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hi im ian and i want u to know about the 13 colonys.

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Published by Ian Means, 2019-05-22 11:48:54

13 cononial ebook

hi im ian and i want u to know about the 13 colonys.

Welcome to the

By ian means

Table of Contents life at home
2.what good food cloths schools fun
6. what i do for fun . house

Welcome to the 13 Colonies!

The 13 colonies are 13 states the 13 states are
delaware,pennsylvania,new jersey,connecticut,massachseets
bay,maralad,south caralyno,new hamster,virgina,new york,north
carolina and rhode island.

There were the dutch colonies, the middle colonies and the
south colonies the dutch were hard working me the did not care
how things looked.

cooked the were all about work.the middle colonies were all
about food

My life at home

My house furniture is fancy because it was from Europe.the kitchen the kitchen was
not in there home they had a cooking room.the cooking room was not that big.
There house looked like not painted or they did not care about looks
And our house look like monderd mancions

What good food

Meals are cooked with eggs,meat,vegetables,pudding,cookies and pastries.the food
comes from apple from apple tree to eat and drink apple is cooked over a
fire hung down a pot over the fire.they use a skillet to cooked apple pancakes and
heat over a fireplace.


pudding meat eggs


My family cloths Men

Woman Men wear long jackets shoes
Woman wear long dresses that had buckles.when boy
nothing no ruffles just plan turned 7 the wear what men
old dresses and regular shoe started to wear they wear.

Ps girls and boys wear
dresses before they were 7

My school

In side of the schools had benches.older kid shot in the bac younger kids sit in the
front.kid are learning in school how to read,write and solve math problems.And they
had to use pen or a lump of coal to write on blackboards.
Children who misbehave will eather have to sit in the corner or get a whippen.there
was no rules for example they spelled music If they did not bring wood
for the fire they had to sit far from the fire and still hot but cold.

My work

Children must had to milk cows,gather eggs and feed the chickens.Children had to
light the fireplace.

What I do for fun

In the winter they banged pots and some men shot their guns and made fireworks
and sang christmas carlos.In the summer they played games.

some of their favorite games are

Ring toss,spinning top,bowling,marbles and sack races.children sang music for fun
and did horseback rides.


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