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The Pulse - December 2021
Todays Landlords need to join the Green Revolution, Market Overview & Predictions for 2022, Failing to Plan!, Lender Q&A - Green Mortgages, Going Beyond the Minimum and much more!

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Published by Ingard Intermediary Services Limited, 2021-12-08 07:49:04

The Pulse - Green Edition - December 2021

The Pulse - December 2021
Todays Landlords need to join the Green Revolution, Market Overview & Predictions for 2022, Failing to Plan!, Lender Q&A - Green Mortgages, Going Beyond the Minimum and much more!

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A welcome from Ingard’s Directors
Nikki Haworth, reviews 2021 and gives her
predictions for 2022

05 LENDER Q&AKensington, Keystone and Natwest answer your
questions on Green Mortgages

David provides tips on preparing your business for

12 INSIDE INGARDNews, views and who’s who, including 30-seconds
with our Broker Support Administrator Emily Grindley

A look at the schedule for training in 2022 including
face to face events.

Landbay explain why Landlords need to join the
Green Revolution.

Neil Mulhearn dscusses staying ahead of the
compliance curve

Assurant explain the reasons why Advisers should
speak to every customer regarding B&C.

21 PROCESSESBridging, commercial and packaging processes -
we’ve got them wrapped up.

23 PEPPER MONEYProactivity will create a wave of opportunity -
Paul Adams at Pepper Money

Your handy guide to every Lender on panel.

30 WHO TO CALLGot a case to place, refer, or need help with a process?
Contacts for who at Ingard can help!


CONTRIBUTORS Welcome to the Winter & Festive edition of
the Pulse, where we are focussing on all
DAVID EWING things ‘Green’!
There are some scary statistics out there,
Managing Director, Ingard such as the Hometrack research showing
that 1.5 million homes will be in the highest
NIKKI HAWORTH flood risk category by 2050. And it’s not just
riverside properties at risk. There are also
Sales & Marketing Director, Ingard major issues with escalating coastal ero-
sion, sinkholes and heavy downpours that
NEIL MULHEARN overwhelm drainage systems.
With the agreements made last month in
Training & Compliance Manager, Ingard Glasgow in COP26, we all also need to do our
bit to save the planet!
NATALIE HAWORTH We also take a look back at a bumpy but
busy 2021 and look at the market predic-
Finance Manager, Ingard tions for 2022. With the highest number of
product expiries coming up, it looks like we
LOUISE MOORES are heading for a busy start to the year!
From all of the team at Ingard, we wish you
Broker Support Manager, Ingard and your families a Merry Christmas and a
Happy New Year!
This publication is for intermediary use only and has not
been approved for public use. David Ewing & Nikki Haworth



Ingard’s Sales & Marketing Director, Nikki Haworth, reviews 2021, Green Mortgages

2021 saw an increase in home sales in the UK, with more homes sold in 2021
than in the previous 14 years. This was driven by the Stamp Duty Holiday,
pent up demand, and the change in people’s lifestyles and with more people
wanting remote working and studying spaces. This led to a massive increase
in demand for bigger homes as well as second homes. The ever-changing
rules around foreign travel, led to a huge increase in “staycations”, which in
turn meant new and existing landlords looking to the holiday let market, and
more products became available to them.

The average property price in October was £270,027. As I’m writing the Bank of
England base rate is still at a historic low of 0.1%.... but for how much longer?

The latest buzz for this Quarter is all about Green Mortgages, and after COP26,
climate change is on everyone’s agenda. There’s no getting away from it. We
all know it’s essential to reduce our carbon footprint and emissions. There’s
pressure on lenders to ensure their property stock is energy efficient in
the future. Some lenders have made a start at offering products with cost
savings for those with efficient homes, to entice their residential and landlord
customers to be greener – see articles on pages 5 to 8 and 15 to 16. However,
there needs to be some serious commitment from the Government in the
form of Green Grants for those who can’t afford to improve their homes and
further product enhancements to kick start some real action. As individuals
and businesses, we all need to show a deep commitment to change.

Construction output grew in September, the first increase for 5 months. The
annual rate of construction output price growth was 5.1%, the strongest
annual rate since records began.

Construction activity has continued to accelerate in the UK, with house
building helping drive this recovery according to latest market data. The HIS
Markit/CIPS UK construction Activity Index registered54.6 in October up from
52.6 the previous month, signalling a robust and accelerated rise in output
The index shows house building replaced commercial work as the best
performing category in October with the latest increase in residential work
the strongest it’s been for months. Some problems with shortages of staff and
materials still exist but the near term outlook for construction growth remains
positive with 52% forecast an increase in output for the year ahead.

More than £1bn of property wealth was released in Q3 this year, putting the
equity release market on course for a record year. While lending volumes
increased, the number of equity release plans has fallen 3.2% year on year.
There were 10,333 plans taken out in Q3 of 2021, meaning plan numbers are
still below pre-pandemic levels.

During Q3 customers released an average of £101,593 – a 23% increase on
the average of 2020. This figure shows customers are using funds for big ticket



s, what 2022 may bring for our industry and advisers.

items such as gifting and debt management. Research by Key shows 73%
of money released was for these 2 reasons. About £558m was used to clear
debts, 42% of cash given to family and friends was used for house deposits
and 36% was given as an early inheritance.
The average customer is 70 years old with almost half (49%) taking out an
equity release plan in the 65 to 74 years age bracket.

So, what will 2022 bring?

Some Economists are predicting the UK may face a recession in 2022 due to
the combination of fighting inflation at a time of high energy prices. Global
supply chain problems and labour issues will impact our economic growth.
However, demand should return to more normal levels later in the year with
supply improving as COVID recedes.

It does now look like the era of ridiculously low rates is coming to an end, but
the message is very much that we are still in a low-price environment overall.

Consensus is for lending to be around £300bn in 2022, following the predicted
£320bn of this year. It’s thought there will be fewer property sales in 2022 but
there will still be plenty of activity, particularly in the remortgage arena. In
fact, 2022 is expected to be one of the biggest product cessation years for a
long time. Housing stock is low, but it isn’t because people aren’t putting their
homes on the market. This is only down 12%, but stock levels are around 50%
down. Homes are just selling that much quicker!

Mortgage rates are likely to increase modestly in 2022, ending the year closer
to 3%. While a small 0.15% rise to get back to 0.25% may act as a timely shot
across the bows, we may yet still see the Bank of England hold its nerve until
early next year if it does not want to do anything to upset any recovery just
yet. We look set to have a busy end to the year as buyers rush to grab the
current low fixed rates and clients rush to remortgage.

As Advisers, the last 20 months have been a rollercoaster emotionally and
from a business perspective, but our industry is resilient, and we have found
our way through the highs and lows. We need to continue to appreciate the
holistic approach, looking after all of our clients needs, not just the mortgages
and make the most of every opportunity.

