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Published by financialprosperity1, 2019-12-14 13:58:09

Who is eMpasys

Who is eMpasys

eMpasys is a cutting edge Alternative/Renewable Technology Engineering company that was
established in 1998, we provide, design and develop various environmentally conscious solutions.
As a member supported and member driven organization, our renewable technology consultation,
engineering, customize solutions, and services are available to members or affiliate partners. We
provide Renewable Power Management Solutions, Customized OnSite Power Systems, Advanced
energy storage solutions, Battery Electric Vehicles Designs, Battery Electric Vehicles Charging
Stations, OnSite Pure Drinking Water Systems, OnSite Waste Reduction systems and Waste to
Energy Solutions.

We provide ODM (Original Design Manufacture solutions), and partner with international R&D
manufactures. We only source our components from the highest quality OEMs (Original Equipment
Manufacturers). And only collaborate with manufacturers that have real world experience in delivering
results quickly and cost-effectively. As a direct manufacture partner, eMpasys help bring to market
economical renewable technologies and environmentally conscious solutions. As an (AESRPT) (R&D)
and (ODM company eMpasys research, develop, design and manufacture renewable energy OnSite
electricity power solutions.

(What doe’s eMpasys Means) – Energy Management Power Access System:

Our market is electricity distributed generation and energy conservation. Electricity distributed
generation is the distribution and generation of electricity on site at the customer location.
Examples include Power Cells, Solar Electricity, Waste To Energy, and Wind Turbines. Energy
conservation refers to efforts made to reduce energy consumption. Energy conservation can
be achieved through increased efficient energy use, in conjunction with decreased energy
consumption and/or reduced consumption from conventional energy sources. eMpasys
specialize in AES integrative design utilization renewable power technology solutions such as;
AES, AESRPT, AESSEG, and AESH, to function as a OnSite advanced energy power system.
There is a difference between the terms “alternative energy” and “renewable energy” >
Alternative energy refers to any form of energy which is an alternative to the traditional fossil
fuels, like oil, natural gas and coal. Renewable and clean energy, on the other hand, refers to
forms of energy that are renewed by mechanical or natural processes, such as Magnetic Wave
Form Energy, Solar Energy, Wind Energy, Hydro power, Kinetic Energy and AESRPT.

(eMpasys) is a hardware system with computer aided software used to operate,
monitor, control, optimize performance and or provide energy power efficiency. The
integration of monitoring, control, energy storage, and power delivery functions are
often referred to as advanced technology solutions. The computer technology
functions are also referred to as SCADA/EMS or EMS/SCADA. In these respects, the
terminology EMS then excludes the monitoring, control, energy storage, and power
functions, but more specifically refers to the collective suite of power network
applications and to the generation control and optimizing. Up to the early 1990s, it
was common to find EMS systems being delivered based on proprietary hardware
and operating systems. As proprietary systems became uneconomical, EMS
suppliers began to deliver solutions based on industry standard hardware

eMpasys is a Renewable Technology Global Solution Provider.

Developing Areas Electrification
Renewable technology OnSite Electrification is the future of electricity infrastructure and will prevent
developing areas from going through infrastructure issues. This is what modern areas, location and
countries are going through today: Renewable Technology OnSite Electrification will create jobs and
generate revenue streams without the use of fossil fuel power plants and transmission lines. A Onsite
point to point renewable technology solution will allow developing areas to implement a fast
Electrification infrastructure process.. Sustainable energy is so important for developing countries for
the following reasons:

First> Some of them have benefited from the increase in oil prices in recent years, but most have not, and have suffered
as a result. A significant proportion of the revenues of developing countries, and of the development aid received, have
been outweighed by the oil price increase. There are 1.6 billion people in the developing world that do not have access to
electricity; As well as 2.4 billion people that use traditional biomass, such as wood or agricultural residues for cooking,

heating, and other needs, often in an unsustainable manner, which runs counter to their own interests in terms of
economic development and health. Better access to sustainable energy services is necessary at macro level to foster
economic growth, and at micro-level to stimulate businesses and income-generating activities. Small businesses, public
buildings and homes need adequate energy for lighting, communication, water supply, heating and cooling. Streetlights,

for example in Africa, are essential for safety at night.

Second> Energy is important from an environmental viewpoint. Energy emissions represent 80 percent of total GHG
emissions, contributing to global warming and making the trend towards natural disasters in many parts of the world
worse. With increasing energy shortages and environmental concerns in mind, Alternative and renewable energy is more
and more critical for a sustainable energy future. Alternative and Renewable energy can bring significant benefits to
developing countries

eMpasys has several different renewable technology solutions products and services here’s just
a list of a few where you can actually click on any one of these website links that will tell you

what they are and how they can facilitate any commercial or consumer need for a better global
economical environment.

● Distributed Energy (DER) OnSite Clean Power-PPA AESRPT PowerStation AES EFRPC AESRPT Micro Grid

● What Is AES Electricity Industrial Power Inverter Electric Transport Easy ReCharging Infrastructure

● BEV Power Modules Onsite Above Ground-BG AESRPT-HG OnSite AESRPT-PBS

● AES Solar Generator Grid AES Solution Porta EV Fast Charger EV Solutions-ZEVUSA

● OnSite Power APFC OnSite Water System

● OnSite Waste LRS NetZero Energy Buildings Renewable Power Choice(Supplier)

● Eco Friendly Building Structure Developing Areas Electrification USA Electric Grid Intelligent Metering

● Power Electronics Motor-Generator Designs Design Terminology: Advanced Manufacturing

Deferred Acquisition Partner
We are interested in developing partnerships for deferred acquisitions of suitable business sites and or warehouse
facilities located in the USA. The businesses and or warehouse sites will be transform to generate additional
income during the acquisition process. The local registered business Owner will have the option of being an
absentee profit sharing owner (Profit between 40%-65%).

As an absentee manager/owner we can keep your existing staff in place and or bring in a professional management
team. The local registered business operator will have the option to manage the sites as well. The optional member
partner acquisition buyout time line is 9-36 months via our member partners.

The JV member partner additional income profit from renewable technology service and solutions will be 30%
during the acquisition buyout time line, and 30% after the Buyout for 3-5 years. The JV member partner will have
the option to Monitor the income/expenses and deduct 40%-65% from the profitable revenue, as a percentage
towards the set acquisition price of the commercial site.The JV member partner will Forward 35%-60% to eMpasys
member partner or eMpasys member partner will forward 35%-60% to JV member Partner every other month or

All selected commercial site will be converted to a sustainable business that will include additional income
streams from renewable technology solution and services via eMpasys.There is no additional training or
experience needed and we will consider non-occupied sites as well. The local member partner will have
professional renewable technology engineering support via a order processing model.

Interested in any of our renewable technology products services solutions or our deferred
Acquisition Partner Opportunity

eMpasys RSTP/Advisor
James Gibson (214) 622-0359
[email protected]

eMpasys Consultant/Advisor
Mr. George Mack (318) 957-0299
[email protected]

eMpasys Consultant/Advisor
Mr. Michael Gibson (240) 262-0340
[email protected]

eMpasys VP of Global Partnerships & Sales
Mr. Rob Robinson [email protected]

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