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Manufacturing @ WARP SPEED 
India always had the best combination of smart minds and able workforce. What waslacking, in some sectors, could be attributed to governmental policies, which have beenrectified to a large extent, in the recent past. The ‘pandemic’ played the role of a catalystto solidify the country’s prowess as a global manufacturing hub. It has pushed India into optimising the latent capabilities it possesses across the public and private sectorby promoting indigenous development and manufacturing particularly in the space ofdiagnostics and medical devices. Triggered by the government’s initiative to develop newmedical devices parks and the huge investments by the industry, indigenous diagnosticand medical technology capabilities will continue to be ramped up into 2022 as well...

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BioSpectrum India January 2022

Manufacturing @ WARP SPEED 
India always had the best combination of smart minds and able workforce. What waslacking, in some sectors, could be attributed to governmental policies, which have beenrectified to a large extent, in the recent past. The ‘pandemic’ played the role of a catalystto solidify the country’s prowess as a global manufacturing hub. It has pushed India into optimising the latent capabilities it possesses across the public and private sectorby promoting indigenous development and manufacturing particularly in the space ofdiagnostics and medical devices. Triggered by the government’s initiative to develop newmedical devices parks and the huge investments by the industry, indigenous diagnosticand medical technology capabilities will continue to be ramped up into 2022 as well...

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The New Gen-2 Pipette Tip Box & Pipette Tips- Improve your pipetting precision

Dispensing the exact volume is one of the major concerns amongst lab workers handling patient

samples and macromolecules such as DNA/RNA, Proteins, Enzymes and other reagents. There are
several factors that play an important role in the accuracy of the tests being performed in
molecular diagnostics, drug discovery, biological research laboratories and academic institutions
handling precious samples and costly reagents. A minor error can lead to a series of false results
that may cost the consumer dearly.

The Problem: Box design Overlapping
improves Lid Closure
• Pipette access inside the Tip Box tip rack
• Sturdiness of the Tip Box stability
• Warping & Shrinkage of Tip Box:

Clear Lid for better Visibility New Snap Lock Internal
Mechanism Ribs
Flange & New
Hinge for Slotted Pillars L-Shaped
Unhindered Footprint
Pipette Access

The New Design & Utility Patent: New Generation Tip Box of ABDOS Life
Science helps the scientists handle the
The new design of Generation 2 Pipette tip box pipetting steps with utmost precision and
of ABDOS Life Science addresses a few major thereby eliminates costly errors. The new
concerns associated with warping and Gen 2 Tip-box is designed with clear Lid for
shrinkage of the box that may lead to better visibility, 16 slotted pillars and internal
contamination. The base of the tip box has also ribs for enhanced stability and overlapping
been designed to be sturdy with four ‘L-shaped’ lid closure that minimize the risk of
feet at the corners that also enables stackability. contamination. The new design has been
The flange & the new hinge design on the lid patented for Design & Usage by ABDOS Life
provides the strength to allow the lid to open Science. Do try the New Gen-2 Pipette Tip
fully to facilitate unhindered pipette access Box by ABDOS Life Science- for a superior
while picking up the tips from the rack, most liquid handling experience.
importantly while handling a multi-channel
pipette. The new tip box can accommodate all
types of pipettes & tips according to a 96 well

Abdos Labtech Pvt. Ltd. Unit No. 319, 3rd Floor, DLF Tower-A, DDA Dist. Centre, Jasola, New Delhi-110025, India
L: +91 11 44800980-986; E: [email protected]; W:





India always had the best combination of smart minds and able workforce. What was
lacking, in some sectors, could be attributed to governmental policies, which have been
rectified to a large extent, in the recent past. The ‘pandemic’ played the role of a catalyst
to solidify the country’s prowess as a global manufacturing hub. It has pushed India
into optimising the latent capabilities it possesses across the public and private sector
by promoting indigenous development and manufacturing particularly in the space of
diagnostics and medical devices. Triggered by the government’s initiative to develop new
medical devices parks and the huge investments by the industry, indigenous diagnostic
and medical technology capabilities will continue to be ramped up into 2022 as well...











Reforms Dr Maluk Mohamed,
28 Co-Founder & Global
Vice-President, Twin
2022 seeks holistic Health, Chennai
revamping of pharma emphasizes on
regulations the future of
Upendra N Sharma, personalised
care focusing on
Partner, diabetes reversal.
J Sagar Associates, Gurugram
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Union Budget 2022-23
30 Hareesh Tibrewala,
Joint Chief
All Eyes on Budget ‘22 Executive Officer,
Mirum India,
Trending Mumbai talks
34 about how medical
professionals are
Are boosters another Shot in the Dark? embracing social
media to fight
BioSpectrum BioSuppliers Ranking misinformation.
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BioSuppliers market crosses
Rs 10K Cr with 16% growth in 2020-21 Kartik Singhal,
Founder- O2 Cure
37 and Director- Zeco
Aircon, Gurugram
Waters India leads Bio Suppliers tells us how
market in India in 2020-21 technology can be
used to overcome
Regulars ‘sick building
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Innovative Pips Generic

The Union Government is formulating a policy much more on development of production facilities.
to encourage research in patented drugs. This Research investment of some of the companies has
could be the timely impetus to help realise the grown in the last few years and reached 6 per cent
$130 billion target by 2030 as the industry feels that of the sales, still it is much less than 20 per cent
without innovation Indian pharma cannot touch the of western pharma companies. Despite smaller
target by 2030. investment in research, whatever amounts are
available from that too they have not been able to
There are some valid reasons for the proviso develop any significant new molecule. Over 200
put forth by the industry. First being the high CAGR compounds have been developed through research,
required, almost double of the present one, to take but very few have reached the market. Till 2017, only
over three times the leap from the current market one compound had reached the market.
level of $42 billion to $130 billion in eight years.
Pharma’s growth rate came down from 13 per cent The government’s plan to promote research
(for nearly two decades) to 8.5 per cent in the last for patented drugs is significant in several ways.
decade and had been only 6.2 per cent for the past If planned properly taking into consideration the
five years. In November 2021 the market grew by just industry’s views and challenges, implemented
6.1 per cent. EY-FICCI vision report has estimated effectively and the industry responds to it positively
that the sector will have to grow at 12 per cent to and with enthusiasm, the Indian pharma sector has
reach $130 billion industry. potential to transform its positioning from generic
drugs hub to drug discovery hub.
The second reason is that some Indian big
pharma companies which have started focusing The industry has listed the challenges that are
on innovation, are seeing the positive outcome of needed to overcome in this journey of repositioning.
their efforts. Lupin expects to get 20 per cent of They include uncertainties about clinical trials
their turnover from innovative products. Innovative regulatory and price, understanding of technological
products business of Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories is transfer, IP protection and skill gap. It has also
growing three times faster than generics and branded suggested some ways to overcome these problems.
generics with its current basket of 13 innovative For instance, regulatory clearances and processes
products. Indian pharma has reached its current should be sped up. Or for reverse brain drain
market level mainly with generic drugs. But, the incentives like income tax concessions need to be
industry consensus is that generics has reached its offered to attract immigrated Indian researchers.
optimum level and hereafter, only innovations and A PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) report in 2016
new technologies will determine the way forward. identified four pillars to strengthen the innovation
environment as human resources, finance,
Research will play a key role in innovations. infrastructure and regulatory framework.
Though the industry should invest and initiate the
process of research and innovations, which some of If the research promotion policy addresses these
them have already started doing, there was unanimity issues, we already have other important components
in the sector that the initial impetus to create an for growth like rising healthcare expenditure
ecosystem for innovation should come from the and growing healthcare insurance triggered by
government. Hence, the recent announcement by government schemes. With all these elements
Mansukh Mandaviya, Union Health Minister, at together, the Indian pharma sector can surely meet
an event organised a run-up to the 10th edition of the target of $130 billion by 2030, as it has exhibited
Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit - showcasing the its potential in generic drugs. Taking a new turn to
government’s plan to formulate a policy encouraging research and innovation will be crucial.
research in pharma for patented drugs - will make the
pharma sector smile. Dr Milind Kokje
Chief Editor
Indian companies spend less on research and
[email protected]


Towards a Tech-Led Equitable Future

KIRAN MAZUMDAR-SHAW unified interface for all healthcare records of an individual.
Having control of their own data through electronic health
EXECUTIVE CHAIRPERSON, records (EHRs) will empower patients and enhance their
Biocon and Biocon Biologics ability to easily identify what is in their best interest.
Availability of longitudinal EHRs will make it easier
The COVID-19 pandemic has plunged the world into for doctors and healthcare workers to get a good and
a new digital reality. The life sciences industry is customised view of every patient’s journey.
deploying technology and digital capabilities like
never before to analyse data to better understand patient AI-Enabled healthcare
needs and to look ahead and prepare for emerging Artificial Intelligence is aiding rapid diagnosis
health crises. Companies are increasingly using data and by identifying CT scans with COVID-19 associated
digital platforms to be competitive and to position their pneumonia, as well as distinguishing non-COVID related
businesses for the future. At the same time, consumers pneumonias with a high level of accuracy in patients. AI
are progressively embracing technology and governments innovators are developing quicker technology-enabled
are bringing in more flexible regulation to enable greater testing and screening modalities to replace traditional
technological adoption. Going into 2022, these digital methods that require expensive equipment and specialist
trends are likely to gather steam as technology promises human technicians. Going forward, we are likely to see the
to address the challenges and opportunities of the life interaction of human intelligence and AI leading to better
sciences industry in the “new normal.” decision-making in the larger interests of patients. AI
can educate and assist patients, while AI-based Primary
Healthcare at doorstep Healthcare Centers can be equipped to provide screening,
Telemedicine became a lifeline for patient care at the wellness, awareness, and diagnosis in resource-scarce
height of the pandemic. In fact, data show a dramatic settings. Using AI, healthcare providers will be able to
increase in the volume of telehealth visits in 2020 as more efficiently reach patients and, in some cases, triage
patients sought to safely obtain outpatient care over the their needs.
internet. Going into 2022, we are likely to see increased
use of telehealth platforms for addressing a wide range Better diseases tracking
of conditions, from urgent care, primary care check- The pandemic saw the advent of mass scale
ups, medication follow-up and COVID-19 screenings. platforms like CoWin and Arogya Setu that have
Technology will also allow specialists to reach patients combined mobile phones, individual IDs and OTP-based
in remote and inaccessible areas with poor health verification to capture key diagnostic, vaccination and
infrastructure. outcome data which are perhaps the most advanced
databases in the world. We must leverage these powerful
Remote patient care digital platforms beyond COVID-19 to manage both
Going forward, we are likely to see increased demand communicable and non-communicable diseases in real
for therapies that are patient-focused, data-driven and time. Software and data analytics have enabled us to
digitally enabled. Patient care will move to non-clinical track and trace COVID-19 infections, vaccination doses
settings as accelerated adoption of ‘smart’ digital as well as re-infections linked to sequenced variants
therapeutics will allow healthcare providers to gather and have provided us with strong surveillance based
real-time patient care insights and deliver care to patients COVID-19 management. This has truly spearheaded
remotely. digital disruption in healthcare delivery which can have
wide applications beyond the pandemic.
Digital health records
Digital technology can provide innovative and effective An equitable future
solutions for the maintenance of patient health records The pandemic has accelerated innovation, catalysed
in an electronic format. Digital Health IDs will serve as a technological breakthroughs and created a fertile
environment for the emergence of low-cost innovations
anchored in affordability and accessibility. Digital
technology has given the life sciences industry the
opportunity to make healthcare accessible to the most
economically disadvantaged individuals and usher in a
healthier, more equitable 2022.



Molecular testing with an all-in-one solution

AG InstaLume breaks all
records by being the first
rapid RT-LAMP testing in
India and the fastest
rapid molecular COVID
testing platform currently

No More


Real Time RT-LAMP Analyzer 16 Test
Results in


Toll 1800 425 7151 / 1800 891 7251 / 1800 270 7151

“Agappe Hills”, Pattimattom (PO), Dist. Ernakulam, Kerala - 683 562, India.
TEL: + 91 484 2867000 | [email protected] |


Vol 19; Issue 12; December 2021 BIOSPECTRUM

Acknowledgements wishes its
Huge thanks to BioSpectrum, the interview with Dr Udit Batra, President and Readers,
Chief Executive Officer, Waters Corporation, is excellent and the layout in both Contributors,
magazines- BioSpectrum India and Asia, is very impressive! Thank you again for Advertisers
your interest. Wishing you, your staff and your family a wonderful, healthy and safe and Associates
end to 2021 and best wishes for a blessed 2022.

- Kevin Kempskie, US
Through the pandemic, it was notable to highlight the evolution, changes,
transitions and the importance of the diagnostic sector in the country. Thank you
BioSpectrum India for featuring CORE Diagnostics, in the December edition,
amongst all key players working tirelessly every day.

- Dinesh Chauhan, Gurugram
What a comprehensive and all-encompassing edition! I really enjoyed going through
the articles and felt fully updated on all the segments of healthcare and research that
are so interwoven and interdependent - pharma, medtech, diagnostics, life sciences
and startups. Many congratulations to BioSpectrum for the December edition!

- Veena Kohli, New Delhi
Thank you BioSpectrum for the nice coverage on Cognota Healthcare in the
‘startupoftheday’ section on the website. Appreciate it.

- Sanjeev Dahiwadkar, Mumbai

Vol 20; Issue 1; January 2022 MM Activ Sci-Tech Communications

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publication. The Printer, necessarily claim to give no warranty and
Publisher, Editor and accept no responsibility


NCBS, TIGS to take applied ADB approves
research to next level $1.5B for
Bengaluru-based National 2016 as the result of visionary vaccines
Centre for Biological Sciences philanthropic support from in India
(NCBS) and the Tata Institute the Tata Trust. TIGS strives
of Genetics and Society (TIGS) to support research activities, The Asian Development
have announced an institutional train personnel, and advance Bank (ADB) has approved a
alliance. This collaboration knowledge that facilitates $1.5 billion loan to help the
seeks to bring the most the broad applications of Government of India purchase
recently-developed science genetics and genomics for the safe and effective vaccines
and technologies to address benefit of human health and against COVID-19. The Asian
key fundamental and applied agriculture. NCBS, a research Infrastructure Investment
questions in the area of human centre specialising in biological Bank is expected to co-finance
health. The collaboration research, is a part of the Tata an additional $500 million
is expected to further the Institute of Fundamental for the project. The loans
frontiers of basic and applied Research (TIFR) under the will fund at least 667 million
research for the benefit of Department of Atomic Energy COVID-19 vaccine doses for an
society. The TIGS arose in of the Government of India. estimated 317 million people.
It will support India’s National
C-CAMP unveils Deployment and Vaccination
innovation hub to combat AMR Plan which aims to fully
vaccinate 944.7 million people
Bengaluru-based Centre for Cellular and Molecular Platforms aged 18 years old and above,
(C-CAMP), an initiative of the Department of Biotechnology (DBT) accounting for 68.9 per cent of
has launched the India AMR Innovation Hub (IAIH), a unique global the population. Priority groups
multi-stakeholder platform. Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) is the include health care and frontline
world’s biggest healthcare challenge, also termed as Silent Pandemic. workers, senior citizens, and
In this context, C-CAMP has brought together national and global those aged 45–59 years with
stakeholders in AMR to make an impact and change in India with comorbidities. An ongoing
a common objective i.e. ADB technical assistance grant
fight against AMR. IAIH of $4 million, which includes
will focus on Human AMR, $2 million support from
Human-Animal interface ADB’s Japan Fund for Poverty
or One Health Approach Reduction, is helping strengthen
and Neglected Tropical India’s vaccine delivery
Disease (NTDs) and aim to system. The project is financed
create a globally connected through ADB’s $9 billion Asia
ecosystem that includes Pacific Vaccine Access Facility
an experienced scientific launched in December 2020
and clinical knowledge to provide rapid and equitable
base, regulatory expertise, vaccine-related support to ADB
capability and capacity building support such as funding and advanced developing member countries.
R & D infrastructure, multi-pronged policy measures for Public Health
and improving access, AMR stewardship and public communication
for raising public awareness. IAIH partners include national and global
AMR stakeholders from public health organisations, philanthropic
organisations, non-profits, academic & research institutes and
hospitals and industry and support from government agencies. IAIH
will continue to add more partners and expertise. The IAIH will soon
outline specific interventions and prioritise focus areas in alignment
with the National Action Plan on AMR.


