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NA Test

DEC Issue


Gathering to Make a Difference
Joyful Giving
How Generosity Transforms Us
Frugal Foodies
How to Eliminate Holiday Waste

Eco-Pet Toys
What’s Safe and Smart
Goes Sweet
Healthy Holiday

December 2019 | SE North Carolina & Serving Greater Myrtle Beach |

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Seven years without a cold? had colds going round and round, but
not me.”
Copper in new device stops
Some users say it also helps with
sinuses. Attorney Donna Blight had
a 2-day sinus headache. When her

cold and flu CopperZap arrived, she tried it. “I am
shocked!” she said. “My head cleared,
no more headache, no more congestion.”

By Doug Cornell Some users say copper stops
nighttime stuffiness if used just before
Scientists recently discovered time. He hasn’t had a single cold for 7 bed. One man said, “Best sleep I’ve had
a way to kill viruses and years since. in years.”
He asked relatives and friends to try Copper can also stop flu if used early

Now thousands of people are using it it. They said it worked for them, too, so and for several days. Lab technicians

to stop colds and flu. he patented CopperZap™ and put it on placed 25 million live flu viruses on a

Colds start the market. CopperZap. No viruses were found alive

when cold viruses Soon hundreds soon after.

get in your nose. of people had Dr. Bill Keevil led one of the teams

Viruses multiply tried it and given confirming the discovery. He placed

fast. If you don’t feedback. Nearly millions of disease germs on copper.

stop them early, 100% said the “They started to die literally as soon as

they spread and copper stops colds they touched the surface,” he said.

cause misery. if used within 3 People have even used copper on

In hundreds New research: Copper stops hours after the first cold sores and say it can completely
of studies, EPA colds if used early. sign. Even up to prevent outbreaks.
and university 2 days, if they The handle is

researchers have confirmed that viruses still get the cold it is milder than usual curved and finely

and bacteria die almost instantly when and they feel better. textured to improve

touched by copper. Users wrote things like, “It stopped contact. It kills germs

That’s why ancient Greeks and my cold right away,” and “Is it picked up on fingers

Egyptians used copper to purify water supposed to work that fast?” and hands to protect

and heal wounds. They didn’t know “What a wonderful thing,” wrote you and your family.

about microbes, but now we do. Physician’s Assistant Julie. “No more Dr. Bill Keevil: Copper even kills
Scientists say the high conductance
colds for me!” Copper quickly kills deadly germs that
of copper disrupts the electrical balance
Pat McAllister, 70, received one cold viruses. have become resistant

in a microbe cell and destroys the cell in for Christmas and called it “one of the to antibiotics. If you are near sick

seconds. best presents ever. This little jewel really people, a moment of handling it may

Tests by the EPA (Environmental works.” keep serious infection away. It may even

Protection Agency) show germs die Now thousands of users have simply save a life.

fast on copper. So some hospitals tried stopped getting colds. The EPA says copper still works

copper for touch surfaces like faucets People often use CopperZap even when tarnished. It kills hundreds of

and doorknobs. This cut the spread of preventively. Frequent flier Karen Gauci different disease germs so it can prevent

MRSA and other illnesses by over half, used to get colds after crowded flights. serious or even fatal illness.

and saved lives. Though skeptical, she tried it several CopperZap is made in America of

The strong scientific evidence gave times a day on travel days for 2 months. pure copper. It has a 90-day full money

inventor Doug Cornell an idea. When “Sixteen flights and not a sniffle!” she back guarantee. It is $69.95.

he felt a cold about to start he fashioned exclaimed. Get $10 off each CopperZap with

a smooth copper probe and rubbed it Businesswoman Rosaleen says when code NATA15.

gently in his nose for 60 seconds. people are sick around her she uses Go to or call

“It worked!” he exclaimed. “The cold CopperZap morning and night. “It saved toll-free 1-888-411-6114.

never got going.” It worked again every me last holidays,” she said. “The kids Buy once, use forever.


A Life Changing Contents

Smile 16 THE EMERGING 18


Awakening to the Evolution
of Community


How to Reduce Holiday Food Waste

Can Be Yours! 20 REFRESH HOLIDAY 24

State-of-the-Art Dental Technology TRADITIONS
combined with a
Making the Old New and Green
22 Holiday Gift Guide

How Giving Transforms Us


People-Pleasing Holiday Sweets

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Now accepting new patients! D 111174032E PhcgneAoceeloomawRbltsTtmaihpMlbubbrnEirreiiiNteefysffTssS 222384 wicnoissnpesicrwaiootiurodsnseating

6200 Oleander Dr, Wilmington, NC spotlight 29 natural pet
Dr. Jessica Shireman, DMD AIOMT 30 calendar
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December 2019 5


Southeast NC It’s the end of the year, a time of assessment and reflec-
& serving GREATER Myrtle Beach tion, a time to come home to ourselves after a turbulent
year and a time of uncertainty for many. We are honored
PUBLISHER Lori Beveridge to be a beacon of light for so many of our readers—here to
managing Editor David Beveridge lend a hand and provide a place of encouragement toward
Proofreader Randy Kambic a healthy lifestyle for all who seek it.
Design & Production Steffi Kern In the spirit of the season, we rightly turn our atten-
distribution Jessica Holleman tion to metaphysical matters, most notably Linda Sechrist’s
SALES Barry Mann uplifting feature, “The Emerging Power of ‘We’: Awakening
to the Evolution of Community,” on page 16. Here you’ll
contact us find a compelling argument that collective wisdom, collaborative change and the need
to evolve from a culture of “me” to a culture of “we” may be the key to addressing the
P.O. Box 4753, Wilmington, NC 28406 major challenges that confront humankind.
Ph: 910-833-5366 In today’s time, even with the younger generations evolving, it is hard for us to
think out the “we” versus the ‘I” and why is that? It is much easier to think about your
[email protected] self and so many have the complex about “what’s in it for me”. Try and take a step back and see how much more worth and enjoyment you could bring to yourself and others
if we joined together. I thrive at going to events, gathering and various small group
SUBSCRIPTIONS discussions and I look forward to the new year at doing more. I take it upon myself to
Subscriptions are available by sending $25 view our calendar section on pages 30-31 and join in on what our many advertisers
have to offer to bring our community together; take a look and you may find some-
(for 12 issues) to the above address. thing, too. This is our mission and has been from the beginning. Our contributors
share spiritual tools, insights, seasonal events, ceremonies and places of retreat to con-
national team nect with the soul and participate meaningfully in the season.
We’re always trying to shop local for the holidays, so check out our many advertis-
CEO/FOUNDER Sharon Bruckman ers on pages 22-23 and support them. We have health stores, treatments for yourself or
COO/Franchise Sales Joe Dunne loved ones, specialty gifts shops and even someone to help with the holiday cleaning
national Editor Jan Hollingsworth and more. There’s something for everyone on your list—and don’t be ashamed to get
Managing Editor Linda Sechrist yourself something special, too.
national art director Stephen Blancett In the new year, we will be starting a popular Plant Medicine section; keep your
SR. art/MKTG. director Josh Pope eye out for little snippets titled, “Good to Know.” Nestled between the larger articles
FINANCIAL MANAGER Yolanda Shebert about plants as medicine, there will be short facts about various well-known herbs and
franchise support Heather Gibbs plants, with information you may not know about their benefits.
website coordinator Rachael Oppy
National Advertising Kara Cave Peace and health to you and yours,

Natural Awakenings Publishing Corporation
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news briefs Anne Baldwin

Finding Authenticity, Living Your Licensed Professional Counselor
Purpose: Restoring Women’s
Wholeness Retreat Counseling Focused on
Understanding & Recognizing
Consider starting your new year
centered with purpose in at- The Power of Relationship
tending a local women’s retreat from
January 17 through 19 in Topsail. To make an appointment or to get
Kim Turner, ND, of Simple Well- information on monthly groups,
ness, host of the retreat, comments, “This will be an interactive time call 386-215-2696 or email
with guided and fun exercises that will lead women to discover their
life’s purpose more fully. Time will be allotted for reflection and [email protected]
journal writing to support their new growth. [There’ll be] good food,
fun-loving, supportive fellowship in a retreat-style setting where we Serving the Greater Wilmington
can come away from the world and go within to grow.” areas to Jacksonville
“Accommodations include a duplex unit and the main house
both facing the ocean with a gorgeous view and a public beach
access between,” adds Turner. All participants are asked to help
sponsor and prepare one meal for the group during the week-
end. By helping and providing one meal, the balance of meals is
provided to guests for the duration.

Cost: $349/person. Space is limited to 18 participants, room selection
is on first-come, first- served basis. For more information and to regis-
ter, call Turner at 910-228-8675 or email [email protected]

Three Weeks of Profound
Workshops at Cabo Breath Fest

In celebration of Natural
Awakenings’ commitment
to promoting higher
consciousness during the
last 25 years, the Cabo
Breath Fest will offer many
life-changing workshops
plus other activities from
February 1 to 21, in San Jose
del Cabo, Mexico. Some of the 20-plus international experts
offering workshops include event founder Dan Brule, author,
breathwork pioneer the creator of Breath Therapy; Stig Avall
Severinsen, champion free diver and author of the bestselling
book Breatheology – The Art of Conscious Breathing; Dr. Jim
Morningstar, author and founder of the School of Integrative
Psychology; and Lena Kristina Tuulse, Breathwork pioneer and
author of Passion for Life who introduced conscious breathing to
much of Europe.
As this historic event is a co-creation of the trainers and
guests, attendees are also invited to make presentations during
some of the 100 available sessions. There’ll also be yoga on the
beach, drumming circles, concerts, social gatherings, great food,
dances, art and other enriching activities.

Tickets: $100 for any or all workshops. For more information,
tickets and cheap accommodations, call 800-568-7957 or visit or

December 2019 7

news briefs The Great Christmas Light Show in

LifeWorks Wellness Center TNorth Myrtle Beach
Welcomes New Doctor he Great Christmas
Light Show is a park-
Dr. David Minkoff, founder of wide, lighted celebration
LifeWorks Wellness Center, in that is sure to capture the
Clearwater, Florida, has added Dr. true spirit of the season
Rodney Soto and the Neurology Division to be hosted Fridays, Sat-
to his medical clinic. Soto is a board- urdays and Sundays from
certified neurologist and is also board- 5:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.
certified in integrative medicine and starting November 29
anti-aging. through December 15 and then nightly on December 19 through
With more than 30 years of medical December 30. (Closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.)
experience, including 15-plus years in The drive-through light show features over 2 million lights
Dr. Rodney Soto functional and holistic medicine, Soto festively displayed along a 1.5-mile drive throughout the North
Myrtle Beach Park & Sports Complex. Over 500 magical light
specializes in treating Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s, multiple displays, some up to 55 feet tall, have been custom made for The
sclerosis, traumatic brain injuries, dementia, migraines, ALS Great Christmas Light Show. Visitors will experience 20 enchant-
and strokes. He states, “I want to ‘empower’ my patients with the ing animated figures and holiday scenes where the lights will
proper education about their condition so they can learn how to come to life. Additional activities available include a petting zoo,
heal themselves. I am always researching new, natural options to village obstacle course, village treats, Santa’s Express Train ride
help the body heal naturally.” and, of course, Santa himself.
For those wanting to know the root cause of their neurology
problems, Soto can provide the answers. Cost: $15/$30/$60; 1-15 guests/vehicles, 16-30 guests/vehicles, 31+
call to schedule buses. Location: North Myrtle Beach Park & Sports
Location: 301 Turner St., Clearwater, Fl. For more information Complex, 150 Citizens Cir., North Myrtle Beach. For more infor-
or to schedule an appointment, call 727-466-6789 or visit mation, visit See ad page 25.

