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Wine list

Wine List

Red Wines

Torres, Celeste, Crianza, Ribera del Duero
Spain, 75cl
Celeste is an opulent wine brimming with fruit, body and colour: as
unique as the night sky in the Ribera del Duero. Full-flavoured long scent
of dark berries.
Tumman marjaisa täyteläinen maku.

Saxenburg, Private Collection, Shiraz, Wine of Origin, Stellenbosch
South Africa, 75cl
Warm spicy flavours and hints of coffee strikes a fine balance between fruit
and tannins. This elegant wine is best complimented by game or full-
flavoured meat dishes.

Täyteläinen, tanniininen, tumma,
mausteinen, hennon savuinen ja lämmin.

Baron Philippe de Rothschild, Bordeaux, AOC
France, 75cl
A rich and intense dark red colour indicates an intense fruity wine which
doesn’t disappoint. The intense nose reveals red fruit aromas of raspberry
and ripe strawberry. This wine is supple and fruity.
Notkea tummanpunainen hedelmäinen
viini. Vadelman ja kypsän mansikan

Errázuriz, MAX Reserva, Cabernet Sauvignon, Aconcagua, DO
Chile, 75cl
Bright and intense ruby red color leaning toward violet. Aromas of roasted
red pepper, elegant red and black fruit flavors, such as plumbs, raspberries
and blackberries along with lovely spice and toasted notes. A silky, velvety
texture and smooth, well-rounded tannins. Goes well with grilled red meat
as well as with hard salty cheese.

Tiivishenkinen, mustaherukoita ja
karhunvatukoita muistuttava tuoksu.
Täyteläinen ja samettinen suutuntuma.

Terrazas de los Andes Malbec, Mendoza
Argentina, 75cl
Rich and intense red color with purple shades. Full-bodied with lingering
taste. The sweet and juicy mouthfeel delivers finesse, delicate tannins and
an elegant finish of black fruits.
Täyteläisen intensiivinen viipyilevä maku.
Rikas ja mehukas suutuntuma tuo esiin
hienostuneet tanniinit.

Ship’s Wine

espa Vignaioli per Passion is the name by which
the company Futura 14 was presented to the Italian
and international markets since 2014. Bruno Vespa is
a television journalist in love with the wine world since
the 70´s. For decades Vespa has written about his love for
wine in his articles and one day he decided to become a
winemaker together with his sons. The Vespa family owns the
beautiful Masseria Li Reni located in Manduria, in Puglia, and has over
25 hectares of land for which a large part already under vine and a
part in the process of the first plant.

Il Bianco dei Vespa Fiano IGP 2015, Italy
Il Bianco dei Vespa has an aroma of tropical fruits. The taste is some-
what nutty and textured with floral and honeyed notes, spice and
flavors like pineapple. Ideal partner to white meat, seafood,
rice and risottos as well as an aperitif.

Il Rosso dei Vespa Salento IGT Primitivo 2015, Italy, 75cl
Il Rosso dei Vespa is a harmony of freshness and fantasy which reflects
the Pugliese nature. Full-bodied, lively and fruity. The ideal partner to
light meats and fish with red sauces.

Raccontami Primitivo di Manduria DOC 2014, Italy, 75cl
Raccontami is high in tannins, intensely flavored and deeply colored.
The nose is rather shy but reveals ripe black fruit, plum cake and baking
spice. The densely concentrated palate doles out mature blackberry,
crushed raspberry, allspice and licorice alongside smooth, velvety
tannins. Raccontami is the ideal partner to beef and venison.

“Served in November 2016 “OSCAR DEL VINO 2016 “BIBENDA 2017
in the precence of
His Royal Highness
The Prince of Wales.” CINQUE GRAPPOLI

Lambrusco Grasparossa di Castelvetro
Italy, 75cl
A sweet bubbly “Vino Frizzante” wine with an intense red color. Very fruity
aromas. Rose colored lively and fading bubbles. Smooth and pleasant.
Goes well as an accompaniment to snacks and desserts. This bubbly wine is
best served cold.
Helmeilevä ja kupliva, makean
marjainen tuoksu. Kylmä ja kupliva
seurustelujuoma joka sopii hyvin
myös jälkiruokajuomaksi tai pikku-
suolaisen kanssa.