NephroPlus Alembic Pharmaceuticals
announces seed round
raises $24M investment in RIGImmune

from IIFL Vadodara-based Alembic targeting the innate immune
Pharmaceuticals has made target, RIG-I. The company
AMC, existing a strategic investment will utilise the proceeds of
in RIGImmune, a the series seed round to
investors biopharmaceutical research further the development of
company co-founded by two therapeutic oligonucleotides
Hyderabad-based NephroPlus prominent Yale University developed by Dr Pyle and Dr
has closed Series E round professors Dr Anna Pyle Iwasaki. Alembic has acquired
of funding to pursue growth and Dr Akiko Iwasaki. preferred stock in RIGImmune
opportunities across India and RIGImmune is focused on the amounting to a 19.97 per cent
select international markets. development of RNA based post-money stake in the first
The current round led by IIFL therapies for viral diseases closing of the series seed round
Asset Management (IIFL AMC) and oncology applications by that was completed recently.
along with investment from
existing investors InvestCorp and Aragen Life Sciences acquires Intox
Bessemer Venture Partners (BVP)
comes on the heels of notable Hyderabad-based Aragen Life manufacturing facilities at
scale-up that the company has Sciences has signed a definitive Hyderabad, Bengaluru and
delivered in recent years towards agreement to acquire Pune- Vizag in India and a biologics
maintaining its dominant market based Intox. This acquisition facility in California, US. Intox
leadership in the dialysis space. will expand Aragen’s end-to- is a reputed GLP certified
NephroPlus had raised a prior end integrated discovery and pre-clinical contract research
round of funding in 2019 from development platform for the organization (CRO) with its
InvestCorp, one of the leading pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, test facilities in Pune, India.
global private equity investors. animal health and It has conducted more than
In the last two years, it further agrochemicals industries. It will 15,000 GLP studies for global
cemented its market leadership enable Aragen to conduct safety clients which include large
position by adding 80+ centres assessment studies from a Good and mid-sized customers
in India, entered the Philippines Laboratory Practice (GLP)- across pharmaceuticals,
market with acquisition of Royal certified facility for submission biopharmaceuticals, plant
Care Dialysis and bagged a to regulatory agencies such as protection, nutraceuticals, and
significant $100 million dialysis the United States Food and medical devices.
contract in Uzbekistan, which Drug Administration (USFDA),
includes building the world’s the United States Environment
largest dialysis centre in Tashkent. Protection Agency (USEPA),
So far, NephroPlus has signed the European Medicines Agency
up 200+ reputed hospitals as (EMA), and others globally.
partners for operating dialysis The acquisition will also
centres including Fortis Hospitals, expand Aragen’s geographical
CARE Hospitals, Medanta and footprint in India. Aragen
Max Healthcare. It has also set up currently has research and
PPP centres in partnership with
state governments and operates
the country’s largest dialysis centre
at Tirupati.


Dr. Reddy’s expands biosimilar offerings
in Latin America, SE Asian countries

Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories, Dr. Reddy’s the exclusive

based in Hyderabad, rights to commercialise

has entered into a the proposed biosimilar in

binding agreement with select countries in Latin

Singapore-based Prestige America and Southeast Asia.

BioPharma for an exclusive Under this partnership,

partnership for the supply Prestige BioPharma will

and commercialisation be responsible for the

of Prestige BioPharma’s sustainable commercial

proposed trastuzumab supply of HD201 from its

biosimilar in select countries manufacturing facilities in

in Latin America and Southeast and can be prescribed for the Osong, South Korea, while Dr.
treatment of HER2 positive breast
Asia. Prestige BioPharma’s and metastatic gastric cancer. Reddy’s will be responsible for
The license agreement grants
trastuzumab(HD201)isaproposed local registrations, marketing and

biosimilar to Roche’s Herceptin sales in the licensed territories.

Premas Biotech, Lupin announces
Oravaxto test oral vaccine
candidate against Omicron launch of

Gurugram-based Premas Biotech has announced that its diagnostics business
joint venture Oravax will initiate testing of their oral virus-
like particle (VLP) vaccine candidate against Omicron Mumbai-based pharma major Lupin has
variant of SARS-CoV 2 virus through preclinical, in vitro announced the launch of Lupin Diagnostics
and challenge studies to assess its efficacy for the new in India. As part of its strategy to provide
mutant strain. Premas Biotech, Oramed Pharmaceuticals, integrated healthcare in India, Lupin
Diagnostics, a wholly owned subsidiary
MyMD of Lupin, has formally commenced
Pharmaceuticals, operations. With
and certain other healthcare playing
shareholders formed an increasingly
Oravax Medical important role, Lupin
to bring an oral Diagnostics’ goal is
COVID-19 vaccine to provide quality
to the market. The diagnostics services
Oravax oral vaccine to doctors, patients
candidate has received and consumers.
clearance from the The company has
South African Health established a state-of- the-art 45,000 sq.
Products Regulatory ft National Reference Laboratory in Navi
Authority to begin enrollment in phase I clinical trials Mumbai. With world-class equipments,
in South Africa. If approved, Oravax’s oral VLP vaccine experienced doctors assisted by trained
candidate would be used either as a standalone vaccine technologists, and stringent quality
or as a booster for previously vaccinated individuals. control protocols, Lupin Diagnostics
The oral method of administration may result in greater will provide a comprehensive range of
safety by reducing potential side effects. Oravax’s vaccine diagnostic tests. These include molecular
technology is highly scalable for manufacturing and is diagnostics, cytogenetics, flow cytometry,
easily transferable for wide-scale logistical distribution, as microbiology, serology, histopathology
there is no need for freezer storage. and cytology, haematology, immunology,
amongst others. In the next three years,
the company plans to set up 100+ labs.


Govt allots Rs 5 Cr to Hyd-based IIITH Incubator

CIE International impact on startups, progress innovative solutions
Institute of Information and achievements over the past in areas of deep-tech,
Technology, Hyderabad 13 years. CIE helps enable and Enterprise Tech,
(IIITH Foundation), the support eligible early-stage edutech, healthcare
Centre for Innovation technology startups creating and medtech. The
& Entrepreneurship funds will enable proof
(CIE) of IIIT Hyderabad, of concept, prototype
has been selected development, product
for the Startup India trials, market entry
Seed Fund Scheme by and commercialisation
the Department for by providing financial
Promotion of Industry assistance up to Rs 25
and Internal Trade lakh. For the next three
(DPIIT), Government of India. years, IIIT-H Foundation will
Rs 5 crore was sanctioned to support around 20-25 startups
the incubator by the Experts through this scheme to enrich
Advisory Committee (EAC) after CIE’s active deep tech startups
evaluating IIIT-H Foundation’s seeding and growth programmes.

AkosMD Healthcare Zumutor Biologics
raises $6.2 M for
acquires 72% stake oncology molecule

in mChemist Global Bengaluru-based startup Zumutor Biologics has on-
boarded a host of investors namely Accel Partners,
Noida-based health tech startup AkosMD Bharat Innovation Fund (BIF) and the new incoming
Healthcare has acquired a 72 per cent stake deep tech investor Siana Capital participate in a Series
in mChemist Global, based in New Delhi, for A4 fundraise of $ 6.2 million. The investors have
an undisclosed amount. The collaboration of shown immense trust and gumption in Zumutor’s
AkosMD Healthcare and mChemist Global tech capabilities to take the lead programme ZM008,
will enable in significantly lowering the cost of a “First in Class” novel monoclonal antibody drug
primary care which accounts for 70 per cent of into IND filing and Phase 1 studies. Across the board,
total healthcare cost. The union will also enable approximately 20 per cent of cancer patients benefit
access to healthcare anytime, anywhere through from immunotherapy. The startup’s single minded
chat, app, smart clinics, and care navigator. focus remains on patient benefit, to make life saving
The partnership aims to offer a game-changing therapies accessible to a multitude of cancer patients
healthcare service to individuals by empowering through targeting natural killer (NK) cells. The lead
them with expert remote health care services at asset ZM008 (an NK activating antibody against a
competitive prices, thereby giving them a sense unique tumor check point) has promising data with
of self-sufficiency and accountability for their preclinical safety completed, and is well on its way
well-being. to an IND filing in the middle of 2022 followed by
Phase 1 studies.


Japan provides COVID-19 Jabs MSF launches
to Bangladesh through COVAX project to
The Government of Japan has Thus, a total of approximately Drug-resistant
decided to provide approximately 4.55 million doses will have TB in Pakistan
1.49 million doses of COVID-19 been provided to Bangladesh,
shots manufactured in Japan, including approximately 1.49 The international medical
through the COVAX facility, million doses provided this time. organisation Medecins Sans
to Bangladesh additionally, as These vaccines are expected to Frontieres (MSF) /Doctors
part of assistance by Japan to contribute to the prevention Without Borders has opened a
contribute to the prevention of the spread of COVID-19 in Programmatic Management of
of the spread of COVID-19 in Bangladesh. Japan will continue Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis
Bangladesh. Since July 2021, to provide various assistance (PMDT) site at the district
the Government of Japan in cooperation with relevant headquarters and teaching
has provided approximately countries and international hospital Gujranwala, Pakistan
3.06 million doses to the organizations towards the in collaboration with the
Government of Bangladesh earliest convergence of Provincial Tuberculosis
through the COVAX Facility. COVID-19. Control Programme, Primary
and Secondary Healthcare
Nepal’s Lumbini Department, Punjab. The
Province strengthens project aims to diagnose and
O2 generation capacity treat patients with drug-
resistant tuberculosis from
Two new oxygen generation plants came into operation in Lumbini Gujranwala and surrounding
Provincial Hospital in Lumbini Province and Janakpur Provincial districts. Tuberculosis is one of
Hospital in Nepal. These plants financed by the World Bank are part of the world’s deadly infectious
a long-term solution for augmenting Nepal’s capacities for a stronger diseases. As per the World
response to the pandemic and boost self-reliance of provincial Health Organisation (WHO),
hospitals to meet the needs of therapeutic oxygen. The oxygen plants Pakistan ranks fifth among
were procured, installed, and will be operated and maintained fully for tuberculosis high-burden
a period of three years by the United Nations Office for Project Services countries and fourth for
(UNOPS) under the World Bank-financed COVID-19 Emergency drug-resistant tuberculosis
Response and Health Systems Preparedness Project, which also worldwide. The newly
financed 1,000 units of 10-liter oxygen concentrators distributed to established Gujranwala PMDT
peripheral health facilities across the country in June 2021. The plants clinic supported by MSF will
will ensure uninterrupted supply of high-quality medical oxygen provide free of cost treatment
through the central medical gas pipeline system to hospital facilities, to patients with drug-resistant
where installed. Additionally, the oxygen can also be used to fill at least tuberculosis. It will offer a
24 46.7-liter cylinders for emergency back-up and supply to peripheral patient-centred model of care
hospitals or ambulance use. that has diagnosis and treatment
all under one roof.


NIH open competition for new maternal health diagnostics

The National Institutes of National Institute of Biomedical of Child Health and Human
Health (NIH) in the US is Imaging and Bioengineering Development and the NIH
offering up to $1 million in cash (NIBIB), in partnership with Office of Research on Women’s
prizes for innovative diagnostic the Bill & Melinda Gates Health. Prototype devices
technologies to help improve Foundation and with support submitted to the competition
maternal health around the world from the Eunice Kennedy should be able to guide rapid
in conjunction with the White Shriver National Institute clinical decision-making,
House “day of action” on maternal improve patient outcomes, and
health. The NIH Technology ultimately help prevent maternal
Accelerator Challenge (NTAC) for morbidity and mortality. Device
Maternal Health will seek to spur prototypes should be capable
and reward the development of of full integration with digital
prototypes for low-cost, point- health platforms and be able to
of-care molecular, cellular, diagnose at least two pregnancy-
and/or metabolic sensing and associated conditions, including
diagnostic technologies. The prize infections, hypertensive disease,
competition is managed by the hemorrhage, or placental issues.

Self-amplifying mRNA FDA expands
vaccine under-design to
tackle Omicron variant eligibility for Pfizer

US-based Gritstone bio, Inc. and CEPI, the Coalition booster to 16 & 17 olds
for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations, have
announced the expansion of their agreement on The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
December 6, 2021 to support the development of a has amended the emergency use authorisation
self-amplifying mRNA (SAM) vaccine designed to (EUA) for the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19
tackle the Omicron COVID-19 variant. Norway-based vaccine, authorising the use of a single booster
dose for administration to individuals 16 and
CEPI will provide up to $5 17 years of age at
million in additional funding least six months after
to conduct a Phase 1 clinical completion of primary
trial of Gritstone’s Omicron vaccination with the
vaccine candidate in South Pfizer-BioNTech
Africa, where a CEPI-funded COVID-19 vaccine.
clinical trial of Gritstone’s Beta According to FDA,
variant COVID-19 vaccine the Pfizer-BioNTech
is due to begin shortly. The COVID-19 vaccine
SARS-CoV-2 T cell epitopes has been available to
(TCEs) administered within individuals 16 years of
Gritstone’s SAM COVID-19 age and older for nearly
vaccines are minimally a year, and its benefits
impacted by mutations found have been shown
within the Omicron variant, reinforcing the platform’s to clearly outweigh
potential to address both Omicron and future variants potential risks. The
of concern. CEPI is already funding up to $20.6 EUA for a single booster
million to support preclinical studies, manufacturing dose of the Pfizer-
process optimisation, and a Phase 1 trial of Gritstone’s BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine for individuals
Beta variant vaccine candidate (containing beta-Spike 16 and 17 years of age is based on the FDA’s
plus additional TCEs), which will be initiated by South previous analysis of immune response data that
Africa’s University of Witwatersrand in the coming supported use of a booster dose in individuals
weeks. 18 years of age and older.




India always had the best combination of smart minds and able workforce. What was
lacking, in some sectors, could be attributed to governmental policies, which have been
rectified to a large extent, in the recent past. The ‘pandemic’ played the role of a catalyst
to solidify the country’s prowess as a global manufacturing hub. It has pushed India
into optimising the latent capabilities it possesses across the public and private sector
by promoting indigenous development and manufacturing particularly in the space of
diagnostics and medical devices. Triggered by the government’s initiative to develop new
medical devices parks and the huge investments by the industry, indigenous diagnostic
and medical technology capabilities will continue to be ramped up into 2022 as well...

The last few months have forced the life However, India is gradually embracing a glocal
sciences industry to move beyond its approach by upskilling local talent and delivering
traditional methods of operating, thereby global standards in the manufacturing space across
setting new trends in the form of strengthening API many sectors.
manufacturing, building diagnostic and medtech
capabilities, increasing collaboration, enhancing drug A recent example of this was seen during the
development and adopting digital transformation. government’s announcement of a plot and shed
scheme for northern India’s first medical device park
India remains highly dependent on imports for to be established near Noida International airport.
many types of medical devices, particularly higher With a proposed investment of Rs 15000 crore, the
end equipment such as cancer diagnostics, medical park is being envisaged as a hub of manufacturing
imaging, ultrasonic scans, and PCR technologies. medical devices such as ventilators, X-ray machines,
Imports have been growing rapidly as world-class blood pressure monitors, etc.
hospital groups such as Max, Hinduja Group, Fortis,
and Apollo build high-end infrastructure. On the other hand, 7 new companies have kick-
started their operations in the medical devices park


in Telangana recently. Launched in 2017, the park vitro diagnostic (IVD) business unit in India as a
has 50 companies setting up their manufacturing joint venture with Dwarka-based SpeedBio India.
and R&D units with an overall investment of Rs Both companies are expected to invest a total of Rs
1424 crore and total employment of around 7000 7.5 crore over the coming months to establish the
direct jobs and 14000 indirect jobs. The Telangana Holborn SpeedBio brand as a leading IVD provider
government is aiming to make this park as not just for the market. The newly formed joint venture
a global factory for the world but a global medtech intends to launch and manufacture a portfolio of over
innovation ecosystem with its roots in India. 150 IVD products to market within 2022.

