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Security and Access
-Camera Foscam “FI9828PHD Wireless PTZ Dome IP Camera”

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Security and Access
-Camera Foscam “FI9828PHD Wireless PTZ Dome IP Camera”

Keywords: Security and Access,Camera Foscam “FI9828PHD Wireless PTZ Dome IP Camera”

Security and Access


To protect the home from unwanted intrusions or emergency situations, it's possible to install a safe system
programmable by Eedomus. Some of the most important devices of this system are cameras, locks,
movement sensors, and so on.
There are a lot of different types of Cameras suitable for the Eedomus system. In these units, Netatmo (for
facial recognition) and Foscam are described.
The first one has to be installed inside the home to check the accesses to the habitation. It can recognize the
face of every person. The second one is recommended to be installed on vertical surfaces (like walls),
paying attention not to pose the Camera inside areas exposed to weathering or any other types of atmosphere
agents that could compromise the correct function of it.
The access management control every movement from the opening of the windows to the interface between
Keypad and Danalock that permit the opening and the closing of the lock through an RFID key or an access
Strips are devices used to control if a window is open or close; they are composed by a magnetic bar and a
magnet. The opening of a window is detecting by the movement of the bar.
About the secure of the habitation, there are also a lot of devices able to detect flood and fire (flood sensor
and smoke sensor) and others that are able to check movement in a room

Camera Foscam “FI9828PHD Wireless PTZ Dome
IP Camera”

General Information

The FOSCAM Camera is a wireless IP camera integrated with a color CMOS sensor that allows the view of pictures
with a resolution of 1280 * 960 pixels. It’s a combining of a high-quality digital camcorder and a powerful Web server
used to send videos to the desktop.
The Camera is designed to control outdoor spaces like courtyards, supermarkets, and schools. There is also a mobile
application, called “Foscam Viewer”, that allows seeing the camera recordings by the smartphone.



To install the FOSCAM camera (FOSCAM FI9828P HD Wireless PTZ Dome IP Camera) it’s necessary to access to
official website
Create a new account if you didn't log in before otherwise using the personal login.

Click on "Add New Device”.

When the page is loaded, click on the type of device that you want to install. A network camera device has to be

Make sure that the Eedomus controller and the camera are connected to the same WI-FI router.


Click on next.

Click on the camera in the list, records the IP ADDRESS (it will be used to program the camera) and push the "Next"
button to finish the installation.

Device Inclusion

To include the "Foscam Camera" in the Z-Wave network, complete the following steps:
1. Go to the website
2. Click on "Configuration".
3. Click on "Add or remove a device".


4. Click on "Add Another type of camera".
5. Click on "Room-Other"  Create.

6. The following screen shows all the configuration parameters.


Click on “save and continue editing”, a new FTP account is created.

7. Program the FOSCAM camera. To program the FOSCAM camera use the IP number already recorded. If the
IP number is unknown a free software as could be used.
In the example below the IP is
Go to the address
The first time you connect the page, a request of plugin download appears.
If some problems occur during the plug-in download we suggest downloading Chrome’s extension IE-Tab.
( after that, it's
possible to continue the installation. With the IE-Tab extension, search for the IP number of the camera and
click on "Network".

The screen to perform the camera setting is shown below.


Push on FTP settings and copy the link of FTP Server
Configure the camera as ADMIN user and don’t fill the field of the password.

The live video of the camera is now available in the local network.
8. Copy the URL of the Foscam website and paste it into the configuration section ("Expert Parameters") of the

camera under "Link to direct image". Click on "Save" to close the screen.

9. In this screen, it's necessary to insert the FTP
Click on "Save" to close the screen.


The Live view is only available on the Foscam website. Eedomus takes a snapshot every 5 minutes.
The snapshots are visible in the "Camera" section of Eedomus and they are shown in the following way:

Mobile Applications

When the app "MyFoscam" is open, log in with the same
credential that has been used on the same site.


Click on the “+” symbol on the top right to add a new device.
Choose the device. In this case select "Camera".

Connect the camera to the network router by the wire; make sure
that the smartphone is connected to the same router WI-FI.


Scan the QR code located on the camera and wait until the

Now it is possible to view the camera on the smartphone.


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