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107 Dec.pdf 2

107 Dec.pdf 2

TRAFFORDIssue 107 December 2018

Merry Christmas and
A Happy New Year

Trafford Remembrance
Emmeline Pankhurst
Statue Unveiling
PDSA Pet Advice For
Martin Lewis
On Children's
Saving Accounts
Christmas Fairs
and Entertainment
Festive Food Ideas


Trafford Community News INDEX Editor: Hazel Gibb-Shacklock

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2 Trafford Community News

Letter from the Editor Page 4 Remembrance Service Review
It seems to get quicker photos from Stretford Service with the
every year it seems miles Mayor of Trafford Cllr Tom Ross
away then before we Page 6 December 14th a statue to Emmeline
know it Christmas is upon Pankhurst will be unveiled in St Peters Square.
us before we know. It gets The day marks one hundred years since women
frightening in church when were first allowed to vote in an election the UK.
the hymn board in church Also full suffrage for men on see page 8.
which also displays the Page 10 PDSA give us advice on making sure
church year gets to three the festive season is stresses for your furry
Sundays before advent. friends.
Everyone is getting the
Christmas spirit! There Page 17-19 Festive Food A couple of ideas for
are lots of things going on your festive buffet.
in the run up to the big
day, December the 1st Page 20 If you are thinking of having a real tree
seems the popular choice make sure that you look after it properly. If you
for Christmas Fairs we like alittle drink over Christmas don’t forget your
have a few listed alwasys tree does too.
a great chance to pick up
some presents have a go
in the raffle and support
the various associations.

Christmas aside Page 22 Martin Lewis tells us whether its worth
December is an important switching banks. With many bribes on offer Martin
month in the political gives us the low down.
calendar. December 14th Page 33 Last Royal Mail posting dates
1918 was the first time
women over 30 with Page 35 Christmas Films and DVD including
property also men aged Mary Poppins returns l am not a big fan of
21 and over or 19 if squeals but quite looking forward to this one.
serving in armed forces Also new Mary Queen of Scots film her birthday
Which was good news was 8th Dec 1542 took the Scottish throne a
from those who had just week later 15th Dec 1542 the film comes out
spent four years fighting 21st Dec.
in WW1..
Community Pink Pages 24
Merry Christmas and What's On 25
A Happy New Year. Clubs and Societies 26./27
Councillors MPs and Help lines 28
Hazel Churches 29
Youth Organisations

3 Trafford Community News

The 100th anniversary services to mark the end of World War One were well attended across
Trafford. The was a marked increase in numbers of the usually well attended services with the
hundred year anniversary making it more poignant this year especially as the 11th of November
fell on a Sunday this year. The nearest Sunday being the usual day we hold services. I attend-
ed the Stretford as did the Mayor of Trafford Cllr Tom Ross and Mayoress Cllr Anne Duffield,
Kate Green MP and Councillors from the Stretford Wards and other dignitaries.

4 Trafford Community News

5 Trafford Community News

Emmeline Pankhurst
statue to be unveiled

Justine Gibb and Helen Pankhurst

In February 1918 it was the 100 years Justine Gibb in a scene from the film
anniversary since women got the vote in the
Representation Of The Peoples Act 1918. It
was ten months later that some women got
their first chance to vote in the first General
Election since the bill was passed. On
December 14th this year a new statue to
Emmeline Pankhurst who with her family were
instrumental in getting votes for women will be
unveiled in St Paters Square Manchester. The
whole event starts at 12pm the unveiling is at
approx 1pm. There will be two marches leaving
at 11am to the unveiling one from the Peoples
History Museum Spinningfields and one from
The Pankhurst Centre Emmeline's former
home. Emmeline and was born in Moss Side
and with her husband Richard resided at
Drayton Terrace where Old Trafford Bus
station is. Whilst living there both Christabel
and Sylvia were born. Helen Pankhurst
Emmeline's great granddaughter Sylvia's
granddaughter will be present at the unveiling .
Helen who had a cameo role in the film 2105
Suffragette starring Meryl Streep, Carey
Mulligan ,and Helena Bonham Carter as well
as advisor very readily agreed to appear in
Stretford based amateur filmmakers Hazel and
Justine Gibb. They chose the song “Nana was
a suffragette” written by Chorlton based Jules
Gibb who was is no relation to them. They did
roped in the daughter of Andy Gibb Peta when
they met their cousin for the first time in
London this year filming at the newly unveiled
Millicent Fawcett statue and her son Darby who
was on camera. Andy was born at Stretford
Memorial Hospital, whilst the Gibb family were
living on Keppel Rd Chorlton.

Peta Weber Justine and Hazel Gibb in a scene Trafford Community News
from the film with Millicent Fawcett Statue


7 Trafford Community News

Give men the Vote

December 14th will also be an important
date in political history for men. It will be a
100 years since all men over 21 could
vote. Not only did the 1918
Representation of the People Act, give
women over 30 the vote, it also abolished
the property qualification brought in
universal suffrage ie the right to vote for adult men. The men who received the vote
by this law were the non-householders up until then you had to be a property owner,
one of the reasons why women burned down male owned houses no house no vote.
Before the 1918 Representation of the People Act, only 58% of the adult male
population was eligible to vote, The low percentage was also due to the fact that only
men who had been resident in the country for 12 months prior to a general election
were entitled to vote. This deprived a large number of troops, who had been serving
overseas in the war, the right to vote. It also enabled soldiers who lived in barracks to
vote, since it was felt to be wholly unjust that they should be denied a vote when they
were currently fighting for their country. The discrimination of women being over 30
and owning property was abolished ten years later in 1928 when women received full
universal suffrage.
It would be 51 years before the age was lowered to 18 in 1969.