8 SE North Carolina & Serving Myrtle Beach

Friends of Fort Fisher: Holiday Stress? Consider a Little
Holiday Open House 2019
ISelf-Care with VRT
njoy the sights and t's the holiday season again and,
unfortunately, through all of the
Esounds of the holiday excitement and festive activities, ex-
tra stressors can take a toll on your
season at the Friends of Fort overall wellness. To alleviate such,
Fisher Holiday Open House consider Vibrational Raindrop
from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Technique therapy (VRT) and wash away your stress.
December 7 at the Fort Haley Conner, BCHHP and owner of New Earth Wellness,
Fisher State Historic Site, in Kure Beach. explains, “Vibrational Raindrop Technique combines tuning
This program will feature seasonal decorations, holiday fork frequencies with the healing energies of essential oils. These
music and special discounts in the museum store. Try your hand energetic frequencies are applied to different energy centers and
(and feet) at 19th-century dance steps and learn about the history in turn, relaxes, reduces stress, detoxifies, balances energy, and
of Santa Claus. All Fort Fisher programming is made possible by supports physical and emotional well-being.”
the Friends of Fort Fisher and its sustaining members, as well as Additional benefits of VRT therapy include repairing dam-
from generous support from the town of Carolina Beach and the aged muscle tissue, removing discomfort throughout the body,
town of Kure Beach. enhancing muscle tone, increasing mental alertness and improv-
ing circulation, digestion and the immune system. Conner adds,
Cost: Free. Location: 1610 Fort Fischer Blvd. For more information, “VRT sessions not only benefit the physical body, but also mental
call Christine Divoky at 910-233-2013, email [email protected] and emotional bodies naturally.” or visit

Madame Meerkat’s Location: New Earth Wellness (located inside Lifeline Chiroprac-
Cabinet of Curiosities: tic), 113 Military Cutoff Rd., Ste. 110, Wilmington. For more
Growth Continues in 2020 information and to schedule an appointment, call 910-208-0037 or
visit See Community Resource
“Madame Meerkat’s Guide, page 34.
Cabinet of
Curiosities has seen some
exponential growth over the
past two years and we plan
for this to continue in
2020,” proudly exclaims
owner Horace Long.
Founded in downtown
Wilmington in 2017, the storefront relocated to its current loca-
tion on South Kerr Avenue in 2018. Long describes his loca-
tion as an “eclectic metaphysical shop with a focus on our local
community. Our growth is due to our venture into what it means
to be both a metaphysical store and a central hub of community
connection. The sky won’t even be a limit in the years to come.”
The store supports over 30 local artisans featured on the
walls and shelves of the store. Items include crystal, candle,
incense collections and spiritual tools like grid plates, tarot cards,
pendulums, sages, black salts, palo santo and more. Additionally,
find spiritual and healing guidance from a team of professional
intuitives, psychics, shamans and acupuncturists. Long adds,
“Stop by and grab a cup of coffee complete with community seat-
ing where you can soak up good vibes and meet like-minded folk
who walk all sorts of wonderful paths.”

Location: 1001 S. Kerr Ave., Wilmington. Store hours: Monday to
Saturday, 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.; Sunday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. For more
information, visit or follow on Facebook and
Instagram. See ad, page 14.

December 2019 9

health briefs Reduce Blood Pressure and Hong Vo/
Heart Attacks With Better
Eat Mushrooms to Lower Gut Bacteria SK Design/
Risk of Prostate Cancer
New research offers po- Daxiao Productions/
Researchers followed more than tential paths for treatment
36,000 Japanese men older for the nearly 20 percent
than 40 for an average of patients with high blood
of 13.2 years. They pressure that don’t respond
found that those that well to medications. Uni-
consumed culinary versity of Florida College of
mushrooms three times Medicine researchers, test-
a week had a 17 percent ing 105 volunteers, found
lower chance of developing that the populations of gut
bacteria differed between
prostate cancer compared to those that ate mushrooms hypertensive individuals
less than once a week. Participants that ate mushrooms with depression and those without depression. A second
once or twice a week had an 8 percent lower risk. The trend study by Italian researchers found that patients with heart
was even greater for those men over the age of 50 and was attacks had different bacteria in their guts than patients
unrelated to other dietary habits. with stable angina.

Maintain a Healthy Diet and Train Students in
Weight to Lower Cataract Risk Mindfulness to
Reduce Stress and
A recent study published in The Journal of Nutrition used Improve Grades
adherence to dietary guidelines and total diet scores to
assess the effects of diet on cataract risk. Sixth-graders that received mindful-
The researchers followed 2,173 older Australians ness training each day for eight weeks
for five and 10 years in two phases. They found that experienced lower stress levels, less de-
maintaining a healthy body mass index pression and improved academic perfor-
(BMI) of less than 25, combined with a
healthy diet, reduced the risk of mance compared to their peers in
developing cataracts. a control group that studied
computer coding, report
Eat a Better Massachusetts Insti-
Diet to Improve tute of Technology
Gut Bacteria researchers. In
addition to that
Researchers at the University of 100-student
Hawaii Cancer Center tested stool study, research-
samples of 858 men and 877 women ers surveyed
in Los Angeles and Hawaii with a mean 2,000 students in
age of 69—regarded as an ethnically grades five through
diverse study population with varied eight and found those
food intakes. The study found that that showed more mind-
those with higher quality diets also fulness tended to have
had significantly better gut bacteria better grades and test
diversity, a factor linked to reduced risk scores. They also had fewer
for a variety of diseases. Diet quality and absences and suspensions.
a reduced risk of developing chronic disease is
strongly associated with fecal microbial diversity.

10 SE North Carolina & Serving Myrtle Beach

laymanzoom/ global briefs

Biosolar Leaf Purifies Air in London
A 2016 study at the University
of British Columbia revealed Scientific and clinical studies have shown that
that air pollution is the fourth- CBD could be therapeutic and may help conditions
leading cause of death world- including but not limited to:
wide, with at least 5.5 million
air pollution-related fatalities • Addiction • Multiple Sclerosis
every year. A new cultivation • Alzheimers • Neuropathic Pain
system developed by research- • Arthritis • Promotes blood and
ers from Imperial College • Anxiety/Depression
London collaborating with the • Most Auto Immune oxygen flow to the brain
startup Arborea have created the world’s first Biosolar Leaf • PTSD
technology to purify and improve the air in London. They Disorders • Skin conditions
hope it’ll boost environmental outcomes not only in the UK, • Diabetes • Stress and more
but all over the world. The process works by purifying the
air through photosynthesis of microscopic plants, which 2 GRAND STRAND LOCATIONS
removes the greenhouse gases from the environment and
Photo Port/ generates breathable oxygen at the same time. The Market Common 1220 HWY 17 S
The startup’s innovative cultivation system can facilitate 2954B Howard Ave, Myrtle Beach North Myrtle Beach
the growth of microalgae, phytoplankton and diatoms on
large, solar panel-like structures that can be installed on 843-839-3339 843-273-5014
buildings and other infrastructure to improve the quality of
the atmosphere. Arborea’s cultivation system also creates a (404w) 2w57w-6.4c2o3as|tawlwgwr.ecoeanstwalegrlelennewseslln.cesos.mcom
sustainable source of organic biomass from which nutritious
food additives can be extracted for plant-based food.

Repurposing Weeds

Pond Plants Offer Protein Strategy

Fast-growing lemna, or duck-
weed, a flowering green plant
that blooms on the surface of
still and slow-moving bodies
of water that is often mistaken
for algae, is finding new utility
as a protein source. California-
based Plantible Foods claims
that duckweed, traditionally
the enemy of pond owners, is
superior to other alternative proteins like pea, wheat and
soy. The unusual crop naturally contains higher amounts
of the complete protein RuBisCo and is easier to digest
than some other popular plant proteins. It can be used as
a substitute for egg white, is free of the top eight allergens
and has a neutral color and taste. Due to its rapid growth,
duckweed is less vulnerable to climate change. Plantible
Foods co-founder Tony Martens says that duckweed
grows reliably and can typically be harvested daily, no
matter what the weather may be.

December 2019 11

global briefs Nature Cure Brent Hofacker/

Lab Steak Forests and Shrubs Lower Medical Costs BK foto/

Making Meat Without Animals A new study based on the National Land Cover Database of
3,086 of the 3,103 counties in the continental U.S. pub-
Five major food technology lished in the journal Urban Forestry and Urban Greening
companies have converged found that increases in forest and shrub cover corresponded
to form the Alliance for to decreases in Medicare health care spending, even when
Meat, Poultry and Seafood accounting for economic, geographic or other factors that
(AMPS) Innovation, which might independently influence healthcare costs.
seeks to create real meat Urban and rural counties with the lowest socioeco-
from animal cells with- nomic status appeared to benefit the most from increases
out the need to slaughter in forests and shrubs. University of Illinois graduate
animals. The founding student Douglas A. Becker, who led the new research with
members of the coalition Matt Browning, a professor of recreation, sports and tour-
are both cell-based sea- ism, says, “It occurred to me that low-income communi-
food companies BlueNalu ties are getting the biggest bang for their buck because
and Finless Foods and meat makers Fork & Goode, San they probably have the most to gain.”
Francisco-based JUST Inc., and Memphis Meats. Other studies have shown that people in intensive
AMPS Innovation ( intends to care units recover more quickly and have fewer compli-
tackle obstacles presented in the cellular agriculture cations after surgery if their hospital rooms look out over
industry and bring products to the consumer faster with trees rather than parking lots and that forest walks can
transparency and proper regulatory frameworks for cell- influence potentially health-promoting hormone levels or
based products. Each member company has made signifi- anti-cancer immune cells in the blood.
cant strides in the development of these products with the
hope they will soon be options in the everyday diets
of individuals, as well as a nu-

trition source for a human
population projected
to grow to 10 billion by

Charge It
Electric Vehicles Get Their Own ‘Gas’ Station

The RS Automo- by the complicated rules, by the Baltimore-based Petair/
tive gas station, in requirements and contracts Electric Vehicle Institute
of oil and gas companies, and the Maryland Energy
Takoma Park, he has completely transi- Administration. Its new
Maryland, has tioned away from offering 200-kilowatt electrical
been around petroleum and become the system will now be able to
since 1958, country’s first exclusively recharge up to four vehi-
and Depeswar electric vehicle (EV) charg- cles at a time while drivers
Doley has been ing station. wait inside. Doley says, “It’s
Because there has not something that I expect
running it been a shortage of EV to become rich overnight or
for 22 charging stations in the something like that, but it’s
years. state, the station’s change- a good cause [and] good
Now, over was partially funded for the environment.”


12 SE North Carolina & Serving Myrtle Beach

Sunny studio/ eco tip high heat, generally over 1,000° F in the firebox, to effect
complete combustion of the wood and gases.”
Burn Notice Denser woods such as ironwood, rock elm, hickory,
oak and sugar maple burn longer and conserve resources.
Safe and Sustainable Fireplace Practices Use a higher British thermal unit (BTU) per cord of wood to
maximize heat production. (
One of the charms of winter is enjoying the warmth and has tips per region.)
glow of indoor fireplaces and wood stoves. It also em- Harr adds, “Don’t starve the fire to extend burning
phasizes the need for sustainable, safe and healthy prac- time, as smoldering can cause incomplete combustion.”
tices—especially when it comes to maintaining air quality. This leads to more carbon monoxide and polycyclic
Try to buy wood from providers that use good forest aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) being released that can
management practices such as harvesting during sus- cause flu-like symptoms, and at high levels, uncon-
tainable months, reports Environmentally sciousness and even death. To help maintain proper
sound woodlot operations include thinning out dying, airflow and prevent soot buildup, shovel excess ash into
less desirable and damaged trees, and including a blend a covered metal container, store it outside and dispose
of species. of it in a few days.
“Have a high-efficiency, properly installed stove that Smelling smoke can indicate the fireplace may be
meets local building codes that’s sized for the area to be backdrafting and needs to be inspected. Harr also sug-
heated,” says Brad Harr, senior environmental scientist gests checking periodically for potential cracks or rusting
and president of Summit Environmental Inc., in Boise, in the joints of a stovepipe. Make sure children and the
Idaho. “Use dry, 10 to 12 percent wood moisture. Water elderly don’t accidentally touch the stove while in use and
sucks up heat to get to combustion temperature. Run at keep furniture a suitable distance away. Periodic inspec-
tions by a professional can address potentially dangerous
creosote (tar deposit) accumulations, assure the catalytic
converter is operating correctly and detect trapped debris
in escape shafts that can force toxic gases back into the
home and clog spark-arresting screens on tops of stove-
pipes or chimneys.
If buying a new unit, make sure it’s U.S. Environmental
Protection Agency-certified, which requires two-thirds
less wood to generate heat and emits fewer harmful par-
ticles—two to seven grams per hour—compared with 15 to
30 grams for models manufactured before 1992, accord-
ing to

change Thursday December 12th

can do you good 6:30-8:30pm - Unity Holiday Coffeehouse

Join the Natural Awakenings Affiliated with Unity Worldwide Sunday December 22nd
Franchise Family Ministries and Daily Word
11am - Annual Unity Candlelight Service
For more info visit: Sunday Services, 11am Sunday December 29th

1270 Surfside Industrial Park Drive 11am - Annual Unity Burning Bowl Service
Myrtle Beach, SC 29575


Facebook Unity Myrtle Beach Sunday January 5th
[email protected]
11am - Annual Unity White Stone Ceremony

