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PDF discusses the Most Popular Festivals of Spain

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Published by travelguide12, 2019-12-17 02:34:09

Most Popular Festivals of Spain

PDF discusses the Most Popular Festivals of Spain

Most Popular Festivals of Spain

Spain is the country of fiestas and festivals. Every village, no matter how small,
has their own, unique celebrations. Throughout the year there are a ton of
festivals celebrates all over the country. Though their origins are often
religious, a party is a party, and most of them can get pretty crazy.

This blog offers you information on the most colorful and popular festivals of
Spain have to offer including the famous La Tomatina, the Three Kings and
holey week. Among all the Spanish festivals, Tomatina is the most famous and
favourite one.
List of Famous Festivals of Spain:
1.La Tomatina
People come from all around the world to get soaked in tomato juice (but
don’t worry—they only allow you to throw overripe tomatoes so no one gets a
nasty bruise).

La Tomatina is actually part of a larger celebration; it marks the end of an
entire week of parades, parties, fairs and street markets. It is so original and
so fun that people visit Spain just to take part in it. The number of participants
is limited to 20,000, which seems a lot but tickets are sold out in a flash.
2. Las Fallas De Valencia known as Festival Of Fire

Las Fallas is one of Spain’s best-known festivals, and involves days of parades,
drinking and dancing in the streets, fireworks, and the ceremonial burning of
enormous wooden structures. For an entire week, gigantic, colourful statues

and figures fill the city's squares and streets. Walking the Fallas route is one of
the most interesting ways to discover the city.
3. Haro Wine Festival

Haro, a sleepy town tucked into the northern corner of vineyard-dotted La
Rioja, kicks off every summer with a unique celebration in Spain. Wine
is thrown everywhere and the entire town is coloured red. There are 40,000
litres of wine reserved for the festival, and until every single drop has been
thrown the band doesn't stop playing. Fun is guaranteed at this messy,
hilarious event!
4. Festa Major De Gracia

The emblematic Gracia neighbourhood is transformed into a spectacular
place, filled with art and colour. Apart from this, there are also parades,
acrobats, and fireworks on the streets .Its streets compete with each other to
win first price for the best and most extravagant decoration, while offering
visitors and passers-by a truly magnificent scenery.

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