8 Trafford Community News

9 Trafford Community News


In association with PDSA Petsurance – selected by our vets, loved by pets. 0800 980 6000

Christmas - a pet owner’s
survival guide

Top survival tips to keep your pet
stress free this Christmas

With the festive season now getting into full kept out of reach of dogs to prevent them eating
swing, our pets can suddenly find their home chocolate or other poisonous foods.
filled with intriguing decorations, unfamiliar
food and noisy houseguests. Although we may Christmas Food
enjoy this festive fun, all this extra hustle and
bustle can be stressful and possibly even Big Christmas dinners, rich puddings, biscuits and
hazardous for our four-legged friends. sweets are best kept as treats for ourselves. Rich food
and table scraps can cause an upset tummy for our
Visitors pets and many of the Christmas treats we love (such
as chocolate and mince pies to name a few) are
Pets can sometimes be overexcited, confused or actually poisonous to our pets. Stick to your pet’s
anxious by the amount of holiday guests visiting normal diet over the festive period, even if they are
their home over Christmas. To minimise stress make looking at you with big round eyes! You can always
a quiet, cosy ‘den’ for your pet in advance – a quiet reward them with their own pet-specific treats for
room is ideal for dogs, while cats feel safest when good behaviour.
they’re higher up so perhaps their early Christmas
present could be a safe ‘cat tower’ ‘from a reputable Presents
pet shop. Give them healthy treats or praise when
they are relaxed in their den so they learn to view it Lots of us like to spoil our pets over the festive
as a calm place to be, and can escape from the season with a nicely wrapped present or two, but
comings and goings if things get too busy for sometimes it is the wrapping paper that our pets
them. Don’t allow visitors or children to disturb enjoy playing with rather than their new toys! Pets
your pets if they have taken themselves away to a are often attracted to things that are new and
quiet area. A pheromone diffuser (calming scents interesting, especially if they make an unusual sound
which our pets can smell but we cannot) placed or have an unfamiliar texture. As long as they are
nearby can also help to keep them relaxed. safe, and don’t scare the pet, this can provide
excellent mental stimulation.
Decorations Don’t forget about smaller pets either – rats,
rabbits and hamsters all have different needs. For
Christmas trees can make a tempting climbing frame example, ferrets enjoy playing with toys that you
for cats, but sadly vets see many injuries at this time change frequently and a fabric ferret tunnel can
of year due to falls and toppled trees. Decorations provide all sorts of fun. Rabbits need plenty of
such as tinsel, baubles and ribbon can seem like fun exercise and if your rabbit lives indoors, they might
toys, but can quickly become choking hazards for like to demolish that cardboard box you were
inquisitive pets. Decorations can also cause thinking of recycling! Mice and rats like to explore
blockages in the gut if accidentally swallowed which mazes so think about how you could create one using
can be incredibly serious and may require a surgical safe materials like ink-and glue-free cardboard.
operation to resolve. You can help prevent mishaps Remember that pets like these can have a short
by keeping weighty ornaments close to the floor and attention span, so you need to provide different
valuable ornaments out of reach from curious paws. things that you change frequently to keep them
You should supervise your pet in rooms containing amused and entertained.
trees and decorations and keep doors closed when
you’re not around. Edible decorations should be

PDSA is the UK’s leading vet charity. We’re on a mission to improve pet wellbeing through prevention,
education and treatment. Funding from players of People’s Postcode Lottery helps us reach even more pet

owners with vital advice and information.

10 Trafford Community News

Get ready for winter
with Vehicle servicing

35 Craven Road, Broadheath, Mosley road Trafford park
Altrincham. WA14 6HD Manchester M171JS
Tel: 0161 928 9981
Fax: 0161 929 0634
[email protected]

0161 877 8810

[email protected]
Twitter @JDavidsonScrap

11 Trafford Community News

CHOIR SINGS Choir’s Musical Director, Julie
Parker: “This concert reminds us
that Christmas is being celebrated
around the world and is represent-
ed by different musical styles.
It will allow our audiences to be
transported away from the com-
mercial busyness of the festive
season and remind us what
Christmas is really all about.”

Tickets, priced £8 adults, £6
(concessions) and £2 students/
children, can be purchased by con-
tacting Ticket Secretary, Maxine
Summers, on 0161 748 0903 or
bought at the door. Further infor-
mation about the Choir is available
Urmston Choral Society will be
bringing their festive spectacular of on their website:
‘Music from Around the World’

They will be joined by children from
St. Monica’s School Choir at St
Monica's Church Flixton on the
12th who will perform their own
pieces as well as joining in with
Urmston Choral Society for the
The concert will be repeated,
without the children, on 15th at
St. Werburgh’s Church, Wilbraham
Road, Chorlton,
Featuring Christmas music from
such varied and exotic places as
Africa, China, Puerto Rico, France
and Spain, as well as traditional
Christmas Carols, the 70 strong
mixed voice choir will also perform
pieces written by Choir member,
Lynn Taylor, and accompanist,
Gareth Curtis, as well as featuring
several soloists from the choir.