We’ve taken the decision to stick to virtual training for the first part of 2022
but are pleased to announce our first face to face event for over 2 years will be
held on 15th June.

Our full Training Calendar can be found on page’s 13 & 14. Please make the
effort to attend all events to improve your knowledge and help you place
more business and earn more. We’re looking forward to seeing you all, and for
some of our newer advisers, meeting you for the first time!



Chris Kirby
Key Account Manager

Property Finance

Phil Riches
Sales & Marketing Director

Alan Ferguson
Senior Corporate Account Manager

Lender Q&A

Green Mortgages


Over the last few months, the World has had its focus Please note the following information:
switched to the climate change crisis, and how to save · Property must be in the UK.
the planet. This hasn’t come out of nowhere, but there · There must be a valid Energy Performance
has certainly been a change in attitude that this is Certificate (EPC) listed on the registers detailed
urgent, and we must act now. There have been some below with a rating of A or B to be eligible. No
huge promises made at COP26, such as over 100 other EPC data registers or documentation will
countries agreeing to end de-forestation by 2030, but be accepted, for example a Predicted Energy
there has also been a push to educate individuals, and Assessment (PEA).
ensure each one of us is making the small changes · Properties where there is currently only a
needed to do our bit. proposed or anticipated EPC Rating of A or B are
not eligible.
According to UK government national statistics,
residential properties make up 15% of the UK’s total Acceptable EPC registers:
climate emissions, so we can see why improving the · England, Wales & Northern Ireland Register:
energy efficiency of houses is important. An energy
efficient property can not only help the environment
and save clients’ money on their energy bills, but if a
property has an EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) · Scotland Register: https://www.scottishepcregister.
rating A or B, clients may also benefit from preferential
mortgage rates, known as “Green Mortgages”. · It is the brokers responsibility to ensure the
appropriately rated A or B certificate is in place prior
This is something more and more clients may consider to the application submission
when looking to purchase a new property, or when · Energy Performance Certificate must be valid
looking to make improvements to an existing property. within 10 years since production.
With the cost of living rising, customers will be looking · No additional documentation to our standard
to make savings wherever they can. By 2025 Landlords application packaging requirements is required to be
will also need to ensure their properties have an submitted.
EPC rating of C or above. When their fixed deals are · Available to first time buyers and existing
coming to an end, they may be looking to raise some homeowners.
extra capital to bring the property up to scratch. In the · Products available up to 85% Loan To Value on
long run the energy bills will be cheaper. If they don’t residential deals, and up to 75% on buy to let
do it, the property will be un-mortgageable in the · Not applicable for Shared Equity or Help to Buy
future, potentially creating a new form of “mortgage applications.
prisoner”. They can also be hit with large fines! · All standard NatWest lending rules and policies
We recently caught up with some of our friends at
Kensington, Keystone and Natwest, who all offer For further information, please visit our dedicated
Green deals, and asked some burning questions on Green Mortgage hub.
how they see these working going forward, their
criteria, and what our industry can do to help reduce Chris Kirby, Kensington: We don’t differentiate out
climate change. products per se around ‘Green’ properties, however,
we have our EKO product range which will reward
What is your definition of what makes a green customers with cashback if they buy a more energy
property, and are there any differences to efficient new build, or if they improve the EPC rating
your requirements for residential and BTL of their property within 12 months of the mortgage
properties? with Kensington commencing.

Phil Riches, Keystone: Keystone Green mortgage If a customer purchases a New Build that is A or
product offers a 10bps reduction for all properties B rated, which is over 85% of current New Build
which are 5 years or older and have an EPC of A, B properties, then they may benefit from a cashback of
or C. £500 if they are advised to take our New Build EKO
reward mortgage.
Alex Ferguson, Natwest: Green Purchase and
Green Remortgage products are available to all If a customer improves the EPC rating by 10 SAP
intermediaries for all residential and buy to let points on a second hand property, they may qualify
properties with an energy performance rating of A or for £1,000 cashback if they are advised to take our
B. EKO cashback mortgages. Both of these cashback
mortgages are available on both a Residential & Buy
to Let basis.


This will be especially useful for landlords as the Alex Ferguson, Natwest: No, we will simply check
expectation of minimum EPC ratings for let properties the relevant property register to ensure that the
will move from minimum of E to C by 2025 for new property currently has an A or B EPC rating.
tenancies, so a number will need to invest to meet
these new requirements, so the cashback will help Chris Kirby, Kensington: We will carry out a
towards this where the client qualifies. standard valuation of the property. Of course for BTL
purposes, as per current regulations the property must
Does lending criteria change for some be a minimum rating of E for us to be able to lend at
modern construction types that are highly present.
energy efficient such as SIP (structurally
insulated panels) and Insulated Concrete How do you think housebuilders will adapt
Formwork, or prefab such as Huf Haus? to COP26/Government incentives?

Phil Riches, Keystone: Modern Method of Phil Riches, Keystone: It is likely that house builders
construction is something which Keystone will accept will adopt the suggested changes under COP26 but it is
although we would want the property to have a brick more likely these will become required under building
or block work exterior rather than have a covering of regulations which are required on properties.
cladding or Cement based boards.
Alex Ferguson, Natwest: The 2025 Future Homes
Alex Ferguson, Natwest: No, currently, all eligible Standard is very much in focus just now. From 2025
construction types must still meet the criteria onwards homes will need to be built to achieve 75%
described in previous answer. It is worth stressing lower CO 2 emissions (compared to current standards
that our current Green products are our first ever now in 2021).
Green mortgage products. I expect we will see more
innovation in future and that our Green proposition Things like underfloor heating, heat pumps, charging
will evolve. points for electric cars are just some of the ways in
which these standards will be achieved.
Can a client take a remortgage to release
funds to improve the energy efficiency of What will be of interest is whether we see a change in
their property on a green deal? consumer behaviour? Will the demand for new homes
increase versus buying second hand – for instance,
Phil Riches, Keystone: Keystone will allow a the cost to upgrade second hand properties may drive
remortgage to improve the energy efficiency of their some buyers towards new build – time will tell!
or other BTL properties.
Chris Kirby, Kensington: As touched upon, over 85%
Alex Ferguson, Natwest: Absolutely! When clients of New Build properties are A or B rated for their EPCs,
are remortgaging for home improvements we can lend which shows the New Build market and developers
up to 85% loan to value on our green remortgage are very much doing their bit as we aim for Carbon
products. Neutrality by 2050. We are already seeing developers
take this further, with some committing to being carbon
Chris Kirby, Kensington: Absolutely. We will allow neutral as soon as possible as well as constructing net
a remortgage with further borrowing up to 90% LTV carbon zero properties and developments. This is a
subject to affordability and criteria. As previously very positive start, and is hopefully the beginning of
mentioned, clients could benefit from up to £1,000 this type of initiative becoming more common place in
cashback if they complete the works to improve the the sector.
energy efficiency of the product and provide us with
an updated EPC within 12 months. This is cashback, As a Lender, or in your own home life, what
paid directly to the client. other steps are you taking to tackle the
climate change crisis?
Will specialist valuations be required,
focussing on the greenness of the property? Phil Riches, Keystone: Keystone has already
adopted changes to reduce its carbon emissions. It is
Phil Riches, Keystone: No we require a standard planting a tree for each Green Mortgage we complete.
valuation and a current or updated EPC certificate.
Alex Ferguson, Natwest: NatWest has an aspiration

