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Work Having Fun
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F a s t S t a r t G u i d eEarn Serious Money

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How A Nest Egg Freelancer Rescued Himself……………………..2
7 Reasons Why You Should Begin A New Nest Egg……………..4
The Essentials - What Lights Your Fire………………………………7
Discovering Your Niche Test………..………………………………..…9
The Do’s and The Don’ts…………………………………………………13
Where To Find Your Jobs……………………………………………….16
Your Destiny is bright………………………………………………….…18

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Background My Story

It’s incredibly exciting to be living in the new millennium The time was shortly before 2006, I had been a stock
when so many barriers to entry are collapsing around us desk trader executing complex spreads, options and
and there are huge opportunities for anyone at any age straddles for high net-worth active investors. It was a
with a dream and a hope. Bloomer Boomer where I very heady time where I learned tons about investing
work is a living example of how a small team can launch that got the attention from a large national investment
a global publication that impacts the lives of millions. firm which recruited me to build their portfolio of
investors. For the next few years I was doing well with a
I started seeing my dream in the mid 80’s with the growing book of new business of over 10-million dollars
evolution of the Apple Macintosh 128K. When I finally and satisfied clients.
got my hands on one, despite its primitiveness I saw it
was an omen to my dreams becoming reality. Now we jump ahead to 2008. In that year it was the
three weeks that changed the world in a global financial
My passions have centered around information delivery, earthquake that became known as the Great Recession.
which is a fancy way of describing things involving My growing book of business came to a standstill and
media. I honed my technical and media skills over 20 although my clients didn’t panic everything stopped
years so when the opportunity finally presented itself I including my income.

was able to tap into the global source of amazingly
skilled developers, coders and managers who assisted It was a difficult time for everyone and for many of us
me in building on the dream. linked to banking, housing and investing, it was a matter
of financial survival. Time was not on our side as the
The journey has exceeded my expectations and it has recession lagged on for 18 months. Despite doing well
also taught me that anyone can do this but they just financially I hadn’t accumulated nest egg kind of money
need someone to show them how. That’s what I am that I could retire on, nor was I ready because there was
doing with this New Nest Egg Fast Start Guide program more I wanted to do. 

to thrive and enjoy new income on your terms.

It became vividly clear to me that my future would be
tied to my passion for the digital landscape where I
Page 3! zealously built websites and apps for myself and others.


The New Wave Comes to Shore

During those early days disruptive technologies were The New Nest Egg program we are showing you today
catching a wave and my mind and technical training comes from the combined experiences of myself and
tended in that direction. One industry I knew a lot about many others who want to help others get to the top of
was broadcasting. As a student in college I worked at the learning curve and thrive at what they love doing
the campus radio station and learned a lot about the and be rewarded, whether for intrinsic or monetary
business side of broadcasting. reasons.

The roots of AM radio programming go back decades Let’s get started. I’m here to help, and this is where you
with to up-to-the-minute news and information that should start.
included traffic reports. With what I knew about radio
and the digital landscape I developed the first Andy Asher - I am not and never was psychologically or
crowdsourced traffic report with Crash Alert that financially ready to retire. I feel I have something
featured live reports from motorists at the scene of Executive Editor - more to share personally and financially with my
accidents and traffic snarls. It was the first app
available on Apple iTunes to utilize crowdsourcing as a amazing community of people over 50. What I
means of delivering live breaking events. have learned is very teachable, repeatable and I
want to show you how to build it and thrive.

With the success of Crash Alert and the website

business we grew for several years and decided to

focus completely on a truly unique platform. It became

a media rich domain for people over 55 with a principle

based on the business model of traditional media that

was designed to focus on people between ages 18 to

54 and anyone older was nothing more than gravy to

them. But what we found was an audience eager to tap

into what we were providing on Bloomer Boomer that

was officially launched in 2012 and has become a

popular award winning website ever since. Page 4!

