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January issue of Jiujiteira Magazine

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Jiujiteira Magazine January 2022

January issue of Jiujiteira Magazine

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issue ELEVEN | JANUARY 2022

ladies night at
page 20

JANUARY 2022 cover story 20

High Rollerz

sections: 27
Triangle from Side Control Part 2 40

Suffragette Jiu-Jitsu


The Path of Courage


Train with the F***ing Men


Wrist Locks


every issue: 4
New Beginnings

Akeela AK Al-Hameed





Some of the most
significant moments from

IBJJF Worlds came from
the women's division.



EVELYN SUTTON is on a mission january 2022
to uncover and promote the universe
of women in one of the deadliest ISSUE № 11
martial arts in the world.

PUBLISHER’s corner &

New Beginnings king's table

At some point in your life, you made the In moments like this we need inspiration. Creative Director & CEO
decision to start something new. Whether it In this issue, we bring you High Rollerz, a Evelyn Sutton
was a job, a relationship or a hobby, it took cannabis friendly BJJ promotion created by
a great amount of courage to venture into "Mighty Matt" and "Big Lonn.". In this tourna- writers
uncharted territory. After all, the familiar is ment, competitors are required to smoke Chris Fletcher
comfortable and safe, however the familiar cannabis with their opponents before the Charlotte McKinley
doesn't allow enough room for us to grow. match. Not everyone was thrilled about the David Sutton
cannabis infused approach and High Rollerz Evelyn Sutton
According to science, new experiences encountered a fair amount of criticism. Yet,
make us smarter. Any time you learn they persevered, and a couple of years into it, Girls in Gis
something different, you’re expanding your HR is still going strong and growing exponen- Samantha Seff
mental capacity by creating brand new con- tially in support and popularity (page 20). Sophia McDermott
nections between your neurons, reshaping, Vhilena Nelson
fine-tuning and rejuvenating the brain. Next up: Gabi Garcia and her announcement Yvone Duarte
to retire from gi competitions during World,
Starting anything new is exciting but there the largest IBJJF event of the year. The multi proofreading
is also a level of risk and anxiety associated World Champion has a bright future ahead, Edgard Esperança
with it. Sometimes, in order for something which includes ADCC and a promising movie
new to begin, something old must end. That career in Hollywood (page 12). sales managers
realization may cause grief and a longing for Caitlyn White
what is ending. Those feelings are natural, Maybe you never imagined that trying a new (Central Florida)
however if we remain attached to the past, it sport like Jiu-Jitsu would change your life.
will be difficult to embrace the future. But it did, in amazing ways. This one deci- Sierra Minchaca
sion triggered a series of changes that crafted (Northern California)
Just imagine how different your life would the person you are today: healthier, more
be if you had never made the decision to confident, stronger, smarter and happier. photography
sign up for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes? Blanca Marisa Garcia (cover photo)
Think about all the friends you would not Traditionally, the beginning of a new year is
have made, the grappling skills you would an excellent time to start something new. So Evelyn Sutton
not have learned, the confidence and make it a personal goal to begin at least one Michelle Chopp
strength you would not have developed. It new thing this year. Trust the magic of new
is very likely you would not even be reading beginnings! Your whole life can change for HEADQUARTERS/FLORIDA OFFICE:
this magazine right now if you had not, one the better when you take a chance. 880 Mc Clendon Street, Melbourne, FL 32935
day, decided to become a Jiujiteira. U (321) 917-1599
let’s keep rolling... Follow us online and keep the conversation going! Subscribe online at JIUJITEIRAMAGAZINE.COM. Please allow
8-12 weeks for subscription to start. Jiujiteira Magazine, LLC is
jiujiteirausa jiujiteirausa [email protected] published in partnership between LuxDei Studio in Florida and
King's Table Studios in California. The contents of Jiujiteira Mag-
azine, associated websites, advertisements, articles, graphics,
photographs and any other published content are protected by
copyright law and may not be reproduced, distributed or modi-
fied without prior written consent of Jiujiteira Magazine. Jiujitei-
ra Magazine does not necessarily endorse, verify, or agree with the
content, and makes no guarantees as to the accuracy, complete-
ness, timeliness, or usefulness of any content. Jiujiteira Magazine
shall not be held liable for any errors or omissions in the content.
©2021 All rights reserved. Any reproduction, in whole or in part, is
prohibited without written permission from the publishers.




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"Every new KEDLaLnYielle
generation, the level
getting higher with

competitors who
have been training
from a young age

showcasing the
best grappling in
the world. Women’s
Jiu-Jitsu matches
are more exciting

to watch, more
explosive with a lot

of technique and

- Danielle Kelly

PHOTO BY FURY Recognized for her superior grappling abilities, Danielle Kelly is a 26-year-
old Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu phenomenon. A veteran of WNO, EBI, and ADCC Trials,
she has faced off some of the best female athletes in the sport, including
UFC champs. The MMA world better watch out! This BJJ Queen has plans to
expand her reign in combat sports and she is coming for blood.

Growing up, life at her to stand out in a nega- at night and despite not
home was tough for tive way. Being small and knowing anything about
Danielle Kelly. Her petite, Danielle became the grappling and being the only
father was very sick and as a target of bullies who made girl in class, she quickly fell
young girl, she was deal- life even harder for her. in love with the gentle art.
ing with a lot. Her coping Jiu-Jitsu became her escape.
mechanism was to isolate, Realizing their daughter She dedicated herself and
which caused her to develop needed self-defense train- her confidence grew, as well
some social issues. At ing, Danielle’s parents acted as her ground game. Dan-
school, she didn’t have any quickly and signed her up ielle competed in her first
friends, she didn’t feel like for classes at a nearby tournament four months
the other kids her age, and Jiu-Jitsu gym. Little Danielle after starting training. She
her strange behavior caused was taking BJJ classes late blew through her division




and took first place. She it makes me happy to see her parents. A beautiful, Q &A with
did so well, the event pro- how many more women unbreakable bond.
moter actually thought are wrestling now.” Danielle Kelly
that she was cheating Currently training at
and bumped her up to The reason there are Silver Fox BJJ in New JM: When did you feel
the advanced division more women in com- Jersey, Danielle’s first your career with Jiu-
where Danielle excelled bat sports nowadays is love is Jiu-Jitsu, however Jitsu was really taking
and took third place. because of the female the athlete has set her off and you thought
At 11 years old, Danielle athletes that came before ambitions on the octa- to yourself, “this is
Kelly had found her path such as Danielle Kelly. gon. Danielle is a big fan my path, this is really
and purpose in life. And of all the women in the what I want to do with my life”?
nothing was going to stop Unfortunately, Danielle’s UFC and at some point, DK: I think it was at the very first
her from achieving her father passed away she wants to compete in EBI (Eddie Bravo Invitational).
dreams in this sport. and later on, so did her MMA. Lately, Danielle Although I didn’t win it, I feel like
mother. Having lost has been getting closer I got even more attention than
As she got older, the both parents, Danielle’s to that goal by facing off the champion. That event helped
bullying stopped and in drive and commitment some pretty tough op- launch my career in Jiu-Jitsu. I got
seventh grade, Danielle to Jiu-Jitsu not only as ponents including UFC a lot of offers for matches and
joined the wrestling a sport but also as a life champions in grappling tournaments after EBI. Having the
team. There weren’t supporting practice, matches organized by UFC Fight Pass there, really helped
many girls wrestling at deepened. Today, as one Fury Grappling. me get noticed and get my name
the time and Danielle is of the most talented and out, which is good to see, because
happy to see how much accomplished female A black belt under Karel that helps bring more women to
women in the sport has grapplers of her genera- Pravec, Danielle is a sea- Jiu-Jitsu. Just like women’s MMA,
grown in recent years. tion, Danielle knows that soned competitor. Her everyone is really interested in the
“In high school, I was one her love for Jiu-Jitsu is resume includes multiple women UFC 115, 125 divisions.
of the only few girls in deeply attached to her Who’s Number One fights
the wrestling team and love and memories of with submission wins. JM: Is MMA in your radar?
DK: For sure. I still want to
compete in Jiu-Jitsu, it’s my first
love and I don’t think I could ever
abandon it. When I was going
through a rough time after the
passing of my mom, I took a year
off and not having Jiu-Jitsu in my
life made me depressed. Eventually
I want to have one or two fights
in MMA to see how I like it. I love
watching all the women in the UFC
go at it! It’s really fun to watch.

JM: Favorite submission?
DK: It used to be knee bars and
heel hooks. But now, my favorite
is the kimura. If you use it right,
it’s very powerful, hard to break,
and you can really control your
opponent with that shoulder lock.

JM: Any other activities you enjoy
outside of Jiu-Jitsu and training?
DK: I’m a big gamer. I like to play
games on my PC. It helps me take
my mind off things. Especially
if I’m overthinking about an
upcoming match or a seminar.
Playing games gives my mind a
break from my training routine and
it’s fun. I’m kind of a dork that way.