12 Trafford Community News

13 Trafford Community News

The target community family or friends to talk
café runs every other to. There is often some
Saturday morning in the entertainment and a
Gorse Hill Methodist raffle. Also the collect
Church on Chester Rd artisan bread from a
and Wesley Street. It local bakery if you are
offers a three course lucky can pick up a loaf
meal with a soup starter or two.
followed by a main meal
with meat or vegetarian The café is looking for
option or baked potatoes more customers to keep Next Café Dates
with cheese beans and this vibrant and Dec 8th
homemade coleslaw, important social Dec 22nd
followed by a range of community going as it Jan 5th
cakes and deserts. has to cover the rent to Jan 19th
the church. So if you Feb 2nd
fancy a good hearty Feb 16th
The Target Café also lunch on a Saturday get Mar 2nd
holds a food hygiene yourself along to Gorse
rating of five. Hill you will not be
disappointed .
Not only does the café
offer good home cooked
food but a social Christmas Dinner
outreach to those who Sat 8th December
may not have many

14 Trafford Community News

15 Trafford Community News

16 Trafford Community News

17 Trafford Community News

Pushing Up Daisies
Funeral Celebrant

07392 325 233

Pushing Up Daises

Wishes to offer unique and personal funeral
ceremony tailored to your needs and budget.
I endeavour to put real fun in funerals if our
clients so wish.
I also cater for more traditional and reverent
services including some religious content if
I have been reading lessons and writing and
reading prayers in church for over twenty five
Whilst as a Scout Leader l was involved in
planning and leading simple acts of worship.
Make your wishes known now to your
relatives plan you big day in style!
You only get one chance to get it right.

18 Trafford Community News

19 Trafford Community News

Don’t get
the needle
at Christmas

By Hannah Stephenson


Some 30% of people in the UK do buy the as trees can get through a pint a day.
real thing each year, yet many are often left
with more needles on the floor than on the About 8.5 million trees are sold in this country
every Christmas, of which half are Nordmann firs.
tree within a week of putting it up -
The Fraser fir (Abies fraseri) which is popular in the

especially if they haven't chosen a non-drop variety eastern United States is narrower than other trees

such as the ever-popular Nordmann fir. and therefore more suitable for smaller rooms.

But if you give any Yuletide tree the care it needs, it Look for growers who are situated in an isolated

shouldn't drop too much. place away from urban centres. They are less likely

If you look after trees properly, most of them should to get a big retail market and you may get a better

look good throughout the festive season. deal and a better tree from them.

Cut trees remain the most popular, and it is essential Remember that trees sold retail in urban areas may

that they should be fresh when purchased. The have come from out of town and may have been

needles should not be dull and dried up, the exposed to drying winds in transit. They could have

branches not brittle. If you gently shake the tree, the been cut weeks earlier. Ask the retailer whether his

outer needles should not fall off. trees are delivered either once at the beginning of

When you've bought your tree, keep it outside in a the season or at different times during the period.

cool, shaded place, preferably standing in water, Some people may opt for a tree that will last for

until it is required indoors. years.

Before bringing it inside, cut about half an inch off If you are looking for a tree you can plant in the

the base of the trunk to open up the pores of the tree garden afterwards, go for a container-grown tree.

and then place it securely in a water-holding stand You can plant it out after Christmas and may be able

or wedge it in a bucket with pebbles, small stones or to bring it in again next year.

screwed-up newspaper and place it away from direct You should put it in a sheltered spot initially and

heat. Anyone who places the tree next to a radiator slowly acclimatise it to the open before planting in

is asking for trouble. its final home, making sure the root collar is at

Keep the container topped up with water every day, ground level and to water it well.

20 Trafford Community News


Best of the bunch... How to…
Keep your Christmas
Ivy (Hedera) tree healthy
It may be the bane of
many gardeners' lives,
but ivy comes into its own at Christmas,
adding colour and movement to outside pots and Choose one with a good shape and if you opt for a
weaving in and out of garlands or wreaths as an cut tree, pick one that has at least 30cm of clear trunk
at the base.
addition to festive indoor decorations.
If you have mature ivy in your garden, you may enjoy When you get it home, saw the bottom 3cm off the
rounded heads of matt black berries in winter, prized by trunk of a cut tree and stand it in a bucket of water,
flower arrangers, which can be used along with red somewhere cool. Clamp it securely into a stand with a
water reservoir and top this up regularly. If the water
berries from other shrubs as a great contrast in indoor disappears quickly, this is a good sign as it means the
decorations. tree is absorbing it.

Some ivies are extremely hardy, surviving the worst of Stand trees in a cool part of the room, well away from
the winter weather unscathed, including Hedera helix, radiators. A living tree will do best in a cool room,
which will thrive in all soils and situations, producing porch or conservatory, especially if you intend to keep it.
glossy green leaves, and H. colchica 'Sulphur Heart', Stand the pot of the living tree in a deep saucer and
which has dark green leaves splashed with yellow and keep the saucer topped up with water.

pale green. If you want a hardy variegated ivy, go for H. Remember that Christmas trees prefer life outdoors -
colchica 'Dentata Variegata', which has light green leaves so leave it till the last minute to buy your tree and it
mottled with grey and edged creamy white.
Ivy will grow in almost any soil but does best in alkaline should last you through the festive season.

conditions, with moisture at the roots, and is not Things to do this month...
bothered if it's in sun or shade, although it will always
grow from a shady position towards the light.
n Continue clearing ground for new beds, digging and

Good enough to eat... leaving soil rough for the frost to break it down. Add
compost or well-rotted manure at the same time and

Dutch remove roots of perennial weeds.
n Finish the planting of tulips and hyacinths.

white cabbage n Complete autumn planting of climbers and wall shrubs
Dutch white cabbages are the huge pale-green balls you if the ground is not too wet or frozen.