December 2019 13

community spotlight called by his father’s widow, Miss Norma.
She was struggling with Alzheimer’s dis-
It’s Good for What Ails Ya ease and arthritis. She knew of his natural
healing experience with Hi, and Norma
by Sara Scheeres said to him, “Glenn, if you come out, it’ll
be a good thing.” And so, he and his fam-
Glenn him the importance ily packed up and moved to Colorado.
Hieronymus, of balance. Captain Glenn spent days walking and talk-
better Glenn moved again ing with Norma, getting a better under-
known as Captain to Wilmington standing of her symptoms and ailments.
Glenn, was born with dreams of He began putting together the recipe for
and raised on a starting a seafood his Wellness Tea, though 80 percent of
farm in Heidelberg, business, marking the way through, he became stuck. How-
Kentucky. As a boy, the beginning of ever, he didn’t give up—his dear daughter
he admired his his entrepreneurial Holly encouraged him on. They went on
granny Hi, the local career, purchasing a walk with Miss Norma to the river, and
mountain doctor. one and then a fleet when he meditated there, it came to him:
She introduced him of commercial fish- the final ingredient. Twenty-five days
to herbs and had ing boats. He called after the start, the Life Elixir Wellness Tea
him dig sassafras his three brothers came to life, and the rest is history. It’s a
and yellow root down to help and strong tea with a zing of peppery flavor,
out of the ground Glenn Hieronymus enjoying a glass of they caught black and a spicy, earthy aroma.
with a pick mat- Life Elixir Wellness Tea sea bass, red snap- Two weeks after drinking the tea
three times daily, Miss Norma reported
tock. He aided her with making elixir teas per, grouper and North Carolina shrimp, her pain having almost entirely disap-
throughout his childhood, planting the among other species of fish, and started peared. Within weeks, she, lost over 60
seed for his future Life Elixir Tea. a retail/wholesale fish market on Airlie pounds, crediting the tea. Miss Norma
At 17, he left to join the Navy, serv- Road. In the mid-70s, Captain Glenn is credited with the brand’s quote,
ing for four years until a spinal injury started what would become a Wilmington “Grandmother says, it’s good for what
occurred during a classified operation landmark and institution—the Hierony- ails ya!” Glenn himself drinks at least
overseas. This incident was a major mus Seafood Company Restaurant, where a quart a day of his Life Elixir Wellness
stressor and resulted in his eventual he served their local catches. Tea. He strongly believes that it plays a
PTSD diagnosis. In the hospital, at the He sold his fresh seafood across major role in relieving him of pain and
brink of his near-death experience, he the Eastern United States, including his PTSD symptoms. “Spirit, mind and
prayed intensely, and was given another the famed Greenbrier, in West Virginia, body, a therapeutic menu and appropri-
chance at life. where his fresh fish was in high demand. ate exercise [to fit individual needs] are
After completing his military service, The name Hieronymus became synony- the foundations of balance,” says Captain
he moved to Winston-Salem, North mous with quality seafood. Glenn. “This realization changed my life
Carolina, and flew for Piedmont Airlines After many good years, he sold the forever.” His vision has improved, he lost
for many years. His time as a pilot taught restaurant, and around that time was weight, and his flashbacks ceased to exist.

Innate Health

Family Chiropractic
& Wellness

Dr. Ada Aniniba Chiropractor
[email protected]

Innate Health Family Chiropractic & Wellness

14886 US Highway 17 N
Hampstead, NC 28443
Phone 910.406.1200
Fax 910.406.1201

14 SE North Carolina & Serving Myrtle Beach

Now, just a eco-friendly cleaning ...
year shy from
80, the Captain for those you love most !
isn’t slowing Greencore Cleaning, LLC
down. “I feel
like I’m in my Your green cleaning service for the whole home or office.
twenties!” he
says. Spend- [email protected]
ing just 10 910-352-5292 | 910-800-1951
minutes with
him would Sustainable. Pet friendly. Fully insured. Affordable rates.
make someone December 2019 15
rethink their
own eating
habits and
activity choices.
Captain Glenn
goes for morning jogs on the sands of
Wrightsville Beach, participates in water
yoga and cooks strictly organic food.
Everything he puts in his body is what he
calls “Certified Hieronymus,” his brand
developed with the North Carolina State
University Department of Food Sciences.
The Life Elixir Tea is U.S Food and Drug
Administration and U.S. Department of
Agriculture certified who recognize it as a
higher standard than organic. It’s avail-
able via his online store and in stores in
the Rocky Mountains. Now that he’s back
in North Carolina from the Rockies, Cap-
tain Glenn feels called to make his Elixir
Teas available in health food stores across
North Carolina.
In addition to the teas, the Cap-
tain has some other projects in the
works, which will be announced on
the Elixir Tea website. Captain Glenn’s
final thoughts: “Enough is enough of
the abuse, pain and stress that people go
through—most of that suffering is not
necessary. All I want to do is help people
wake up to the healing power of Mother
Earth.” It has become his life’s mission to
help others by guiding them to become
more aware of what they put into their
bodies and how they can recover natural-
ly from physical and mental imbalances.

Sara Scheeres is a local Wilmington resi-
dent, aspiring journalist and local college
student, and Project Manager for Hiero-
nymus’ businesses. For more information,
visit See ad, back cover.


Awakening to the Evolution of Community

Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh’s sug- by Linda Sechrist human desire for community might be
gestion that the next Buddha would Although many groups form for marketing, nature’s evolutionary nudge toward a collec-
likely not take form as an individual political, civic or social purposes—allowing tive leap that helps us to survive a changing
but rather as a sangha, a community prac- participants to share values and common climate and Earth’s potential sixth mass
ticing mindful living, led many people to interests—thousands more gather as online extinction. If so, this possibility needs a new
ask, “Why a community?” The author of intentional communities associated with supportive story that includes humans as
more than 100 books that explore the Bud- personal growth and spiritual awakening. part of nature, with its evolutionary impulse
dha’s core teachings on mindfulness, kind- Myriad individuals have been able as a guide for body, mind and soul.
ness and compassion, Hanh clarified the to experience some aspect of commu- With our modern scientific world-
meaning of sangha as a good community nity through international organizations view, when people talk about nature, they
necessary for helping individuals learn how such as MindValley, Hay House, the Shift typically mean animals, plants, geological
to encounter life in the present moment, re- Network and Dr. Deepak Chopra’s Jiyo, features and natural processes, all happen-
sist the unwholesome ways of our time, go a wellness-focused mobile app intended ing independently of humans. A more suit-
in the direction of peace and nourish seeds to extend the reach of his ideas on health able new story is cultural historian Thomas
of enlightenment. Even the best intentions, and social transformation from millions of Berry’s moving and meaningful narrative in
he noted, can falter without such a group of people to more than 1 billion. The Great Work: Our Way Into the Future, in
trusted family, friends and co-practitioners In MeetUp, spiritual awakening which humans aren’t above nature by virtue
experiencing mindfulness together. groups recently comprised 1,113,972 mem- of superior intellect, but instead are equal
bers in 3,631 groups worldwide. Addition- partners with all that exists in a materially
A Migration to ally, co-housing communities, spiritual and spiritually evolving universe. From
Forming Community residential communities and eco-villages Berry’s perspective, humans are the eyes,
continue to form around the intention of minds and hearts through which the cos-
Today’s trend toward collaborative pro- designing and implementing pathways to a mos is evolving so that it can come to know
cesses and opportunities for transforma- regenerative future. itself ever more perfectly through us.
tion through online communities is made Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell
easier by the availability of affordable video The Old Story Versus shared Berry’s perspective. Traveling back
conferencing providers such as Zoom, the New Story to Earth after walking upon the lunar sur-
Skype and Mighty Networks, as well as on- face, Mitchell gazed out of the spacecraft
line platforms like Facebook and MeetUp. The increased interest in intentional com-
munities may hint at a possibility that the

16 SE North Carolina & Serving Myrtle Beach

window, whereupon he was flooded with an A Community of Sisterhood honest communication so they could
ecstatic awareness. “I was a part of the uni- attune to one another in loving ways that
verse I was observing, and I became aware Laurie McCammon, author of Enough! would allow everyone to work through
that everything that exists is part of one How to Liberate Yourself and Remake the their difficulties. Today, life at Findhorn
intricately interconnected whole,” recounts World with Just One Word, feels certain that is guided by the inner voice of spirit, and
Mitchell, who founded the groundbreaking humans are evolving. “We were last to the residents work in co-creation with the
Institute of Noetic Sciences to explore the party with our big brains, and now we’re intelligence of nature,” he says.
nature of human consciousness. trying to intellectualize our way to an un-
certain future without important feminine The Collective Wisdom
A Guiding Light values such as feeling, intuiting, nurturing, of Community
interdependency and vulnerability,” says
Seijaku Roshi, the abbot and founder of the McCammon, who is deeply involved in the An uncertain future is emerging, making it
Pine Wind Zen Community, aptly named for circle movement, in which women gather necessary for new and more intuitive meth-
its location in a pine forest in Shamong, New in small groups to empower each other. ods and spiritual practices for developing
Jersey, advises, “People are searching and A regular participant in Gather the collective wisdom, human potential and
hungering for community, which is number Women Global Matrix, a worldwide sister- the skills for practicing community. “I’m
one on my agenda. If we aren’t talking about hood that connects thousands of women in the process of finalizing 118 chapters
community, we’re squandering the moment. sharing meaningful conversations and from 90 different authors for a Collaborative
Whether it’s an evolutionary nudge or not, celebrating the divine feminine with the Change Library: Transforming Organiza-
it appears that our tragic world situation is intention of bringing about personal and tions, Revitalizing Communities, Developing
pushing us towards an alternative vision for planetary transformation through cooper- Human Potential,” says associate editor
living a meaningful life that meets the needs ation and collaboration, McCammon says, Carole Gorelick, who clarifies that spiritual
of people, society and the environment. We “No one of us can bring about large-scale practices are now playing a part in bringing
are awakening to the fact we’re interconnect- transformation alone. It’s time to tell the about collaborative change. She notes that
ed, interdependent and need community, new story wherein our lives and actions several chapters are updated versions of The
which is the spirit and guiding light whereby demonstrate that together we are enough. Change Handbook: The Definitive Resource
people come together to fulfill a purpose, to Non-hierarchical circles that encourage on Today’s Best Methods for Engaging Whole
help others fulfill their purpose and to take authentic communication are part of this Systems (2007 second edition), which
care of one another.” new story.” included modalities such as World Café,
Citing other important circle com- Open Space Technology, Art of Hosting,
Conscious Evolution munities such as Tree Sisters and The Appreciative Inquiry and many others.
Millionth Circle, McCammon suggests that A living handbook for developing
Craig Hamilton, the guiding force behind women tap into The Divine Feminine app, human potential and the skills to practice
the movement known as Integral Enlight- which allows them to find circle communi- community, Fred Eppsteiner has been
enment, is the founder of the telecourse ties and events anywhere in the world. teaching Buddhism for 23 years. A student
training program Academy for Evolution- of Hanh’s since the 1960s, he is the founder
aries. His spiritual guidance and teachings Co-Creating With the of the Florida Community of Mindful-
reach a growing international online com- Intelligence of Nature ness, in Tampa. Eppsteiner sums up why
munity spanning 50 countries. “Trans- the next Buddha could be a community:
forming ourselves in the deepest possible Teacher and futurist Peter Russell writes “A better future will be created by people
way is, in fact, an evolutionary imperative, books that are focused on consciousness who are living the values they want for the
and we need to be able to identify the in- and contemporary spirituality. His lectures world, not just abstractly using only the
dicators of emergent shifts and participate help humans free themselves of limited intellect. In community, we ask ourselves,
creatively with change as an evolutionary beliefs and attitudes that belie many of ‘Can I be what I want to see in the world?
force. Evolution up to this point has been humanity’s personal, social and global Can I practice these things mindfully in
playing out unconsciously. We’re now wak- problems. The author of The Global Brain: community with love, acceptance, deep
ing up and realizing that we can collaborate The Awakening Earth in a New Century, listening, compassion and kindness?’ These
and participate in an emerging future.” Russell posits that the evolutionary process are values that every Buddha has lived for
Hamilton’s experience is that where naturally draws humans together. “Hu- centuries, and certainly ones we need to
humans awake to the one that is expressed mans are social creatures that need com- evolve from a culture of, ‘It’s all about me’
through the many, they also begin to en- munity, which I find very energizing,” says to a culture of, ‘It’s all about we’.”
gage together. “Practicing community isn’t Russell, who cites the Findhorn Founda-
as simple as it seems. In online communi- tion eco-village, in Scotland, as a dynamic Linda Sechrist is a senior staff writer
ties, a lot less can go wrong. The stakes experiment in community. for Natural Awakenings. Connect at
aren’t as high. People come and go, share “Although residents went through
and engage as they like.” hard times, they recognized the need for
December 2019

green living ize the impact on the planet,” says chef
and caterer Steven Laurence, owner of
Vegan Commissary, in Philadelphia. “My Monkey Business Images/
grandmother was the kind of person who,
Waste-Free Feasting if there was one pea left over, she put it in
a container and someone ate it the next
How to Reduce Holiday Food Waste day. That kind of informs my cooking.
The way I was trained, you didn’t waste
by Yvette C. Hammett anything. You used everything.”
In individual households, small
The heaping platters that cheerfully of food Americans typically waste each changes can have a big impact, espe-
mark the holidays have an unfortu- year—nearly half of all the food pre- cially during the holidays; all it takes is
nate downside: Americans increase pared at home or in restaurants. Monica awareness and a plan. Frugal cooks can
their waste by 25 percent between Thanks- McBride, senior manager of food loss and make room for a holiday waste reduction
giving and New Year’s Day, according to waste for the World Wildlife Fund, notes strategy by taking inventory of the pantry
the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency that squandered bounty is grown in areas and boxing up a load for the local soup
(EPA). The discarded food and packaging that were converted from natural habitat kitchen or food bank.
burden landfills with an additional 1 mil- into farm fields, so it’s also a waste of Then, design a menu with the envi-
lion tons of waste each week. natural resources. ronment in mind, using portion control
That’s in addition to the 40 percent “Once you start cooking, you real- to avoid food waste and whipping up
dishes that can easily be upcycled into
new creations that can be used as appetiz-
ers in the coming days or tucked in the
freezer for future enjoyment.
Start with the Guest-imator at, a great way to deter-
mine portions for a holiday party, says
Cheryl Coleman, director of the EPA
Resource Conservation and Sustainability
Division in the Office of Resource Con-
servation and Recovery.
The Guest-imator and Save the Food,
a program of the Natural Resources De-
fense Council in conjunction with the Ad
Council, tells cooks how much to make to

