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Published by hazril040919, 2020-02-18 01:10:48

Presentation 3

Presentation 3

The elephant & the unlucky

Author : Hazril


This story take inspiration from Zootopia movie


Once upon a time in the Rain
Forest District ,Elephant is

walking to his home.On the way
to go home,Elephant saw a fox
that is exhausted.Why you so
tired ask the Elephant.The fox
says “My family was killed by a
group of wolf and they is looking

for me”


“Oh,you very unlucky.Do you want
stay with me at my home.I will protect
you”said the Elephant.“Oh, you very

kind.Thank you.”said the fox.A few
month later, the fox start thinking to

take the Elephant’s money.In the
weekend Elephant want go to

Zootopia City because has a meeting
with Mayor.The Elephant ask the fox
to looking for his house.Elephant is

very belie5ve in fox.


After Elephant left the home,
the fox start his plan to take
all of the Elephant money

and left the home.


After back from Zootopia, the elephant is very shocked
because all his money was gone.He very regret because trust
the fox.Then, the Elephant go to police station and make a

police report.A few days late8r, the fox has been arrested.

The fox is very guilty because take the Elephant’s money that
was help him.The fox try to ask for forgiveness but the
elephant don’t forgive him.

The End


“Don’t bite the hand that feeds you”


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