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103 june 2

103 june 2

TRAFFORDIssue 103 June/ July 2018

Manchester Remembering Together
Trafford Council Election Results
NHS 70th Birthday
Altrincham Festival
Trafford Arts Association Showcase
PDSA pets and Pollen


Trafford Community News INDEX Editor: Hazel Gibb-Shacklock

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2 Trafford Community News

Letter from the Editor Page 4 Trafford Council Elections Results
Well summer has finally All change at Trafford Council first time in
arrived well officially on forty year history with four parties now on
June 21st but the warmer the council.
weather is here so enjoy. Page 6 Veterans who live or work n Trafford
Some people do get went to Holland on the May Day bank holiday for
affected by the warm Liberation Day. For some this was a return visit
weather and pollen for others a first time. Amazing how our Vets are
related allergies so do treated and respected by Holland.
our pets so keep a check Page 8 Manchester together remembers the 22
on them with the PDSA. who died in the Manchester Arena Bombing and
Trafford Council elections those who survived
threw up some surprising Page 10 The NHS will be 70 years old on July
results sadly l missed the 5th. Formally born at Trafford General when it
count as l as en-route to was Park Hospital.
Holland with some Vets
for Liberation Day. Page 12 Altrincham Festival takes place on Satur-
One year on after the day 7th July with their grand Parade and festival
Manchester Arena showground.
Bombing Manchester Page 14 Trafford Arts Association are
came together o showcasing their talents. Come along to see
remember the victims what's on offer.
and casualties.
There are a few good Page 16
community vents on in Pets can suffer with pollen allergies just like hu-
Trafford over June and mans the PDSA gives some advice on what to
July Sale festival
including Trafford Arts Page 22 Martin Lewis gives us advice on refunds
Association Showcase refunds refunds even if its just for washing your
and the Lions Fayre. work uniform see if you are eligible for one.
Manchester Day Parade
Altrincham Festival.
Last but not least our Fab
NHS will be 70 in July

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3 Trafford Community News

Trafford Council
Local Elections

Trafford council goes from Conservative
control to no overall all control to
Labour-Lib Dem alliance in two weeks

Well l for one wasn't happy at the results
from the Trafford Local Elections! Not
because l am swearing any allegiance to
any party, but over the last few years it
has been the status quo in Trafford. The
year l couldn’t make the count l sailing to
Holland for Liberation Day and missed all
the excitement. I am sure that you now
Ashton on Mersey
know that th e Conservatives lost overall John Terence Lamb, Conservative 1677
control of the council after fourteen year Ben Hartley, Labour 1568
but even though they lost six seats two in Caroline Robertson-Brown, Green 148
Altrincham to the Green Party and Flixton, Stephen Lee Power, Lib- Dem 138
Brooklands Davyhulme West and East Kevin Grime, UKIP 53
they did gain one in Village Timperley from
long standing Liberal Democrat councillor
Tony Fishwick. The two seats won in
Altrincham are the first ever for Green Bowdon
Karen Myra Barclay, Conservative 2130
Party in Trafford. After the results were in Waseem Hassan, Labour 422
the 63 seats in Trafford stood at Labour 30 Ludo Tolhurst-Cleaver, Lib Dem 356
Conservative 29, Liberal Democrats 2 and Nigel Robert Hennerley, Green 169
Green 2. This meant that there was no Jim Cook, UKIP 39

overall control. Since the election Labour Broadheath
has joined forces with the two remaining Amy Marie Whyte Labour 2077
Lib Dems to form and alliance with 32 Kate Burke, Conservative 1716
seats taking control of the council. They Christopher Paul Marritt, Lib-Dem 170
pledging to abolish the green bin charge, Daniel Gresty, Green Party 160
scrap the Timperley Wedge and Turn Mike Bailey Sanderson, UKIP 56
Moss developments and build homes Stephen John Farndon, Independent 33

exclusively on brownfield sites. Brooklands

Altrincham Steven Gregory Longden, Labour 1939
Dan Jerrome, Green 1944 Mike Jefferson, Conservative 1755
Geraldine P Coggins, Green 1621 Meenakshi Minnis, Lib-Dem 170
Constantine Biller, Conservative 1386 Mandy King, Green 155
Tony Nayler, UKIP 55
Angela Kay Stone, Conservative 1342
Stephane Savary, Labour 846
Barry Gerard Winstanley, Labour 655
Julian David Newgrosh, Lib Dem 118
David Harold Martin, Lib Dem 93

4 Trafford Community News

Bucklow St Martins Longford
Adele Louise New, Labour 1427 David Paul Jarman, Labour 2611
Geoffrey Turner, Conservative 424 Cathy Conchie, Conservative 547
Norine Dorothy Napier, UKIP 90 Margaret Emily Westbrook, Green 238
Rodrigo Capucho Paulo, Green 44 Anna Corrina Fryer, Lib-Dem 194
Simon Andrew Wright, Lib Dem 38 Pauline Brenda Royle, UKIP 60
Clifford Priory
Sophie Rachel Taylor, Labour.2702 Jane Everall Baugh, Labour 2018
Jess Mayo, Green 255 George Robson Barker, Conservative 988
Alex Finney, Conservative 165 Paul Christopher Greer, Green 170
Pauline Anne Cliff, Lib Dem 82 Michael Andrew MacDonald, Lib-Dem170
Davyhulme East Sale Moor
Jayne Elizabeth Dillon, Labour 2205 Elizabeth Alice Louise Patel, Labour 1433
Mike Cornes, Conservative 1388 Darren Christopher Meacher, Conservative 971
Steven Roy Tennant-Smythe, Green 100 Czarina Dawn Kirk, Lib-Dem 207
Gary Anthony Regan, UKIP 69 Jane Frances Leicester, Green 161
Susan Sutherland, Lib-Dem 73 St Mary’s
Davyhulme West Rob Chilton, Conservative 2053
Graham Whitham, Labour 2230 Mal Mohibullah Choudhury, Labour 1054
Christine Turner, Conservative 1403 Louise Claire Bird, Lib-Dem 167
Paul Regan; UKIP 96 Nicholas J Robertson-Brown, Green 149
David Joseph Kierman, Lib-Dem 81
Rob Raikes, Green 71 Stretford
Flixton Jane Winifred Slater, Labour 2231
Simon Garfield Thomas, Labour 2732 Shengke Zhi, Conservative 490
Viv Ward, Conservative 1528 Liz O’Neill, Green 211
Christine McLaughlin, Green 125 Simon Edward Lepori, Lib-Dem 98
Andrew Beaumont, UKIP 91 Ian Royle, UKIP 92
Norman Ian Sutherland, Lib Dem 84 Timperley
Gorse Hill Nathan Morris F Evans, Conservative 1694
David Acton, Labour Party 2039 William Jones, Lib- Dems 1329
Lijo John, Conservative 485 Julia Elizabeth Garlick, Labour 718
Joe Ryan, Green 115 Neil Anthony Taylor, Liberal Party 342
Dawn Lee Carberry-Power, Lib-Dem 88 Jadwiga Teresa Leigh, Green 113
MARTIN Seamus Martin, UKIP 66 Urmston
Hale Barnes Kevin Alan Procter, Labour 2243
Dylan Butt, Conservative 1932 Michelle Ann McGrath, Conservative 1217
Akilah Akinola, Labour 477 Timothy John Woodward, Green 155
Maggie Boysen, Lib Dem 258 Krissy Douglas UKIP 138
Sandra Taylor, Independent 132 Kirsty Cullen, Lib-Dems 130
Deborah Jean Leftwich, Green 95 Village
Hale Central Thomas John P C, Conservative 1331
Alan Robert Mitchell, Conservative 1604 Tony Fishwick, Lib-Dems 1003
Jill Margaret Axford, Labour 809 Tony O’Brien, Labour 742
Will Frass, Lib-Dem 364 Angela Marie O’Neill, UKIP 106
Stephen Edward Leicester, Green 168 Matthew John Westbrook, Green 73
Wayne Joseph Harrison, Liberal 49

