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UEA – Visual Media proposal

of East Anglia

Visual Media Proposal

Date: 1 November 2018

Thank you

Firstly, thank you for inviting Words&Pictures to provide ideas for your Visual Media brief. The
support you require fits with our expertise, and we feel our teams will work well together. A good
working relationship is, we believe, as important as the materials we develop for our clients.

Contents Page 3 Your brief tailoring it where appropriate to convey
Page 4 different messages and moods, plus ensuring
Our creative approach for you Page 5 A new website will be exciting. You’re adding the creative direction of that content.
Our creative showreel Page 6 extra functionality but also reviewing your
A bespoke solution for UEA Page 7 content. Your Visual Media brief is all about If the imagery isn’t aligned in the right way
Establishing firm foundations Page 8 the photography and moving imagery to it will undermine the UX and the impact you
Your plan on a page Page 9-10 support your editorial content and the user need for your audiences.
Your plan in detail – Task one Page 11 experience (UX). You need to reflect UEA, but
Your plan in detail – Task two Page 12 also the personalities and strengths of the We’ll work with you to get the right mix of
Case study one – Boston Spa Sixth Form College Page 13-14 faculties in their own right. content with the right creative direction
Case study two – Bradford Academy Page 15 ready for your launch.
Case study three – Mercedes-Benz The challenge you have is getting the
Pricing options balance right between volume of content,

Cl ss Winner - Best Agency 2

★★★★★ IoIC N tion l Aw rds 2018 ★★★★★ IoIC Centr l & North Aw rds 2018

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UEA – Visual Media Proposal

Our creative approach
to your brief

Our starting point is to consider the key purpose your website launch isn’t the end of this project. To
of choosing an agency over local photography be delivered effectively, the creative direction
services, which can provide a greater volume of MUST include provision to refresh content, to
images at a lower price point. upload new content and to adapt to changes or
Your need is driven from a requirement to have a
strategic creative direction for your visual media, Our approach for image generation is therefore to
ensuring consistency and an ability to get the provide a mixed solution using W&P photography
right balance of emotion, look and feel and and film, your own network of skilled
information from images across your new website. photographers, plus your current image library.

So, that’s what we’ve built our key service provision This proposal includes an overview plan detailing
around. We will ensure that you have the creative all components on a page. This is then supported
strategic direction for all your imagery first. It is by further detail on each component, and finally a
only after this is clearly defined and processes and full pricing breakdown.
controls are in place to achieve that aim that we
will commence developing content. But first, why use W&P? Over the next few pages
we’ll demonstrate our credentials and show you
We’ve considered the range and volume of imagery why you should work with us, plus why we were
you require. While developing our ideas it became awarded Agency of the Year and Designer of the
apparent that there will be limits to what we can Year at the recent IOIC awards.
create and supply in addition to the creative
direction within your budget and within timescales.
We’re also conscious that uploading content for

We’ll consider:

The right balance of look and feel – emotion – and information through website imagery
Strategic creative direction, including provision to refresh and add content
The ability to flex and adapt throughout production
A mixed solution of photography, film, 360 degree imagery, etc.

© 2018 Words&Pictures Tel: 01933 854 800 I Website: 3

UEA – Visual Media Proposal

Our creative showreel

Explore some of our recent work here...

© 2018 Words&Pictures Tel: 01933 854 800 I Website: 4

A bespoke 5
solution for
the University
of East Anglia

With every client we develop an approach to
photography and other visual media that aims to
reflect their brand identity and the messages that
their communication aims to achieve.

At the heart of this are ‘real people’ in real
situations, both reflecting the brand story that
the client aims to tell and inspiring the audience
to put one foot in the future – envisioning
their own development within the context of
the organisation.

Photography and video are powerful mediums and
we’ve developed great versatility in this area. This
past year has seen W&P photographing in the
populist style of a tabloid newspaper for
Southeastern Railways; working with luxury car
brand Mercedes-Benz to ensure a close fit
between their internal imagery and external brand;
and capturing the trusting, personal relationships
between professional carers and residents in
Anchor Housing care homes.

Through our award-winning Head of Photography,
Alan Barton, and his network of trusted
photographers, we also have nearly 25 years’
experience of bringing to life the brands of schools
and colleges. This covers every aspect of student
and academic life, carefully planned to celebrate
the achievements of individuals and institutions,
and attract interest from potential students and
their parents/guardians. The quality is such that
Alan’s photography has been featured in the TLS.

