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Published by jenni.k.oivanen, 2019-02-28 04:17:29

Hansalink Cocktails 2019

Hansalink Cocktails 2019

Because no good story
ever started with a salad.

Spritzes are never wrong!



Star Spritz Limoncello Spritz Aperol Spritz

10cl Sparkling wine 10cl Sparkling wine 10cl Sparkling wine
Elderflower syrup 4cl Limoncello 4cl Aperol
Soda water Soda water Soda water




Raspberry Breezer Blueberry Milkshake Coconut Dream

Lime juice Blueberry soup Pineapple juice
Tonic water Soft ice Coconut syrup
Raspberry syrup Milk Cream
Raspberries Blueberries

member price

Let’s get Retro!


Gimlet Margarita

4cl Beefeater Gin 2cl Tequila
Lime cordial 2cl Cointreau
Fresh squeezed lime

Sea Breeze

4cl Finlandia Vodka
Cranberry juice
Grape juice

Blue Angel Tequila Sunrise

2cl Parfait Amour 4cl Tequila
2cl Finlandia Vodka Orange juice
Sprite Red grenadine

Harvey Wallbanger

4cl Finlandia Vodka
1cl Galliano
Orange juice

Must-have Mojitos


Mojito Blueberry Mojito Raspberry Mojito

4cl Havana Club 4cl Havana Club 4cl Havana Club
Fresh squeezed lime Fresh squeezed lime Fresh squeezed lime
Mint leaves Mint leaves & Soda water Mint leaves & Soda water
Soda water & Sugar Sugar & Blueberries Sugar & Raspberries




Hot Shot The Slippery Nipple Blueberry Shot

2cl Galliano 2cl Sambuca 2cl Licor 43
Coffee & Cream 2cl Baileys Blueberry soup & Soft ice
Drop of grenadine
member price



Spanish Coffee Baileys Coffee

2cl Torres Brandy 4cl Baileys
2cl Licor 43 Coffee & Cream
Coffee & Cream

Espresso Martini

2cl Finlandia Vodka
2cl Kahlua
1cl Baileys
Espresso – shot

Irish Coffee Monte Cristo

4cl Jameson Irish Whisky 2cl Kahlua
Brown sugar 2cl Cointreau
Coffee & Cream Coffee & Cream

GinIt’s o’clock!

Beefeater Tonic €6.20

4cl Beefeater Gin
Schweppes tonic

Helsinki Dry Gin & Grapefruit

4cl Helsinki Dry Gin €6.70
Grapefruit juice

Hendrick’s Gin & Cucumber

4cl Hendrick´s Gin €7.50
Fentimans tonic

Napue Tonic €8.40

4cl Kyrö Napue Gin
Fever Tree tonic
Cranberries & Rosemary

Monkey 47 & Fentimans tonic

4cl Monkey 47 Gin €9.40
Fentimans tonic

Classic must-haves! €6.60


4cl Cachaca
Fresh squeezed lime

Cosmopolitan €6.60

2cl Finlandia Vodka
2cl Cointreau
Cranberry juice
Lime juice

Sex on the Beach €6.60

2cl Finlandia Vodka
2cl Peach licor
Cranberry juice
Orange juice

Malibu Bay €6.60

4cl Malibu
Pineapple juice
Cranberry juice

Southside €6.90
4cl Beefeater Gin
Simple syrup
Fresh squeezed lime

Mint Julep

4cl Jim Beam
Soda water
Fresh mint

Don’t miss out on

The best-selling cocktail
for the fourth year in a row!

Old Fashioned €6.90

4cl Jim Beam
Sugar Cube
Dash of Angostura
Dash of soda

Subject to alternations 3/2019.

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