India is now also home to the first integrated cell With the aim to strengthen the medical cold chain
therapy development and manufacturing facility, infrastructure in the country, Luxembourg-based B
opened by Immuneel Therapeutics in Bengaluru. Medical Systems has signed an agreement with the
Playing a role as the central anchor for cell and gene Gujarat Government, under which Rs 100 crore will
therapy in India, the facility is focusing on autologous be invested for the manufacturing of medical and
cell therapies including CAR-T cell therapy for cold chain equipment. This initiative is intended
lymphomas and leukaemias (haeme malignancies), towards making India the vaccine cold chain capital
and other forms of solid tumors. of the world and offer the best medical cold chain
equipment to hospitals, immunisation programs,
Likewise, many international firms are planning laboratories, hospitals and other clinical and research
to make India their new destination by setting up institutions.
manufacturing units here. For instance, Ireland
headquartered medtech company Medtronic has Several other initiatives are being taken on
opened its R&D centre in Hyderabad with an the pharma front as well, to not only scale the
investment of Rs 1200 crore planned over 5 years to manufacturing capacity in India but also to create
cement Hyderabad’s position as the medical devices more employment opportunities. Mumbai-based
hub in India and to create several job opportunities. supplier ACG has signed an agreement with the
Government of Maharashtra to set up Asia’s largest
Wipro GE Healthcare has also enhanced its local manufacturing plant cum R&D centre at Aurangabad
capability to manufacture a wide range of Versana with an investment of Rs 600 crore, to produce
products in India. With this new local manufacturing, 40 billion capsules a year. The plant will serve
the company plans to cut down the imports of the both Indian and international pharmaceutical and
Versana range by half. The ultrasound range is part nutraceutical companies. When ready by 2023, it will
of the company’s affordable product portfolio and create around 1000 direct and indirect jobs in the
will be manufactured at its state-of-the-art facility in region.
Kadugodi, Bengaluru.
Pitching a similar investment of Rs 602 crore,
Another development was recently marked by German firm SCHOTT is expanding its Indian tubing
UK-based Holborn Wells by establishing an in- site Gujarat in support of the government’s vision
of India becoming a global pharmaceutical hub. The
expansion is expected to create new jobs for around
225 employees and is part of a more than $1 billion
strategic investment programme of SCHOTT through

A thriving manufacturing sector across various
industries could potentially be the most critical
building block for India’s economic growth and
prosperity in the coming years. Coordinated
action between the government and the industry
to help create globally competitive manufacturing
companies, and shifting focus from cost advantage
to building capabilities through workforce skilling,
innovation, quality, and sustainability are likely to be
the key mantras for growth in 2022 and beyond.

With new opportunities and potential to unlock in
the new year, here’s a peek into what the industry has
in store for 2022.

Dr Manbeena Chawla
[email protected]



The Indian pharma industry is poised for a big leap forward in this decade. Health, science and innovation
have come into sharp focus as never before. The developments over the past year have underlined the
importance of an innovation ecosystem.


“Serum Institute of India has “We have made a strategic move
reached the trial phase of the into communicable diseases
vaccine for the children aged above through two key partnerships, one
three and should be ready within with Serum Institute Life Sciences
the next six months. We have also for vaccines and infectious disease
resumed exports to the antibodies, and the second with
international vaccine sharing Adagio Therapeutics for a novel
programme COVAX. The supply of doses via COVAX is COVID-19 antibody therapy. Biocon Biologics will
expected to increase substantially into Quarter 1, 2022. generate a committed revenue stream and related
It’s a huge moment to begin exports again, for us, our margins commencing H2 FY23. The near-term focus will
partners at COVAX and the low- and middle-income be on COVID-19 vaccines, since a large part of the global
countries we support. The world has largely depended population remains unvaccinated. Additionally, the
on the low-cost, high-quality pharmaceuticals and partnership will have access to Serum Institute Life
vaccines that India has traditionally exported, so we are Sciences’ current development pipeline to address
delighted to support the global vaccination effort once unmet needs in other communicable diseases like
more. We will continue to work hand in hand with our mosquito borne infections. Biocon Biologics has also
global partners on our promising programmes in HPV entered into a partnership with Adagio Therapeutics for
and malaria and we will continue to fight health ADG20, a novel antibody therapy for COVID-19. This
inequality globally by making vaccines more accessible entails manufacturing and commercialisation in several
and affordable.” emerging markets, including India. ADG20 is being
developed for the prevention and treatment of
- ADAR POONAWALLA, COVID-19 as a single dose intramuscular injection. It has
Chief Executive Officer, the potential to effectively neutralise a broad range of
sarbecoviruses, including SARS-CoV-2 and its emerging
Serum Institute of India, Pune variants. The company is currently conducting its Phase
2/3 pivotal trials to support an Emergency Use
‘EXPANDING BUSINESS IN Authorisation application by the first quarter of CY22.”
“There is an exciting environment Executive Chairperson,
when people are motivated to work Biocon, Bengaluru
more and deliver more. In 2022 as
well, we are looking at evaluating
the areas that will attract growth for
a good five to ten years period. In
the oncology or rare diseases sector,
there is certainly a competitive edge we can bear and
can rely on. We have a range of high-quality
formulations in Oncology and Critical Care while
adhering to global quality standards. Cost-effectiveness
has been our strength and we are looking at expanding
our business in Africa, Latin America, Asia and CIS
region. We will continue to deliver non-infringing and
innovative products within the regulatory framework.”

Managing Director, Celon Labs, Hyderabad



“As of now, we have commercialised “The company, along with Gujarat
the Sputnik vaccine, Favipiravir Biotechnology Research Centre
under the brand name Avigan, (GBRC) has entered into a licensing
Remdesivir and 2DG. We’re going to agreement with Bharat Biotech to
conduct clinical trials for manufacture the drug substance for
Molnupiravir and various other COVAXIN. We are currently building
drugs. While this portfolio has made the BSL-3 facility suitable for
a decent contribution in the last few quarters, we manufacturing the drug substance for COVAXIN. The
believe that there are multiple opportunities even for project is progressing well as per the timeline to
the future. Specific to Sputnik, we are exploring several manufacture up to 7 million doses per month. The
growth opportunities which include (a) Sputnik Light as development of vaccines against Classical Swine Fever
a vaccine or as a booster dose, (b) Sputnik Light for (CSF), Lumpy Skin Disease (LSD) and Sheep Pox is going
adolescents, and (c) export opportunities. We are also as per the timeline and the commercial production is
investing in various innovation businesses, which will expected to start by Q1FY23. Further, creation of
provide growth in the long term. This includes building additional infrastructure for bulk antigen production for
a global pipeline of biosimilar, developments of NCE for animal vaccines is ongoing, with completion expected
immune-oncology, building up of a nutraceutical in Q4FY22, along with creation of a state-of-the-art
portfolio, vaccines, CDMO and digital healthcare fill-finish line for animal vaccines, with completion
platforms.” expected in Q3FY23. This expansion will double our
existing capacity of 4.8 billion doses a year for veterinary
- EREZ ISRAELI, vaccines.”
Chief Executive Officer,
Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories, Hyderabad - RAJIV GANDHI,
Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director,
MANUFACTURING FOR EXPORTS’ Hester Biosciences, Ahmedabad

“We already have expressions of ‘LAUNCHING NEW DIVISION
interest for the ZyCoV-D vaccine FOR GLAUCOMA THERAPY’
from many countries. Obviously,
the first phase for us till we scale “We’ve already launched our
up to very large quantities is to super-specialty ophthalmic surgical
supply to the Indian division, ‘HyTek’ which caters to
immunisation programme and hi-tech solutions for ophthalmic
once that is sufficiently catered to, then we will also surgical needs. In 2022, we are
get export permission for the vaccine. We are also planning more expansion into
looking at partnering with one CMO outside of India ophthalmic surgical devices by
who also has drug substance manufacturing launching new surgical products and strengthening our
capabilities. And that will further boost our surgical devices team. We are also more focused on
manufacturing and supply for international markets. recruiting new talent (over 100 candidates) who will be
We have already developed the DNA vaccine part of our Ophthalmic, Dermatology and ENT
candidates for the Alpha, Beta, Kappa Delta, Delta segments. Apart from that, we’ll be launching a new
Plus and Lambda variant and established process for division dedicated to Glaucoma therapy. To compete in
the same as well in a very short period of time, which a post-COVID digital world, organisations need to
will provide a flexibility in programmatic elevate their relationships with customers as partners.
implementation to switch to newer vaccine Therefore, we are aiming to engage ourselves in patient
candidates based on new variants and thereby will centric activities and enhance our marketing efforts
provide faster control over the pandemic.” that’ll revolve around patients. Over the coming years,
we’ll also be investing heavily in clinical trials and new
- DR SHARVIL PATEL, drug approvals.”
Managing Director,
Cadila Healthcare, Ahmedabad Executive Director, Entod Pharmaceuticals, Mumbai



“We have launched two products in “Our new Go-To-Market model is
the Indian market- Denosumab and beginning to pay dividends, our new
Romisplostim and we have plans to product introductions are
further expand our portfolio going performing well, and our big brands
ahead. We have also made a good continue to outperform the category
progress towards taking some of & the market. At JBCPL, we will
these products to regulated markets continue to build on our strengths,
over the next five years which would be the key to consolidating our position in key therapies as we expand
unlocking our potential in the biosimilar segment.” our range of formulations both in the domestic and
international markets. We will continue to diversify into
- SANDEEP SINGH, complementary therapy areas with our Go-To-Market
Managing Director, Alkem Laboratories, Mumbai model ensuring market-beating growth. We foresee
headwinds in the international markets receding with a
‘INVESTING IN PLANT AND steady revival in our key overseas markets.”
“Venus Remedies has been picked Chief Executive Officer and Whole Time Director,
for the Production-Linked Incentive
(PLI) Scheme of the Central J.B. Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals, Mumbai
government under the
Aatmanirbhar Bharat initiative. ‘GLP-1 RECEPTOR IN ORAL FORM WILL
Under this scheme, we would make BE MADE AVAILABLE FOR DIABETICS’
an investment in plant and
machinery, and expand our product portfolio, apart “We plan to continue innovating in
from adding new innovative and complex generics over therapy and patient solutions to help
the coming years. The company will get incentives on manage the uncontrolled growth of
incremental sales of pharmaceutical products based on diabetes in India, the lack of care,
yearly threshold criteria of prescribed percentage of awareness, and the challenges faced
growth in sales on a year-on-year basis. The benefits regarding access to products. There
accruing from this incentive will enhance the are several products in our pipeline,
manufacturing capabilities of Venus Remedies through including the first-of-its-kind GLP-1 receptor in the oral
increase in both investment and production.” form that will be made accessible to people living with
diabetes in India in the near future.”
President, Global Critical Care, - VIKRANT SHROTRIYA,
Managing Director and Corporate Vice President,
Venus Remedies, Panchkula
Novo Nordisk India, Bengaluru



The pandemic has been a game-changer for many industries and particularly the pharmaceutical industry.
The trend of outsourcing has only increased with many small players coming up and traditional pharma
companies looking at ways to diversify and de-risk.


“There is good momentum for “We continue to see significant
new chemical entity and new growth potential in generics with the
biological entity approvals by long pipeline of products scheduled
regulators underpinned by a to go off-patent in the near to
strong pipeline of drugs in early medium term. There is a significant
stages of discovery and development pipeline in biosimilars
development. The continuing as well given scheduled patent
drive to reduce the cost and cycle times associated expiries and we have been strengthening our capabilities
with drug discovery while driving productivity is to fully service this segment. We also see increasing
expected to increase outsourcing further, with potential for conducting late phase clinical trials in India
significant interest in the integrated drug discovery across a spectrum of drug products and therapeutic
and development model. On the manufacturing areas, and have been investing in our team, processes
side, growing demand for biologics, huge capacity and technology to support our global clientele in these.”
consumption from vaccines, the capital-intensive
nature of the business, and the complexity involved - AJAY TANDON,
in biopharmaceutical manufacturing is driving Managing Director,
demand for outsourcing. We believe Syngene is well Veeda Clinical Research, Ahmedabad
positioned to capture many of these market

- MAHESH BHALGAT, “Our broad future plans include
Chief Operating Officer, focus on technology enablement
Syngene International, Hyderabad which can be achieved by
integrating disparate systems
‘INVESTING IN US-BASED used in clinical trial systems and
MANUFACTURING FACILITY’ which enable us in providing
real-time insights and also
“As we look ahead, we are data-driven decisions, which are made for the studies.
investing and adding to our Through this approach, we are fully driven in terms of
discovery footprint both in executing the next-gen clinical trials. We will be
Hyderabad and Bengaluru, as future proofing with real time insights - driven
our customers’ discovery needs optimisation to inform sponsor team and executive
are growing rapidly. In management with real time status decisions and
development and deliver quality outcomes. There will be greater
manufacturing, we recently invested significantly in implementation of patient engagement tools and
expansions, and now have the capacity to meet our remote monitoring. In terms of therapeutic areas, we
customers’ near and long-term future needs. In cover about 20 of the 28 therapeutic areas of which
Biologics, we are advancing downstream the majority of our business comes from 6 core
capabilities, and investing in a manufacturing facility therapeutic areas. Our market focus is on the US-Asia
in the US to offer a single seamless solution to our geographies or in particular the US-India corridor.
customers who want to develop and manufacture The only other market that we are currently focusing
from a single site.” outside of this corridor is Russia.”

Chief Executive Officer, Managing Director,
Aragen Life Sciences, Hyderabad Navitas Life Sciences, Chennai



The diagnostics and medical technology market has emerged to be a vital component of the Indian
healthcare sector. Despite facing a lot of challenges, the upside is that the market is treading on a growth
path, with a promising future ahead.


“As we step into 2022, we pledge to “Truenat is already being viewed as
offer newer and better technologies a multi-disease platform and in
to reduce the incidence of other addition to the TB programme, we
infectious diseases. We will continue expect other programmes such as
to provide unmatched services to the Viral Hepatitis programme,
customers with our largest team of NACO and National Vector Borne
sales and service experts in the Diseases Control programme to add
Indian IVD industry, thus continuing our journey of to the wider deployment and usage of the technology
making India a Healthy and Happy country. On the at the grass root level. The Indian private sector is also
global front too, we will continue to increase our able to use the Truenat platform for delivering high
footprint through new installations, as we reach out to quality diagnostics for the full range of tests available.
laboratories and hospitals, especially in the emerging Truenat tests for about 30 infectious diseases are already
markets. By 2023, Transasia’s R&D labs in France, UK, US, available and another 30 plus new diseases are in
Austria and India will launch over 10 state of-the-art development which are expected to be launched over
analysers in CLIA, molecular, high-end hematology, AI the next 2 years. A range of open format reagents by the
and LIS. Also in the offing is a ‘Total Lab Automation’ name Truemix are also planned again in a ready to use,
solution aimed at mid and large size laboratories. All room temperature stable format. We expect to establish
these will make Erba-Transasia among the top-five ourselves as a major player in the global molecular
companies globally to have Total Solutions in Laboratory diagnostics market in the coming years. At the same
Diagnostics.” time, we are also working on other point of care
technologies and better solutions for antimicrobial
- SURESH VAZIRANI, resistance (AMR) and non-infectious disease testing
Founder Chairman, applications.”

