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TOP Presentation for Miami University of Ohio

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TOP Presentation for Miami University of Ohio

TOP Presentation for Miami University of Ohio



Amitoj Kaur
Miami University of Ohio

A women-owned, social impact brand that is bringing
organic, plant-based, and sustainability to period products.

Founded by two moms who ditched their corporate executive roles to
build a purpose driven brand that was inspired by their daughters.

Denielle Finkelstein


Thyme Sullivan


Our mission is to educate, enlighten, and be our authentic selves so that every girl and
woman on the planet has access to healthy, 100% organic, eco-loving tampons and pads.

And every step of the way, we’ll inspire stigma-shattering conversations about periods.

ACCESSincrease access to better-for-you period products in all communities
EDUCATIONdevelop menstrual health education with products & curriculum

ENGAGEMENTamplify the work of our community partners to raise awareness about period poverty

We know universities across the country are working
to become health-promoting campuses through free period

product access but don’t always know where to start.

TOP is here to help.

We have extensive experience developing community
and school-based period product distribution programs.
We work directly with our partners to maximize their

impact with better-for-you, eco-friendly products.

Partnerships made better. Period.

Support development and implementation of
campus period product initiatives

Establish your school as a health-promoting institution
Engage directly with students and staff around social impact,

entrepreneurship, public health, and sustainability

tampon with plant ultra thin pads with wings ultra thin liners
based applicator
day & night
regular & super

Products made better. Period.

tampon with ultra thin pads with wings ultra thin liners
cardboard applicator
bulk day & night bulk
bulk regular

Sustainability Convenience Women Owned

Full transparency Single vendor for pads, Made for all menstruators
of ingredients tampons, and liners by 2 plantastic moms

Sustainably sourced Reduction of shipping costs Building community
certified organic cotton for health & wellness
Reduction of boxes &
All products are packaging materials Meet your supplier
biodegradable & plant-based diversity goals


I run a Food Bank and had been looking for a sustainable option in bulk.
Your prices are very competitive to what I was paying and I’m so happy to be bringing
the women we serve dignity and supporting a women owned business!

-Tracie S. | 2021


I work at a private school where we have a big focus around sustainability.

I searched for biodegradable tampons because our distributor did not
carry any eco-friendly options. TOP bulk pads and tampons are

exactly what we were looking for and the response from our students
has been overwhelmingly positive! I am asking our distributor to
carry these too, they should be in all schools!

-Leigh F. | 2021


I was so happy to come across TOP’s bulk tampons! We have been looking for organic
& sustainable bulk tampons for our food bank. And also love that they are women-owned.

We are so happy to be getting better products for our community! Thank you TOP!

-Georgia F. | 2021

TOP is providing a simple
solution to a broken system.

We’ve talked with schools around the country and here’s what they
have to say about their traditional period product dispensers:

“In the ten years I’ve worked here we’ve never filled
the machines because they’re always broken.”

“We don’t know how to fix it so we just
leave the machines open and unlocked.”

“We can’t afford to replace them.”

“The metal machines vend low-quality products. The students don’t
like the products. And it doesn’t align with our school’s mission.”

The solution to these 30 year old issues!

Transparent so you can see product levels!

20 of these go here

40 of these go here

Period Product Dispenser

Simple design
Transparent for visibility Support good stewardship
of public funds and donations
One-person install Your money should be spent
on product, not on the dispensers

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Miami University of Ohio Proposal


103 Cases TOP Day Pads $28,325.00
$275/case; 123,600 total pads $13,545.00
43 Cases TOP Regular Tampons
1,920 pieces

443 TOP Dispensers
$65.99/dispenser; 153 - Y1; 290 - Y2

Total $71,103.57

TOP Donation -$10,096.47
153 Y1 Dispensers

Miami Total $61,007.10

Projections are based on an industry average of 2-3 pieces per participant per month and
a 40/60 ratio of tampons to pads. This proposal includes dispensers for all pre-identified

bathrooms and supports all Miami female-identifying students (est 8,568) for one year
taking into account school breaks. Pricing: Bulk Education - Tier 3 and inclusive of shipping.

Miami + TOP Partnership Opportunities

TOP is excited to partner with Miami University of Ohio to develop a period product
program in support of Miami’s health promotion, sustainability, and equity goals.
TOP will offer Miami competitive school pricing for organic, plant-based,
and sustainable period products in addition to a donation of 153 dispensers.

TOP Partnership Benefits

• Supply directly to Miami or through Miami’s janitorial and sanitation company
(e.g. Georgia Pacific)
• Develop delivery plan with Physical Facilities for preferred product storage
• Participate in Miami campus conversations around period product access,
health equity, and entrepreneurship
• Support Miami’s development of bathroom signage and communication assets


So, why TOP?

Sustainable, high-quality, women-owned, and
price competitive with traditional products.

We believe all students should have access to
better period products and education.

We work in partnership with schools to build long-lasting,
impactful period product distribution programs.

We would be honored to partner with your beloved university.


“Thank you
Miami University!”


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