to be the leading bank on climate change and to be it would reduce our carbon footprint by more than
at the forefront of activity to make a more viable if every car was taken off the road for a whole day!
and sustainable planet For those people who end up moving to a completely
vegetarian or vegan diet, there is obviously an even
The NatWest Climate Related Disclosures Report greater environmental impact!!!
is published in full on our website – the report
provides deeper insights into the work being done Chris Kirby, Kensington: As a lender, our ESG
to tackle climate change and some of our progress (Environment, social & governance) targets are
so far – you can access the report here - engrained within the business and how we operate. Our EKO mortgages have been in the market for
Files/R/RBS-IR-V2/results-center/19022021/2020- well over 18 months already, further demonstrating
climate-related-disclosure-report.pdf our commitment to improving the overall energy
efficiency of housing stock in the U.K. Kensington
We have recently launched our ‘Green Home Plan’ also became the first lender to complete a green bond
proposition on a pilot basis with a small number of securitisation within the UK Asset Backed Securities
volunteer customers. market. Kensington will use the proceeds raised to
continue developing its range of green products over
The Green Plan uses what we already know about the next few years, with targets to allocate more
our customers, combined with what we can gather than £800 million to green loans by 2026.
through other reliable sources about their living
situation, as well as any additional information they Personally, my family and I moved house a couple
tell us, to recommend the top actions they can take of years ago, and we specifically looked for a more
to reduce their homes carbon footprint and make energy efficient property, with good insulation to
their money go further. The Plan will showcase reduce our emissions.
solutions, including one off actions, partnership
offers, ongoing behavioural nudges, government In addition to this I switched to a car with reduced
support, along with helpful educational content, to emissions a couple of years ago and when I next
make taking that next step easy. switch vehicle, my searches will be for Hybrid and/
or Electric cars – a lot of this will depends on the
The pilot will provide recommendations for ‘your infrastructure at the time to support the latter! I do
Home’ only, but this will form the basis for a future use the car noticeable less, taking the train a lot more
solution where customers can choose to ‘Green’ regularly when my I need to travel across the country
their whole life, including areas such as travel, for the purpose of my role.
shopping and finance.
These are just small steps by one household, but
Separately from the above pilot, we have recently collectively as a society we can all contribute to
teamed up with carbon footprint specialists CoGo, helping us make the U.K a greener country as we aim
to let NatWest customers calculate their carbon for Carbon Neutrality by the middle of the century.
footprint in the NatWest app. Our customers can
view in the app their estimated carbon footprint If you need any further assistance with
and we provide tips that could help to reduce it. sourcing or recommending a Green Mortgage,
or just need some pointers on how to broach
Our consumer facing website also has some helpful this with your clients, speak to us at Ingard,
ideas for people to consider when looking to live a or speak with your BDMs. Don’t forget to read
more sustainable lifestyle Landbay’s article on page 15 & 16 with further
On a personal level, during the early stages of the
first lockdown in 2020, like many people I watched 8
lots of films and documentaries – as a result I was
inspired to try introducing ‘meat free days’ into
my diet, which in turn led me to try going vegan
for a week, then a month……& 18 months later I
have fully committed to a Vegan diet and living a
more sustainable lifestyle. I have felt many health
benefits as a result but have also become much
more conscious of the impact our lifestyles can
have on climate change. INTERESTING FACT – if
every person in the UK skipped meat for one day,

David Ewing discusses planning for the New Year ahead and provides tips on how
to future proof your business.

The last 18 months has seen what can only mistake! Some of our brokers can earn as
be classed as an ‘unusual’ market, driven by much as £1000pm in renewals from home in-
the various incentives born out of the COVID surance sales. Remember, once a client is with
pandemic. The question now on everyone’s a provider, many of them are too lazy to move
lips is what happens next year? and just renew the existing policy, and you get
It’s fair to say our market stayed pretty buoy- paid!
ant throughout the Pandemic with the Stamp If you don’t want to write it yourself refer it
Duty holiday incentive and the historically to Ingard. Next to no work and you still get an
low interest rates. income.

Now with the threat of a base rate rise, lend- Number Three
ers slowly increasing rates and the uncer- The Hot Box on 360 is geared up to let you
tainties over redundancies, the concern for know 6 MONTHS IN ADVANCE of all your client’s
next year is that we may see a slow start. initial rates coming to an end, as well as giving
However, this may be mitigated by the record you a new opportunity to remind you when the
number of product expiries due in Quarter 1. client is due an annual review.
When you’re riding a wave business is easy, It may sound scary, particularly if you have a
but as the wave starts to subside how do we large client bank, but keeping up with your
find our business and maintain our standard client’s rate expiries to further maximise your
of living. sales is child’s play.

‘Failing to plan is planning to fail’.

One of my favourite quotes and oh how true So many of you are STILL ignoring this gold
it is! Now is the time you should be get- mine of business opportunities. Use it, and get
ting your business plan together for next those sales before the lender beats you to it
year. How much do I want to earn, how will I and offers your client a product transfer!
achieve this?

Below are 5 tips (largely reminders) you Number Four
should be thinking about as the end of 2021 ASK FOR BUSINESS. If you don’t ask you don’t get.
draws near and we enter 2022. The work environment, the children’s school
or even the local shop worker are all people
Number One you can talk to. How many of your friends and
How much business did you write in 2021 and family really know what you do? Have you made
how was this broken down between mort- them aware of how cheap mortgage rates
gages and protection? currently are? And most importantly, have you
Ask yourself, did you maximise every pro- asked them if you could review their mortgage
tection opportunity. If not, 2 opportunities for them.
immediately come to light. Go back over your
2021 sales and revisit protection with your Number Five
clients. Secondly ensure you maximise your Do you ask for referrals? This has always been
2022 cases and include protection. my go-to source of business and is by far the
Target yourself to have a better penetration cheapest.
than the previous year. Many brokers also have some success with so-
cial media, websites, marketing, and the pur-
Number Two chase of leads but these mediums should be
seen as a top up to your basic business plan.

Did you maximise your home insurance op- Last and by no means least, write your goals
portunities? Many brokers spend little time down and put them somewhere in plain sight
on this area of insurance as they see it as to help you keep focused. Refer back to your
a lot of work for a small income stream. Big set goals monthly and measure your success.




Business continuity and succession planning may not be high on the priority list of many businesses.
But how would a business cope financially if it lost a key employee? What might the implications be if
one of the business owners died or suffered a critical illness?