JM: What about your love At the first Fury, Danielle strategic work where she bullying or some kind of
life? Are you dating? competed against three- goes through every possi- intimidation in the past
DK: (laughs) …next time No-Gi Pans champion ble scenario, and decides and are pursuing BJJ as a
question… (laughs) that’s for Sofia Amarante and defeat- how she wants to respond means of empowerment.
the future. I do see myself ed her with a rear naked in that specific situation, “Because of my experiences
one day getting married and choke submission. Danielle working on attacks, escapes during childhood, I feel like
starting a family. I’m a big also submitted UFC veteran and submissions. Her I can relate to women who
introvert, and I like to keep Roxanne Modafferi at Sub- coaching team helps her may be struggling in their
my private life separate from mission Hunter Pro in 2020, take things to the next training due to trauma. My
my public life. As you get and tapped current UFC level by challenging her advice is to look for a gym
more popular as an athlete flyweight Cynthia Calvil- in difficult positions and where you feel safe and
people start becoming really lo at Quintet Ultra. More situations where she may comfortable. Make sure
interested in your personal recently, Danielle Kelly be in disadvantage. Being it’s a good environment
life. I want the interest to was scheduled to fight the a smaller grappler, it’s for you, make sure your
stay on my training, and current UFC strawweight crucial to understand how coaches, instructors and
keep my personal life behind champion Rose Namajunas to maximize your body. team mates are supportive.
closed doors. It helps me at Fury 3, but the champ Diet and cardio are also a Especially for women, I
stay focused and not be had to be removed from big part of her ritual. She feel like the environment
distracted with social media. the match due to COVID likes to be agile and wants is very important. If you
protocol. Namajunas was to be the fastest one on the train somewhere you feel
JM: Being a women’s replaced by another tough match. She’s one of the few safe and supported, you
magazine, we want to match, top strawweight smaller athletes known to will overcome whatever
know how do you maintain contender Carla Esparza. go up weight classes to face triggers come up from your
your beautiful long hair off bigger opponents. past experiences and build
with your demanding The event turned out to be strength from that. For
training schedule? a big upset for Esparza who “I do a lot of preparation me, personally, I try to stay
DK: I get it trimmed every lost the fight to Kelly due to work before a match but around people who uplift
month. For training, I try to medical stoppage. Esparza I’m also the kind of person me. And that has made the
tell every girl, if you have suffered a nasty cut over that when I get out there, difference in my training.”
long hair and you just put her eye when she lifted up I just do. I have a couple of
it up in a messy bun, it’s the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu star tricks up my sleeve I like to In her opinion, the future
going to get ripped off, and and slammed her down on use”, Danielle shares. looks bright for women in
that will damage it more. the canvas. Esparza’s head combat sports.
I recommend doing a came crashing down hard Besides competing and
ponytail with a braid. That’s into Kelly's forehead, and training, Danielle also en- "Every new generation,
my go-to. You’ll get less Esparza got a deep, bloody joys teaching. Simplifying the level of women’s
breakage. And I wash my cut over her eye. The sever- techniques and empower- Jiu-Jitsu is getting higher
hair three times a week. ity of the injury stopped the ing others on the mat, gives with competitors who
bout and Danielle Kelly was her a creative and social have been training from
JM: What’s a funny declared the winner. outlet she finds rewarding. a young age showcasing
moment in your journey Danielle plans to offer more the best grappling in the
you would like to share? Although Kelly hoped seminars in the future and world. Women’s Jiu-Jitsu
DK: Growing up, the things would’ve turned out grow as a coach. She loves matches are more exciting
promoters at tournaments differently, a win is still a watching women roll. to watch, more explosive
would put me against boys win. As they say, fortune with a lot of technique
and one time I went against favors the bold. Based on her own jour-
a Judo champion. That ney, Danielle has some and submissions." Y
boy tossed me five times When preparing for match- advice for women who
on the mat like a rag doll. es, Danielle does a lot of have experienced trauma, Follow Danielle:
Eventually he submitted daniellekellybjj
me. That was pretty funny.

JM: If you could pick
anyone to go against who
would it be and why?
DK: Mackenzie Dern. I
would love to compete
against her. She’s a
black belt in Jiu-Jitsu and
currently in the UFC, very
well respected and talented.
She’s definitely on my list.





the girl-only grappling tournament is back!

Coming Up: March 5th, 2022

We all agree that Brazilian up falling in love with the health
Jiu-Jitsu is a great sport benefits, the mentality of the game
for women and girls to and the BJJ community. Jepha is a
train in, build up confidence and fierce advocate for women's Jiu-Jitsu
learn effective self-defense tech- and women empowerment.
niques. For many, once you've been
a Jiujiteira for a little while, a fun ChickJitsu first started out as an
way to take your training to the next all-women's class and evolved into
level and put your grappling skills to a full tournament when Jepha
the test is to compete. noticed the need for more oppor-
tunities for women to compete in
ChickJitsu is a women-only absolute and events that guaranteed a girl
NoGi Jiu-Jitsu tournament that gives would be going against another girl,
Jiujiteiras of all ages an opportunity to instead of having to compete against
have fun, test their abilities and win a boy due to not having enough
some prize money. Last year, Chick- female competitors sign-up.
Jitsu had a great turnout in Florida.
For 2022, the promotion promises If you're looking for a tournament
bigger and better and is heading to where you will meet and hang out
Summerville, South Carolina on with other like-minded Jiu-Jitsu
March 5th at Black Force Mixed chicks, have a great time and even
Martial Arts & Fitness Academy. win some prizes, ChickJitsu is
the event for you. To sign up, go to
Jepha Mooi, the Jiujiteira behind Smoothcomp. Kids divisions start at 4
ChickJitsu, started training mostly years old and women's absolute prizes
for self-defense reasons, and ended are at $500+. Info:


the most exciting girls only grappling event of the year!

MARCH 5TH 2022


NoGi Women’s Absolute Kids, Teens, & Adults

$500+ PRIZE









o say that the latest installment of IBJJF World
was full of surprises is an understatement.
Fans of the sport sitting in the cold air-
conditioned audience of the Anaheim
Convention Center in California were kept
warm by the heat emanating from the
arena. Emotions ran high during three
days filled with drama, injuries, Jiu-Jitsu, and
Nicholas Meregali's polemic disqualification
made the event one for the history books.

Perhaps the most important IBJJF the competition circuit any time soon. In an
event of the year, World is usually emotional match, Ana Carolina Vieira won
quite exciting. But the latest install- the middle-heavyweight division.
ment exceeded expectations and delivered
some of the most significant moments of the One of the most unexpected surpris-
competition yet. Many of those moments es came from Gabi Garcia, who for
came from the women's division. Elizabeth the first time in over a decade was
Clay, Mayssa Bastos, Yara Soares and Gabi submitted and shortly after announced
McComb had impressive performances. her retirement from IBJJF gi competitions.
Gracie Humaita’s Bia Mesquita achieved her Queen of the heaviest weightclass, Gabi pass-
10th World title after beating Margot Cicca- es the crown to newcomer black-belt Gabrieli
relli and Luiza Monteiro. Despite the histor- Pessanha who got double gold by winning the
ical achievement, Bia has no plans of leaving super-heavyweight final, and the absolute.



Beatriz Mesquita warms up 1
for the match that earns her
10th World Champion title in
the lightweight division.



1. Sweat, tears + injuries: the medic's
table stayed busy all weekend
2-3. Ana Carolina Vieira secures the
medium-heavyweight world title

The remarkable Ruotolo Brothers and legend of women's Professores André and Angelica Galvão Champions Luana Alzuguir
Jiu-Jitsu and IBJJF Hall of Famer, Hannette Staack coaching and encouraging students and Ana Carolina Vieira

THE END OF The Future is
Bright for
AN ERA Gabi Garcia

P HOTO BY EV ELY N SU T TO N Gabi Garcia announced her decision to retire
from IBJJF Championships during the event
when she removed her black-belt after being
submitted by Yara Soares and threw it at the center
of the arena, a symbolic gesture representing her
retirement. As this era ends, another begins for the
World Champ, as Gabi prepares to compete at ADCC,
focus on her gym and MMA. In an emotional IG post,
she was grateful to IBJJF, her fans, her Professor,
Master Fabio Gurgel and her family. Speculation says
she may also pursue a movie career, after her latest
role in Halle Berry's Bruised, now available on Netflix.
Gabi Garcia's impressive legacy includes four ADCC
World titles and six IBJJF World Championships.





The inaugural World Class Grap- black male Gi and No Gi superfights. the West Coast. The idea to bring a
pling Grand Prix, presented by Ignite The seven-woman tournament fea- new Jiu-Jitsu event to the region was
and Zebra Athletics, was held on tured brown and black belt women the brainchild of promoter Jeremy
Friday, December 3rd, 2021. Canter- from around the country and offered Bjornberg and Zebra Athletics’ Mar-
bury Park, in Shakopee, Minnesota, a grand prize of $5000 to the winner. keting Director, Nicki Klein. Bjorn-
welcomed a packed crowd of local berg, who had recently rebranded his
and regional grappling fans, all there In the Midwest, Brazilian Jiu-Jit- promotion Driller Fights into Ignite,
to view the female lightweight Gi su has experienced rapid growth, got his start in hosting boxing events,
tournament and purple, brown, and though it is still heavily outpaced by and then added MMA and Muay