Erba Transasia Group, Mumbai - SRIRAM NATARAJAN,
Founder, Director & Chief Executive Officer,
AND OPENING NEW LABS’ Molbio Diagnostics, Goa

“We have a task force set-up to tap
the B2B segments especially in the
esoteric specialised and super-
specialised space. This has
traditionally been our bread-and-
butter segment and we will grow it.
At the same time, we remain
focused to tap the B2C segment. Getting closer to the
customer is the new mantra. We are expanding rapidly,
opening labs and collection centres across the country.
Our systems are ready, our manpower is ready, and our
infrastructure is falling in place. You will definitely see
Oncquest amongst the highest growth organisations in

Chief Operating Officer,
Oncquest Laboratories, New Delhi


“Our focus will be to bring more
“We are excited about the
opportunities that we envision on relevant tests to the market and
the horizon for in-vitro diagnostics
and our pipeline. We are bringing to build on genomic data assets.
India the first Cerebrospinal
Fluid-based Alzheimer’s test that Our recently launched direct-to-
will offer an improved diagnosis of
the disease. Currently, Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) is consumer tests are aimed at
diagnosed largely on the basis of cognitive symptoms,
with a significant number of patients being diagnosed delivering genomic insights not
when their disease has advanced considerably. We are
also looking at advanced tests catering to cardiac and only for patients but also for the
women’s health areas. The pandemic has definitely
brought testing into the spotlight and people are today larger health-conscious population. We strongly
much more aware of different diagnostic interventions
that can help detect, monitor and manage diseases.” believe in the power of genomics to drive better

- NARENDRA VARDE, health outcomes, whether it be through diagnostics
Managing Director, Roche Diagnostics
India & Neighbouring Markets, Mumbai or through drug discovery, development, and

“With our latest technology and
techniques, we already have a Chief Financial Officer,
significant presence across India,
UAE, and South Africa and are on a MedGenome Labs, Bengaluru
path to expand and strengthen
presence in domestic and ‘INVESTING RS 1,300 CR TO SET UP
international markets. Additionally, AN INNOVATION HUB IN BANGALORE’
to introduce state-of-the-art technologies in India and
other developing countries; and elevate the precision “The past 18 months have been
diagnostic landscape in the evolving personalised extraordinary for the world, and
medicine arena, we have established technology for all of us who dedicate our
incubation centers in the United States and certain professional lives to healthcare.
European countries. Over the long-term, our aim is to We now want to look ahead with
bring all technologically advanced equipment to India.” renewed purpose and passion, as
well as a new ambition. With the
- DR GSK VELU, transformative combination of Siemens Healthineers
Chairman and Managing Director, and Varian, we will focus on three strategic priorities-
fighting the most threatening diseases, enabling
Neuberg Diagnostics, Chennai efficient operations, and expanding access to care.
We spend about 9 per cent of our revenues on R&D. I
am extremely delighted to share that we are
investing Rs 1,300 crore to set up an innovation hub
in Bangalore which will focus on digital technologies
and make India a manufacturing center for
emerging markets. Over and above our regular
growth, we plan to hire 1,800 skilled digital tech
experts in the next ten years.”

Head- Development Centre,
Siemens Healthineers, Bengaluru



With contactless care gaining ample momentum, the focus moved towards reducing and optimising the
number of touchpoints between the health system and health seeker, without losing the quality of care.


“Being a scientific-driven “On the back of our record Q2FY22
healthcare organisation, performance with all-time high
Metropolis will continuously operating financials and highest
invest in R&D and constantly look ever monthly and quarterly revenue
out for opportunities to upgrade and EBITDA, we expect even higher
towards advanced tests and footfalls going forward – both from
technologies and thereby domestic and international patients
improve our test menu and range of services. We are - to enable all HCG centres to continue their scale-up
also working towards expanding our capabilities in trajectory. The upsurge in Maharashtra centres is
Molecular Diagnostics, Oncology, Cytogenetic etc. expected to scale new highs, having already delivered
Metropolis invested in the digital sphere since we 17.5 per cent revenue growth q-o-q. East India and North
knew that it is going to be the way to the future of India are likely to gain further momentum in their
healthcare and now almost 8 per cent of our high-growth trajectories. Stepping into the new year,
revenues are generated through digital channels. We we will continue to optimise capital allocations around
have continuously increased the number of cancer care. M&A is an integral part of our strategy, and
collection centres over the years and now we have given our demonstrated capability to integrate
2500 plus centres across India. Furthermore, we are acquisitions, we will continue to eye emerging
also establishing a new R&D centre with a focus on geographies to deliver focused medical care in micro-
hygiene and productivity. Over the next three years, markets and further consolidate our dominant position.
we will be investing in expanding our presence in We will reap the synergetic benefits of our majority
Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities and have plans to add 90 more stake in Suchirayu Healthcare Solutions, which owns a
stat labs and about 1,800 service collection centres in multi-speciality hospital in Hubli. We will also explore
100 to 150 more cities in India.” possibilities of strategic tie-ups with hospital chains in
the developing world to extend our expertise driven by
- VIJENDER SINGH, need. A case in point is our collaboration with Al Hayat
Chief Executive Officer, International Hospital which is focused on
Metropolis Healthcare, New Delhi strengthening Oman’s cancer care expertise through
virtual video consultations with expert cancer specialists
‘INNOVATIVE HEALTHCARE from HCG Chain of Hospitals, India.”
“The healthcare market in India is Executive Chairman,
expected to reach $372 billion by
2022 as income rises and there is HealthCare Global Enterprises, Bengaluru
more health awareness. Our aim is
to shape hospitals of the future
which are smart, efficient, and
connected. To attain that vision and
possibly venture beyond, Honeywell is developing
innovative products which are at the pilot testing stage.
Our solutions are designed with the intent to reduce
waiting time, make patient flow efficient, and
make hospitals safer.”

General Manager – India, Honeywell
Safety and Productivity Solutions, Bengaluru



A flurry of innovations, R&D, and tech such as AI have been deployed at the peak of the pandemic, when
the future looked bleak. Post-pandemic we require new solutions to tackle the myriad problems within
healthcare, and for that, the startup ecosystem will surely rise to the challenge.

“Twin Health’s clinical research team
is conducting the world’s first “To date, adoption of anti-
randomised controlled trial (RCT) for counterfeit technology has been
reversing chronic metabolic disease left in the hands of the company
using digital twin technology. Early selling the products in the markets.
RCT data were recently presented Ennoventure seeks to shift the
and published in the American balance of power to the consumer
Diabetes Association’s Diabetes journal, with first of its through its cutting-edge
kind health outcomes. We are going to scale our technology that anyone with a smartphone and
operations across India as well as in the US. We will WhatsApp access can use. We have recently raised $5
further fuel our innovation and development of our core million in a series A round led by Fenice Group of
product, the Whole Body Digital Twin, as well as expand Investment. This fresh capital will be utilised towards
our offering and operations to bring the Twin service to team expansion and go-to-market strategy across key
more people.” markets globally. As part of our growth strategy, we are
currently focusing our efforts in pharmaceutical
- JAHANGIR MOHAMMED, companies in India as it is a key market for the export of
Chief Executive Officer, Twin Health, US generic drugs and further plan to expand to the
European and US markets.”
Chief Executive Officer,
“We are currently generating Ennoventure, Bengaluru
revenues for our workflow products
including Telepathology as well as ‘FOCUSING ON R&D EXPANSION’
integrated workflow for RT-PCR
reporting. We will be “We look forward to bringing our
commercialising the cancer expertise on Tuberculosis
pathology AI tools in diagnostics diagnosis to work on early
from March, 2022. We have recently completed two detection of TB using serology-
pilots in the US for our Digital Pathology software for based testing. One of our main
diagnostics as well as for academic applications. We will priorities also has been to look at
be rolling out the commercial application in the US in better industry-academia
the next three months.” collaboration founded on greater visibility into areas of
research being pursued by many institutions. In the
- DINESH KOKA, long term, we see ourselves as the drivers of
Chief Executive Officer, Onward Assist, Hyderabad innovations of diagnosis and be a contributor to the
Make In India initiative. In terms of finance, our next
funding requirement will be for our manufacturing
facility and expansion of R&D and we will be on road
for a Series A fundraise shortly. With a pipeline of
products scheduled to come through our R& D and
commercialisation, we expect to be cash flow positive
in two years.”


NextGen Invitro Diagnostics, Gurugram



“UnivLabs has an aggressive goal “We will focus on expanding the
to install 5000 4K endoscope footprint of our portfolio of
towers in the next three years to molecular diagnostics in the US and
give a major boost to the 10 other countries. We are working
adaptation of minimally invasive with researchers from the Indian
surgeries across India. We are also Institute of Technology (IIT) to
doing aggressive research in the develop future products which will
field of Flexible Endoscope, Capsule Endoscope, bring diagnostics to the palm and smartphones of the
Insulin Patch Pump and Urology consumer products. customers. These technologies will use artificial
We plan to make our R&D facility operational in intelligence and biological techniques for simplified
Lille-France and develop and eventually manufacture diagnostics. We aim to launch the world’s first
Insulin Patch Pump in Europe. We are also working combined Extractor and PCR system. The diagnostic
towards setting up a facility in the US to anchor sector is poised to grow further driven by rapid
urology products manufacturing. We are targeting to technological advancements, increased awareness of
generate more than Rs 2500 crore by 2026.” preventive healthcare and several encouraging
measures taken by the government.”
Founder, UnivLabs Technologies, Gurugram - HASMUKH RAWAL,
Managing Director, Mylab Discovery Solutions, Pune
“We plan to launch more products DIAGNOSTICS AND THERAPEUTICS’
for the medtech industry and
expand our product portfolio. We “We plan to bring in new innovation
also plan to step into the US & to BugSpeaks- South Asia’s first gut
Europe market with our products microbiome test. BugSpeaks is
complying with international available globally but the emphasis
standards. We aim to bring down is on to make this test more
the imports of critical care components by 20 per cent. accessible to the masses in India.
The medtech sector in India is at a growth stage with We plan to take this test to Europe
tremendous scope of development. Before the and the US in the next five years. We are also doing R&D
pandemic, 85 per cent of the critical care segment was on the microbiome data and we plan to bring in new
dependent on imports. This number has been brought diagnostics and therapeutics based on the microbiome.
down because of innovators and manufacturers who New products focusing on general wellness and
have indigenously developed solutions to meet the addressing certain diseases would be launched through
domestic need.” the Rychbiome product line.”

Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer, Noccarc, Pune Director, Leucine Rich Bio, Bengaluru


2022 seeks holistic revamping
of pharma regulations

« Ingredients (APIs) and was initiated with a financial
outlay of Rs 6,940 crore. This was followed by a more
Upendra N Sharma, extensive and broader PLI Scheme, announced on
Partner, March 3, 2021, with a total sanctioned amount of Rs
J Sagar Associates, 15,000 crore, under which 55 of 278 applicants were
Gurugram recently selected by the government.

With the increasing relevance of the pharmaceutical It is imperative for the Indian pharmaceutical
industry, worldwide, as well as domestically, industry to grow adequately, particularly in view of
developments in regulation and policy pertaining the pandemic situation in India and the impending
to the industry are being keenly watched. We threat of disruption due to the new Omicron
explore the expectations of a few opportunities and variant of the virus. This suggests that the policy
challenges that are projected for this industry in the push towards consolidating India’s domestic
coming year. pharmaceutical industry is likely to continue, and
2022 may bring in further grants in the form of
India’s pharmaceutical industry is one of the additional PLI Scheme(s) or similar initiatives for the
largest in the world, as it currently ranks at No. pharmaceutical industry.
3 worldwide for pharmaceutical production by
volume and No. 14 by value. Notably, India is also This was further highlighted by Prime Minister
stated to be the largest provider of generic drugs Modi’s statements at the recent Global Innovation
globally, which majorly attributes to the status that Summit, stating that India’s healthcare sector has
the country commands as the “Pharmacy of the been called the ‘pharmacy of the world’, and that
World”. Currently, the Indian pharmaceutical sector the focus on developing indigenous manufacturing
contributes to 1.72 per cent of the country’s Gross abilities should continue, including for key
Domestic Product (GDP). ingredients for vaccines and medicines. This may be
seen as an opportunity especially for Indian players
Greater Focus on Domestic Production and should be duly capitalised upon in the coming
In the backdrop of the pandemic highlighting
the need for a robust Indian manufacturing Collaborations between
base of pharmaceutical products, and finding its
roots in the current government’s “Atmanirbhar Indian and Foreign Players
Bharat” and “Make-in-India” policies, the
pharmaceutical industry (among others) has been The government’s continuing, and potentially
a focus of multiple schemes relating to domestic growing focus on incentivising domestic
production-linked incentives (PLI Schemes). PLI manufacturing by the pharmaceutical industry
Schemes primarily focus on making the Indian would not only benefit Indian players but would also
pharmaceutical industry self-reliant and to reduce provide an opportunity to foreign pharmaceutical
dependency on other countries for pharmaceutical players to collaborate with Indian companies.
The potential lies in collaboration between foreign
The first PLI Scheme, announced on July players with established Indian manufacturers, as
21, 2020, focused on the promotion of domestic well as the various healthcare startups in India,
manufacturing of Key Starting Materials (KSMs) or by way of joint ventures, investments, technology
Drug Intermediates (DIs), and Active Pharmaceutical transfer agreements, among others.

India has historically seen various successful
collaborations between domestic and foreign
players, such as Bayer-Cadila, Pfizer-Biocon,
AstraZeneca-Torrent Pharma, among various
others. The coming year may, similarly, bring with
it opportunities and avenues for collaborations
between Indian and foreign partners, in all
shapes, sizes, and forms. These ventures should
aid domestic players in terms of receiving foreign


investment and/or technology and know-how, The year almost gone by has been
while also potentially allowing foreign players to quite challenging and tumultuous for
capitalise on the government’s efforts to promote the Indian market in general, including
the domestic industry. especially the pharmaceutical industry,
which faced its fair share of challenges.
New Drugs, Cosmetics, The industry, with the support of the
Government, has made many efforts
and Medical Devices Bill and taken various steps to tackle the
challenges previously faced. In this
One of the most significant regulatory changes backdrop, 2022 should come with its
to the Indian regulatory landscape expected relating own set of opportunities and challenges
to the pharmaceutical industry is an overhaul for the Indian pharmaceutical industry,
and revamp of the current legal framework. The which are likely to be focused largely on
Government of India has recently constituted an the Government’s concerted efforts to
eight-member panel, chaired by Dr V G Somani, promote and consolidate the domestic
Drugs Controller General of India, to frame a new pharmaceutical industry.
draft law for drugs, cosmetics, and medical devices
(New D&C Law). (iii) Online Pharmacies: While there are
many online pharmacy websites in India, the
The current legal framework pertaining to drugs, current framework does not duly address the
cosmetics, and medical devices is centred around various aspects of such websites and portals. The
the Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940 and various rules New D&C Law should aim to provide for a specific
and regulations thereunder, including in relation to framework around online pharmacies as well, taking
medical devices. into account the nuances and differences between
online pharmacies and brick and mortar pharmacies
The existing framework has often been criticised (which the current regulations primarily focus to
as being an aging and complex set of rules and govern).
regulations, with multiple piecemeal amendments
made over time to keep up with developments in the The New D&C Law, once submitted by the
pharmaceutical industry. There is thus a need for a panel and which may potentially come into force
holistic revamp to tackle the same, and to focus on in the course of 2022, may provide for a significant
more nuanced issues within the law. collection of opportunities and challenges for the
pharmaceutical industry, depending on how effective
In view of the same, the New D&C Law is expected it is at meeting the expectations of the industry
to play a significant role in revamping the regulatory participants.
framework relating to the pharmaceutical industry.
Certain key aspects that the New D&C Law should Road ahead
ideally incorporate are, among others:
The year almost gone by has been quite
(i) Streamlining and Restructuring the challenging and tumultuous for the Indian market
Regulatory Structure: The New D&C Law should in general, including especially the pharmaceutical
aim to simplify and streamline the regulations industry, which faced its fair share of challenges. The
around the pharmaceutical industry, putting an end industry, with the support of the Government, has
to the piecemeal manner in which various aspects made many efforts and taken various steps to tackle
are currently governed and regulated. This may the challenges previously faced.
also include revamping the various functionaries
established under the law, and clearly defining their In this backdrop, 2022 should come with its
roles in ensuring that uniformity in regulation and own set of opportunities and challenges for the
enforcement is achieved across the country, to the Indian pharmaceutical industry, which are likely to
greatest extent possible. be focused largely on the Government’s concerted
efforts to promote and consolidate the domestic
(ii) Medical Devices: In view of the pharmaceutical industry. Further, the New D&C
growing relevance of medical devices within the Law (if enacted in 2022) may have its own collection
pharmaceutical industry and the functioning of any of regulatory opportunities and challenges for the
robust medical system, a key aspect to tackle the industry.
regulatory framework for medical devices, which
are currently regulated as ‘drugs’ within the existing
legal framework. The New D&C Law should have a
separate and holistic framework for the regulation
of medical devices, and should ideally not be linked
fully to the regulation of drugs, given the significant
differences between drugs and medical devices.