5 Trafford Community News

Frank Tolley

I missed the count at this year local elections l Lewis Banham Frank Tolley Dave Teacher
was on my way to Holland after voting of
course. Het Gooi Bevrijd is a celebration of
being liberated after WW2. Based near
Naarden in the Gooi region in the province of
North Holland about ten miles from Amster-
dam. Liberation Day days place on the 5th of
May as is a day of celebration the day before
the 4th the country falls silent as they remem-
ber and hold two minutes silence. Het Gooi
Bevrijd covers an area similar to Trafford with
eighty WW2 and twenty WW2 motorbikes trav-
eling in convoy. Last year l was honoured to go
as Sale based veteran Frank Tolley a former
RAF bomber command crew who was involved
in Operation Manna dropping food parcels to
those starving in Holland wanted someone to
video it. Frank is one of the Veterans you can
meet at the Imperial War Museum North along
with Army vet Dave Teacher who also went
last year. This year they were accompanied by
another IWMN vet Douglas Farringdon from
Chadderton and Lewis Banham from Bacup.
Below Veteran Organiser Willelm with USA
Vet Bob izzumi

Above Dave Teacher
Below and Right
Douglas Farrington
Below left Rijksweg
Below far left Frank

6 Trafford Community News

7 Trafford Community News


The families of those who died the Manchester Arena attended
a remembrance service at the city’s cathedral on the first anni-
versary of the attack. Many of the survivors of bombing also
attended but many chose to stay away and did not want to be in

HRH Prince William leaving the HRH Prince William, Prime Minister Theresa May attended the
Cathedral above and below service along with Jeremy Corben, Vice Cable, Nicola Sturgeon,
placing his honeycomb Manchester Central MP Lucy Powell, The Lord Mayor of Man-
message on the tree below chester June Hitchen and other civic dignitaries. The service
included a
national minute’s silence to remember the 22 victims of the
Dr Rev David Walker, the bishop of Manchester, told the service
that the city would never forget those who died on May 22nd last
year. He also pledged lifelong support for the 800 people who
were injured physically or psychologically in the attack.

“Part of the horror is that the Arena appeared to have been de-
liberately chosen as a venue full of young people,” he said.
“Today they are one year into living with those life-changing
injuries, with many decades of continuing to do so lying ahead
of them.

“A society has rituals to mark a death or console the bereaved,
but we lack any any equivalent for those who have lost limbs,
suffered sensory loss or will never recover their confidence
again. Many of the hopes and aspirations they took with them
into the arena that night have gone. Today we mark and
acknowledge their suffering and pledge to play our part in their
future wellbeing here on earth.”

Ariana Grande, who performed at Manchester Arena that night,
sent a message to those hurt in the attack: “Thinking of you all
today and every day. I love you with all of me and am sending
you all of the light and warmth I have to offer on this challenging
day,” she tweeted.

8 Trafford Community News

Outside the in the Cathedral garden thousands turned up to The Very Revd Govender
watch the service on a large screen the pain of the Rodgers Dean of Manchester
anniversary was evident. Police cadets stood at ease in the And Prime minister Theresa May
blister heat. There were many different faiths there with
messages of support and love. Let us not forget that they are Lord Mayor Manchester
suffering as they are now looked on with suspicion and hatred June Hitchen right
by some. In memory of Courtney Boyle, Philip Tron, Elaine
McIver, Wendy Fawell, Eilidh MacLeod, Chloe Rutherford,
Liam Curry, Michelle Kiss, Sorrell Leczkowski, Saffie
Roussos, Olivia Campbell-Hardy, Martyn Hett, Nell Jones,
Alison Howe, Lisa Lees, Georgina Callander, Kelly Brewster,
Jane Tweddle, Megan Hurley, John
Atkinson, Angelika and Marcin Klis.

Jeremy Corbyn and Nicola

Vince Cable greets Lord Mayor Manchester
June Hitchen Lucy Powell MP right and Nicola
Sturgeon and Jeremy Corbyn left
Police Cadets

9 Trafford Community News

The NHS will be 70 years
old on July 5th 2018. It was
Park Hospital Trafford
General as it is now known We need to find the means
where the then Health Sec- to carry on this wonderful
retary Nye Bevan launched institution especially if
the NHS. It was devised people are living longer.
during WW2 that something Altough l must admit l am a
would have to be done after bit sceptical on how good
the war when soldiers the NHS will be on that dur-
came home as the land fit ing the General election a
for heroes after WW1 never few years ago a well know
materialised. The success comedian did a party politi-
of the NHS has been amaz- cal broadcast on behalf of
ing although t times a victim ……. They said the would
of its own success as yes love to see the NHS reach
with free health care and its 100th birthday! Some-
advancement in medical thing l am sure most of us
science we eradicated thing would. But then came the
that in the past killed us. comment and received its
Yes now we are living 100th birthday telegram
longer there are now things from the Queen! HM The
that we didn't have before Queen is now 92 in 30
that are costing the NHS years she will be 122! Now
money to treat or thing like if the NHS can sustain HM
hip knee replacements. till then it will be truly more
As Nye Bevan said amazing than we thought.