We’ve also developed close production
partnerships that give us – and you – access
to a full array of digital solutions, from film and
animation to VR and 360 degree video.

© 2018 Words&Pictures Tel: 01933 854 800 I Website:

Establishing firm foundations UEA – Visual Media Proposal

Before even scoping the project, we aim to develop a deep understanding of you, your website, Content
your audience and what success looks like for you. We see this as a key, upfront investment in our
partnership with you. It’s essential that all visual elements
enhance the textual content, supporting the
We will take a multi-layered approach to this, ensuring solid foundations on which to plan, develop messaging and desired ‘know, feel, do’ that
and deliver the visual media assets and guidance you aspire to, and achieve the impact you require. you are trying to achieve. Also, that the two
achieve an aesthetic balance. We are
Our approach will cover themes such as: therefore particularly interested in:

Structure and function Brand narrative Audience t he guiding principles of how text is used
across the site (e.g. tone, formatting and
To ensure that the visual elements support It’s a given that all visual aspects of your Beyond the audience journey and the word counts per page, etc.)
a seamless website experience, we’d love to website, for example photography, video, or brand story you want to tell, it’s important t he key information, message and desired
see how it is wire-framed and the function VR, need to support your brand guidelines. that we fully appreciate who your target outcomes for each page
of key areas. That way we can understand But we aim to develop a powerful approach audiences are (e.g. international students, w here content is likely to change to
what’s included, why and where, and the that digs deeper into your brand identity parents, etc.), what you aim to achieve reflect what’s important at the time.
guiding principles behind this. Most and the desired message this shares with with each and, crucially, what’s important
importantly, we can see the complete potential UEA students and other target to them. Themes we would like to explore
journey through your website for your audiences. We’re therefore interested in include:
various target audiences. exploring:
K now – what information are audiences
the specific aspects of your brand identity actively looking for from your site?
that you want to emphasise and the story
this tells to your audience F eel – what are their emotional needs?
What response does the site need to
h ow this brand narrative differs from encourage to promote a sense of
institutions you identify as competitors connection (e.g. providing reassurance to
h ow this narrative and your USPs break
down at faculty level Do – what are the easy next steps you
can encourage that will lead to the
what you aim to articulate that you didn’t outcomes you want?
achieve through your previous site.

© 2018 Words&Pictures Tel: 01933 854 800 I Website: 6

UEA – Visual Media Proposal

Your plan on a page Task two

Task one

Project Visual Image content rules W&P
scoping media Photography and
production and guidance: film formats
Pre-workshop Colour palettes
Preliminary W&P’s plan Content formats UEA
research for UEA Photographic form
1 week Film guidance Contributor
Hierarchy of content
Lifespan of imagery training by W&P
User-generated approach Ensure approach,
skills and
processes are Populate website
provided and Taking content from
understood the content tool,
images will be
1st workshop uploaded to your
Face-to-face website
workshop with
full W&P project Creative pillars Content templates Content Post launch
/ creative team Firm pillars, and a Encompasses image Update visual
governing statement requirements and approach channel/tool imagery for seasonal
2nd workshop to ensure content for all pages and faculties Establish a digital changes and key
Presentation of a subscribes to a means (or adapt events, plus refresh
detailed project consistent approach Content network existing) to host imagery over time.
plan, including the Determines the balance and manage
creative route and means of gathering content
recommendations and managing content

Identify onsite
UEA contributors

© 2018 Words&Pictures Tel: 01943 854 800 I Website: 7

Your plan in detail – Task one

Pre workshop Output
Ahead of meeting you and your team, we will undertake some A summary of findings will be shared, after which we will create the
preliminary research to build our understanding and to develop our detailed project plan for sign-off. The project plan will be presented
thinking ahead of the first planning meeting (see page 6). This will and discussed at the 2nd workshop.
require you to share further insight and will include reviewing:
a) your new website wireframe Attendees from W&P:
b) your library of images, films and other visual assets 1. Project Manager
c) your brand assets, colour palettes, icons. 2. Design
3. Photography
Output 4. Film
Formulation of key questions and discussion points for the 1st
workshop. 2nd workshop
The 2nd workshop will result in a clear and agreed project plan that
Raising any requests in advance of the 1st workshop, in particular can be put into action. We will be seeking confirmation and
where possible issues or opportunities can be identified. authorisation to commence work to produce content.