Thai to his repertoire. the event. Equal pay
He’d been considering for female athletes
putting together a is an ongoing issue
grappling event for a that affects the entire
while, but his limited sports world, and
knowledge of the sport one that is even more
had been a barrier. evident in martial arts.
Donovan saw a unique
Grappling was not his opportunity to make a
forte and he knew it, difference in that fight
and as soon as talks and worked hard to
for an event turned find sponsors to meet
serious, he brought her grand prize goal of
Zebra’s Operations $5,000 for the winner
Director and brown of the tournament.
belt Michelle Donovan
on board. Donovan, a Deciding on a rule set
brown belt at M-Theo- presented a problem,
ry under Ishmael Bent- as Donovan felt that
ley, has been in love there were drawbacks
with Jiu-Jitsu from the to the grappling rule
moment she stepped sets currently in play.
on the mats, nearly a She wanted something
decade ago. She’s espe- that rewarded effort
cially passionate about and action, while
the growth of women offering competitors
in grappling, and the chance to use a
that passion is what variety of techniques.
inspired her to add a It quickly became
female tournament to evident that the rule


set she wanted didn’t tions about the cage from competi- an atmosphere more
exist – yet. Donovan tors and making sure they were clear common to MMA
spent months drafting on how it would – and wouldn’t - be events. The competi-
a rule set, drawing on allowed to impact the matches. tors quickly figured out
her depth of experience the cage, as the ref was
training and competing MMA Futures provided a pay-per- quick to stop the action
in Jiu Jitsu, as well as view of the event for those who and recenter as the
consulting high-rank- could not be in attendance. PPVs rules allowed.
ing black belts. She and live streams are becoming
talked her teammates more common at regional events, a The card moved
at M-Theory into being development that benefits not only quickly, Donovan’s rule
guinea pigs, laying out the promotion and grappling fans, set and the decisive
the current draft of the but also the athletes, who are able ref proving to be the
rules, watching how to bring their names and skills to a key to active, high-
they played out in com- wider audience. The addition of a paced matches focused
petitive live rolls, and PPV proved to be a wise choice, as on submission. The
then adjusting. Always purchases of the event had sur- women’s tournament
adjusting. The final passed forecasted numbers by the rounds took place
product was an excit- third match and continued to rise throughout the card,
ing rule set that catered throughout the event. giving the winners
to the viewers, offering time to rest and rehy-
entertainment without And the cage that many of the drate before their next match. Four
sacrificing skill and technique. competitors and audience had been matches in the Quarterfinals sent
unsure about? It had added an grapplers Juliana Miller, Alex En-
Applications opened in October for unexpected tension to the matches, riquez, Akeela Al-Hameed, and Erin
the December event, and Donovan an aggressiveness to the competitors, Reis to the Semifinals, with Milla
was surprised to find that she had and a buzz in the audience, creating Mejia, Kelley Quijano, and Linsey
far fewer women applying than she Williams out. The final match of
had expected. Part of that could be the evening featured Alex vs Akeela
attributed to the fact that the event in a monstrous battle, from which
was close to the IBJJF World Cham- Akeela emerged victorious by deci-
pionships and that it was a brand- sion, taking home the well-deserved
new event, but she had hoped that $5,000 grand prize. Although no
the $5,000 prize would demonstrate prize had been arranged for second
that the promotion was serious place, after witnessing the phenom-
about promoting women and enal final event, Zebra and World
putting on a quality event. Donovan Class Grappling arranged for an
learned a great deal during her first additional $2500 to be paid to Alex.
stint matchmaking.
Ignite and Zebra will feature
When the doors opened at Can- their second World Class Grappling
terbury Park on December 3rd, Grand Prix this spring, which
attendees were surprised to find an will include a lightweight men’s
unexpected element for the matches
– a hexagonal cage, typically used in tournament. Y
MMA events, stood in the center of
the room. The referee and Donovan Learn more:
had spent much of the rules meeting
the night before answering ques- ignite-grappling-grand-prix/




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High Rolling


A meeting at rapper Wiz Khalifa’s studio between “Mighty” Matt
and “Big Lonn” ignited the spark that started High Rollerz. The
submission-only grappling event not only embraces cannabis use
but requires each participant to smoke a joint with their opponent
before the match. If you’re going to compete at HR, you’re going
to compete high. Several pounds of cannabis later, the event is still
going strong and growing in popularity. And with an all-women
exclusive night, the ladies have joined in the fun.


alking into to smoke a joint with their opponent
High Roll- before the match. The prize varies
erz HQ in Las from a pound of cannabis flower to
Vegas for the first each division winner, to quarterly
time is like walk- cash prize brackets and $1,000 gift
ing into a dream. A certificate from Jardin Dispensa-
very lucid dream. A ry. When compared to what other
heavy fog of burning promotions offer, HR is at the top of
marijuana hangs in the list, bringing more fun and value
the comfortably trendy to the athletes. Competitors also re-
reception area. A large variety of ceive a care package with a variety of
bongs, pipes, weed, beverages and cannabis and CBD products includ-
snacks for the munchies are readily ing cannabis water for hydration.
available, as well as High Rollerz
premium designed merchandise. At For the audience, High Rollerz is
first glance, you might think you are the Disneyland of BJJ and cannabis
at a hip smokers’ lounge. And you enthusiasts, weed is everywhere.
wouldn’t be totally wrong. After all, Joints are handed out by the fistful
everybody at HR is smoking. and even if you choose not to
indulge and don’t puff-puff-pass,
As you leave the reception and walk chances are you’re still getting a
through the doors that lead to the pretty solid contact high.
warehouse converted gym where
the action is taking place inside It’s not uncommon to look into the
the cage, you realize this is so much audience and see familiar faces
more than just a haven for cannabis such as Wiz Khalifa, Snoop Dogg,
enthusiasts but a sanctuary for the Tyron Woodley, Jorge Masvidal, Nate
art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Diaz… you just never know who is
going to walk through the doors at a
Puff, Puff, Roll HR event. Staudt is grateful for the
support: “I look out at our audience,
High Rollerz arrived on the scene in and it feels like we’re doing some-
2018 and immediately turned heads thing right. I am very thankful. The
as the first event to promote the use support we’ve enjoyed from notable
of cannabis in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. people from all walks of life is and
A submission-only tournament, has been incredible.”, says Staudt.
no points are given for position,
and that creates exciting matches From the quality and quantity of
with lots of interaction between the cannabis available, the elite fighters,
fighters and submission attempts. engaging entertainment, setup of
the facility and organization of the
High Rollerz is the brain child of events, everything is well done. The
‘Big Lonn’ Howard & ‘Mighty Matt’ level is second to none and the care-
Staudt. Each participant is required ful attention to detail is evident. High
Rollerz successfully puts the stoner
2 2 | J I U J I T E I R A MAGAZINE | JIUJITEIRAMAGAZINE.COM stigma to bed that “potheads” are
cloud headed, lazy couch potatoes
incapable of creating and executing
anything with excellence.

cover story HIGH ROLLERZ


“As “active stoners” ourselves I hate to promoting faster healing of sports Q &A with
the lazy and stupid stoner stigma per- injuries and relief for chronic pain
sonally. Beyond having fun and doing sufferers, cannabis offers a multitude 'Mighty Matt’
things differently and creatively our of medical uses and lifestyle benefits.
mission has always been to destigma- Athletes now have the option to refuse JM: How did High Rollerz
tize cannabis use”, Staudt explains. dangerous and addictive prescription get started?
painkillers and instead take advantage MM: I had been looking
Even in this day and age with all the of natural treatments with cannabis. to do a similar event with
advancements and attention cannabis the Diaz brothers in 2017
has been getting from the media and A new research from Oregon State Uni- and had it somewhat
medical fields, an event that openly versity show cannabis compounds even planned but I met Lonn
encourages and requires participants have the ability to prevent the coronavi- one night at Wiz’s studio
to smoke pot is still something that rus that causes COVID-19 from entering and he told me the idea:
will attract a fair amount of critics. human cells, effectively preventing a tournament where
The promotion has dealt with critics infection. This is a game changer. everyone smoked and a pound was
in a respectful way, by being up front awarded. I immediately started trying
and honest about their intentions to The use of cannabis has become more to convince him his idea could be done.
promote responsible cannabis use in accepted in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu also due Once he agreed to let me rock High
sports, build sponsorship opportunities to the support of popular community Rollerz 1 was planned and executed
by connecting athletes and cannabis influencers such as Joe Rogan, Eddie inside about 70 days total.
brands, and create an atmosphere that Bravo, Joe Schilling, Kron Gracie and
fosters sportsmanship and solidarity. Diaz Brothers. JM: Did you anticipate the success?
MM: No, we knew it would draw attention,
Nevada law allows anyone 21 years old Friendly chill atmosphere, elite and it has, good and bad. There was
or older to buy, possess and consume athletes, the endorsement of famous definitely a novel aspect to us at first.
marijuana for recreational use. Users celebrities and quality cannabis is a Folks weren’t sure if we were for real
do not need medical approval to formula for success. What started as and it was such a new idea it brought
smoke or use weed. an idea Howard shared with Staudt crazy attention. Once that subsided we
during a casual meeting, evolved into have continued with the support of our
As ambitious entrepreneurs and life- an incredible BJJ promotion with a die hard competitors and fans. There is
long practitioners of the sport, Staudt unique appeal. Together, they have definitely something we represent that
and Howard are helping change socie- created a community that is many identify with and therefore show us
tal perceptions in a time when legal- growing exponentially. support. If you’re a stoner and do Jiu-Jitsu
ization sweeps the nation and science I can’t see how you wouldn’t dig what we
uncovers more evidence of the myriad The ladies Get High do. The angle of incorporating fun into
of benefits of cannabinoids. our events does well for us as well, as we
Valerie Wong an active BJJ competitor stand starkly defined to other promotions
For many athletes, cannabis plays and professional mixed martial artist and remain a friendly platform for athletes
an important role in their recovery is currently High Rollerz’ women’s to compete. Anxiety is lowered as a result
process especially after hard training division champion, having won the for the competitor. I think many are drawn
sessions, rolls and matches. Brazilian title three times. back for this. We see many athletes lose
Jiu-Jitsu practitioners who are can- matches and then train and smoke a joint
nabis users claim the herb also helps “The events they put on are amazing. while watching the show, running back
reduce anxiety and enhance creativi- What they’re doing for the cannabis how they lost with the person that beat
ty. From facilitating physical recovery industry and the athletes is really cool them. We know this doesn’t happen at
very serious tournaments and we love it.
"High Rollerz successfully puts the stoner stigma to bed that
“potheads” are cloud headed, lazy couch potatoes..." JM: What has been your most
memorable moment at High Rollerz?
MM: There’s been a lot of really special
and memorable moments but the one
that always stands out was when Lonn
broke up the fight at our first event with
the joint. The competitors calmed down,
each hit it and got back to their match. We
had probably 700 people packed into that
room and everyone went nuts. It was a
really great moment for us and cannabis.