No society can legitimately Photos from the opening
call itself civilized if a sick 5th July 1945 and the new
person is denied medical scanner unveiled last year.

aid because of lack of
means. Aneurin Bevan

10 Trafford Community News

Cavalier Garages

If your car is going to be
running a marathon

Book it in full services or MOT

QUALITY LOCAL SERVICE [email protected]
Mosley Road, Trafford Park Manchester M17 1JS Twitter @JDavidsonScrap
email [email protected]
Tel: 0161 877 8810Fax: 0161 877 8680

35 Craven Road, Broadheath,
Altrincham. WA14 6HD
Tel: 0161 928 9981
Fax: 0161 929 0634

11 Trafford Community News

The 2018 Altrincham and District Festival
Parade will take place on 7th July despite
some uncertainty as to whether it would
go ahead as they struggled to meet the
cost of financing the Festival especially
the Grand Parade.
Altrincham & District Festival committee
said They are delighted to announce that
its Grand Parade has been saved and will
continue its unbroken 41 year run. Festival
organisers would like to encourage more
participants to enter the Parade which will
be led as usual by the Court Leet
There is a ‘Movies’ theme to this year’s
parade so hopefully floats will get in spirit
and spectators hopefully will spot their
favourite movies and characters.
As well as the Grand Parade that leaves
Altrincham at 11am to Beech Fields
Timperley where the Festival Showground
will be on with stalls, funfair and other
Credit to Neil Taylor for Rose Queens photo

12 Trafford Community News

13 Trafford Community News

Trafford Arts Association is an umbrella Alma Singers
organisation supporting all aspects of Altrincham & Hale Photographic Society
Voluntary Arts Groups from "Performing" Altrincham Little Theatre
to "Visual" within the Trafford area of AVS Moviemakers
Greater Manchester, UK. They aim to Canterbury Players
broaden the appeal of the association as a Davyhulme Art Club
vehicle for intra and inter club and society Garrick Theatre
interaction within Trafford and beyond. HATS
The Showcase gives member a chance to Meadway Singers
show off what they do and hopefully will Meadway Youth Choir
encourage new membership of the various Sale & Altrincham Musical Theatre
clubs. So if you fancy having a go at Sale Arts Society
Flower Arranging to Filmmaking, Painting Sale Brass Band
or Photography. Come down and have a Sale Choral Society
chat with the groups. Sale Festival
Sale Flower Club
Sale G&S Society
Sale Handbell Ringers
Sale Male Voice Choir
Sale Nomads
Sale Photographic Society
The Margs
Urmston Choral Society

14 Trafford Community News

15 Trafford Community News

In association with PDSA Petsurance – selected by our vets, loved by pets. 0800 980 6000

Pets and pollen

How to help protect your pets
from allergies

Pets can suffer from pollen allergies just like l Try to walk your dog at times of the day with a
humans, causing irritation and misery during lower pollen count. . This is usually before dawn, late
the summer months. But if you know what to afternoon and early evening, though these times will
look out for, you can help to manage their vary depending on the weather.
symptoms and reduce any suffering. l Avoid letting your dog roll in the grass. This can
leave their fur covered in pollen, causing hours or
Here are some of the signs of pollen allergy in pets: even days of misery.
l Licking or biting their paws l Wipe their paws and muzzle after every walk.
l Excessive scratching Sensitive baby wipes are ideal for this, or you can use
l Redness of the skin, especially around the special wipes designed for pets. If your dog is
particularly sensitive your vet may advise rinsing
eyes and ears and in between their toes them with water, or even shampoo, after walks.
l Shaking their head l Keep up with the grooming. A really good daily
l Rubbing their ears or muzzle brushing and regular trims can help to remove pollen
l Tiredness or lethargy, particularly on days that might be clinging to their fur.
l Wash them weekly. Increasing to weekly baths can
when the pollen count is high help to get rid of any lingering pollen – a specialist
hypo-allergenic pet shampoo from your vet is ideal
PDSA Vet Olivia Anderson-Nathan explains: “The and will have anti-bacterial ingredients to help avoid
signs of a pollen allergy in pets are a little different skin infections
than they are with humans. If you spot any of the l Wash their bedding weekly. Also hoover their
signs above then it’s important to visit your vet in favourite places regularly, otherwise your dog will
the first instance, as some of these can be signs of end up covered in pollen again after every sleep!
other illnesses too.” l A skin supplement or oil added to your pet’s food
may help to improve the strength of their skin
If your pet is diagnosed with an allergy to pollen. ‘barrier’ to pollen, and reduce symptoms of the
Your vet may recommend some medication to help allergy. Ask your vet about what is best for your pet,
reduce or manage their symptoms during the
summer months. Never give medication or home as their needs can very different from humans!
remedies to your pet without checking with your vet
first – some medicines can be dangerous in the wrong Thankfully, with some advice from your vet and by
doses, or for certain species. taking precautions, you can help to alleviate much of
the suffering your pet might be experiencing due to
There are also things that you can do yourself to help pollen allergies.
reduce the effects of pollen allergies. Obviously you
can’t keep your dog indoors for months on end – they
will still need their regular walkies! So what can you
do during those months your pet is affected by

Here are Olivia’s top tips: PDSA is the UK’s leading vet charity. We’re on a
l Check the pollen forecast each day so you know mission to improve pet wellbeing through
what to expect. prevention, education and treatment. Funding from
l Try to identify which types of pollens your pet is players of People’s Postcode Lottery helps us reach
most affected by and avoid areas and times where even more pet owners with vital advice and
they are prevalent. information.