n Take hardwood cuttings from hardy climbers such as

often see in supermarkets, but they're a whole lot tastier jasmine and honeysuckle.
if you grow them yourself and are best harvested in
November for storing indoors. n Examine stored dahlia tubers and remove any that are
Winter varieties such as the Dutch white are among the shrivelling or rotting.
largest and most ornamental of the cabbage family, and n Prune apple and pear trees once the leaves have fallen.

n Remove fruited canes of blackberries, hybrid cane

also include the red-tinged 'January King' and the well- fruits or summer raspberries that have not yet been dealt
known Savoy.
They need plenty of space to grow and a rich soil, and with.
should be sown in May either in small pots or a seedbed.
On light soil, add some well-rotted manure or compost n Overwinter fuchsias without a heated greenhouse by
weeks to your plot before planting the cabbages, which stripping the plants of foliage, watering well then
are greedy feeders. They prefer a slightly alkaline soil so burying them completely in moist coir or vermiculite,
you may need to apply garden lime over winter to either under or on the staging in a cold greenhouse or
gradually raise the shed. They can be left there for the winter.

n Prune summer-flowering heathers, cutting back to the

pH level. base of dead flowerheads but not into old wood.

The young cabbages should be ready to plant out in their n Place cloches over September-sown parsley and
final position in June, allowing 45cm space per plant.
Images: Scatter a generous amount of fertiliser before planting, chervil to encourage winter shoots and keep them clean.
and water the ground well if the soil is dry. Cover the n Place houseplants near windows during the day.
crop with garden fleece or fine netting to deter pests and
water in dry spells. n Move cacti to a very light position in a cool room for a
Cut the heads of Dutch white cabbage when they have rest period, keeping them almost dry.
n Plant late lily bulbs, if the weather is still good and the

reached full size and feel solid, remove outer leaves and ground workable. If not, dip them in fungicide and pot
peel off any damaged leaves to leave a perfect ball.
them up in a neutral or ericaceous compost. Keep them

frost-free in a potting shed, greenhouse or garage.

21 Trafford Community News

Money Matters

Free cash
for switching
bank accounts

By Martin Lewis @martinslewis

There are laws against bribery.
Luckily they don’t apply to banks

wanting to bung you free money

in return for your custom. There’s
a banking price war on right now

which means you can earn up to

£200 for switching account. So

take a bribe, and get some extra

cash in the kitty.

And don’t just do this for the

money. I get more complaints
about banks than any other sector

apart from energy, yet people

loyally stick with the perpetrators

for years. If that’s you – stop
bitching and start switching –

many of the accounts that pay

have decent service too. All payments to your old account are automatically
Switching is easy, they do it

all for you. In a recent twitter poll I did on this, 76% said
switching was hassle-free and easy, like Sophie
who says: "I've switched 2 accounts in the last few
Before I get to the best-buys, let me deal with the years. Was so easy I persuaded my parents to do the
“isn’t switching bank a nightmare?” question. I’m same”. Most of the rest only had minor issues.
sure you’ve heard stories. Yet do ask people, when,

this happened. For five years now we’ve had the The top current account
switching guarantee in place, and that changed give-aways...

everything - for the better. These change regularly, for full daily updated
To get the free cash you’ll be credit scored (it’s not details and all the tips and eligibility criteria see my
too harsh) and will need to go through banks full guide at
official switching services. The switching
guarantee means you’re switched within seven
working days. Your new bank moves direct debits bestbankaccounts. Here’s a quick summary of the
and standing orders for you (some require at least top deals at the time of writing…
two to be moved), and closes your old account.
22 Trafford Community News

Free £200 (£150 upfront, £50 Free
if you stay) + 5% fixed savings. £125
Switch to the Advance account and you vouchers
can get £150 free cash. Stay with it for a year and with no
you’ll get another £50. It also lets you save up to monthly
£250 per month in its linked 5% fixed regular pay in.
savings account.
With HSBC like most banks there’s a minimum Switch to and
monthly pay in. Here it’s a relatively large £1,750 you get a £125 M&S gift card with no-
a month - equivalent to £25,900 a year. This is minimum monthly pay in. Though if you do
effectively just a way to get you to pay in your pay in £1,250 a month (equal to a £17,080
salary. Yet if you don’t earn enough to meet this, salary) you can earn an additional £5 a
there’s a way around the rule. If you earn £1,000 month voucher for a year. It also has a linked
a month, then just withdraw £750 and pay it 5% fixed regular savings account.
straight back in and you will qualify.
When do you get the money?
When do you get the money?
Within a month of switching.
Within 30 calendar days of switching.
Free £125 plus 2% cashback You can switch too…
on bills.
Being overdrawn doesn’t stop you
Switch to most current accounts switching, though you may not get
and you’ll get £125. Among those is the NatWest the same overdraft limit as your
Reward account where for a monthly £2 fee you current account.
get 2% cashback on household bills that you pay
via direct debit from it, including council tax, For those with smaller overdrafts, the First
water, energy and broadband – many can earn Direct account above is useful as, as well as the
£100 a year from this. Its minimum monthly pay- free gadgets it offers an interest-free £250
in is £1,500 (equal to an annual salary of overdraft – an easy way to avoid costs.
£21,500). Alternatively,'s
FlexDirect gives a year's 0% overdraft. Yet
When do you get the money? there's no set limit - it depends on your credit
score. Though as after the year you pay 50p a
It’ll be paid in February and you’ll need to keep day if you’re overdrawn, do use the time to try
your account till then. and ditch the debt.

Free gadgets plus top service.