JM: Can we expect any big news/
exciting surprises for 2022?
MM: Yes, always! We are working
on a few exciting things right now that
are new, fun and different. We hope to
be able to announce soon.



and is making cannabis and podcast, The Vale Tudo
more athletic. Hey, here’s Hour. In true “The Bachelor”
an idea: let’s do the sport fashion, Renato gifted each
we love while smoking winning lady a pink rose at
cannabis! Being at the end of the matches.
High Rollerz is such a
good time!” The next High Rollerz La-
dies Night is scheduled for
The idea to have a High October. We speculate the
Rollerz Ladies Night current champion, Valerie
initially came from How- Wong will be in atten-
ard who wanted to have dance to defend her title,
an event to showcase as well as some big names
women’s Jiu-Jitsu and of women’s Jiu-Jitsu. If you
support Breast Cancer have the opportunity to be
Awareness foundation in Vegas during the event,
with a donation from the we encourage you to attend
proceeds. Staudt was on it. It’s an unique experience
board: “Women’s Jiu-Jit- of community, sportsman-
su is super entertaining ship, positive vibes and
so the idea was always overall good times.
going to happen, it just
took a little bit to plan.” As High Rollerz moves
into the future, Staudt's
Talking about entertain- intention is to continue to
ing… keeping the party put on better and better
going emceeing at High shows, and grow viewership
Rollerz is the one and for their featured athletes
only, Renato Laranja. A and sponsors.
well-known charismatic
presence in the Brazilian “We appreciate our fans,
Jiu-Jitsu community, competitors and sponsors
Laranja is famous for his more than they know.
hilarious sense of humor Without them we are noth-
ing and with them we have
WATCH ONLINE: something really unique.
HIGH ROLLERZ I’d like to thank Jardin
LADIES NIGHT Dispensary, The Originals
San Diego, Vibes Rolling
FEAT. ANGELA HILL, Papes, Dr. Dabber, GAME
JESSICA EYE, GILLIAN UP Nutrition, Khalifa Kush,
ROBERTSON & Cookies and Good Things
RENATO LARANJA Coming for allowing us to

do what we do.” Y

for upcoming events,
purchase merchandise and
follow on social

coach talk

TRIANGLE Part 2variations

from bottom side control

TRIANGLE Last issue, we showed you how to setup a triangle from bottom
side control. This issue we will show you other available submissions
from there if for any reason you can't finalize the triangle.

ARMBAR Setup the triangle: Other available submissions:
KIMURA 1. From bottom side control, make a "C" grip
with your left hand. 1. Armbar: One of your opponent's
2. With the "C" grip, push the inside of your arms is laying on your chest. With
opponent's left (top) elbow until you break a gable grip, pinch that arm against
their grip from under your head. your head, find the elbow and exert
3. As you push your opponent's arm down pressure into it for a straight armbar.
towards your legs, use your right hand to
block their hip. 2. Kimura: Take your right arm, go
4. Swing your hips and legs straight up as under your opponent's arm that is
you push your opponent's arm in between laying on your chest and pin their
your legs. Lock it up above their elbow. wrist to their hip in a 90° angle. Put
5-6. With your right hand still blocking your your left hand through the space
opponent's hips, use your left hand to push created by the angle between your
your opponent's head towards your legs opponent's body and their isolated
blocking their movements and neutralizing arm and grab your own wrist in a
any escape attempt. kimura grip. Sit back so that your
7. Bring your left leg up and behind your opponent's arm is naturally pulled
opponent's head as you begin to setup the out of the joint, then pinch your
triangle. Control their movements by firmly elbows tight and turn their arm,
holding their left sleeve. hand upwards, to finish the kimura.
8. Your right leg now comes straight down
in a figure four shape to close the triangle SCAN THIS QR
and finish the choke. CODE WITH YOUR
RECAP: Watch the video on how to setup TO WATCH THE
the triangle from bottom side STEP- BY- STEP
control on our website and then VIDEO TUTORIAL
watch this issue's video on other
available submissions from there:

DAV ID S UT TO N is the lead coach and owner of Carlson Gracie
Jiu-Jitsu Team in Melbourne, FL. With over 18 years in martial arts
and currently a brown belt in Jiu-Jitsu, David is responsible for
a successful kids, adults and womens' program at his gym.
Contact him at:

One Goal At A TimeGIRLS IN GIS



When setting goals, it’s helpful to think
of yourself as an investment. Every day
you invest in yourself by completing tasks
that contribute to your ultimate goals. It’s
important to remember to create goals that
are realistic and attainable. Sometimes we
set expectations for ourselves or don’t have
a plan to reach the desired destinations that
feel impossible to achieve. We need a clear
roadmap to get from point A to point B. The
question becomes: how can we set and reach
a realistic goal for our Jiu-Jitsu journey?




Make a commitment Organize your time
to yourself and drill the specific
It is important to recognize that you are making a
commitment to yourself and for yourself. On the Now we have identified specific areas we want
days when you struggle with distracting tempta- to improve, we can work towards achieving
tions, or lack self discipline, reflect on the purpose that. Remember that commitment we made
of your commitment. Remind yourself that if you do to ourselves? Every day, we need to make a deposit
not complete your daily tasks needed for that goal, into our investment. We do this by regularly devot-
that the only person affected is you. So when you ing some time and energy into completing the daily
make a commitment to yourself, keep it. You will tasks required to develop the specific areas that we
thank yourself later. wish to improve. First, we need to be honest with
ourselves and our time. It’s better to underestimate
Create one broad, how many training sessions you can attend weekly,
realistic goal than to overwhelm your schedule with more than
it can handle. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from
Choose one thing you want to work on. Don’t your training partners. Take advantage of open mats
overwhelm yourself with trying to master 5 or set up training sessions where you can drill and
techniques if you haven’t built a foundation work on areas you both need to improve.
yet. You have to crawl before you walk. There will
definitely be bumps throughout the journey, like Work on your specific
any journey in life. Life is unpredictable, you might techniques during sparring
endure an injury that prevents you from training.
The end goal isn’t out of reach! You adapt and accept Roll with purpose and intent. Work to execute
that this is part of life and do what your body allows what you have been working on during live
while you recover. Therefore, you are still able to rolling sessions. Ask your drilling partner if
reach your original goal. they would do positional sparring rounds with you.
But no matter what position you are starting in, keep
Create a smaller, the goal in the forefront of your mind and go for it.
specific goal
Soon enough, that year you gave yourself is over.
Now we have our broad realistic goal: i.e. I Reflect on the progress you’ve made and recognize
want to improve my Jiu Jitsu game by next that–even if you fell a little short you’ve still made
year. Next, we need to develop the goal by strides. and worked towards achieving your goals.
choosing a few specific areas to work on. Maybe Because of your focus, commitment, and action plan
there is a specific submission you’ve been struggling you have improved your Jiu JItsu game in one year.
with or have difficulty setting up a takedown. Manifest your dreams: rep by rep, drill by drill, pass

by pass, and tap by tap. Y



from mestra YVONE

Suffragette Jiu-Jitsu

A feminist movement that fought for women's rights in the early 20th century, the
Suffragettes were often exposed to violence and intimidation by the government. For
protection, they learned Jiu-Jitsu self-defense under Edith Garrud and built themselves a
secret security team of trained Jiujiteiras to ensure their voices would not be silenced.

t the beginning of the THE JIUJITEIRAS OF THE SUFFRAGETTES IN SAN FRANCISCO, 1915 learn Jiu-Jitsu, although it
20th century, the was not consistent. As his-
He then develops his own The Bartitsu Club, from tory shows, women's access
English suffragette technique which he called the beginning, welcomed to self-defense training suf-
movement saw the "Bartitsu". Back in London, women. William Garrud fered resistance, interrup-
State as an organi- he starts a club and invites (bodybuilding teacher) tions, and banishment. For
zation structured Japanese Jiu-Jitsu masters, and Edith Garrud trained a long time, women were
to oppress Sadakazu Uyenishi and with Japanese masters. not allowed to participate in
and banish Yukio Tani to join. Uyeni- The couple maintained Jiu-Jitsu classes, especially
women to shi was the author of a a dojo owned by master in countries like Brazil.
Jiu-Jitsu manual: Text- Uyenishi, where he offered
a position of inferiority. Book of Jiu-Jitsu (1905) self-defense classes to The Garruds, fiercely ded-
This movement demanded and Tani, performed as men, women and children, icated to the new martial
civil equality, not trusting a fighter in an attempt inspired by Jiu-Jitsu. art, put together several
the government to defend to popularize Jiu-Jitsu in demonstrations. Without
it, since the State used its London. Edward's effort This Jiu-Jitsu trajectory delay, feminist associa-
mechanisms to maintain in- sought to make Bartitsu took place during a his- tions that popped up in
equality, which consequent- an art of self-defense by toric time for women who London at the beginning
ly made women vulnerable. combining offensive and sought to win the female of the last century, invited
defensive techniques of vote in conjunction with William Garrud to per-
Often threatened by the close-range combat, in- the right to train self-de- form at the WSPU (Women
London police and unpro- cluding the use of sticks. fense and consequently Social and Political Union).
tected by the State, this However, the person who
suffrage feminist segment adapted Jiu-Jitsu for
decides to seek out self-de- self-defense was Edith.
fense techniques, and
brings them to the center The women present during
of their social and political the demos, were positively
activities to ensure the con- impressed with the effi-
tinuity of their movement. ciency of the techniques
and decided to organize
the Jiujiteiras a series of training work-
shops under the Garruds.
In the 1890s, Edward Wil- Edith was invited to join
liam Barton-Wright studies the feminist movement.
Judo and Jiu-Jitsu in Japan
at the Jigoro Kano School.

