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english foundation-ผสาน (1)

english foundation-ผสาน (1)


E 31101

Unit 1



1. She was a hardworking student.
2. She received detention as a punishment.
3. He didn’t use to do his homework.
4. She didn’t like her as she used to tell on everybody


Carolyn used
now she play

The Kims used to have a small house, Carlos used

but now they have a big house. now he ride

d to play the flute but James used to be chubby but

ays the violin. now he is thin.

d to ride a bike but Children used to travel by bus to
es a motorcycle. school but now they travel by car.

Answers will vary.

• When d
• When d
• When d

Answers will vary.
ed answers
did you last go to the dentist?
did you last cut your hair?
did you last go dancing?

1. Only the sons of the rich people we
2. They used to study Greek poetry, h
3. Teachers used to beat them.
4. They used to memorize pages of th
5. Because students with the highest

ent to school.
historical works, music and physical training.

he great Chinese philosopher Confucius.
score could get a job in the government.

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