White Wines

Hugel, Gewürztraminer, Alcase, AOC
France, 75cl
Attractive intense color with hints of pale green and straw yellow. Bright and
clear which indicates a full body. Soft and aromatic bouquet. Dry on the
palate, round, soft, nicely harmonious and mouth-filling. Goes well with
white meat, smoked salmon and strong cheese.
Runsaan hedelmäinen, parfyymisen
kukkainen tuoksu.

Pascal Jolivet, Sancerre, AOC
France, 75cl
Pale and vibrant in color. Fresh, clean and screaming with racy acidity. On the
palate it is fresh and tightly wound. The acidity is tempered by very subtle
residual sugar. Very clean, alive, racy and youthful. Overall a dry and elegant
wine. Goes well with seafood.
Intensiivinen, kesäisen raikas tuoksu.
Maku on kuivahko ja siinä toistuu tuoksun
tiiviit aromit. Makua sävyttävät vielä
yrttisyys ja mineraaliset vivahteet.

Wolf Blass, Private Release, Chardonnay
Australia, 75cl
Fruit-driven, rich with aromas of pear and whitepeach with just a touch of
gentle spicy oak. Soft, round and creamy. The palate has a bright, juicy stone
fruit flavour and a long, generous finish. Ideal partner for pork and chicken and
full-flavored sea food dishes.
Aromikas, hedelmäinen ja mausteinen

Bottega, Pinot Grigio delle Venezie, IGT
Italy, 75cl
Clear, characteristic, fine with fruity scents. Brilliant, straw yellow with copper
nuances. The taste is dry, full and harmonious. Goes particularly well with pasta,
rice and vegetables as well as with fish starters. It is also an
excellent aperitif.
Hedelmäinen tuoksu. Väriltään
oljenkeltainen jossa kuparin vivahteita.
Maku on kuiva, täyteläinen ja
harmoninen. Sopii erityisen hyvin
pastan, riisin sekä kalan kanssa.

Saxenburg, Private Collection, Sauvignon Blanc, Wine of Origin,
Stellenbosch, South Africa, 75cl
A complex, fruity, figgy, grassy, tropical and fine flowery flavour. The wine has
exceptional balance and a fresh, elegant character. With its long fruity finish
and elegant structure it is ideal to mature for a number of years or to enjoy as
an aperitif or with light salads and fish.
Moninainen ja hedelmäinen tuoksu.
Sopii erityisen hyvin salaatin ja kalan
kanssa nautittavaksi.

Markus Molitor, Alte Reben Prestige, Riesling, QbA, Mosel
Germany, 75cl
Intense wine with a minor sweet undertone adding complexity to the nice white
fruit. Concentrated and dense, some noticeable residual sugar
with a lot of acidity behind it. Great wine on its own.
Intensiivinen ja makeahko
viini. Tyylikäs ja tasapainoinen maku.
Sopii hyvin seurusteluviiniksi.

Rosé Wine
Côtes de Provence, J.L. Quinson, Rosé
France, 75cl
Elegant robe with some salmon-pink highlights. Powerful nose, white peach
with spicy notes, evolving towards candied apricots. Great fullness in the
mouth, a rich wine with great character, excellent aromatic length typical to the
unique territory of Saint-Tropez.
Puhdaspiirteinen, vienon persikkainen
tuoksu jossa vivahteita aprikoosista.
Väriltään hennon vaaleanpunainen jossa
lohenpunainen vivahde.

Organic Choice

La Mancha Denominacion de Origen Blanco, Spain, 25cl
Organic, tangy and fruity white wine. Best served
with vegetables, tapas, grilled meat and fish.

La Mancha Denominacion de Origen Tinto, Spain, 25cl
Organic and harmonious. Fruity and spicy flavour with soft tannins.
Best served with savoury casseroles and braised meat.

La Mancha Denominacion de Origen Rosado, Spain 25cl
Organic and rich in content. Flavours of raspberries and cherries.
Best served with salads, tapas and sea food


Dessert wine
“For a sweet end to a delightful meal.”

Passito di Pantelleria “Pellegrino”, Italy
This unique dessert wine comes from the Sicilian island
of Pantelleria and is made from a Muscat variety known
locally as ‘Zibbibo’. The ‘passito’ method involves partial
sun-drying of the grapes on straw mats before fermen-
tation to concentrate their sugars. A rich and indulgent
experience, combining aromas of honey and sweet
spices with the intense flavor of orange marmalade
and caramel cut through with lifting acidity.
This wine suits every pudding, every cheese
Subject to alternations 3/2017.
and every mood.

€5.50/8cl glass

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