The intention will be to ensure the 1st workshop meeting is as All elements or previous work will come together in the 2nd workshop
productive as possible and that work can commence as quickly as to ensure there is a clear creative direction and project plan. We will
possible after it. present and discuss the following with you:
a) overall creative route (as a mood board), detailing the mix of
1st workshop
The 1st workshop will be primarily aimed at gathering the necessary imagery (format and style) and application across the website
insight to develop a clear plan, which will be presented and b) a fully detailed project plan which will include:
reviewed in the 2nd workshop.
– t he means by which image content will be gathered, edited
This will include interrogating the brief so that we gain a full and shared
understanding of the background and objectives of the project.
Topics to cover include: – clear ownership of processes within the plan, such as sign-off,
contacts to provide access, GDPR approvals, etc.
a) agreeing a clear purpose for image content
b) r eviewing website wireframes and discuss the content d) a means for content to be gathered, managed, approved and
considerations for key landing pages and supporting content
c) identifying key contacts for the project – who we will need to c) a post launch plan to describe content creation as an ongoing
meet, contact, utilise
d) agreeing the key milestones Output
e) touring the UEA campus to get a sense of the environment and Sign-off and approval of the overall project plan including any
amendments or further thinking.
people imagery we need to represent.
Attendees from W&P:
1. Project Manager
2. Design
3. Photography
4. Film

© 2018 Words&Pictures Tel: 01943 854 800 I Website: 8

UEA – Visual Media Proposal

Your plan in detail – Task two

Creative pillars Templates Content channel/tool
The whole project needs to reference some core and firm pillars, Now that we have the technical guidance established, we need a There is going to be a large volume of images that will need
including a governing statement that applies to all image content. means to determine how to apply that to all parts of the site. organising. You may have a tool in place for this already, or you
This element will be a short, one-page document that describes might like to start afresh. We can recommend solutions which you
the overall direction of visual content. It will allow for flexibility, We will create a template format that provides guidance for all visual will need to set up and own, however, we will support you with a
but it will be the key measure that all visual content will be judged content. We will populate this with you for each key section of your clearly-defined process to manage images.
against. site, such as for each faculty. Once agreed, content gathering can
This statement will also describe the hierarchy of content, allowing then commence. Key elements will be naming conventions to categorise images, but
for variability (within boundaries) for landing pages vs content also meta data will need to be applied to each image. This can be a
pages, faculty variations and whether content is about people, The template will include information such as: labour intensive task, and so to get the most from your budget we
places or ideas. – Which faculty/key section of website recommend this is undertaken by a representative of UEA.
– Who is the audience and what do they need to think or feel
Image content rules and guidance – What are the key features/messages to convey/any hero images The content tool will be used to sort any new imagery produced by
This will support the creative pillars statement by providing more to consider, e.g. halls of residence = community/safe/fun, computing us, but also past imagery that can be reused can be placed there.
technical direction. This document will include details on: science = cutting edge, award winning, etc Your UEA content providers/photographers will also be able to use
Technical – Who are the contacts in that area. this. We would recommend a tool that provides alerts on imagery
Colour tones, lighting, mood that needs refreshing.
Content formats – photo vs film vs GIF The templates can be completed by your team and faculty leads and
Photography guidance for people, places, etc discussed with us to ensure there is clear direction. To work well, this will require someone to be responsible for policing
Film guidance – format, length, etc and managing content.
File sizes, where to save it, how to name it
Nature of content “Working with Words and Pictures “The quality of service throughout the
Hierarchy of content, by which we mean what should be the is always a fun and rewarding job process was excellent and we’re very
lead image, what can support it because they bring creativity and pleased with the outcome. Staff have
Lifespan of imagery enthusiasm, as well as a level of really got on board and parents are
User-generated approach pragmatism, which is rare in some using the website as their first point
Meta data coding (use UEA resource) agencies, that I find really beneficial of reference.”
and efficient. I am always proud
© 2018 Words&Pictures Tel: 01943 854 800 I Website: when I see the final results.” Deputy Headteacher, Wellington Primary School, Bradford