9th Semi Annual Holistic & Psychic Expo If You Are
February 1st • 11am-6pm Reading This, So
Are Your Potential
Psychics & Mediums
Tarot Card Readings Customers.
Angel Intuitive Readings
Crystal Healing Bed Contact us today
Aura Photography for ad rates.
Reiki · Tuning Forks
Chair Massage · Reflexology 910-833-5366
Jewelry · Crystals
Complementary Talks

Raffle with great prizes! $7

Venue: Coastline Convention Center, 501 Nutt St, Wilmington Entry fee

For information contact Diane Young: 910-352-7495 · [email protected]

18 SE North Carolina & Serving Myrtle Beach

keep guests happy and includes recipes for Coming in January 2020
leftovers, such as Crispy Sheet Pan Hash,
made with leftover roasted vegetables, and Healing Leaves Wilmington, NC
Ugly Vegetable Pasta, made with zucchini,
tomatoes and eggplant. Natural health products, supplements, therapeutic teas and gift ideas
Spoilage is another way food finds Hands-on classes and nutrition education
its way into the garbage can, and that too,
can be avoided, Laurence says, pointing 1015 S. Kerr Ave • Unit “C” 910-660-8127
out that most food goes bad because it’s Wilmington, NC 28403
not cooked properly or is mishandled
in storage. “Mix animal protein with Healing_LeavesNC
starches and grains in a container and it
goes bad because of two different sorts “ My entire life I have been on a Roller Coaster Before After
of enzymes. It is a fuel for bacteria.” He with my weight. I decided to start a New Year
also recommends using as many organic with one Goal in mind.., and if was going to be
ingredients as possible for longer-lasting ”about ME! I am so happy about my decision...
leftovers. “We guarantee all of our dishes so far I am down 40.2 lbs! I’m thrilled!
for two weeks,” he says.
Encouraging visitors to take home IS YOUR NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION TO
leftovers is another effective food-saving
strategy, says McBride. “Have Tupper- FINALLY LOSE THAT
ware or to-go boxes you could provide to
your guests.” EXCESS WEIGHT
Reilly Brock, content manager at
Imperfect Produce, in New York City, YOU'VE BEEN CARRYING AROUND?
agrees. “Just like repurposing excess
product requires creative thinking, food If you are ready to lose weight, Our plan uses REAL FOOD: No shakes,
waste around the holidays requires out- YOU NEED AN EXPERT! Dr. Chris Pate supplements or pre-packaged foods.
of-the-box ideas to keep impact low,” Comprehensive testing done.
says Brock, whose company delivers is Wilmington's only doctor board H I G H S U C C E S S R AT E
imperfect produce to customers’ doors certified in Obesity Medicine.
for a cost savings. “Why end the fun
when the meal ends? The best part about 265 Racine Dr, Ste 102 • Wilmington, NC
leftovers—and the holidays—is keeping 910-399-6661 •
the celebration going.”
“Also, make sure you keep food safe,”
McBride says. “The CDC [Centers for
Disease Control and Prevention] has a re-
ally great overview of how to do that for
parties. Standard guidance is not to leave
food out for more than two hours. So, as
a party planner, make sure you mentally
note when you put food out.”
Coleman recommends taking it a
step beyond the holidays by joining a
movement to cut food waste year-round.
She suggests visiting FurtherWithFood.
org to learn more. “Through that and
additional outreach, we might be able to
start to change,” says McBride.

Yvette C. Hammett is an environmental
writer based in Valrico, Florida. Connect
at [email protected]

December 2019 19

healthy kids


We deliver fresh produce to your door!
It's a great pleasure for
eunsjCotoySinkAgnoPowuRroOusrDercUvlieicCnetEs aaDnrdeELIVERY
creatWinegdealivmerafrzeisnhgproddiusche etosyour door!

CSA PRODUCE DELIVERYwIitt'sha gtrheaet pfleraessurheefosr tu,s tomkonoswt our clients are
Refresh Holiday TraditionsCSA PRODUCE DELIVERYnIaiaeeeiintnnttnnnnduhhccIfjjitcoooeelltddes'tuusihhhoyycreddvffeiiiidarrrnnioggeiieeedfenntggWshhagssumiggrseerrhhoaooyerptesstooeienuuesauattrdccsshdrrabntoggccuettsnss,,ipaaroooltdgreeeismm,slssaavaex,rrushiillevvooooate,nfcttelariissnnsooccorntutittfusaaoeestnsrecoorinnrllectamneaaffcauuvvesiffInjnnfneetgaalttolhfm'rtrruosddrrllsyiioosuuttrpetdggiiiaccpneeioooomanrnurrrrig--Wuuoeergnwteemslaastossdaaraaooddegtet,,nlttufdottewuooddraiilldvvcnnooo,rueenktocaaeeggmccosdda,nopclllacaauueitaoaalfnveppfoellscleernwmmfevrrppaodt.eaoodyfriiihrrsmaanncoooddroosfumzzemeuruuueddeeoiriiegrnnoccueuuravvdousbggttccececrnndsshfflecheeorrdeioddateyyaff..rhhparroiismcnsslooIIebbrrurttrttthhotmmo!mooessviiibeedssrxxvscaaeatessull,,ootaahoooo.rsilcnwweuuccurtklneegueaarriinettsfllhhte.oaso-,wmyaoozuuirnrgcdliodeoinsrth!seasrwe ith
food artisans, entictheemfernetsshfersotm, msoosmtenuotfritthioeubse, slotcal produce. It is our
Who's Your Farmer? Making the Old New and Greenchefs and restaurantshiignhteoswtng,oaanl dtomouffcehr gmreoaret.value in every box,
including occasional value-added products from local
Who's Your Farmer?Learn Mochreefs aondr rSesitgaunra-nutspin town, and much more. by Ronica A. O’Hara
food artisans, enticements from some of the best
Online at:
elebrating classic holiday traditions For Elizabeth Newcamp, Christmas
CTurnerFamilyLeFaarrmn sM.cooremor
Who's Your Farmer?TLueranernrFMamorielyFoar rSmigsn.c-uopm
Online at:

the same way we always have—and festivities took an eco-turn for her military
maybe the way our parents and family of five when they were living for a few
Sign-ugrpandparents did—is part of the rich family years in the Netherlands, where “Sinterklaas”
TurnerFOanmliinlyeFaartm: s.cfhoaemmriitlaygreitwuealpsaasrseobnintdoionug,rgcrhoiuldnrdenin.gT,hmeseemo- traditionally delivers gifts in reusable burlap
rable and much more, says Saul Levine, bags. “In an effort to reduce wrapping paper,
we now use the sacks on Christmas,” says
M.D., professor emeritus in psychiatry at the Newcamp, who blogs about family travel at
University of California, San Diego.
A survey of 50 years of family research She and her husband Jeff also ask for
published in the American Psychological and give experiences as gifts whenever pos-
Association’s Journal of Family Psychology sible; their 7-year-old son asked if he could
found that family holiday rituals, as well organize a little library for their Navarre,
as everyday routines like family dinners Florida, neighborhood. Anyone that wants
and bedtime stories, build stronger family to send gifts to their sons is asked to find
relationships, enhance children’s health them used. “I don’t think we’ve lessened any
and academic achievement, help teenagers’ of the fun of the holidays, but hopefully we
sense of personal identity and even boost are eliminating some of the waste,” she says.
marital satisfaction. For many years, Ginny Underwood’s
It’s also natural and perhaps inevitable family in Bluffton, South Carolina, would
that these traditions undergo changes over dress up and go to a restaurant on Christ-
the years. “If people from only five or six mas Eve, exchange gifts and then return
generations ago could see our modern home to watch a movie or play board
Christmas, they’d barely recognize it,” says games. Last year, they tried something
Brian Earl, host of the popular Christmas new: staying home, putting on pajamas,
Past podcast that chronicles holiday tradi- eating cottage pie and playing handmade
tions. “New trends and customs become “Minute to Win It” games that Under-
traditions in time; every generation has wood, a professional organizer who blogs
its opportunity to add new chapters to the at,
narrative and continue the story.” created. “We had a blast; we didn’t stop

20 SE North Carolina & Serving Myrtle Beach

LightField Studios/ New trends and customs become
traditions in time; every generation has
its opportunity to add new chapters to the Updating Favorite
narrative and continue the story.
~Brian Earl n Instead of buying a Christmas tree or Hanukkah bush in a
store lot, get one in a pot that can be replanted later.
laughing all night,” she says. “We saved hundreds of dollars and n Take a family holiday photo, either serious or wacky,
we had a lovely time.” and recreate it every year with members in the same poses
Lighting red, green and black candles while focusing on and expressions.
principles like unity, self-determination or purpose are key in the n Invite someone to a holiday dinner that’s not part of the
seven-day Kwanzaa celebrations; but, “Instead of just lighting the family, such as an international student or newcomer in town.
candle amongst friends and family and discussing, I want my family n Cook up a batch of healthy, vegan cookies with the kids and
to spend that day exemplifying the principle,” says Vanessa Davis, organize a neighborhood cookie swap.
executive director of the nonprofit African Village International, n Have a $10 or $20 gift exchange challenge in which everyone
in Jacksonville, Florida. Now her children meditate, journal and competes to come up with the most useful, creative or eco-
practice mindfulness to learn about self-determination; volunteer or clever use of the money.
pick up trash outdoors to learn about collective work and respon- n String together popcorn and cranberries to make a tree
sibilities; and buy something at a locally-owned store and discuss garland or door decoration, and later drape it on outdoor trees
future finances for cooperative economics. “I was inspired to change to feed birds and wildlife.
because Kwanzaa isn’t really a religious holiday, but it is a darn good n Give kids $10 to donate to a carefully selected charity of
way to reflect on the past year and goal-set for the future,” she says. their choice.
“Giving children more hands-on experiences for Hanukkah n Take a favorite holiday story, parable or song and have the
and taking the emphasis off of ‘What am I going to get?’ makes kids (and adults) act it out with costumes and all.
the holiday more meaningful for the kids,” concurs Pamela Mor-
ris, early childhood education director at the East Valley Jew- Yoga for all levels
ish Community Center, in Chandler, Arizona. Each Hanukkah
evening, her family of five lights a menorah and says traditional 7 days a week!
prayers while also volunteering to wrap food packages at a local
Feed My Starving Children event, crafting personal menorahs at 3062 DeVille Street, Myrtle Beach,
a pottery studio, going to see Phoenix ZooLights and gathering to SC 29577 (Located in The Market
make the traditional potato latkes or jelly donuts. “Each night is a Common shopping district)
focus on family time and welcoming friends to join us,” she says.
By observing and evolving traditions, family bonds can
strengthen through time, relates Earl: “By participating in holiday
rituals, children are learning about who they are. And by passing
them down, parents reaffirm what’s important to them and keep
the connection to the past intact.” 

