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Low Organized Games

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Published by Aubri Jordan, 2019-04-25 14:39:08

My Games

Low Organized Games

Low Organized Games

Aubrianna Jordan
KINE 1151 P03

Game Titles Table of Contents Page Number
1. Warm Up 1.
2. Crab Walk Soccer 2.
3. Dead Ant 3.
4. Musical Balls 4.
5. Tug a War 5.
6. Ball Relay 6.
7. Bean Bag Really 7.
8. Huckle Buckle 8.
9. Hop till ya drop 9.
10. Loopsy Obstacle course 11.
11. Blind Man’s Game 12.
12. Scooter Relay 13.
13. Coconut Joe 14.
14. Wrap it up

Warm Up

● Run 2 laps around the gym
● Take 5 minutes to stretch

Crabwalk Soccer


● Everyone will first be split into 2 teams. A soccer ball will be placed
in the middle of the court. When the assigned number is called they
will then in into the crablike position, facing upward with both hands
and feet on the ground, they must then try to kick the ball on the
other teams side only using their feet.


● Students have to work together to

strategize how to get the ball into the

other teams court


● Soccer ball and cones

Dead Ant


● There will be one person “it” and their goal is to tag everyone. Once a
person is tagged then they have to lay on their back with their hands
and feet in the air resembling a dead ant. The only way to come alive
again is for four people to tag each limb. Once a person has been
dead 3 times, they become “it”.


● Not become the dead ant


● Cones


● There will be balls lined up at half court, the their

will be one less ball than the number of total students.

The students will then form a large circle around the

balls. The music will play and everyone will walk in a

circle until the music stops. Once the music stops

everyone has to try to get a ball, the person that

doesn’t have a ball is out.


● To have the ball in your hand when the music goes off


● Small Balls and Music

Tug of War

● There will be a long rope, with a bandanna tied around the center

and the center of the rope will be in the half court line. A event
number of students will be on each side of the rope. The students
must then try and pull the other team across the half court line, the
first side to accomplish this wins.
● To pull the other team across the half
court line
● A long thick rope

Ball Relay


● Each team will be given 15 balls that will be stacked perfectly inside
of a hula hoop. The two teams will be behind a baseline, at the end
of the court will be a bag for each team, one person will run and
drop a ball in the bag and comeback and tag the next person, the
last person to put the ball in the bag will then bring the bag back
down to the other end and restack all the balls perfectly in the hula
hoop. The first team to do this wins.


● Be the first team to stack the balls inside the bag


● 30 balls
● 2 hula hoops and 2 large bags

Bean Bag Relay


● There will be two teams, each team will have the same number of bean
bags equal to the number of people on each team. There will be a bucket at
the end of the court for each team to place their beanbags in. The first
person will run and put the beanbag in the bucket and when they come back
they will link arms with the next person and they will go put the bean bag in
the bucket. The first team to have all bean bags in the bucket and very still
linked together wins.


● To work as a team to run together to place

the bean bags into the bucket


● Bean Bags
● 2 buckets

Huckle Buckle

● Everyone is partnered, they will then split and stand across from each
other in two lines. The leader will shout huckle buckle, then call out a
various act for the other person to do to their partner the last partner
to do this is out.

● Each team to listen and move

quickly so they wont get out
● None

Hop till ya drop

● There will be three even teams, split behind the line, each person must

hop in the sack down to the half court line and back, and sit down the
first team to do this wins.
● Be the first team down the
court and back
● 2 Large sacks

Loopsy obstacle course

● There will be two even teams, each team must complete the Obstacle

Course which will consist of spinning around two times, doing
hopscotch through 5 hula hoops, then shooting the basketball into the
hoop. The first team to complete
this wins.
● Be the first team to complete the
obstacle course
● 2 basketballs
● 10 hula hoops

Blind man’s game


● There will be two teams, each person will be blindfolded and guided to
the basketball goal, then successfully make a shot. The first team to
accomplish this wins.


● Each person to successfully

make a basket blindfolded


● 2 basketballs
● 2 blindfolds

Scooter Relay

● There will be 3 even teams in a row on the baseline. Each person will race on

the scooter around a cone and come back, then the next person will do the
same. The first teams to have everyone go around the cone and back wins.

● Each person on each team to race on the scooter and back

● 3 scooters

Coconut Joe


● There will be a designated” monkey” who will through a “coconut”
from outside the basketball line at the “tourists” who have to remain
inside the cones and basketball lines. When the coach yells
coconut joe the tourist must run to escape from getting hit by the
monkey, once someone is hit they then become the tourist.


● Not get hit by the ball


● 4 cones
● Many dodgeballs

Wrap It Up

Thank you for your participation with the games. Have an amazing and blessed day

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