Rachel Dies, Head of Employee 9

Communications & Communities, Britvic

UEA – Visual Media Proposal

Your plan in detail – Task two

Content network UEA contributor training by W&P Populating your website
We recognise the need to generate a large volume of images and to You have described how you can get a volume of image content from Once all imagery is produced and ordered on your content tool, it
ensure that they are refreshed and added to over time, however this people acrosss UEA who are connected to various faculties. The needs uploading to your website.
must be balanced with a limited budget. issue you face is that their content doesn’t follow a common We presume this is something that you will undertake, however
approach with aligns to your visual strategy. we’re happy to support this process. It may be that we keep open
To generate the right imagery in sufficient volume, we propose lines of communication over the days content is being populated.
consolidating our resources by utilising your existing network to We’ve considered this and feel that your network of contributors
generate new photography, plus we propose reviewing your current could be effectively utilised if they have clear guidance about your Post launch
image bank for material we can use in new ways. image strategy. Your content will need to be updated and should account for
seasonal changes and key events. We’d like to keep working with
W&P visual content production Our recommendation is to train or coach your network on what you to determine requirement for future content to keep it fresh.
Photography imagery is required, provide insight on any technical aspects of Again, we recommend an approach of us leading on hero
We will provide onsite photography for five days (£950 per day) photography (for example) including briefing them on the creative imagery, but utilising your network to provide a volume of content,
which includes all processing and travel. pillars and the image content rules and guidance approach as well where needed.
as how to use the content tool.
We will undertake photography in two 2.5-day sessions in separate 10
weeks (allowing for weather variance and other variables). If possible Our expectation will be that they can take the supporting
it would be good to extend this to a third 2.5 day photo shoot when photography for their faculties, or areas of interest, upload them,
budgets allow. and maintain visual content to keep it up to date.

We anticipate photographing up to five sites per day, with a drive to UEA visual content management
have new images of faculties and key areas of the UEA campus. UEA network photography
Where we can’t photograph we’ll seek imagery from your library and/ Having trained your network to produce
or your own network of photographers (having given them a clear appropriate content photography, we will
brief). undertake a prelimary review of submitted images
to ensure balance in uploading content, identifying
Film gaps where necessary, and determing where
We will supply a film crew for one full day to film a range of content. imagery should sit.
We anticipate up to a week of editing following the film shoot. We
will create a mix of film styles, as appropriate, such as a walk- We anticipate two to three days to edit and
through of accommodation, 360º film for your library, drone manage supplied imagery. We’ll review this with
footage of your sports facilities, animation of 6-steps to university you should more or less content be supplied than
happiness (using existing graphics) etc. expected. We expect 100 to 200 images (more
time to process than our own photography, as
Where animations are required, there is likely to be a need to formats and skill may differ). Post launch we will
create graphic elements. This would need discussing as the start to rely on your network more often to take
number of animations, their length and story-boarding fall outside new photography.
of this proposal.
UEA library asset photography
Please note: We have identified in the pricing that film content We will spend two days reviewing your library of
puts the greatest strain on your budget. Further, compared to images, collating as required and editing where
photography, it generates a much lower volume of content. necessary. Chosen images will be uploaded to the
We’d like to discuss ways of approaching this with you to visual content platform.
ensure you have film where you need it for launch, or a plan
to build up your film content over time.

© 2018 Words&Pictures Tel: 01943 854 800 I Website:

Case study one – This project
Boston Spa shows a great
Sixth Form College understanding from
The challenge of how to develop
youth marketing.
The Sixth Form College recognised that as part of a highly As a school it has
competitive Post-16 environment, they needed to create a enabled us to give
communication platform that would stand out. The unique story a realistic industry
at Boston Spa is the balance between academic and vocational project to students
subjects – allowing students to pursue their interests and work and inspire
towards their dreams. education, ambition
and personal
The approach achievement.

To genuinely engage with the target audience, we put them Development Co-ordinator,
right at the heart of the communication strategy. Students told us Boston Spa Sixth Form College
they wanted something exciting, confident and edgy – something
that reflected their culture. We worked closely with the students
at every stage of the development of the concept, from the initial
brand workshops to the experiential design masterclasses and
photography style. Our youth marketing experience, together with
the bright ideas of the students, ensured the campaign would be
both engaging and memorable.

The results

The students owned the concept from the beginning and, as
a result, are acting as ambassadors for the newly-branded Sixth
Form experience. The Open Evening was successful, with the new
communication attracting attention from existing students as well
as those from other schools. Externally, the prospectus has received
praise from the commercial world: Words&Pictures won the Blue
Riband Communicators in Business North Award, ‘Team of the Year’
for the prospectus – the first time an educational publication has
been so honoured.