All Eyes on


As healthcare leaders and stakeholders eagerly await the unveiling of Budget 2022,
the overstressed healthcare sector continues to cry out for more reforms that can
help sustain itself in the long run. BioSpectrum India presents the views of leaders in
healthcare and their expectations from the upcoming budget.

The pandemic has pushed the healthcare as cell and gene therapy, etc, also needs due
sector to focus more on R&D. One notable attention in this budget.
thing is that India is the largest producer of
vaccines in the world and vaccine manufacturers According to Nikhil Chopra, CEO and Whole
have to invest highly to continue their work in Time Director, JB Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals,
R&D. Budgetary impetus to develop innovation Mumbai, “R&D investments need to be
ecosystem, providing tax sops for R&D, incentives encouraged through schemes and we hope to
to life science startups in cutting edge areas such see announcements on these lines in the budget
that go beyond the usual tax deductions to truly


promote a long-term investment vision.” “The urgent need of the hour is
Says Dinesh Chauhan, CEO, CORE to allocate funds and introduce
medical education programmes
Diagnostics, Gurgaon, “There is a need for that can address the shortage of
significant investments in funding R&D in the skilled healthcare manpower in
sector, which ultimately need a public-private the country”
partnership push to capture greater space in the - Dr Harsh Mahajan,
health sector.” Senior Vice President,
Reduction in GST
“Investments in R&D need
The GDP allocation to to be encouraged through
healthcare is abysmally low schemes and we hope to see
and given the backdrop of the announcements on these lines”
pandemic, the healthcare sector - Nikhil Chopra,
expects a substantial increase in the CEO and Whole Time Director,
earmarked percentage. India urgently JB Chemicals &
needs a value-based healthcare model to improve Pharmaceuticals, Mumbai
healthcare accessibility, affordability, and quality.
Poornachandra Tejasvi, Senior Director, ‘‘The government should focus on
Emerging Markets, India, Informa Pharma primary healthcare infrastructure
Intelligence, Bengaluru opines, “Higher public that needs huge improvement
spending on healthcare is critical to reducing in terms of improved access
out-of-pocket healthcare expenditures; healthcare to healthcare for low-income
allocation as a percentage of GDP needs to be households
bolstered sharply.” - Nikkhil K Masurkar,
Echoing the same views, Sriram Natarajan, Executive Director, Entod
Founder, Director & Chief Executive Officer, Pharmaceuticals, Mumbai
Molbio Diagnostics, Verna, Goa, opines, “The
GST rates should be brought down to 5 per cent “The government should build an
for all ‘Make in India’ medical devices and the endowment fund for healthcare
rate should be rationalised for raw material and by monetising impaired assets
components used for local manufacture of medical and through innovative measures
devices.” like collecting a small levy from
According to Anindya Chowdhury, COO, Aster cell phone users. The private
Labs, India & GCC, Gurgaon, a reduction of GST sector should be invited to make
on the lab reagents and consumables will help wilful contributions to swell the
the industry already under pressure from price corpus further.”
controls introduced last year. Rationalisation - Dr BS Ajaikumar,
of import duties on such equipment would Executive Chairman, HealthCare
encourage the development of more quality Global Enterprises, Bengaluru
The government should consider tax “Looking out for tax
exemptions on funds received and a GST sops on ambulances
reduction to 3 per cent from the existing 18 per from 28 per cent to a
cent is what Rohan Verma, Co-founder and CEO, lower number”
Breathe Well-being, Gurgaon, mentions. - Prabhdeep Singh,
CEO and Co-Founder,
Right funding mechanism StanPlus,
Economic incentives form an
integral part of health financing.
Building of endowment funds,
providing tax relief are some of
the recommendations suggested by
health stakeholders.
Dr BS Ajaikumar, Executive Chairman,
HealthCare Global Enterprises, Bengaluru says,


“Reduction of GST on the lab “The shift in healthcare
reagents and consumables will from being reactionary to
help the industry already under being proactive will help
pressure from price controls build a strong resilient
introduced last year” population”
- Anindya Chowdhury, - Ajoy Prabhu,
COO – Aster Labs, Co-Founder & CTO,
India & GCC, Gurgaon Circee Health, Mumbai

“There is a need for significant “The public and private
investments in funding R&D in sector needs to collaborate
the sector, which ultimately need and work towards
a public-private partnership push strengthening the medical
to capture greater space in the infrastructure in India”
health sector” - Pranav Bajaj,
- Dinesh Chauhan, Co-Founder,
CEO, CORE Diagnostics, Gurgaon Medulance, New Delhi

“Removal of health cess on “The government should build an endowment
medical equipment that increases fund for healthcare by monetising impaired
the cost of capital on healthcare is assets and through innovative measures like
another area that the government collecting a small levy from cell phone users. The
need to focus on” private sector should be invited to make wilful
- Nikhel Goel, contributions to swell the corpus further.”
General Manager- India Cluster,
Carestream, Mumbai Removal of health cess on medical equipment
that increases the cost of capital on healthcare is
“Higher public spending on what the government need to focus is according
healthcare is critical to reducing to Nikhel Goel, GM-India Cluster, Carestream,
out-of-pocket healthcare Mumbai.
expenditures; healthcare
allocation as a percentage of GDP Hyderabad-based StanPlus, a provider of tech-
needs to be bolstered sharply.” enabled ambulances is looking out for tax sops on
- Poornachandra Tejasvi, ambulances from 28 per cent to a lower number.
Senior Director, Emerging Says Prabhdeep Singh, CEO and Co-Founder,
Markets, India, Informa Pharma StanPlus, “Looking at the current scarcity of
Intelligence, Bengaluru quality ambulances in the country, the operators
need to be enabled and strengthened.”
“The only way that they can
make a significant difference is Infrastructure
with efficient implementation,
catering to the environment Investing more in
and behaviours of stakeholders” infrastructure is going to bring in
- Saurabh Kochhar, a sea change in the health sector.
Founder and CEO, Meddo Setting up hospitals in rural areas,
Health, Gurgaon investing in training and medical
infrastructure is what experts are
recommending. Says Ameera Shah, Promoter and
MD, Metropolis Healthcare, Mumbai, “I believe
that the upcoming budget might comprehensively
cater to the healthcare sector. Training and
medical infrastructure needs to be nurtured. I
believe that strong investments in healthcare can
help buoy the nation’s economy.”


“Increasing allocation to the “The government should
healthcare sector, especially consider tax exemptions on
clinically-validated digital funds received and a GST
therapeutic solutions is reduction to 3 per cent from the
essential” existing 18 per cent”
- Dr Arbinder Singal, - Rohan Verma,
Co-founder and CEO, Co-founder and CEO,
Fitterfly, Navi Mumbai Breathe Well-being, Gurgaon

“The GST rates should be brought “I believe that strong
down to 5 per cent for all make investments in healthcare
in India medical devices and the can help buoy the nation’s
rate should be rationalised for raw economy”
material and components” - Ameera Shah,
- Sriram Natarajan, Promoter and MD,
Founder, Director & CEO, Metropolis Healthcare,
Molbio Diagnostics, Goa Mumbai

Talking about financial enhancement in Kochhar, Founder and CEO, Meddo Health,
regards to healthcare infrastructure Nikkhil Gurgaon. Besides urging for more funds for
K Masurkar, Executive Director, Entod healthcare sector, Dr Harsh Mahajan, Senior
Pharmaceuticals, Mumbai says, “The government Vice President, NATHEALTH, Delhi talks about
should focus on primary healthcare infrastructure education and skilled workforce and said, “The
that needs huge improvement in terms of urgent need of the hour is to allocate funds and
improved access to healthcare for low-income introduce medical education programmes that
households.” can address the shortage of skilled healthcare
manpower in the country.”
Pranav Bajaj, Co-Founder, Medulance, New
Delhi, also opines, “The public and private Game Changing moves
sector need to collaborate and work towards
strengthening the medical infrastructure in India.” Budget 2022 needs to focus
more on healthcare and its
Dr Arbinder Singal, Co-founder and CEO, subsidiaries as the health sector
Fitterfly, based out of Navi Mumbai mentions, is overstressed and crying out
“Increasing allocation to the healthcare sector, loud for government initiatives. Tax
especially clinically-validated digital therapeutic sops for startups, devising policies for
solutions is essential. The government should reimbursement for digital therapeutics, reduction
also start thinking on devising policies for of GST on the lab reagents and consumables etc
reimbursement for digital therapeutics.” are some of the things which should be looked into.
Ensuring healthy lives and promoting well-being
Ajoy Prabhu, Co-Founder & CTO, Circee at all ages is essential to sustainable development.
Health, Mumbai, mentions, “With the emphasis Though 2021 Budget announced an increase in
on preventive healthcare, the 2022 budget is the allocation for health by 137 per cent to Rs 2.23
exemplary. The shift in healthcare from being lakh crore (Rs 2,23,846 crore) from the previous
reactionary to being proactive will help build a year’s budget estimate of over Rs 94,000 crore (Rs
strong resilient population. The best part is that 94,452 crore) and by 118 per cent from the previous
such an emphasis will cost far less in the long run, year’s revised budget of over Rs 1.02 lakh crore
as compared to interventional healthcare.” (Rs 1,02,873 crore), the health sector is asking for
more. Let’s hope that Budget 2022, will be a game-
“We have impressive policies and government changer for the healthcare industry.
missions already in place like NDHM and
Ayushmaan Bharat, and the only way that they Sanjiv Das
can make a significant difference is with efficient [email protected]
implementation, catering to the environment
and behaviours of stakeholders,” says Saurabh


Are boosters another


Omicron and newer emerging variants have been portrayed as a cause of concern globally as
several low and middle-income countries have not been able to immunise their citizens due to the
shortage of COVID-19 vaccines. Notably, it was in the double-vaccinated South African individuals
that the Omicron variant was first discovered. The COVID-19 Vaccines Global Access (COVAX)
had promised two billion doses of COVID-19 vaccines by the end of 2021 to a total of 92 low-
and middle-income countries that are eligible to receive COVID-19 vaccines through the COVAX
mechanism. But, it has managed to deliver only about 95 million doses as developed nations
hoarded surplus doses of the vaccines. Approximately 75 per cent of the 4.5 billion first doses
of the COVID-19 vaccine that were rolled out, went to affluent countries. Can emerging variants
make vaccine inequity a bigger challenge than it already is? Let’s unravel.

2021 saw the approval of various Approximately 75 per cent of the 4.5 billion first
vaccines and drugs for the treatment doses of the COVID-19 vaccine that were rolled
of COVID-19, in the new year, we are went to the people in affluent countries, emerging
faced with another mutation of the COVID-19 virus, variants could make vaccine inequity a bigger
Omicron that is spreading rapidly across the globe. challenge than it already is.
Omicron as per early research data is capable of
escaping the immune response of vaccines adding Expressing her views during the Global
fuel to the ever-increasing reasoning behind the Technology Summit 2021 on the impact of vaccine
need for booster doses to help maintain the efficacy inequity on the global population,
of COVID-19 vaccines against severe infection and Dr Kiran Mazumdar Shaw,
death. Executive Chairperson,
Biocon Biologics,
So far approximately 89 countries have reported Bengaluru expressed, “It is
cases of Omicron with the United Kingdom very interesting that the biggest
reporting 12 deaths due to the variant. According to vaccine makers in the world are
the World Health Organisation (WHO), COVID-19 in India but the western vaccine
cases are doubling every 1.5-3 days in countries companies chose to use contract manufacturing
that are dealing with community transmission of organisations (CMOs) in the western world who
the variant. The growth advantage that Omicron didn’t have any experience with vaccines and I think
has over the Delta variant that caused the second many of the problems that we have today in the
wave in India will soon become the most dominant supply chain is because of that mistakes that vaccine
variant globally. companies have made.”

Addressing vaccine inequity Sharing his views during the
Bengaluru Tech Summit 2021
Omicron and newer emerging variants are a (BTS 2021), Richard Hatchett,
cause of concern globally as several low and middle- Chief Executive Officer,
income countries have not been able to immunise Coalition for Epidemic
their citizens due to the shortage of COVID-19 Preparedness Innovations
vaccines globally. COVID-19 Vaccines Global (CEPI), London, England
Access (COVAX) promised to deliver two billion commented, “We need to have
doses of COVID-19 vaccines by the end of 2021 equitable vaccine manufacturing capacity globally. If
to a total of 92 low-and middle-income countries all regions have some access to these rapid response
that are eligible to receive COVID-19 vaccines platforms and some ability to address their own
through the COVAX mechanism but has managed national or regional health security, we will be much
to deliver about 95 million doses as developed positioned to reduce the equity gap that has emerged
nations hoarded surplus doses of the vaccines. during this pandemic.”


Dr Gagandeep Kang, As the debate for booster doses rages on,
Professor, Microbiology, several countries have approved booster doses
Christian Medical College, and several nations are mulling over approving
Vellore, Tamil Nadu booster doses. Speaking on whether India should
reiterated the importance of approve booster doses or not Dr Kiran Mazumdar
vaccine equity during the fireside Shaw expressed, “I think we don’t have enough
chat with Hatchett during BTS 2021. data of the waning antibody if it is not protecting
She commented, “Partnerships are critical for vaccine us against severe disease. I think that data needs
equity and access, CEPI has shown the way and will to be shared because right now it suits everyone
be doing more in the next ten years.” to say let us go for an extra booster, but I would
like to see data that says that if you have two doses
Hatchett further added, “We need new capacity you are fairly well protected against severe disease
in regions that don’t have the capacity and that and whilst it is nice to boost your antibody levels
capacity needs to be sustainable for the long term. with a booster dose, can we not make sure that
The challenge that we face in ensuring that capacity everybody in the world has at least has their shot of
can be sustainable, is the new COVID-19 vaccines the vaccine.”
on the new platforms. COVID-19 vaccines are
the only vaccines currently authorised on those A transparent, equitable approach
platforms, so we need to expand the application of
those platforms to other diseases that are important The pandemic is far from over and newer
for the region where vaccine manufacturing is emerging variants, waning efficacy of vaccines,
occurring.” shortage of vaccines in developing nations is
a cause of concern. Another cause of concern
Approval of booster doses is the rising number of deaths due to adverse
events post-vaccination. India as of December
There is early evidence to support the fact there 21, 2021, has vaccinated 138 crore of its
is reduced efficacy with time and a certain section citizens, out of which 54.8 crore (39.7 per
of the population (elderly, immunocompromised, cent) are fully vaccinated. There have been
diabetic, etc.) may require booster doses to keep about 10,664 deaths reported by the Indian
them protected against COVID-19 infection. The mainstream media so far (Data collated by
WHO’s interim statement on booster doses dated Awaken India Movement).
October 4, 2021, states: The degree of waning of
immunity and need for booster doses of vaccine may Scientists have been exploring a plethora
differ between vaccine products, target populations, of options for the treatment and prevention of
circulating SARS CoV-2 virus, in particular variants COVID-19 infections, single-domain Variable New
of concern (VoC), and intensity of exposure. For Antigen Receptors (VNARs) could be a possible
some vaccines, restricted booster indications therapeutic that is being explored, it is derived
have been included into the product label of some from the immune system of sharks. VNARs may
jurisdictions. not be available to treat COVID-19 as of this
writing, but it could be helpful in future SARS
Mahima Datla, Managing CoV-2 outbreaks.
Director and Chief Executive
Officer, Vaccines and 2022 may or may not be the end of the
Branded Formulations, COVID-19 pandemic, the world is better prepared
Biological E Limited, to handle a crisis on a global scale. 2021 saw
Hyderabad, Telangana pharma majors and academia coming together
shared, “The evidence is out and forging partnerships to address the challenge
there that different vaccines have at hand and fast-tracking, scaling of live-saving
waning antibody levels post four to six months post- solutions. The newer generation of vaccines, drugs
vaccination some much more than others which is in development and late stages of clinical trials,
why there is a pretty determined need to include which could eventually lead to the pandemic
boosters. What is unclear is that a lot of information becoming endemic. However, there is a need to
isn’t published or aren’t spoken of is how these address concerns of transparency in vaccine and
vaccines are working against the existing variants and drug development, clinical trials and preventing
the new variants. One thing that seems to be clear deaths from the COVID-19 infections as well as
is that if the antibody levels stay high, it seems to be adverse events.
preventing any kind of severe disease even if there is
a variant change.” Prabhat Prakash
[email protected]