In the Kensington district and threatened the ladies Self-defense alone is not ed the female workforce,
of London, on Tuesdays in an attempt to stop their enough to establish equal- silenced them and tried
and Thursdays, self-de- efforts, end their meetings ity, although it is a very im- to keep them away from
fense classes were held for and silence them. portant exercise. However, centers of power.
women as well as paint- the truth is that we don't
ing, sculpture and singing. The set of Jiu-Jitsu tech- change societal context, Today, we continue to
niques in combination with culture, the patriarchy fight for empowerment,
To get ready for self-defense hand-to-hand combat fo- or the machismo, with equality, equity, against
class, the women would re- cused on defensive blocks, self-defense techniques, violence, oppression,
move items of clothing that armbars, and the oppo- we still have much more to misogyny, femicide, and
restricted movement and nent's inertia force. They do collectively. But, seeing machismo in the 21st
physical expression. And a combined these techniques in the beginning of the last century. We must keep
transformation started to with practical actions, century, the enormous fighting on and off the
take place. By allowing free- such as cutting policemen's contribution of Jiu-Jitsu to mat. There is still much
dom of movement, awaken- suspenders so they would women's conquests, Edith to be conquered, ensured,
ing the muscles, exercising worry about holding their indelibly defines Jiu-Jitsu and regulated when it
the body, self-defense pants up, blinding oppo- as a tool for female em- comes to women's rights.
effectively helped the wom- nents by opening umbrel- powerment. Despite the When writing the history
en establish a new relation- las, hiding scissors and century that separates us, of women's Jiu-Jitsu, it is
ship with the world and knives under their clothes. I pay her my respects, and important that we reach
with their own bodies. Free The self-defense program my long applause of admi- back to our precursors,
of the restrictive attires, for the women of this fem- ration! What a woman! because we, ourselves, are
the liberated female body inist organization was not destined to write their
becomes an instrument a resource chosen among In my own journey, I have story, or allow it to suffer
of emancipation, a means many to defend their cause, been already working the risk of being silenced
of perception of sophisti- the right to vote, but it was with this same perspec- and becoming invisible.
cated functions of the self, the only way that allowed tive of making Jiu-Jitsu an
resulting in political and them to fight for them- important ally for women Therefore, it is necessary
social transformations. selves and for all women. of vulnerable segments, to recognize the work of so
mainly as a tool for em- many wonderful wom-
Garrud goes further by In 1910, Edith wrote a powerment and female en who are important
implementing a secret feminist self-defense man- emancipation, when I dis- contemporary references
security service for the ifesto, “The Word We Live covered through a friend, in Jiu-Jitsu, which will
WSPU entity: the Body- in: Self-Defense”. Although the achievements of this certainly be the subject of
guard Society, led by she understood that there English suffragette who another article.
Gertrude Harding with 30 is a difference in physical did all of this at the begin-
trained women, aiming strength between men and ning of the last century, I We compete on the mat,
to protect all the ladies women, she absorbed the was deeply inspired. Since but as women in the world,
participating in meetings fundamentals of Jiu-Jitsu then, I have researched we must walk side by side,
and protests. It is worth well and expressed that the her story and the story of aware of all that has been
mentioning that during self-defense techniques of other women who, like done and sacrificed to
this time period, there Jiu-Jitsu are a powerful, her, faced the hegemonic recognize and guarantee
was a lot of hostility to- effective way for the weaker power of men in England our rights and spaces of
wards the causes of wom- person to use the strength during a time that exploit-
en, especially the fight for of the stronger aggressor equality for all of us! Y
the right to vote and equal against them. She added to
pay. Women gatherings this a political dimension, ME ST R A YVON E DUARTE M AGAL HÃES is the first
were often invaded by the as equality is established woman to earn a black-belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and the first
police, who broke chairs through the same principle. and currently only to be awarded the legendary coral-belt in
BJJ by IBJJF. A living legend in the sport, Yvone resides in Brasil,
where she is currently finishing her studies in Psychology
and is an advocate for women empowerment. Send her
comments/questions to: [email protected]

Beauty is a Beast


Together Adopting an Alter Ego


n alter ego is an aspect of the self that can be called ..."studies suggest
upon at need. It is a way to increase your power that when people talk
as well as your knowledge. When you use it, you about earlier traumatic
create a new personality that has certain powers situations in the third
and characteristics. For example, if you were person, they tend to
in danger, you could summon this other perceive themselves
persona and send him or her out to face the with much more
threat. I suppose that may seem strange to compassionate eyes."
some or even like a personality disorder.
In reality, though, we all have such perceive themselves with rary alter ego, where one
aspects of ourselves. We are not much more compassion- creates a persona that
ate eyes." In other words, acts in a different manner
truly one person but rather many. And when we need a detached viewpoint can than their normal self.
help, we often do not want to ask our "real" selves for alleviate worry and panic By using the alter ego,
assistance; we want someone who is strong enough to by helping us to summon you can temporarily feel
handle whatever trouble we're having. This alter ego can confidence for critical stronger, more powerful,
be created by you or found within yourself. If you create occasions. The point is and more capable than
it, then you will have full control over its actions and that you aren't bound by you normally would. As
abilities. You will also gain a sense of power from being your current identity in- mentioned before, the
able to call on another part of yourself. definitely; you can change ability to project yourself
it to become more like onto another persona is
Immersing yourself in emotions can lead to un- the person you want to be a useful skill that can be
healthy mental thinking, therefore putting some dis- or tap into your alter ego used as a tool in order
tance between yourself and your emotions can help for situations that cause to boost confidence. An
you better manage them. Illeism, which is described anxiety or discomfort. example of this is when
as "the act of referring to oneself in the third person," Illeism can also refer to a person feels nervous
is one way people can construct a momentary alter the creation of a tempo- about speaking to others,
ego. Illeism is not often accepted since it makes the
individual appear pompous, but it can be a useful
strategy for lowering fear and increasing confidence.

According to psychotherapist Kim Schneiderman,
"studies suggest that when people talk about earlier
traumatic situations in the third person, they tend to


he or she might choose to act in
an exaggerated fashion, such as
pretending to be very brave and
confident in order to mask his
or her true feelings. The use of
illeism allows individuals to feel
more comfortable in front of oth-
ers and less anxious about sharing
their opinions. One reason why
people sometimes use illeism is
because they find it easier to speak
up and share their thoughts with
others. They are able to commu-
nicate more easily and get things
off their chest. It's a technique that
helps them to relax and feel more
open towards others.

Another reason for using illeism
is that it allows individuals to
express themselves without
worrying about how they look or
what others think. There is no
judgment from others and they
can simply say whatever comes
to mind without having to censor
themselves. “Your current behav-
iors are simply a reflection of your
current identity,” psychotherapist
Kim Schneiderman writes. “What
you do now is a mirror image of
the type of person you believe that
you are (either consciously
or subconsciously).”

You may be asking yourself why
you would need or want an alter
ego. The first reason is that you
don't always have to rely on your
usual self. You can step back and
take a different perspective. The
second reason is that you can use
your alter ego to make you more