© 2018 Words&Pictures Tel: 01933 854 800 I Website:

Case study two – Quality has been a
Bradford Academy feature of our work with
Words&Pictures right
The challenge from the start. We pride
ourselves on being the
As a fast-improving school, the senior management team were best at whatever we do –
keen to show how much they had to offer students in the area. so it made sense to work
However, they also recognised that as an Academy, they needed to with the best!
address some of the misconceptions that existed about they way
they worked, and to demonstrate how their status translated into Assistant Headteacher,
positive outcomes for students at all levels. Bradford Academy

The approach

The Academy’s rigorously professional approach to the task of
education, combined with their real attention to detail in every area of
student wellbeing, gave rise to the idea of a ‘formula’ that staff apply
to get the right results for every student. We combined bold headings
explaining the ‘elements’ for a successful education with heartwarming
shots that showcased the school’s happy, confident students and staff
against the backdrop of their state-of-the-art building.

The results

The prospectus has helped the Academy cement their efforts to
promote themselves as a truly exceptional institution, both in terms
of their approach and their results. Additionally, with the demand
for places at both primary and secondary levels already high, the
number of applicants to the school increased threefold in the
following academic year.

Its stunning photography has secured the Academy press coverage
in the TES and in the Yorkshire Post’s influential Education
section – coverage that would have cost an estimated £6,000 in
advertising spend. The imagery was also nominated for the IoIC 2011
Photography Award, and won a Certificate of Merit.

Case study three – Mercedes-Benz UEA – Visual Media Proposal

Background: Goals: SPOTLIGHT offers our
colleagues a contemporary
Mercedes-Benz is one of the world’s leading C ontinue to reinforce the company’s digital space in which to
premium vehicle brands and its UK operation is development of the brand towards digital interact and collaborate –
focused on the sale and marketing of Mercedes- communications sharing their stories across
Benz cars (including smart), vans and trucks; as our campus. The lifestyle
well as Financial Services. Based in Milton Keynes, T o build a dialogue and promote a balance approach reflects the best of
its employees are dedicated to delivering world- between the corporate and creative to bring our brand, offering exclusive
class products and services. the brand and content and bringing our
strategy to life people into the SPOTLIGHT.”
Over the last five years, the Internal
Communications team has worked closely with T o promote social interaction, collaboration Rachael Edwards
engagement specialists Words&Pictures (W&P) and two-way communication HR Director – Passenger Cars
to inspire UK colleagues – reinforcing pride for
the brand, telling colleague stories and sharing T o create a digital channel that SPOTLIGHT embraces the
local and international brand activity. Their celebrates what it means to be part culture of new media and
previous print publication, ONE magazine, was of Mercedes-Benz digital influences, which
a popular, quarterly, 20-page publication, but in is the way many of our
2016 Mercedes-Benz and W&P decided that the T o focus on the role of consumer metrics to colleagues, customers and
business needed a new way of communicating, measure engagement. business partners consume
a channel that would reflect the brand’s shift their news stories.”
towards digital communications, and promote For a demonstration of the site,
deeper brand engagement. Photography and video please visit: Debbie Hull
needed to be essential components of this. Password: W&P Communications Director

Audience: 13

SPOTLIGHT is available to all UK
Mercedes-Benz colleagues across five businesses
in the UK, with a total of approximately 1,500
colleagues who operate from our Head Office
in Tongwell, Milton Keynes, Wentworth Park in
Barnsley and Mercedes-Benz World in Weybridge.

The age range of colleagues is between 17-79, 54%
male and 46% female. Research by the Mercedes-
Benz IC team still continues to indicate the target
age bracket for SPOTLIGHT is between 26-55.
Appealing to this wide audience demographic, the
featured content needed to be broad.

© 2018 Words&Pictures Tel: 01933 854 800 I Website:

UEA – Visual Media Proposal

Case study three – Mercedes-Benz

Ch,ch,ch, changes...

Lance Marwood is a huge music fan and DJ
so the plan was to shoot him in the style of the
classic David Bowie album Aladdin Sane. Our
Head of Photography, Alan, researched the look
and feel of the original shot and replicated it
in a meeting room at Mercedes-Benz’s office in
Milton Keynes rather than in a fully-equipped
photographic studio.