BioSuppliers market crosses

Rs 10K Crwith
16%G R O W T H

IN 2020-21
T he biosciences revenue of the Indian companies followed by South India (Bengaluru,
BioSuppliers market touched Rs 10053 Hyderabad and Chennai) and northern region
crore in 2020-21 registering growth of (New Delhi).
16 per cent over previous year’s figure
of Rs 8666 crore in 2019-20. The market All the top 50 global analytical instruments
had registered 9 per cent growth in 2019-20 companies have a direct or indirect presence
as against 6 per cent growth recorded in 2018- in the country. They include Thermo Fisher,
19 with the biosciences revenue of the Indian Agilent, Danaher, Illumina, Merck, Waters,
BioSuppliers market touching Rs 7500 crore. Shimadzu, PerkinElmer, Bruker, Mettler-Toledo,
Becton Dickinson, QIAGEN, GE, ZEISS, Bio-
This significant growth of the supplier industry Rad, Hitachi, JEOL, AMETEK, Roche, Sartorius
was mainly driven by an unexpected rise and Eppendorf, Olympus, Spectris, Nikon, Tecan,
spread of COVID-19 during 2020-21. This has Rigaku , Promega, Anton Paar, HORIBA,
created a whole lot of business opportunities Oxford Instruments, Metrohm, Avantor,
and growth for biosuppliers as India, a leading Luminex, Dassault Systèmes (BIOVIA), FOSS,
vaccine manufacturer of the world, took the JASCO, Xylem, ITW, Takara Bio, Roper, MTS,
lead in developing indigenous vaccines against Endress+Hauser, TOSOH, LECO, Hanna
COVID-19 and also their contract manufacturing. Instruments, Zwick Roell, Parker Hannifin,
The government has also supported the Teledyne and LabWare. Some of leading
companies with grants and funds for research distributors in the country include Spinco
and development of kits, vaccines and expansion Biotech, Lab India, Imperial Life Sciences, Toshvin
of their business operations. The budgetary Analytical, DSS Imagetech, Genetix Biotech Asia,
support announced by the government in the Labmate Asia, Premas Life Sciences, among
Union Budget 2020 also helped the industry to others.
grow during the year. In 2019-20, the Ministry
of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW) received Besides there are hundreds of small and
an allocation of Rs 64,559 crore. This allocation medium size companies who have been in
is an increase of 15.2 per cent over the revised the business in India catering to the different
estimates of 2018-19 (Rs 56,045 crore). requirements in public and private sectors
comprising of academia, pharma and biotech
There are over 100 leading companies in the companies, contract/ clinical research
analytical instruments space in the country who organisations (CROs) etc.
are dominating the space supported by hundreds
of distributors/ channel partners spread across India still depending on the import of all kinds
the country. Only a handful of companies are of analytical instruments as it is still unable to
doing very well with sales revenue of over Rs 250 develop and manufacture these kind of high end
crore. Most biosuppliers have a sales revenue of precision equipment unlike in case of vaccines,
less than Rs 50 crore. Western India, comprising biosimilars and blood products. However Indian
Maharashtra (Mumbai, Pune) and Gujarat companies are very much active in supplying lab
(Ahmedabad) is a leading hub for biosuppliers consumables, kits, reagents, lab equipment, cell
culture media and lab chemicals.



IN 2020-21

Bangalore-based Waters India Pvt Ltd leads the Bio Suppliers market (Biosciences area) with sales revenue
of Rs 1370 crore in 2020-21 followed by Mumbai-based HiMedia Laboratories Pvt Ltd with Biosciences sales
revenue of Rs 967 crore (second) and Bangalore-based Sartorius Stedim India Pvt Ltd with sales revenue of
Rs 770 crore (third) respectively.

BioSpectrum Top 20 BioSupplier Companies 2021*

Revenue Revenue

Sr. Company in in % Category Location Region
2020-21 2019-20 growth Principal Bengaluru South
Principal Mumbai West
1 Waters India Pvt Ltd (in crore) (in crore) 10 Principal Bengaluru South
1370 1250 75 Principal Mumbai West
2 HiMedia Laboratories Pvt Ltd 967 553
770 Hyderabad South
3 Sartorius Stedim India Pvt Ltd 582 600 28
New Delhi North
4 Shimadzu Analytical India Pvt Ltd 528.14 10 Mumbai West
New Delhi North
5 West Pharmaceutical 480 410 17 Principal New Delhi North
Packaging India Pvt Ltd Chennai South
Mumbai West
6 Genetix Biotech Asia Pvt Ltd 380 130 192 Distributor Mumbai West
265 240 10 Distributor New Delhi North
7 Toshvin Analytical Pvt Ltd 253.62 217 17 Distributor Vadodara West
244 211 16 Distributor West
8 DSS Imagetech Pvt Ltd 224.80 156.60 44 Principal Pune South
69.50 54.30 28 Distributor Hyderabad West
9 Premas Life Sciences Pvt Ltd 67 109 -39 Distributor West
58 40 45 Principal Mumbai South
10 Eppendorf India Pvt Ltd 37 29.30 26 Principal Mumbai North
32 10.25 212 Principal Bengaluru
11 Medispec India Ltd 17.47 18.64 -10 Distributor Mohali
13.46 6.86 100 Distributor
12 Saksham Technologies Pvt Ltd 5.82 5.52 5 Principal
4.50 2.50 80 Principal
13 Promega Biotech India Pvt Ltd 1.70 1.85 -8 Principal

14 Analytical Technologies Ltd

15 APS Lifetech

16 Orbit Technologies Pvt Ltd

17 Marsap Services Pvt Ltd

18 Spectralab Instruments Pvt Ltd

19 TPP Techno Plastic Products India Pvt Ltd

20 BioAge Equipments & Services

Top 10 BioSupplier Top 3 BioSupplier Top 10 BioSupplier
Companies are companies contribute companies contribute
growing at over
31%to of the total 54%to of the total
25% BioSupplier market BioSupplier market

* We have not covered some of the leading Principal companies and Distributors as they are unable to participate in BioSpectrum BioSuppliers Survey 2021
due to COVID-19


BioSpectrum Top BioSupplier Companies 2021* (Principal)

Sr. Company Revenue in Revenue in % Category Region
No 2020-21 2019-20 growth
(in crore) (in crore) Bengaluru South
1 Waters India Pvt Ltd 1370 1250 10 Mumbai West
2 HiMedia Laboratories Pvt Ltd 967 553 75 Bengaluru South
3 Sartorius Stedim India Pvt Ltd 770 600 28 Mumbai West
4 Shimadzu Analytical India Pvt Ltd 582 528.14 10 Hyderabad South
5 West Pharmaceutical Packaging India Pvt Ltd 480 410 17 Chennai South
6 Eppendorf India Pvt Ltd 224.80 156.60 44 New Delhi North
7 Promega Biotech India Pvt Ltd 58 40 45 Vadodara West
8 Analytical Technologies Ltd 37 29.30 26 West
9 APS Lifetech 32 10.25 212 Pune West
10 Spectralab Instruments Pvt Ltd 5.82 5.52 5 Mumbai South
11 TPP Techno Plastic Products India Pvt Ltd 4.50 2.50 80 Bengaluru North
12 BioAge Equipments & Services 1.70 1.85 -8 Mohali

BioSpectrum Top BioSupplier Companies 2021* (Distributors)

Sr. Company Revenue in Revenue in % Category Region
No 2020-21 2019-20 growth
(in crore) (in crore) New Delhi North
1 Genetix Biotech Asia Pvt Ltd 380 130 192 Mumbai West
2 Toshvin Analytical Pvt Ltd 10 New Delhi North
3 DSS Imagetech Pvt Ltd 265 240 17 New Delhi North
4 Premas Life Sciences Pvt Ltd 16 Mumbai West
5 Medispec India Ltd 254 217 28 Mumbai West
6 Saksham Technologies Pvt Ltd -39 Hyderabad South
7 Orbit Technologies Pvt Ltd 244 211 -10 Mumbai West
8 Marsap Services Pvt Ltd 100
69.50 54.30

67 109

17.47 18.64

13.46 6.86

* We have not covered some of the leading BioSupplier Companies as they are unable to participate in BioSpectrum Bio Suppliers Survey 2021 due to COVID-19


BioSpectrum India, a leading B2B media to companies involved in biosciences/ life sciences
platform in Lifesciences space since 2003 space. We highlighted the companies (both Principal
has re-launched its ranking special edition and Distributors) based on their achievements in the
in June 2019 after gap of two years. This past financial years.
year again due to COVID-19 pandemic
we delayed the survey process from June, 2021 to A detailed questionnaire (survey form) was sent
October, 2021. In this survey we looked at only the to over 100 companies in this space to capture the
Bio Suppliers market with companies specializing needed information for the analysis. And the same
in Lab consumables - Reagents & Chemicals, Kits, was also made available on
Culture Media, Tubes, Pipette; Bioprocess Technology This was done during October – November, 2021
– Filteration, Fermentation; Analytical Instrumentation (Sales revenues of all the companies are in Rs Crore
-PCR machines, Chromatography, Mass and Rs 70= 1USD). Companies shared information
Spectrometer , Flow Cytometer, Spectrophotometer, with us to the extent it was possible by them. We
Centrifuges ; Proteomics and Genomics ; Lab have collected information about listed companies
Furniture; Automation and Others areas catering from stock exchange and financial agencies and
Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) as well.

# For all the ranking purposes the revenues considered for the analysis are biosciences/ life sciences sales and service figures. In several cases, where revenue figures were
not available, estimates were arrived in discussion with industry experts. Therefore, revenue wherever mentioned is not necessarily the total sales turnover of the company.




₹1370 crore During FY 20-21, Bengaluru- based Waters India, the Indian arm of
US-based Waters Corporation, generated a revenue of Rs 1370
T ANIL KUMAR crore in the life sciences/ biosciences space showing a growth
of 9.6 per cent in comparison to the revenue generated during
President & General Manager FY19-20 at Rs 1250 crore. Since its establishment in 1986, the
company has built a strong team of 390 people with 100 working in sales, 90
“ Lifesciences tools in support & 200 in operations. During the year Waters India has launched a
and diagnostic range of products such as Acquity Premier across HPLCs & UPLC lines, LCMS
industry is large, RUO kit for SARS, Multi Reflecting Time-of-Flight (MRT) technology etc., The
growing and attractive company is keen on launching analytical solution for gene therapy, vaccine
for us. In India, in the development, imaging solution for biomedical research, bio process workflow
regulatory QC and higher yield of biological products, biosimilars, expanding Waters LC & MS
discovery space, we portfolio in the coming months of 2022.
play a major role in Waters has two operating segments: Waters and TA Instruments.
addressing customer Waters products and services primarily consist of high performance liquid
challenges. We have chromatography (HPLC), ultra-performance liquid chromatography (UPLC
more than doubled our and, together with HPLC, referred to as LC), mass spectrometry (MS) and
business in the last 7 precision chemistry consumable products and related services. On the
years and witnessed other hand, TA products and services primarily consist of thermal analysis,
higher growth in the rheometry and calorimetry instrument systems and service sales.
last two years. Waters Waters Division creates business advantages for laboratory-dependent
is an innovation driven organisations by delivering practical and sustainable scientific innovation
company, with strong to enable significant advancement in healthcare delivery, environmental
loyal customers, a very management, food safety, and water quality. Waters Division products are
huge installed base and used by pharmaceutical, life science, biochemical, industrial, academic and
wide customer support government organisations working in research and development, quality
network, I foresee a assurance and other laboratory applications. Waters UPLC, HPLC and MS
robust growth in double instruments and consumables are used in a broad range of industries to
digits for Waters India in measure the chemical, physical and biological composition of materials.
2022 as well.’’ Waters Division is also headquartered in Milford, Massachusetts.
TA rheometry and microcalorimetry instruments are used primarily in
predicting the suitability of polymers and viscous liquids for various industrial,
consumer goods and healthcare products. The Company is also a developer
and supplier of software based products that interface with the company’s
instruments as well as other instruments manufactured by other companies.
TA Instruments’ thermal analysis and rheometry instruments are used in
predicting the suitability of fine chemicals and polymers for uses in various
industrial, consumer goods and healthcare products. TA Instruments is
headquartered in New Castle, Delaware.
Waters Corporation has continually pioneered chromatography, mass
spectrometry and thermal analysis innovations. Whether it’s discovering new
pharmaceuticals, assuring the safety of the world’s food and water supplies,
or ensuring the integrity of a chemical entity in production, the company is
constantly working with thousands of customers to change the world.
With a global workforce of more than 7,400 employees, Waters operates
in 35 countries, including 14 manufacturing facilities and with products
available in more than 100 countries. The company’s diverse organisation is
well-positioned to deliver benefits through innovations that enhance human
health and well-being.




₹967 crore During FY 20-21, Mumbai-based HiMedia Laboratories generated
a revenue of Rs 967 crore in the life sciences/ biosciences space
DR G M WARKE showing a growth of 75 per cent with respect to the revenue
generated during the FY19-20 at Rs 553 crore. A majority of the
Chairman & Managing Director revenue was generated from the kits and culture media segment
of the company. HiMedia launched a total of 53 products during FY20-21 with
“ Though COVID-19 an investment of Rs 7.2 crore.
managed to inflict This significant growth is driven by strong team and launching range of
a little fear and products during the year. Having a total staff strength of 989, the company
uncertainty among has 90 scientists, 542 in manufacturing area, 106 sales persons, 130 support
business houses, it also staff and 121 in operations. During the year the company has sales of Rs 78.58
created opportunities crore from reagents & chemicals, Rs 410.67 crore from kits, Rs 356.69 from
for others. At HiMedia, culture media.
the pandemic allowed In the areas of diagnosis and surveillance studies for COVID-19, HiMedia
the company to explore developed and commercialised several kits such as HiPurA Viral RNA
newer avenues, thereby Purification Kit, HiPurA Viral RNA Purification Kit (Magnetic Bead Based), Hi-
leading to better survival PCR Coronavirus (COVID-19) Multiplex Probe PCR Kit, Prefilled Plates for Insta
tactics with the help of NX Mag 32/Pre-filled Plates for Insta NX Mag 96, Insta Q96Real-time PCR
technology development, System, Insta NX Mag96/Mag32, Insta NXAutomated DNA/RNA Extraction
commercialisation, and System, EliSafe 19, Viral Transport Media (VTM), CovidSafeT, and PCR media
more diverse businesses.” for virus lysis and direct PCR.
The Cell Culture business at HiMedia launched its latest venture of the
development of media for manufacturing biosimilars and viral vaccines. This
business division has also set up a world-class upstream media development
and bioprocess optimisation lab as the biosimilars sector is set to boom at a
CAGR of 30-35 per cent. Setting up an advanced analytical characterisation
Lab for monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) and other therapeutic proteins,
manufacturing media for biotherapeutic protein production in their world-
class cGMP facilities, in very large volumes, with single lot sizes of higher
volumes are listed in future endeavors of HiMedia. Additionally, the supplier is
working on developing media for the storage and transportation of organs as
well as a broad range of products to support the Stem Cell and Gene Therapy
The Molecular Biology business, HigenoMB aims to reach untouched
spaces of intuitive medicine by means of PCR-based detection of anti-
microbial markers thereby helping clinicians to decide their line of medication.
They are also preparing to expand presence on the grassroots level by
incorporating ‘Point of Care’ testing platforms thus helping foster a better
healthcare infrastructure in India. Sequencing and post-sequencing analysis
for genome studies also pose interesting avenues of development.
HiMedia’s HiVeg products are used by many biopharmaceutical and
vaccine manufacturers worldwide. The Cell Culture (includes both plant and
animal cell culture) business fetched several national and international grants
such as the National Biopharma Mission facility set up and Indo-German
grant. The efforts in developing new Chemically Defined Serum-free media
(CDSFM) fetched the National “BIRAC Innovation 2020” award.
With all these developments and planning in-hand, the company is
targeting a growth of 25 to 30 per cent in the next fiscal.