16 Trafford Community News

11th June 2018

17 Trafford Community News

Be water wise this Summer

I'm sure many of us basked in the glorious spring
sunshine earlier this year, but beds, borders and
pots were drying up before our eyes.
We all need to do our bit to save what water we do
The Environment Agency advises householders not
to let water run to waste while waiting for the water
to get hot. Collect it and use it to water your plants.
Similarly, collect the running water in your shower
before getting in.
Use water-retaining crystals when planting up
container plants and invest in a water butt which
you can put under a drainpipe or other suitable
gully and re-use the water in your garden.

The Royal Horticultural society has these 10 strawberries will benefit by keeping the soil moist
tips to help save water this summer. every two weeks. In future adding mulches in
1. Use waste water from washing-up or rinsing winter will help improve the soil and retain more
vegetables for watering, as normal amounts of moisture.
household soaps and detergents will not harm soil 6. In sunny summers install greenhouse and
or plants. conservatory shading and ventilation to limit
2. Let your lawns go brown. They will recover overheating and invest in a min-max thermometer.
when the rains return. Newly sown and turfed 7. By grouping pots, ideally in clusters of similar
lawns will require a lot of watering to be successful, size, watering is made easier and moisture loss
so leave sowing or turfing until the autumn. Lawn reduced. Mass pots for mutual shading and use the
seed companies are breeding deeper rooted grasses largest pots possible. As days lengthen and the sun
that hopefully will stay green for longer. rises, more plants, especially large-leaved ones, can
3. Vegetables need moist soils to give their best. be gathered in shadier areas. A saucer beneath the
Water them at key growth stages. The response to pot to retain run-off helps.
water is especially marked when sweetcorn, peas 8. Don't dig new ground in summer if you can avoid
and beans begin to flower, when the edible part of it, as digging soil allows any remaining moisture to
lettuces begins to form and when potatoes show escape. Hoe off weeds as shallowly as you can,
flower buds, which initiate plenty of tubers. Most loosen soil with a fork and 'puddle' plants into the
herbs are robust and better flavoured for a little soil, adding a little liquid fertiliser. Adding nutrients
drought. Digging in organic matter in winter can helps plants make the best use of what moisture
enable soils to hold enough water for crops to keep there is by encouraging extensive root growth.
going for a month with no rain. 9. Establishing new plants in borders during dry
4. Mature trees, shrubs and climbers, hedges, fruit times can be difficult. Instead, pot them into slightly
trees and bushes will not need watering during a bigger pots and keep well watered and fed in light
drought. However, newly planted trees, shrubs and shade until the autumn planting season arrives.
climbers are extremely vulnerable and it is difficult 10. Early summer perennials, irises for example,
to ensure the water applied at the surface works its will survive on moisture left in the soil from winter.
way down to the roots. Don't leave hoses running Give late summer perennials such as phlox one
all night - the water will either saturate the roots good watering in the summer as plants begin to
and possibly kill them or it will drain deeply below flower, which should be enough. In the longer term,
the root zone. Water should always be applied over consider planting drought-resistant species in your
the surface so it soaks the rootball and surrounding borders such as grasses, Mediterranean type shrubs
soil. such as thymes or phlomis, or sedums and other
5. Fruit may remain small if not watered, but it plants with spiky or succulent leaves.
should be sweet and well coloured. Cane fruit and

18 Trafford Community News

Images: Best of the bunch... Gardening
Three ways to…
Be imaginative with
These acid-loving climbers
shrubs, which
burst with colour 1. Use an old garden umbrella, stripped of fabric, for a
in late spring and climbing frame, planting deep violet Clematis
early summer, are 'Jackmanii Superba' at its base.
a must if you 2. Erect tall poles every six feet (1.8m) or so along the
want to brighten garden fence, attaching thick rope between them to
up dull corners - and they also look fantastic as stand- form elegant sways. Plant rambling roses, Jasminum
alone specimens in tubs. Azaleas, which are generally officinale, honeysuckle and Clematis montana at the
smaller, daintier versions of rhododendrons, can be base of poles, guiding them up and along the swags to
either deciduous or evergreen. I love the evergreen create swathes of colour.
varieties which are low and spreading, producing 3. Use climbers to scramble over uninteresting shrubs
sheets of flowers in May. They work wonderfully in in the border - clematis will happily climb conifers
pots and many are hardy enough to cope with frost and other evergreens, creating colour. Use late-
pockets, although you have to choose carefully. Good flowering viticellas with spring-flowering shrubs and
varieties include Rhododendron 'Blue Danube', a early-flowering alpinas and macropetalas with later-
compact, neat evergreen azalea which bears flowering ones. Sweet peas can also be used for
masses of mauve flowers, is extremely hardy and scrambling over shrubs.
ideally placed in light shade. Another pretty
specimen, which is not as robust and will need a Things to do this month...
sheltered spot, is R. 'Gumpo White', which grows to
around one metre (three feet). If you want some n Continue to water hanging baskets and small
bigger types, try deciduous azaleas, which can flower containers every day.
as prolifically as their evergreen relatives but also
have fantastic foliage colour in autumn. Azaleas come n Sow seeds of fast-maturing annuals, spring-
in a mass of colours, from blues and pinks to reds, flowering biennials including forget-me-nots and
oranges, whites and yellows. Acid soil is essential, and Brompton stocks, herbs and vegetables.
they are best off in a sheltered site in partial shade. If
you don't choose one of the hardier varieties you may n Thin hardy annuals and vegetables sown in the
need to put horticultural fleece over the shrubs on open ground.
nights when frost is predicted, to protect the buds.
n Disbud border carnations for larger blooms.
Good enough to eat...
Keep peas pest free n Cut back aubrieta and alyssum in the rock garden
immediately after flowering.
If your peas are in flower now, they are at risk from
pea moth, which lays its eggs on pea flowers in June n Put nets on fruit cages over soft fruit to protect
and July. You won't notice them until you open the them from birds.
pods to start shelling your peas and find that one or
more of them have been attacked by a small white n Lift bulbs which flowered in spring as their foliage
grub, which is usually still inside the pod. To avoid dies away. Dry the bulbs well and check for damage
pea moth, make early sowings of peas which flower in before storing.
May and early June, or later sowings which flower
after July. Alternatively, grow mangetout, which is n Plant out arum lilies (Zantedeschia aethiopica)
picked before the peas have developed. which have been flowering in the greenhouse, or
Pea and bean weevils can also be a problem earlier on stand the pots outdoors for their summer rest.
in spring, nibbling notches out of young leaves,
however they don't generally cause serious harm and n If you didn't put slow-release feed granules in with
will not need controlling. your container compost, apply a liquid feed on a
If you have gaps in your rows of peas it may be due to weekly basis to flowering annuals in pots.
mice. Start peas off in pots or sow extra seeds to fill
the gaps later. n Plant out young dahlias when all danger of frost
has passed.

n Thin heavy crops of plums so that fruit size is
maintained and the branches are not put under
excessive strain.