7 Reasons You Should

Earn New Income as a Freelance/Entrepreneur

 . Now is the best time ever for you to enjoy the
lifestyle and new income available for you in
the global marketplace.

Just today on the news I wistfully watched the last Toys Photography has always been my favorite hobby.
‘R Us store close down. As I am seeing the brick and Back in the day I was a kid shooting black and white
mortar business model crumble, I sometimes lose sight film. I even had a Kodak Brownie camera at one
of the explosive growth on the digital landscape in very point.

real terms. For every new service and platform I watch
being developed there are thousands of workers in the In 2009 I discovered how my photography hobby
background bringing it to life on the internet and that is became a nice little side hustle when a company
where the jobs are where earlier restrictions mattered contacted me to do real estate photos. Granted I had
like age, location or other barriers that would hold you to upgrade my skill level a couple of notches but it all
back from a robust new income source. added to being a better photographer.
I have seen a tremendous demand for people of all
levels and skills unique to this business model. Many Getting into business was only a few mouse clicks
are workers located in satellite offices throughout the away with user friendly website applications
world. My office has always been the third bedroom of sprouting up I was just a few key strokes away from
my house. And my home office is probably not too making my avocation into a vocation.
different from other peoples in cities, towns and
countries worldwide. Andy Asher -
Executive Editor -
2. Cash-in on your hobbies, passions, experience

Many of us have an avocation that we really like

doing, and while we get intrinsic enjoyment out of it,

there is another level of satisfaction when getting

paid for it.
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3. Thrive to the challenge of learning a new skill 5. Become A Digital Nomad

Worried that you don’t have any marketable skill. “Instead of wondering when your next vacation is,
Stop the negative thinking right now. As we will show maybe you should set up a life you don’t need to escape
you, one of the most prevalent job requests on from” - Seth Godin
freelancer job websites are for people who can do a
little of everything. It is literally the jack-of-all-trades This is really becoming a popular solution. I worked
in the digital space as people all over the world are with a wonderful woman two weeks ago who lives and
doing it to help lighten the burden for others who pay works in Mexico. If she hadn’t told me where she was
you well to help them. talking from, I would have never known. Phone
connections are so great and with Skype there is no
4. Live anywhere. No need to live near the job. need to even explain unless someone asks. 

My universe hasn’t yet gone beyond the United States 6. Or Work Locally
but I have been able to take my virtual office a lot of
places. I have been able to accompany my wife on her Even though we assume most jobs are done from a
new venture with friends where she is helping them distance, many are hands-on right in your own
open a restaurant half way across the country. Then community. Most jobs sites allow you to localize your
there is my friend in San Francisco but it was a journey search. I had been working with an online nutritionist
getting there. He took his work from New York, to who consults customers globally online about health
Washington D.C. and then a brief stay in Argentina nutrition. I didn’t find out until much later that she uses
before settling in the Bay Area. Now he is married with her nutrition background as a private chef. She uses
a family and plans stay put for awhile. various platforms that we will talk about later where
clients seek out her advice. She supplements her
Page 6! consulting work with private chef jobs from customers
who discover her website.

You will discover the synergy created by a global
presence with your local marketplace.

7. Grow as a person
One of the most important reasons for you to start building your
new nest egg now is that it—the nest egg, the learning, the new skill set,
meeting new people — will help you grow as a person while building new
I’ve become more skilled and happier, feeling more at peace with myself
and family at any time in my life. It has helped me conquer my fear of
starting a new project and the joy of seeing income flow into my checking
account. I have become more confident. I’ve grown in terms
of my knowledge and expertise thanks to the countless number
of amazing influencers I’ve connected with over the
course of building my new nest egg.

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The Essentials: List 5 skills here from your work and hobbies that you
are best at and most proud :
defining what lights 1.
your fire
Use the following pages to help you nail down specific
details about what you would like to do. You will be 3.
surprised how many interesting freelance assignments
are available.

