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escritos ingles1

escritos ingles1


Name: Kevin Manriquez Rivera
Teacher: Rosa Aguayo Vergara

Page 10

• Things to do at the park:
Trash container
Play soccer
Walk your pets
• Teenage fashion:

Curiosity(page 19)

• A) yes i do, I imagine that the girl is observing something
strange that happens near her, she is very concentrated
trying to figure out which is.

• B) What freedom means to me
When we don’t need to explain about what we do. The
freedom is to do what we want and not explain to anyone.
Everyone is free to do what they want as long as it does not
bother other people

The park(page 21)

• I live next to the park. The park is very large, wide, colorful
and has large trees. in the park people enjoying many
activities. There are a lot of seats for a relax in. I like to
spend a lot of time in this park.

• The person that I admire is my mom, she knows how to do
many things, in addition to working is a homemaker who
also cooks a few cakes very rich. Thanks to her, I never
missed anything and my brothers and sisters either. I
admired her for the things he does for us, it is certainly an
incredible woman, very attentive, sociable, active, and with
very good intentions

Page 23

• You must first have an idea of what you want to write.
• second investigate of the item that you want to write.
• after sort of broad to particular
• eventually closing with a conclusion paragraph

Page 25

• 1- Last night, i went to see a film with my friend. It was a trhiller.
• 2-it was very exciting
• 3- my friend and i leaned forward, listening carefully to the film.
• 4-at the most exciting moment, the actors dindnt speak.only quiet music was playing.
• 5-suddenly, we Heard a loud sound – a silly tune
• 6-the man next to us had a mobile phone
• 7- we think that people should turn off their mobile phones when they watch a film or not bring them at all.
• 8-he was receiving a call
• 9- he decided to answer the call
• 10-he spoke out loud to his friend
• 11-it was distracting
• 12-my friend and i felt annoyed
• 13- mobile phones should not be allowed in cinemas

Difference between pets and wild
animals(page 31)

• Pets are those animals that live with human beings and that
can be bred.

• While that wild animals are those who live in freedom,
whether in the forest, in the forest or in the sea.

• The wild animal, you do not need to be fed or protected by

• Much less need to be locked up.
• They need to grow up free in their own habitat hunting,

raising and living to where they belong.

Page 34

• Most people like to travel but will depend on the person, if you want
to travel accompanied or if you prefer traveling alone. Traveling in a
group has advantages and disadvantages. The advantages are that
it is much more enjoyable, if you need help you can go to
someone,is made real ties and the disadvantages are: if there is
someone who does not like someone in the group of journey will be
a bad experience. sometimes do not all have the same idea.

Page 36

• There is a good use of this tool, people are consumed by social
networks and nobody has taught us how to use the internet, and is
now the kids generates a sedentary lifestyle and obesity. Another
one of the big problems is that decreases the capacity of
imagination of people

Page 40

• I think that university life is stressful and exhausting but at the same
time exciting. is stressful for you to take good notes there is a lot of
study and apart if one lives there is only to do many other things
that take time.In addition at the university, too little sleep around 6
hours a day. But despite everything is an adventure in this stage of
life is when one realizes that it is worth to do and what not, in
addition to the experience that is winning.

• My opinion is that despite having high and low college life is a very
good stage of life.

My Biography(page 44)


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