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Chetan Singh Gill - Photographer's Profile

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Published by lensdrama, 2018-02-12 04:26:45

Chetan Singh Gill - Photographer's Profile

Chetan Singh Gill - Photographer's Profile

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Chetan Singh Gill

Photographer’s Profile

Hi, I’m Chetan Singh Gill & I run my photography venture in the name of
Lens Drama.
Amongst my serious projects I have worked with some of the top brand
in the industry –
Adidas Uprising, Jaipur Literature Festival, Devil Circuit, Desi Warrior,
New Delhi Marathon, Brav India to name a few. My work has also been
published in DLF city news magazine and Practical Lawyer Magazine. I
was selected as one of the two photo bloggers for Jaipur Literature
festival last year. Based in Delhi, I have worked across the country, and
specialize in sports, fashion, lifestyle and travel photography.
During last half a decade, I have travelled extensively exploring places for
unique stories. My exploration journey was based on three parameters
- Know the diversity the country has to offer
- Make new discoveries and
- learn life lessons.
In my opinion, photography allows one to see what naked eye can miss.
My work mainly focuses on expressing my thoughts and intention. I
believe, like other artists, photographer has the capability to change the
world by making people see it differently through the lens. And, that
thought being central to my work, I try to uncover and tell the story from
the photo itself.

All the pictures shared in this profile were clicked across India.

• Jammu & Kashmir • Jharkhand
• Punjab & Haryana • Maharashtra
• Himachal • Rajasthan
• Uttar Pradesh • Orissa
• Uttrakhand • West Bengal
• Karnataka • Goa
• Assam • Tamil Nadu

OM in the flames A grey langur enjoying a sunset

Model Portfolio Model Portfolio

A monk with her dog post her morning Meditation to absorb the energy that
rituals the sun has to offer

Art work created with old books Washerman competing its task on the
pages. Curated by the designers at ghats
Wolf Jaipur Art in Jaipur.

Multiple exposure of a flying bird. Staircase of a lighthouse.

People of the valley with the sun in the Leh city with the mountains overlooking
background gazing at the mountains. it.

Sports brand concept shoot. Sports brand concept shoot

Sports apparel shoot

Sports apparel shoot

Macro shot showcasing the beauty Miss Tibet before walking on the ramp

Model Portfolio Model Portfolio

200 year old house with modern amenities Ferris wheel at a festival.

Lake palace of Udaipur in the night.

City Palace, Udaipur in the night under thousand of stars.

Farmer with his bulls in the field during the sowing season

Gratitude - take nothing for granted, but to always seek out and value the kindness
that will stand behind the action.

Thank You

Chetan Singh Gill
Photographer, Lens Drama

[email protected]
+91 97111 99701

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