Though not free cash, switch to and you can choose a free gift
from choice of gadgets (e.g. £120 Amazon Echo
or £120 Fitbit), or a £150 Expedia voucher. Plus
it’s won every customer service polls I’ve done for
the past eight years - 89% rate it ‘great’. You'll
also get a £250 0% overdraft, and can open a
linked 5% regular saver. The minimum monthly
pay in is £1,000 (equal to a £12,675 salary).

When do you get the freebies? Martin Lewis is the Founder and Chair of To join the 13 million
Within 2 weeks of paying in your first £1,000 people who get his free Money Tips weekly email, go
you're emailed instructions on how to get the to
freebie which can then take up to a month or so
to arrive. 23 Trafford Community News

What's On Community Pages


1st Ashton-on-Mersey Village 1st New Years Day
Christmas Fair 12-5pm 5th Twelfth Night
1st Carols Round The Dovecote 6th Twelfth Day
Walkdens Gardens Sale 25th Burns Night
12.30-4pm 26th Australia Day
1st Christmas Craft Fair Victoria 27th Holocaust Memorial Day
Park Stretford 12-3pm
1st St Clements Edge Lane
Chorlton Christmas Fair 11am-2pm

1st St Anns Church Stretford Sun Rise Sun Set
Christmas Fair 10.30am-1.30pm Dec 1st 8.01am 3.53pm
2nd St Hugh of Lincoln Stretford Dec 1st 8.24am 4.00pm
Christmas Fair 12.30pm-3.3pm
8th Sale Choral Handel-Messiah
St Marys Church Moss Lane Sale

12th Urmston Choral Around the Moon Phases 7th Dec
Worl Christmas Potpourri 7-00pm New Moon 15th Dec
St. Monica’s Church First Quarter 22nd Dec
Irlam Rd Flixton and Full Moon 29th Dec
15th December 2-30pm Last Quarter 6th Jan
St Werburgh’s Church, New Moon 14th Jan
Wilbraham Road Chorlton First Quarter 21st Jan
25th Christmas Day Full Moon 27th Jan
26th Boxing Day Last Quarter

31st New Years Eve

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Clubs and Societies Community News

Townswomen’s Guild 7-30pm 4th Monday in month German Church. Park Rd/Barton Rd ,Stretford
Gorse Hill residents website includes local news and updates from Gorse Hill Community Action Group,
Gorse Hill FC
Friends of Longford Park for the latest news & what's on
Friends of Victoria Park, Stretford
Stretford Probus Club for retired men, speakers on a wide range of subjects. New members welcome!
Monday 10am meetings at St. Ann's club Chester Road, Call Robin on 748 3034
Urmston Choral Society, meets each Wednesday at 7.30. Greenfield Church, Urmston

Local History Society 3rd Thursday in month St Matthews Church Hall 7-30pm

K2tog meet on the first and third Wednesday of the month at 26 Wardle Close, 2pm - 3.30pmfor knitting,
craft or social. New members welcome

Flixton Brass Band, graded first section meet every Monday and Thursday 8.00pm - 10.00pm.

Davyhulme Camera Club meet every Wednesday evening at Flixton House, Flixton 7.30pm to 10.00pm.

HATS Theatre Group Rehearsals St Hugh of Lincoln Church Hall, Glastonbury Road Stretford, Thursday
evening at 7.30pm.
Altrincham and Bowdon Civic Society meet on varying dates at 2 pm at Altrincham Town Hall to discuss
matters relating of Altrincham and Bowdon. Tel 962 7108 for info
Sale Brass Band's Age 8 to 80 Monday 6.15-7.15pm at Sale Sports Club, Clarendon Crescent, Sale M33
Trafford Deaf Community Network meet every first and third Thursdays of the month 7-11pm at Sale
Excelsior Club, corner of Chapel Road and Symons Road, Sale M33 7FJ New members welcome
[email protected] or mobile text to 07796 615 034

Out and about for Pensioners 3rd Wednesday in the month meet from St John the Devine Brooklands Rd
Contact Margaret
Trafford Stroke Support Group Tuesday Weekly 10am - 12pm The Avenue Methodist Church, Wincham
Road Sale Mrs M Siddall 283 1989
Sweet Rhythm Swing Band meets every Friday from 7pm to 10pm in Urmston.
Altrincham and District Natural History Society meets two Tuesday evenings per month for walks in
summer and talks in winter. or contact [email protected] or 0161 865 0118.
G Scale society 3rd Saturday in month 10am-2pm St. Albans Church hall Broadheath B Davis 748 7029
Urmston Musical Theatre, Monday and Wednesday evenings, Urmston Cricket Club, Moorside Rd.
Urmston Chess Club 7.30pm on Tuesday night at Flixton Con Club, 193 Flixton Rd, Flixton,

Sailfin Swimming Club for People with Disabilities S2ale5LeisureTCernatrfefoSurnddayC10o-3m0amm unity News