confident. There are many times in to accept a job offer. Maybe you are Many people underestimate the
our lives we may want to try some- starting a new relationship. Perhaps power of utilizing an alter ego out
thing new, but we hesitate because you are worried about starting a of fear that it will somehow cor-
we are afraid of failing. Using your business. Whatever the case, you rupt their true self. This is not the
alter ego gives you a chance to try can ask your alter ego for advice and case. The alter ego is just that: an
something new without risking learn from their experience. alternate persona. While it does
failure. It also helps you to feel more resemble your true self, it is sepa-
powerful. Your alter ego can give Using an alter ego can be helpful for rate and distinct. Your alter ego is
you the courage to take action and dealing with stressful situations. If not a reflection of your true self, it is
overcome your fears. you feel overwhelmed, you can cre- a separate entity. You can think of it
ate a persona that is calm and con- as an extension of yourself, but it is
An alter ego often personifies some- fident. You can use your alter ego to not the same thing. The alter ego is
thing that you are trying to achieve, bolster your own confidence so you merely a persona you can utilize to
but that you are too scared to can handle whatever problem you're help you through tough times. The
actually attempt. It could be joining facing. You can also create an alter alter ego can be helpful in a variety
a new activity, group, or relation- ego to help you deal with the stress of ways, but it should never replace
ship. It could be going to college or of a difficult task. You can create a your true self. Identifying with an
getting a promotion. Whatever it is, persona that is more patient and alter ego does not make you men-
you can find the strength to take the can focus on the task at hand. By tally deranged or unstable. Rather,
leap by creating a persona that will using an alter ego, you can stay calm it is a way of coping with the world
help you succeed. and focused on a particular issue around you.
while still feeling confident.
The alter ego can be a useful tool The best way to discover the uses of
for making decisions, especially Maybe you're shy and desire to be a your alter ego is to experiment and
when there is risk involved. You singer, stand-up comedian, or pub- see what works for you. There is no
can imagine yourself as someone lic speaker. You can create an alter one right answer to the question of
else in order to come up with ideas ego that has confidence and cha- how to use an alter ego. You can try
or solutions to problems. If you are risma in order to accomplish this different methods and figure out
unsure about what to do, you can goal. An alter ego can be helpful in what works for you. Some people
use your alter ego to help you make everyday life as well. It can help you prefer to use their alter ego as a way
the right decision. You can also turn to be more productive. You can use to hide or cover up their weaknesses
to your alter ego for advice. Perhaps your alter ego to tackle tasks that or flaws. Others like to use it as a
you have been wondering whether you normally avoid. You can create way to bolster their confidence. The
a persona that is more decisive and key is to find a method that fits you.
The ability to assertive. You can use your alter ego You may find that adopting an alter
to make important calls or complete ego is just the thing you need to take
project yourself difficult projects. Your alter ego can on the New Year and accomplish
help you to get things done. You some goals you've been putting off.
onto another can use your alter ego to complete Make this the year you throw cau-
chores around the house. If you tion to the wind, face your fears, and
persona is a useful have a hard time waking up in the start living your best life. Embrace
morning, you can create an alter ego all of yourself and be the person you
skill that can be that is energetic and enthusiastic.
most desire to be. Y

used as a tool in

order to boost V HIL E N A N E L S ON is a professional hair stylist and owner of
confidence. His & Her Mobile Hair Salon in Melbourne, FL. A blue belt in Jiu-Jitsu,
Vhilena competes in BJJ and is a local advocate for women in the
sport. You can contact her at: [email protected]


2 yoga for jiu jitsu

Couragethe path of

This uplifting simple flow of
poses will help you connect
with your inner warrior and find
the courage to move forward
when life feels chaotic.

Low Crescent Lunge Warrior One 3

Start in downward facing dog. As From neutral low crescent, Child's Pose
you exhale, step your right foot move into warrior one by
forward, between your hands. Lower engaging the core, and pushing After a few rounds of low crescent and
your left knee to the floor, sliding through the feet, lift the back warrior one, nothing is better than
the foot back until you feel a stretch knee up from off the mat. To completely surrendering your tired
in the left hip and thigh. With the help you with balance, find muscles and relaxing your breath
next inhale, engage your core, open something straight ahead of in child's pose. Stay in this pose as
your chest and sweep your arms you at eye-level, to look at. long as you like. You'll feel mentally
up alongside your ears. Hands are Keep your chin parallel to the rejuvenated and overall stronger.
stretched out and active. If you have floor. Raise your arms straight
the flexibility in your lower back, up to the sky and gently "sit"
take a gentle backbend and stretch your hips, by lowering down
deeper. Hold for 5 breaths. When you just enough to feel the stretch
are ready, move to the next pose in along your back leg. Stay here
the flow: warrior one. for 5 deep breaths. To get out
of the pose, shift your weight
1 to the front foot and step the
back foot to meet the one in
front. Go back to downward
facing dog. From there, take a
low crescent lunge again, this
time, step the left foot forward
and continue from there to
work both sides of the body.

FIRE STARTER: Continuosly E V E LY N S UT TON is a E-RYT200 yoga teacher and owner of
move through this sequence, LuxDei Studio in Melbourne, FL. Publisher of Jiujiteira Magazine,
working both sides of the Evelyn applies her personal practice and knowledge of yoga to
body, at a set pace while her Jiu-Jitsu training and helps others do the same. Send questions
breathing through the nose for this column to: [email protected] or
to ignite a powerful detoxing
body heat and mental clarity. JIUJITEIRAMAGAZINE.COM | J I U J I T E I R A MAGAZINE | 3 5

close choke

Akeela, The Warrior


Akeela AK Al-Hameed JM: How did your journey and everything changed! Jiu-Jitsu, I can potentially
is one of the toughest with Jiu-Jitsu unfold? My attitude went from “I have four matches in one
women you will ever AA: Minnesota is a wres- hate this” to “I love this!” day at a tournament, and
meet. A BJJ black belt and tling state and I didn’t and Jiu-Jitsu took over. that’s pretty nice.
MMA fighter, she served really like Jiu-Jitsu at first
in the army, is currently a because a lot of people who JM: Tell us about your first JM: How did you transi-
firefighter and works part- train here have that wres- BJJ competition: tion from BJJ to MMA?
time at a jail. Besides being tling background and it’s AA: I had been training for AA: MMA is what I origi-
tough, she's also someone such a grindy background. six months and I had never nally wanted to do but my
who cares about others I was constantly getting my submitted anybody at my coach had a formula where
and hopes to be a positive face smushed, I was getting gym. I never even won one he wanted me to do a num-
influence in people's lives. smothered and there were match at my gym. But all ber of Jiu-Jitsu, kickboxing
no other women at the my teammates were so en- and Muay Thai matches
JM: Tell us about yourself. gym that I was at. I was couraging, they would say, and once he thought I was
How did you get involved the only woman for about “you are going to do great ready, then he would set
with Jiu-Jitsu and MMA? two years other than the at competitions!” And I’m me up with a MMA match.
AA: I grew up playing coach’s wife. I really hated thinking to myself: “What?! I followed his plan and did
basketball through high Jiu-Jitsu in the beginning. I get beat up by everybody five MMA fights.
school and a little bit in But it was a necessary here, everyday, there is no
college, then I joined the thing because I wanted to way I am going to go out JM: You’ve fought for
army. I served for eight do MMA. And my coach there, do a competition and Invicta. How was that?
years. I deployed once and was adamant: “you have to win.” But yeah… I went out AA: Even though I lost
when I came back, a friend do this”, so I was like, “ok, there and I did win. by decision, the whole
of mine said “you look like fine.” Then somewhere experience was awesome.
you can fight. Come to my around my purple belt, I JM: Once you started Shannon is all for women
gym!” So I did. And you started to have fun with it competing, when did you and women’s martial arts.
know what… I was army, know you wanted to pur- She made it really easy. The
pretty fit and I thought I sue this as a career? production is incredible. In-
was kinda tough. Well, I AA: Right away. I enjoy the victa is an amazing organi-
got beat up. I was like, “I’m competition part of Jiu-Jit- zation for women in MMA.
coming back tomorrow.” su even more than I enjoy
And I got beat up again! MMA because you know JM: Do you feel that the
After that I said, “sign me you will have matches. male-dominated envi-
up, I need this!”. That’s With MMA, you may get ronment of MMA is even
how I started with Jiu-Jit- an opponent and they may more restrictive than BJJ
su, Muay Thai, and boxing. back out. You spend all when it comes to women?
Currently I'm a Minneap- this time training and you AA: Yes, absolutely. In
olis firefighter and I work don’t get to fight, so that recent years Jiu-Jitsu has
part-time at a jail. part kinda sucks. But with really opened up more for



"...if you are willing to stick it out as a woman
in this crazy sport, then you’re amazing to me."

females, especially with felt like I could’ve had more JM: Who are some of the JM: Since you love
all the opportunities that fights but nobody wanted women in MMA and BJJ traveling, what places
so many promotions now to fight me. who inspire you? are in your bucket list:
offer women. I also think AA: Number one is Gaby AA: My brother is actually
women are more drawn to JM: What’s your most Garcia. Gaby inspires me going to Cartagena and I
Jiu-Jitsu for maybe self-de- memorable fight to date? for the reason I spoke about told him, “tell me what it’s
fense reasons. MMA is still AA: That's a weird ques- before. She gets a lot of like and then I’ll be going
very tough for females. tion because I don’t really flack for how she looks and too.” Other than that, Cos-
There was a point in time remember my fights. Once that’s stupid to me. But she ta Rica is on the list. Japan
when I felt I wasn’t get- it's over, I’m like… “what just doesn’t let it affect her. She is a big one on my list. I’m
ting as many fights, not happened?”. But I would say keeps pushing forward and trying to plan that one out
for being a woman but that my most memorable I love that about her. Leticia because I want to spend at
because of the way I look. fight is one that happened Ribeiro, she’s another one. least a month there. Then
Nobody ever told me this recently at IBJJF Masters She’s amazing! I love watch- everywhere really. I want
but I felt that because I’m World. It was the first time ing her videos and watch- to travel everywhere.
muscular, I am not the that I grappled with a black ing her coach. I try to pick
typical feminine type, that belt female. Coming up, all up on techniques when JM: Does anybody else in
hurt me in getting match- the way from white belt to I watch her. Any woman your family fight?
es. Other females would black belt, I never had the really, whatever belt or AA: No, just me. I wanted
look at me and say, “I don’t opportunity to roll with a skill level, I’m always a fan to box when I was sixteen
want to go against her, she’s female black belt. I signed because I know what they years old and my mom
probably on steroids…” all up for the tournament and I had to go through to do was like, “no, you’re not
this crazy stuff. There were didn’t know what to expect. this. It’s not fun most of the doing that. You’re going
so many accusations. And All my guy friends were time. And if you are willing to play basketball.” So I
it was never true. Where confused. I told them, “what to stick it out as a woman in did. Now that I’m older,
with men, they see a tough if you had never rolled this crazy sport, then you’re she watches my fights and
guy and they want that with a black belt male and amazing to me. says, “Wow! You are really
guy. Women are a little bit then you were going to go good at this!”. My family
different. In that aspect, I compete against one?” JM: Describe a day in is super supportive. My
your life when you’re not brothers are fairly large,
I S AA: I talk to my plants. me around saying I can’t
I have a lot of plants. I take them… I’m like “yeah
garden when it’s not snow- whatever…”. It’s all in good
ing. I love being outside. I fun and I let it slide.
love growing my food and
getting my hands dirty in JM: What’s it like being a
the soil. It’s very relaxing firefighter? And how did
to me. I also travel a lot. I that happen?
try my best to get out of AA: One of my old training
the country at least twice partners was a firefight-
a year. I’m addicted to er and he told me that I
traveling and the culture should go apply. That was
shock of different places. five years ago. I applied