03 During the FY 20-21, Bengaluru-based Sartorius Stedim India
generated a revenue of Rs 770 crore in the life sciences/
SARTORIUS STEDIM biosciences space showing a growth of 28 per cent with respect
INDIA PVT LTD to the revenue generated during the FY19-20 at Rs 600 crore. Sartorius
generated significant sales revenues in South Korea, India and Japan.
REVENUE Business in the Asia Pacific region, which accounted for around 25 per
cent of total Group revenue in 2020, saw high growth yet again, with
₹770 crore sales up 29.6 per cent to Rs 5104 crore. This increase was fueled by the
dynamic surge of 36.5 per cent in the Bioprocess Solutions Division
SIBASIS DAS against a revenue base that was already strong in the previous year.
The Lab Products & Services Division, which grew only moderately
Sales Director particularly in the first half due to softer pandemic related demand,
(BioProcess Solution) - India, SAARC increased its sales revenue by 13.4 per cent. On the whole, Germany
headquartered Sartorius Group has been annually growing by double
digits on an average and has been regularly expanding its portfolio
by acquisitions of complementary technologies. For the FY20-21, the
company clocked in a global revenue of Rs 20,415 crore. At the end
of 2020, the Group employed 10,637 people worldwide. Compared
to the prior-year headcount, this number was thus 1,601 higher. The
increase resulted primarily from hiring additional production staff
at the company’s manufacturing sites with especially high capacity
utilization. At the end of the reporting period, around 7,100 people
were employed in the Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA)
region, more than 1,900 in the Americas and about 1,600 in the Asia
Pacific region.

04 Shimadzu Analytical India Pvt Ltd (SAIP), clocked in a revenue figure
of Rs 582 crore in the life sciences/ biosciences space for FY20-
SHIMADZU 21 showing a growth of 10 per cent from the revenue generated
ANALYTICAL during FY19-20 at Rs 528 crore. A wholly owned subsidiary of Shimadzu
INDIA PVT LTD Corporation, Japan, Shimadzu Analytical which is celebrating 15 years of
operations in the country offers an extensive range of instruments, value
REVENUE added services & customer support. Shimadzu has been serving the
Indian scientific community since many decades now, through its well
₹582 crore established network of distributors namely Toshvin Analytical, Spinco
Biotech, Swan Environmental, Amkette Analytics & Perfomax Analytical
YOSHIYUKI FUJINO for various product ranges. During 2020-21 period Shimadzu had
released the many analytical tools such as Advanced i-Series, Nexera
Managing Director UHPLC Series, LCMS-8060NX LCMS, MALDImini-1 Matrix-Assisted Laser
Desorption/Ionization Digital Ion Trap Mass Spectrometer, iMScope
QT Imaging Mass Microscope, LabSolutions DI Assist Package, LC the
Nexera Amino Acid Analysis System, AOC-6000 Plus Multifunctional
Autosampler, Metabolites Method Package Suite, LC/MS/MS Method
Package for Bile Acids Ver. 2 to support the research activities of the
scientists. Release of the “Advanced i-Series” HPLC - The enhanced
flagship LC model that offers higher pressure resistance and functions to
support remote work, allowing for greater versatility in work styles and
environments. While Shimadzu’s latest Nexera UHPLC Series with AI and
IoT enhancements sets industry standard for intelligence, efficiency and
design. Its UFMS technologies LC-MS/MS and GC-MS/MS powered by AI
offers solution for quantification of trace levels of nitrosamine impurities
from various drug substances, drug products, solvents etc. It expects 7-8
per cent growth in life-science market in India in 2021-22.



Managing Director, India Chief Executive Officer

Revenue: ₹480 Cr Revenue: ₹380 Cr

The India business for US-based West Pharmaceutical New Delhi-based Genetix Biotech Asia recorded a revenue
Services Inc. generated a revenue figure of Rs 480 figure of Rs 380 crore in FY20-21 in the life sciences space
crore in the life sciences/ biosciences space during exhibiting a huge growth of 200 per cent in comparison
FY20-21, showing a growth of 17 per cent when compared to the last fiscal’s revenue at Rs 130 crore. During FY20-21,
to Rs 410 crore generated in the previous fiscal. In the the company clocked in sales worth Rs 290 crore for lab
future, West will focus on improving and optimising the consumables such as reagents and chemicals (Rs 140 Cr),
productivity of its operations through capacity expansion, kits (Rs 150 Cr), culture media (Rs 1 crore), tubes (Rs 10
automation and advanced manufacturing systems. lakh), pipettes and tips (Rs 20 lakh); around Rs 41 crore for
Meanwhile, the company is also looking to continue bioprocessing technology including filtration (Rs 35 crore)
to transform its business with digital tools to improve and fermentation (Rs 1 crore); and approximately Rs 16
responsiveness, operating efficiencies and greater customer crore for lab instrumentation comprising of PCR machines
service. The plan is to innovate to develop future products, (Rs 15 crore), centrifuges (Rs 50 lakh) and flow cytometer
solutions and services that connect the dots across science (Rs 1 crore). The company plans to expand its reach
and technology to address unmet market needs and create further by developing new kits and technologies with an
value for the customers. As it embraces new go-to-market expected growth rate of 20 per cent.
enablement solutions, the company will also be looking for
adjacent technologies and disruptors.


Managing Director Managing Director

Revenue: ₹265 cr Revenue: ₹254 Cr

Since 1948, Toshvin has been at the forefront of bringing During FY20-21, New Delhi-based DSS Imagetech
the latest, most sophisticated range of laboratory generated a revenue of Rs 254 crore in the life sciences/
and scientific instruments, accessories, software and biosciences space showing a growth of 17 per cent with
consumables to India. Today, it is known not only for its respect to the revenue generated during FY19-20 at Rs
world class range of products but also for its commitment 217 crore. With its certified DSS Imagetech Research
to excellence in customer service. Toshvin represents and Development (R&D) centre, the company has now
Shimadzu, PreeKem, Memmert, Oxford Instruments, developed a range of Real Time PCR kits made in India
Restek and Specac in India. With a team of close to 400 for various applications such as food testing, cervical
highly trained, dedicated and experienced professionals, cancer screening etc. With offices in more than 13 cities
14 regional sales and service offices and 10 satellite service and a 150-people strong team, DSS Imagetech has
locations spread across India, Toshvin is committed to become a distributor for some of the world’s leading
serving the scientific community in India, encapsulated in brands in the industry. While the company’s product
its motto “Empowering Science”. Toshvin registered a 10 portfolio encompasses a wide range of products for life
per cent growth for the year ending March 31, 2021 with sciences research, medical diagnostics and healthcare, it is
revenue of approximately Rs 265 crore. With over 8,500 currently maintaining focus on research imaging, clinical
customers and an installed base of 15,000 plus operational diagnostics, IVF and food testing. DSS works closely with
instruments in the field supported by the ‘Toshvin Service’ not only the leading research and educational institutes
program, Toshvin has been providing the highest level of of the country, it also works with the pharmaceutical and
customer satisfaction through a range of solutions. biotech industry.



Managing Director Head- Operational Marketing

Revenue: ₹244 Cr Revenue: ₹225 Cr

New Delhi-based Premas Life Sciences (PLS) generated a Chennai-based Eppendorf India, the Indian arm of German
revenue of Rs 244 crore in the life sciences/ biosciences firm Eppendorf AG, generated a revenue of Rs 225 crore
space during the FY20-21, exhibiting a growth of 15 per in the life sciences/ biosciences space during the FY20-21,
cent when compared to the revenue generated during exhibiting a growth of 43 per cent when compared to the
the FY19-20 at Rs 211 crore. A majority of the revenue revenue generated during the FY19-20 at Rs 157 crore.
was generated from the reagents and chemicals segment With more acceptance of molecular diagnostics due to the
of the company, followed by PCR machines and Flow pandemic, the company will penetrate into the diagnostic
Cytometer. With a team of 70 employees, the company segment. With the larger range of centrifuges from micros to
has its workforce distributed in a number of areas such as ultracentrifuge, Eppendorf is looking forward to expanding
sales (30), support (30) and operations (10). The company into new applications. In addition, with the vaccine
is planning to expand into local production in line with the production gaining momentum in pharma and biopharma
Make in India programme, thereby expecting a growth companies, Eppendorf offers equipment like cell culture
of 20 per cent. Incepted in 2011 by a team of highly centrifuge bundle, CO2 incubated shakers for suspension
experienced and proficient professionals, PLS aims to cells, ThermoMixer with cryo thaw block for gentle
constantly be the technology and knowledge partners for handling of frozen cells and complementing pipettes and
the Indian research & clinical diagnostics community. consumables such as Multipette and CombiTips Advanced
as solutions to minimise contamination for this workflow.


Chief Executive Officer Chief- Customer Support

Revenue: ₹69.5 Cr Revenue: ₹67 Cr

For Mumbai-based Medispec India, the revenue generation During FY20-21, Mumbai-based Saksham Technologies
during FY20-21 was recorded at Rs 69.5 crore in the life generated a revenue of Rs 67 crore in the life sciences/
sciences/ biosciences space. In comparison to Rs 54.3 crore biosciences space, exhibiting a loss of 40 per cent when
generated in the previous fiscal, the company showed a compared to the revenue generated during the FY19-
growth of 28 per cent. For FY21-22, Medispec is expecting 20 at Rs 103 crore. The company has recently launched
a growth of 30 per cent. Incorporated in 1995, the company Newtronic Stability (Humidity) Chambers, Newtronic Ultra
deals with marketing and services of products for the life Low Temperature Freezers, Newtronic CO2 Incubators,
sciences industry such as microplate instrumentation, gel Newtronic Freeze Thaw Chambers, Newtronic Plant
documentations systems, freezers, incubators, biosafety Growth Chambers, IKA Viscometers, IKA Drying Ovens,
cabinets, imaging, thermal cyclers, liquid handling, liquid IKA Thermoshakers, IKA Crushing Mills, IKA Pipettes,
base cytology system and other diagnostic products that IKA Centrifuges, etc. in the market. The company plans
help accelerate the pace of scientific discovery and meeting to focus on high value equipment and big projects in
the challenges ranging from complex research to routine the future; to increase penetration in animal facilities,
testing and field applications. Having pan-india operations, chemical, petrochemical, automobile and allied industrial
the company works exclusively with brands like BioTek, segments with relentless focus on quality, continuous
Nuaire, Syngene, BioSpherix, Gesim, Nickel-Electro, PolyGen improvement and timeliness. Saksham is expecting 30 per
GmbH and Synoptics Group. Medispec has world leaders as cent growth targeted over previous year by adding to the
partners and has national as well as SAARC coverage with a portfolio new products like Stability (Humidity) Chambers,
team of dedicated personnel. Freeze Thaw Chambers, Plant Growth Chambers, etc.



General Manager Chief Executive Officer

Revenue: ₹58 Cr Revenue: ₹37 Cr

For the FY20-21, New Delhi-based Promega Biotech Vadodara based Analytical Technologies recorded a
India, a subsidiary of American manufacturer Promega revenue generation of Rs 37 crore during the FY20-21 in
Corporation, clocked in a revenue of Rs 58 crore in the life the life sciences/ biosciences space, exhibiting a growth
sciences/ biosciences space, exhibiting a growth of 45 per of approximately 30 per cent in comparison to Rs 29.3
cent when compared to the revenue generated during crore generated in the previous fiscal. Initiated in 2007,
the FY19-20 at Rs 40 crore. Promega India supported the company generated bulk of its revenue during FY20-
government agencies through its automated instruments 21 from the sale of lab instrumentation-based products
during 2020. Forensic Science Laboratory-Jaipur and such as PCR machines (Rs 2 crore), centrifuge (Rs 2 crore),
SMS Hospital Jaipur join hands together to use Promega chromatography (Rs 19 crore), spectrophotometry (Rs 6
Maxwell RSC 48 to increase COVID-19 testing capacity. crore), mass spectrometry (Rs 2 crore). With an investment
The Maxwell RSC instrument is a compact, automated of around Rs 3 crore, the company launched new
RNA extraction platform that processes up to 48 samples products particularly in the chromatography space such as
of CoronaVirus simultaneously in less than 35 minutes. the portable gas chromatograph MicroGC. With a team of
Forensic Science Laboratory-Jaipur procured two 130 employees, the company has its workforce distributed
Maxwell RSC 48 instruments from Promega for extracting in a number of areas such as R&D (7), manufacturing (12),
DNA from casework samples. The Promega team also sales (25), support (35) and operations (21). It is expecting
supported its Maxwell unit at AIIMS Rishikesh. a growth of 60 per cent in the coming year.


Director Managing Director

Revenue: ₹32 Cr Revenue: ₹17.47 Cr

During FY 20-21, Pune based APS Lifetech generated a Hyderabad-based Orbit Technologies clocked in a revenue
revenue of Rs 32 crore in the life sciences/ biosciences of Rs 17.47 crore in the life sciences/biosciences space,
space showing a huge growth of 300 per cent with showing a slight decline in business when compared to
respect to the revenue generated during FY19-20 at Rs the revenue generation of Rs 18.64 crore in the previous
10.25 crore. A majority of the revenue was generated fiscal. Orbit Technologies has been providing complete
from kits, reagents and chemicals, pipette & tips, tubes solutions to its customers from a simple pH meter to
and PCR machines. The company launched a number of a complete water, environmental, food, coal, minerals
products in the COVID-19 diagnostic segment such as and materials analysis instrumentation for more than 25
viral transport medium (VTM, VLTM), RT-PCR, RNA SPIN, years. The company is associated with world renowned
RNA AUTOMATED with an R&D investment of around Rs firms to market their product range in India. Apart from
6.54 crore. With a team of 32 employees, the company distributing instruments manufactured by its principals,
has its workforce distributed in a number of areas such Orbit also undertakes supply and commissioning of
as R&D (12), manufacturing (7), sales (6), support (5) and complete Chemical Lab Packages on turnkey basis. Its
operations (2). At present, the company is focusing on its corporate headquarter, centrally located in Hyderabad,
diagnostic segment with increased export sales in years is well equipped with the latest infrastructure for round
to come. APS Lifetech is active in product distribution in the clock to support and serve the clients. The company
PAN India for medical devices, laboratory instruments, has country-wide branch offices with well trained and
antibodies, reagents and diagnostic products under one professionally qualified sales and service teams.
umbrella solution.



Managing Director Chairman & Managing Director

Revenue: ₹13.46 Cr Revenue: ₹5.82 Cr

For FY20-21, Mumbai-based Marsap Services generated a A committed name in the field of analytical instruments,
revenue of Rs 13.46 crore in the life sciences/biosciences Mumbai-based Spectralab introduced its first product
space, which is double in comparison to the revenue without a bang in 1981 and ever since, it has been a
generation of Rs 6.86 crore during FY19-20. Marsap launching pad for a number of similar objects which are
Services is one of the oldest distributors of hi-tech lab steadily orbiting in the Analytical Instruments atmosphere.
and analytical instruments in India, having established its The company has registered a sales revenue of Rs 5.82
business in 1974. Over the years, the company has evolved crore in 2020-21 as against Rs 5.52 crore the previous
to meet the needs of a changing market and tailored year in the biosciences area. Right from inception
its product range to fulfill the needs of the customers. - Spectralab has been engaged in developing cost
The team is spread over Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Kolkata, effective import substitute, state-of the-art products. The
Bengaluru, and Hyderabad. National Centre for Biological company has a strong R&D base, Application Lab for
Sciences, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Tata developing applications & Infrastructure for production
Institute of Fundamental Research, Lupin Pharmaceuticals, of multidiscipline complex Analytical Instruments. With a
Sun Pharma, Zydus and Glenmark are some of the reputation of efficient after-sales service and high quality
prominent clients being served by Marsap. The product control standards, it has established an important position
portfolio of the company includes modular syringe pumps, in the Analytical Instruments Sector in India.
advanced syringe pumps, rodent ventilator, etc.