Trafford Councillors
Altrincham Davyhulme East Priory
Geraldine Coggins Linda Blackburn 0161 748 6659 Jane Baugh 0161 912 2644
[email protected] [email protected] [email protected]
Daniel Jerrome 07805 958548 Mark Cawdrey Barry Brotherton 0161 912 2637
Michael Young 0161 941 6067 [email protected] [email protected]
[email protected] Jayne Dillon Andrew Western 07896774011
[email protected] [email protected]
Sale Moor
Ashton on Mersey Davyhulme West Joanne Bennett 0161 962 7809
John Lamb 0161 928 3664 John Reilly 0161 912 3847 [email protected]
[email protected] [email protected] Mike Freeman 07794 092377
Brian Rigby MBE 0161 912 2633 Brian Shaw 0161 747 6310 [email protected]
[email protected] [email protected] Elizabeth Patel
Michael Whetton 07752 667 442 Graham Whitham [email protected]
[email protected] [email protected] St Marys
Daniel Bunting 0161905 2786
Bowdon Flixton [email protected]
Sean Anstee 0161 912 4182 Jonathan Coupe 0161 912 3839 Rob Chilton 0161 905 2507
[email protected] [email protected] [email protected]
Karen M Barclay 0161 980 3462 Paul Lally 0161 747 0291 John Holden 0161 0162 962 1849
[email protected] [email protected] [email protected]
Michael R Hyman 0161 928 0154 Simon Thomas Stretford Ward
[email protected] [email protected] Steve Adshead 0161 912 5218
ste[email protected]
Broadheath Gorse Hill Ward Tom Ross 07900267339
Stephen Anstee 07422 078 779 David Acton 0161 749 9823 [email protected]
[email protected] [email protected] Jane Slater 0161 283 3321
Denise Western 07794 080240 Laurence Walsh 0161 912 5208 [email protected]
[email protected] [email protected] Timperley
Amy Whyte Mike Cordingley 0161 865 9228 Jane E Brophy 0161 962 6494
amywhyte [email protected]
[email protected] Nathan Evans 07843368041
[email protected]
Brooklands Hale Barns Angela Bruer-Morris 07896842408
Chris Boyes 0161 962 2616 Dylan Butt 0161928 8813 angela.bruer-
[email protected] [email protected] [email protected]
David Hopps Patrick Myers 0161 9298389 Urmston
[email protected] [email protected] Joanne Harding 0161 7550619
Steven Longden 07443 003721 Bernard Sharp 0161 928 6121 [email protected]
[email protected] [email protected] Catherin Hynes 07794 092351
[email protected]
Bucklow St Martins Hale Central Kevin A Procter 0161 748 8460
Adele New Louise Haddad [email protected]
Aidan Williams 0161 865 8180 Village
[email protected] Alan Mitchell 0161 928 9220 Ray Bowker MBE 0161 912 3936
James Alexander Wright [email protected] [email protected]
[email protected] Patricia Young 0161 928 0207 Thomas Carey 07970 829735
Clifford Ward [email protected] [email protected]
Ejaz Malik 0161 881 0967 or 0161 Longford Ward Laura Evans 07896110508
862 9786 Anne Duffield 0161 864 3873 [email protected]
[email protected] [email protected]
Whit Stennett MBE 0161 912 3938 David Jarman 0161 866 8289
[email protected] [email protected]
Sophie Taylor 07900 257 340 Judith Lloyd 0161 865 8946
[email protected] [email protected]

26 TraffordTCraoffomrdmCoumnmiutynitNy Neewwss

MP’s Help lCionmemsunity Pages

Kate Green MP Hospitals

Stretford and Urmston, holds a Trafford General Hospital
number of advice surgeries each 0161 748 4022
month. by appointment only. Trafford General has A&E
To book an appointment call the Altrincham Hospital minor injuries dept.
Stretford and Urmston 0161 928 6111
Constituency office on
0161 749 9120. Police
Alternatively you can fax on 0161
749 9121 or e-mail Police Non Emergency 101
(0161 872 5050 still in operation)
Graham Brady MP Stretford Neighbourhood Policing Team
0161 856 7655
Altrincham and Sale West holds email [email protected]
a number of surgeries each Crime Stoppers 0800 555 111
month by appointment only. Anti Social behaviour Helpline
To book an appointment please 0161 912 1111
call the constituency office on
0161 904 8828 Councillors Surgeries
Website: Councillor Cordingley holds a monthly
surgery every month at Lostock Library.
Mike Kane MP (First Saturday of the month, 10-10:30am).
Councillor Walsh holds a monthly surgery at
Wythenshawe and Sale East Gorse Hill Primary School
(Last Friday of month 5pm to 6pm)
Trafford Town Hall Flixton surgery every Friday 6-7pm
Tel 0161 912 2000 146 Flixton Road, Urmston. Cllr Laura Evans Village 2nd & 4th Saturday
10am Timperley Library Except Bank Hols &
Trafford Youth Cabinet August. First Friday of the month Broomwood centre 11 am till noon.
cabinet/ Cll Alex Williams Altrincham by appointment
Or find them on Facebook Cll Rob Chilton 1st Saturday of every month -
3.30 pm - Sale West Community Centre,
3rd Saturday of every month - 3.30 pm -
Coppice Library, Coppice Avenue

