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Published by Alex Coburn, 2019-12-06 09:16:03

Untitled presentation

Untitled presentation

Penguins Have Dreams Too

By: Alejandro

There was a penguin
named ramon who
loved christmas. He
dreams about it every

The reason he
loved christmas so
much was
because candy
canes were his
favorite food.

Every year all
he's ever
wanted was just
a single candy

But this year he
was getting
greedy and
wanted more
than a single
candy cane.

So he stole all of
his friends
candy canes
and ate every
single one of

And now has this big
ole tummy ache. And
it's so loud that
everyone in his town
heard it.

Then he tried
to run outside
to get away
but instead is
confronted by
the whole

With everyone
mad and
yelling at him
he gets so
upset and
apologises for
his candy cane

Then all of a
sudden ramon
wakes up.still
overwhelmed with
emotion he looks
at his clock and it's

So he runs into
the living room
too see a single
giant candy

The end.

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