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2019.11.08 Stock Kitchen Cabinet Brochure (1)

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Published by Hartville Hardware, 2019-11-11 08:23:10

2019.11.08 Stock Kitchen Cabinet Brochure (1)

2019.11.08 Stock Kitchen Cabinet Brochure (1)

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1. Start Your Design
Necwhboei crrey « Wall Cabinets
On a piece of paper and draw a rough outline of - 1/2” Furniture board top.
your room. Birch / Saddle Finish - 1/2” furniture board
- 7/16” Overlay adjustable shelves (15lbs.
2. Measure your Room - Flat Veneer Center Panel max weight/sq ft.)
- 3/4”Thick Solid Birch Door Rail - 3/4” x 1-1/2” solid wood
Measure from the floor to the ceiling (measure soffit - Reversed Bevel Profile, face frame.
if applicable), the distance between walls, and from No Hardware Required - 3/8” furniture board bottom.
the corners to the trim of doors/windows. Mark the - 1/2” furniture board bottom.
location of all electrical outlets, fixtures, ventilation, Brellin - Cabinet interior features
plumbing, gas connections, etc. natural maple laminate. (Bartlett features white laminate).
Measure the doors and windows from casing to Purestyle™/ White Finish - Fully concealed self-closing, adjustable steel hinges.
casing, as well as the height and distance of each - Full Overlay
from the floor, ceiling and wall edges. 42” is needed - Flat Laminate Center Panel Base Cabinets
below windows and electrical wall outlets to install - 5/8”Thick Door
base cabinets and countertop with backsplash. - 6-Way Adjustable Hinges - Four furniture board corner
Mark all dimensions clearly on the planning grid braces.
and double check all measurements. - 3/8” furniture board back.
- 3/4” x 1-1/2” solid wood face
3. Add Cabinetry into Drawing frame with 3” center stile.
- 1/2” half-depth furniture
Using our cabinets listed inside this brochure, draw board shelf.
in cabinetry. (Draw walls on top of bases.) Include all - 3/8” furniture board bottom
appliances and fixtures that you plan to use in your and sides.
space. - 3/8” x 4” height furniture board recessed toekick (recessed
3-3/8” deep).
4. Total the number of Cabinets - Recessed toekick is unfinished furniture board and requires
toekick cover.
Make note of cabinets needed on the product list for - Cabinet interior features natural maple laminate. (Bartlett
easy reference prior to purchasing. features white laminate.)
- Fully concealed self-closing, adjustable steel hinges.

- Furniture board drawer with
1/2” sides and back and 3/8”
- 20” deep drawer box with
stapled butt joint
- Drawer bottom stapled into
sides, front and back.
- Self-closing epoxy coated
guides for smooth, quiet
action (Rated at 100 lbs capacity per drawer).
- Adjustable side-mount drawer guides with double rails for
more stability.
- Built-in drawer stop.


Wall W0930 (9”w x30”h x12”d) W1230 (12”w x30”h x12”d) W1530 (15”w x30”h x12”d) W1830 (18”w x30”h x12”d) W2130 (21”w x30”h x12”d) W2430 (24”w x30”h x12”d) Wall W3030 (30”w x30”h x12”d) W3630 (36”w x30”h x12”d
Single NBS $41.47 Double NBS $126.02 BBPW 237.53
Door NBS $47.76 NBS $49.47 NBS $54.76 NBS $95.15 Door
BPW $129.53 BBPW $208.94
BPW $129.53 BPW $141.94 BPW $155.53 BPW $166.53 BPW $180.94

Wall Double Door W3012 (30”w x12”h x12”d) W3612 (36”w x12”h x12”d) W3014 (30”w x14”h x12”d) W3018 (30”w x18”h x12”d) W3618 (36”w x18”h x12”d) Wall Diagonal DC2430 (30”h) Square SC3630 (36”w x30”h x12”d) SC4230 (42”w x30”h x12”d)
Corner NBS $134.02 Corner
NBS $51.74 NBS $87.15 NBS $54.47 NBS $57.97 NBS $71.47 NBS $74.26
BPW $220.53
BBPW $140.53 BBPW $166.53 BBPW $140.53 BBPW $148.53 BBPW $178.94 BPW $181.53 BBPW $208.94


Base Full B09 (9”w x35”h x23-3/4”d) Base B12 (12”w x35”h x23-3/4”) B15 (15”w x35”h x23-3/4”) B18 (18”w x35”h x23-3/4”) B21 (21”w x35”h x23-3/4”) B24 (24”w x35”h x23-3/4”) Base B30 (30”w x35”h x23-3/4”) B36 (36”w x35”h x23-3/4”)
Height BPW $133.94 Single NBS $70.26 NBS $71.47 BPW $180.53 NBS $131.62 NBS $134.02 Double NBS $170.82 NBS $174.02
Door Door Door
BPW $161.53 BPW $169.53 BPW $191.94 BPW $223.53 BBPW $255.53 BBPW $277.94

Sink SB30 (30”w x35”h x23-3/4”) SB36 (36”w x35”h x23-3/4”) Drawer DB12 (12”w x35”h x23-3/4”d) DB15 (15”w x35”h x23-3/4”d) DB18 (18”w x35”h x23-3/4”d) DB24 (24”w x35”h x23-3/4”d) DB30 (30”w x35”h x23-3/4”d) DB36 (36”w x35”h x23-3/4”d)
Base Base
NBS $107.12 NBS $151.62 NBS $110.97 NBS $213.26

BBPW $211.53 BBPW $241.53 BPW $160.53 BPW $163.53 BPW $202.53 BPW $205.94 BPW $344.53 BPW $383.53

Square Corner BC36 (36”w x 35”h x 23-3/4”d) BC42 (42”w x 35”h x 23-3/4”d) Square Corner Easy SCER36 (36”w x 35”h x23-3/4”d) Square SCR36 (36”w x 35”h x 23-3/4”d) Utility U18L (18”w x 84”h x 23-3/4”d) U24L (24”w x 84”h x 23-3/4”d) Maple 18” Set of 2
Base NBS $103.52 Reach NBS $173.97 Corner NBS $155.47 Cabinet NBS $273.55 Shelves
Roto Shelves for Utility 73059 $9.88
35" BPW $331.53 NOT Cabinets 24” Set of 2
BPW $217.53 BPW $244.94 $402.94 Included. BPW $366.94 BPW $421.53 73057 $12.88


Filler F331 (3”w x 31”h) Wall F396 (3”w x 96”h) F631 (6”w x 31”h) Wall End Panel PEPR335 (35”h x 23-3/4”d) Stock Panel P4836 (36”h x 48”l) Scribe MSW8 (3/4”w x 8’l) Quarter MQR8 (3/4”w x 3/4”h x 8’l)
3” Stile SAD $33.56 Laminate SAD $79.15 Molding SAD $9.86 Round
SAD $67.95 SAD $33.55 BPW $30.53
BPW $69.53 BPW $97.94 BPW $15.33
BPW $24.94 BPW $92.94 BPW $48.94 TOEKICK8 (4”h x 8’l)
SAD $15.97
Crown MCROWN8 (2-1/4”h x v8’l) Outside Corner MOCW8 (3/4”h x 8’l) Straight V549ST (5”h x 49”l) BPW $20.94
Molding SAD $48.42 Molding BPW $24.53 Valance SAD $36.42

Newberry Brellin BPW $60.53 BPW $56.53
Saddle Purstyle™ White
Butt Doors) Pricing good 11.8.2019. Pricing subject to change without notice.

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