27 Trafford CTraoffmordmCuomnmituyniNtyeNwewss

Community Pages

Churches and places of worship

St Matthews C of E Chapel Ln/Chester Rd
Sunday 8am Holy Communion 10am Holy Communion 3rd Sunday 10am Matins, 11am Fresh All Age with
drama & music 6-30pm Evensong, Tue Ecumenical Prayers 9.30 All Saints
Wed Holy Communion 10am (said) Coffee Morning Sat 10-30 –12pm
Contact 0161 865 2535
Methodist Churches in the Stretford & Urmston Methodist Circuit. Contact Rev Stuart Smith 0161 755 3357
Gorse Hill Methodist Chester Rd Service Sun 11am Thurs Open Door 10-30 Tea and Toast
Sevenways Methodist Barton Rd / Derbyshire Ln Service Sun 10-45am Coffee Morning 1st Sat in month.
Brook Rd Methodist Brook Rd Flixton Service Sun 10-45am
Cornerstone Methodist, Hayeswater Rd Davyhulme Service Sun 10-45am Cafe Sat 10am-12noon
St Ann's RC Chester Rd Sunday Masses 9-30am 11-30am 6-30pm
Contact Fr John Hitchen or Fr Pat Greasley 0161 865 2079
St Anthony's Church Centre 3rd Avenue Trafford Park Contact 848 9173
St Hilda's Kings Rd/ Warwick Rd South Sunday Service's 10-30am
Daily Prayer 9-15am Coffee Shop & Drop In Thurs 10-12-30pm
Contact Ross Malkin 0161 865 1802
Manchester German Church. Park Rd/Barton Rd 1 11am & 3rd Sundays 4pm Contact 0161 865 1335
All Saints C of E Barton Road Lostock Sun services 8 am 10am Holy Communion,
Tue 9-30am Ecumenical Prayers, Wed 9-45 Holy Communion alternate weeks prayer and praise.
Contact via website
Trafford Christian Life Centre, 107 Barton Road Sunday Celebration and Kidszone 10-30am Contact 718 5248
Gospel Hall Stretford 10 Derbyshire Lane Sunday 6-30pm Gospel Meeting Tue 8pm Bible Study Contact 748 6036
The Salvation Army Brunswick St Sun 11am Morning Worship 12.15 Sunday School Contact 866 8239

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Davyhulme Rd/Chester Rd Sun 10am

Unitarian Free Church Queens Road, Urmston Sun 10am all ages
Contact Rev Danny Crosby 928 9913
The Avenue Methodist Church & The Living Well Centre, Wincham Road, Sale.
Sunday Worship 10.45am; Holy Communion (2nd Sunday) 9.00am. Breakfast Church (1st & 3rd Sundays )
Activities and Events for all ages: Living Well Centre – Everyday. Stockdales Café: Open every Wednesday 10am-
1.30pm, Lunch 12 noon
Contact: 0161 973 1832.
St John the Devine C of E Brooklands Rd Timperley. Sunday 8.30am Holy Communion 10.30am Parish Eucharist
(2nd Sunday Parade Service) 6.30pm Evensong Brick a brac and Coffee every Thursday 10am –12pm

St Paul C of E Springfield Rd Sale
Sunday 10 am Parish communion third Sunday All Age service Sunday 9 30am Storytime church a20 minute
service for preschool children and their carers 6pm Evensong There are also several church groups
Contact is E-mail [email protected] tel; 01619731042

St Mary the Virgin, C of E Davyhulme Sunday - 9am, Eucharist, 10.30am, Parish Eucharist with Children's church
Wednesday 10am - Eucharist

Flixton Fellowship Church Acre Hall Primary School, Irlam Road, Flixton, M41 6NA Sunday 10am
Contact: 0161 747 5944.

28 Trafford Community News

Youth Groups Community Pages

23rd Stretford St Matthews/Victoria Mon 6.30-8pm Cub Scouts, Tue 6-7pm Beavers,
Thur 7-9pm Scouts Scout Hut Victoria Park Contact
Quest Scout Group /17th Stretford Lostock Barton Rd, Lostock
Wed 6-7pm Beavers, Wed 7-30—9-30pm Explorer's
Thur 7—8-30pm Cubs, Fri 7-15—915pm Scouts
1st Gorse Hill 2nd Stretford Scout Group The Lodge Beresford Rd, Gorse Hill
Tues Scouts 6:.45-9pm, Wed Beavers 6.30-7.30pm, Thurs Cubs 7-8:30pm
To join contact Jane McGrath [email protected]
25th Stretford (Firswood) Beavers and Cubs and Scouts
Contact Roy Fordham for details 881 3661
3rd Davyhulme Scout Group Off Lostock Rd, Davyhulme
Contact Jim Field 0161 291 0473
All Saints Barton Rd Girl Guides Contact Stella Green 0161 748 4727
Rainbows age 5-7yrs 5-6pm, Brownies 7-10yrs 6-7.30pm, Guides 10-14yrs 7.30-9pm
St Matthew’s Brownie Guides Contact Mrs Wellington 0161 972 0911
Guides Laura Wellington 0797497485
8th Trafford Boys’ Brigade Hayeswater Rd Methodist Church
Thurs 6.30-9.30pmAges 5 to 18 welcome Contact Michael Guy 07729882201
3rd Trafford Boys Brigade Sevenways Church contact Brian Taylor 748-8493
1st Stretford Girls’ Brigade Gorse Hill Methodist Church
Wed 6.30-8pm Girls 5-18 Carol Conaghan, 718-3221
Stretford Gospel Hall 10 Derbyshire Lane Wednesday 6-30pm
Children and Young Teenagers Activity Night
Trafford Christian Life Centre Barton Rd, Youth Call
Thurs 10-14yrs 7pm –8-30 14 plus 8-9-30pm
St Hilda's Church Kings Rd
Fridays 7.30-9pm The Edge, Wed After school drop-in 2.30-5.30pm Games, Pool Air Hockey etc
Food available, Chill-Out Relax 11-16s

Frantic, 7-11 year olds Woodsend Scout Hut, Woodsend Crescent Road, Urmston, M41 8AD
Saturdays at 6.45-8.15pm. Contact [email protected]

29 Trafford CTraoffmordmCuomnmituyniNtyeNwewss

30 Trafford Community News


1. Drunkenness (11)
9. Hazy (7)
10. Harden (5)
11. Sluggish (5)
12. Malady (7)
13. Guarantee (6)
15. Reckless (6)
18. Axle (7)
20. Factory (5)
22. Fire-arm (5)
23. Stipulation (7)
24. Rude (3-8)
2. Illustrious (5)
3. Support (7)
4. Encroachment (6)
5. Whirl (5)
6. Luxurious (7)
7. Celebration (11)
8. Goal (11)
14. Deft (7)
16. Endorse (7)
17. Arm (6)
19. Vision (5)
21. Nimble (5)


Fill in the grid so that every row,
every column, and every 3x3 box
contains the digits 1 through 9.