1. What specific skills are you proud of and excelled at
when working on your job?

2. What specific skills are you really pleased about and
enjoy in your hobbies or interests.



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3. Using the list on the previous page as a starting point
take some time to think what you are most passionate
and curious about.
“What do I like doing?”
I know that sounds way too general and broad, but
employers might be looking for unique skills that
you have.

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Discover Your Niche

Complete Your Preference Test

In the freelance world, job categories of days gone by are as obsolete as office fax machine. In the global marketplace
you will find such a huge variety of tasks to do, it’s impossible not to find something you like and do well.
So this aptitude test will be different from others because the categories are weighted with preference given to your
skills, desire and temperament. Once you are finished you will have a good sense of what you want to do and succeed

at. Nest Egg Skills Tests

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Discover Your Niche

Complete Your Preference Test

Nest Egg Desire Tests

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Discover Your Niche

Complete Your Preference Test

Nest Egg Temperament Test

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 iscover Your Forte

Let’s Tabulate and Find out About Yourself

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Do's and Don'ts

Doing It Right Saves Time and The Don'ts

The Do’s

1. Make one or two freelancer websites your go-to sites and 1. Don’t accept a job if your gut tells you it’s not right for
use them the most. There are some specialty sites you you.
may want to include. Become an expert about how they
work and learn if there are any hacks that give you an 2. If someone offers you a job too quickly before you fully
advantage. (You will find our Best Freelancer websites understand what’s expected, don’t be too fast to accept it.
listed on page 16) Ask more questions or decline.

2. Make a point to really know the job site(s) you specialize 3. If you are very booked up with work but someone is eager
in. Learn and ask questions. You will find several to hire you and get started, don’t accept it before
platforms on New Nest Egg to learn and ask questions explaining your time frame. Just make sure to set
during our webinars, our Closed Group platform and your expectations.
Mastermind Group.
4. Don’t promise more than you can deliver. That doesn’t
3. Be prompt and responsive at everything you. If you are mean to say you should not to stretch yourself to learn but
sent a message respond promptly. Be prompt delivering be pretty certain you know where you can learn a new skill
the job. before saying yes.

4. Be yourself when working with your contractor. 5. Don’t leave your contractor in the dark about any
Depending on how you communicate, you may have problems or uncertainties. Otherwise you can be sure it
several phone, chat or video meetings so just remember to could become a bigger problem if you wait too long.
be yourself. Communications is always important.

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Do's and Don'ts and The Don'ts

 oing It Right Saves Time

The Do’s

5. Learn what is a standard/acceptable price for the work you 6. Don’t take your cover letter lightly. It’s important
do. The rule of thumb is if you are brand new, you want to because the company representative will check to see if you
keep your price lower to get new jobs. Then begin increasing are actually writing it for them or if it’s just a generic letter.
it. Talk with other freelancers (visit our mastermind or That is not to say you can’t use a template copy/paste letter
closed groups) to learn. but make sure the first paragraph is unique to that job.

6. Show interest in the job. If you do that by evoking 7. Most freelancer job websites give you and the company the
infectious energy that is always good, but if that is not your opportunity to provide a written review of each other so you
style, make sure you can find a way to convey a positive need to know you will get a review that others will read.
energy. Always do the very best you can but if you get a bad review,
learn from it and don’t dwell on it. When you are new, start
7. Look for red flags in job descriptions you are considering. out with jobs you are good at because postive reviews are so
If you see misspellings, grammatical errors and incoherency important.
your time would be used much better elsewhere and move
on. 8. Don’t apply for every job under the sun. It’s a bad use of
your time. Instead narrow down your scope and apply
8. Good communication is the key. Make sure you are on the mainly for jobs that interest and challenge you.
same page as the contractor with price, time, format and
other specifics. Otherwise it can lead to a train wreck, hence 9. Don’t get discouraged. Always keep the energy up!
a bad review. You can avoid these situations by checking-in Feelings of discouragement creep in so easily in freelance
regularly with your employer. work, but it’s so important to remember that everyone offers
a unique set of skills that employers out there need. Patience

 is definitely key in this field!