Business protection makes sure businesses can continue to trade, and allows the owners to maintain
control of their business while making sure their dependents receive a fair value for their share of it.

Business continuity – is there a need?
Yes, definitely. It’s well known that businesses look to protect themselves against many things,
protecting their buildings, contents, stock, materials, vehicles and so on. However, the vast majority
don’t look to insure their biggest asset – their key employees.

To make sure your client’s business can continue, they need to consider whether their business:

• could continue to trade or would suffer financially if it lost a key employee, and
• would have the necessary cash flow to replace any loss of profit or repay any outstanding

loans, including directors’ loans.

Solutions will depend on the role of the person identified but are most likely going to involve life
protection, critical illness cover and/or key person income protection.

Business succession – why does it matter?
Business succession planning is a key part of protecting the stability and continuity of a business. It
involves transferring the ownership and control of a business – most likely through retirement – to new

Business owners need to think about what they’d want to happen to their share of their business, if they
suddenly died or became critically ill.

You should speak to your clients about:
• who they’d want to get control of their business, and
• how and where the money would come from to make sure this happened.

The need to have business succession plans in place is immediate and could be devastating for your
client’s business if they’re not thought through properly.

How we can help
It’s vital business owners consider their business continuity and succession plans sooner rather than
later, as the impact of doing nothing could destroy their business.

We have a range of continuity and succession planning tools, available in our online Business protection
toolkit. You can use these tools with your clients to help them identify their business protection needs,
so they can start putting measures in place to plan for the future well-being of their business – should
the worst happen.

Our toolkit also includes our Guide to business protection, which can help you develop opportunities, as
well as learn more about business protection and how to advise on it.

Find out more at
Aegon BDM Karen Leys 07583 710452 [email protected]

This communication is for financial advisers only. It mustn’t be distributed to, or relied on by, customers or any
other persons.


Our latest news, views Emily Grindley
and who’s who at Ingard HQ Broker Support Administrator

This edition, we catch up with Emily, a vital member of the Admin team. Emily joined Ingard at the start

of 2020, and was thrown in at the deep end with the lockdown starting not long after! Most of you

will already speak with her regularly. Her role involves supporting our Network Members and Internal

Advisers, and liaising with clients, advisers, introducers, lenders, and solicitors, to ensure your cases are

pushed through as quickly and smoothly as possible.

What do you enjoy most about you, always add notes to 360
working at Ingard? or email us and we will add the
I thoroughly enjoy working with my notes for you, this ensures we
co-workers. It has a very light-hearted are not duplicating work.
atmosphere that encourages me to
go to work every day. I enjoy speaking What do you like to do in your
to clients and helping them through spare time?
the purchase process of their I like to spend time with my
dream home or their re-mortgage family, friends and my tiny dog
to help them be in a better financial who is literally my child and
position. No day is the same, everyday goes pretty much everywhere
is different which keeps work with me. I started my fitness
interesting and I learn something new journey in the first lockdown
each day. where I managed to lose just
over 3 stone (from working out
What would be the best piece in my kitchen), I started the
of advice you would give to the gym in September this year and
Advisers that would help them? enjoy going not just for fitness
Help the admin team so we can help but it also helps with my mental

NEWS What’s one unusual fact
about yourself that we
Shortly we will be launcing our brand-new website, making it wouldn’t know?
easier for you to find all of the documents and training/mar- When I was 17 I was in an
keting materials you may need. We will keep you updated! accident which resulting into
me breaking my back, being
Reminders- Please look out for your Annual Review pack which told I may potentially not walk
will be sent to you in the coming weeks, and make sure you again but after an operation
return all of the requirements promptly. Dates for our training and rehabilitation for 3 months
events have been finalised for 2022, so put these in your diary I DID IT!!
and look out for the invites. These dates can be found over the
page, and of course on our Portal. Our first face to face event @Ingard
post-Covid will be in June, and we look forward to seeing you
all again!

Finally, all of us at Team Ingard would like to thank you for @IngardBroker
your continued support, and wish you and your families a very
Merry Christmas. Here’s to a healthy and successful 2022!



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How green mortgages can help landlords prepare for an eco-friendly future
Written by Landbay

Two years ago, the Government committed to BUY
make Britain carbon neutral by 2050. One of TO
the initiatives to reach that target is aimed at LETS
reducing the country’s carbon emissions by GO
addressing energy inefficient housing stock. GREEN
According to the Government’s statistics, resi-
dential properties account for 15% of the UK’s Reduced rates for energ
total climate emissions. efficient properties, with
Whilst the £2bn Green Homes Grants package our new green buy-to-le
of investment for homeowners to implement product range.
energy efficient upgrades has been broadly Applies to properties
welcomed, it is only being made available to with an EPC rating of
owners of main residences and not landlords, C or above.
who are not obliged to improve the energy
efficiency of their properties at the moment -
but pressure will increase to make it so.
Currently, properties being let by landlords are
obliged to have at least an E rated EPC. How-
ever, the government has said it wants as many
as possible to be upgraded by 2030. So, our
new green product range for both purchase
and remortgage will be of benefit to landlord
clients, whether they are buying or refinanc-
ing properties with an EPC rating of C or above
and go some way to help by incentivising more
landlords to consider adding energy efficient
properties to their portfolio.
As far as awareness is concerned, a survey in
March by Mortgages for Business found that
60% of landlords said they were interested in
products that offer a lower rate for making
their properties more energy efficient. Twenty
years ago, that figure was only 10%. Of course,
in that time overall awareness of the issue has
moved from the periphery to the mainstream
so the uptick in interest is hardly surprising.
Apart from the incentive of lower rates of in-
terest on green mortgages, landlords are rec-
ognising the growing value of owning property
which not only meets today’s energy standards
but also anticipates future requirements. Last
year the Government’s consultation document
outlined the case for requiring new rented
property to have an energy efficiency rating of
band C from 2025 and 2028 for existing pri-
vately tenanted buildings.
Recent correspondence from the government
has also reminded the FCA of its responsibility
to facilitate an increase in green initiatives in
the areas which it regulates.
“The government wishes to deliver a financial
system which supports and enables a net-
zero economy by mobilising private finance



N towards sustainable and resilient growth and
is resilient to the physical and transition risks
gy that climate change presents. The FCA should
h have regard to the government’s commitment
et to achieve a net-zero economy by 2050 under
the Climate Change Act 2008 (Order 2019) when considering how to advance its objectives and
discharge its functions.”
The FCA is therefore aligning its policy with the
Government’s commitment to a greener future.
Its interpretation of the Government’s wishes
will become less a nudge and more a desired
expectation. At the same time, the building
sector is going to have to commit not only to
building more energy efficient homes but also
work positively to improve both the design and
quality control of new builds, to ensure the
long-term effectiveness of an eco-led future,
which can only bode well for new build land-
lord purchases in the future.
At Landbay, we have not waited to be asked by
the FCA. We launched our first green mortgage
portfolio in June this year to general acclaim
and have continued to refine our offering.
Green mortgage offerings in the BTL channel
are going to multiply and Landbay is in the van-
guard of providers encouraging landlords to
buy energy efficient properties and give them
the incentive to improve those which they cur-
rently own.
The financial and ecological argument for
green mortgages is becoming indisputable
and the intermediary channel is in the best
position to be pointing out the advantages
both for new purchases and for remortgaging
existing property, to meet today’s and tomor-
row’s energy efficiency ratings.
Green mortgages provide landlords with the
means to meet tomorrow’s challenges by help-
ing to improve existing property portfolios and
being more selective when investing in energy
efficient housing for new purchases. Advisers
have a major role to play in educating land-
lords that green mortgages will not only help
to improve the quality of tomorrow’s rental
housing stock but will also make a positive
impact on their future profitability.