31 Trafford Community News

Coffee Break Solutions Sudoku solution

Crossword solutions

Across: Down:
1 Inebriation; 2 Noble;
9 Nebular; 3 Bolster;
10 Inure; 4 Inroad;
11 Inert; 5 Twirl;
12 Ailment; 6 Opulent;
13 Ensure; 7 Anniversary;
15 Wanton; 8 Destination;
18 Spindle; 14 Skilful;
20 Plant; 16 Approve;
22 Rifle; 17 Weapon;
23 Proviso; 19 Dream;
24 Ill-mannered. 21 Agile.



32 Trafford Community News

Christmas Last
Posting Dates
Royal Mail

International Standard formerly
known as Airmail

4th Africa, Middle East International Standard HM
7h Asia, Cyprus, Malta, Far East, Forces Mail British Forces Post
Eastern Europe (ex. Poland, Czech Office (BFPO)
Republic and Slovakia) 14th to Static BFPOs
8th Caribbean, Central & South UK SERVICES
America 18th 2nd Class and Royal Mail
14th Czech Republic, Italy, Poland. Signed For
USA Canada 20th 1st Class and Royal Mail
15th , Finland, Sweden, Signed For& Royal Mail Special
17th Austria, Denmark, Norway, Delivery Guaranteed
Iceland, Portugal, Spain 22nd Special Delivery Guaranteed
Netherlands, Norway, Slovakia,
Switzerland Germany
18th France Ireland, Belgium,
I couldn't find Australia New
Zealand and Greece dates
normally same time as USA. Asia.

33 Trafford Community News

34 Trafford Community News



7 December CAST: Jake Johnson, Shameik Moore,
CAST: Margot Robbie, Saoirse Hailee Steinfeld, Live Schreiber, Mahersh Ali
Ronan, Gemma Chan, Joe Alwyn, The latest Spider-Man release introduces Miles
David Tennant Morales, a young teenager from Brooklyn, and
The film explores the life of Mary crossing parallel dimensions Spider-Man joins
Stuart who was Queen of France forces with other Spider-Men to stop the threat.
at 16 and became a widow at 18.
Instead of remarrying she returns AQUAMAN
to Scotland to reclaim her throne,
but Elizabeth I is the ruler of RELEASE DATE: 14 December
Scotland and England. CAST: Amber Heard, Nicole Kidman, Jason
Momoa, Patrick Wilson Yahya Abdul-Mateen ll
MORTAL ENGINES An adventure of the hidden sea world Atlantis!
Aquaman tells the story of half man and half
RELEASE DATE: 8 December Atlantean Arthur Curry taking him on a journey
CAST: Robert Sheehan, Stephen Lang, where he faces who he really is and born to be.
Hera Hilmarsd, Hugo Weaving, Ronan Raftery
A futuristic adventure based on a novel.
Civilisation has been destroyed for hundreds of
years, but a young woman is the only one who
can stop London, now a mighty predator on
wheels, from taking everything in its way.
The young woman is joined by an outcast and a
dangerous outlaw to lead the fight against the

35 Trafford Community News



RELEASE DATE: 21 December The Predator
CAST: Emily Blunt, Meryl Streep,
Dick Van Dyke, Angela Lansbury, RELEASE DATE: 18 January
Lin-Manuel Miranda CAST: Boyd Holbrook, Thomas Jane,
Mary Poppins returns to the Banks family. Trevante Rhodes, Alfie Allen,
London is in depression; Jane and Michael are Jacob Tremblay
now grown up and in need of the magic of A young boy mistakenly calls Predators
Mary Poppins to bring joy into their lives. to earth. They are the most lethal
hunters in the universe and have to be
GLASS contained. An extensive search takes
place with the help of a jaded science
RELEASE DATE: 18 January teacher, law enforcement and retired
CAST: Bruce Willis, James McAvoy, soldiers who must stop the Predators.
Anya Taylor-Joy, Samuel L.Jackson
The stories of Unbreakable and Split come
together to form this new comic adventure;
Glass. Glass finds David Dunn (Unbreakable)
in the pursuit of The Beast while Elijah Price
holds secrets critical to both men.

36 Trafford Community NewsRelease dates correct at time of publishing but subject to change without prior notice. Image copyright: Universal Pictures

The Stretford End To advertise in our next magazine
contact us with you requirements
Front cover Emmeline Pankhurst [email protected]
Statue to unveiled 14th December m or Telephone 161 865 6448 /
St Peters Square Manchester 0789151754

In this publication you may find the odd!!!! Please feel free to contribute to our magazine
Spolling misstock, typing error or where you send us your stories, recipes, poems and
find the grammar is not quite as it should be. details of any events that you have on.
That is due to a condition l have called dys-
praxia similar to dyslexia, people with this "Small business all like
tend to spell phonetically and sometimes l muscles if you don’t use
miss the last letters of words due sometimes
to the speed my brain (yes l do have one) is them you lose them".
working basically it means “I am playing all
the right notes but not necessarily in the right All events and times and availa-
order” to quote Eric Morecambe. If my mala- bility correct at time of going to
propisms amuse you that’s fine by me we all press.
need a laugh. The word comes from Mrs Mal-
aprop a character in Sheridan's play The
Rivals who misuses words in this way.

37 Trafford Community News

38 Trafford Community News

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