19 Trafford Community News

Prawn Po-Boy Sandwich

This recipe is a healthier take on the street-food classic, and extra hot sauce to really spice it up

Preparation time:
10 minutes

Cooking time:
5 minutes

Serves: 2


4 tbsp mayonnaise

3tsp hot sauce

1tsp cajun seasoning
2tsp dijon mustard

¼ Iceberg lettuce

½ carrot
A squeeze of lime juice

15g butter

1 clove of garlic chopped
165g raw king prawns

3 spring onions, sliced
2 Sub style bread rolls

Start by making the

Remoulade. Mix together
the mayonnaise, hot sauce,

Cajun seasoning and

mustard until well
combined then set aside.

Shred the Iceberg and grate

the carrot, mix in a bowl
with a squeeze of lemon

juice and season.

Heat the butter in a frying pan until foaming then add the garlic and prawns. If the garlic
starts to brown, then turn down the heat slightly.

When the prawns are done take off the heat and throw in the spring onions. Toss with the

prawns for a moment.
While the prawns are cooking slice the rolls lengthways and spread with some remoulade.

Fill each with Iceberg then top with hot prawns and drizzle with extra sauce.

Salad Used: Iceberg lettuce

20 Trafford Community News

Pushing Up Daisies
Funeral Celebrant

07392 325 233

Pushing Up Daises

Wishes to offer unique and personal funeral
ceremony tailored to your needs and budget.
I endeavour to put real fun in funerals if our
clients so wish.
I also cater for more traditional and reverent
services including some religious content if
I have been reading lessons and writing and
reading prayers in church for over twenty five
Whilst as a Scout Leader l was involved in
planning and leading simple acts of worship.
Make your wishes known now to your
relatives plan you big day in style!
You only get one chance to get it right.

21 Trafford Community News

Money Matters

Are you eligible
for a refund?

By Martin Lewis @martinslewis

Refund, refund, refund, (refund, (including bank details) of the person who it
refund). No I’m not stuck on repeat, was set up for and the name of one of the
I’m trying to hammer home that attorneys.
people are owed hundreds of millions
of pounds that they’re just not I’m swamped with people telling me how easy
claiming – most of which can be it is, like Barbara who tweeted
done with just a quick click or phone me: “@MartinSLewis Thanks to you, I have
call. Here’s what you need to do… £75.42 back. How else would I have known about
Over 1million are owed a
refund on Power of Attorney Are you married? If so, you may
registration fees be due a free £900

A Lasting Power of Attorney is a legal Three years ago, the Government launched
document which allows you, while you still the marriage (and civil partnerships) tax
have the mental capacity to do so, to nominate allowance. It applies where one is a basic-rate
a trusted friend or relative to look after your taxpayer and the other a non-taxpayer.
affairs if you lose capacity. And they’re not The non-taxpayer can apply to have 10%
just for the elderly, I have one, I’m 45. For (£1,190) of their tax-free allowance shifted to
more on how to do it cheaply go to http:// the taxpayer. This means £1,190 of income they were taxed on at 20% is now tax-free – a
£238 gain this year done via altering your
Yet if you’ve already got one, and did it tax code.
between 1 April 2013 and 31 March 2017 in Yet still over 1 million eligible couples are
England and Wales, you paid £110, which is missing out. And you can back claim a refund
more than it should’ve been, so if you did that to when it started too, so that’s a cheque for
you’re owed up to £54 per Power of Attorney £662 – making a total of £900. It takes five
(which includes 0.5% interest). minutes to do at
allowance/how-to-apply – it’s the non-
taxpayer who must apply.

To claim a refund go to As Michelle who tweeted:
of-attorney-refund or call the Office of the “@MartinSLewis just applied for the marriage
Public Guardian's on 0300 456 0300 and tax allowance and it took 2 mins to get over
select option six. You’ll need details £600. #thankyou.”

22 Trafford Community News

Business & Finance

Reclaim overpaid energy about your uni leaving date, or simply does it
wrong you may start repaying early. To
With winter long gone this is the perfect time check and get it back is easy. Just call the
for those who pay energy by monthly direct Student Loan Company on 0300 100 0611
debit, which is the vast majority, to check if and ask it.
you’ve got too much credit. This is because
energy firms estimate your usage, and then It takes five minutes and I’ve had tons of
bill you based on their estimates. If those are successes like Tom who tweeted: “Thank
set too high you can end up overpaying. you @MartinSLewis 5 minute phone call to
Student Loans Company and got £315 back from
Only do this if you’ve been providing regular paying too early in 2009”.
meter readings, or have a smart meter doing
it for you. If not, send them a meter And that’s only one category of student loan
reading. Assuming all is up to date go online overpayment, there are other reasons to, to
or call up to check whether you are in credit check see my full
and if so how much. studentloanoverpayments guide.

Direct debits are meant to smooth out your Get a tax rebate if you wear a
usage over the year so normally you’re in uniform
surplus going into winter and in deficit
after. So right now if your credit is more than If you wear a recognisable uniform to work,
a month’s worth of bills, ask them for the even if it’s just a branded t-shirt, and you
amount over that back – it can be £100s, and wash it yourself, you may be able to reclaim
ask them to lower the direct debit going hundreds of pounds of tax back, like Jackie
forward. who tweeted: “@MartinSLewis we got a £250
cheque today after writing to the HMRC about a
If you’ve switched providers you should’ve uniform tax rebate for my husband! Thank you!”
been credited with any excess then, yet they
didn’t used to, so check now even if it was The amount you get varies from £12 to £74
years ago, as Aston emailed: “Eight minutes a year depending on your tax rate and the
work calling my old energy suppliers, got £140 industry you work in, plus you can go back
refunded after leaving in credit. Why don't more four years in total, so this can be £100s for
people do this?” some.