General Manager Chief Executive Officer

Revenue: ₹4.5 Cr Revenue: ₹1.7 Cr

During FY 20-21, Bengaluru based TPP Techno Plastic Mohali based BioAge Equipments & Services generated
Products generated a revenue of Rs 4.5 crore in the life a revenue of Rs 1.7 crore in the life sciences/ biosciences
sciences/ biosciences space showing a growth of 80 space during the FY20-21, exhibiting a loss of 10 per cent
per cent with respect to the revenue generated during with respect to the revenue generated during the FY19-20
FY19-20 at Rs 2.5 crore. A majority of the revenue was at Rs 1.85 crore. A majority of the revenue was generated
generated from the bioprocessing technology segments from the bioprocessing technology segments including
including filtration and related materials. Expecting a filtration, fermentation and ultra-pure water purification
growth of 20 per cent in the coming year, the company systems. The company developed products such as UV
plans to launch disposable vacuum filtration units for disinfectant chambers and sanitisers during the pandemic
media sterilisation at 0.1 micrometer porosity. TPP India with an investment of around Rs 1.5 lakh. With a team of
started in 2017 as a subsidiary of TPP Techno Plastic 18 employees, the company has its workforce distributed
Products AG., based in Switzerland. TPP AG has been a in a number of areas such as R&D (2), manufacturing (5),
manufacturer of high-quality plastic tissue culture wares sales (5), support (3) and operations (3). In the future, the
since 1966. TPP AG products are developed in Switzerland company is planning to develop new products for the
and sold across the world. In India, the TPP quality environment segment. There are also plans to launch one
tissue culture is sold to users in biopharma, vaccines new product for which technology transfer has been taken
manufacturing, contract research organisations (CRO) and from an Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR)-
academic research institutes. based institute, thereby expecting growth of 20 per cent
next year.


Dr G M Eli Lilly India appoints
Warke gets Vineet Gupta as GM
Society of Eli Lilly and Company (India) has appointed Vineet Gupta as the
India award General Manager (GM) of its India subsidiary with effect from

The Microbiologists Society of India January 1, 2022. Gupta will take over from Luca
(MSI) has awarded Dr Gangadhar Visini who served as Managing Director of
M Warke, Founder & CMD, the company in India from February 2018
HiMedia Laboratories with the to December 2021. Gupta joined Eli Lilly
‘First Fellow of MSI’. The fellowship in 2010 as Marketing Director for India,
was awarded in appreciation for followed by a role as Corporate Affairs
his extensive contribution towards & PRA (Pricing Reimbursement and
the Indian microbiology industry, Access) Director in 2012, and has since
and allied sciences, his outstanding served in various strategic leadership roles
direction, leadership and dedicated across multiple countries including
services as the founder of the media General Manager roles in Thailand,
making giant. When Dr Warke Philippines and Indonesia. He is
started HiMedia back in 1973, he currently based out of the Lilly
took it up as his personal mission Corporate Headquarters in
and challenge to manufacture Indianapolis (US).
microbiology media of world
class quality and provide them at Molbio’s Dr Chandrasekhar
affordable rates in the domestic Nair bags Infosys Prize 2021
market. This was in line with his
pursuit of supporting fellow Indian Dr Chandrasekhar Nair, Director and Chief Technology Officer
scientists and research associates. (CTO) of Goa-based Molbio Diagnostics, has been awarded
With a presence in more than 150 ‘The Infosys Prize 2021’ in the category of Engineering and
countries HiMedia, a company Computer Science in recognition of the development and
established by professionals and large-scale commercialisation of Truenat. The point-of-care
technologists for manufacturing testing platform for PCR-based medical diagnostics has been
high quality culture media for hailed internationally as a
microbiology, is amongst the top breakthrough platform that
is a cost-effective, impactful
three brands in solution in healthcare.
microbiology Truenat has enabled testing
in the world. for millions of COVID-19
cases across resource-
limited settings in India
and diagnosing multiple
infectious diseases like
tuberculosis, dengue, malaria
and more globally. The point-
of-care platform is endorsed
by the World Health
Organisation (WHO) for tuberculosis detection globally. Dr Nair
has worked with India’s nascent medical device manufacturing
ecosystem to eventually set up state-of-the-art facilities to
manufacture high-precision plastic test consumables. He spent
over a decade primarily translating laboratory technology to scale
in fermentation, downstream processing, and natural product
chemistry. His interest eventually shifted to in-vitro diagnostics
and point-of-care systems.


NBRC develops world’s first multimodal
brain imaging data and analytics

The National Brain Research data architecture that manages 19-related disorders, other
Centre (NBRC) has recently and analyses six modules, disorders, and healthy subjects.
developed project SWADESH, namely neurodegenerative [AD, It is supported by JAVA-based
a unique brain initiative mild cognitive impairment workflow environment and
focusing on certified (MCI), and Parkinson’s disease Python. Backed by a dedicated
neuroimaging, neurochemical, (PD)], neuropsychiatric storage system, it provides quality
neuropsychological data and (schizophrenia and bipolar control, data analysis reports, and
analytics that are made accessible disorder), neurodevelopmental data backups. Its development
to researchers for managing (autism and epilepsy), COVID- will facilitate the integration of
brain disorders. SWADESH is multi-site data and collaborative
the first large-scale multimodal research worldwide. Presently,
neuroimaging database SWADESH has data of 500 AD
designed specifically for the and MCI patients and 70 PD
Indian population with big-data patients. It also includes data of
architecture and analytics for 600 healthy old individuals and
various disease categories under 800 healthy young individuals in
one platform. It proposes a big- the control group.

IIT-M enhances IISc links hydrogen
wearable assistive devices
with latest technologies sulphide gas

Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IIT-M) researchers suppression with
are enhancing already-developed wearable devices
with the latest technologies that will assist people HIV infection
with hearing impairment and motor disabilities to
communicate independently and enhance their quality Researchers at the Indian Institute of
of life. These wearable sensors will include the latest Science (IISc), Bengaluru and their
sensor technologies used in the Internet of Things. Sony collaborators have identified a key role
Pictures Networks India played by hydrogen sulphide (H2S) gas in
(SPNI) is supporting suppressing the Human Immunodeficiency
these projects at IIT Virus (HIV). Increased H2S was found to
Madras through its have a direct effect on reducing the rate at
CSR initiatives. The which the virus multiplies in HIV-infected
devices are being human immune cells. The finding paves the
developed by the Centre way for developing a more comprehensive
for Rehabilitation antiretroviral therapy against HIV. The
Engineering and team included researchers from the
Assistive Technology Department of Microbiology and Cell
(CREATE), multidisciplinary translational research Biology (MCB) and the Centre for Infectious
and educational initiative of IIT Madras. The two major Disease Research (CIDR) at IISc, along with
projects being developed by CREATE are ‘Vibe’ and iGest’ collaborators from the Bangalore Medical
for the hearing impaired and for persons with motor College and Research Institute. Current
disabilities, respectively. Both devices are embedded state-of-the-art combined antiretroviral
systems that will bring the latest developments from IoT therapy (cART) is not a cure for HIV. It can
and ML to wearable assistive devices. Such wearable only suppress the virus, cause it to become
devices will have rechargeable batteries and communicate latent. According to the researchers, this
with a mobile phone over bluetooth. opens the door to supplementing cART with
chemical donors of H2S to lock HIV in a
state of deep latency, potentially improving
the lives of millions infected with the virus.


Centre for Nanotechnology opens at IIT-Guwahati

Dharmendra Pradhan, the Ministry of Education (MoE) and is equipped with
Union Minister of and the Ministry of Electronics Class-100 cleanroom
Education, Skill and Information Technology facilities integrated with
Development and (MeitY), Government of India. It state-of-the-art fabrication,
Entrepreneurship has will host 25 advanced laboratories characterisation and
inaugurated the state- that will focus on advancements testing laboratories. The
of-the-art Centre for in multi-disciplinary, scientific key outcomes expected
Nanotechnology (CNT) and translational research from the Centre for
at the Indian Institute Nanotechnology include
of Technology Guwahati nano-enabled healthcare,
(IIT-G). CNT aims at meeting energy harvesting, and LED
future challenges and augmenting prototypes, devices and
academic partnerships with technologies, startups/ incubation
industry in nanotechnology. The ecosystem, high-end R&D
major funding for the centre, outputs, capacity building of
which included Rs 37 crore highly skilled manpower in the
for the building, apart from area of nanofabrication and
equipment, was obtained from nanoelectronics, etc.

IIT Mandi inks India’s first Medical
Cobotics Centre to
research-based MoU come up at IIIT-Delhi

with AIIMS Bilaspur I-Hub Foundation for Cobotics (IHFC), the Technology
Innovation Hub (TIH) of Indian Institute of Technology
The Indian Institute of Technology Mandi Delhi (IIT Delhi) and iHub Anubhuti, the TIH of Indraprastha
(IIT-Mandi) has collaborated with All India Institute of Information Technology Delhi (IIITD), have
Institute of Medical Science (AIIMS) Bilaspur recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to
on research and academic activities. The two set up India’s first Medical Cobotics Centre (MCC) at IIIT-
institutions have signed a Memorandum of Delhi. MCC will be a technology-enabled medical simulation
Understanding (MoU) aimed at conducting and training facility for the young resident doctors besides
joint research activities and academic acting as a validation centre for the research outcomes
exchange activities. Under this MoU, both in the area of healthcare robotics and digital health. The
the institutions plan to work on joint research centre would facilitate the training of other healthcare
projects and involve in short-term joint professionals, paramedical staff, technicians, engineers,
academic programmes in the future providing and researchers. The training programmes will be designed
the researchers and students with an in consultation with leading doctors/experts, mainly from
opportunity to visit and work collaboratively the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) at New
with the other institution. The joint research Delhi, Jodhpur, and other prestigious medical colleges. It
and academic collaboration activities under is planned to induct the first batch of trainees in April/May
this MoU will cater to various domains 2022 with some of the basic training simulators, which are
related to medical science and technology widely available in the open market, whereas advanced
including medical imaging, digital pathology, surgical robots will be inducted in the next phase.
point-of-care testing devices, bioinformatics,
endocrinology, biomaterials, telemedicine,
among others.


Thermo Fisher’s TaqPath DSS Imagetech
detects Omicron variant
in SARS-CoV-2 samples launches hydrophobic

Thermo Fisher Scientific has confirmed that its TaqPath slide marker nCircle
COVID-19 Combo Kit, and TaqPath COVID-19 CE-
IVD RT-PCR Kit can accurately detect the presence of New Delhi-based DSS Imagetech, distributor of
the new Omicron variant in SARS-CoV-2 samples. The NeoDx Biotech Labs, has unveiled nCircle that
test works on the primer-probe detection method and has a unique non-toxic indigenous developed
is not impacted by the emerging B.1.1.529, or Omicron formulation to do away with all the health risks
variant. The TaqPath COVID-19 assays detect SARS- associated with the regular Pap
CoV-2 infections by identifying the presence of three Pens available in the market.
gene targets from the orf1a/b, S, and N regions of the nCircle is a hydrophobic slide
virus. While the S gene target in the test is impacted marker used to draw a water-
in the presence of Omicron variant mutations, the repellant mark in any shape
orf1a/b and N gene targets in the TaqPath COVID-19 around a specimen on a slide
tests have been determined to not be impacted by any in immunohistochemistry,
of the mutations. TaqPath assays are developed with immunocytochemistry,
additional built-in checks to ensure that clinicians, immunofluorescence,
researchers and public health officials have access and in situ hybridisation.
to effective tools to accurately detect for mutations The product has
as the virus multiple features such
continues to as it enables drawing of
evolve. a hydrophobic (water-
repellant) mark in
any shape around a
specimen on a slide;
and non-
confines the flow of reagents to a defined area;
prevents mixing of reagents when differentially
staining; and conserves precious antibodies and

Merck unveils ColorWheel flow cytometry antibodies, dyes

Merck has announced the launch together, which includes the puts more flexibility, productivity
of its new ColorWheel flow configuration of the instrument, and control into their hands
cytometry portfolio, utilising a balancing antigen expression with to overcome these constraints.
proprietary technology optimised dye brightness, and antibody-dye ColorWheel antibodies and dyes
for flow cytometry that allows combination availability. If it is not make it easier to build a new
users to independently select possible to fit all these factors into multiplex assay for samples
antibodies and dyes for assembly one experiment, researchers need with varying expression levels of
in any desired combination. The to compromise - but this solution antigen. One may simply mix and
output of these mix-and-
matched antibodies and dyes match antibodies and dyes at
is analogous to a primary the bench, in a ready-to-use,
conjugated antibody. The convenient format that fits
ColorWheel portfolio addresses what is best for the sample and
the fact that multiplexing in the instrument, with the least
flow cytometry can be a puzzle amount of time and effort,
that researchers must piece and removing the need for any
labelling kits.


disability with Sci-Tech

Around 15 per cent of the global population, restrict the economic and education opportunities for
roughly over a billion souls are affected by people with disabilities.
some form of disability brought on congenital
disease, non-communicable diseases or ageing. These Offering a ray of hope are the scientific minds
numbers from the World Health Organisation indicate that are constantly on-the-go to develop and design
that it’s steadily increasing. novel solutions in the space of assistive technologies.
For example, researchers at the Indian Institute
Moreover, communicable diseases such as of Technology Madras (IIT-M) are enhancing
lymphatic filariasis, tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS, already-developed wearable devices with the latest
and sexually transmitted diseases; neurological technologies that will assist people with hearing
consequences of some diseases such as encephalitis, impairment and motor disabilities to communicate
meningitis, and childhood cluster diseases (such as independently and enhance their quality of life. Both
measles, mumps, and poliomyelitis) also contribute to devices are embedded systems that will bring the
disability. To top it up, the problem of developmental latest developments from internet of things (IoT) and
disability has also become a major cause of concern machine learning (ML) to wearable assistive devices.
in newborns due to multiple factors such as genetics;
parental health and behaviours (such as smoking and IIT-M researchers have also been successful
drinking) during pregnancy; complications during in developing India’s first indigenous motorised
birth etc., that can be well-monitored through constant wheelchair vehicle that can be used not only on roads
screening during pregnancy. but even on uneven terrains, helping people with
locomotor disability.
We might think of disability as physical but mental
health problems can make work difficult or impossible. Further in a joint initiative, innovators from the
Depression, bipolar disorder, and other conditions can IIT Jodhpur and All India Institute of Medical Science
be as disabling as any physical illness. (AIIMS) Jodhpur have developed low-cost ‘Talking
Gloves’ for people with a speech disability.
Defined as an impairment in a person’s body or
mind functioning, activity limitation and restriction The developed device costs less than Rs 5000 and
in participation, disability has a higher percentage in uses principles of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and ML
developing countries as compared to the developed to automatically generate speech that will be language
ones. All people with disabilities have the same independent and facilitate the communication
general healthcare needs as everyone else, however between those devoid of speech and ones who aren’t.
they have greater unmet healthcare needs than people Another joint effort by IIT Delhi and AIIMS New Delhi
without disabilities. Although assistive technologies has, recently, resulted in the establishment of ‘Centre
(AT) can enable people with disabilities to overcome for Advanced Research and Excellence in Disability &
impediments they face in all types of environment, Assistive Technology, a Centre of Excellence, under the
thereby helping to equalise opportunities for them, the aegis of the Indian Council of Medical Research.
access is very limited.
Today, there are many talented brains in India, not
For instance, 200 million people need glasses or unlike Stephen Hawking, the world-famous theoretical
other low vision devices but do not have access to physicist with motor neuron disease (ALS), that
them; or 70 million people need a wheelchair but only cannot maximise their potential due to lack of AT. But,
5-15 per cent have access to one. with further developments in science and technology,
and proactive steps and reforms from the government,
One of the major reasons for the limited access people with disabilities can get a chance to achieve
to AT in low and middle income countries such as their true potential.
India is the high costs of these technological devices
that are way out of reach for the poorer populations. Dr Manbeena Chawla
Furthermore, some policies implemented in India Executive Editor

[email protected]

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