Ronica A. O’Hara is a Denver-based natural-health writer. Connect
at [email protected]

843.839.9636 | 21
December 2019

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approach to gift-buying
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givingBuy gifts that keep on
you'll spend on gift cards,
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FREE $20 gift card. No limit.
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22 SE North Carolina & Serving Myrtle Beach

inspiration Some examples of generous acts are:
n Doing a household chore without
Choen photo/ being asked.
n Setting aside what we’re doing and
The Generous Heart listening to someone in need of
emotional support.
How Giving Transforms Us n Telling loved ones what we appreciate
about them.
by Cindy Ricardo n Listening to children and trying to
One of the ways we come into bal- see the world through their eyes before
ance and connection with each life, love and relationships. We let go of offering advice.
other and with life is by giving striving and pursuing things. When we n Smiling at a stranger.
from the heart. When we give to others, stop striving, we begin to see, value and n When asking, “How are you?” looking
respond to what’s happening in the pres- into the person’s eyes and taking time to
whether it’s an act of kindness, generosity ent moment in ways that are healthy and truly listen with an attitude of curiosity
or compassion, it helps us live from the healing. Our priority shifts from acquiring and compassion.
heart instead of the ego. things to appreciating what we have and Generosity awakens goodness in the
Living from the ego is painful and being open to sharing with others. heart, and this helps us open to life, love
exhausting. It’s like feeding a hungry Generosity is a quality of kindness, and relationships.
monster that’s never satisfied. Ego craves, of living from a place of abundance. We
pursues and clings to status, approval, see the world through a clear lens that isn’t Cindy Ricardo is a Coral Springs, Florida-
material wealth and control. It views the clouded by fear, wanting or clinging. When based psychotherapist who blogs at
world through the eyes of fear—constantly we interact with others, our connection is
evaluating, judging and acting in ways that genuine. We see people instead of judgments
are self-centered, defensive and protective. or labels. The Qi Spot by the Sea
Like with Scrooge, ego closes our heart and Being generous arises from the heart,
makes us small, fearful and contracted. not the wallet. We don’t need to have mate- Last Minute Shoppers Special
By contrast, generosity requires that rial wealth in order to be generous. The only December 9-19
we open our hearts to the world and each requirement is a willingness to open our
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Get $5 off treatment for yourself

4039 Masonboro
Loop Rd, STE 1-D,


other. We allow ourselves to be vulnerable. hearts, to see life as it is and to interact with
In doing this, we open ourselves fully to others from a place of compassion and love.

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WELLNESS *Offer excludes
gift cards, pprraevcitDoitueioscnpeeurrmscehbravseiecsre,s2eax0nisd1ti9nwgorspksehcoiapl2ss.,3

Scientific and clinical studies have shown that

conscious eating Stick with your
favorite recipes
that you know Petrovich Nataliya/

are going to
be a success
and are going

to leave
everyone’s taste

buds happy.

~Pamela Reed


People-Pleasing Holiday Sweets

T by Julie Peterson share that meets your dietary needs, says
he holidays may send too many Megan Gilmore, the author of No Excuses
sugar plums and frosted ginger- Detox: 100 Recipes to Help You Eat Healthy
bread figures dancing in the heads
of people with dietary restrictions. Anyone Every Day and a blogger at Detoxinista.
that chooses to avoid highly processed flours com. “That way, you can introduce some-
or sugars, artificial ingredients and loads of thing delicious to your friends, family or
butter will typically be presented with all of co-workers and be sure you’ll have some-
this and more at social gatherings this time thing to eat!”
of year. They arrive on visually appealing A batch of simple, delectable, visually
cookie platters that tempt with their cute appealing and healthful cookies can be that
shapes, vibrant colors and sparkle. plate to share, a gift to give or something to
Some, like the gingerbread and keep on hand for guests. Keep the focus on
reindeer cutouts, will beckon with glazed simple, advises Pamela Reed, who blogs at
eyes: “Just one,” they whisper. But one can There are plenty of
turn into nine and make someone that may recipes that will satisfy the sweet tooth and
normally avoid sugar or gluten feel bodily decorate the holiday buffet (until they’re all
regrets. Someone that is vegan or allergic eaten, that is). Don’t increase holiday stress
may feel they can’t have treats. by trying a new recipe at the last minute.
Making healthier choices about “Stick with your favorite recipes that you
food is difficult for reasons many don’t know are going to be a success and are
understand. “People have relationships going to leave everyone’s taste buds happy,”
with food—involving family, comfort and she says.
traditions—and they don’t want to give Transitioning to a more conscious
that up,” says James Brandon, of Tampa, way of eating isn’t about deprivation or
founder of Facebook’s Vegan and Plant- leaving tradition behind. Bring on the new
Based Beginner’s Community. Brandon and healthful cookie recipes and name one
says that holiday treats are tough to resist, after your grandma.
but staying true to health goals is most
important in the long run.
Julie Peterson writes from her home in
The best defense to avoid frustration rural Wisconsin. Contact her at
at social food events is to bring a dish to
[email protected]

24 SE North Carolina & Serving Myrtle Beach

photo by Pamela Reed Oh-So-Healthy Holiday Treats Add flour, baking soda, salt and almond
milk into the bowl and mix for a few sec-
Peanut Butter Cookies onds, until combined. The cookie dough
(Vegan, Gluten Free) will be a little crumbly.
Prepare 2 cookie sheets with silicone
Yields: About 18 cookies baking sheets or spray with nonstick
spray. Roll the dough into large balls,
1 cup creamy peanut butter and then gently roll in sugar to cover
½ cup coconut sugar them. Use a fork to gently press down
½ cup brown sugar on each cookie a little bit—not too much,
2 tsp vanilla or they will crumble.
⅔ cup oat flour Bake cookies for 12 minutes. Once out of
1 tsp baking soda the oven, allow to cool for 15 minutes. This
¼ tsp salt is important, as the cookies will be very
¼ cup almond milk soft when they come out of the oven, but
Additional sugar to roll cookies in they will harden up as they cool.
Store in an airtight container or freeze.
Preheat oven to 350° F. In a large bowl, Recipe courtesy of
cream together peanut butter and sugars
with a hand mixer. Once combined, add
vanilla and continue mixing.

Natural Awakenings recommends using organic, non-GMO (genetically modified)
and non-bromated ingredients whenever possible.

December 2019 25

set, about 1 to 2 hours. For a “snowball” Peanut Butter Filling: photo by Megan Gilmore
look, roll the balls in additional arrowroot ½ cup creamy natural peanut butter
or tapioca starch—just a light coating will 3 Tbsp pure maple syrup
do—since the starch will not enhance the 1 Tbsp melted coconut oil
flavor. It’s just for looks! Pinch of sea salt

Note: If you’d prefer to roll the balls in co- Chocolate Topping:
conut sugar or shredded coconut, roll them ¼ cup cocoa powder
in one of those options before freezing, so ¼ cup melted coconut oil
the coating will stick better. 3 Tbsp pure maple syrup

No-Bake Pecan Snowballs Store in the fridge in a sealed container for Line a standard loaf pan with parchment
(Grain-Free, Vegan) up to two weeks for best texture. paper and set it aside. In a medium bowl,
stir together the chocolate crust ingredients
Yields: 12 balls Source: until a moist dough is formed. Press the
snowballs-paleo-vegan dough evenly into the bottom of the lined
loaf pan and place it in the freezer to set.
1 cup pecan halves To prepare the filling, you can use the photo by Megan Gilmore
½ cup shredded unsweetened coconut same bowl to stir the peanut butter, maple
1 cup soft Medjool dates, pitted syrup, coconut oil and salt. Depending on
whether you’re using salted or unsalted
(about 10 dates) peanut butter, consider adding more salt to
1 Tbsp coconut oil taste. Store-bought peanut butter cups are
½ tsp sea salt quite salty, so I like to add a generous pinch
½ tsp vanilla extract of salt to mimic that flavor. Remove the
½ cup arrowroot or tapioca starch crust from the freezer and pour the peanut
Extra arrowroot for dusting, or coconut sugar butter filling over the top, using a spatula to
spread it out evenly. Return the pan to the
Place the pecans and shredded coconut in No-Bake Peanut Butter Cup freezer to set.
a large food processor fitted with an “S” Bars (Vegan, Gluten Free) Rinse the mixing bowl and use it again to
blade, and process until the pecans are make the final layer. Combine the cocoa
broken down and crumbly. Add in the rest Chocolate Crust: powder, melted coconut oil and maple syrup,
of the ingredients and process again, until a ¾ cup ground almond meal whisking well to break up any clumps. Once
sticky dough is formed. (It should stick to- 2 Tbsp cocoa powder the mixture has become a smooth chocolate
gether when pressed between two fingers.) 2 Tbsp pure maple syrup sauce, pour it over the peanut butter layer,
Scoop the dough by rounded tablespoons 1 Tbsp melted coconut oil and return the pan to the freezer to set until
and roll the dough between your hands, Pinch of sea salt firm, about an hour or two.
forming balls. Arrange the balls on a plate Once the bars are firm, grab the edges of
or baking sheet lined with parchment parchment paper to easily lift the solid
paper, then place them in the freezer to bar from the pan, and use a sharp knife to
slice the bars into your desired size. Store
Coming Next Month them in an airtight container in the fridge
for up to two weeks, or in the freezer for
january up to a month. (The bars become very
firm if frozen for too long, so I prefer
Healthy serving them from the fridge after the
Immune System initial firming-up time.)

plus: Age-Defying Habits Source:

26 SE North Carolina & Serving Myrtle Beach

Cool Season kohlrabi, mustard, mizuna, kale, tatsoi and others
Planting Guide • Alliums: onions, garlic, leeks, shallots
• Specialty Greens: cilantro, chard, dill, chervil, Belgium
Consider a Healthier
New Year Opportunity endive, fennel, mache, sorrel, radicchio, hardy celery, upland
cress, parsley, spinach
by M.G. Shelton • Root Vegetables: beets, carrots, radish, rutabaga, turnips

Ihave been gardening year-round for many years now and Location is important. Place containers in a sunny, protect-
look forward to the cooler weather that offers a more enjoy- ed location such as beside the home on the ground, in group-
able garden-work experience. Yes, all the work is there, but ings or large pots. Do not use hanging baskets. If in the garden,
it’s just easier. It’s easy to do, but not totally mindless. Pay at- plant in a sunny location as well and add row covers to retain
tention to the weather forecasts and Mother Nature’s surprises. the warmth of the earth and encourage growth.
And the payoff is picking and eating an abundance of fresh Invest in a cold frame. It can extend your garden season no
vegetables and a great way to start off a healthy 2019. matter what part of the country you live in. You’ll find that you
To grow fall through spring, follow these basic steps: can have ample greens for good salads throughout much of the
• Choose the right plants; select cold-hardy varieties. winter in all but the coldest climates by using a cold frame.
• Plant in containers, in the ground, or in cold frames. Cold frames are basically little houses where plants can
• Be ready to protect some plantings in cold snaps. have a head start in spring and extra growing time in the fall
• For edibles that prefer cool weather, I suggest: and early winter. You can purchase a cold frame or make your
• Lettuce: choose varieties that are cold-hardy own. If you have an old storm window and some planks or
• Brassicas: broccoli, bok choy, cauliflower, cabbage, collards, scrap lumber, you can put together an easy cold frame. Nail the
wood together to fit under the storm window. Instead of cutting
the sides on a slant, just build the frame as a box and simply top
it with the storm window. Skip the hinges.
On hot days, slide the window to the side to let heat out; on
cold nights, put the window squarely over the top of the frame
and cover it with an old blanket. In the summer when you don’t
need it, it’s easy to store. Cold frames are great for extending the
growing season of all cool season leafy crops. Keep a thermom-
eter in the cold frame to help monitor temperatures. Vent the
frame when daytime temperatures go above 50° F for cool season
crops. Close it back up when temperatures drop below 45° F.