Ingard’s Training & Compliance Manager, Neil Mulhearn discusses staying ahead of the
curve when dealing with compliance.


M 2021 has been a difficult year for help you – watch previous webinar sheet on the Fact Find. Please
many, starting out with another presentations and read the guides respond to the initial audit as soon
prolonged lock down for the first that are there to help you. as possible, upload any missing or
three months of the year. The roll I am not going to go through amended documents to the sale,
out of the vaccine has been highly everything in detail here, but just and add any notes to the system. Let
encouraging, and it looks like we are give a brief reminder of what is us know you have done this, so that
finally moving back to some sort of expected on every file: we can check them.
normality. • The Fact Find should be fully If the case also receives a full file
The good news is that despite the completed, with as many soft facts review, you will receive this within
repeated setbacks, brokers have had as are relevant. If I read through the next few days. Again upload any
another bumper year, with record the Fact Find, can I understand the requested documents to the system,
number of sales and completions. client’s current position and what add notes and let us know so that we
The stamp duty holiday certainly they are looking to achieve? Can you can check them.
helped, and we saw a very busy demonstrate that you truly know The deadline for amending or
spring for completions. Record your client? adding missing documents is 30
low interest rates also encouraged • Is the Research complete, with the days – again this is the maximum
borrowers to switch deals. How long correct details and the right filters not the target. Our most successful
this will last is uncertain, but you used? Have you looked at all relevant brokers get a case compliant within
should certainly be pushing any last options for the client (product days of submission so that they
minute deals through before the transfer, further advance, second can move on to the next case, and
Bank of England raises base rates. charge)? the Ingard admin team will look
The FCA has also been very busy re- • Have you got all the supporting after chasing the case through to
organising itself during lock down, documents for the case – ID, proof completion of you behalf.
and brokers need to be prepared of income, bank statements, proof of Signed copies of the documents are
for a different approach from the deposit? always required prior to completion,
regulator. Over 80% of senior • Most importantly, have you and should ideally be sent just after
managers have been replaced, and completed your due diligence? the Offer is checked, so that you
a new approach to regulation is Have you checked the documents know that no further amendments
coming. The first sign of this came and satisfied yourself that they are required. If you haven’t already
in May when the regulator suddenly are genuine? Could you explain started using electronic signatures, I
announced an annual fee for each to a lender any aspect of them – would encourage you to look at this.
individual AR firm. overtime, deductions, transactions Since switching this year, we have
This unprecedented move was on the bank statements? Have seen documents coming back far
justified by the FCA as they needed you discussed the case with the quicker than before, and at a lower
to fund increased due diligence of lender and checked the client & the overall cost than printing, posting
the broker market. This will almost property meet their criteria? and then chasing for their return.
certainly mean increased visits • Suitability Letter – does it give a Don’t forget insurance. Either write
from the regulator, with a higher clear picture of the client’s current it yourself or refer it to Ingard, but
threshold set as to the minimum circumstances, what they are hoping don’t ignore it. To demonstrate that
standard expected. to achieve, what their needs & you have provided the client with
At Ingard this doesn’t overly concern preferences are and how your advice the correct mortgage advice, you
us, as we have always tried to stay meets these needs? also need to address their potential
ahead of the curve, and go beyond • A sale must be uploaded to 360 need for insurance. Failing to discuss
the minimum standard. Working within 7 days of the Application, this with the client will leave you
with us, following our policies and but this is a maximum period not a open to a future complaint. Make
procedures, will ensure that you are target – please upload the case as a point of running quotes on every
as fully protected as can be. soon as possible. Remember that this case, to demonstrate you did discuss
However in this uncertain time of relates to Mortgage and Insurance insurance even if the client declined
change, it has never been more Applications. the advice.
important that you do follow our You will receive an initial audit within The compliance process is designed
procedures, we just won’t be in a 48 hours of submission of a case, to protect you, the broker, by
position to protect brokers who usually far sooner. If you haven’t proving that you gave your client
aren’t adhering to the rules. If received an audit within a couple of the highest standard of advice. By
you are unsure of any aspect of days, contact us as something has following it, we have nothing to fear
compliance, then please speak up gone wrong – usually you will have from the regulation changes that are
and I will offer as much training forgotten to fill in the submission coming. Work with us, so that we can
and support as possible. Please also protect you.
refer to the many resources on the
Ingard Portal that are designed to 18




10 STEPS TO SUCCESS 01 02 03

Broker contacts The enquirywill be Ingard will source and
Ingard with an assigned to a dedicated then place the case with
overview of the deal Specialist who will ask one of the providers
by telephone or you to send all the on ourvast panel. The
email to enquiries@ information you have introducing broker will gathered so far e.g. be sent a DIP breaking
basic details, bank down the product details,
statements, credit fees and an estimated
file etc. This will help timeline. Ifyou would like
us place the case as to stay involved and help
quickly as possible. the client to complete
We will then contact the signed documents
the client/s for any etc.,we will send you a list
additional info. Please of required documents.
provide accurate Ifyou would prefer Ingard
contact details and a to do this,we will manage
suitable time for us to the process completely.
contact the client.

04 05 06

If the client wishes to A Full Application will be Valuation instructed.
proceed, Ingard will submitted to the Lender.
request the £500 Ingard will provide you
commitment fee. with regular updates
throughout the process.

07 08 09 10

Offer issued Solicitor instructed Ingard will liaise On completion, the
(providing the and completion with the Introducing client will be paid the
Valuation is date set. Broker, Solicitor and funds from the lender.
satisfactory). Client to complete The Introducing Broker
the case as quickly will receive 50% of
as possible. the Broker Fee and
Procuration Fee.




