were examples of how the jewish people were restricted in
life and how they were oppressed by the Nazis. What I
learned about this word through reading night was that
oppression could be many things, such as how people in
ur life affect you, were you live, the time period, and ur
ethnicity and religion.

This connects to my topic because after World War II the Soviets and Americans split
Berlin in two with the Berlin Wall.This image shows two soviet guards guarding the
construction site of a section of the wall while armored with weapons. This shows how
the soviets were oppressive by how they seperated berlin in two and that they were
armed to kill if anyone was to interfere.

-” hang a child in front of thousands of onlookers was
not a small matter” (Night 64).

This connects to my theme by how it says that “the most potent weapon of the
oppressor is the mind of the oppressed.” This could mean that the mind of the people is
what gives the oppressor power.

“Nazies forced jews to dig trenchs and when they finished
they executed them and buried them”(Night 6).

This shows a child of race from what I can tell behind a chained fence, this could mean
the prison like life style of this child lives in. I picked this because the symbolism of the
child behind the fence shows oppression of the real world and of racial indifference.

-”He had been forced to place his own father's body into
the furnace” (Night 35).

I drew this for the word oppression because during World War II the german advance
on soviet russia was so brutal and inhumane. The nazis and especially the SS would
rape, violate, end execute millions of Civilian and Soviet soldiers. 20 million soviets
died, during invasions SS officers would round up soviet prisoners most of the time in
the 100s of thousands and flat out execute them on the spot.No mercy. No remorse.
This is why I drew this. I chose this because of the oppressive nature of the Nazi’s.

- “The ghettos were created in sighet” (Night 11)


Who or what is to blame.
Human Nature.

The meaning behind this poem is that humans are the source of evil we are oppressive,
we cause suffering, anger, and hatred to innocents that just wish to live in peace. We
seem to never learn. Oppression is sadly a part of us and we seem to not be able to
prevent it. I chose this because I feel like it describes how humans have oppressed
people in the past or present.

- “Jews were forced to stay in their homes and and
separated into sections” (Night 10/11).

Authors Page:
Brian Bettis is the author of this Book, Brian Is 16 years of
age and lives in Vancouver Washington. Brian has a great
historical background which is what inspired a lot of the
mentioned Genres in this book. Sence Brian was young
he has been fascinated in history and its technological
advancements and advancements in the world. Brian
Currently attends Union High School as a sophomore.


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Night: By Elie Wiesel

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