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Where To Find Your Jobs 

Find Your Best Match

There are many platforms where you can do your work. We have reviewed the 10 sites below and provided our
input. Remember we suggest you have two favorite job sites and then possibly a third that might be a specialty
site. There are job websites for very specific skills which we will cover in our later webinars. The sites below are all
good sources for you to discover.

1. Toptal - Toptal is mostly for freelancers that have a lot of work under their belt. There is a screening process that needs
to be completed and passed in order to gain access to great clients with substantive projects along with competitive
compensation. The community of Toptal freelancers holds unique technological events and community gatherings.

2. Upwork - This site boasts over 1.5 million clients, and there are jobs for every type of freelancer that you could imagine
that last short term and long term. Work can be done as hourly or per project, and anyone whose skill level is entry
level to expert can find something that fits their need. Because of the vast availability of work, it is likely that anyone
can find work through this platform. When work is completed, funds are safely transferred from client to freelancer.

3. Ifreelance - Here, you will find the usual types of workers in the freelance world like editors, coders, and writers, but
there are also freelance marketers. One unique thing about this platform is that freelancers are able to keep 100% of
their earnings, unlike most of the other platforms whose fees and rates vary.

4. Indeed - Indeed is the #1 job site in the world1 with over 200 million unique visitors2 every month. Indeed strives to
put job seekers first, giving them free access to search for jobs, post resumes, and research companies. Every day, we
connect millions of people to new opportunities.

5. 99Designs - This particular platform is a great way for designers to get their work seen and to build their portfolio.

Hundreds of thousands of clients and freelancers have had successful contracts. The client is in charge of outlining

everything about the project before any number of the millions of designers from all over the world choose to take part

in the content. Page 1! 6

Where To Find Your Jobs 

6. Craigslist - Not just a way to buy and sell old household items, this might be the hidden gem of finding freelance
jobs. Browsing is easy, as you can look for work locally if you would prefer an office setting, or you can choose
something out of your area if you would prefer to work remotely. Because anyone can post a listing, be mindful of
researching the client as much as you can. Craigslist has a plethora of local freelance work, so safely meeting with the
person face to face before the project starts is a good idea.

7. Freelance Writing Gigs -This platform is aimed at those who are good with words—editors, writers, publishers,
and bloggers alike. Each day it is updated with new jobs that range from writing about topics like photography,
healthcare, and even recipes, to technical writing jobs. The array of projects is a great source for writers to try their
hand at any type of writing.

8. Fiverr - This sort of works in the opposite way that traditional platforms do. Freelancers create their own jobs
based upon what they are good at, rather than companies posting jobs that freelancers can apply for. Freelancers are
able to market their services to companies, and are able to put their gigs into categories by using keywords that show
up in different searches. The names comes from the idea that the freelancers will start their prices at $5 per project.
This is not a requirement, just the starting point for their prices.

9. Guru - Show off your past work while being given access to new jobs every day. You will also be able to see how
much a company has spent using Guru's freelancer pool—helping to make a decision about whether or not the client
will be a good match to your work. Choose jobs by location, category, or job type (hourly or fixed).

10. Localsolo - It is free to use, and there are no commission fees. The profile is free and the work is free—but you still
get paid. Clients work directly with their talent regarding rates, payments, and contracts. Freelancers have total
control. The profiles created with LocalSolo are easier on the eyes than a lot of other platforms, so your personal
brand is more enticing.

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Be prepared to catch the wave enhance your life and earn a new Nest Egg. It’s up to
you, knowing we are here to help every step of the way.
Our mission is to take you every step of the way to
succeed and thrive with New Nest Egg. There is a huge Andy Asher -
demand for people exactly like you. We are 100% Executive Editor -
certain there is an opportunity for to develop your skills,

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