and I got a call. I was sur- about a year. It’s a mix of ropes and help you navi- more opportunities for
prised and excited. Being men and women. I enjoy gate the environment. If women to get paid in the
a firefighter is amazing! it a lot. I wasn’t always a you’re not feeling good one sport. I hope there are
But I wasn’t prepared for good kid and one day a po- day, they can recognize it more opportunities to
the amount of death that lice officer said something and help bring your focus be seen and recognized
you see on the job. Nobody to me that clicked in my back to your training. as a female athlete. And
really explains that part to brain. And I turned my life Especially being a woman, worldwide, not just in
you when you’re consider- around. If I can do that for if you’re getting beat up ev- Brazil, the United States
ing becoming a firefighter. one of those inmates, it’s ery single day, there’s going and European countries,
You think you’re going to all worth it. If I can show to be a day when you don’t but all over the world, I
go fight fires, help EMTs, some interest, say some- want to go back to class, if hope more women have
go on certain medical thing positive to them, you have a person at the the opportunity to train
calls but there’s a large be honest and real with gym who is invested in you, in combat sports and
part - especially nowadays them, maybe something hopefully, when they don’t martial arts if they want
with the opioid crisis and will click in them too. see you for three days, they to, without restrictions.
the amount of homeless- will reach out and get you
ness and violence going JM: Did you ever have a back in class. Often, some- JM: And what does 2022
on in Minneapolis - that situation where you had one who cares is all the have in store for you?
involves death. There’s a to restrain an inmate? motivation you need. AA: I don’t know. I’m going
lot of death. I wasn’t really AA: Oh, yeah, a couple of to have fun and get beat
prepared for that. I believe times. It never was anything JM: What are your hopes up, enjoy a little bit of
that my outside lifestyle of crazy. Usually when some- for the future of women time off but I know the
Jiu-Jitsu prepared me to one acts out and they need in combat sports? competition bug will bite
have the empathy, com- to be restrained, they kinda AA: I hope the pay equals me soon, and 2022 will be
passion and understand- want to be restrained, if that out, and there are many
ing you need as a firefight- makes sense. They don’t nice just like 2021 was. Y
er because of all the stuff really resist. I mean, you got
you see. And you just gotta four people on one, they are
know that everybody’s not going to fight much.
journey is different.
JM: What’s your advice
JM: Are there any other for women who want to
female firefighters in compete in BJJ or MMA?
your department? AA: Just keep showing up,
AA: Yes, we have a lot of find a gym that you really
ladies. And I’m grateful love and keep coming to
for them. They paved the class. What I did was, I
way for us younger women found someone in the
coming in. The department gym I could latch on to
back then when they start- and I would follow them
ed was the ‘good old boys everywhere and try to do
club’ and that’s no fun. what they were doing and
it helped me. That person
JM: You also work at a jail? really took me under their
AA: Yes. I work part-time wing too, especially later
at a jail as a corrections of- on when they realized I
ficer. I’ve been there seven was serious about compet-
years. It’s a low level jail ing. Try to find someone
where people are there for who can show you the

out of the cage

Train with the F***ing Men

ecently, I was very fortunate to instructionals to date. I had crossed paths
attend a seminar a few hours with Clay at many tournaments and gyms,
away by 2 of my most admired but this was my first opportunity to learn
people in the Jiu Jitsu community, from no doubt one of the best women in the
black belts Kristian Woodmansee sport directly and I was lucky enough to have
and Elisabeth Clay. I had known her graciously give me an interview after the
3-day seminar came to a close. Before I go
Kristian for quite some time, having into some of the things we discussed, let me
previously hosted him at a seminar start by introducing readers to the numerous
at my academy, and it had
been one of my all-time favorite credentials of Ms. Clay.

Those familiar BJJ affiliation and has level and competitions in Always a high-
with the sport won top tier medals since F2W (Fight to Win), WNO ly competitive
are well-aware of juvenile and blue belt at (Who’s Number One), and athlete, Clay made
the numerous accolades the biggest tournaments Subversiv as well. She the transition from gym-
garnered by Clay. Cata- in Jiu-Jitsu such as Pans earned her black belt by nastics to Jiu-Jitsu at 11.
pulting on the scene with and Worlds at gi and no gi Samir Chantre in Novem- She talked with me a bit
a win at the ADCC West in both her division and ber 2020 and continues to about how the competitive
Cost Trials at age 16, she the open class absolute make waves in the sport as nature and hard work as-
rose to the forefront of divisions. She has con- she approaches her 1 year sociated with gymnastics
the Jiu-Jitsu community. quered many famous anniversary at this rank. fueled her fire for throw-
Clay represents the Ares opponents at the highest ing herself full force into


Jiu Jitsu. This is important tioners. I, myself, was very
to remember because she familiar with not just her
spent much of her child- name, but many of her
hood in Alaska and had accomplishments and
to actively seek out good feats she had accredited
training and mentors to herself already. Espe-
in order to cultivate her cially in the Women’s BJJ
strengths and hone her community on various
skill. She even frequently platforms on social media.
traveled to the Ares BJJ Her match against Gabi
headquarters in California Garcia at WNO was the
in order to ensure she was talk of these pages on so-
doing everything within cial media for several days,
her power to get the most with many people, myself
out of her training. We included, feeling like her
stan a Queen who takes numerous submission
control of her destiny. attempts were more than
enough to credit her the
When she won win, but the judges gave it
the ADCC to Garcia, leaving a sour
trials at such taste in many mouths as
a young age, it became talks of favoritism came
a huge deal. This led to into play. Regardless, her
a fair amount of press skilled technique and re-
and coverage in regard lentless pursuit to try and
to her career in the sport finish an opponent with a
and helped her become sizeable stature disparity
a recognizable name earned her the respect
amongst Jiu Jitsu practi- and admiration of many.

"I will say that some of my best CLAY AT N O G I WO RLD 2 0 2 1, P H OTO BY BL A NC A M A RISA GA RC IA
training partners for fights
and competitions are men,
and I would be remiss to not

take advantage of that."


Perhaps the best piece of advice I got The best thing about speaking
from Clay outside of the pressure with Clay, was that it felt
we put on ourselves, is, to quote her much more like an amicable
directly, “train with the f***ing men.” conversation rather than a drawn
out interview. We shared a lot of
4 2 | J I U J I T E I R A MAGAZINE | JIUJITEIRAMAGAZINE.COM the same thoughts when it came
to training and competing and it’s
comforting to know that at the root
of it all, many of us feel the same.
We talked about how some of these
large-scale competitions get built
up so much in our minds, and that
to the outside person, no one really
cares like you do. Sure, your coach-
es, teammates, and family care,
but not in the way that you think.
By that, I mean that if you come
up short, you may feel like you let
everyone down. Unless you outright
give up, this could not be further
from the truth. Sometimes, it just
isn’t our day, but we talked about
the most important thing is just
dusting it off and getting back in the
gym to train and compete again.

No one quite remembers
your losses like you do, and
the same thing goes for the
wins. We discussed how it can be
super disheartening when you build
up this competition in your head
as something huge, and it can be
utterly heartbreaking if you don’t
achieve the desired results. But the
more you compete, the more oppor-
tunities you have to win again; it’s
the law of averages and playing the
odds. Then, when you begin win-
ning, people forget about the losses.
No one quite remembers the losses
like you do, and that must mean
the same thing goes for the wins. I
was telling her about how the losses
seem to haunt us and we can end
up lingering on them for weeks,
but that’s really not true for anyone
else. I realized this when I won my
biggest opportunity fighting for

