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Dr. Price BOPPS Lesson Plan - Texas Governor

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Dr. Price BOPPS Lesson Plan - Texas Governor

Dr. Price BOPPS Lesson Plan - Texas Governor

Texas Government: Texas Governor

COURSE: Texas Government 231 Sec 01
Lesson Title: Texas Governor

Bridge: A number of Texas Governors will be presented to students. Students will be asked to identify those Governor’s who have run for the U.S. Presidency.
Students will be asked to identify those characteristics of each Governor that played a role in their decision. Students will see pictures of each Governor
separate from a list of names of each Governor
Class asked: Raise your hand if you immediately recognize any of the Governor’s displayed
BLOOM QUESTION (ANALYSIS): What do you think is a common factor with each Governor
Quickly go back over the slides to remind students of each Governor
End with: Today we will be discussing why Texas Governor’s seem to have a direct path to the U.S. Presidency
5 minutes
Course Student Learning Outcome:

1 - Understand and Analyze the characteristics of former Texas Governor’s along with the history of the office in the State of Texass.

Learning Objectives: By the end of this lesson, students will be able to
1. Identify all former Texas Governor’s who ran for the U.S. Presidency
2. Analyze the uniqueness of the position as it relates to the U.S. Presidency


The student preparation assignment I chose is Flashcards. Each student will be assigned a set of flashcards that can be passed from one student to the next as

the mastery of each is demonstrated

5 minutes

Participatory Learning:

Time Instructor Activities Learner Activities Lesson Materials

10 min Texas Governor Qualifications Answer question: Raise your hand if you think you know the Slides with links to videos
qualifications to become a Texas Governor
View implicit bias video:
Texas State of the State Address direct his remarks to the
State or to the Nation

10 min Texas History Texas Government History presented to students and the Slides
role the Governor of Texas played in that history: Link to video on Texas

10 min Case Study Identify One Texas Governor of your choice Slides

Upon understanding all the Texas Governor’s who BLOOM QUESTION (COMPREHENSION) What specific

have held the office students will now be required to characteristics about this Governor allowed you to view

identify one Texas Governor as a case study him/her as a viable candidate for the Presidency

Discussion questions: Do you believe this individual is

unique or can any of these characteristics you identify be

learned and transferrable to other candidates.

15 min Introduce the students to the Electoral College and BLOOM QUESTION (SYNTHESIS):Upon learning the role of Slides with Flash Cards

role Texas plays in National Politics and the role of the Electoral College and the position of Texas in that

the Lt. Governor in Texas system can we now analyze and determine the inherent

advantages the Governor of Texas possesses.

Students write 2 essay questions that challenge the idea of

Texas Governor’s and their advantageous position in the

Electoral College

Post-assessment: NEW TECHNOLOGYAdminister Socrative quiz: 6 Essay Questions that allow students to analyze the relationship of Texas Governor’s to the

U.S. Presidency and challenge the long held beliefs regarding Texas Governor’s running for the U.S. Presidency. Students will grade each other’s quizzes.

5 min

Summary: Open a discussion to all students allowing each to explain his/her case study. CAT Explain it to a 4th Grader: Write a brief summary of the lesson

and read it aloud in class in a manner in which a 4th grader would understand

3 min

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