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Published by jalle0667, 2019-11-22 14:10:33

Food Canning (1)

Food Canning (1)

Food Canning


TASK C When was it invented/Where was it

Food canning was invented in 1750.
It was invented in france.

Who was [or were] the inventors

The Can food was invented by Nicolas Appert.

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Purpose of invention/what did it do

The purpose of food canning is to get food without picking it and being in the hot
sun and being in the cold weather.

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Task E what impact did the invention on the
industrial revolution area?

The agricultural revolution were heavily affected by food canning. Because tin
cans were such an easy way to transport food over long distances.

What impact did the invention have on world history?

So people have more energy without going in the field and picking crops and less
dangerous food and it last longer and safer

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Task F

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