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Holiday Homework Group 6 (6)

Holiday Homework Group 6 (6)


The scheme was launched to celebrate the cultural vibrancy of India
while establishing cultural awareness among the citizens of our
nation. Its primary objective is to strengthen cultural relations of
various regions in the country
books have been
translated to other
Indian languages.

Sharing agriculture

By Group 6
Class VII- I
Members :
Aadyayani Bhatt, Aarika Jindal, Amaira Juneja,
Arnav Chawla, Asmi Jain and Devansh Goel


❖ Neeraj Chopra : One achievement of Indian javelin thrower Neeraj Chopra, who on Saturday won India's
first-ever track and field gold medal at the Olympics with a throw of 87.58m at the Tokyo Games here.
Gold Medal in 2017 World U-20 Athletics Championships. Another achievement is that Neeraj
Chopra wins gold at Sotteville Athletics Meet in France

❖ P.V Sindhu : PV Sindhu became the first Indian badminton player the who has won a gold medal at the
BWF World Championships in Switzerland held in 2019. The shuttler defeated a strong Nozomi Okuhara
of Japan in straight games. PV Sindhu won a silver medal at the 2018 Asian Games in Jakarta, as well as
a bronze medal at the 2014 Asian Games.

❖ Mary Kom - Mary Kom is the only Indian female boxer to win an Olympic medal. She clinched a bronze
medal in 51 kg category in 2012, defeating Britain’s Nicola Adams. Mary Kom proved to everyone by
being the only female to become the World Amateur Boxing Champion seven times before 2019 and
the only boxer in both male and female categories to gain eight World Championship medals.

❖ Shiva Thapa: A boxer from Assam. He is supported by Olympic Gold Quest and Anglian Medal Hunt
Company, Shiva Thap participated in the 2012 London Olympics, and was the youngest Indian boxer to
qualify for the Olympics. Shiva is a Guwahati Boy (8th December 1993) and is considered as one of the
most famous pugilists of Assam. Shiva’s determination helped him carve out a special place in the world
of sports. He has also won the Arjuna award for boxing in 2016.

❖ Sachin Tendulkar is the only player to have scored one hundred international centuries, the
first batsman to score a double century in an odi, he holds the record for the most runs in both test
and ode, and the only player to complete 34,357 runs in international cricket. He received the arjuna
award in 1994 for his outstanding sporting achievements, the Khel Ratna award, India's highest
sporting honor, in 1997, and the Padma shri and Padma Vibhushan awards in 1999 and 2008,
respectively, two of India's highest civilian awards.


Statue Of Unity, Gujarat Qutub Minar, Delhi

➢ The construction of The Statue Of ➢ The construction of Qutub Minar
Unity started in 2014 it was started in 1192 and was completed in
completed on October 31st, 2018. the year 1220.

➢ Statue Of Unity is made from the ➢ Red Sandstone was used to make
stone's quartzite sandstone, Qutub Minar.
argillaceous sandstone, shale, pebbly
sandstone, and limestone. ➢ Qutub Minar was constructed
by Qutub-ud-din Aibak. It is known as
➢ It was designed by Indian sculptor the 'Victory Tower' as
Ram V Sutar. The Statue of Unity is it commemorates the victory of the
dedicated to Sardar Vallabhbhai Mughals. The various inscriptions on
Patel as he was responsible for the Minar provide us with historical
uniting all the states of the country to details of various names and events.
build Republic of India.
• Qutub Minar is 73 metres tall and
➢ It is the world's tallest statue with a has Verses from the Holy Quran and
height of about 182 metres. some complex carvings inscribed on
the walls of the tower.


-Aloo Paratha
-Singari ki sabzi
-Moong ki dal
-Kheer(rice -pudding)

Hyderabadi biryani
Kodi kuri
Doodh Peda
Neera(coconut drink)



The wind instrument bansuri Cahas has been in vogue since the
times of the Rig Veda and is even found in the murals of
Ajanta Ellora caves. Bansuri is a folk instrument, invariably
linked to the lives and playfulness of KRISHNA.

Origin: The Bansuri (the Bamboo Flute) is of Indian origin, with
many variants found all over the country. It has been known
from ancient times as an accompaniment to the chanting of the
Vedic mantras.

Significance: It is linked to the love story of Krishna and Radha.
The bansuri is revered as Lord Krishna's divine instrument and
is often associated with Krishna's Rasa Lila dance.

Artist: Hariprasad Chaurasia ,Krishna J ,Shashank Subramanyam

Element: A bansuri gives a beautiful tune as an output..
Gurgaon is a developing city which the hub to many businesses
and those businesses have a good outcome to.