Graduated uni? You may be due And you don’t need to pay anyone to do this,
£100s back just fill out the P87 claim form at
In the last three years alone, over 100,000 relief-for-your-employment-expenses-p87.
university leavers started to repay their loans Once you've registered, your tax code will
too early, and are due some of it back. Plus as change, so you'll be taxed less in the
this could go all the way back to 1998 it’s future. Full help at
likely there are 100,000s more.
You are only eligible to start repaying your Martin Lewis is the Founder and Chair of
student loan in the April after graduation – To join the 13 million
often around nine months after leaving, and people who get his free Money Tips weekly email,
even then only if you earn over a set go to

However, if your employer has the wrong info

23 Trafford Community News

24 Trafford Community News

What's On Community Pages


2nd Sale Festival Watch the Canal 7th Altrincham Festival. Festival
Boat Parade from Waterside plaza Showground Beech Fields
2.00pm Timperley 11am –5pm
2nd Sale Brass Band on Waterside Parade leave Altrincham at 11am
Piazza 3.00pm 7th 12-5pm Party in the Park 70th
10th Trafford Arts Association NHS birthday party Golden Hill
Showcase Sale Waterside 1-4pm Urmston

17th Fathers Day

17th Sale Lions Charity Fathers Sun Rise Sun Set
Day Fête & Family Fun Day 12.00

17th Manchester Day Parade June 1st 4.46am 9.22pm
12-6pm July 1st 5.54am 9.35pm
21st Longest Day

24th Midsummer Day Moon Phases
30th Armed Forces Day Last Quarter
New Moon
First Quarter 6th June
Full Moon 13th June
Last Quarter 20th June
New Moon 28th June
First Quarter 6th July
Full Moon 13th July
Last Quarter 20th July
27th July
4th Aug

25 Trafford Community News

Clubs and Societies Community News

Townswomen’s Guild 7-30pm 4th Monday in month German Church. Park Rd/Barton Rd ,Stretford
Gorse Hill residents website includes local news and updates from Gorse Hill Community Action Group,
Gorse Hill FC
Friends of Longford Park for the latest news & what's on
Friends of Victoria Park, Stretford
Stretford Probus Club for retired men, speakers on a wide range of subjects. New members welcome!
Monday 10am meetings at St. Ann's club Chester Road, Call Robin on 748 3034
Urmston Choral Society, meets each Wednesday at 7.30. Greenfield Church, Urmston

Local History Society 3rd Thursday in month St Matthews Church Hall 7-30pm

K2tog meet on the first and third Wednesday of the month at 26 Wardle Close, 2pm - 3.30pmfor knitting,
craft or social. New members welcome

Flixton Brass Band, graded first section meet every Monday and Thursday 8.00pm - 10.00pm.

Davyhulme Camera Club meet every Wednesday evening at Flixton House, Flixton 7.30pm to 10.00pm.

HATS Theatre Group Rehearsals St Hugh of Lincoln Church Hall, Glastonbury Road Stretford, Thursday
evening at 7.30pm.
Altrincham and Bowdon Civic Society meet on varying dates at 2 pm at Altrincham Town Hall to discuss
matters relating of Altrincham and Bowdon. Tel 962 7108 for info
Sale Brass Band's Age 8 to 80 Monday 6.15-7.15pm at Sale Sports Club, Clarendon Crescent, Sale M33
Trafford Deaf Community Network meet every first and third Thursdays of the month 7-11pm at Sale
Excelsior Club, corner of Chapel Road and Symons Road, Sale M33 7FJ New members welcome
[email protected] or mobile text to 07796 615 034

Out and about for Pensioners 3rd Wednesday in the month meet from St John the Devine Brooklands Rd
Contact Margaret
Trafford Stroke Support Group Tuesday Weekly 10am - 12pm The Avenue Methodist Church, Wincham
Road Sale Mrs M Siddall 283 1989
Sweet Rhythm Swing Band meets every Friday from 7pm to 10pm in Urmston.
Altrincham and District Natural History Society meets two Tuesday evenings per month for walks in
summer and talks in winter. or contact [email protected] or 0161 865 0118.
G Scale society 3rd Saturday in month 10am-2pm St. Albans Church hall Broadheath B Davis 748 7029
Urmston Musical Theatre, Monday and Wednesday evenings, Urmston Cricket Club, Moorside Rd.
Urmston Chess Club 7.30pm on Tuesday night at Flixton Con Club, 193 Flixton Rd, Flixton,

Sailfin Swimming Club for People with Disabilities S2ale6LeisureTCernatrfefoSurnddayC10o-3m0amm unity News