Farmyard Click, click cluck!..

fashion... Emma Passmore has a great love of chickens and keeps them in the back garden of
her home. This picture was taken on a very dull, drizzly evening near Milton Keynes.
Lydia Calvin loves to spend Alan’s challenge was to work in the shelter of a tree to keep Emma dry and to add
her spare time away from head lighting to produce a bright, lively feeling to the shot as well as make sure the chicken
office helping out on a farm near looked happy and relaxed.
Bedford. This was a simple shot
with her and her dog down on Silverstone star...
the farm in the style of a fashion
shoot. The pheasants were a Peter Edwards is a motor
last minute addition to add that sport marshall and officiated at
distinctive Country Life feel. the 2017 British Grand Prix at
Silverstone. After considerable
© 2018 Words&Pictures Tel: 01933 854 800 I Website: back and forth conversations,
Alan arranged to gain access
to the grid at the circuit and
shot this picture on a very grey,
dull November day. Combined
with 60mph winds it made for
a memorable shoot. Lying on
the tarmac and using the grid
markings gave Alan a driver’s
eye view of Peter.


UEA – Visual Media Proposal

Pricing options

W&P’s plan for UEA Visual Media Project components

Outlined are price estimates to meet your this will allow for variability in how you utilise Creative pillars Image content rules and Content templates
requirements, based on our current understanding. our support. Governing statement to Single printable or digital
As such, they are indicative at this point. ensure content subscribes guidance template design.
Commercial terms are based on 30-day payment to a consistent approach. Assumed to be six to eight- Free Of Charge
We will refine prices based on your preferred from issue of invoice. Purchase Orders must One-page A4 pdf. page pdf.
options ensuring that we provide a clear overall be in place for work to commence. A mininum Content channel/tool
price ahead of developing materials. commitment of £25,000 is required to undertake £950 £2,800 Establish a digital means (or
the project and adhere to the component prices adapt existing) to host and
We are conscious that there is a balance to be outlined here. Content network W&P manage content.
reached between establishing a creative direction Photography. £suggest UEA establish and
for visual media, generating new content and and training Up to five locations per day. manage.
utilising sources already available. Flexing Establishing a network of Plan for five days (two 2.5 day W&P will provide naming
suppliers at UEA with all shoots) onsite = up to 25 sites conventions to add to image
Rate card relevant contact details and a planned. (ten days work content rules and guidance.
briefing on the project. including processing). Free Of Charge

£nil as undertaken by UEA £4,750 Next steps

Work type Hourly rate Two two-hour training forums Film. Follow up call to
run by W&P based on content Film crew on site for one day discuss proposal
Image handling Image sourcing/touch-up £60.48 minimum 2 hours: plus expenses guidance and templates. – five days edit including Adjust as required and
Photographer Professional photographer £172.50 minimum 4 hours: plus expenses £2,000 amends. Footage format to be provide firm and final
FIlm editing Senior digital editing £88.90 decided. pricing
Film photography Inc. simple animatics £183.69 Processing of UEA imagery £6,400 to £10,000 Set schedule
UEA photography network – Commence project
Discounts can be offered based on: image processing. Two to IMPORTANT – this component with key stakeholders
30 days’ payment terms: 50% payment on kick off, 50% on completion three days. (film) has the biggest price
Discount for agreed effective working UEA library review, selection implication. Consideration Post launch
and processing. Two days +. should be given to limit this or Update visual imagery for
Set up Next steps Number of usable stage over a longer term. seasonal changes and
The project plan needs approval at this point for images unknown key events, plus refresh
Preliminary research AND 1st workshop further develop to take place. Once agreed £2,350 – £2800 Populate website imagery over time.
Preliminary research (1 week) and face-to-face mulitple workstreams will commence. Taking content from the
workshop with full W&P project creative team INVOICING FOR content tool, images will be 15
including Client Management, Design and Total price for set up £11,300 COMPONENTS uploaded to your website.
Photography/Film. Invoice 50% at appointment of W&P and 50% From your selection of the £nil as undertaken by UEA
£5,900 upon approval of project plan. components described here,
W&P will invoice 50% of the
2nd workshop whole at project
Presentation of a detailed project plan including commencement and 50% on
the creative route recommendations. completion (agreed images
£5,400 saved in content tool ready
to upload).

© 2018 Words&Pictures Tel: 01943 854 800 I Website:

UEA – Visual Media Proposal

Thank you

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading our visual media proposal
for your new website.
We would love the opportunity to discuss
this with you in more detail.


Brent Craig

Development Director
e. [email protected]
t. 07795395716

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