M.G. Shelton is the owner/operator of Shelton Herb Farm, located
at 340 Goodman Rd., in Leland. The farm has a deep tradition
and history and the distinct honor of being listed
as a North Carolina Century Farm. Of the 52,000-
plus statewide farms, only a few more than 1,800
have this honor. For more information, visit See ad, page 21.



when you
advertise with us


December 2019 27

wise words is ultimately the only thing that matters, to
reflect love to the world and other people.
Surgeon Mary Neal on I was a “good person” before my NDE, but
Lessons From Heaven I now see differently. I see that each hu-
man being is incredibly loved, and that we
are all one: We are them, and they are us.
Everything else in the world is secondary to
God’s love and presence in our lives.

by Kajsa Nickels How is your approach to
everyday life different than
In 1999, while cess to many resources it was prior to your NDE?
kayaking on the that the common
Fuy River in Chile, person would not. I I am able to be entirely present in every
orthopedic surgeon spent many months re- moment of my life. I can experience deep
Mary Neal became searching scientific and and abiding joy regardless of my circum-
trapped beneath a medical literature to try stances. I am able to trust that grace covers
waterfall and drowned. to come up with a logi- my past, that there is life after death and a
She was underwater cal explanation of what plan for my life. No matter what is happen-
for 30 minutes before had happened to me. I ing, even if it is terrible, beauty will come
the current pulled her was forced to conclude out of it. Most people are trapped in regrets
out. During that time, that my experience fell of the past and worry about the future.
Neal experienced what outside of the param- With complete trust in God, I am able to
she believes to be a eters of both science fully have joy in each and every moment.
miraculous event in and medicine. I could
which she penetrated not find any examples Is there a difference between
the veil dividing the to disprove what hap- joy and happiness?
physical and spiritual pened, especially when
worlds. There, she was told that it was not the predicted death of my oldest son came Absolutely. Happiness is an emotion based
yet her time, and of the future death of her to pass. on circumstances. Happiness can accom-
eldest son, a prediction that was fulfilled 10 pany joy, but not always. Joy is a state of
years later. The experience gave her a new What was the most profound being, of trusting in God, of believing that
perspective on the purpose of our Earthly moment of your experience? his promises are true. Joy comes from free-
existence and life after death. dom—freedom from disruptive emotions
She has since written two books on It’s hard to pinpoint the most profound like guilt, remorse, unforgiveness. Even in
the subject: To Heaven and Back: A Doctor’s moment of the entire experience, but what the devastation of my oldest son’s death, I
Extraordinary Account of Her Death, Heav- impacted me most was the realization that can honestly say that I experienced a deep
en, Angels and Life Again; and 7 Lessons God is real, and He is present to each and joy from trusting in God’s love and promises.
from Heaven: How Dying Taught Me to Live every one of us every moment of our daily
a Joy-Filled Life. Her life-altering experi- lives. I realized to the depths of my soul Why do you believe heaven
ence prompted her to pay more attention that all God’s promises are true, not just is written in our hearts?
to those things that are truly important: wishful thinking or a vague hope.
faith, family and relationships with other As a scientist, I firmly believe that we are cre-
human beings. She lives with her family in How has your NDE made ated beings with physical bodies and spiritual
Jackson Hole, Wyoming, where she contin- you a better wife, mother and souls. I believe that our spiritual self remem-
ues to mend broken bones. medical professional? bers heaven and remembers joy. Part of our
journey here on Earth is to rediscover our
How do you think your medical You can’t have an NDE without having your connection with God. As adults, we often feel
background makes you entire life changed. When you realize that that we have to choose between science and
uniquely qualified to speak on there is more to life than what you can see spiritualism. The truth is that they coexist,
near-death experiences (NDE)? with your physical eyes, it changes your en- answering questions in different ways.
tire perspective on every moment of every
I am a very concrete thinker and analyze day. The things we say and the things we do Kajsa Nickels is a freelance author who lives
everything. Being a doctor also gave me ac- create a ripple effect that spreads beyond in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Connect at
the boundaries of our human sight. Love [email protected]

28 SE North Carolina & Serving Myrtle Beach

natural pet this from her cat, Hazel, who choked on a
common cat toy. “She was playing with a
New Africa/ glitter ball and then started meowing kind
of frantically, scrambling around and paw-
ing at her face. I jumped up and pulled the
ball out of her mouth,” recalls Easterling.
Hazel only gets big glitter balls these days.

Perfect Pet Presents A New Generation
Spurs Change
Safe and Eco-Smart Toys
The American Pet Products Association
T by Julie Peterson and published in the journal Chemosphere, (APPA) National Pet Owners Survey pro-
he pet aisles are so full of squeak- common endocrine-disrupting chemical tox- vides insight into the demographics, buying
ing, plush and colorful toys it can ins in plastics can enter a dog’s body through habits and other traits of dog, cat, bird,
make a dog or cat parent’s head saliva. Concentrations of leachable chemicals small animal, reptile, fish and horse owners.
spin like a Frisbee. Add blinking lights, The 2019-2020 survey shows that about 85
flavors, promises of higher intelligence or can increase in older, degraded toys, accord- million U.S. homes, or 67 percent, include
cleaner teeth; then toss in concerns about ing to the National Institutes of Health. a pet. This leads to a lot of money flowing
sustainably sourced materials, potentially For anyone that has ever had a pet into the pet toy and care community.
toxic ingredients and varying degrees of destroy a toy faster than it takes to calculate Annually, dog owners spend about
quality. The choices are complex. the cost per second, durable construction $124 and cat owners spend about $89 on
It would be nice to look for that gold may be the highest concern. After all, if the treats and toys. The survey also indicates
seal of approval from the Pet Toy Regula- toy is vigorously ripped to shreds, pieces that Millennials are the largest pet-own-
tory Agency. But don’t bother: There is no may be swallowed. The most immediate ing demographic.
such thing. It’s all up to the consumer to issue becomes intestinal blockage. “The pet care community is doing a
figure it out. This is a common problem for cats great job of meeting the demands of a new
and dogs with a propensity to eat garbage, generation by offering a range of prod-
The Problem Is Real plants and holiday decorations. But when ucts made from sustainable, recycled and
Concern regarding toxicants in children’s we spend good money on actual toys, we upcycled materials,” says Steve King, CEO
toys and the realization that they posed a would like to think that it won’t lead to of APPA, in Stamford, Connecticut. King
risk of chemical exposure led to regula- surgery. Unfortunately, there notes it’s expected that as Gen Z pet owners
tory protections. “Similar safeguards is no guarantee. Poorly con- begin to assert themselves in the market-
do not exist for pets, even though they structed toys have required place, we will see more products based on
exhibit similar chewing and mouthing many pet owners to watch for sustainability and transparency.
behaviors,” says Philip N. the parts to pass through
Smith, Ph.D., associate the animal or, worse yet, Shopping for Safety
Yellowj/ professor of terrestrial make a trip to the vet.
ecotoxicology at Texas Tech Even if a toy Experts offer some guidelines for ways
University in Lubbock. seems sturdy, it’s best consumers can choose harmless toys:
“Owner education is key to observe the animal 4 Be suspicious of toys manufactured
to limiting unintentional with the toy. Charlotte overseas or cheap ones made in the U.S.
chemical exposure.” Easterling, a graphic de- 4 Contact the manufacturer and ask if toys
According to a 2013 signer in Madison, contain phthalates, BPA, arsenic, bromine,
study co-authored by Smith Wisconsin, learned chemical dyes, chromium or formaldehyde.
4 Look for toys made with ingredients
from nature (hemp, leather or wool).
4 Find a pet supply store that has natural,
safe and sustainably sourced products.
4 Inspect toys periodically for loose parts
and watch the pet with new toys.
4 If a pet plays with a toy and then acts
oddly, contact the vet.

Julie Peterson writes from rural Wisconsin.
Connect at [email protected]

December 2019 29

calendar of events Thursday, December 12

NOTE: All calendar events must be received via email by the 10th of the Unity Holiday Coffeehouse – 6:30-8:30pm. Unity
month. Visit for guidelines and to submit entries or Band will perform. Comedy with Bobby Shropshire.
email [email protected] Please call ahead to confirm event times. Sign up for Open Mike with Dave LaCombe and
for poetry reading, music performance, storytell-
Monday, December 2 are for beginner birders and all are welcome. Cost: ing and more. Beverages, baked goods, sweets and
Free ages 5 and up. Halyburton Park, 4099 S 17th savories available for purchase. Cost: Love offer-
Cyber Monday St, Wilmington. 910-341-0075. ing all events. Unity Myrtle Beach, 1270 Surfside
Industrial Park Dr, Surfside Beach. 843-977-4586.
Healing Night – 7-8:30pm. Join us for a sampling Ecstatic Dance – 7-8:30pm. Come together in
of a multitude of healing modalities including dance to celebrate life, celebrate Spirit and celebrate Friday, December 13
Reiki and Therapeutic Touch for a profound heal- each other. This freestyle dance offers a 90-minute
ing experience. Open to all. Cost: Love Offering. playlist of eclectic and world music inspired by Zumba – 7-8pm. Join Shirley Melito as she leads us
Unity of Wilmington, 717 Orchard Av, Wilmington. Gabrielle Roth’s Five Rhythms. Facilitated by guest through a fun and exciting low impact Zumba class. 910-763-5155. artist Shirley Melito. Cost: $10. Unity of Wilming- This dance movement targets a variety of muscle
ton, 717 Orchard Av, Wilmington. groups as we tone our entire body while having fun.
Madame Meerkat’s Cyber Monday Online 910-763-5155. Cost: Love Offering. Unity of Wilmington, 717 Or-
Sale – Starting 8pm. Log onto Instagram and visit chardAv, Wilmington. 910-763-5155.
@MadameMeerkat to join a fun, live auction of Saturday, December 7
crystals and other metaphysical goodies. Online Saturday, December 14
special sale only. Access Bars Class – 10am-6pm. Access Bars Cer-
tification Class taught by Aubrey Lueck and learn a Spirit Animal Discovery – 10am-12:30pm. With
Wednesday, December 4 tool to create a better life for yourself. Sleep better, Fox. Learn who your Soul Spirit Animal is and how
fix relationships, break habits and more. 537 Vorlis it can help you align certain aspects of your life.
Snake and Turtle Feeding – 4-4:30pm. Enjoy Ln, STE 301, Wilmington. For cost details and to Cost: $35. Blue Lagoon Wellness Center, 1202 Floral
brief presentation about the live animals on display reserve spot email [email protected] or Pkwy, Wilmington. Call to register, 910-685-2795.
and then watch them. At least one snake and one call 630-292-0216.
turtle fed during demonstration. Ages 3/up. Cost: When in Winter? – 10-10:30am. An educator will
$1. Halyburton Park, 4099 S 17th St, Wilmington. Sunday, December 8 provide a “Nature in a Nutshell” lesson on topics
910-341-0075. correlating with the weekly Little Explorers program
Spiritual Awakening Development Circle – theme. Space is limited and pre-registration is re-
Madame Meerkat’s Metaphysical Meet-Up – 2-4pm. With Felicia Grant. Are you ready to open quired. Cost: $3/program for ages 2-5. 4099 S 17th, St,
6pm. Once a month we welcome the community up to your intuitive gifts? Are you looking for pro- Wilmington. or 910-341-0075.
to gather at this informal meet and greet where fessional and tailored guidance while you step into
like-minds can connect with each other and ex- your awkward self? Do you want to join an ongoing Sunday, December 15
plore metaphysical and spiritual practices. Open group that explores up-to-date metaphysics and
to all. Cost: Free. 1001 S Kerr Av, Wilmington. spirituality? Cost: $35. Blue Lagoon Wellness Cen- Crystal Trunk Show at Madame Meerkat’s – ter, 1202 Floral Pkwy, Wilmington. 910-685-2795. 10am-5pm. Stop by our store for a special holiday
treat and venture through unique crystal and mineral
Thursday, December 5 Monday, December 9 specimens to add to your stockings and personal col-
lections. One day only in December so don’t miss out.
E-Bird Workshop – 8am-noon. Are you a birder? Befriending Bacteria Workshop – 6:30-8pm. Cost: Free to attend. 1001 S Kerr Av, Wilmington.
Do you want to learn how to use E-bird? This is Learn about the importance of a healthy gut microbi-
your chance! Join Halyburton staff, Andy Fairbanks, ome. Cost: Free. Innate Health Family Chiropractic Tuesday, December 17
Jessica Stitt, and Morgan Freese, in a 4-hour Criteria & Wellness, 14886 US HWY 17N, Hampstead.
II hands on workshop. Learn how to use E-bird us- 910-406-1200. National Maple Syrup Day
ing the app and the website. This workshop counts
towards Criteria II for the NCEE Certification. Cost: Tuesday, December 10 Wednesday, December 18
Free. Halyburton Park, 4099 S 17th St, Wilmington.
910-341-0075. Reiki Share – 6:30-8:15pm. With Felicia Grant. Healing Evening at Unity MB – 5-5:45pm. Medita-
Gift and/or receive powerful community Reiki heal- tion, Peace Chapel; 6-7pm. Prayer with Hands On
Community Acupuncture Clinic – 1-3:30pm. Join ing under the guidance of Reiki Master Healer. Cost: Healing, Peace Chapel; 7-8pm. Reiki, Peace Chapel.
Jessica Holleman, LAc as she leads a community $15. Blue Lagoon Wellness Center, 1202 Floral Cost: Love offering all events. Unity Myrtle Beach,
acupuncture clinic. Cost: $25. The Far East Clinic Pkwy, Wilmington. Call to register, 910-685-2795. 1270 Surfside Industrial Park Dr, Surfside Beach.
held at Momentum Yoga, 2900 Arendell St, STE 16, 843-238-8516.
Morehead City. Call or text 252-723-8956.
Mediumship Practice Group – 6:30-8:30pm. With
Night of a Thousand Candles – 3-10pm. More than Sheri Perbeck. Explore and strengthen your gifts in
4,500 candles and thousands of lights illuminate the connecting and communicating beyond the veil in a
sculptures and gardens starting this weekend. The like-minded community setting. Open to all levels,
display runs Friday, Saturday and Sunday through new to professional. Cost: $35. Blue Lagoon Well-
the 21. Tickets must be purchased in advance as ness Center, 1202 Floral Pkwy, Wilmington. Call
space is limited. Cost: $20/$12, adult/child. Call to register, 910-685-2795.
843-235-6000 for more information.
Thursday, December 19
Angel Speak – 6:30-8:30pm. With Sheri Perbeck.
Receive channeled messages from Archangels and Birding Trail Hike – 8am-2pm. Explore Topsail
angelic realm in a group setting that explores heal- Island along the NC Birding Trail. Hike approxi-
ing, guidance and connection to spirit. Cost: $35. mately 2 miles. Transportation from Halyburton
Blue Lagoon Wellness Center, 1202 Floral Pkwy, Park included. Cost: $10. 4099 S 17th, St, Wilming-
Wilmington. 910-685-2795. ton. or 910-341-0075.