01 02 03 04

Issue your Terms of Send a copy of all case Remember YOU ARE The Case Owner
Business, complete a Fact documents, including PROVIDING THE ADVICE will provide you
Find with the client, assess your sourcing, to our and will earn MORE with a shopping
all proof of income, bank team. Remember to COMMISSION for doing list of the Lender’s
statements etc. and carry provide a PDF of your so. requirements and
out your due diligence, Fact Find - Do not any forms the
and complete your press submit yet as client may need to
Anti-Money Laundering an application has complete.
checks as normal. Then not been submitted.
source the best deal for You will be assigned
the client based on their an experienced Case
requirements. If the most Owner who will guide
suitable option is a lender you through the
Ingard packages for, or if process.
you are unable to find a
suitable Lender from your
sourcing, contact our
team on 01702 538 800 to
discuss the case.

If you are a member of Ingard’s Network, then we will not take a compliance cut from your
commission. You can charge a broker fee, as per your Terms of Business, of which you will
receive 100%. The percentage of the proc fee we can pay out is specified by each Lender, as
per the Route to Lender Guide which can be found on the Portal. There are no packaging fees
payable by the client.


05 06 07 08

Once the Case Owner If you are a member of If any further Our Admin team will
has received and Ingard’s Network, then documents are chase the Solicitors
checked all documents, at this stage you should required or the Lender and push the case
the Application will be submit your full case on has any queries, we through to completion
submitted to the Lender. 360 as normal, by pressing will liaise with you as as quickly as possible.
Remember, they are Submit Business on the the Advisor, so that
checking the documents Fact Find and uploading these can be obtained
have met the Lender’s all of your documents. from the client. We
packaging requirements, Remember, this needs to will provide regular
not checking your advice. be received within 7 days updates on the case
They will then provide you of the Application being progress.
with a copy of the Lender’s submitted. Your compliance
KFI and Application Form, will then be checked as
so that you are able to normal and you will be
write up your Suitability chased by the Admin team
Letter. for any outstanding items
from the Network’s point



Paul Adams, Sales Director at Pepper Money

The enormous wave of customers coming to the by lenders on remortgage cases where the loan
end of a fixed rate deal in the coming months size and LTV allow, and this can streamline the
has been well publicised, and it presents an ex- process, enabling a remortgage case to com-
cellent opportunity for brokers. plete more quickly. At Pepper Money, we have
rolled out the use of AVMs on our remortgage
Of course, not all of these loans will be remort- cases following a successful pilot during which
gaged. Some customers will choose the per- we were able to issue an offer within 48 hours of
ceived convenience of a product transfer (PT) the application.
with their existing lender, either through a bro-
ker or direct with the lender. So, it’s important for As a consequence of these changes, securing
brokers to take a proactive approach to contact- a competitively priced remortgage product is
ing their customers. now achievable for a wider group of customers,
even if their circumstances have changed since
Often a PT seems like the right option because a taking their previous mortgage. Lenders such
customer’s circumstances have changed since as Pepper Money are committed to ensuring
they applied for their current mortgage. Maybe remortgaging becomes quicker and easier for
they have become self-employed, or perhaps more customers.
they’ve picked up some adverse credit. The last
two years in particular have done a lot to shake Another consideration is capital raising. The end
up people’s circumstances and so a customer of a mortgage deal often provides the oppor-
who is coming to the end of a 2-, 3- or 5-year tunity to raise extra funding for large items of
fixed rate could be forgiven for believing the expenditure, such as home improvements, and
PT rate their existing lender offers them is the many customers see it as a time to consolidate
best they are able to get. Or perhaps they could debts to manage their monthly repayments. With
have concerns the application may fail due to interest rates tipped to rise next year, now may
credit score. In some cases, it might be, but as be the time to discuss your customers’ capital
you know, the market is incredibly competitive raising requirements – and these can’t be ad-
at the moment, with lenders competing fiercely dressed with a PT.
both on rate and also on making their proposi-
tions available to a broader group of potential Taking a product transfer may seem like a conve-
customers. nient choice for some customers, but there are
many occasions where it won’t necessarily be
This means that there are low rates available the right choice. By being proactive and under-
to people who are self-employed, have some standing your customers’ current requirements
adverse credit or simply have a set of circum- and future objectives, you can make sure the
stances that wouldn’t fit a standard credit wave of fixed rate expirations becomes a wave
score. At Pepper Money, for example, we have of opportunity.
launched a Pepper 60 range, available to custom-
ers who haven’t had a CCJ or Default in the last
60 months, with no credit scoring, and with rates
from 1.98%.

Lenders are also making it easier for customers [email protected]
to remortgage with the introduction of incen- 03333 701 101
tives such as free legals and cashback offer-
ings that contribute to legal fees, enabling the
customer to choose their own solicitor. And, of
course, we have seen the increased use of AVMs


Finding the +Factor:

how you can enrich your clients’ futures

At HSBC Life, we value every aspect of your Highlights from the +Factor Study include:
clients’ wellbeing - from physical and mental
health to financial fitness. How childhood sports can improve physical,
mental and financial health in later life
Our +Factor Study surveyed 10,000 people
worldwide, including 3,000 people in the UK, How essential people believe it is to pass
to better understand how physical, mental, on a “health legacy” to the next generation
and financial wellbeing are interlinked.
Why living with the +Factor can have
It’s our belief that, by helping your clients a positive impact on communities
recognise the close link between these core and the wider world
aspects, they can live life with the +Factor.

Click here to discover more insights from our +Factor study

HSBC Life (UK) Limited is authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority. Our Financial 24
Services Register number is 133435 and our registered office is at: 8 Canada Square, London E14 5HQ. Registered in England number 00088695. HSBC Life (UK) Limited is a member
of the Association of British Insurers. © HSBC Group 2021. All Rights Reserved.



