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Published by oncloudnine, 2022-07-12 03:45:23

Patrick Finkler

Patrick Finkler


The Collected
Short Stories

by oncloudnine_pt
illustrated by pniverse


The Collected
Short Stories

Roses In His Garden

Patrick Nattawat Finkler

A Sunday morning.

The bright lights shining into his eyes creating a sparkle
from black to white; the sun greeting him with
a beautiful smile. All white — in bed sheets he slept,
laying in the clouds.

So heavenly he said.

The birds twitching musicals in the silent nature as if
angels whisper him to the greater. Stealing gaze,
you will see. The deep beautiful sea.

Delineate beauty and romance bitter and sweet, scents
of red roses — it’s her next to the tree. Red rose
blossoms in the garden. He walks to her through miles of

Just a touch, the red rose, breathing in the fragrance of
love he chose. The beauty of her smile made him shine
from head to toe.

A look he took. Deep into those eyes, gives her a rose
and says

“Good morning sunshine☺️“

The City

Patrick Nattawat Finkler

Alone he stood, the city; heaven of concrete. Looking at
the city lights, millions of souls living day and night.

A light, a firework in his hands; the beauty of love, living
in enhance. Sparkling lights, her; the only light he had,
creating fireworks when the night says good morning
and the sun says good night.

A long street, the distance between her and him, the
moon and sun, far it was indeed. A cold breeze of the
freezing winter nights telling him she said goodbye.

A wish he whispered out with hope in his eyes and lights
shining from stars in the dark blue skies, the fire of the

He looked up to her, with cities, oceans and mountains
apart. In hope he could feel her once again in his arms, a
hug to her so warm, bringing them back from two to one
to the start.

Last night in Shanghai

Patrick Nattawat Finkler

There he was, sitting next to the window, talking to
himself in the loud silence, hearing the cars starting there
journeys on the streets of Shanghai; a city that never

Different cars all going in different directions to
unalike destinations; divergent every mankind is. A wide
view of beautiful Shanghai like an ocean of small lights
and the colorful streets; the reefs telling him the city is
still breathing. The view he once dreamed of to see, as
time flew by became reality.
..........Lost in his thoughts he thinks of how the year
passed by, oceans to oceans, from city to city.
A reflection he sees, stars in the deep night; him. And
like every car driving on separate lanes, he and the people
he sees are the same. He never thought that life would
bring him to this place, every second and moment he is
living changed.

He sees himself sitting in one of those cars, not
knowing where the journey will bring him or who is
gonna jump in with him. But he knows, all the cars still
driving on the streets the ones willing to find the answers
till they succeed.
............A long ride it already was, a longer one it’s going
to be, but please have hope that at the end of the ride,
light and another beautiful city is going to be there for
him to see.

Perfect Night

Patrick Nattawat Finkler

See how time flies by
Look back to our highlights
A story of u and I
Didn’t know where this would go
Driving on this scary road
But day and night I’ll be by ur side

Happy to have u is all I will say
Thank u for making me having today
Having today

Tired of trying can happen sometimes
But I wanna tell u that we will be alright
We will be alright

See the stars shining up the sky
Guiding my life
Midnight moonlight
Hop on the ride to a perfect night

We will be
An ocean of stars
Filling the sea
Under the moonlight
Hop on the ride to a perfect night


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