Friday, December 6 Friday, December 20

Bird Hikes – 9-10:30am. First Friday. Join park Discovery Hour – 3:30-4:30pm. “Winter Greens:
staff for a leisurely bird-watching stroll around Evergreen Plants.” Drop in for a special hour-long
Halyburton Park. Search for migrants, residents, interactive exhibit. Park educators present temporary
and point out year-round species too. These walks displays featuring touchable animals, plants, and arti-
facts from the parks collection. Cost: Free. Halybur-
ton Park, 4099 S 17th St, Wilmington. 910-341-0075.

30 SE North Carolina & Serving Myrtle Beach

Saturday, December 21 ongoing events KundaliniYoga – 10am. Enjoy a spiritual, physical,
mental & healthy way to ignite your soul energy and
Winter Solstice daily connect to Truth & Love. Kundalini Yoga as taught
by Yogi Bhajan is a life changing technology that
Tuesday, December 24 Sunday Morning Circle – 9:45-10:45am. Dialog re: incorporates, Kriya, Mantra, Mudra, Meditation
Book, Whatever Arises, Love That. Cost: Love of- and other tenants of Yogic Philosophy. Cost: $5.
Holiday Sale – 10am-5pm. Last-minute holiday fering. Unity Myrtle Beach, 1270 Surfside Industrial Unity of Wilmington, 717 Orchard Av, Wilmington.
mayhem sale. 15% off entire purchase, excludes Park Dr, Surfside Beach. 843-238-8516. 910-763-5155.
all consignment and sale items. Madam Meerkat’s Unity MB Contemplative Service – 8:30-9:15am.
Cabinet of Curiosities, 1001 S Kerr Av, Wilmington. 3rd Sunday. Cost: Love Offering. Unity Myrtle Unity Book Group – 12:30-1:30pm. New book starts Beach, Unity Center, 6173 Salem Rd, Myrtle Beach. soon: Rising Strong by Brene Brown. Read, dialog,
843-238-8516. insights, community and support. Cost: Love offer-
Christmas Eve Candlelight Service – 7pm. Join Unity MB Sunday Service – 11am. Unity Myrtle ing. Unity Myrtle Beach, 1270 Surfside Industrial
us in this special celebration of Christmas Eve Beach Sunday Service with inspiring message, Park Dr, Surfside Beach. 843-238-8516.
as we sing songs, hear readings, and celebrate meditation and music. Cost: Love offering. Unity
the birth of the Christ Light within us. Special Myrtle Beach, 1270 Surfside Industrial Park Dr, Chenrezig-Amitabha Sadhana – 7:30pm. Chen-
music by LaRaisha Dionne. Cost: Love Offering. Surfside Beach. 843-238-8516. rezig is the representation of compassion. This med-
Unity of Wilmington, 717 Orchard Av, Wilmington. Give BackAppreciation Sundays – Noon-6pm. For itation involves chanting a liturgy while mentally 910-763-5155. December, we will be open special hours and offer performing a series of visualizations and finishing
15% off in store purchases as a way of giving back with mantras and an insight visualization. Cost:
Wednesday, December 25 to our community. Psychic Card reader Beth Urban Free. Location: Forestbrook area of Myrtle Beach,
will be present on these days as well. Blue Lagoon call for information and directions. 843-655-8056.
Merry Christmas Wellness Center, 1202 Floral Pkwy, Wilmington.
Call to schedule. 910-685-2795. thursday
Friday, December 27 Heal Your Life – 7-8:30pm. Join licensed Louise
Hay Heal Your Life teacher once a month. Cost: A Course in Miracles – 12:30-2pm. Cost: Love of-
Artist Reception with Debra Bucci – 6-9pm. Part love offering. Unity Church of Wilmington, 717 fering. Unity Myrtle Beach, 6173 Salem Rd, Myrtle
of the 4th Friday Gallery Night. Artists reception Orchard Av, Wilmington. For more information, Beach. 843-238-8516.
with Debra Bucci featuring her latest work in oil call Terri at 910-470-2745.
paintings, New Path: New Art by Debra Bucci. Art ACourse in Miracles – 6:30-8pm. Cost: Love offer-
in Bloom Gallery, 210 Princess St, Wilmington. monday ing. Unity Myrtle Beach, 1270 Surfside Industrial
484-885-3037 or email [email protected] Park Dr, Surfside Beach. 843-238-8516.
Kundalini Yoga – 10am. (No class 23rd) Enjoy a
plan ahead spiritual, physical, mental & healthy way to ignite friday
your soul energy and connect to Truth & Love.
Wednesday, January 1 Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan is a Psychic Readings – 11am-4pm. Eileen and Great
life-changing technology that incorporates, Kriya, Oak in the House. Drop-ins welcome. Cost: $45/$80
Happy New Year! Mantra, Mudra, Meditation and other tenants of for 30-/60-min sessions. Blue Lagoon Wellness
Yogic Philosophy. Cost: $5. Unity of Wilmington, Center, 1202 Floral Pkwy, Wilmington. Call to
save the date 717 Orchard Av, Wilmington. 910-763-5155. schedule. 910-685-2795.
Eating For Well-being – 6pm. Teri Mann leads a
Friday, January 17 plant-based diet discussion and ensuing weekly saturday
forum. Bring favorite recipe share with you and
Restoring Women’s Wholeness Retreat – Friday any questions you may have. Cost: Free admission. Holistic Health Practitioner Training – 3rd Sat-
thru Sunday. Learn how to Find Your Authentic- Tidal Creek Co-op, 5329 Oleander Dr, Wilmington. urday. Comprehensive class will empower and
ity and how it leads you to Living Your Purpose 910-799-2667. equip with thorough overview and all principles a
led by Kim Turner, ND. 2 full days at oceanfront Holistic Health Practitioner needs to counsel others
lodging located at Topsail Beach; includes all wednesday in natural health care. Call for times, location and
class materials and bottled water. All participants details. Southern Institute of Natural Health. Call
asked to sponsor and prepare one meal for group, Monthly Bird Hikes – 8-9:30am. 2nd Wed. Flyover or text 910-216-0100.
by helping provide one meal, balance provided to to participate in monthly Bird Hikes, co-hosted
you for duration. Space limited 18 participants. with Wild Bird & Garden. Birders of all levels are Natural Family Basics – 2nd Saturday. Curriculum
Cost: $349. Payment options available. Call Kim encouraged; over 200 species recorded. Cost: $9/$5, for parents, teachers and children as a local class
Turner at 910-228-8675. adults/New Hanover County residents and military for Brunswick Islands area. Courses encourage in-
(ID required), free for members. Airlie Gardens, 300 dividuals to take responsibility of their own health.
Saturday, January 18 Airlie Rd, Wilmington. 910-798-7700. Call for times, location and details. Southern Insti-
tute of Natural Health. Call or text 910-216-0100.
Restoring Women’s Wholeness Retreat – See
January 17 listing. Psychic Readings – 10am-1:30pm. Guest Readers.
Drop-ins welcome. 15-, 30-, 45- or 60-minute ses-
Sunday, January 19 sions; price varies per session length. Blue Lagoon
Wellness Center, 1202 Floral Pkwy, Wilmington.
Restoring Women’s Wholeness Retreat – See Call to schedule 910-685-2795.
January 17 listing.
Thermography Scans – 10am-4pm. 1st and 3rd
Sat. Mammography doesn’t see anything till it’s
something..., Thermography can see something
before it’s anything. Cost dependent on scan type.
Beacon Thermography at Elite Chiropractic, 1319
Military Cutoff Rd, Ste LL, Wilmington. 910-803-

December 2019 31

classifieds community resource guide

Fee for classifieds is $25 (up to 20 Connecting you to the leaders in natural health care and green living in our
words) + $1 per word over 20 words. community. To find out how you can be included in the Community Resource
To place listing, email content to Guide, visit or call 910-833-5366.
[email protected] Dead-
line is the 10th of the month. Access Energy Services Alternative Medicine

OPPORTUNITIES Aubrey LUECK The Club at CamClinic
Access Bars Nan Cameron, MSN, RN, LAc
ADVERTISE HERE – Are you hiring, renting Facelift & Body Process Practitioner 1928 S 16th St, Wilmington
property/office space, selling products, offering End of Life Specialist 910-342-0999 •
services or in need of volunteers? Advertise your 630-292-0216 • [email protected]
personal/business needs in Natural Awaken- Located at the Cameron Clinic of
ings classified ad section. To place an ad, email Oriental Medicine, The Club in-
[email protected] Offering Access Bars, Facelift creases your treatment options utiliz-
START A CAREER YOU CAN BE PAS- and Body process hands-on ing complementary alternative thera-
SIONATE ABOUT – Publish your own Natural method promoting energies to pies. We help you design a program
Awakenings magazine. Home-based business, flow, heal and repair. This energy that meets your health and wellness
complete with comprehensive training and transformation modality, links goals utilizing cutting-edge technol-
support system. New franchises are available or season wisdom, ancient knowl- ogy. Let us be part of your team! See ad, page 24.
purchase a magazine that is currently publish- edge, and highly contemporary
ing. Call 530-1377 or visit NaturalAwakenings pragmatic tools for positive change. Receiving ANIMAL SERVICES these holistic, non-invasive treatments will leave
you with a sense of peace and space; and a feeling GOOSE MASTERS, LLC
The sole meaning of life like there are more possibilities open to you. All of 910-523-9668 • [email protected]
is to serve humanity. life comes to me with ease, joy and glory.
~Leo Tolstoy
ACUPUNCTURE Natural, humane and eco-con-
Ever wonder how scious Canada goose control
Lumina Acu Clinic company offering services in
is provided to you Enhong “Ann” Yu, LAc Southeastern North Carolina and
6781 Parker Farm Rd, Ste 130, Wilmington Northeastern South Carolina.
FREE 910-256-3939 • [email protected] Highly trained Border Collies that never touch or harm geese bring
every month? peace of mind to properties overrun with Canada
At our practice, we combine acu- geese by persuading and keeping the birds away.
Our local puncture with traditional Chinese
Advertisers herbal remedies to address a vari- Bioidentical Hormone
ety of our patient’s needs. Dr. Therapy
make it Yu’s extensive training in both
possible! Chinese and Western medicine in Bio Symmetry
China gives her a unique per- Dr. Chris A. Pate, MD
Please support spective that allows her to deliver the best possible 265 Racine Dr, Ste 102, Wilmington
our Advertisers! care to all her patients. 910-399-6661 •

And let them know ALLERGY ELIMINATION Are you experiencing any of the
you saw them in following: muscle loss, weight
Natural Awakenings. LIFELINE CHIROPRACTIC gain, night sweats, vaginal
Thank you. & NATURAL MEDICINE dryness, low sex drive, memory
Dr. Louis J. Buffalino, DC loss, mood swings, depression,
1133 Military Cutoff Rd, Wilmington anxiety, erectile dysfunction? You
910-679-4079 could have declining hormones and benefit from Bioidentical Hormone Therapy for
both men and women. See ad, page 19.
Got Allergies? NAET is a non-
invasive, drug-free, natural chiropractic
choice to control reactions to
food, water, pollen, grass and Innate Health Family
mold. If you have symptoms Chiropractic & Wellness
which have not responded to tra- Dr. Ada Aniniba, DC
ditional care and don't make 14886 US Hwy 17N, Hampstead
sense, visit or LifeLineChiroNC to re- 910-406-1200 •
view our testimonials and learn more.
Dr. Ada Aniniba is a Max Living
Doctor at Innate Health Family
Chiropractic and Wellness. She
focuses on five essentials of health:
maximizing the mind, chiropractic,
nutrition, lean muscle and minimizing
toxins. Innate Health is a family-
centric practice open to patients of all ages. Corrective and
wellness care programs provide a primary source of
wellness, nutritional support, immunity and allergy support,
education, inspiration and fitness. See ad, page 14.