Trafford Councillors
Altrincham Davyhulme East Priory
Geraldine Coggins Linda Blackburn 0161 748 6659 Jane Baugh 0161 912 2644
[email protected] [email protected] [email protected]
Daniel Jerrome 07805 958548 Mark Cawdrey Barry Brotherton 0161 912 2637
Michael Young 0161 941 6067 [email protected] [email protected]
[email protected] Jayne Dillon Andrew Western 07896774011
[email protected] [email protected]
Sale Moor
Ashton on Mersey Davyhulme West Joanne Bennett 0161 962 7809
John Lamb 0161 928 3664 John Reilly 0161 912 3847 [email protected]
[email protected] [email protected] Mike Freeman 07794 092377
Brian Rigby MBE 0161 912 2633 Brian Shaw 0161 747 6310 [email protected]
[email protected] [email protected] Elizabeth Patel
Michael Whetton 07752 667 442 Graham Whitham [email protected]
[email protected] [email protected] St Marys
Daniel Bunting 0161905 2786
Bowdon Flixton [email protected]
Sean Anstee 0161 912 4182 Jonathan Coupe 0161 912 3839 Rob Chilton 0161 905 2507
[email protected] [email protected] [email protected]
Karen M Barclay 0161 980 3462 Paul Lally 0161 747 0291 John Holden 0161 0162 962 1849
[email protected] [email protected] [email protected]
Michael R Hyman 0161 928 0154 Simon Thomas Stretford Ward
[email protected] [email protected] Steve Adshead 0161 912 5218
[email protected]
Broadheath Gorse Hill Ward Tom Ross 07900267339
Stephen Anstee 07422 078 779 David Acton 0161 749 9823 [email protected]
[email protected] [email protected] Jane Slater 0161 283 3321
Denise Western 07794 080240 Laurence Walsh 0161 912 5208 [email protected]
[email protected] [email protected] Timperley
Amy Whyte Mike Cordingley 0161 865 9228 Jane E Brophy 0161 962 6494
amywhyte [email protected]
[email protected] Nathan Evans 07843368041
[email protected]
Brooklands Hale Barns Angela Bruer-Morris 07896842408
Chris Boyes 0161 962 2616 Dylan Butt 0161928 8813 angela.bruer-
[email protected] [email protected] [email protected]
David Hopps Patrick Myers 0161 9298389 Urmston
[email protected] [email protected] Joanne Harding 0161 7550619
Steven Longden 07443 003721 Bernard Sharp 0161 928 6121 [email protected]
[email protected] [email protected] Catherin Hynes 07794 092351
[email protected]
Bucklow St Martins Hale Central Kevin A Procter 0161 748 8460
Adele New Louise Haddad [email protected]
Aidan Williams 0161 865 8180 Village
[email protected] Alan Mitchell 0161 928 9220 Ray Bowker MBE 0161 912 3936
James Alexander Wright [email protected] [email protected]
[email protected] Patricia Young 0161 928 0207 Thomas Carey 07970 829735
Clifford Ward [email protected] [email protected]
Ejaz Malik 0161 881 0967 or 0161 Longford Ward Laura Evans 07896110508
862 9786 Anne Duffield 0161 864 3873 [email protected]
[email protected] [email protected]
Whit Stennett MBE 0161 912 3938 David Jarman 0161 866 8289
[email protected] [email protected]
Sophie Taylor 07900 257 340 Judith Lloyd 0161 865 8946
[email protected] [email protected]

27 TraffordTCraoffomrdmCoumnmiutynitNy Neewwss

MP’s Help lCionmemsunity Pages

Kate Green MP Hospitals

Stretford and Urmston, holds a Trafford General Hospital
number of advice surgeries each 0161 748 4022
month. by appointment only. Trafford General has A&E
To book an appointment call the Altrincham Hospital minor injuries dept.
Stretford and Urmston 0161 928 6111
Constituency office on
0161 749 9120. Police
Alternatively you can fax on 0161
749 9121 or e-mail Police Non Emergency 101
(0161 872 5050 still in operation)
Graham Brady MP Stretford Neighbourhood Policing Team
0161 856 7655
Altrincham and Sale West holds email [email protected]
a number of surgeries each Crime Stoppers 0800 555 111
month by appointment only. Anti Social behaviour Helpline
To book an appointment please 0161 912 1111
call the constituency office on
0161 904 8828 Councillors Surgeries
Website: Councillor Cordingley holds a monthly
surgery every month at Lostock Library.
Mike Kane MP (First Saturday of the month, 10-10:30am).
Councillor Walsh holds a monthly surgery at
Wythenshawe and Sale Ease Gorse Hill Primary School
(Last Friday of month 5pm to 6pm)
Trafford Town Hall Flixton surgery every Friday 6-7pm
Tel 0161 912 2000 146 Flixton Road, Urmston. Cllr Laura Evans Village 2nd & 4th Saturday
10am Timperley Library Except Bank Hols &
Trafford Youth Cabinet August. First Friday of the month Broomwood centre 11 am till noon.
cabinet/ Cll Alex Williams Altrincham by appointment
Or find them on Facebook Cll Rob Chilton 1st Saturday of every month -
3.30 pm - Sale West Community Centre,
3rd Saturday of every month - 3.30 pm -
Coppice Library, Coppice Avenue

28 Trafford CTraoffmordmCuomnmituyniNtyeNwewss

Community Pages

Churches and places of worship

St Matthews C of E Chapel Ln/Chester Rd
Sunday 8am Holy Communion 10am Holy Communion 3rd Sunday 10am Matins, 11am Fresh All Age with
drama & music 6-30pm Evensong, Tue Ecumenical Prayers 9.30 All Saints
Wed Holy Communion 10am (said) Coffee Morning Sat 10-30 –12pm
Contact 0161 865 2535
Methodist Churches in the Stretford & Urmston Methodist Circuit. Contact Rev Stuart Smith 0161 755 3357
Gorse Hill Methodist Chester Rd Service Sun 11am Thurs Open Door 10-30 Tea and Toast
Sevenways Methodist Barton Rd / Derbyshire Ln Service Sun 10-45am Coffee Morning 1st Sat in month.
Brook Rd Methodist Brook Rd Flixton Service Sun 10-45am
Cornerstone Methodist, Hayeswater Rd Davyhulme Service Sun 10-45am Cafe Sat 10am-12noon
St Ann's RC Chester Rd Sunday Masses 9-30am 11-30am 6-30pm
Contact Fr John Hitchen or Fr Pat Greasley 0161 865 2079
St Anthony's Church Centre 3rd Avenue Trafford Park Contact 848 9173
St Hilda's Kings Rd/ Warwick Rd South Sunday Service's 10-30am
Daily Prayer 9-15am Coffee Shop & Drop In Thurs 10-12-30pm
Contact Ross Malkin 0161 865 1802
Manchester German Church. Park Rd/Barton Rd 1 11am & 3rd Sundays 4pm Contact 0161 865 1335
All Saints C of E Barton Road Lostock Sun services 8 am 10am Holy Communion,
Tue 9-30am Ecumenical Prayers, Wed 9-45 Holy Communion alternate weeks prayer and praise.
Contact via website
Trafford Christian Life Centre, 107 Barton Road Sunday Celebration and Kidszone 10-30am Contact 718 5248
Gospel Hall Stretford 10 Derbyshire Lane Sunday 6-30pm Gospel Meeting Tue 8pm Bible Study Contact 748 6036
The Salvation Army Brunswick St Sun 11am Morning Worship 12.15 Sunday School Contact 866 8239

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Davyhulme Rd/Chester Rd Sun 10am

