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Falisha Decatur Program

Small (Standard) 8 Page
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PROOF Homegoing


LaDonna Abram

Sunrise: July 13, 1953 • Sunset: October 21, 2015

Gone But Never Forgotten

PROOF Order of Service

Thursday, November 5, 2015 • 1:00pm
St. Peter Apostolic Overcoming Holy Church

1478 east 92nd street, los angeles, ca 90002

Overseer Phyllis Russell, Officiant

Processional............................................Clergy, Pallbearers & Family
Prayer & Scripture Readings........................Overseer Phyllis Russell

Old Testament: Psalms 23
New Testament: I Thessalonians 4:13-17
Musical Selection........“Take Me To The King” Tamela Mann
Remarks/Reflections........2 minutes please.............Family & Friends
Acknowledgments & Obituary Reading......................Gwen Worthy
Musical Selection..........“Break Every Chain” Tasha Cobbs
Eulogy..............................................................Overseer Phyllis Russell
Final Glimpse


Inglewood Park Cemetery
720 E Florence Ave
Inglewood, CA 90302


St. Peter Fellowship Hall

PROOF Obituary

LaDonna Abram was born on July 13, 1953 to the

proud parents Gary and Gincie Abram both of whom
preceded her in death.

In LaDonna’s early years, she attended many different

skilled center for people with special needs. Later on in
life she met a special friend, Wayne Knott, with whom
she had a baby boy name Jermaine Knight.

LaDonna was a very special person who had a lot of

spunk and always gave it to you real.

Preceding LaDonna in death are her mother and

father, Gary & Gincie Abram; 2 sisters: Melva and
Sylvia; 4 brothers: Earmon, Weldon, Jack, and Paul; 1
niece, Bobbie; 3 nephews: Ronnie & Jack Washington,
and Eric Mathews; and 1 great nephew, Robert.

LaDonna is survived by her son, Germaine Knight;

2 grandsons: Maurice and Markise; 4 sisters: Toylee
Jackson, Patricia Stone, Louise Mathews, and Evelyn
Abney; 1 brother, William Abram; 13 nieces, 9 nephews,
24 great nieces, 23 great nephews, 15 great-great nieces,
13 great-great nephews, and a host of cousins and

PROOFActive Pallbearers
James Jackson Jr.
Floyd Jefferson
Damon Whitten Sr.
Louise McCoy
Damon Whitten Jr.
Rawn Washington

Honorary Pallbearers
Willliam Abram
Paul Abram
Deonne Jackson Sr.
Darryl Jackson
Rajon Pearson Sr.
James Jackson III

Funeral Arrangements Entrusted To:


1900 East Artesia Boulevard
Long Beach, California 90805



PROOFTributes From The Heart

Omg, my sister, my friend, my strength, my therapist, and my counselor.
“Team us.” We always had the scoop, so if I was heading in a direction that was
not right; you always shared with me what you know or knew, so I wouldn’t
make a bad decision. No matter what, we had each other back. You always
said to me, “I love your life,” and I was like, don’t say that because I felt my life
wasn’t all that. I have so many memories that I just cannot share because they
are too painful and will bring everlasting falling tears. Falisha, one thing I will
share is that day I visit you I seen you run- ning towards me a you gave me
this tight hug and you lifted me off my feet. I was like I need your strength and
asked you how did you lift my heavy self-up like that. She smiled and said, “I’m
excited to see you.” Falisha, I’m so hurt, but I know I had the chance to tell I
love you and you said you love me too. You voice will always be in my ear.

-Miss You, Sister Cordelia

Falisha the magnitude of my love and respect I have for you is priceless. You’ve
inspired me to turn from my self-destructive past ways and find meaning in
what the higher “being” have planned for us. In one of your letters you pointed
out that you been inspired by reading Genisis and Exodus.
We both expressed through correspondence that God was significant and will
not forsake us during our trails and tribulation. In saying that I know you are
in God’s care now. Even though I know he sees all, so make sure you put a
word in for me.
I’m cocked and ready to go when it is my time. Well sis, I’ll never stop thinking
of you. You are branded in my mind and heart + I got the scares to prove it.
Remember when we had that fight over the phone in my bed room. I was
tripping over some other stuff and didn’t want you to use it, so you snatched
the phone and you slapped me across the fore head with it, busting my head,
and, I jumped up and gave you a shiner the next day. We licked our wounds
and was back on our brother and sister tip. There’s a few things you asked me
to do when I hit the bricks. I’m not going to say what I know, but since you
looking down on me I will show you by actions.

-Forever Better Half, Your Brother Basil

Falisha we love you. You were a beautiful person inside and out. You changed
and touched so many lives for the better out here in Arizona. A lot of us are
better women today, because you came into our lives. We appreciate and will
always miss you.

-Much love from;
Felicia, Donyetla, Racheal, Anna Marie, Gabby, Jessica, Jermika,

and the rest of your Arizona Sisters.

PROOFTributes From The Heart

I love you, AND I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU. I loved when you called
home and talk to me. I love on every birthday you made sure something
special came in the mail.
You made sure this year 2015 I got that PS4 that I always wanted, and I
didn’t get the chance to thank you. Even though you were so far away, I
always knew you love me and miss me and I missed you too. I dislike to
know that you are R.I.P now, because I never had the chance to spend
time with you.
And it hurts. I will not say goodbye; therefore, I will just finish my
message with I LOVE YOU.

Forever will miss you,
Your Son, Ariaus Block
Knowing that your gone hurts, but I know your always in my heart.
Your spirit will always be with me. I didn’t get the chance to tell you, but
you are the best mom in the world I wish you were still here, but cannot
change what has already happened.
I had so many plans for us when you came home, but I will strive to still
make you so proud of me. One thing that you taught me was to never give
up. I get my strength from you. I love you so much.
Love Always Your Daughter
Le Le ~ Alisha Havard

R.I.P. Aunty pooh,
I don’t know what would life be without you. It was already hurt- ful
knowing that you were far away in Arizona, but it never felt so distance
because I always talked to you and your voice always seemed near. I
swear you was a great auntie and mom to me. I will miss your voice. Your
favorite line “that’s wess up.” Well, I love you auntiepooh, when you see
my mom, please tell her I said hey and I love and miss her too. Now, I
have three angels, are gone, but never will be forgotten.

Love Y’all.
Niecepooh ~ Dezzy ~ Desire McMiller

PROOF Active Pallbearers:

Arthur DeCatur, Jr. • Basil DeCatur • Neil Hilliard
Victor Peevy • William Fields • Ogie Jackson
Leo Jackson


We are grateful....
When it seems that our loss was too great to bear, we looked up
and Friends were there with words written and spoken; with
faces smiling and hearts open.
You comforted us and shared our greif;
God will bless you granting all relief;
Our gratitude cannot be adequately expressed with mere words,
but they are the best. So then to each of you and May God continue
to bless you and your family.

-The Decatur Family

Arrangements Entrusted To:


1900 East Artesia Boulevard
Long Beach, California 90805


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