32 SE North Carolina & Serving Myrtle Beach

Farm Hypnotherapy

Shelton Herb Farm Inner Gold Counseling HEALTHY LIVING HEALTHY PLANET
340 Goodman Rd, Leland & Hypnosis
910-253-5964 Novella Hall 2020 EDITORIAL CALENDAR Serving Greater Wilmington area
910-398-4724 • [email protected] HEALTHY LIFESTYLES ISSUE
Specializing in growing a
large variety of culinary Novella Hall has been treating JAN Age-Defying Habits
herbs, and grow seasonal through hypnosis for attachment Plus: Healthy Immune System
vegetable plants, heirloom trauma, past life regression, future
and native plants; butterfly life progression, pain management FEB Cardiovascular Health
and bee plants. Open year-round with seasonal va- to restore vital and healthy Plus: Regenerative Medicine
rieties. Provide fresh-cut herbs, edible flowers and functioning, plus habit change, as
microgreens to local restaurants, caterers and well as providingAkashic readings PLANT-BASED NUTRITION ISSUE
home use. Also participate in local farmers’ mar- for over 15 years. Both private and group sessions
kets, garden shows and special events. Farm tours, including over telephone and via Skype. International MAR Thriving on a Plant-Based Diet
workshops and classes available. See ad, page 21. Board of Certified Hypnosis Trainer. Plus: CBD

HEALTH EDUCATION Maximized Mind APR Grassroots Climate Crisis Strategies
Hypnotherapy & Coaching Plus: Healthy Home
NATURAL HEALTH 843-213-2597
Brunswick Islands of NC MAY Autoimmune Breakthroughs
910-216-0100 Plus: Protein & Collagen Connection Since 2011, Maximized Mind
has provided the Grand Strand JUN Inspired Lifestyle Travel
We educate and empower students and surrounding areas with the Plus: Brain Health
to higher knowledge concerning most effective and efficient
natural health and healing. forms of psychology in the THE FOOD CONNECTION ISSUE
Offering a variety of local classes world including hypnotherapy, NLP coaching, and
and online courses to support various forms of alternative and traditional JUL Beyond Factory Farming
living, sharing and teaching a psychological modalities. We specialize in anxiety Plus: Gut Health
natural, healthy lifestyle. and depression treatment, smoking cessation, weight
loss, life coaching, and various other challenges AUG Biological Dentistry
HEALTHY BODYWORK people face every day. See ad, page 5. Plus: Environmental Education
Advance Bodywork & Massage (NCLMBT 3455) SEP Emotional Well-Being
Holistic Wellcare Coach Bonnie Sandera Plus: Adaptive Yoga
828-216-6500 • [email protected] Luminous Healing 309K Ave, Unit A, Kure Beach OCT Stress Management
585-301-6957 • Plus: Joint Health
Trust your WholeBody to a pro.
20+ years in results specific Offering private energy medicine THE DIABETES CHALLENGE ISSUE
bodywork and restorative massage and spiritual coaching sessions.
therapies. A Holistic WholeBody Her sessions allow clients to re- NOV Personalized Diabetes Strategies
Connection. Visit website for lease any past issues which prevent Plus: Skin Care
details in neuromuscular/ them from moving forward and
myopractic/ postural rebalancing, finding true happiness. Bonnie DEC Creating Community & Connection
structural integration, connective tissue repatterning/ creates a personalized healing map Plus: Spending Locally
visceral and pelvic floor manipulation, along with for with each client to follow on their own road to IN EVERY ISSUE...
multiple calming WellCare therapies. Appointments happiness. Additionally, offers a 200-hour Energy HEALTH BRIEFS | GLOBAL BRIEFS
by text or talk. Medicine training program. See ad, page 11.

Wilmington Holistic Dentistry Origami Owl CONSCIOUS EATING
Dr. Jessica Shireman, DMD AIOMT 609-915-2033 HEALTHY KIDS | WISE WORDS
6200 Oleander Drive, Wilmington INSPIRATION | NATURAL PET
910-777-4020 Tell your story through customiz- December 2019 33
able jewelry. Origami Owl is a
Dr. Shireman is excited to bring leading custom jewelry company
holistic dentistry to Wilmington. known for telling stories through
She and her family recently our signature Living Lockets,
relocated from Raleigh where she personalized Charms, Necklaces,
had a holistic practice for 5 years. Bracelets, and Earrings. See ad,
She holds both SMART page 22.
certification and is accredited by
the IAOMT in safe-mercury removal and has a
unique, patient-based approach to dentistry. See ad,
page 4.


Madame Meerkat’s Cabinet of New Earth Wellness Lets Get Checked
Curiosities Haley Conner, BCHHP 910-833-5366
1001 S Kerr Ave, Wilmington Traditional Naturopath 1133 Military Cutoff Road, #110 Wilmington Save 20% Code: Natural 20
(Located inside Lifeline Chiropractic)
A community metaphysical 910-208-0037 Lets Get Checked home thyroid
shop supplying crystals, tarot, test will provide a broad picture
incense, and local art in a of how your thyroid is perform-
welcoming atmosphere Call for appointment with ing with online test results in
complete with coffee bar, Naturopath Haley Conner. 2-5 days. Biomarkers covered:
energy healers, intuitive readers, and workshops to Vibrational Raindrop Technique is Thyroid Stimulating Hormone
help you learn and grow. Facebook/Instagram: @ the method of applying therapeutic- (TSH), Free Thyroxine (FT4),
madamemeerkat. See ad, page 14. grade essential oils to the feet and Free Triiodothyronine (FT3),
back while using specific Raindrop Thyroglobulin Antibodies (TGAB)*, Thyroid Per-
Natural Services and Vitaflex techniques with tuning oxidase Antibodies (TPO/TPEX)*. Note; presence
forks for the purpose of releasing physical stress, pain of TGAB or TPEX antibodies can indicate thyroid
GREENCORE CLEANING and emotional blocks. Mention Natural Awakenings damage which can include autoimmune disorders.
910-800-1951 for a discount. See ad, page 2.
[email protected]
Offering comprehensive, eco-
friendly cleaning services for both UNITY MYRTLE BEACH Blue Lagoon Wellness Center
the home and office. Using only 1270 Surfside Industrial Park Dr Pat and Jo Zachry
green products, we believe your Surfside Beach 1202 Floral Pkwy, Wilmington
home should look and feel as 843-238-8516 • 910-685-2795
healthy as you do. Pet-friendly,
veteran-owned. Attention to detail Our uplifting mission of
sets us apart. See ad, page 15. prayer, service and education Besides being one of Wilmington’s
enriches and transforms largest rock shop emporiums, we
Life Elixir Wellness Tea lives. We are a spiritual offer counseling, energy work,
970-903-9413 community of individuals chakra balancing, crystal therapy, dedicated to knowing Self and knowing God, and massage, cranioSacral therapy,
[email protected] doing our part in supporting the emotional, mental hypnotherapy and past life
and spiritual well-being of children, individuals and regression. Many classes. Check
Captain Glenn's Life Elixir Tea is families on the Grand Strand. See ad, page 13. Meetup for listings. See ads, pages 11 and 23.
a “Wellness Tea” that, when used
regularly, promotes good health UNITY of WILMINGTON PURELIFE WELLNESS CENTER
and well-being. While providing 717 Orchard Ave, Wilmington Victoria RP Chavez, Owner/Manufacturer
an excellent herbal supplement to 910-763-5155 • 317 N Front St, Wilmington
fight colds and flu, Life Wellness 910-343-1374
Elixir Tea has demonstrated the A positive path for spiritual
ability to foster changes in the body that can aid living committed to ex-
digestion, infections, headaches and even symptoms panding consciousness and Creating wellness paradigms for
of anxiety. Grandmother says, “It’s Good for What inspiring transformation, mind, body and soul. Offering
Ails You!” See ad, back cover. Unity teaches a culturally vitamins, herbs, minerals,
Christian and spiritually unlimited way of life. specialty formulas, handmade
Willing Beauty Unity is an open-minded, accepting community herbal remedies, fresh organic
609-915-2033 emphasizing practical, everyday application of juices, smoothies and salads, local spiritual principles for more abundant and mean- products and honey, over 100
ingful living. Check Facebook and Meetup for varieties of teas, spices and herbs; and also wellness
You don't have to choose between safe & effective events. See ad, page 7. therapies including Reiki, cognitive behavior
skincare! We are a skin-loving beauty brand with therapy, ear candling, hypnotherapy, and neuro-
heart, created to inspire your life, celebrate your Thermography linguistic programming. See ad, page 5.
beauty. We believe in simple, safer, better-for-you
formulas that harness the power of nature, deliver Beacon Thermography, inc. Please share
proven results, and are fun to use. Our products Shelly Laine
are free of parabens, sulfates, DEA, phthalates, 910-803-2150 Natural Awakenings
mineral oils, chemical sunscreens and synthetic
fragrances. Never tested on animals. Rewards with your family,
program available. See ad, page 22. Thermography is a state-of-the-art, friends and neighbours.
radiation-free diagnostic tool
You can either see which creates a digital map of
yourself as a wave in the your body, illustrating heat
patterns that may detect some
ocean or you can see condition or abnormality using a
yourself as the ocean. scanning-type infrared camera
that measures your body’s surface temperature.
~Oprah Winfrey Thermography aids in the detection and monitoring
of many types of diseases and physical injury.
Multiple scanning locations throughout the
Wilmington area. See ad, page 19.

34 SE North Carolina & Serving Myrtle Beach




plus: Healthy Immune System

Readers are Seeking These Providers & Services:

Energy Healing • Fitness/Health Clubs • Integrative Physicians • Life Coaching
Personal Development Tools • Wellness Trainers • Meditation Instruction • Spiritual Healing

Yoga Classes • Natural/Organic Foods ... and this is just a partial list!



CardHioevaaltshcular PlaTnhtr-ivBinasgeodnDaiet
plus: Regenerative Medicine plus: CBD



Contact us to learn about marketing opportunities and become a member of the Natural Awakenings community at:


- - - advertorial - - -

Captain Glenn’s Life Elixir TeaTM

Grandmother says, “It’s Good For What Ails You!”

spirit Want More Energy? What’s In It?
mind There are three tiers to the human Captain Glenn has always been
body energy dynamic. It begins with
therapeutic spirit, mind and body working in unwavering in his commitment to
diet harmony, followed by a therapeutic impeccable food quality and safe-
menu and finally exercise. Many us- ty—in the ingredients, their prepara-
exercise ers of our Life Elixir Wellness TeaTM tion and storage as well as the final
report that it energizes them, while product. Everything we use has been
Captain Glenn’s Life Elixir TeaTM is a lowering stress levels and boosting certified organic, fairly traded and
“Wellness Tea” that, when used ther- their immune system. never irradiated, heated, smoked or
apeutically, promotes good health roasted. “Certified HieronymusTM” is
and well-being. While providing an Happiness & Wellbeing batch tested and recognized as higher
excellent herbal supplement to fight As we age and the demands of a standard than organic.
colds and flu, Life Elixir Wellness busy world challenge us, stress be-
TeaTM has demonstrated the ability to gins to take its toll—sapping energy Our products are always gluten
foster changes in the body that can and contributing to fatigue. Fight free, sugar free and without preserva-
aid digestion, infections, headaches back with the power of Captain tives! It’s not just a matter of using
and even symptoms of anxiety. Glenn’s Life Elixir Wellness Tea.TM premium natural organic ingredi-
ents, but also balancing the ingredi-
Worst Flu Season Ever? ents synergistically so that they can
“Get ready, some medical experts work together. Preparing the variety
are predicting the worst flu season of herbs and spices and blending the
in history” Our exclusive formula right mixture is key. Visit our website
cleanses and detoxifies. Gets you to learn more
feeling better and get well sooner. about our essential ingredients and
Helps with winter colds too. their healing properties.

“I have found that Captain Glenn’s Wellness team (I’m the one who
suggested that he should call it ‘Elixir of Life’) has benefited several of my
patients and clients. Typical of the effects is that one patient who stated
it makes me feel more centered.” —Dr. David Sigurslid, M.D.

To enjoy Captain Glenn’s Life Elixir TeaTM,
visit or call 970-903-9413.

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