Invicta, and 2 days later, it was Same goes with the fighters I This does not mean you have
already old news that no one was get to meet and train with at to train with them constant-
talking about. It was a huge wake up the highest level. NBA and ly, or that you should ever
call to me that it must mean people NFL players are lauded upon and feel obligated to train with anyone
really didn’t focus on the wins so easily recognized and praised, who puts your safety at risk when
either. She said the same was true and I know some of the most badass we all have normal lives we have
for her win at ADCC at only 16. That UFC fighters that no one would even to go back to. I will say that some
sure, people cared and were talking glance in their direction. Only a very of my best training partners for
about it, but within a week, it wasn’t minute handful are recognized, and fights and competitions are men,
even a big deal anymore. Really it’s crazy to me the skill and accom- and I would be remiss to not take
helps take the pressure off ourselves plishments some of these people ob- advantage of that. Clay told me
when we view the bigger picture. tain that the plebeians of the world that her best training partner is
just don’t understand. Even Gordon her boyfriend and they do not hold
Same thing goes for who you Ryan, one of the most recognizable back at all when grappling and
are as a person. Sure, the vast people in the sport, doesn’t get prepping for comps. I am very for-
majority of people reading this accosted in public as much as the tunate to train at a gym that also
magazine are familiar with the big popularized sports in America. has high-level female competitive
names in the sport. We will fangirl athletes, but it’s always good to get
learning at seminars from them, Perhaps the best piece of different looks from a diverse group
watching their matches on Flo Grap- advice I got from Clay outside of people with different strengths
pling or in-person at tournaments, of the pressure we put on and body types.
and hungrily viewing their tutorials. ourselves, is, to quote her directly,
But then if you are ever fortunate “train with the f***ing men.” There At the end of the day, these
to be out in public with them at a are a number of reasons women get world-famous athletes are
non-BJJ event, look around and see into the sport. Not everyone wants real people with real failure
how many people recognize them. to be a world class competitor, and and successes just like us. What pre-
We went out to dinner after one of that’s okay. But if you do, you will be dominantly sets them apart is their
the seminars and I swear I wanted doing yourself a disservice by never mindset and willingness to do what
to shout at the venue that they were training with the men. Hell, even if it takes to improve day in and day
in the midst of a total BJJ goddess, you are getting into the sport solely out. Take her advice, and train with
but truth is, most wouldn’t even for self-defense purposes, if you the f***ing men, dust off any bad
appreciate the presence of the ba- aren’t ever training with the guys, performances, and get back in the
dass they were graced with at their you are at an extreme disadvantage gym ready to work. If you are lucky
establishment that evening. It’s wild should you ever have to apply what enough to ever attend one of her
to me knowing how badly I look up you are learning. I suggest once or workshops or seminars, I implore
to and admire these people and all twice a year at least, grabbing the you to take advantage of it. I can’t
that they accomplish and the ran- large white belt male and rolling. wait to apply her technical Jiu-Jitsu
dom person on the street would be It will be the closest controlled wisdom to my game and to carry
like “who?” They don’t know what simulation to a real-life self-defense the knowledge and confidence she
they’re missing. situation. You don’t want to find imparted on me as well. I attended
out if you actually need to use your that seminar as a fan of her work
training that you are under pre- and I left there as a fan of her as a
pared and unable to perform.
person as well. Y

SA MA NT HA S EFF, "The Wolf Queen" is a BJJ brown belt under Team
Rubao Carioca at Schell Shock BJJ in Fuquay Varina, NC. She's a professional
atomweight MMA fighter and writes a weekly blog:
In her spare time, she enjoys cooking & baking and besides her
title belts, her color-coded self-written cookbook is her most prized
possession. You can reach her via DM on Instagram @wolfqueenmma



with Blanca Marisa Garcia

ello everyone!

My name is Blanca Marisa Garcia. People often ask why I use
my full name and the answer is simple. If I don't use all three
names there are literally over 5,000 women with the name of
Blanca Garcia living in California. Just some insight that I enjoy

mentioning as it's a good ice breaker with people.

I am 50 years old and have sharing my memories and This past month I was in before they compete on
been practicing Jiu-Jitsu sometimes techniques. I Las Vegas for High Rollerz. the mat. The event is tele-
since 2008. I have been am a freelance photogra- An event created by close vised on Pluto TV via the
photographing "profes- pher so I sometimes end friends Matt Staudt and internet and is amazing to
sionally" since 1986 in all up photographing some Big Lonn. It's a different watch. At that event, you
areas of photography from of the most intriguing and event that allows the never know who will show
fashion to my favorite groundbreaking events in competitor to get high, up to compete since there
sports photography. Every the sport of Jiu-Jitsu all actually, it is required for have been some MMA
month, I look forward to over the world. the competitor to get high fighters from both UFC

Mexico: Combat Jiu-Jitsu



high rollerz


and Bellator that have compet- I ended the year in Cancun with ico and it generated a lot of positive
ed, along with some high-level one of the best crews of Eddie energy. So much so that it ended
Jiu-Jitsu practitioners. The event Bravo's Combat Jiu-Jitsu Worlds. We up being one of the most viewed
has been attended by Wiz Kahlifa had Cowboy Cerrone vs Craig Jones events in UFC FIGHT PASS history.
and at one time was supposed to as the main event and it was the
be held in an undisclosed location biggest Combat Jiu-Jitsu Worlds I sincerely look forward to new ad-
provided by Snoop Dogg. Many has ever held. It took place in the ventures in 2022 to share with all of
other rappers and celebrities find Arena de los Torros in Cancun Mex-
their way to High Rollerz after you. Thank you for stopping by. Y
some UFC events since both usu-
ally take place in Las Vegas.

The IBJJF WORLDS event hap- BLANCA MARISA GARCIA is an award-winning professional photographer
pened this past month. Unfortu- with over 30 years of experience. A purple belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Blanca is
nately, for professional differenc- a prominent member of the BJJ community, working closely with athletes
es, I was not able to attend. and promotions such as EBI, Medusa, High Rollerz, and media Jiujiteira
Magazine and Gracie Magazine. Contact her: [email protected]


ask the doc Please send them to
[email protected]
Wrist Locks:
Your question could be chosen
and answered in this article.

Dirty and Dangerous, Or Good Clean Fun?

n the case of most submis- ILLUSTRATION BY DUSTIN SCOTT Imaging is typically performed with
sions, a person has a little extra X-ray and looks to see if there is wid-
time to defend themselves by THE DIFFERENT WRIST ening of the space between the lunate
activating big muscles to stabi- SPRAIN GRADES ARE: and scaphoid. MRI and CT scan may
lize the bones around the joint 1. Mild overstretching of the ligament also be used. A partial tear can have
that is being isolated. The wrist, but no tears or instability of the joint good success with physical therapy
2. Partial tear of the ligament with to address strength, joint range of
however, has small bones and mild or no instability of the joint motion, and ability of the joint to
small ligaments, and no muscles 3. Complete tear of the ligament know where it is in space. Surgery is
attach directly to eight little bones. with moderate to severe instability typically recommended for complete
So generally, if the submission is put of the joint tears, and the repairs are different
on fast and hard, you are at a real depending on the surgeon perform-
risk of damaging the ligaments. SIGNS AND SYMPTOMS: ing them. Return to activity is roughly
▶ Click/clunk or pain on the four to six months after surgery with
The wrist is made up of the distal radi- backside of the wrist a full recovery at 12 to 15 months. (2)
us and ulna and little bones (carpals) ▶ Limited wrist motion
that form two rows and connect to the ▶ Decreased grip strength So if you are someone who loves to
long bones of the fingers (metacar- ▶ Swelling wrist lock, please remember that the
pals). The row of little bones that are wrist is small and can be easily dam-
closest to the elbow are the scaphoid, aged. Wrist locks should be applied
lunate, and to a lesser degree the with finesse and control to protect
Triquetrum and pisiform. The second your training partner so they can
row of carpal bones connected to the continue training pain-free and be
long bones of the fingers are the trape-
zium, trapezoid, capitate, and hamate. able to go to work the next day. Y

Wrist sprains can occur in Jiu-Jitsu The content in this article is for informational
from both wrist locks and falling on an purposes only - it is not intended to delay or
outstretched hand. There are over 45
ligaments in the wrist. The scapholu- substitute for professional medical advice,
nate ligament (SLL) is the most com- diagnosis, and/or treatment. The content is not
monly injured ligament of the carpals, intended to promote understanding of various
and five percent of all wrist sprains musculoskeletal injuries. Content may not apply
also have a SLL tear. (1) The action of to your specific condition or symptoms. Always
bending the wrist forward with some
rotation causes the scaphoid to move seek the advice of your physician or other
one direction and the lunate to move qualified medical professional for any question
another creating a tear in the liga-
ment. This can lead to instability of the you have for a medical condition.
lunate and scaphoid, potential disloca-
tion, bone collapse, and arthritis. REFERENCES

2(9): 382–393

RES REV. 2018; 10: 41–54.

C HRIS F L E TC HE R has her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from the
University of Iowa and owns Combat Arts Physical Therapy in Spokane,
Washington. She is a purple belt under Newborn Cascao Jiu Jitsu, and is
happy to answer your questions regarding musculoskeletal injuries.
Email those to [email protected]


around the world


Jiujiteira Magazine's founder Evelyn Sutton had the
opportunity to meet with prominent athletes and
BJJ community leaders during her trip to California
to cover IBJJF World. The support towards the
publication was incredible and Jiujiteira Magazine
got a big dose of the legendary California love!

5 Titans of women's Jiu-Jitsu, the Professoras celebrate
Bia's historic 10th World Champion title at IBJJF World.
2. ANA CAROLINA VIEIRA: Always lovely, the
Champion gives our team her approval, thumbs up!
3. MESTRE RIGAN MACHADO: One of the highlights
of the trip, meeting a living legend and learning all
about the history of this sport we love.
4. EDDIE BRAVO: An honor to meet the powerhouse
Jiujiteiro, mastermind of EBI, Medusa and 10th Planet.
Professor Eddie is a big supporter of women's Jiu-Jitsu.
5. GEZARY MATUDA: The Champion is so beautiful
in and out! Stay tuned for her interview coming soon.
6. GABI GARCIA: The multi World Champion, MMA
warrior, actress and Professora takes a bite out of
Jiujiteira right before stepping into the arena.
7. RAFAELA GUEDES: The Atos super star takes a
moment to send love our way and a heartfelt smile.


To be featured in this section, e-mail a photo (high res images with
300dpi print better) of yourself and your BJJ sisters training, include
names and gym location to: [email protected]


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