Unitarian Free Church Queens Road, Urmston Sun 10am all ages
Contact Rev Danny Crosby 928 9913
The Avenue Methodist Church & The Living Well Centre, Wincham Road, Sale.
Sunday Worship 10.45am; Holy Communion (2nd Sunday) 9.00am. Breakfast Church (1st & 3rd Sundays )
Activities and Events for all ages: Living Well Centre – Everyday. Stockdales Café: Open every Wednesday 10am-
1.30pm, Lunch 12 noon
Contact: 0161 973 1832.
St John the Devine C of E Brooklands Rd Timperley. Sunday 8.30am Holy Communion 10.30am Parish Eucharist
(2nd Sunday Parade Service) 6.30pm Evensong Brick a brac and Coffee every Thursday 10am –12pm

St Paul C of E Springfield Rd Sale
Sunday 10 am Parish communion third Sunday All Age service Sunday 9 30am Storytime church a20 minute
service for preschool children and their carers 6pm Evensong There are also several church groups
Contact is E-mail [email protected] tel; 01619731042

St Mary the Virgin, C of E Davyhulme Sunday - 9am, Eucharist, 10.30am, Parish Eucharist with Children's church
Wednesday 10am - Eucharist

Flixton Fellowship Church Acre Hall Primary School, Irlam Road, Flixton, M41 6NA Sunday 10am
Contact: 0161 747 5944.

29 Trafford Community News

Youth Groups Community Pages

23rd Stretford St Matthews/Victoria Mon 6.30-8pm Cub Scouts, Tue 6-7pm Beavers,
Thur 7-9pm Scouts Scout Hut Victoria Park Contact
Quest Scout Group /17th Stretford Lostock Barton Rd, Lostock
Wed 6-7pm Beavers, Wed 7-30—9-30pm Explorer's
Thur 7—8-30pm Cubs, Fri 7-15—915pm Scouts
1st Gorse Hill 2nd Stretford Scout Group The Lodge Beresford Rd, Gorse Hill
Tues Scouts 6:.45-9pm, Wed Beavers 6.30-7.30pm, Thurs Cubs 7-8:30pm
To join contact Jane McGrath [email protected]
25th Stretford (Firswood) Beavers and Cubs and Scouts
Contact Roy Fordham for details 881 3661
3rd Davyhulme Scout Group Off Lostock Rd, Davyhulme
Contact Jim Field 0161 291 0473
All Saints Barton Rd Girl Guides Contact Stella Green 0161 748 4727
Rainbows age 5-7yrs 5-6pm, Brownies 7-10yrs 6-7.30pm, Guides 10-14yrs 7.30-9pm
St Matthew’s Brownie Guides Contact Mrs Wellington 0161 972 0911
Guides Laura Wellington 0797497485
8th Trafford Boys’ Brigade Hayeswater Rd Methodist Church
Thurs 6.30-9.30pmAges 5 to 18 welcome Contact Michael Guy 07729882201
3rd Trafford Boys Brigade Sevenways Church contact Brian Taylor 748-8493
1st Stretford Girls’ Brigade Gorse Hill Methodist Church
Wed 6.30-8pm Girls 5-18 Carol Conaghan, 718-3221
Stretford Gospel Hall 10 Derbyshire Lane Wednesday 6-30pm
Children and Young Teenagers Activity Night
Trafford Christian Life Centre Barton Rd, Youth Call
Thurs 10-14yrs 7pm –8-30 14 plus 8-9-30pm
St Hilda's Church Kings Rd
Fridays 7.30-9pm The Edge, Wed After school drop-in 2.30-5.30pm Games, Pool Air Hockey etc
Food available, Chill-Out Relax 11-16s

Frantic, 7-11 year olds Woodsend Scout Hut, Woodsend Crescent Road, Urmston, M41 8AD
Saturdays at 6.45-8.15pm. Contact [email protected]

30 Trafford CTraoffmordmCuomnmituyniNtyeNwewss

31 Trafford Community News

32 Trafford Community News

SUDOKU Fill in the grid so that every row, every column,
and every 3x3 box contains the digits 1 through 9.

Very Easy Very Hard


1. Result (11)
9. Disgusting (7)
10. Part of wood joint (5)
11. Unconcealed (5)
12. Law (7)
13. Rule (6)
15. Material (6)
18. Honest (7)
20. Agencies (5)
22. Join (5)
23. Blazing (7)
24. Depressed (4-7)

2. Surmise (5)
3. Child's vehicle (7)
4. Nauseous (6)
5. Additional (5)
6. Overcome (7)
7. Absurd (11)
8. Swop (11)
14. Giddiness (7)
16. Fan (7)
17. Firm (6)
19. Inexperienced (5)
21. Impel (5)

33 Trafford Community News

Coffee Break Solutions KIDS PAGE SOLUTIONS

Crossword solutions

Across: Down:
1 Consequence; 2 Opine;
9 Noisome; 3 Scooter;
10 Tenon; 4 Queasy;
11 Overt; 5 Extra;
12 Statute; 6 Conquer;
13 Govern; 7 Incongruous;
15 Fabric; 8 Interchange;
18 Upright; 14 Vertigo;
20 Media; 16 Admirer;
22 Unite; 17 Stable;
23 Burning; 19 Green;
24 Down-hearted. 21 Drive.

Sudoku solutions Very Easy

Very Hard

34 Trafford Community News

The Stretford End

Front cover
Manchester Remembering
together. Cathedral gar-
dens full as we remember
the 22.

Please feel free to contribute to our magazine
send us your stories, recipes, poems and
details of any events that you have on.

To advertise in our next magazine
contact us with you requirements
[email protected]
or Telephone 161 865 6448 /

All events and times and availability
correct at time of going to press.

"Small business all like
muscles if you don’t use

them you lose them".

In this publication you may find the odd!!!! Spoll-
ing misstock, typing error or where you find the
grammar is not quite as it should be. That is due to
a condition l have called dyspraxia similar to dys-
lexia, people with this tend to spell phonetically
and sometimes l miss the last letters of words due
sometimes to the speed my brain (yes l do have
one) is working basically it means “I am playing
all the right notes but not necessarily in the right
order” to quote Eric Morecambe. If my malaprop-
isms amuse you that’s fine by me we all need a
laugh. The word comes from Mrs Malaprop a
character in Sheridan's play The Rivals who mis-
uses words in this way.

35 Trafford Community News

36 Trafford Community News

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