Lender Submission Route Product Type Gross Net Contact
Fee Fee Details
Accord Mortgages Mortgage Club - Brilliant Refer to Brilliant
Aldermore Bank Direct (Mortgage & Buy to Let) Residential 0.45% 0.45% 08451 200 883
Buy to Let 0.55% 0.55% 0333 321 1000
Bank of China (UK) No Club Retention 0.35% 0.35%
Bank of Cyprus Full Referral Specialist Buy to Let 0.55% 0.55% 08456 027 083
Bank of Ireland Mortgage Club - Brilliant Refer to Lender 0.40% 0.38% 01702 538 800
Barclays Mortgage Club - Brilliant All 0.35% 0.35% 02072 362 000
Bath Building Society Direct Refer to Brilliant Website 0.60% 0.50% 03450 733 330
Beverley No Club Refer to Brilliant Website 01225 475702
Bluestone Mortgages Direct Refer to Bath Website 1.25% 1.00% 01482 881 510
Refer to Lender 2.00% 1.00% 0800 368 1833
BM Solutions Mortgage Club - Brilliant All 0.55% 0.55% 08458 505 000
The Cambridge Building Society Mortgage Club - Legal & General 03456 013 180
Castle Trust Packaged Refer to Brilliant Website 0.80%* 0.40%* 01702 538 800
Refer to L&G Website 0.90%* 0.50%*
Central Trust Packaged All 0.95%* 0.55%* (Packaged)
0.90%* 0.50%* 08000 608 855
Chorley Building Society Mortgage Club - Brilliant Residential - Unencumbered Only 0.22%* 0.20%*
CHL Mortgages Direct 0.27%* 0.25%* (Packaged)
Refer to Brilliant Website 0.50% 0.45% 01257 235 000
Clydesdale Bank PLC Mortgage Club - Brilliant Buy to Let 01252 365 888
1.20% 1%
Coventry Mortgage Club - Brilliant Refer to Brilliant Website 08447 360 034
Cumberland Building Society Direct 0.40% 0.40% 08001 217 788
Darlington No Club Refer to Brilliant Website 0.50% 0.50% 01228 403 141
Dudley Building Society Mortgage Club - Legal & General All 0.20% 0.20% 01325 366 366
Earl Shilton Building Society No Club Refer to Lender 0.50% 0.40% 01384 231 414
Ecology Building Society No Club Refer to L&G Website 0.80% 0.80% 01455 844 422
Family Building Society Packaged or Direct Refer to Lender 0.85%* 0.50%* 01535 650 770
Refer to Lender 0.85%* 0.50%* 01702 538 800
Foundation Home Loans Mortgage Club - Brilliant All owner occupier products (excluding 0.60% 0.60%
Fleet Mortgages Direct Family Mortgage & Offset Mortgage) 0.55% 0.55% (Packaged)
Furness Building Society Mortgage Club - Brilliant Offset Mortgage
Godiva Mortgage Club - Brilliant Family Mortgage 0.35% 0.35% 0344 770 8032
Halifax Mortgage Club - Brilliant Buy to Let Mortgage 0.85%* 0.50%* 01252 916 800
Hampshire Trust Bank Direct Product Switches 08000 220 568
Hanley Economic Mortgage Club - Legal & General Further Advances 08001 217 788
Hinckley & Rugby Building Mortgage Club - Legal & General Refer to Brilliant Website 03456 025 317
Society All 0207 862 6262
Holmesdale Building Society Mortgage Club - Brilliant Refer to Brilliant Website 01782 255 159
HSBC Direct Refer to Brilliant Website 08004 346 343
Refer to Brilliant Website
Kensington Direct BTL & MHO 01737 232 310
Kent Reliance Mortgage Club - Brilliant Refer to L&G Website 0345 600 5847
Keystone Property Finance Direct Refer to L&G Website
Landbay Packaged or Direct 0800 011 1020
Refer to Brilliant Website 0345 122 0033
Leeds Building Society Mortgage Club - Brilliant Residential 0345 148 9086
Leek United Building Society Mortgage Club - Legal & General Buy to let 020 7096 2700
Lendinvest Direct Retention
Livemore Captial Direct All (Packaged)
Loughborough Building Society No Club Refer to Brilliant Website 0345 050 5075
Manchester Building Society Mortgage Club - Brilliant Specialist Buy to Let 01538 384 151
Mansfield Building Society No Club Buy to Let - Individual 0800 130 3388
Market Harborough Direct Buy to Let - Ltd Co 0203 011 4990
Marsden Building Society No Club Refer to Brilliant Website 01509 610 707
Masthaven Packaged or Direct Refer to L&G Website 01619 238 030
Buy to Let 01623 676 345
Melton Mowbray Mortgage Club - Brilliant All 01858 412 610
Refer to Lender 01282 440 583
Refer to Brilliant Website 01702 538 800
Refer to Lender
Refer to Lender 01664 414 141

Refer to Brilliant Website



Lender Submission Route Product Type Gross Net Contact
Fee Fee Details
Metro Bank Direct Residential
Buy to Let 0.40% 0.38% 03450 808 500
Monmouthshire No Club Rate Switch - Residential 0.43% 0.41%
MPowered Mortgages Direct Rate Switch - Buy to Let 0.30% 0.285% 01633 844 370
Nationwide Mortgage Club - Brilliant Refer to Lender 0.30% 0.285% 0800 260 5949
Natwest Direct Buy to Let
0.60% 0.60%
Newbury Direct Refer to Brilliant Website
Residential 0.40% 0.40% 08005 453 131
Newcastle Mortgage Club - Brilliant Buy to Let 0.45% 0.45% 03459 001 110
Norton Finance Packaged Retention 0.20% 0.20%
Residential & Buy to Let 0.37% 0.35% 01635 555 777
Retention 0.20% 0.18%
Refer to Brilliant Website 3.50% 1.75% 03456 064 488
All 0.40% 0.40% 01702 538 800
0.55% 0.55%
Nottingham Direct All 0.55% 0.55% (Packaged)
Norwich & Peterborough No Club Refer to Lender 0.30% 0.30% 03444 814 444
Paragon Mortgages Direct Residential 0.50% 0.40% 03453 002 511
Buy to Let 0.40% 0.37% 08000 522 222
Penrith No Club Retention 0.48% 0.43%
Pepper Money Direct Refer to Lender 0.30% 0.30% 01768 863 675
Platform Direct All 0.60% 0.50% 03333 701 105
Residential 0.60% 0.50% 03450 701 999
Post Office for Intermediaries Mortgage Club - Brilliant Buy to Let 0.30% 0.28%
Precise Mortgages Direct Retention 0345 266 8928
Refer to Brilliant Website 0.36% 0.36% 08001 164 385
Principality Mortgage Club - Legal & General Residential 0.45% 0.45%
Progressive Building Society Mortgage Club - Legal & General Buy to Let 0.20% 0.20% 01179 331 644
Saffron Building Society Mortgage Club - Legal & General Retention 02890 244 926
Santander Direct Refer to L&G website 0.75% 0.75% 08000 721 100
Refer to L&G Website 0.50% 0.50% 08000 851 390
Scottish Building Society No Club Refer to L&G Website
Scottish Widows Bank Mortgage Club - Brilliant Residential 01313 137 700
Skipton Building Society Mortgage Club - Brilliant Buy to Let 03458 450 829
State Bank of India Direct Retention 03458 501 755
Refer to Lender 0344 967 1860
Refer to Brilliant website
Refer to Brilliant Website
Professional BTL
Non Professional BTL

Suffolk Building Society Mortgage Club - Brilliant Refer to Brilliant Website 0330 123 1073
Refer to L&G Website 01202 843 550
Teachers Building Society Mortgage Club - Legal & General Refer to L&G Website 01215 572 551
Specialist Mortgage 01702 538 800
Tipton & Coseley Building Society Mortgage Club - Legal & General Specialist Buy to Let
The Mortgage Lender Packaged 0.80% 0.50%
0.85% 0.50%

Direct All 0.60% 0.50% 0344 257 0418

The Mortgage Works Mortgage Club - Brilliant Refer to Brilliant Website 08005 453 131
Together Money 01702 538 800
Limited Availability via Full Referral Residential 1.5% 0.75%
Only Consumer BTL 1.5% 0.75%
1.25% 0.625%
BTL & Home Own Bus Loan

Ulster Bank Ltd Mortgage Club - Legal & General Refer to L&G Website 1.00% 0.50% 02890 275 965
United Trust Bank Packaged Unencumbered 0.80% 0.40% 01702 538 800
FTB/Purchase & Remortgage

Direct Unencumbered 0.45% 0.40% 0207 190 5555
FTB/Purchase & Remortgage 0.45% 0.40%

Vernon Building Society No Club Refer to Lender 0.60% 0.50% 01614 296 262
Vida Homeloans Mortgage Club - Brilliant Refer to Brilliant Website 03300 246 246
Virgin Money PLC Mortgage Club - Brilliant Refer to Brilliant Website 03456 001 516

West One Direct All 0333 123 4556

Submission Routes Explained: It is very important that you use the correct submission route when submitting business to a lender, to ensure you 28
receive the highest procuration fee and get paid quickly on completion.