हमारे भारत को श्रेष्ठ बनाने में हमारे प्रसिद्ध कवि और कवित्रियों का बहुत बडा योगदान है इिमें प्रमखु कवि
है - कबीरदाि , रामधारी सिहिं ददनकर , रिीिंद्रनाथ टैगोर, हररिंिश राय बच्चन,महादेिी िमाा आदद।

महादेिी िमाा (26 माचा 1907- 11 सितबंि र 1987) एक प्रसिद्ध दहदंि ी भाषा की कवििी थी। िे दहिंदी िादहत्य
मंे छायािादी युग के चार प्रमुख स्तभिं ों में िे एक मानी जाती हंै। आधुननक दहदंि ी की िबिे िशक्त
कवित्रियों मंे िे एक होने के कारण उन्हें आधुननक मीरा के नाम िे भी जाना जाता है। कवि ननराला ने उन्हें
दहंिदी के विशाल मदंि दर की िरस्िती भी कहा है। महादेिी िमाा ने स्ितिंि ता के पहले का भारत भी देखा है
और उिके बाद का भी। महादेिी िमाा ने अपने काव्य िे के िल पाठकों को ही नहीिं, िमीक्षकों को भी गहराई
तक प्रभावित ककया है। महादेिी िमाा की प्रसिद्ध कविता :

जो तमु आ जाते एक बार

जोो तुम आ जाते एक बारककतनी करूणा ककतने िंदि ेश
पथ मंे त्रबछ जाते बन पराग
गाता प्राणों का तार तार
अनुराग भरा उन्माद रागआिँ ू लेते िे पथ पखार
जो तुम आ जाते एक बारहँि उठते पल में आद्रा नयन
धुल जाता होठों िे विषाद
छा जाता जीिन मंे बितंि
लुट जाता चचर िचंि चत विरागआँखें देतींि ििास्ि िार
जो तुम आ जाते एक बार


• C’est une belle voiture orange. C’est
une voiture électrique. il peut aussi
voler. c’est une voiture automatique et
dispose d’une télévision à
regarder. c’est une très grande
voiture. Il est magnifique et jolie. il a
beaucoup d’espace.


Param Vir Chakra Maha Vir Chakra Vir Chakra Kriti Chakra Ashoka Chakra Shaurya Chakra


We have chosen the state Mumbai and have decided to make its famous street food
Mumbai. We all made Bhelpuri as a snack for our families.
➢ A adyayani's Experience
My family enjoyed eating it and came back for more as they loved the spicy and Savoury
flavor. It was a fun cooking without fire activity.
➢ Asmi's Experience
My family very grateful that I made such an amazing Bhelpuri. They enjoyed eating it a
lot. when I gave them a bowl with bhelpuri they appreciated me and said that is it is a
wonderful snack.
➢ A arika's Experience
My family loved eating bhelpuri and said it was very delicious. Though, it was easy to
make it I enjoyed making bhelpuri a lot as I was able to choose from a wide variety of
vegetables, chutneys and namkeens.
➢ Amaira's Experience
It was great to make the amazing and delicious bhelpuri that put a smile on my family's
faces. They loved how I made it on my own and put a lot of effort to make it. The spicy
and heavenly flavor left them speechless.
➢ Devansh's Experience
my family was very impressed and grateful after eating the spicy bhelpuri. I tried it
myself and it was not bad for a delicious snack that does not even take 45 minutes to
make. It takes just a few ingredient to make it. According to me bhelpuri is the best
street food snack .
➢ Arnav's Experience
My family was very impressed after eating this Savoury and tasty bhelpuri I made. It is a
time saving snacks it was ready in few minutes. It was too easy to make it and it is the
best Street food.


• When compared to traditional soil
grown crop production ,Hydroponic
farming has the following benefits
:90% more efficient use of water .
Hydroponic plants produce a greater
yield of fruits and vegetables because
in a hydroponic system plants are
more densely spaced together
compared to the size of land that
would be needed to grow the same
number of plants in normal
farming .Nutrients are more easily
available for the plant to absorb . The
grower can control light , heat
, nutrients, hydration , pests and all
other aspects for growing process .
Many crops can be produced twice as
fast in a well managed Hydroponic


The success story of Mr. Harishchandra Reddy. He is a successful hydroponic farmer in
Hyderabad, Telangana. He wanted to provide consumers with high-quality vegetables at an
affordable cost. While he was studying in his college, he learned about various
technologies to enhance agriculture, and on an agricultural tour, he and his classmates
were taken to a hydropic farm where they explained the different techniques used to grow
vegetables. Since then, he always wanted to start a hydroponic farm of his own. Soon after
he completed his education, he worked for a year, and after that, he quit. Even though he
was happy with his job, he wanted to grow vegetables by hydroponic farming and wanted
his own business. So he deeply gained knowledge about hydroponics and other advanced
farming techniques for 6-month agriculture, and on an agricultural tour, he and his
classmates were taken to a hydropic farm where they explained the different techniques
used to grow vegetables since then, he always wanted to start a hydroponic farm of his
own. Soon after he completed his education, he worked for a year, and after that, he quit.
Even though he was happy with his job, he wanted to grow vegetables by hydroponic
farming and wanted his own business. So, he deeply gained knowledge about hydroponics
and other advanced farming techniques for 6 month. Two plants grown using hydroponic
farming are Strawberries and Radish. Harishchandra Reddy belongs to the state Uttar


Mint/ pudina / mentha
Money plant/ devil’s ivy/ epipremnum
Tulsi /basil /ocimum tenuiflorum
Thuja compacta/morpankhi / Vidya plant

Aadyayani : Art, Hindi, Mini garden, P.E, Math's , IT.
Asmi : Math's , Science , English, P.E, IT.
Aarika: Music, Math's, IT, P.E, English, Social Science
Amaira : Music, IT, , French, English, P.E
Arnav: P.E, Science, IT, English
Devansh: Hindi, IT, English

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