Direct - This means Ingard has an agency agreement with the lender and will receive payment directly from the lender on completion.
Mortgage Club -ThismeansthelendercanbeaccessedthroughamortgageclubandIngardwillreceivepaymentfromthemortgagecluboncompletion.
No Club - Contact the lender to find out how they will accept business from you and notify Ingard that you are submitting business to the lender so that
we can expect payment on completion.

Packaged - Packaged business needs to be submitted to the lender by Ingard’s Specialist Team, but the advice is given by you, and all compliance
documents should be provided as normal. A Packaging Process Guide is located in the Document Library section of the Case Portal.
Full Referral - This means you are referring the case in full for someone in Ingard’s Specialist Team to give the advice, and deal with all compliance. Some
lenders will also only accept business where a member of Ingard’s Specialist Team has provided advice and processed the case.
* Where there is the option to submit business packaged or direct, please be aware that if you submit the business direct then you will receive less
commission. On packaged business, Ingard does not take a compliance cut and the lender may pay a higher procuration fee.



Submission Route: Ingard’s Specialist Team. Call 01702 538 800 or email [email protected]

Lender Submission Route Product Type Gross Net
Fee Fee

Al Rayan Full Referral Home Purchase Plan 0.35% 0.35%
Buy to Let Purchase Plan 0.50% 0.50%
Bank of Cyprus Full Referral Specialist Buy to Let 0.40% 0.50%
Cambridge & Counties Bank Full Referral Specialist Buy to Let 1.00%
Central Trust Packaged Specialist Mortgage - 2.00% 0.50%*
Unencumbered Only 0.55%*
Family Building Society Packaged or Direct All owner occupier products (excluding Family 0.80%* 0.20%*
Mortgage & Offset Mortgage) 0.90%* 0.25%*
Offset Mortgage 0.95%*
Family Mortgage 0.90%* 0.75%
Buy to Let Mortgage 0.22%* 0.50%
Product Switches 0.27%*
Further Advances 0.50%*

Interbay Full Referral Specialist Buy to Let 1.50% 1.75%

Landbay Packaged Individual Buy to Let 0.85% - refer to
Ltd Company Buy to Let Ingard

Masthaven Packaged or Direct Specialist Mortgages & 0.85%*
Buy to Let

Norton Home Loans Packaged Specialist Mortgage & 3.50%
Buy to Let

Shawbrook Bank Full Referral Specialist Buy to Let Dependent
on product

The Mortgage Lender Packaged Specialist Mortgage 0.80% 0.50%
Specialist Buy to Let 0.85% 0.50%

Together Direct All 0.60% 0.50%
United Trust Bank Limited Availability via Full Residential 1.5% 0.75%
Referral Only Consumer BTL 1.5% 0.75%
BTL & Home Own Bus Loan 1.25% 0.625%
Packaged Unencumbered 1.00% 0.50%
FTB/Purchase & Remortgage 0.80% 0.40%

Direct Unencumbered 0.45% 0.40%
FTB/Purchase & Remortgage 0.45% 0.40%

SECOND CHARGE MORTGAGES Submission Route: Ingard’s Specialist Team.
Call 01702 538 800 or email [email protected].

Castle Trust Central Trust Equifinance Evolution Money Masthaven
Norton Home Loans Paragon Precise Mortgages Shawbrook Bank Step One Finance
Together** United Trust Bank

BRIDGING LOANS Submission Route: Ingard’s Specialist Team.
Call 01702 538 800 or email [email protected]

Affirmative Alternative Bridging Big Property Finance Bridging Finance Solutions Castle Trust

Funding 365 Hampshire Trust Bank Interbay LendInvest Masthaven

Mercantile Trust MFS Mint Bridging MTF Oakbridge

Octane Octopus Real Estate Peninsula Finance Precise Mortgages Roma

Shawbrook Bank SoMo Bridging Together** True Bridging United Trust Bank

West One

COMMERCIAL LOANS Submission Route: Ingard’s Specialist Team.
Call 01702 538 800 or email [email protected]

Bank of Cyprus Barclays Commercial Cambridge & Counties Bank Interbay Julian Hodge Bank

Lloyds Bank Mercantile Trust Metro Bank Natwest Octane

Octopus Real Estate Redwood Bank Santander Commercial Shawbrook Bank State Bank of India


* Where there is the option to submit business packaged or direct, please be aware that if you submit the business direct then you will

receive less commission. On packaged business, Ingard does not take a compliance cut and the lender may pay a smaller procuration


29 **Limited Availability via Full Referral Only Issued: November 2021


We’re committed to helping you identify the best solution for your clients’ needs and will support you to
prepare complete and compliant cases for submission to the lender, through to offer and then completion
and will help you to overcome any hurdles you may encounter along the way.


Business Generation & Major Concerns Business Generation & Major Concerns

David Ewing Nikki Haworth

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Joint Borrower,
Sole Proprietor


Our Joint Borrower, Sole Proprietor Mortgage allows people to get
their foot on the property ladder with the help of immediate relatives.

Why choose a Metro Bank Joint Borrower, Sole Proprietor Mortgage?

• Two, three and five year fixed rates available • We’ll consider applicants up to age 80 for

up to 95% LTV on residential mortgages (new residential mortgages and 85 for buy-to-let

build up to 90% LTV on houses and flats), and • Gifted deposits accepted from an immediate
80% LTV on buy-to-let relative

• Four family members can apply for a residential
mortgage across a maximum of two households, • We offer interest only and repayment options
(depending on your circumstances)
or four individuals can apply for a buy-to-let

mortgage and we’d look to accept 100% of all

four incomes

For more information, please refer to our Mortgage Lending Criteria guide, available on our website. | 0203 427 1019


Metro Bank PLC is registered in England and Wales, company number: 6419578. Registered office: One Southampton Row, London,
WC1B 5HA. We’re authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and Prudential
Regulation Authority. ‘Metrobank’ is the registered trade mark of Metro Bank PLC.

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